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Chapter 8

The New Meeting

Jack followed Elizabeth, as she kept making her way through the tall green grass towards her house. In his life, Jack had seen many things. Even the ones, which he'd rather not, but yet they had, came in his way. The sea was a very important part of his life, and he knew it like a back of his hand. Almost every little piece of sea was already known to him. But land…land was for Jack still a mystery. He'd never spend a lot of time, more than a month on land. He was a seaman. A sailor. A pirate. He couldn't live on land. It just wasn't for him. And Jack knew if he had to, he probably wouldn't be able to stay on land for too long. The temptation of sea calling his name would be too hard to bear.

Jack had seen quite a lot houses, while spending his time on land, while he was a lad or working for East India Trading Company. Or that time when his own father abandoned him on a small isle. Why he did done that, Jack still didn't know. He probably never would. But that didn't really bother him. They always had a strange relationship, and there was really no surprise why they didn't speak to each other for ten years. Mostly Jack didn't want to see his father. And he was successful…till Barbossa forced him into the meeting of the Brethren Court…

"I didn't know you're still here." Jack mumbled as he followed Elizabeth when she opened the door which leaded to her house. "Nice house you have here." He complimented as he took a proper look around himself. It was a totally proper house for someone who wore a title of a Pirate King, and who used to be such a polite, innocent little thing as a Governor's daughter.

Elizabeth smiled. She was rarely complimented by any pirate. Well, you had to be pretty damn lucky to be given a compliment from Captain Jack Sparrow. At least a true one, "Thank you, Jack." She thanked and turned to meet his dark brown eyes. "And anyway, the house was already built…I just had to…clean it up and rearrange it a little." She added, as she saw Jack's curious eyes scanning her house.

As Jack looked around he finally took a rather proper look of his surroundings. He could see the small dining room on his left, next to it were two more rooms but he couldn't see them since the doors were closed. But Jack assumed that at least one of them was kitchen.

He looked back at the woman he knew for four years now, and noticed her, somehow nervously standing a few feet away from him, ready to climb up the stairs that leaded to another floor. "Well, your father was a quite useful as well, Jack."

As she said that, Jack's attention returned to her immediately. His father? Did he hear right? "Da'?" he asked again not believing his own ears.

Elizabeth nodded. "When I returned to the Shipwreck, I decided to stay at your father's home for a few days, just to decide what to do with my life now." She paused and nervously touched the back of her neck "Well, it turned out, I was in…uh…pretty delicate condition, and I really couldn't, neither did I want to get away from here."

Jack raised an eyebrow curiously at her but said nothing as he let her speak. "When I decided to stay, Teague told me about an abandoned house on the north hill. So I decided to give it a try and start my life anew at Shipwreck." She shrugged with a smile on her face "And anyway, being a Pirate King I believe, I couldn't just leave that position, could I?" she more asked than said "Even though I was really sick and tired of...pirates." she mumbled.

Jack smirked "Luv, like it or not, you are one of them." He said.

"I'm not!" Elizabeth gasped.

Jack looked at her with raised eyebrow, and made Elizabeth think again. "Well, I am…kind of, I believe. But not like the others! I, at least, have a little respect!"

"Whatever you say luv, but you know you can't run away from it the whole life."

"Says the man, who always runs away from fights!" she smirked playfully.

"Do not." Jack quickly defended himself "That's only called a wise, strategic movement."

Elizabeth rolled eyes at him. As she looked up at his face, she couldn't help but got that familiar feeling of…home. Of freedom. Two of many, many things she missed during these months living almost all alone in Pirate's town.

"I've missed you Jack." She admitted and this time couldn't resist but wrap arms around him. Jack hesitated for a second before he awkwardly put them around her as well.

"Well, it's quite nice to see you too," Jack paused as he felt her arms around him "But let's not hug too much, because I do not wish to see the Locker anytime too soon." He mumbled reminding her of her own husband who was now ferrying souls to their everlasting peace.

Elizabeth smiled and pulled away from their short embrace. "Will would never do that, Jack."

"There's something what I've learned from my many 'friends', luv." Jack began "Always expect unexpected."

"Unexpected…." Elizabeth muttered quietly to herself while chewing down on her lip.

"Aye." Came his reply "So, would you be so kind now, to tell me who I shall meet?"

