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If you love him, let him go

A pair of brown eyes scanned the whole thing that was happening around her. But she couldn't see very well. All the adrenaline and fear of death blurred her eyes, while she was lying on cold rock next to her dying father.

Angelica was scared. She knew she's going to die, but that didn't help her. She wasn't prepared, but who would know that the blade was poisoned. Jack would. And he did.

Her already weak eyes narrowed at the thought of his name. Not only that he most probably helped at killing her father, he killed her as well. But not now. Not now when she's in this state of dying, slightly but deadly wounded. He killed her few years ago.

By leaving her at the altar.

She inhaled sharply, wincing when she did so. Whatever this poison was, was strong and it was killing her fast. She knew she could save herself, but all the power she had, already left her exhausted body. But even if she had enough strength how would she be able to find chalices, fill them with water and add a mermaid's tear in one of them?

But if that wouldn't be enough is that…who would she sacrifice to save herself? Her father?

No she can't do that. She'd only found him and she isn't ready to lose him again, even at the cost of her own life. She'd rather die than steal his life to save herself.

But there's no one else here…except the man, who destroyed her years ago. The pirate, more known as Captain Jack Sparrow. God, how she wished to avenge the pain that he caused her by leaving her, just the moment when they should get married. Typical pirate he was.

But knowing him, and his actions previously, he's still the same. There's no way he changed.

Angelica gritted with teeth when another wave of pain jerked through her body, not knowing if that's from the poison or its reason elsewhere?

But Jack…he's stolen everything from her. The happiness that she had when she was around him and belief that he will never leave her. But he did. He left her. He left her on the cruelest way. He proposed for her, then leaving her at the altar on the day when they should get married.

He stole her innocence, and she will never make herself to admit that he was her first. It only hurts her more.

But whatever he has done to her in past, she can't believe, but she still feels something for him. Something that just doesn't want to go away, even though she wants it to go. And it doesn't matter how many times she will say 'no', she couldn't deny it…she still has feelings for him.

Speaking of him…wasn't he here just a moment ago, when she cut herself with blade? Wasn't he shouting for her not to touch the blade? Wasn't he just there when she cried for help, desperate in her eyes? He was…

But where is he now?

"He left" Angelica thought, her eyes glistering with small flicks of anger. What else to expect from him. He was always like that…run away just in the moment when she needs him mostly. First the altar, now he's going to leave her on her deathbed.

Her thoughts were interrupted by harsh coughing, coming from next to her.

"Father…" she whispered and tried to touch his hand. He was suffering… He had two large stab wounds which one-legged man caused him with poisoned sword. That's when realization hit her. They're both going to die…

She'd just found him again…for what? To watch him die next to her?

Edward Teach, also more known as Blackbeard slowly looked at his fallen daughter emotionless.

"I'm sorry…" she whispered almost unheard, since her voice started cracking with every passing second.

But just as she thought he will reply and say something to her, they were both interrupted by deep voice, which she thought she'll never hear it again. She moved her head just to see a familiar figure walking to them, with both chalices in hands.

"So he didn't leave after all…" she said in her head when she spotted her ex-lover kneeling down next to both of them. He looked different, she had to admit it. He somehow 'magically' managed to get some scars, like the one on his right cheek next to his eye. But it wasn't just that outside façade that has changed. He was still the same, though, but just a little different.

What surprised her was that he wasn't acting so heartlessly like he was before. He saved her. He jumped off the cliff when Blackbeard threatened to shoot her. He demanded she'll be safe before giving Blackbeard the chalices and the look of fear and desperate in his eyes when he saw that she cut herself with poisoned blade.

He does care for help. Or that's what she thought.

"Captain Teach, she's dying, you must save your daughter" Jack said and his voice brought Angelica back to reality.

Blackbeard looked at both the chalices in Sparrow's hands, "This one takes life," he indicated at the chalice in Jack's right hand "This has a tear in it and gives life," he more asked when he pointed at the second, left chalice.

"Aye, hurry."Jack replied

Her exhausted eyes gazed down at two chalices which Jack held in his rough hands. She has a chance to live, but as soon as she saw how he father grabbed the chalice with tear in it, she knew this is the end.

Her father rather chose to save his life than hers. That stuck something in her heart.

"Angelica…"her father began "Save me my child." Blackbeard said quietly indicating at the only left chalice that remained in Jack's hand.

Angelica swallowed with fear. She'll die.

