Pokemon: Frieza and The Astray Dragon Balls

Chapter 1:

Frieza and the Pokemon world

Hello everyone, I have another story I am doing and it's a crossover. But I can't take all the credit. My friend AK1028 also deserves a good bit of credit for she came up with the title. But I added the 's' along with 'pokemon' plus 'and' along with Frieza. But AK1028 has really helped me. So far this story is a crossover between DBZ and Pokemon, you all will find out soon enough. So far I will not tell you all the characters, but here are some. Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Ash, Misty, Brock. That is all that I will say...for now. So far Frieza is in this chapter, but what is he up to. But don't let me forget to say this, this is probably going to be a series. Well with all that said and done. LETS GET THIS STARTED.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Pokemon or Dragon Ball Z. I don't even own the franchise.

Narrator "We now see our heroes, the Z fighters, at Capsule Corp. Their getting ready to summon the eternal Dragon, Shenron, to put the diabolical Frieza back where he came from. Back into heck." (A/N: I hate saying the H word)

Piccolo and the others were looking at the Dragon Balls that they had collected throughout the past week. "Ok now, we have collected all 7 Dragon Balls. And all we need to do is send Frieza back to heck!" Piccolo explained. "Right, but how did he get out anyways?" Goku asked. "It may sound hard Karkkarott but one of Friezas minions got the Namekian Dragon Balls and tortured one of them until they said the password!" Vegeta explained. "And he also forced the Namek to wish Frieza back. And once he brought him back Frieza killed him." (the Nameckian) Piccolo said. "Hm, but how was he able to do that when there's a 5 year limit?" Krillin asked. "Easy, when it has only been ONE AND A HALF YEARS!" Vegeta explained loudly. "Oh yeah, heh, I forgot. It felt like it was 5 years to me." Krillin said with a hand rubbing the back of his head.

That was it. "WOULD YOU TWO SHUTUP ALREADY, I'm trying to concentrate here." Piccolo said with his head turned close to their direction. "Oh, sorry Piccolo." Krillin said. "Yeah, whatever." Vageta said not even caring. "Alright, now." Piccolo said. He turned his head back to the Dragon Balls. "ETERNAL DRAGON...I SUMMON YOU!" Piccolo explained shouting. The whole sky grew very very dark like there was a storm coming in. Then lighting was shooting down from the sky trying to hit something. Then one hit the Dragon Balls and a yellow stream of light came out. It formed hairs, weird looking horns, scales, arms, hands with claws and hind legs. It roared into the sky when it was finished. The yellow stream of light was the Dragon. He looked down onto the humans. "Why have you summoned me?" the dragon asked with a semi loud voice.

They all waited for Piccolo to speak. He was the one to make the wish. "SHENRON, I WANT TO MAKE WISH!" Piccolo explained. "Then speak your wish and it shall be granted!" Shenron explained. "I wish…" "You wont wish for a thing." a mysterious voice said. "What the? Who said that?" Piccolo asked. He turned around and looked at the others. They all were giving horrifying looks at something behind the eternal Dragon. Piccolo looked and saw something that he didn't want to ever see. Piccolo also gave a horrifying look. The one being they never wanted to see was none other than...Frieza. The white and purple alien was floating right behind the eternal Dragon. And he had a scouter.

Frieza was giving them all an evil look, as he did with all his victims. He then looked at the Dragon. "I want to make a wish Dragon!" Frieza explained. "Then speak your wish and it shall be granted!" Shenron explained. "Hehehe. I wish…" "OH NO YOU DON'T FRIEZA." Goku said. He teleported behind Frieza. "Heeeyaaahhhhh." Goku said. He punched him in the back of the head. Frieza grabbed the back of his head in pain. He turned around and looked at Goku with menacing eyes. "You will pay for that, monkey!" Frieza explained. "Bring it on." Goku said. He then turned Super Saiyan and they began fighting. "Oh no Piccolo. What are we going to do now?" Krillin wondered. Piccolo was in deep thought. 'Man what are we going to do? There's no way we can wish Frieza back to heck unless…" Piccolo thought.

He looked at Shenron. "Shenron, can we wish Frieza back to heck?" Piccolo asked. "Hang on I'll check." Shenron said. They all waited for a few seconds while Frieza fought Goku. "Sorry, it cannot be done!" Shenron said. Everyone was shocked to hear him say that. Everyone looked worried, they knew all hope was lost. That was until Piccolo spoke. "Then I wish…" Piccolo said. "Don't you dare…uhhhh" Frieza said until he was punched in the gut by Goku. "PICCOLO, MAKE A WISH NOW." Goku said shouting. "Uugh, I wish for the Dragon Balls to go into another dimension." Piccolo said. "WHAT?" everyone asked with shocked faces. "Then your wish shall be granted!" Shenron said. He then disappeared and the Dragon Balls went into the air. When they stopped, they began going around in a circle making a yellow ring.