Elizabeth smiled and squeezed a small bag, with a toy and a letter which Jack brought her. "Well, Jack…" Elizabeth began "The person I'm going to introduce you to, is very special…and…I hope you won't get scared of my and Will's decision, and you'll accept what's must to be accepted."

"Too much talking luv." Jack continued smirking, but still carefully listened to her. "Go straight to the point."

"Says who?" she replied, rather irritated. "Alright then. I suggest…" Elizabeth paused for a second "Just stay here for a minute, please. I'll be right back, alright?"

"Take your time…I won't go anywhere…at least not yet."

Elizabeth cautiously studied his facial expression for a bit, before she sighed and walked away. "Just don't break anything, Jack."

"You know, having a little faith in me, wouldn't hurt."

But Elizabeth was already gone to hear his reply. Jack sighed and looked around for a numerous time in the past few minutes since he was invited inside. His dark brown eyes finally stopped on a light, almost pearly white armchair, which was placed in the middle of the room he was in. Looking left and right for any trace of Elizabeth, he slowly made his way to the chair and sat down, finally getting some rest. While he was on Barbossa's ship, on Queen Anne's Revenge, he didn't dare to do anything too stupid. After all it was Hector Barbossa's ship! And Jack knew that the old pirate just cannot be trusted.

All of sudden Jack heard something, which caused his eyes to shot open. He'd never heard something so high pitched…and strange, foreign to his ears before. Jack raised an eyebrow at the newly-heard sound. He was on the world for already more than three decades and yet he had never ever before heard something as annoyingly high pitched.

It sounded just as like as if someone was pulling a poor monkey's tail, causing the poor creature to scream.

"Lizzie?" Jack cautiously asked and looked up the stairs "Are you killing someone up there?"

But just as he expected, he received none answer. The pirate stayed frozen for a moment until the strange sound fade into pure silence.

Jack shrugged to himself and turned around. As his dark brown eyes scanned round the room, he was in, his gaze stopped on a tea set carefully placed on a small table.

"Please be rum." He silently prayed but he knew that would be nearly impossible. Finding rum in Elizabeth's house was just as possible as killing that darn monkey. In other words…it was impossible. "Water?" he thought as he came closer. Surprisingly two mugs were already filled with water, while others were still empty and clean.

Oh well, he was thirsty. He didn't get much water while he was on that stupid ship with even stupider Barbossa. He picked up one of the mugs and slowly brought it to his lips. He couldn't help but grimace a little. How he wished it was rum.

"Jack?" Elizabeth's voice interrupted him, and made him turn around holding a mug in his hand grinning sheepishly.

But as soon as his eyes landed on Elizabeth, his smirk disappeared. It wasn't her beauty that caught his attention. No way…

Neither did her low-cut dress.

What caught his interest and made him froze in spot was something totally different. Something he never pictured to see her with. Something he didn't think he would ever see her with. Something small, drooling and crying. Something what his eyes didn't like at all.

And that something was a small, baby safely lying in Elizabeth's arms, while letting out a few weird noises.

The pirate quickly put the mug to his mouth again and drank some more of – for him pretty unfamiliar- liquid. He knew…something was definitely put in the water he was drinking. The unusual drink was affecting him more than rum or any alcohol for that matter, causing him to hallucinate. Well, it wouldn't be the first time.

"Jack…" Elizabeth began and looked at him with raised eyebrow as he continued drinking water as a mad-man. She wanted to ask him if he was okay, but decided to rather not to. "I believe you should meet him…" she began and glanced from a freaked out Pirate to the calm baby in her arms "His name is Will. He's my and Will's son."

As soon as Jack heard that he couldn't stop himself but spit out water out of shock.

"That whelp can do that?"

Angelica stirred in sleep and her eyes slowly opened. As soon as she succeeded in opening her eyes she quickly closed them again, groaning as she got aware of the pain she felt. Her head was throbbing, making her literally sick in stomach. Well, even sicker than she already felt.

She tried to wrap arms around her middle, in hopes that would ease the pain she felt, but it only caused her to yelp in pain when she moved them. Obviously something was wrong with one of her hands or wrists. It must have had been broken or badly sprained. Either way, it hurt her like Hell.

She hissed in pain and let out a small whimper what was extremely rare for her. Everything was blurry and fuzzy. She could not remember what had happened to her no matter how hard she tried.

All what she remembered was her still being on the Pearl, before she decided to have some fun in the town. What happened later she couldn't exactly remember but piece by piece everything came back to her.