She quickly looked at Jack in his dark eyes, for any sign of hope. But she was disappointed to see nothing. Just nothing in his eyes. No hope, no pain…nothing.

"He doesn't care about me," she thought sadly.

So then something hit her again.

Her father rather save himself than her, her 'love' if she can say that doesn't care about her if she lives or not, and she'll die eventually.

So the last what she can do is to save her father's…right?

She quickly grabbed he chalice out of Jack's hand and drank the liquid.

"No,…" she heard Jack mumble and shook with head as she did so.

She closed her eyes when she drank the liquid and tossed the chalice away. Her father will live now because of her. Her life will end because of her own mistake.

Jack didn't say a word. He only stood up and slowly walked away not saying a word, leaving a father and daughter to have their short moment for themselves.

"I love you father," he heard Angelica say softly. He couldn't help but wonder or even wish what would it be, is she would ever say this to him again. Well, except for a 'father' part. It'd be pretty interesting, since the last time he heard that was few years ago, right before he left her at the altar.

But now, he maybe would change that. Maybe, just maybe he wouldn't leave her. He still has some weird 'stirrings' for her.

He noticed how Blackbeard stood up in belief he'll be healed any time now.

Jack grinned slightly and stood in track, his grin quickly disappeared from face. "Wait a minute," he said more to himself than to anyone else, when he whirled around, looking at both fallen pirates with slightly confused, yet wicked expression.

He swallowed "In fact it must be other way around." He began and received 'special' gazes from Angelica and Blackbeard. "This cup had a tear, this one had nothing." He added looking down.

Angelica looked at Jack with unbelievable look. He's just lied and killed her father or what?

Then something happened which she couldn't explain. And from the look on Sparrow's face she quested he couldn't either. As soon as Jack stopped talking Blackbeard shouted, picking up a poisoned sword from the ground not noticing that around his feet appeared water.

Her brown eyes traced to the fountain from which suddenly water started wildly streaming down to her father. She didn't pay any attention till she felt something in her hand. She cautiously inspected it and was surprised to see it has started healing by itself. That's when realization hit her. She drank from the chalice with tear in it and her father didn't.

The Latina turned around and was ready to shout at Jack, but right before she could, Blackbeard took a chance and with last strength managed to stab Jack right in chest, before the wall of water ran in him and started tearing him apart.

Jack rasped when the sword stuck in his chest, before his knees gave up and he stumbling fell down on ground, shocked at sudden turn in happening. He felt how a blood started soaking his shirt and everything else around his chest.

Angelica's eyes went wide and she hardly kept herself from screaming when she saw it…her father stabbed Jack, right before his death…Jack fell…he's bleeding…her father's dead…the remains of him crashed down next to her…

"JACK!" She screamed and rushed to him, still not taking in everything what had happened in pass a minute.

She felt coldness from sudden nervous. He's dying…

Jack breathed something out but she couldn't understand a thing. All she knew was that, he was in pain. A lot of pain.

"Angelica…" he breathed out, his voice filled with pain, when she stripped off his shirt with shaking hands, revealing his wounded, blood soaked chest.

"No…" she said in head. She'd just lost her father, she can't lose the only thing that's still left for her. She can't lose him. Not now.

"Angel-ica…" he rasped, while breathing with much difficultness.

She quickly looked up at his face, fear not hidden in her eyes, when she looked at the only man she's ever loved, dying in front of her eyes.

"No…Jack!" she managed to choke out, her sight blurred when she blinked. In only 5 minutes she lost everything what she had. Her father and now Jack is dying in front of her.

"P-Pull it o-out," he breathed out in agonizing pain.

Angelica stopped, her gaze stopped at his eyes,"W-What?"

Jack groaned as he tried to move his arm "S-Sword…pull it o-out."

She shook with head "No! It'll only increase bleeding! You'll be dead before you'll know!" she almost screamed back at him.

On Jack's lips almost crawled a tiny, wicked smirk. Gee, even when he's dying he doesn't forget to smirk, "P-Please…hurts…do i-it" he croaked and coughed, tiny drops of blood coming out when he did so. Angelica swallowed and felt how all the power left her body when she saw the almost plead in Jack's eyes. She never thought she will see it someday.

"W-will you?" he whispered while looking at her in eyes, hoping she'll do what he asked for, and it doesn't matter if that's the last thing he'll feel…

The Latina slowly, totally unsure nodded, her eyes never leaving his. God, how she wished right at the moment to hug him, kiss him, make him all better and tell him exactly what she feels. But she can't…the pride she feels is too big.

