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Sena Kobayakawa was searching frantically from her little kitten Pitt. She had spent half an hour already looking in all the bushes of the park she came to practice her running. At this time the park was mostly empty because it was the middle of summer and many students like Sena who were entering high school were at the beach with friends. She called the small kitten many times and soon began to feel despair because she was not finding Pitt. The small kitten was the only other friend she had besides her childhood friend Mamori Anezaki and she has been seeing less of the older girl because she was in the grade above her and she didn't even know if she was going to make it into Deimon with her. This had cause Pitt to become the friend Sena talked to the most about her problems at school. Sena told Pitt about all the bullying and how people would make them do errands for her and if she didn't get it fast enough they would hurt her. Sena sat down as she started becoming more upset. Tears gathered in her large honey brown eyes; the tears wetted her long thick dark eyelashes. "Oh Pitt where are you?" was all she thought as she sat on the grass with her knees drawn up into her chest.

Shin was running his route as he always did at 7:00am sharp every morning. At this time during the summer there was barely anyone at the park he enjoyed jogging at for its various jogging trails. He was starting his tempo run when he heard a meow.

Shin's ears perked up at the tiny animal's noise. Shin loves cats; it is not something many people knew about the tall muscular Ojo White Knights linebacker. He had saved many cats from trees and returned many of them to their owners. Most people were very surprised when a tall dark haired teen that looked like he could beat the crap out of you should up at their door wishing to return the pet they lost. With his wish to save the cat from whatever harm he was in Shin kept up his tempo run as he went towards the cat. He saw the small white and brown cat was stuck in a cheery blossom tree. Shin climbed up the tree and gingerly placed the small cat in his arms and lept of the tree and landed onto the ground. This caused cracks on the ground for it was a thirty feet drop and a passing skate boarder almost faint for the shock of seeing a dark haired teen jump out of the tree to what he thought would be the death of the teen holding on to a cat.

Said teenager once on the ground started walking with the cat in his arms. It was a very well taken cared for animal Shin noticed for it was the right weight for its size and you could tell it was played with often for it had well developed muscle underneath its soft fur. The small cat Shin observed had thin leather collar with a round tag that read "Pitt" and his home address, which was close to this very park. Shin was quite please he would be able to return the kitten soon and continue with his training. Shin started towards the direction of Pitt's home when he saw a small huddled figure that was crying. "Maybe the small form is injured" thought Shin and went up to it. The figure noticed his approach and shot up quickly like one of those bang the mole games he broke the other day when he went to the arcade with Sakuraba. This allowed him to notice the figure had well-muscled shapely tan legs that were trained for speed that were visible because of their running shorts. His gaze traveled up the figures body and traced the hour glass that was shown because of their work out tank which led to undeveloped arms and shoulders. This person should work on upper body as well Shin thought wisely and continued his gaze to the chest that had somewhat full breast? Shin rarely dealt with girls so he was at a lost as to what to say so he continued to examine her for injures. Her face was also unhurt as the rest of her slim body. It was round with smooth tan cheeks that were pink for some reason with a small mouth with full naturally reddish lips with a button nose. The girl reminded Shin of a pixie for she had large doe eyes that was watery from crying. When Shin was done with his inception he saw the girl had no injures but felt funny.

Sena at this time was freaking out this huge guy who had to be at least 5'11 almost six feet was staring her down with her back pressed against a tree. He had midnight black hair and equally dark eyes. He was built all over; he could probably break her in half. He had high cheek bones and a square jaw, his face was expressionless as he looked at her. Sena really wanted to get away from this guy but was trapped. Then she noticed a small furry cat in his arms, which was Pitt!

"You found my cat Pitt! Thank you very much." Sena exclaimed as she bowed to the other teen respectfully "Could I have him please?"

"Yes you may." The dark haired teen replied and handed the cat to Sena and turned away and started to run. Shin was pleased with himself for he returned the cat and he wanted to get away from the small girl for he felt even stranger when she smiled at him while he gave her the cat. She had white straight teeth he added as an afterthought. Shin scowled and up his speed he should not be thinking such thought he has to train.

"Wait up!" Shin heard the same girl shout from behind him. He was about to slow down when with a burst of speed the girl easily caught up with him. Her shoulder length hair bounced as she finished talking him "You shouldn't run in the rain come over to my house and you can wait it out."

Shin hadn't even noticed it started to rain, he was tempted to say no but he did not wish to get sick so he answered "Alright, I will. Please show me the way to your home"

Sena was happy he agreed for she felt she owed the strange teen for finding Pitt. "Come on this way" she smiled and took off in a quick run towards her home so the rain would not soak them completely.

Shin followed the girl and was impressed by her speed. Her steps were quick and her form was great, it allowed her to use her foot work to her advantage. As he kept pace with the girl he could not help but study her face. She seemed very at peace as she ran out of the park and to a normal looking home that appeared like every other in this area.

"Here is my house." The girl informed him and got a key from under the welcome mat and opened the door.

Shin followed the girl inside and removed his shoes as she did and placed them in the designated area. It was a very normal home and the girl led him to the kitchen where she told him to sit at the table for she was going to prepare some tea for them. Shin gazed at her as maneuvered around the kitchen with familiarity. "She must cook; I wonder if she makes healthy meals?" Shin pondered.

