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Sena was peacefully slumbering in the train seat when in her dream state she sensed impending danger to her person. At the exacted moment she opened her eyes she came face to face with the most deranged looking person she had ever seen. The boy had a snarl that would make the toughest dog cower in fear and his eyes were surrounded by dark shadows that made him in even more terrifying. Sena did what anyone would have done waking up to a person who appeared to be a mass murder, she fainted.

Ikari was very pleased with himself. He had noticed the small girl was going to wake up so he just stared her down until she pass out in fear. This was the technique he used with his math teacher last year to past algebra so he could change his grades on the educator's computer. He finished tying the girl up with the sweet red candy rope, then lifted her from the seat bridle style and calmly waited for his and Otawara stop. Otawara the whole time was happily chewing on the left over candy. Both were completely oblivious to the stares they were getting by the fellow passengers.

Once they reached their stop they stepped of the train then made a mad dash for the school for they had discussed early that they didn't want anyone to see who they had kidnapped. The two linemen crept pass the other students once they reached the large school grounds and into a weight room that was rarely used. Ikari placed the girl on a chair that was in the room and found a lamp to shine in her face once she woke up. Ikari was a huge fan of cop shows and could not wait to complete one of his childhood dreams of intergrading someone for information.

20 minutes later

"Hey Ikari how are we going to wake her up?" asked Otawara who just awoke from a nap. "I could fart in her face if you want." He offered as an afterthought.

Ikari sat stunned at the mere thought of Otawara butt near anyone's face. The girl would probably die of the toxic fumes and they would get nothing from her unless they did a séance afterwards. "Their no need for that senpia" Ikari answered while filling a bucked up with cold water from the water fountain located in the room. He then dumped the ice cold water on the girl.

Sena woke up startled at suddenly being covered in freezing cold water, she tried to get up and but saw she was bound to a chair with red lickerish?

"I see you are up now seducer!" Shouted the same boy her made her faint in fear on the train pointing an accusing finger in her face.

"What are you…guys talking about?" Sena whimpered shivering from the cold clothes that stuck to her small body.

Otawara felt some doubt creep in as he saw Sena looking up at them with big brown eyes shivering. "Ikari maybe she really is just Shin's girlfriend?"

"That not possible Otawara-senpia, what girl would go out with Shin? He totally unapproachable and that's all girls care about." Stated Ikari to get Sena talking as his eyes roamed Sena's body. He was happy he took off her green blazer because the wet white dress shirt showed off the girl's figure well.

"Shin-kun is super sweet and kind!" shouted Sena at Ikaria as she tried to get out of the chair to kick him in the nuts for saying such bad things about Shin. "And I'm not his girlfriend" Sena added with a blush that swept across the bridge of her nose.

"Hmm… what was that?" Ikari questioned as he crotched down to Sena's eyelevel placing both hands on the chair rails as he invaded Sena's personal space until he was an inch from her face.

At this point Sena was seriously thinking she must have kicked puppies in the face for fun in another life to get all the bad luck that causes her to be in scary situations. The mass murder aka Ikari was in her face with an evil grin on his tan face. Sena was just so tired of being bullied already escaping from people like him early so she just stuck her pink tongue out at Ikari and yelled "None of your business"

Otawara saw this and chuckled loudly. "Looks like you aren't that tough to her anymore Ikari" he gasped out between laughs.

This made Ikari pissed this shrimp just made him a fool in front of his senpia. Cute or not she was going to show her true colors once and for all. Ikari grabbed the chair by one of its legs and flipped it. Sena let out a squeal and almost cracked her skull against the floor but the chair was stopped by Ikari and he lifted her upside down still in the seat and it was at this point that Sena saw how tall and built Ikari was. Oh shit was her only thought.

"You are going to tell me all the plans you made with that devil Hiruma to make Shin weak!" he hollered at the upside down girl while shaking the chair.

"Hie, I don't know who that is!" Sena answered scared to death that he was going to drop her.

"You must have done something to Shin cause why would he want to be with a ugly short thing like you?" questioned Ikari.

Sena felt a pang in her heart but shook it off. "He is trying to make you feel bad she told herself Remember he said Shin couldn't get a girl so he is just being mean to you like everyone is." At this moment all the repressed anger felt at all the people who teased Sena came out and Sena shouted back "Well no girl would ever wanna be with you because you are a scary dude who looks like a serial wife beater and those lines around your eyes that make you look tough are probably man-liner! Sissy boy!"

