Career Day

By: Sapphire Eyes

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Videl scowled, her hands balled into fists, she prepared to turn a corner.

And people wondered why she acted anti-social...


Still scowling, Gohan sharply turned a corner.

And people wondered why he acted anti-social…



Videl looked up at the ceiling, feeling a little dizzy. She was lying down, staring up at two fuzzy, but seemingly concerned faces. Groaning, she tried to remember what happened. She was in the bathroom… then she was angry… she turned a corner… then she…it all went black. What did she do? She squinted and scrunched up her nose in concentration. She… she… she ran into somebody! That must be it. But who'd she run into?

She turned her head to the side, only to find herself staring into long black hair.  So it was a girl she ran in to; that made sense, seeing as how they were near the girl's bathroom. Her neck ached as she twisted her head again. The person didn't seem to be moving – if she was feeling as much pain as Videl was, it was no wonder. Her whole body was hurting, as if she'd been on a stretcher and grown a foot because of it. Pain lanced up and down her as she continued to try get a grip on all that was around her. And through all this, she was confused - all this pain just from a little fall? She'd had worse.

With all this going on in her brain, she almost forgot the two people standing above her. Her eyesight was back in focus, so she was able to distinguish who it was. It was Gohan's little brother, and his friend, what were their names again?

Her throat was sore and dry, so it took her a few seconds to speak. She hoped she got the names right. "Ugh… Goten? Trunks-" She stopped short. When she spoke, it wasn't her voice. It was really deep – well, deeper. It was the same pitch as Gohan's… it actually sounded *like* Gohan's.

That definitely wasn't good.

Goten was confused. Goten was *really* confused. As in more so than usual. His seemingly simple plan wasn't going as he'd expected. Now he didn't know what to think, let alone *do.*

He and Trunks had snuck off around the 6th chapter to go do some mischief making… just following the yellow brick road to Bulma's top-secret lab. It was the usual routine.

Step #1: Pick something up.

Step #2: Guess what it does

Step #3: Pick a victim.

Step #4: Try it out.

What had gone wrong?


They'd been through their share of shrink rays, hologram simulators, and other beam-me-up-Captain type of gismos that were absolutely *perfect* for pranks. (The hologram simulator was a particular favorite of Goten's, which once trapped Yamcha into thinking that Bulma had broken up with Vegeta and come back to him. Lets just the outcome was hilarious: wife's ex-boyfriend + wife = 1 *extremely* pissed off Saiyan husband. But that's a whole other tale…Let us get back to the story at hand…)

But today was different. They found… Project 5002. What did it do? Where did it come from? How does it work?

They had no idea, but they name was so cool it just had to be the most awesomest of all awesome thingamabobs.

Project 5002 wasn't a huge, intimidating invention; it was a simple, chrome gun-shaped object, with a small touch-pad computer screen on its flat handle. If it weren't for the lack of a trigger, and the addition of the screen, it would have been impossible to distinguish from a very shiny gun. [1] The touch pad screen read in numbers and random computer codes, but it was just distinguishable enough for Trunks to decipher how to use it. He absolutely *couldn't* wait.

And of course, today also being one of the best days to torture Gohan *ever* - there was no doubt who was going to be Project 5002's next target. 'Son Gohan, we are Son Goten and Trunks Briefs, all our lives we have searched for the perfect mischief machine. You have killed our fun in the past, prepare to die!'[2]


[1] – Think 'Men in Black' type gun. No – not the Little Cricket! A medium-sized one.

[2] – Princess Bride – 'Hello. My name is Anega Montoya. (?) All my life I've searched for the 6 fingered man. You killed my father, prepare to die!'

Back to the Present

Goten wanted to cry. His mind was telling him that it was a babyish thing to do, and Saiyan's are definitely *not* babyish. But his body was not complying, and without warning, he felt his lips quivering and his vision blurred with uninvited tears.

He had done such a great mischief-making thing! But… what did he exactly *do*! It had been over 10 minutes, and the only thing his brother had done was groan and move his head. At least he was… alive. Small tears poured down his cheeks. He felt really really really mystified. He wanted to *know* what he *did*!