Sena was happy that he was over. It had been a long time since anyone had sat down and had tea with her. She got the tea done and set the table. The boy just sat their patiently waiting. He was actually good looking once you got past how serious he appeared to be. Pitt jumped on the table as she sat down to start drinking tea with her guest when Pitt jumped onto his lap and started purring. The boy did not mind at all like her parents did when Pitt did that and petted the cat. "I'm soory if this is a little rude but what is your name?" she questioned. Her face turned a little pink for she was usually not this forward with people.

Shin was not at all bothered with this question and answered "Seijuro Shin and as of next school year I will be a second year student at Ojo high school." Then he asked the girl about herself.

"My name is Sena Kobayakawa, you can just call me Sena, Shin-san and I will hopefully be getting into Demion high school as a first year student." Sena replied as zipped at her tea.

They sat in a comfortable silence as they drank their tea each taking turns to rub Pitt. When the rain stopped Sena led Shin to the door and told him thank you for finding Pitt once again.

Shin was about to go out the door when he asked Sena "Would you like to come jogging with me at 7:00am the next day?" Shin really did enjoy the time he spent with Sena and she could keep up with him on the jogs.

"Sure, that would be great." Sena replied with a charming smile and was very happy. She was going to have someone to spend time with during the summer doing the one thing she is good at running.

And that is how the two spent the summer with each other. They ran together in the park and even to the beach a few times. Then as always went to Sena's home to have tea. Sena did not tell anyone of her new friend and had a wonderful summer with Shin.

Chapter 1

Sena was extremely nervous as she searches with Mamori nee-chan for her number 21 on the list of students who made it to Demion high school. She was twirling a strand of her mahogany hair and there it was number 21!

"You did it Sena way to go!" shouted her nee-chan . The older girl hugged the smaller girl and told her how great it was they were in the same school again and to not to worry about bullies for she was going be with her again.

At this Sena deflated a little she did not want to think about being a gopher for anyone maybe she should ask Shin for advice on how to get stronger that way people will just let her be.

"Oh Sena, I have to go do some stuff for student council so stay here for a second." The older half Japanese and American girl stated.

Sena started gazing at the other students and felt a scary presence behind her it was rather disturbing.

"Yay you made it!" two older students shouted as they lifted a male student in the air and told the kid to call his parents. One of them was tall and wiry with dyed blond hair and reminded Sena of a demonic elf and the other was large and round with a chestnut shaped head. The chestnut head seemed nice but a little dim. Sena kept watching their strange behavior until Mamori nee-chan came back and they walked back home together. Sena really wanted to go see Shin and go for a run again later this afternoon.

Shin was at the dorms in Ojo setting up his room he shared with Haruto Sakuraba, his fellow teammate on the football team who was a wide receiver. Sakuraba was a tall blonde hair teen that was a decent player that needed more focus on the game but there was not much Shin could do about that. Sakuraba had to put in the effort himself. Shin had finished putting his side of the room together quickly for all he had was a twin bed with blue sheets and a chest filled with the schools uniforms and many track suites. He also had a desk that was organized neatly with books about training and diets for the best body for football. Where the night stand was a rack of weights stoof next to it and atop it was a picture of Shin and Sena at the park. Sena was smiling hugely and he had a pleased look on his face.

Shin recalled it was a sunny day and Sena had gotten a new camera and was taken pictures of things at the park and she had wanted one of the two of them. So she had told him to lie back in the grass and they had put their head together and Sena smile one of her huge grins and snap the memory was kept.

Sakuraba noticed his quite roommate staring at a picture and that struck him as odd because Shin did not have photos of his family or with any of his teammates for he usually broke the camera. Curiosity was eating up Sakuraba for Shin appeared happy? This was strange for Shin always had a neutral face about almost everything outside of football. "What are you looking at Shin?" Sakuraba asked.

Shin showed Sakuraba the photo of him and Sena and he simply replied "Me and Sena-chan."

Sakuraba was shocked that Shin referred to someone so casually and then took the picture Shin had handed to him. "Sena-chan" was a very cute girl with a charming smile and big light brown eyes that contrasted nicely against her sun kissed skin. "Is she your girlfriend?"

"Yes" was Shin's short answer. He did not understand the surprise face Sakuraba had. Was it strange to have a friend that was a girl?

Sakuraba could not believe what he was hearing: Shin had a girlfriend! He grab the photo and went to find Takami(the quarterback), Otawara (a lineman), and Ikari(a fellow lineman). Shin followed after him wanting his photo back.

The fellow main team members and the other players of the Ojo White Knights were in the club house trying to keep Ikari from attack a water boy who wet the team uniform by accident and not for the reason to shame their team when Sakuraba burst in yelling "Shin has a girlfriend!"

"What!" they all cried at once. "That's not possible."

"Haha, way to go Shin." Otawara laughed slapping him on the back with such force most men would kill over.

"Who is she? Is she an Ojo girl?" questioned Ikiar.

"Yes who is this girl?" Takami questioned wondering if she really was his girlfriend. For Sakuraba could have simply misunderstood Shin.

"Her name is Sena and she looks like she is fifteen." Sakuraba stated showing the picture to his friends.

They all gazed at the picture and she was a very good looking girl. She wasn't drop dead sexy but she had the tiny cute look to her and she seems very kind.

"We want to meet Sena!" they all coursed.

"Sena do you have a cold? You've been having quite the sneezing fit." Her mother asked concerned her only child was sick already before the first day of school.

"No, mom I'm fine." Sena answered as she got dinner set for it was her turn to cook and she was trying out the healthy food cook book Shin had given her. She was a bit disappointed she couldn't meet up with Shin this afternoon for the minute she got home her mom put her to work to help with the house work.

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