At this moment in time Otawara was sitting down watching the two trade insults about their appearances and then the mom jokes started….

"Your Mom is so fat when she gets a cut she bleeds milkshakes" Ikari stated.

"Your Mom is soo fat that not even Naruto can believe it!" Sena answered.

"Oh yeah, your mom is so fat that animal control thought she was a beached whale when she stood were the waves crash onto the sand." He retorted.

Sena answered back just as angry at the boy. All three were wrapped up in what was going on in the weight room they did not hear the voices outside.

"Takami why do we need to get the weights couldn't we just send first years" questioned a boy outside.

"We should do as the coach says Sakuraba. He has us do these things for a reason." Shin told the other two in a sagely manner.

Takami and Sakuraba just sweat dropped at Shin and wondered how he thought being free labor for the coach helped them in football.

When the unmistakable yell of Ikari was heard from the weight room "I hope all your hair falls out and you go blind!"

"We better go help the poor soul who insulted Ikari before they get killed" Takami sighed at the thought of having to calm down the first year student.

"Oh man, we better send Shin in their first." Sakuraba stated shivering at the thought of getting in the way of the lunatic first year. Takami nodded in agreement with Sakuraba.

"Shin could you please go in first?" Takami asked politely.

Shin gave a curt nod and went towards the door that led to the room where a loud ruckus was accruing. Shin did not dislike Ikari but found it unsavory how he lost his temper for an athlete needs a cool head on the field. Then Shin heard a "hie" that sounded just like Sena's, at this moment having a cool head was forgotten because the mental images of little Sena being hit and kicked by the much stronger, larger Ikari filled his mind and he burst through the door. What he saw made his blood boil even more. Sena was being held upside down strapped to a chair being shaken violently by Ikari. Shin dashed towards him and aimed his spear tackle at Ikari but instead of it being a hand that grabbed you and crushed you, it was a fist. Shin heard a crunch and a yelp from Ikari but he did not care. He caught the chair with Sena before it fell to the ground. He placed it up right and untied Sena from the binds of red lickerish?

"Shin, what are you doing here?" Sena asked as she was being helped from the chair.

"I go to the same school as these guys and we also are on the football team together." Shin answered as his eyes gazed at Sena's body for cuts or bruises. He saw there were no apparent ones and took in Sena's appearance. Her hair was wet and stuck to her face making her beautiful honey brown eyes stick out even more. Water had made her slightly red full lips shiny and supply and her school shirt clung to her form. Seeing her like this made something in Shin stir and want…

"What the hell did you do Shin?" yelled Takami seeing Ikari on the ground gasping for air.

Shin glanced at Takami, Sakuraba and Otawara who were helping Ikari stand up from the blow he had given him. For some reason he did not want the rest of them to see Sena in such a way and took off his white shirt with a blue cross on it to Sena to wear and covered her with it.

"Whaa… are you doing Shin-kun?" Sena mumbled as she poked her head and arms through the shirt that engulfed her tiny body. Then she saw Shin in just a white wife beater tan top. It showed of his powerful arms, chest and broad shoulders. Sena always knew Shin was cut but it was always under the track suits he wears whenever they are together. "He looks really good" Sena thought with a blush.

"Are you okay Sena? Would you mind if I took you home?" Shin asked quietly not wanting to frighten the girl more the she already was from being held captive by his fellow teammates.

Takami at this point was becoming annoyed with the linebacker for ignoring him and was about to yell at him for not listening to him when he noticed Sena the girl from the picture wet and shivering in Shin's shirt. The poor girl was like a wet Bambi with her large brown eyes. Then Takami examined the room and saw the chair and candy rope? It was easy to assume Ikari and Otawara were once again being numskulls. "Holy banana nut muffins! What do you two think you were doing?"shouted Takami at the two linemen.

"She is working with the devil! She goes to Deimon high school." Answered Ikari defensively "We were only trying to find her true motives."

"I like her she's funny. Good choice Shin" was Otawar's simple answer as he picked his nose.

