First X-men fic ever! It's going to be multi-chapter.
Were I to own X-men, Kurt and Kitty wouldn't still be in the flirty best-friend stage. Just saying.

You're so hypnotizing
Could you be the devil?

Could you be an angel?
Your touch magnetizing
Feels like I am floating
Leaves my body glowing

E.T., Katy Perry

Chapter 1 - More like the 'Elf God'

It had been hard for me.
A hard-knock life, as they say. I grew up in a circus under the false pretense that the fur was a costume, diving and leaping from incredible heights and using my teleportation power as cheap special effects. I specifically remember one little girl telling me my contacts were amazing. It had nearly brought me to tears.
I'd hardened my heart to tears. I'd learned that lesson years ago, when Kitty Pryde had been married.
It had been a beautiful service, from what I'd heard. I'd been in Germany the whole time; After stopping the impending apocalypse for the time being, we'd sort of split up. Scott and Jean were running the Institute with Logan as a kind of scary vice principal, Storm as a guidance counselor of sorts. Forge was still the techie, but there was a rumor he had his eyes on a girl. Hank kept on doing what he loved best; researching ways for us to not stick out like sore thumbs and make life a bit easier. Bobby was nearby but not part of the school. Rogue was a drifter like myself, helping strayed mutants. Most of us were still single, but I'd heard Jean and Scott had some weird on-off engagement going on and Kitty had found herself a nice human and married him. I bit my lip, reminiscing the shadows of my past. It had been so long since I'd spoken to Kitty. Really, to any of the X-men. I'd heard the news from Rogue over a year ago. I realized I was probably getting old, being almost 29, but didn't really care. Kitty was married... I'd given up on Wanda years and years ago. She was just a flat-out bitch anymore.
Really, I wouldn't have wanted her anyway. I wanted Kitty.
Now I was back in New York, not more than two miles from the Institute. I was standing in a dark alley near my old High school.

A small stray cat purred and weaved in between my feet. I picked it up, stroking its head. It seemed a bit surprised by my face and fur, and sniffed me, batted my cheek, before deciding I was safe and purring again. The animal was almost awkward in my strange three-fingered hands, but it didn't mind. That was something I'd always liked about Kitty. After she got over her initial shock at my appearance, she'd been an unconditional friend. I pulled some change from my pocket, setting the cat down, and bought from a nearby hotdog vendor. Not hungry myself, I pulled small pieces off of the hotdog and gave them to the kitten, who gobbled it up eagerly.

"Little Katzchen. Vill jou be accompanying me? Shall I name jou?" It crawled up my trench coat eagerly, and I plucked it from my pocket, chuckling. A little female kitten; how ironic.
"I suppose it's settled zen, ya?" I murmured to the kitten. I began to make my way to the Institute, deciding maybe it was finally time to visit my old friends. In leiu of just making an entrance and maybe melding with some object that hadn't been there before, I opted to walk. I placed the cat precariously on my shoulder, where it relaxed into my neck, moving to keep balance with my stride. I shuffled through names in my memory, deciding it really ought to be of German origin if I intended to leave the kitten with Logan like I'd originally planned when I picked it up. I could just see the look on his face when he walked into his room and saw a cat tearing up the drapes.

"I'll name jou Alary. Mein Katzchen, Alary." I grinned, realizing if anyone had actually studied up on German like they'd said they would, I was going to get a nice solid smack in the arm. 'Elf Ruler' probably wouldn't go over well if I did hand the kitten off.
Soon, the second incarnation of the Institute for Gifted Youngsters loomed overhead and I stood in its shadows. Sort of like I'd always done, but with less snark, and more kitty. Sucking up my pride and the wave of self-pity I'd just induced with hat thought, I shoved the door open.
A few young mutants were running through the hallway, and as I passed the kitchen, I saw Bobby and Rogue had come over. Mainly because there was a heavy southern accent floating through the school and a half-eaten, iced-over bowl of cereal on the counter. I chuckled to myself and continued into the den, where Alary jumped from my shoulder and raced to a nearby armchair, facing away from me. It leapt into the chair. A familiar, faint female voice floated from the brown recliner.
"Well hello there, little kitty. What's your name?" A light meow came from the chair and I could feel my heart tense fiercely. "My name is Katherine." all the happiness was gone from her voice. It was like a limp, hollow shell of my Kat

A few weeks after Kitty had moved in, she and I had been sitting together outside. She'd started to look away, and I had tapped her shoulder with my tail; at that point, she'd gotten more comfortable with what I had called 'Ze Fuzzy Dude.'
"Pardon me, Keety, I vas looking at zat."
"Looking at what? Am I in your way, Kurt?" She swayed back and forth, then trying to see what I was looking at. I grinned and held up my hand in a gesture for her to stop.
"Oh, no, just sit still. Perfect view of jour face right zere." She'd rolled her eyes, and we'd begun a playful, meaningless flirting that had developed into a yearning for more on my side and had died off after the explosion. I missed it so much.

