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Once we watched a lazy world go by
Now the days seem to fly
Life is brief, but when it's gone
Love goes on and on

Love, Robin Hood

Chapter 1 - That Errol Flynn Charm

A little of me died when Kitty left. I'd just come back and all she'd done was tell me I made her life harder... I wasn't sure if I should be insulted or apologetic. Rogue stormed out onto the balcony, jabbing a finger into my chest.
"Kurt, you cannot just play with her 'lil heart like this!" She moved her hands dramatically as she spoke, her accent strong and almost hard to understand after having to cross the language barrier once again.
"Playing vith her heart? Rogue, I do not understand."
"Ya have ta! All these years, and you 'don't understahnd'? You're realleh thick, blue-boy, if ya don't know she's liked ya this whole time!"
"...Vell, mein fur is razer thick."
"Kurt, ya little...Ohhh, when I get mah hands on ya!" She reached for my shoulder, swinging a fist. I ducked it, frowning. I was confused.
"Vhat do jou mean, Rogue? Keety does not like me." 'I would know,' I thought bitterly, 'wouldn't I?' Rouge made a pained, angry face and thrust her hands down.
"Ya realleh don't know, do ya?" I shook my head. "Kitty's liked you since back in high school, Kurt. How ya didn't realize... And ya'll are still doin' this sarcasm shield? 'My fur is thick'... Ugh."
We stood like that for a minute. Rogue kept looking at me and shaking her head, still wondering how I was picking up these hints Kitty was supposed to have dropped. Like when she had drooled over Lance most of freshman year. And the time she ran away from the mistletoe so much that I had wound up kissing Bobby's cheek rather than hers.

I'd hung a small sprig of mistletoe above her, smiling. Kitty had just waved it away.
"Kurt! In your dreams!"
"All in zee holiday spirit!" I'd said. Honestly, it might've helped if I'd known she was Jewish and wasn't exactly a Christmas celebrator anyway, but it was the thought that counted.
"Kurt, knock it off!" And she'd run away, leaving me to nearly fall on my face and then to chase her.
"Come on, Keety. Just vone little kiss? Pleeeeease?" I'd jumped around the room after her multiple times, teleporting in front of her and probably knocking a few cups and bowls over in the process. Finally, I'd managed to catch her on the couch, almost feeling stalker like but thinking it was pretty much worth it. She'd jumped off the seat, though, just in time for me to plant one on Bobby's jaw. We'd both nearly puked.
Later I'd caught up to her again, where she'd told me that it was awesome that we were such great friends that we could do that and nothing would be affected. I'd wanted to scream. Afterwards, I'd pity-partied a bit, left for Germany to see my parents(Not Mystique and Azazel, of course) and resolved to start over. Which had resulted in Amanda Sefton... One of my bigger mistakes.
Really, all I'd wanted was a little kiss on the cheek. However, if I could have caught her, I think maybe it could've turned into more.

"Rogue, I'm sorry, but I never saw any hints from Keety zat she liked me. I vas plenty obvious... I zhought. Jou remember zee mistletoe, ya? Zat vas about zee same time Jean began to hassle jou about Scott." A nasty look darkened Rogue's face
"We're not bringing that into this."
"Still sore about Jean?" Her hand smashed the wall next to my head, and without trying to be snarky and provoke her further, I slowly lowered her wrist.
"It's okay, mein schwester. I apologize, I vill not bring eet back up. Vhat vere jou saying about Keety?" No doubt pressing a blood vessel back against her skull, Rogue massaged her temple lightly and tried to wipe off her frown unsuccessfully.
"...Ya may have been obvious ta yaself and everehone else, but teenage girls are a breed all their own, Kurt. When advances are made we just kinda shove it into the friend zone or blow it outta proportion. She musta figured ya were jus' playin'." I blinked. Kitty thought it was just jokes? 'Well, I was and still might be the goof-off. I guess it's possible. We were best friends...' Placing a hand on my forehead, I sighed. Being an idiot had gotten me in all kinds of trouble... Like the time I'd nearly trapped myself and Forge in Middleverse forever. Or when Tabitha and I had gone to the fair.