Jack inhaled sharply "Be c-careful…" he added, remembering her about poisoned sword, that's stuck in his chest.

Angelica felt her eyes water up…first her father, now her…love? Can she say that?

"This will h-hurt…" she whispered gently, with her voice cracking. From the distance she could hear different voices but she couldn't register them.

Jack nodded and closed his eyes, waiting for the coming pain.

"Do not close your eyes!" Angelica quickly shouted when she saw him to do so "Stay with me…"

He slowly managed to open his weak eyes "Do it…"

Angelica lowered her hand to gently stroke Jack's, before she grabbed the handle of sword and pulled it out with a rush. A cry of pain echoed through the air when she did so.

Jack breathed sharply and felt how the bleeding increased. Soon enough he felt a pair of hands on his chest's wound, pressuring it down so it would lower the bleeding.

"Cap'n!" he heard a well familiar voice and the edge of his lips turned in small smile. Gibbs succeeded. He did what he was told to.

"Jack…" Angelica whispered, looking straight down at him, scared to death to lose him.

He managed to look at her before his eyes automatically started to close…

"NO!" she yelled and made him look at her again, "JACK! STAY WITH ME!"

"I-I'm not going a-anywhere, love," he whispered and gently took one of her hands from his wound, holding it gently, while looking at her in eyes. "There's something…I-I should tell you…long time a-ago," he breathed and coughed.

Angelica quickly hushed him "Don't tell…save your breath," she whispered, trying not to sound scared of losing him.

"So this is the Fountain of Youth?" a voice asked quietly, a little afraid of what might as well be in there.

"Aye," another voice answered "Cap'n told me where to go after I release you all." He replied looking at four men, who were walking cautiously behind him. "And it looks like something went wrong," he commented at seeing the destroyed place, with dead bodies lying all around them.

"Quite scary…" the first voice commented and received a bad glare from the man that was walking next to him,

"We've seen worse before,"

A small monkey jumped from first man onto the shoulder of man that was walking quietly behind them all. The monkey jumped and landed next to the red parrot that was sitting on man's left shoulder.

"Don't eat me, don't eat me!"

"Stupid monkey!"

Then suddenly the first man stopped in tracks, looking wide eyed at the sight in front of him. He blinked few times, to see if he sees right.

"Cap'n!" he shouted and ran forward next to the woman figure that was kneeling down next to him, pressuring on the bleeding chest's wound.

The woman's head abruptly turned around only to be met with familiar face. "Mister…Gibbs?" since Jack told her about his crew and since she knew Gibbs for a long time now, she didn't have a hhard time to recognize his crew. Gibbs, Ragetti, Pintel, Marty, Cotton with parrot on his shoulder and Jack the Monkey.

"Angelica," he murmured when he saw her, then moved his gaze to their dying Capitan.

"Jack! What happened!" he shouted asking,

"Blackbeard…"the fallen pirate managed to whisper, taking them all by surprise when he gained enough strength.

Ragetti's eyes widened with fear flickering in them, while looking around fearfully of infamous pirate's presence "Blackbeard? Where…?"

Jack weakly looked at Ragetti "You're s-standing on h-him." He breathed out before another wave of pain hit him,

Ragetti and Pintel both looked down, only to see a bunch of bones lying flatly on ground. A girlish-like scream filled the room and even if he was dying Jack couldn't help but smirk.

"Jack…!" Angelica shouted again, as his eyes closed again.

Marty slowly approached Gibbs looking somehow lost, "Is there anything what we can do…?"

"I doubt so," The first mate answered, looking at captain, who was also one of his closest friends…if not the closest friend that he ever had.

"Mister Gibbs…" Jack began weakly "The Black Pearl…is she safe?" he asked, remembering his beloved ship, that was just moments before captured in bottle,

Gibbs nodded, forcing a tiny smile "Aye, the ship is safe. The medallion you gave me, worked as it must."

Angelica frowned. Medallion? What medallion?

Jack noticed that and sent her small smile "I-I'm sorry love. I-I just borrowed i-it for a while,"

The Latina managed to smile a little at him. He didn't change a bit after all.

