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Chapter 21

Join the Camp!

Morning 9 a.m. Alice Gehabich was packing her stuff on a medium sling bag yellow color. Her face beamed as she hummed a soft tone. Christina was helping her picked her clothes. She checked once more for the last time and smiled, "Okay. It's done." She nodded, Christina looked at her smiling, "We will miss you, dear. Just be careful there. And I know you will make many friends and learn more experience from them." She kissed Alice's forehead lightly.

The girl smiled at her grandmother, "Yes Grandma." Alice put her bag around her shoulder as it sling down. "It will be just great, Grandma! Meeting Miki's friends from another country." Alice smiled energetically.

"Yes, Alice. Your grandfather told me to say this to you by the way, : Alice, please be careful when you camp on. I know Miki can protect you but I still aware with what happened to you. So please take care yourself." Alice giggled softly.

"Oh Grandpa such a protective." Christina scowled.

"Oh yes he is. He seems to underestimate Miki's power." Alice laughed. Just by then her door bell rung, she raised an eyebrow and wondered who it is. She went with her grandmother to meet the someone who rung her door bell in a wondering face.

"Could it be Miki?" Christina asked. Alice shook her head, "No. She said she will fetch me at 10 a.m. sharp. She is a very disciple girl, there is no way she will fetch me this fast too." She opened her door and reveled…

"Hey Alice! Good morning!" Alice jumped and frowned.

"Runo…? Guys..? Hey! Good morning too. What are you guys doing here?" Alice tilted her head slightly confused at them. The gang was coming to her house. The gang, you know; Runo, Dan, Julie, Billy, Marucho, Baron, Ace, Mira, Jake, Ren, Fabia and Shun.

Alice gulped when she spotted Shun there, her face went embarrassed and flushed. She still remembered yesterday's awkward situation when they embracing each other. 'Oh boy…' she thought flushing.

Shun walked to her, standing in front of her who bowed her head, looking to the floor, Christina smiled at this. She intended to shut up and watch the teens, "Hey Alice." Shun greeted her with a smile tugging on his lip. Alice smiled nervously.

"Hey there… Anyway, what are you guys doing here?" Alice asked tried to change the mood.

"Well…" Dan tried to say something but being cut by Runo and Julie.

"We come here to visit you, Alice." Julie squealed.

"Yeah! We bring Jake, Ren and Fabia so that we can chit-chat together." Alice looked at the smiling mentioned guys. Fabia smiled at her as Alice smiled back at dark blue haired girl. Marucho then spotted Alice's sling bag.

"Hey, Alice. Are you going somewhere?" He asked. Everyone looked from him to her and spotted her bag as well. Alice couldn't help but beamed happily. "Yeah! I'm going to join my friend on camp. I just can't wait!"

Shun snapped his head, jerking his head to face Alice with unbelief eyes, "Camp?" he whispered.

"Wow! Camping huh? Sounds great!" Billy pumping his fist to the air.

Ace nodded with Mira on his hand, "It will be great."

"Oh! I got an idea! Why don't we all join you and your friend? The more the merrier!" Runo said, everyone nodding their heads but not Alice who took the surprised. 'Eh? What?'

"So, how is it Alice? Can we join too?" Mira asked the orange hair girl. Alice squeaked, she didn't know if Miki would approve it. Alice shook her head abruptly, "I don't know guys." Everyone looked at her confusedly.

"Wait. What do you mean by you don't know?" Baron asked her confusedly.

"Well… I don't know if she will approve you all to join."

"Then we should go talk to her…" Ren said. Good point Ren.

Alice sighed heavily at this point, 'Oh no… What will Miki respond?'

Then everyone turned their back to see a girl with raven hair stood in front Alice's fence. She was wearing a dark blue inner shirt with long yellow dress sliding down from her waist back, she also was wearing a dark blue buckle shoes and dark blue watch. Her dark brown eyes were bored with no emotional flowing through her as if she looked-a-like a scary doll. She glared at Alice's friend.

"Are you ready, Alice?" Miki Yamamoto asked the girl who nodded and smiled. Everyone eying the girl with surprised eyes. Why not surprised? Because the girl who invite Alice to join the camp was the girl from before who was so distance toward them and gave them a cold shoulder.

