A/N - Here it is, Sapphire Eyes's first "Lets Wreck The Nice Structured Life Of Our Dear Demi-Saiya-Jin Son Gohan" (name borrowed from DemonDancing, who is currently writing a similar story, I just want to thank you, and say that your fic is great!). But for the moment, I have more important things to talk about – MY fic, for instance. I'll start with this. Unfortunately, I am stuck watching Toonami with those never-ending re-runs, so the last episode I saw was Final Atonement. So, I'm going to establish what is going on in my little ficcy –

~ This happens before the World Martial Arts Tournament.

~ Videl and Gohan both like each other, but they don't know it.

~ Videl doesn't know that Gohan is the Great Saiyaiman or that he is the Goldfighter.

~ In the Cell games, Gohan didn't do the whole 'pride and suffer' thing, so he finished Cell       

   off before he self-destructed.                                               

~ Everything else is the same.

So, without further ado, here it is!!!

Son Gohan shoved his book into his backpack as the bell rang. *Finally, school is over! This whole fitting in thing sure is hard! Weekend here I come!* Catching up with Videl and crew, they marched out of the classroom and in to the student-filled halls. But, as they walked down the corridor, the loudspeaker blared up, causing all students to stop in their tracks.

"I would like to announce to you all that Monday is a 'free' day' - we are going to have a career day." Several whoops came from the students, who obviously approved of this. "We will mainly be having parents coming in and sharing, but we will be having some guests. So, all you need to bring is a sack lunch or money for you on the day. Have a great weekend!"

The announcement ended sharply – proving that most likely whoever made the announcement wasn't going to have a happy weekend, but spend it planning the event. But, unlike the announcer, this brought excitement to all of the students,  who chatted and gossiped about this strange event, until the roar of students once again filled the hallway.

"Wow! A whole free day – I wonder who'll be there. I bet your dad is coming, isn't he Videl?" asked Erasa, who was busy day-dreaming about what she should wear, in case anyone important did show up.

"I dunno. He didn't say anything, so I guess they want to keep it all a secret. He hasn't said anything, which is highly unusual, so he's probably to busy to come. Like always." Videl commented, sneeringly on her fathers behalf.

"Hey, maybe it's just a secret! You know, like you guess who's coming and who's not, you get it?" Gohan tried to cheer up both of the girls, who looked slightly down-trodden. Little did Gohan know how right he would be.


Back a the Son residence, Chichi scanned through the mail, hoping for something good. *Bill, bill, bill, magazine, bill, bill-* Chichi's thoughts were interrupted when her eldest son walked into the room. After a few moments of chatting, she ran outside to find Goku, who was busy training with his younger son.

"GOOKKKUUUUU!!!!!" she called out over the banging, kicking, and punching that the two Saiyains were making. She called once again, but was only answered by the rumbling of a mountain, that was now just a few boulders scattered on the ground. She ran back inside, bringing with her the best weapon she had.

"DINNERS READY!!!!!!" she called out, once again, but this time was answered by two golden figures landing at her side. "Much better." She said, before hitting both boys over the head with the ever-famous frying pan. Then, sweetly, she calmly stated "Next time I call you, answer."

Son Goku replied by nodding his head, rubbing the bump that he had received, and then gave her the famous Son grin. "Sorry, I guess me and Goten got really wrapped up there…" he stopped as he spotted his son in the background. "Gohan! We were about ready to give up on you, man! I'm ready to train some more, Goten's got me all worked up."

"You sure, dad?" Gohan said with a smirk, and after receiving an identical smirk form his father, began to take flight. Jumping into the air, he was immediately thrown back to the ground by his mother, who had had a death-grip o his collar. "Ack!!! Mom, what are you doing?!?"

While trying to figure out why his mom just tried to kill him, Chichi just stood there. "Aren't you forgetting something?" And then immediately pointed out his book bag that he had thrown into a corner. Gohan followed her finger and then her gaze to see the case lying, all disgruntled, and his shoulders sagged. *Great, more homework. And on the weekend to. I bet Videl's getting to train right now, I wouldn't mind training with her…Wait, what am I saying!?!* Without even protesting, he grabbed the bag and ran upstairs, so that he could get done as soon as possible.

Finishing his homework in about 30 minutes, he ran outside to join his father and his mini-me. He took a giant leap and jumped into the air, following the constant booms that led him to his destination – the fighting arena for today's training.

"Dad! I'm finally done!" he called out, but he was only answered by the rumbling of two stomachs, so forceful that the ground nearly shook.

"O. Well me and Goten where just going in to get our dinner, we figured that you weren't gonna come out, I guess." Came his otousan's reply, as he buzzed by Gohan. Gohan just looked at the two figures, who had now passed him and were just two dots on the horizon.

Doing the ever-famous anime-flop, he sighed. "Why me!?!"       

A/N – ta da!! Yes, Gohan is right, and they are keeping who is going a secret, but how bad can it be? Unfortunately for Gohan, and all the other little kiddies that attend O.S. high, it can be (and will be) very, very  bad.   Please Review!!!