"Come on, Kurt. We'll ride one ride. That's it. Poof there and back before anyone even knows."
"No. No vay is eet going to happen; I von't do it." She'd laid a hand on my chest.
"Please, Kurt? Pretty please for me?"
"Nope. Not interested in vhat jou're selling, Tabitha." I'd picked up her hand and dropped it at her side. I'd been a little nutty for attention then, but that was when I'd really realized she was just using charm to get things.
"Why not, Kurt? All that food..."
"Not really zat hungry, Tabitha."
"Fun rides?"
"Have jou ever tried teleporting? Most rides aren't even zat fun."
"You've never ridden one with me, though."
"Don't ca~re" I'd singsonged, plugging an ear and ready to plug the next with her next ploy.
"What about Kitty?" My breath had caught just a bit, and I'd kept my fingers from my ears.
"I'm sure she'll be there with La~ance. Maybe you could break them up?" Maybe I could've, with the knowledge I had now. But then I hadn't, and that was when it should've been important. I'd taken less than a split second to decide.
"Hang on. First 'porters may lose their stomachs!"

That had ended in waxing and cleaning the X-Jet for a month and laundry duty every day. I shuddered just thinking about it.
"She's liked ya fer so long, Kurt. She picked a man just like ya to marry, except he was missin' that Errol Flynn charm you were always going on about. Never made a good joke. Ya could be twins otherwise...Sorta." I rubbed my neck. Twins, pfff. Maybe with the hologram projector, but I was just so utterly different. Beast was the only one like me, but he had at least been accepted as Bigfoot, a creature of science, once. I'd been hunted and burned with pitchforks and torches, chased into alleys until the fur on my feet was gone and they were rubbed raw. I wiped my mind and refocused on Rogue.
"I do enjoy my charm." For emphasis, I winked, finger-gunned and clicked my tongue, causing Rouge to place a hand on her hip and actually eke out a smile.
"There's tha Kurt I know. She was so hurt that ya didn't come ta her weddin', Kurt. It mighta caused her ta rethink it in tha first place. She didn't really love Josh. She loved the idea of having someone, someone like you, one more time. Thank god somethin' snapped in her head that mornin' or I might not be gettin' my fift- Well, forget that." I smiled. Rogue was betting money on us being together?
"Point is, Kurty-boy, Ya need ta step on it. Her little Kitty heart is so busted... It's gonna need a lot 'a yer swashbucklin ta get her back. Go track her down. She needs ya." Rogue's speech had brought a huge grin to my jaw. Newly inspired, I nodded and began to ask where Kitty had gone. A few of the X-men I'd known from my teenage years chuckled at me before directing me down various hallways, and I'd eventually wound up in the same place that had been Kitty's room all those years ago and then again when we'd come back.

Laying on her bed, rolled over and staring at a book, was my Katzchen. She had traded up from her old pink pajamas into newer, nicer, purple ones. I liked her in everything, but these clung to her back in just the right way. I cleared my throat.
"Keety?" She rolled over, still expressing absolutely nothing to very little.
"Yeah, Kurt? You kinda caught me in the middle of the good part."
"Sorry, I can come back later..." I turned, feeling like maybe it was the wrong move. Kitty seemed to agree, beckoning me back. I came to sit on her bed and she propped herself up.
"You know, I always used to read these late at night after everyone went to sleep. Always made me feel a little dangerous and a little weird reading romance, but excited nonetheless. A habit I've never been able to drop."
"I know zee feeling. I still have to get a gut-buster burger vonce in a vhile." I patted my stomach, pretending there was something there. Since I'd lost the holo-projector and the professor had gone into the coma before I could get a new one, I'd had to work off any extra calories running form the locals in every town I tried to help. Forge had tried so hard, but couldn't quite get the mind magic going on it.

"You and those burgers, Kurt." She smiled a little, her eyes glistening with, thankfully, something other than tears.
"So you read romance, eh? Any of zee characters tall, dark blue, and handsome?" I'd earned another smile and brushed back my hair from my forehead, following her suit. I looked over her shoulder and read a passage out loud.

"Quick as a wink Robin sprang to his feet, and, at one bound, crossed the stream and the roadside, and plunged headlong into the thicket, without looking around, for he knew right well that that which had hissed so venomously beside his ear was a gray goose shaft, and that to tarry so much as a moment meant death. Even as he leaped into the thicket six more arrows rattled among the branches after him, one of which pierced his doublet, and would have struck deeply into his side but for the tough coat of steel that he wore."