Alice quickly asked what she wanted to ask, "Hey, can they join us too?" Miki glared at them with her wide scary yet surprised eyes. Everyone shuddered but not Alice who giggled.

"Relax. They aren't going to eat me." Miki shot a dangerous look at Alice for mocking her.

"I know that." She simply said.

"S—So are you going to let us join you and Alice on camp?" Dan stammered.

Miki shot him a look, Dan squeaked while Runo stifled a giggle, "You know… If you want to join us then you have one condition." For the first time Miki talk to them which surprised them. She put her index finger in front of her face.

"What is it?" Shun asked eagerly.

"Jump from the Tokyo Tower." Everyone shocked and gasped, muttering are you kidding me and widening their eyes in unbelief. Alice shot a glare at her, "Miki Yamamoto!" She warned her.

Miki cracked up, the gang took the surprised on it. The usual cold ice girl was cracking up. Wow. But they also found out her name. Miki Yamamoto.

"Just kidding. Fine, they can join. I will set the tent up with the others. Anyway, go back to your house and get pack up everything that needs. Remember, no SUITCASE or I will throw it." Miki warned them with a dangerous look. They nodded abruptly, not wanting to disobey her since she is the boss. One disagreement then the hell no way she would let them joined her and Alice.

The gang went to their own houses as Mira, Ace, Baron, Jake, Ren and Fabia went to Marucho's big mansion to pack their things quickly. As the gang was busied themselves packing faster, Miki and Alice waited them at Alice's front house. Miki smirked at her, "Well, guess we got a lot friends to bring, huh? It's like pain in the ass."

Alice glanced at Miki, she pulled her ear, "No bad words, please." Miki winced but laughed at her. Alice couldn't help but smile at her best-friend. "Anyway, they better hurry or I will kick their butts off. I hate waiting for stranger. I should have asked them to bark around the town 3 times." Miki said with a little tease tone, Alice glared at her , "You better not Missy. Because I will personally beat you." Miki cracked up.

"Fine. I was just joking, though." The orange hair smiled at her as they waited for her friends to come. Soon, Dan, Shun, Runo, Julie and Billy came. Dan carried his red bag around his should, Runo have her blue sling bag on her right shoulder. Julie on the other side got her pink-white big sized bag on her shoulder, wonder if she put too much cosmetic on it. Billy had his orange-white backpack on his back and the last Shun carried his dark green small sized.

Miki glared at them, "Are you just fly from USA? Taking such a long time to pack things?" She sarcastically asked, still glaring at them with her bored eyes.

Dan gulped while Runo hissed silently, Julie and Billy nervously scratched their head and Shun crossed his arm over his chest, "Well…" Dan was trying to explain but was cut off by Miki's hand.

"Okay, I understand." She said simply which making the gang confused, why? Because they haven't explained any words! Alice giggled softly at her teasing, "Oh Miki, you really like to tease them." The gang was taken aback, seeing Miki laughed softly making them relieved. Thinking that she might glare at them to the death making them shuddered. Miki scoffed silently at Alice's compliment.

"Thank you, and I learned it from Natsume though." Alice raised an eyebrow. "You mean the Korea and Japan crossbreed?"

Miki nodded, "Yep, he always do that and made us laughed."

Dan and the others looked each other, "Er.. girls.. Who is this Natsume guy?"

Alice and Miki looked each and smiled, "You will know soon we reached their, goggle head." Miki said.

Runo giggled at Miki's mock, she silently agreed to the raven hair girl, "Nice going, Yamamoto." Dan glared at Runo. Why the hell she sided her anyway?

"I got that cover, Misaki." Miki smirked.

Soon, Marucho, Ren, Jake, Fabia, Ace, Mira and Baron came along, "Sorry guys! We were late!" Marucho panted heavily. "Yeah, Baron there was confused on what he would bring." Ace pointed at Baron who flushed in red tomato. Miki rolled her eyes mockingly not even bother with the excuses. Baron had his white big backpack around his back, Ren carried his small black bag, Jake carried his brown gym back on his hand, Ace has his sling bag a purple medium sized and Marucho's indigo blue backpack was hugging around his shoulders.

"But Mira and Fabia took their times too!" Baron said.