Jack the Monkey suddenly decided it's time to play. The monkey jumped from Cotton's shoulder and landed on the floor next to Jack. He narrowed eyes at monkey's behavior and winched slightly when monkey pulled him by his dark dreadlocks. Gibbs quickly showed the monkey away, preventing from causing any more pain to Jack.

"I hate that monkey." He murmured quietly.

Crew smiled a little at his comment.

Jack coughed. The metal taste of blood in his mouth was making him sick, but he knew that it won't hurt long now anymore. "Angelica…" he breathed out and looked at her.

Gibbs took this all as Jack's opportunity to say something to her what he wanted to tell her for long time now. He slowly stood up and motioned to the others to move away a little to respect their privacy.

Angelica looked down at Jack's suffering face, trying very hard to prevent herself from crying. She is strong woman, so she needs to stay strong, even if it cost seeing deaths of her beloved ones in few minutes. She is strong, and she will stay strong.

"Jack…" she began but was hushed,

"Listen to m-me love." He weakly began "I wanted to tell y-you…something from the d-day when w-we met a-again." He whispered looking somehow lovingly at her.

Angelica moved her hand to his cheek and caressed it gently, telling him to continue,

Jack swallowed hard and inhaled deeply "I-I'm sorry…"

"For what?" she quietly asked.

"For leaving y-you at the altar." He coughed and winced at pain that overtook his whole body once again.

"Jack! Stop talking!" she quickly ordered and watched him as he tried to steady his breathing once again. The panic started rising inside of him, knowing that he won't last much longer now, "Be quiet…save your breath."

He slightly shook with head "No…I'm sorry. I shouldn't have d-done that." He stopped to inhale "I, I-"

Angelica hushed him by putting finger at his lips "It's alright. It was part of my fault as well. Everything went so fast."

Jack swallowed and gasped for breath again, the blood started to pour out of his chest even more "Please…forgive m-me"

Angelica's heart melted at the way he said it. The look in his eyes was desperate but needful. "I've already forgiven you." She whispered gently.

Ragetti watched the scene in front of him with teary eye, "That's so sad…"

"And romantic…" Pintel added.

Gibbs, Marty and Cotton all looked at them strangely.

"We should pray," Ragetti added, remembering the new turn in his life.

"Jack…there's something I wanted to tell you…" she began when she saw how life slowly started crawl out of him. He looked at her, his dark brown eyes, have given her enough courage to continue "ever since I've seen you…" she paused and looked at him directly in eyes "I love you,"

Jack weakly gasped for breath again and gained enough strength to put hand on her cheek, making her look down at him direct in eyes "As…as do I…" he cried when another wave of pain hit him "I…love…you too," he exhaled. His mind was racing. He'd never meant to tell her his feelings, but since he's dying, and he knew that, there's nothing much that he can do. She should know.

At this point the hidden tears started showing, although she wanted to stop them from falling. She took his hand that was resting on her cheek and caressed it gently, before she leaned forward and lightly kissed Jack on lips that always tasted like Rum now the taste has changed, because of blood.

He smiled weakly when she pulled away, smiling with tears in eyes. "So much of a strong woman I am."

"You're…strong." He breathed and tried to keep his eyes open."Love…there's something m-more…I want to…ask you." He whispered weakly and she took a hold of his hands like she never want him to go.

She nodded slowly, her eyes sparkling from tears.

Jack breathed sharply "Will y-you…" he began but yelp in pain. Angelica felt knot in her throat as she watched him suffering "Will you…will you marry me? This time…for real" he finally asked, weakly, his eyes filled with hope and desperate. Yet they still stayed somehow wicked and this time she could see something else in them as well. It was hard to describe but she can say…it was love.

Gibbs smiled sadly at the scene in front of him. He didn't deserve death. Not now…he still has full life to live…

He suddenly heard strange noises as he whirled around and saw both Ragetti and Pintel crying their eyes out. It seemed like Nigerian Waterfalls.

Angelica felt teardrops pouring down her cheeks as he proposed…again. "Yes!" she sobbed "Yes I will," she added and watched as a smile formed on Jack's lips.

"Good…" he whispered, feeling how life started slipping away.

"Jack?" she asked and kissed his sweaty forehead, her eyes never leaving his.

"That's all…what I needed to know…" he added and closed his eyes, inhaled one last time, before the life left his body and he went limp in arms of his love.

"Jack?" Angelica asked again "Jack! JACK!" she shook him, but he didn't wake up…

The infamous Captain Jack Sparrow was dead.


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