When Frieza saw this (he and Goku stopped fighting) he wouldn't let the Dragon Balls get away from him when he is sooo close to eternal life. "No, I wont let them get away." Frieza said fly towards them. "No Frieza, don't." Goku said trying to warn him. "Don't tell me what to do, monkey." He was very close to the Dragon Balls. As soon as he got to Dragon Balls, he reached for them until a bright yellow flash took place and nothing was there. The sky cleared and everyone looked around. Vegeta ran to Piccoho and grabbed himby the collar of his outfit. "You idiot, what did you do?" Vegeta asked while shaking Piccolo violently. "Get off." Piccolo said shoving Vegeta off away from him. "I know what I did, and I wished for them to go to another dimension!" Piccolo said. He Vegeta wouldn't like what he said, and he was right.

Vegeta was now mad. He had his fists clenched, he was shaking with sooo much rage that… "WHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? YOU DID WHHHHHHAAAAAAT?" Vegeta asked shouting as loud as he could. They both looked at each other until Krillin spoke. "Uh, guys. Where's Frieza?" He asked. Then they all looked around everywhere. Krillin was right. Frieza wasn't there. "I don't know Krillin. But where ever he is we need to get to Namek, and get to where he and possibly the Dragon Balls are at." Goku said. Everyone nodded their heads and went into Capsule Corp. Goku came down to Piccolo and asked. "Piccolo…where did you wish them to?" Goku asked. "I only know, other than I said another dimention. But I don't know where." Piccolo said. "But where ever they are. We need find them...and fast." Gouku said. They both stared out at the sky wondering where they went.

Dragon Ball Z theme song

Bam bam bum baam bam bam guitar screeching, bam bam bum baaam bam bam electric guitar screeches again. Dragon Ball Z aaahhhh. Dragon! Dragon! Rock the Dragon! Dragon Ball Z aaaaahhhh. Dragon! Dragon! Rock The Dragon! Dragon Ball Z aaaahhhh. Dragon! Dragon Ball! come get me! Electric guitar plays. Krillin: Ah. Gouku: Aaaaaahhhhh. Dragon Ball Z aaaahhhhh. Dragon! Dragon! Rock The Dragon! Dragon Ball Z. Dragon! Dragon! Rock The Dragon! come get me. (can't understand some of the theme song) Dragon! Dragon! Rock The Dragon! Dragon Ball Z. Dragon! Dragon! Rock The Dragon! a-come get me. Electric guitar again. Aaaaahhhhhh Dragon Ball Z! Aaaahhhh. Dragon Ball Z! Aaaaahhhhh.

Pokemon movie theme song finishes

Do d d do d d do doooo doooo. Do do do do d d dooo dooo. Do do do d d doooo doooo.


Frieza And the Astray Dragon Balls

Dragon roaring in the background and Shenrons body wrapping around the words. Plus the 'O' in Pokemon is the one star ball.

On the Pokemon world

We find our hero Ash and his two new traveling companions Iris and Dent (I'm not using Cilen. Doesn't sound cool. Plus his name was supposed to be Dent) in the Kanto region. After Ash got his eighth gym badge and the Unova League wasn't for another eight months. He really accelerated his training. He also beat all his rivals, met all the legendaries in Unova, and beat Team Rocket and Plasma. Now he was in Cerulean city visiting a very special friend. "Man, I can't believe it. I just beat all of my rivals got all eight badges, met all the legendaries and so on and so forth." Ash said all excited like. "Pika, chu pika pi." (Yes, we did it.) Pikachu said in his own language excitedly. "You got that right buddy!" Ash said to his faithful partner. "Yeah, yeah Ash. Your acting just like a little kid, in which you are." Iris said. "Iris, I am not a kid, I'm fifteen! I may act like a kid, but I'm a teenager!" Ash explained. "Are you sure about that?" Iris asked.

Ash gave her a mad look. Now he's been getting mad quite a lot lately for the last four months. "Ash, don't get angry again, you know that you can hardly control your temper." Dent said. "Uuugghh, I know, I know. But I can't help it. Sometimes I just want to fight with my fists for some reason!" Ash explained. "Well that's not good enough and what are we doing here in Kanto anyway?" Iris asked. "Yes, I'm wondering that as well!" Dent explained. "Well, were here to meet one of my very close friends from the begging of my journeys. Her name is Misty Waterflower! She's the leader of the Cerulean Gym!" Ash explained. 'But I want for her to join us in the Unova region for the league, and more.' Ash thought.