Mira and Fabia glared deathly at him, "Sorry for taking your time but we are girls and girls need to check on what thing she should bring." Fabia said carrying her orange back on her left shoulder and Mira had her dark brown back on her right shoulder. The two's back were about big sized one.

"Oh yeah? You two were about to bring a suitcase." Ace countered, although he is Mira's boyfriend he still liked to play at her. Mira glared at him dangerously.

"Oh shut up Ace." Mira said.

"Oh come on guys. It's just a small matter." Dan stood between them, trying to calm the both sides. Ren sighed, Marucho pushed his glasses as he sighed as well. Jake…Well Jake was sweat-dropping.

"It's a SMALL MATTER? Look Dan, for me this is big." Baron said clenching his fist.

"Yeah Dan, stay away." Fabia glared at him, hands on her hip. They were going to do another bicker. Alice observed the quarreling guys with spark on their eyes. She sweat-dropped, "Er..Shun.. Are they always like that?" She whispered to the raven hair male.

Shun nodded slowly and sighed, "Always and I'm tired." Alice giggled at him. Shun smiled, knowing that she didn't open the topic about yesterday's awkward and now they were talking like they never done that.

Billy and Julie on the same time looking at the quarreling guys with jawed dropping, "Wow Juls, Baron is someone huh?"

"Yeah, I agree, Billy." Julie shook her head and sighed.

Runo joined the quarrel team as she yelled at Baron to help Mira and Fabia. Somewhat this situation made Miki's head almost exploded, her brow eyes were twitching, "THE HELL SHUT UP! OR I WILL PERSONALLY KICK THE HELL OUT OF YOU ALL!" she yelled angrily at them, the gang went on silence with fear as they didn't want to make the girl more frustrated.

She then smiled deviously which making them shuddered and shivered, "Thank you for your silence and please no bickering to each other, you got that?" Everyone abruptly nodded their heads not wanting to make her angry.

Miki then turned her heels and started her pacing walk as the gang followed her, they went to whisper on Alice, "Hey, Alice. She is so scary. Does she always like that?" Dan asked.

Alice couldn't help but giggled, "Yeah, and please don't make her mad, her second personality, the Madness Tiger will come out and she will surely kick you out." Everyone looked at her with a confused faces, "Eh? Second personality? Madness Tiger? What's that? You mean she got another personality?" Julie asked.

Alice nodded at the respond, "She has 3 different personality. Let me explain, first personality is Happiness Tree; the cheerful, happy-go-lucky girl, calm one, she rarely took this out but sometimes her sarcastic blend on this personality. Second personality is Madness Tiger; the uncontrollable berserk girl and used some mild words, this one come out when she is in high level angry, and for your information she was about to transform to this personality but then she held in. The third one is Cold Ice; the mysterious, quite and ignorance yet she speak sarcastic, this one come out when she deal with stranger. And that's all." Alice explained.

"Oh…So that's why when we first she looked cold and distance. Not to mention she looked at us with bored dull eyes." Dan rubbed his chin, pondering the day when he first met the girl.

Alice nodded, "She always likes that. Her eyes could be more vicious if you tried to press her." she smiled innocently, the gang looked at her sweat-drooping at the fact that she was too innocent to feel Miki's cold aura.

"She is..so scary… I don't want to fight her…" Jake said with a shudder.

"Yeah man. She will probably kill us to the hell." Dan scoffed silently.

"Did she have an accident causing she has 3 different personalities?" Marucho asked logically.

The orange haired shook her head, "No, apparently it is her natural since her birth."

"It's quite strange for a person to have 3 different personalities." Ren said.

"Well, it would be strange for someone who got reptilian scary eyes." Ace baffled out.

Ren glared at the boy, "Sorry if I got these eyes, Ace. I got these since birth, you know."

"Then I doubt you are human." Ace scoffed.

The silver haired boy gritted his teeth, clenching his fist tightly. He was about to punch Ace when Fabia stop them, "Stop it you guys. Ace, it's not polite to say something like that. I know Ren looked like he isn't one of humans like us because of his eyes but he still our friends and friends won't said such a taboo thing, got it?" Ren smiled at her, he unclenched his fist feeling calmer than before. 'Oh, Fabia…' he trailed off.