It just wasn't fair!!!!!

A small sob stopped dead in his throat, as Gohan opened his eyes and stared straight up at them. "Ugh… Goten? Trunks-"

Goten looked expectantly down at Gohan, but was not rewarded. Gohan was looking back up at him, but at the same time was not looking at him. His eyes had a certain unfocused expression to them that told Gohan he was deep in thought, and not really looking at him.

"Yesssss….?" Trunks was just as eager as Goten, and voiced both of their thoughts. "Gohan… Gohan? Are you *there* Gohan?"  

'Gohan' seemed to snap out of it, and looked up at Trunks with the most confused expressions.

"Umm… Trunks, right? I'm *not* Gohan. I'm Videl. Are you sure you're not the one that hit your head." Goten sat up in surprise, blinking rapidly in confusion. Trunks blinked as well, but being the quicker of the two, he put the pieces of the puzzle together, and laughed out loud.



Goten looked quizzically up at his friend. He understood something good had happened, but he just couldn't figure it out! "Truuuuuunks…" he whined "Trunks, what happened?"

"Look…hahaha… look at who 'Gohan'," he put extra emphasis on Gohan's name, just for kicks, "ran into…. Hahahahahahah!"

Goten did as his friend told, and scrambled over to crouch over the person that was the answer to his problems. He found himself leaning over someone quite familiar…oh. Goten began to laugh almost the second he saw the face, for he recognized it to be none other than…


Gohan was not going to move. He knew something was wrong when he ran into someone and it actually knocked *him* down. But after spending a few seconds of trying to regain feeling in his fingers, he definitely knew something was wrong.

He could just barely hear someone talking over the ringing in his ears, and he had yet to open his eyes. He had had one to many experiences with pain to have any inclination towards wanting to open his eyes, in case he had happened to end up in a bad situation, which was usually the case.

But the voices grew louder, and became more clear, enough that he could recognize laughter. He let out a breath of relief – the laughs even seemed familiar. Cautiously, he opened his eyes, only to be greeted by the giant visage of his brother's face, which seemed to be the source of the laughter, or at least some of it.

What really irked him was that he couldn't feel his brother's ki…in fact; he couldn't feel anyone's ki. It felt so odd, not to be able to feel ki. It was comparable to walking around in with no clothes on… being naked. [3] Without being able to read ki, he felt… blind.

But, if everything was normal, why couldn't he feel ki? And why in the *hell* was his brother laughing so hard!? The questions buzzing through his mind made his head hurt, just adding to awkward, numb sensation throughout his body.

Slowly lifting himself up to a seating position, he couldn't help but notice, despite the lack of feeling in his body, that it somehow felt different – squished. He also felt a little top heavy, like he was wearing weighted clothing.

All this time he had been staring up, or straight ahead at his brother. He had a horrible feeling that something wasn't right. He felt to… weird for anything to be normal. So now, he took the time, slowly moving his head to look at himself.

Goten watched 'Gohan' very carefully, even while he was still busy laughing his head off. 'Gohan' had been looking everywhere but at 'him'self, and Goten was just waiting for the moment when he would look down. Goten was having laughs with laughs.

Finally, the moment arrived, when Gohan's formerly-befuddled expression cleared, and he began to look down.

'Duh Duh Duh!' Goten thought, and he laughed even harder.

Time seemed to slow down, as Gohan's view descended.

He saw 'his' shoes… Why was he wearing somebody else's shoes?

He took in 'his' legs, which were splayed out in front of him…Okay, those definitely *weren't* his legs. They were slim, shaved, and sexy… these *couldn't* be his legs!

He looked at 'his' lap… it was so small! What was going on…!? Was he wearing *Videl's* clothes?  Waaaah?

He began to look at 'his' chest, but there was something in the way…

"Oh my *kami*…! I have… BOOBS!"

[3] – Well, no duh; one of my more intelligent statements, thank-you-very-much.  Kinda like Bush's statement, 'Over half of our imports come from foreign country's!'

A/N – Ooooooh; Cliffie. Well, kinda. It's a good-sized chapter, but doesn't really get anywhere. Next chapter will move much faster, I promise.

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