When Iris heard this she just had to say something. "Oh, she's a leader of a gym huh. Then maybe I can battle her." She gave a small smirk with a teasing face. Ash gave her another mad look but faced forward and kept on walking. They were close to the Cerulean Gym for they could see it. As soon as Iris and Dent saw the gym they just kept on walking. But as soon as Ash saw it, he ran faster than he usually does. "Man he's fast, but isn't he faster than usual?" Iris asked. "Yes, yes he is faster than he usually is." Dent answered. They both ran after him as fast as they could. But as for Pikachu, he was hanging onto Ash's hat as if his life depended on it.

Ash was the first to reach the gym. He knocked on the door three times. But with out him even knowing it he accidentally cracked the glass door. Iris and Dent came up thirty seconds after him. Ash was about to knock again until the sliding glass doors opened. Like, who is i…oh Ash it's you. I haven't seen you in, like, years. You know that your, like, girlfriend Misty has been like waiting to see you again." Daisy said. Ash blushed at this.

Both Iris and Dent gave looks of confusion. "Ash, you didn't say that you had a girlfriend." Iris said. "No wonder why he got mad at you earlier." Dent said. "Guys, Misty is not my girlfriend, she's…just…my…friend." Ash said while trying to hide a blush by bowing his head. 'But I want her to be more than that.' Ash thought. "Mmmmhmmmm. Then why are you blushing?" Iris wondered sounding silly. "Now, now Iris. If Ash just says she's just a friend, then we'll leave it like that!" Dent said. "Thank you Dent. Now where is she anyways?" Ash asked. "Oh, she's, like, in the pool area where Tracey is. He's helping her train her Pokemon!" Daisy said with a smirk on her face. "WHAT?" Ash asked and he ran into the pool area. And Pikachu was still holding on for dear life.

Dent saw her smirk before Ash ran to the pool. "Is this Tracey person really here?" Dent asked with a serious expression. "No, he's in the, like, living room along with the surprise party." Daisy said. "What, how did you guys know he was coming back?" Iris asked. Slightly giggling "I have my, like, sources." Daisy said. Then they heard a cracking noise. They looked behind them just to see that the glass doors were cracked then they broke. Dent, Iris and Daisy gave weird looks. "Now how did that happen?" Dent asked. "I'm not sure, but I do know one thing." Iris said. She then walked up to Daisy and gave her a weird look. "I'm watching you." Iris said and she went into the pool area and Dent followed. Daisy looked at the glass doors. She bowed her head then shook it. They would have to replace them. She then walked to the living room.

While in the pool area of the gym Misty was training her Pokemon. "Ok Corsola, use Spike cannon on Dewgong." Misty commanded. "Corsala cors." (You got it.) And the little water Pokemon fired spikes at it's opponent. "Now Dewgong, use icebeam to stop the Spike cannon." Misty commanded the seal like Pokemon. "Gong dewgong gong." (You got it.) Dewgong used an icebeam but it froze the spikes and they were still heading towards Dewgong. Dewgong looked really worried and so did Misty. "Oh no, Dewgong dodge it." But it was to late, the spikes hit Dewgong and the Pokemon was injured. "Oh no. Dewgong are you alright." Misty asked. Dewgong looked up at her and nodded its head weakly at its trainer. "I'm sorry, Dewgong." Misty said.

She held out her Pokeball to return the Pokemon until... "Tracey I can take over from her…" Ash said as he ran into the pool area of the gym. He saw that Tracey wasn't in there and only Misty and her Pokemon were. Misty had her eyes wide open looking at Ash. "Oh sorry if I interrupted something Misty." Ash said while scratching the back of his head of embarrassment. But he didn't notice that Misty was running towards him. (A/N: I thought there was no running around the pool, lol) Misty flung her arms around his neck and buried her face into his chest. Ash didn't even move a muscle when she did this, but he did wrap his arms around her waist giving her a hug. He buried his face into her hair.

Misty and Ash then looked at each other. She noticed he was taller than her by four inches. "Oh Ash, I've missed you soooo much. I haven't seen you in over a year." Misty said. She also noticed Pikachu was on his head. "Oh hey Pikachu! I haven't seen u in a while either!" Misty explained scratching his head. Pikachu gave asmall purr to that. Then she looked into Ashs warm chocolate brown eyes that she loved. She even noticed that he did get a lot more stronger than she was with him last. His arms had more strength, a whole lot more strength. Ash looked back at her and he like the outfit she was wearing. (A/N: Pokemon: Luvdisk is a splendored thing) .He loved looking into her cerulean eyes, it was like looking into the water that she loved. They both stayed silent until… "Uhem."They both looked at where those came from and saw Iris and Dent looking at them.