Mira smacked his boyfriend's head, glared deathly at him. Ace winced, rubbing his head, "Okay okay I know it. Sorry Ren." He apologized to tan boy.

"It's okay." He simply said. Jake looked at them amused, "Wow Ren, to think that you never yelled at us you are such a good person." Ren smiled at the compliment.

The girls giggled minus Miki who observed them with a small ghost smile appeared. 'Good friends always come to a good day.' she thought silently.

"Hey, I don't know you could sing, Billy." Julie gasped taking everyone's attention, Billy on the other side was blushing.

"What what? Did we miss something?" Runo asked.

"Well, we were talking about a song; The Rock City Boy by Jamil. I like that song!" Julie squealed happily, leaning closer to the Australian boy and kissed his cheek. Billy flushed but a satisfy smile tugging around his lip.

"The Rock City Boy? Oh the rap song one huh? Yeah, I like that one as well, the rap is so unbelievable fast and funny." Runo said with a nod.

"Then sing to us, Billy!" Dan half-yelled. Billy abruptly shook head disagreeing, "I can't Dan. There isn't any music to help me anyway."

Dan pouted, "Fine. I will go find a band for you to sing." He said half-teasing.

Miki sighed, Ren looked at the sighing girl, "What's up Miki? You looked trouble." Miki looked at the tan skin boy bringing everyone's attention back to the girl, the raven haired girl stared at them for awhile before she talked.

"Nothing. It's just, the way you all chit-chatting reminded me of my friends at camp." She smiled sincerely at them. Everyone looked at her with an unbelief eyes minus Alice who smiled back at her.

"By the way, here we are…" Miki said with a monotone voice as the time was ticking fast they didn't realize that they had walked far enough to see the dense, green forest. The path to enter it was openly enough to be seen by the gang. They awed.

"Fuji Forest huh?" (1) Marucho said.

Miki nodded in respond, she walked in to the forest as the gang followed her, sightseeing their eyes to see the sunlight through the calm forest. Birds chirping and small animals such as rabbits, squirrel, birds and insects living there.

About a minute later, they heard two different voices, its unknown voices but know-too-well by Miki. She hissed and snickered. "I can't believe you two were waiting there like a bunch of idiots." The gang looked at Miki confused.

The bush waved with shrieking sounds which making the gang 'eek' lightly. Came out two different humans with a different gender. It's a boy and a girl. The girl had black high pigtails and was wearing ninja-like suit with pink boots. Her eyes reflecting a dark brown resembled to Miki's. Another company was a boy with jet black hair and had same eyes. His body was thin but muscular at the same time, wearing a white shirt and long black pants with tennis shoes on him.

"Ah Miki, welcome back! And yeah we were waiting for you because we were so eager to see who's coming." The girl chirped happily.

"That sounds you, Yuri." The boy mocked her. The mentioned girl, Yuri, glared at him dangerously.

"What was that Yuma? Wanna fight me?" Miki sighed.

The Yuma boy chuckled, "I will and satisfy me, princess." With this Yuri clenching her fist tightened and anger face could be seen as Miki twitched.

"STOP IT! Hey, we are having guests here and if you don't mind I will bring them to the captains, got it? And please, no more fight. I got enough fight with Nikky yesterday so stay put!" Miki lunged at the two friends of her. They grew silence and nodded. Yuma scowled secretly and Yuri looked guilty.

The gang stood awed there seeing the fierce eyes of the raven haired girl, she sighed tiredly, "You two better help me set 2 tents more. I sort of bringing a gang here.." Miki glanced behind her. Yuri and Yuma took a look closer. The two looked at the gang with a smile plastered.

"Roger Boss!" Yuri saluted.

"You sure bring a whole bunch gang. I thought you are one unsociable person." Yuma said sarcastically. Miki glared at him.

"I am. But seeing they desperately wanna join the camp since Alice is there." She pointed on the orange haired girl. Yuri squealed lightly, "Oh! So this is the Alice you have told us before. She looks cute and innocent. Hi there. The name is Yuri Wijaya. I'm an Indonesian girl but can speak Japanese." Yuri smiled at the gang. The gang gasped, "Indonesia? Wow, that's one far country you were born there…" Jake said.

"Yeah… And not just me, the others came from different countries too, except some are pure Japanese. Mind me, my name got a little Japanese because of my mom. She is one hell fans of Japanese culture." Yuri said shrugging.