"WTF senpia you helped me bring the girl here…." Ikari stopped his yelling when he noticed a figure that looked eerily similar to their coach and he prayed to all the gods that it wasn't but it was.

"What the heck did you idiots do! Why everything is wet and what's with all the lickerish and who is that girl?" came the blaring yell from coach Shogun.

"Please let me explain Coach." Takami stated calmly trying to get everyone out of trouble.

"Don't even try Takami. Everyone get in my office now." Growled the coach as he stomped of to his office, his rage was on the level that if any of them disobeyed they would end up on the ten o'clock news as the story that came after how to decorated your home like a movie stars'.

All of the teenagers shuffled into the small office with their heads bowed in shame. They all stood facing the large desk that took up most of the space of the room. It was covered in stacks of papers. Coach shogun sat in his chair and gazed at each student taking in their appearance. Ikria seem to be favoring his left side and there was some pain flashing in his eyes and of course pent up anger. Shogun wondered who could have done that to the troublemaker. Otawara was happily picking his nose and seem to be the only one oblivious to Shogun's anger while Sakuraba and Takami were just dreading the talking too they were going to get. All the usually reactions but Shin's he had a large hand on the small brown haired girl's shoulder and was gazing at her with concern. "That's interesting" muse the coach as he examined the girl more closely. She was about 5'l with chestnut brown hair that extended past her shoulders that was wet. She had a cute face with large pretty eyes that reminded him of his wife's. The rest of her was a mystery for she was covered up by Shin's shirt.

Shogun took a deep breath, mentally preparing him for the stupidity that would soon come at him in waves. "Okay, tiny tell me your side of the story, what school you go to and so on." He commanded Sena.

Sena fiddled with the hem of the shirt and recounted the story "I got on the train I usually take home after running away from some bullies who wanted to destroy my new friend's dream. I was really tried took a nap woke up and fainted when I saw that serial killers' face (Ikrai). Then I got water dumped on me while I was tied to a chair in some random room. Ikrai the weird one not the big one Otawara started accusing me of being in some kinda conspiracy with someone called Hiruma. Then I owned him in your mom's so fat jokes then Shin came punched him the ribs and saved me. Also my name is Sena Kobayakawa and I go to Demion." Sena finished taking a deep breath after her winded explanation.

"That is such a lie! I so got you in the fat jokes shrimp!" Ikrai barked from the otherside of the room.

Sena felt her temper rise once again because of Ikria and roared "That's it Ikrai I'm going to teach you a lesson." as she went to hit the boy in the family jewels but was pulled into Shin's chest and lifted off the ground. This caused Sena to try and wriggle out of Shin's grasp to no avail so she crossed her arms over her chest and pouted cutely.

Ikrai laughed at Sena's predicament and Sena just glared as evilly as she could at him. Sena unfortunately did not intimidate anyone in the room. Sakuraba was really starting to see how adorable Sena was and felt disappointed that she was already taken.

Shogun sighed and knew he needed to break them all up before his office turned into a zoo "Alright everyone chill. Sena I believe so I don't need to hear these fool's stories and I'm sorry for the inconvince they put you through."

"Whaa…" Ikrai started but caught the glare he was on the receiving end of and shut his big mouth.

"Shin take her home and be ready face your punishment when you get back." Shogun said as he dismissed Shin and Sena.

Shin quickly guided Sena out of the room and out of the school for he knew what was coming and wanted to get out of the line of fire as soon as possible.

"NOW YOU FOOLS ARE GOING TO WISH YOU WERE NEVER BORN!" roared the coach his yell was soo loud it shook the photos on the walls the two teens were passing by. It seemed event the picture frames were quivering in fear too.

Shin and Sena glance at each other and at that moment agreed to move as quickly as shooting stars to her house. They left dust clouds behind them.

Once they reached Sena's home the brunette stated "Your coach is scary."

"Yes, he is." Shin agreed at her observation of Shogun.

"Anyway thanks for saving me Shin" Sena said her voice filled with gratitude as she embraced him.

Shin was starting to enjoy the hugs Sena would give him and felt her body up once more and he secretly memorized each of her curves.

lol I hope I don't get flames from ppl for making Shin be a little bit of a prev. So I will just explain the reason for that is he is a teenage guy who has repressed his inner prev for years because he has not seen any girl he likes that way until he met Sena.