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Chapter 1

Alice's New School and Friend…?


Hi, Alice here, my name is Alice Gehabich and call me Alice, I was born in Moscow and I had a grandfather and grandmother which is I live with them, my parents passed away because of an accident. Now, Im an 16 years old young girl. I was sudden transferred to Japan for a reason, my grandfather got his big job there and me with grandma must join.

"Alice ! Have you finished ?" Grandma shouted from kitchen.

"Yes grandma ! Just give me a sec !" I half shouted from my room, I look once more to my mirror. Im now wearing a Japan's uniform, I wear a white shirt with green tie, green shirts and I got dark blue bag. It's a simple uniform but I like it a lot. Once I have done with my clean uniform, I run down to the kitchen.

"Oh grandma ! Good morning !" I greet her with a smiled.

"Good morning,dear. Your grandpa is out earlier now, and Oh my gosh ! Look what time is it !" grandma gasped and look at the time.

I jumped and take the toast and quick wear my shoes, "Im late ! See you grandma !" I open the door and quickly run.

"Shoot ! I got 10 minutes before the school start ! I don't wanna be late on my first day school !"

I run and suddenly bumped into someone, I nearly fell down but 'that someone' captured me. I open my eyes and saw a guy with a black raven haired with long ponytail and his brown eyes. He pulled me and I regain my straight.

I snapped quickly, "Oh gosh ! Im so sorry !" I bowed and quickly run towards the school.

"OMG, I feel so awful today." I muttered under my breath and sighed.

I don't what's God plan make me bumped into someone but I only get 5 minutes left ! I run and I can feel my breath got stuck, I quickly enter the school and search the teacher's office.

"Excuse me, Im the new student, I want to know my class." I spoke to a teacher.

"Oh ! You must be Alice Gehabich am I correct?" A woman spoke to me with a smile and I guess she is my teacher.

"Yes I am, you must be my sensei?"

"Correcto Alice ! My name Sayumi Tachikawa. Pleasure to meet you." She smiled cheerfully.

"Yes, pleasure to meet you too." I bowed and give her a smile.

"Now, lets take you to the class." She lead me to a class and I could read its 2-B. I guess it IS my class.

Sayumi Sensei went into the class and leave me in front the door. She announced the class that they will have a student. I could hear there are mumbles, awe, and asked the teacher is he or she, well Im not concern about it anyway. Sayumi Sensei let me in and introduce myself.

I went in my nervous, oh well. "Pleasure to meet you all, my name is Alice Gehabich. Hope we can be a good friend." I bowed and smiled widely.

There is an awe, the boys starting at me, the girls chattered.

"Any questions?" Sayumi Sensei asked. A guy raised his hand and asked.

"Is Alice having a boyfriend?" he asked bluntly. Everyone in the class silent and waiting for my answer.

I frowned and giggle, "No, of course, I never had a boyfriend in my 16 years life."

Everybody in awe again and the boys (Oh-ho) planning something. I just smiled.

"Well, if there aren't any questions, Alice please seat at the right of Mr. Kazami there." She pointed me an empty chair. Well, I don't know who is that Kazami but I swear, that Kazami guy is the one who saved me this morning! I got to thanked him but wait! He looks so lonely there, I wonder why. He just stared at me when I went to my new seat, I also stared at that honey browny eyes. But then I quickly avoid it and start my lessons, I would bother him if I keep staring at him, so I took my notebooks and write all Sayumi Sensei taught. I swear I could feel someone staring right to me and I feel shivered down.

'Oh this is JUST great.' I thought sarcastically.

-Lunch break times-

"Hello Alice, my name is Runo Misaki." A cheerful girl come to me, she had a blue haired and green eyes, I can feel she has a warm eyes.

"Hello Runo, pleasure to meet you." I smiled to her.

"First day school huh?" She grinned to me. "It will be fun! Trust me !"

"It should be fun." I smiled again.

"Hey Alice, meet my friends here. Hey Guys! Come here and meet Alice !" she shouted to 4 students who are chattering there.

"Alice, meet Danma Kuso." She pointed a brunette boy with his google head? Oh that's cool !

"Yo ! Just call me Dan." He pointed himself.

I giggled, "Hello Dan, nice google head you have in your head." I smiled and giggled.

"Oh right, thanks !" He scratched his head and look blushed.

"And then, this is Julie Makimoto." She pointed a tan girl with ponytail, she had a grey eyes.

"Hello Alice ! Call me Julie and Im so happy to be friend with you !" She waved her hand and smiled.

"Hi Julie, Im happy too." I smiled.

"And there is Marucho Marukura and Billy Gilbert." Runo pointed to a small guy with glasses, he had a yellow haired with blue eyes, and another guy who had a long down shoulder blonde haired, with grey eyes and white-red cap.