"So, Wijhahya isn't it?" Dan pronounced it wrongly.

Yuri face-palmed herself, "Oh God… This is the tenth time I got such a reply. Let me teach you how to pronounce it. It's Wi-Ja-ya without 'h'. Got it?" Dan nodded unsure.


Another face-palmed from Yuri and chuckles from Miki and Yuma, "It's Wi-Ja-ya! Oh God..!" tired of replying she groaned.

"Wijaya?" Marucho asked. Yuri then grinned satisfy.

"Yes! That's it! It's not hard to pronounce it though.." she eyed Dan who scratched his head.

"Sorry about that, I kinda sucks in mention foreign names."

"By the way, my name is Yuma Matsumoto Wang. I'm a crossbreed Japanese and Indonesia. But I live in Indonesia." Yuma smirked to the gang.

"Wow… crossbreed? That's mean one of your parent must be a Japanese?" Billy asked cheerfully. Yuma smiled in respond.

"Yeah, my mother is Japanese while my father is Indonesian but he is also an Ethnic Chinese." He explained.

"Ethnic Chinese? But he is Indonesian, isn't he?" Runo asked confusedly, obviously she didn't know about it.

"Well, my father's ancestor was from China and that goes to all my friends at Medan. They travelled to Indonesia and stayed there. So from generation to generation we are Ethnic Chinese with Indonesian Nationality." Yuma explained again to them, they nodded understood.

"And that goes to me and Miki too. You see, my families are Ethnic Chinese and Miki's mom is one of them." Everyone turned their head to look at the raven haired girl.

She rolled her eyes mockingly, "I still suck at Chinese language."

"Didn't Fung-Han teach you when he got a free time?" Yuma asked slyly.

"Yes he did, but somehow my brain didn't sink those words." Miki hissed. "Anyway let's head back to report." She walked forward into the deepest forest as the others followed her.

"Isn't this great having a camp with friends from other countries? It's so great!" Billy pumped his fist.

"I do agree with you Billy." Ren nodded.

"How many guys joined the camp there?" Jake asked Yuma who smiled, "It's about 18. 7 girls, 7 boys with 4 captains."

"Wow, that's awesome. It could be one hell fun." Runo squealed.

"Hahaha… It's not fun at all time. Sometimes we could hear Miki and Nikky yelling about their arguments, then hearing Jason's lame sarcastic commenting about their arguments, Reishi's lectures, Fung-Han's warning to Miki but mostly to flirt her rather than scolding her, Sis Maria and Sis Fania's shrieking seeing Kanade and Chitose worst hell cooking." Yuri sighed tiredly.

Obviously the gang didn't recognize who is she talking about but they knew soon they will recognize them. They walked deep down the forest and met 3 camps around with a blue, pink, and green colors, camp fire on the center, hanging clothes near the camps, about 4 logs were rounding the camp fire and 2 tables with raw foods.

They spotted the members were gathered there as if they were bickering about something. "Look here, Nikky, I know you don't like to be helped but at least please let me help you!" a boy shouted only to be surrounded by the others. Dan and the others looked at the shouting boy, he got an untidy black hair and green eyes, his skin was pale as white as snow and by the face of his they could guess that he wasn't Japanese…maybe an American? He wore a green shirt with black leather jacket on it, black jeans and black combat boots. How strange for a mere American boy.

The girl who became his target of yelling got a short black hair with green streaks and a side fringe, green bright eyes, she looked irritated with the boy. She wore a dark green tank top with black jeans short and green belt around her waist. She also got a pair of short flat boots above her ankle, they recognized the girl's face didn't seems a Japanese, more like a British or American.

Miki sighed, "Not this again…" She mumbled. Alice looked at the Miki with a sweat-drop, "Could this be… Nikky and Jason that you were talking about?" Miki nodded, "Extremely annoying two 'Love-Hate' members that sickening me out of the hell." She muttered darkly. The gang heard what she was saying and slightly sweat-dropping, 'Extremely annoying that sickening her?' the thought unison.