"Romance... zee only romance in Zee Merry Adventures of Robin Hood is a vedding. Of vhich zee main characters aren't all too concerned." I eyed Kitty, catching her grin. I shook my head, smiling.
"But you vere right. It vas zee good part. Zee chase is mein favorite part. I didn't figure jou for an adventure novel-reader, Kitty."
"You were so into Errol Flynn I finally watched a few of his movies. I liked Robin Hood and decided to read this... I think it would have been better with Maid Marian in it, but to each their own." I pulled my feet up onto her bed, kicking off my shoes. They pinched my toes like hell.

"I agree. Maid Marian made it better because zere vas somezhing for Robin to fight for. Aside from his multitude of men in tights."
"Ohh, Kurt, did not need the mental image!" Kitty held her head, shaking it.
"Friar Tuck in tights!" I wrinkled my nose and we both started to laugh. It seemed like old times again. Kitty rolled over onto an elbow and looked at me, losing the smile she'd held. I tried for words, mainly just opening my mouth but losing the thought. Eventually I felt Kitty's head on my shoulder, slowly drifting off like she had many times before to movie night sounds. Even then I'd been totally oblivious, hadn't I. Rogue said there were signs, right? Her falling asleep on my shoulder had to be one.

"Keety... I... I, um..." By the time I'd finally managed to get out the words I'd floundered for, it had gotten extremely quiet.
"I've liked you for a long, long time, Keety. I think... I know that I actually love you." It was still silent, and I looked to the crook of my neck to see a softly snoring Katherine Pryde, slightly tugging on my fur. How I hadn't noticed before I had no idea. Now that the moment was gone, I was confused.

I just laid there for a few hours until deciding it might be time to go and propping Kitty up on a pillow and under a blanket. With how she was acting, I wondered if maybe she was sick. Heart- or otherwise. I spent most of the rest of the day fighting off attacks from the residents about Kitty and myself, not really taking them to mind or heart and mostly just contemplating a simple thing.

"Vill she ever decide I'm vorth it...again?"

Was Maid Marian in the book? I don't remember her in it much to at all... but hey, Howard Pyle can't sue me now. XD
I wanted to make Rogue's accent more obvious in the print, but I'm not sure anyone would've understood it. See, she woulda tawked lahk thess, and Ah don't know if youn's coulda understood. So you can thank me for that. Sorry it sounded so hickish; I couldn't get Mississippi without some redneck flair. Kurt's could be dramatic too, but his Evo VA didn't sell it and that's the one I'm watching.
Just so you know, the mistletoe thing happened(up to the point of Bobby's interference...) Season 2, Episode 7, 'On Angel's Wings' of X-Men: Evolution. It was probably one of my number one fangirling moments this far. Along with the time Rouge knocked Kurt out and Kitty was begging him not to die. The fair was a real episode from Evolution as well, though I don't remember which. I was too tired and lazy to even look up the real lines. XD After Kurt said 'no way' was improvised for the sake of Kurtty. There had to be some selling point to make him go. I figured it was the Shadowcat herself. =)
Notes on my Kitty/Kurt preference, as it just popped into my head: I'm really kind of okay with lots of the guys Kitty's with(Except Lance. Jesus, never Lance.) but Kurt really can't connect in my head to anyone else, am I right? It's Shadowcrawler or nothing with the fuzzy dude. XD
GERMAN TRANSLATIONS: schwester: sister, mein:my

...Something else? I know I'm all over with the references, but I find all versions of Kurt so adorable. So there are lots of Evolution and comics references, such as his Errol Flynn addiction. ;D

ALSO, best quote I have ever heard, pretty much sums up everything I love and hate about X-men in two sentences:
Kurt: (mocking Scott and Jean) "Jean darling, please accept this croissant as a symbol of my love!" Kitty: "Oh Scott! You have... such a way with pastry!" - Kurt and Kitty (X-men Evolution - Cruise Control)
That was just for you. ;D (Love the playful, fun, flirty Kurtty. Hate Jean and Scott...I'll probably divulge into that sometime on my profile, if you're ever interested.)

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