I placed a hand on the back of the chair, reaching down to pet my kitten with he other, careful not to miss and pet Kitty instead.
"Her name is Alary." I glanced down at Kitty, petting the kitten with her small, bare hands. The only jewelry she wore was a small bracelet I remembered her having since way back when we'd both first come to the Institute. Kitty looked up to me with a confused face.
"I see jou still have zat bracelet."
"I hardly ever take it off. I still remember the day you gave it to me. First present I'd ever gotten that I actually felt like it meant something." Her tone dropped into something bitter or resentful at the end, and I racked my brain. It had to have been that time I'd found the little bead bracelet in a junk shop and decided Kitty needed it. For me, it had been a failed step toward telling her my feelings. Obviously, it had actually meant something to her. Surprising, but sad. I wondered why she didn't say hello, but then again, neither had I.
"Why did you leave, Kurt?" Her voice was full of hurt once more.
"I didn't feel needed." I left it at that, deciding it was the vaguest explanation I could give without pouring my guts out. I was sure I mentally had many times to Kitty, or with my eyes or mouth. However, I was determined not to this least not verbally. Kitty had looked away, not speaking any more. I took her hand, scooping up Alary in my other and handing her off to Rogue. She had just entered the room and was scowling at me. Kitty didn't protest at all and kept my pace.

When we were outside, I leaned back on the stone wall surrounding the balcony over the huge cliffs behind the Institute. Kitty was wringing her hands, hands I again realized were bare save for my bracelet. Then it dawned on me.
"Katzchen, I zhought jou vere married? Vhere is jour ring?" I asked, pointing with my huge blocky fingers. Curse the damned things.
"Oh, Kurt. I had a beautiful ceremony all planned out. Josh was so handsome... I almost didn't want to object. But I had to." She swept hair from her face. Kitty seemed to be a shadow of her former self. I briefly remembered Rogue correcting herself, saying that Kitty would be getting married soon. Not that she already was, like I thought.
"Keety, did jou ever learn German like jou said jou intended to?"
"I know enough. Very clever of you to name the cat after yourself." Kitty snarked. It was the most cheerful emotion I'd gotten from her all night; something seemed broken in my Katzchen. Sarcasm in my own voice was generally a shield. Snarkiness had always been my favorite wall to hide behind as a teenager, and while the habit had gone away more as I'd gotten older, I could still recognize when someone else used it. I was silent for a moment and Kitty stared into the distance. She was so disconnected it hurt me; whatever was broken in her had really taken it's toll. It was slowly taking all the pieces of the Kitty I loved and placing them somewhere dark.
That was it, wasn't it? I really did love her. Maybe they're right; Distance makes the heart grow fonder.
"I am not an 'Elf Ruler', Keety. More like zee 'Elf God'."

Kitty's hair blew in the wind. I longed to be that wind, threading through her hair with gentle fingers. Realizing it had been silent for minutes now, I took a stand next to her and pointed out to sea at a small fish jumping from the waves.
"Do jou zhink bugs have distinct flavors?"
"What?" Kitty's eyebrows drew together, confused but too apathetic to really respond.
"Vell, human foods have different flavors. Fruit und vegetables und zee like. I vonder if bugs taste different for fish."
"Why don't you go find out, blue-boy?" Not the reaction I'd hoped for. Determined to get her to smile, I teleported to snatch a few bugs, and then came back to her on the balcony. Kitty looked on the verge of a grin. I extended a firefly, taking another between my fingers and holding the rest in my palm.
"I vill if jou vill. Double-dog dare jou." I grinned, waving the bug. Kitty took it, placing it in her palm. I counted down.
"3...2...1!" I threw it in my mouth and took one bite before becoming disgusted. The bug tasted horrible and I spat it back out. Kitty was doubled over in a laughing fit and flicked her bug at me. I grinned, and took her hand.
"Cheater! See, Katzchen. Laughing is not zat hard." Her eyes sparkled a bit, but the smile soon fell from her face again.
"Kurt, after you left, everything became hard all over again." and she pulled her hand free, walking away.

Leave ya hanging?
While it's the best pronunciation of 'you' I can give to a German-American accent, maybe 'jou' sounds a bit too much like Gambit. I dunno.
Thanks to babynames for giving me insight into German names. Alary was the first name I ran over, and I just said..."Perfect!" If you didn't catch it, Alary means 'Elf Ruler'. ;D
One more note. Seeing as I cannot for the life of me take 'Fuzzy'(Really? Fuzzy? XD) or 'Bamfed'(Bad-A**-Mother-F***er'd into the house? No. XD) seriously, I refuse to use them. Katzchen, on the other hand, is a beautiful (and fitting!) nickname. XD