"Oh come on, guys…Don't fight again…" A soft yet sweet voice said, a girl with violet hair tied in high pigtails and her eyes was piercing silver, she was clad in cream shorts with black straps hanging down from both sides, a tight lavender sleeveless tank top with separate added dark purple sleeves and a rounded neckline with a black ribbon choker, and light brown ankle tight combat shoes with small rubber heel.

"Hey, give it up man…" a boy was trying to break them up, he has an indigo blue navy hair and eyes, by his speaking, there was a little Australian accent. He was wearing a dark blue jacket with black shirt underneath it, blue jeans and white running shoes.

Miki sighed again, approaching the groups, "Kanade, Claus… What happened again this time?" she asked with a stern looking yet tired face.

The one who be called Kanade looked up and saw Miki, "Oh Miki, you are back. It's nothing big though, Nikky and Jason were in their own fighting again…" Kanade huffed.

"Nikky was about to clean the plates when Jason approached her to help her but Nikky was being stubborn." Claus said with a sigh, scratching his hair.

"Where is Reishi? I thought she could handle this matter?" I asked them.

"Reishi is with the captains and Fung-Han talking about their next destination later." A gray spiky haired boy shrugged, he has light brown eyes and cladding in dark green jeans jacket with gray shirt underneath it and a pair of black sneaker on his feet. He has a oriental face, mixed American and Japanese.

Miki twitched when she heard Nikky's voice shrieking. She walked toward the girl and pulled her ears and Jason's too.

"OUCH! MIKI!" they shouted at her unison.

Miki made a disgust look, "How long will you two be fighting over something small? We got a bunch of guests here and get the hell out of your fighting!" Nikky and Jason backed when they saw Dan and the groups. Grumbling, Nikky went to her camp as well as Jason to cool themselves down.

"That Miki for you." Yuri said sweat-dropping.

"Were they always like this?" Dan asked pointing on Jason and Nikky.

"Not really. We the trio spies still spy on their movements." Yuma snickered.

"Wow… you play spy?" Julie asked.

"Yep, me, Yuma and Miki." Yuri said. "But keep it from the others okay? We don't want they know about this though…" Yuri added with a sly grin.

Kanade looked at the group with a smile, "Hello there! You must the groups that Miki told us about. My name is Kanade Yuki Hae, I'm a crossbreed Korean and Japanese. Nice to meet you all!" she bowed her head down.

"Hi there, my name is Claus Calrosfel. I'm an Australian. Nice to meet you all." He smiled toward the group.

"As well as us." Alice said smiling warmly.

"Where is the others?" Shun asked the members, Kanade and Claus looked each other, "Well, Sophia and Chitose are going on shopping since we got guests, while Hiyoshi and Natsume are helping them. The remaining members are having meeting with the captains right now." Claus explained to them.

"Anyway, mind introducing yourselves?" The gray haired boy said with a smirk.

"Before that, introduce yourself first, Kid." Miki said with a dangerous look.

Kid chuckled, "Sorry about that, well, my name is Kid Nishimura. I got American blood mixed with Japanese." He said easily.

"Hi Kid, my name is Alice Gehabich. Here are my friends, he is Shun Kazami and Runo Misaki." She pointed to Runo and Shun.

"Next, Danma Kuso, Julie Makimura, Choji Marukura or we called him Marucho and Billy Gilbert, Julie's boyfriend. And Dan is Runo's boyfriend." Alice said with a giggle making Dan and Runo blushed madly.

Kid laughed, "Oh ho? Lovebirds aren't you? Well, we could play something later night, any more lovebirds?" he said.

"Ace and Mira." Shun sneered receiving a death glare from Ace and a groaned from Mira.

"Oh, the pepper mint boy and the orange fiery girl are lovebirds? Nice.." Kanade awed.

Ace and Mira slightly blushed but their hands were intertwining tightly. Alice couldn't help but smile at the couple. Wondering if she could be just like them. Who would want to be with her? 'There are none.' she thought sadly. A flash of her and Shun was flicked on her mind, she blushed madly at it.

'No way! No! Shun probably think it just as friendly hug as best friends. I won't think far away. Don't get your hope up, Alice..." She scolded herself.

Shun looked at her with a stern yet soft eyes, 'I wonder if she was wondering the same things as mine.'

Alice failed to notice Shun's loving face and eyes, she focused too much on her thoughts. What will happen next?


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