Welcome to this epic fan-made Naruto adventure. Naruto and associated characters and places are property of the genius, creative prowess that is Kishimoto Masashi-sama. Enjoy this teasing prologue and then go on to enjoy the rest of the story!

Jōnin Hatake Kakashi, of course, had to pass this team (the council had given him no choice), but he was glad he didn't have to take his test to the extreme to get them to realize what he was actually testing. In fact, he hadn't even gotten to the end of his regular test (that every other team had failed).

The copy ninja realized that even if he hadn't been forced into it… he would have passed this team. That thought made him smile.

"We are officially Team 7!" he eye-smiled at the three genin, they grinned back, "We'll start our formal duties tomorrow. You guys did well today, good job."

Sasuke and Sakura smirked and smiled respectively before turning to leave. Kakashi made to walk off as well before Naruto's voice stopped him.

"Hey! You guys! Still tied to a log here! Help me out!" the blonde continued screaming until his two teammates were out of earshot. Kakashi sighed; he would have to work on the whole team-in-real-life-and-not-just-in-the-field thing.

He stepped once more into view of the blonde.

"Kakahsi-sensei! You came back for me!"

"Doesn't the academy teach how to escape from ropes like these?" Kakashi asked in a bored voice.

He only watched for a moment as the dead last of the academy sputtered incoherently (and he wasn't getting any sort of sadistic enjoyment out of it, honest) before helping out.

"Quick question," Kakashi started again.

"Yeah?" Naruto asked as the ropes slid off.

"Why do your teammates think you're a boy, Naruto-chan?" he raised his visible eyebrow.

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