"Hello Alice." Marucho smiled to me and bowed.

"Hi there Alice ! Call me Billy !" he pointed proudly to himself.

"Hi Marucho and Billy." I smiled and grinned.

"Ah,yes one more. Its Shun Kazami." Runo pointed to my right, the raven haired guy.

Shun just ignore it and look to window. Wow, he sure the hard type one huh?

"Hi Shun, Um—Thanks for helping me this morning." I smiled nervously, he looked me and stared.

'Oh Gosh ! That honey browny eyes is so adorable ! But I avoid again that eyes, I have my vow and I AM NOT going to feel anything to guy, throw it away Alice !' I shook my head again and avoid Shun, I faced back to Runo and the others.

"So, whats incident that Shun help you? It's quite rare for Shun to help anyone huh?" Runo glanced at Shun.

"It's nothing really, I was bumped to him when Im in rush, and he help me from falling down." I maintain smiled.

"Wow ! That's cool ! I never known Shun is quite helping despite his cool and loner personality." Julie babbling but Dan gave a shot glare don't-speak-to-much to Julie.

I silent and glanced to Shun, I jumped that he was staring at me, 'Oh God, Will I get the trouble?'

"You know Alice, you must beware of Shun's fan girls, they are quite scary." Marucho advised me.

"Yeah, they are like cannibal when a girl tried to approach Shun, wow ! They give her a deathly glare and brought her to girl's bathroom to be… You know…" Billy couldn't continue and I know it.

I nodded and glance again to Shun, he is quite famous for his handsome and cool huh.

"And avoid the fan girls, this is a good advice for you Alice, don't waste it." Dan advised me and I giggled.

"Hoho looks like -giving-advice is up to date huh?" Runo mocked Dan.

"Shut up Runo ! I was just giving advice so Alice wont feel get the risk !" Dan replied with his annoyed voice.

Oh-ho I think someone angry. I giggled, this is will be a fun school.



I was walking in peace at this morning, the sun is so bright, I hope I will meet someone new today. I hate those pesky fan girls, what the heck is wrong with them making fan girls? Huh. Runo was always saying that I must dismissed those stupid girls but I just shrugged, I couldn't do anything after all.

I heard a running footsteps, yeah, it must be coz school gonna start in 8 minutes but I could use my ninja skill and make it in time. The footsteps is more more loud and now, THUD—someone bumped into me and almost fall down, I quickly grab 'that someone's ' wrist. And I saw a orange haired girl with dark brown eyes, oh ! I can hear my heart beat faster than usual, I wonder why. I pulled the girl and straight her, she kinda snap out.

"Oh gosh ! Im so sorry !" she quickly bowed and run again and I could hear she muttered, "OMG, I feel so awful today." And sighed.

'That uniform…is my school?' I thought confused.

I never see her, is she maybe a new student? I grinning and use my ninja skill quick to school, went to my locker taking all important things and walk to class. I could hear the girls' whispering.

"Oh My God! Its Shun Kazami ! He is so cool today."

"Yeah ! I was wondered why he hasn't have any girlfriend. I wonder will I be the one?"

"Oh no ! I will be the one ! He is waiting for me !"

I sighed and rolled my eyes, 'Dream on.' I thought sarcasm.

And yeah, the school bell ringing, Sayumi Sensei introduced a new student and wait. She is the girl I help one ! I looked right into her dark brown eyes, yes, that beautiful eyes have captured my heart, wait. Did I said that? No, Im not meaning I like her or what, but—I don't know, this is strange.

When Sayumi Sensei asked her to seat at my right, I feel she was shocked looking at me, I can see right she is full of confused and awkward. Oh that's just great ! Will she be one of that fans or what ?

The whole lessons, I was just staring at here, I wondered. Yes, I wondered, why she always avoid me? Did I do wrong? No, it cant be, I just meet her this morning.

When the lunch break times, Runo came to her and introduced Dan and the others include me, she was smiled all the time and giggled, is she a happy-go-lucky girl? Hmm…. I looked at the window when they start to introduce themselves. Boring.

"Ah,yes one more. Its Shun Kazami." I could hear Runo introduced me.

I just ignore them and stare at the view.

"Hi Shun, Um—Thanks for helping me this morning." I heard her thanking me and I start staring at here again, her voice look nervous, I wonder why? And my eyes met her dark brown eyes, It was just a few sec then she avoid my eyes again, she turned to Runo and started chatting, Dan give her an advice to avoid the fan girls, she glanced at me then turned again, I swear I saw her jumped. Another glanced again. 2 times. Interesting.

I grinned and look at the windows lazily. 'This will be just fun.'

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