She cursed in thoughts and tried very hard not to burst into tears of pain, what was again very unlikely of her. If she still couldn't remember what had happened to her a few minutes ago , now came all clean as a tear. If her memory served her well, then she was attacked by some small group of men. She tried to fight them off and succeeded in killing one of them before everything turned blurry for her.

Obviously she got some nasty blows since her wrist, head and stomach hurt her as hell.

As soon as she remembered that blow she received in stomach, her eyes opened in rush again, ignoring the dizziness and she paled in less than a second.

She could only hope everything was alright with her baby, since a blow like that during the early stage of pregnancy means no good, to either a mother or a child. And after everything she went through already she could not let herself miscarriage. She knew she mustn't lose that child. It was all what Jack left her.

She let out another whimper as a small tear successfully escaped her eyes. She was in unfamiliar place, lying in some stranger's bed without ability to move. She didn't feel liked sitting up and at least try to defend herself if she'd need. She knew she had to push the thought of pain away and get ready for any unpleasant surprise, but with injuries like hers, she didn't have any strength even to sit up. She couldn't move. All what she could do was to continue lying in bed, groaning and crying from pain.

She hated the idea, but she felt weak. And unfortunately there was nothing she could do. She was badly hurt and she highly doubted that anyone of the crew members would go look for her. Who knew where they were already….They could be miles away from Tortuga, leaving her behind.

Instantly she regretted the choice she made.

If only she stayed in her cabin, then nothing would have had happened to her. It was foolish of her to leave her sword and 'effects' in her cabin. She was a pirate for a long time now, and she should have known that. But mistakes happen all the time.

This time the mistake was a big one. Unfortunately…

But her thoughts got interrupted by the opening of a door which lead in the room she was in. Angelica's weak, brown eyes slowly looked up. She tried to shake the dizziness off, but unfortunately unsuccessfully. On top of it all the blurry sight didn't help her as well.

Although her vision at the very moment was way too blurry and fuzzy, she had noticed a tall, figure of a man, slowly walking in the room. As soon as she noticed the stranger, Angelica, despise her weakness, tried to blink away the blurriness.

The heavy footsteps of a man were coming closer, and honestly, she grew a little bit scared with every second. She didn't have even a smallest clue who that stranger was, and what was he going to do to her. In the state she was in, she could not defend herself, even if she wanted to.

The Latina quickly closed her eyes again and opened them, this time her vision cleared and she could easily see everything. As soon as her gaze fell onto the stranger, she froze. His old face…long, dark dreadlocks…a huge cap and a familiar pair of wicked brown eyes were way too familiar to her.

And as soon as he stepped in the light, that was even so dim, she finally got the fully, proper look of her savior.


Jack continued staring down at a small infant lying comfortably and safely in his mother's arms. Will, who continued making funny noises while playing with his mother's hair, didn't seem like he'd seen the unfamiliar pirate standing just a few meters away from them. A baby's life was at that very moment way too busy, and Elizabeth's hair was way too interesting.

"What?" Elizabeth asked after a few moments of pure silence. She continued staring at Jack whose eyes were practically bulging out from shock he received.

The pirate only blinked few times before he cleared his throat and smirked wickedly "You bloody wench. You almost got me!"

As soon as the little Will heard another, for him totally strange and unfamiliar deep voice his funny gurgling finally stopped. He turned his head to look at a weird man standing not too far away from him with a slightly fearful expression. Whoever that man was, he hadn't seen him before.

"Jack, I'm being serious." Elizabeth began and gained back his attention "This is not some kind of a joke. He's truly mine and Will's son."

As soon as he heard that he lowered his gaze and cautiously looked into the baby's brown eyes. Only now he noticed the familiar mahogany brown eyes and a small light brown tuft of hair. His, now wide open eyes strongly reminded him of his so-called father, William. And his facial textures…his cheekbones were Will's while he got his nose after Elizabeth.

"But…but…" Jack stuttered out of surprise "He's a eunuch!"

"He's not!" Elizabeth protested.

Jack said nothing for a while but only kept staring directly at a small baby in Elizabeth's arms. "How's that even possible?"

"Believe me…it's quite a lot possible actually." She replied with a small smile.

"When did that happen?"

Elizabeth took a deep breath and looked at her son who was still looking fearfully at a surprised pirate who was staring back at him with strange expression "He's one year old. I've had him, soon after this house was renewed."