They let go of each other immediately. They looked away from each other blushing. "Well now ,show we move to the living room?" Misty asked a little embarrassed. Misty looked at her Pokemon and returned them. Then they all followed her to where the living room was. Ash was in front with Misty while Iris and Dent stayed in the back. "So Ash who are they, and where's Brock?" Misty asked. "Brock couldn't continue on the journey because he wanted to become a Pokemon Doctor. And those two are my new friends from the Unova region!" Ash explained.

Misty gave a smirk as they were nearing the living room. "What about Dawn huh, why didn't she come here?" Misty asked. "Well uh Misty um uh…hey wait, I didn't say anything about her." Ash said. Misty Slightly giggled. "You didn't have to!" Misty explained. "Wait, what do you mean by that?" Ash asked. Misty giggled some more. "You'll see!" Misty explained grabbing his hand and pulling him more quickly to the living room. "Hey what are you…" Ash was beginning to ask until Misty put a finger on his mouth. "Oh relax Ash and come here." Misty said.

Ash was confused when he got to the living room. It was completely dark. "Uh Misty, it's a little dark in here." Ash said with a shaky nervous voice. "Well then, why don't I turn the lights on." But the second she did. "SURPRISE! WELCOME BACK ASH!" Everyone yelled. Ash was so surprised that he looked back at Misty give her a questioning look like "Is this my party?" Misty just looked at him and nodded "yes". He gave a smile and hugged Misty. "Thank you." Ash said in a whisper. Misty didn't say anything, she just hugged back. After the hug ended he went to see his friends.

All of his friends from different regions were there. There was Gary, Brock, Tracey, Casey, May, Max, Drew, Harley (everyone doesn't like him) Solidad, Dawn, Kenny, Zoey, Paul, Barry, and etc. Ash saw a good bit of his friends from each region. He was really happy. Everyone was waiting for him to say something but what was it. "LETS PARTY." Ash said with his fists in the air. Everyone began to party. Everyone there was either dancing, talking/joking around, eating, etc. Ash got a bite to eat and talked with some friends. He found out that Kenny and Dawn were traveling in Kanto together. They were competing in contests like they usually did. Iris and Dent were talking with all of his friends from the other regions.

May, Drew, Harley and Solidad were in the Sinnoh region for contests. Paul Barry and those were also in Kanto. Ash was enjoying his time until he saw a beautiful lady sitting on the couch. He walked on over to her and said… "Hello miss, may I have this Dance?" Ash asked teasingly knowing it was Misty. "Why yes you may." Misty answered. She took Ash's hand and walked with him to the Dance floor. They faced each other. Misty placed her arms around his neck again and he placed his hands around her waist. They began dancing to the music.

As they were dancing Misty laid her head on Ash's chest and closed her eyes. Ash was blushing for the position they were in but didn't care. He loved Misty with all his heart, and would never let anything bad happen to her. As the song ended Misty opened her eyes and raised her head off Ash's chest. She looked into his eyes and he did the same. They leaned their heads toward each other. They were really close for their eyes were closed. They could feel each others breath until… "Hey guys there's going to be a meteor shower tonight, lets go watch from Cerulean point." Brock said.

Misty and Ash's eyes both shot open and they both stopped what they were about to you immediately. They were seeing everyone leave for Cerulean point. They headed out the same way as well. It took them a few hours but they got up to Cerulean point. As soon as they did, they saw where everyone was. May was sitting next to Drew on his left. Dawn was sitting next to Kenny on his left. Zoey was sitting next to Paul on his right and Daisy sat next to Tracey on his left. Iris and Dent sat next to each other. Ash sat down next to Brock a few feet away. Then Misty came up and sat next to Ash on his right side. They all were looking at the stars waiting for the meteor shower.

Ash and Misty did the same. They both gave out a soft sigh and looked at each other. Ash and Misty gave each other a small smile. Then Ash looked back out at the stars. The meteor shower wasn't supposed to start until 11:00p.m.. It was 10:55 p.m. and they had to wait for five minutes. They talked while they waited. "So Ash, I missed you when you were in Sinnoh and Unova." Misty said. "I also missed you Misty." Ash said. "Really Ash, I thought you would have forgotten about me." Misty said sarcastically. "Heh, yeah right." Ash said. She knew that Ash wouldn't forget about her. "Quiet everyone. The shower is about to begin." Brock said.