Jack nodded slowly, still not entirely comfortable with the news of one of his friends having a child. It was just all too strange to him. Something about those little creatures was making him feel uncomfortable.

"He's all what I have left now…" Elizabeth sighed sadly "I won't be able to see Will for another nine years and by that time, Willy will already be ten years old." She added "We will never be a true family."

"So that's why he gave me that toy…" Jack mumbled quietly.

"Yes…" She nodded "He was told by Calypso a few months ago. I didn't have any other chance to tell him."

"What's his name?" he continued on, with interest.

"I've already told you." Elizabeth replied and made Jack shrug "His name is William James Turner. In short Will or Willy."

Jack raised an eyebrow at her "James?" he asked "Why James?"

"I named him after Norrington."

Jack frowned "But why James?" he asked and looked from Will to Elizabeth "Why not…something more…why not something better? Why not…"Jack's eyes sparkled wickedly "Jack?"

"Because James saved my life that day on the Dutchman."

"Technically Lizzie, I've saved your life multiple times…much more times than good ol' Norrie did." Jack replied with a small smirk.

"He died a hero Jack." Elizabeth replied, feeling a big knot of sadness form in her throat. After all James, was her friend. He was the most loyal person, next to Will, she'd ever met.

Jack said nothing at first "If my memory serves me right, I think I died a hero as well." He added with a frown "And yet there was not a single whelp named after me."

"James was only protecting me!" she replied, slightly frustrated "He loved me…I know he would do anything he could for me."

"But that's still not the reason to name him after…him!" he quickly protested.

Elizabeth opened her mouth and wanted to reply, but closed them soon after a small smirk started to play on her lips "Are you jealous?"

"Am not!" Jack protested again and folded his arms. "There's no reason for me to be jealous!" he said not convicting Elizabeth "On second thought, that's only for the best. I'm unique. One and only. Captain Jack Sparrow."

Elizabeth shook with head amused "You're so full of yourself."

Jack only rolled eyes before he placed his gaze on Elizabeth once again. If she didn't tell him, he most probably wouldn't have guessed she was pregnant. Her body seemed just as thin as it was when he had last seen her.

"What are you looking at?" Elizabeth asked after a few second of uncomfortable silence.

"I'm just trying to picture you pregnant." He replied amused when he saw her frown.


"Aye…I think exactly the same."

Elizabeth looked at her son who was spreading his little arms open to the tall Pirate, obviously not scared of his presence anymore. She smiled and looked up at Jack "Do you want to hold him,?"

Jack froze as he heard that. "W-What?"

"I asked if you want to hold him?" she asked again and stepped closer, making Jack take a step back in process.

"No, no, I have a clear, enjoyable view from here as well." He quickly smirked before frowned again.

"Are you scared of a baby, Jack?" Elizabeth giggled a little.

"Am not!" he quickly protested. Having a fear of snakes was way enough already.

"Then why don't you try to hold him?" she asked "I bet you never held a baby before."

"Trying is the first step towards failure." He took a step back "And besides my arm is still sore a little."

"Arm?" Elizabeth frowned a little in confusion while Will made some weird high pitched sounds, "What happened?"

Jack shook with head and took another sip of the water "Nothing…" he replied, earning a questioning glare from Elizabeth "I just…fell…over the cliff. Nothing much."

As soon as she heard that her mouth opened in shock "You fell…over the cliff?"


"Why I'm not surprised?"

"If you don't know why, then why should I know?"

Elizabeth sighed, giving up in process "Alright then…" she said and managed a small, tired smile "I guess we have a lot of 'catch-up'. I need to ask you something as well, but firstly…" Elizabeth paused, slightly nervous "I need to tell you something."

Jack glanced at her and showed her to continue.

"Earlier I asked you, for not being angry at mine and Will's decision-" she was cut off.

"Aye…, that Willy-thing, aye?"

"Not fully." She quickly replied. "There's something more."

Jack watched her for a moment or two before she continued on "We talked about this and…surprisingly found that you're the only one who we would…um…let's say… 'trust' enough…" she said and chewed down on her lip.

"Go on;"

Elizabeth took another deep breath before she spoke "We talked about this and finally decided that you're…" she sighed and looked at Willy.

"Decided what?"

"Please don't be mad or angry…" she said again and looked in Jack's dark brown eyes "You're his godfather."

Jack's smirk disappeared off his face as soon as he heard that. His face stayed neutral when he tried to understand what Elizabeth had just said. "I'm his what?"


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