Everyone looked at the sky. Misty laid her head on his shoulder. Ash looked at her and gave a smile. He then rested his head on hers. It was now 11:00 p.m.. They all waited for the shower to start and then…whoosh there was one. Whoosh, whoosh. That was two more. Then a whole fleet came down. May was grabbing Drew's arm in all the excitment. Drew crossed on arm over and put a hand over one of Mays hands that was clasping his arm. She looked at him and gave a smile, he did the same. Dawn was just laying her head on Kennys shoulder and his head on hers. But Misty grabbed Ash's arm with her head still on his shoulder. Ash did the same thing Drew did with his hand.

Zoey was snuggled up next to Paul who had an arm around her shoulders. Daisy's head was on Tracey's shoulder and he had his arm around her. They all watched as the meteors fell down to earth. The shower lasted for 5 minutes. After it was done everyone looked at their loved one. They looked into each others eyes. They all leaned into their loved ones. May and Drew, Dawn and Kenny, Tracey and Daisy, Zoey and Paul and our favorite, Ash and Misty.

They could feel each others breath. They were really close until…bam, bam, shwoom. There was a bright yellow light and everyone was shielding their eyes. After it was done they all looked up and saw seven small yellow spheres. They were all staring at the ring they made. But once they stopped they all scattered. They all looked at each other wondering what all that was. They all got up and left except for Misty who was gripping onto Ash's Unova jacket.

Ash noticed this since she was latched onto him and wrapped his arms around her. She was very scared of what she had seen. Ash rocked her until she was calm. When she finally was Misty looked at Ash. "Are you ok, Mist?" Ash asked. She just loved it when he called her "Mist", it was her very own little nick name. "I-I-I don't know." Misty said. "Why, what is it?" Ash asked. "I-I still don't know. I think I saw something after that flash!" Misty explained. "Like what...what did you see?" Ash asked. "Some kind of white and purple creature that had an evil look, and it had a white tail!" Misty explained. "That's weird, I never saw it…" Ash said until Misty interrupted. "But I did, don't you believe me Ash." Misty asked. She was starting to develope tears.

Ash saw that she had tears in her eyes getting ready to come out. He pulled her close to his chest. "I do Misty, I do!" Ash explained. It was a few minutes later and Misty fell asleep in his arms. He got up and carried her Bridal style, back to the gym, her back on his left arm and her legs on his right arm. He knew it would be a few hours until he got her there. He was walking down the path until he saw the others. "HEY GUYS, WAIT UP." Ash yelled. He noticed that he was running, but what he didn't notice is that he was wasn't on the ground.

He looked down and nearly lost it until saw the beauty he was carrying. Misty was sleeping in his arms when he flew back. The wind blew through her hair beautifully. As soon as he landed he couldn't figure out how he did it. But he shrugged it off and went into the gym. Ash went up to Misty's bedroom and laid her down on the left side of her bed. As soon as he had her in bed completely she began tossing and turning. He saw this and touched her shoulders.

She stopped and Ash knew what he had to do. He went to the other side of the bed, took off his shoes and got in. He took off his hat and put it on the night stand next to the side he was on. He scooted over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist and she was completely still. Ash laid his head down on the pillow and closed his eyes, and he didn't notice the smile on her face.

It was 1:30 in the morning and everyone was just getting in. They were wondering where Ash and Misty were so they checked Misty's bedroom. When they arrived they cracked open the door and noticed that Ash and Misty were sleeping together with Ash's arms around Misty's waist. They all noticed a smile on Misty's face, so they decided not to interrupt them. But Pikachu went in anyways and layed down between them. They left them in peace by shutting the door very quietly. Brock stayed in the guest room. May, Drew, Max and the others went back to the Pokemon center.

But all they wanted to know was is how Ash and Misty got there before they did. So they decided to ask them in the morning. They all went they're separate ways till the morning. By now everyone wanted answers except for Misty, who had no idea of what was going on. But what Misty wanted to know was is what that weird purple and white creature was.

Oooohhhh cliffhanger. Hope you all enjoyed the first chapter. I had a lot of ideas for this chapter, but I decided to end it with a cliffhanger. I hope you all liked the romance and suspense. I still want to give AK1028 a lot of credit. She helped me out with the title and etc. Well time too be the narrator. Frieza and the Dragon Balls have been wished from the Z earth to another dimension. Could this be the dimension they went to. What's wrong with Ash, and what did Misty see. All of this to see next time on "Pokemon: Frieza and The Astray Dragon Balls." Ok everyone. It took me hours to do up the first chapter "yawn." It's past 1:00. I still hope you all liked it. Also, Ash is wearing his Unova clothes, but he will be changing out of them soon. Well till next chapter.

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