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This is set after the events of Day of the Moon, after Amy is kidnapped by the Silence, and we hear her proclaim her love for someone. But, is it Rory, or the Doctor?

The events after DOTM haven't taken place yet, nor the kiss between River Song and the Doctor!

Unfortunately I do not own any of the characters! (If I did, Rory would have died, and Amy And the Doctor would be married or at LEAST dating!

The moment that Amy realises that we heard everything she said during her time with the Silence is nothing else but uncomfortable. She looks irritated, but also guilty, which gives me hope that she was talking about me. "So?" Rory asks, "Who were you talking about? Me or him?" He jabs his finger in my general direction with a scowl. Amy hesitates, and I urge her in my mind to say what would make 907, mostly lonely years, worthwhile.

"Of course I was talking about you, Rory!" She gives a nervous laugh, and Rory grins, looking like a cat that had got the cream. I manage a smile as I feel my two hearts sink. Of course she loves the man who waited two thousand years for her, who she married! Not some Time Lord from the back of beyond! But what of all the times we shared? The kiss that I pretended I didn't want, and had to fight myself from kissing her back? The countless times we have saved each other life? What about the times when Rory wasn't around, and we travelled the world, the mad man with his box, and the Scots girl who was the reason I kept going? Did that mean nothing to her?

"Right you two, off to bed! I have some things to do." I say, with the fake smile still plastered on my face. Rory looks apologetically towards me, which I wave off, before they start to leave. I faintly hear Amy whisper something to him, and I pretend to fiddle with a lever that I didn't even know what it did.

I look up to see her watching me with those sad green eyes. Every fibre of my being wanted to say those three little words to her, but the thought of her and Rory made me stop. They were happy together, I couldn't ruin that! "You should go to bed, Pond, we've got lots more planets to see, people to meet, worlds to save." I give her the first genuine smile of the day, and she laughs, but doesn't move. Feeling useless, I pull the lever, which results in a crash somewhere in the TARDIS. "That will probably be the library." I murmur to myself, keeping a mental note to keep away from that lever.

"Doctor?" I hear Amy whisper. I turn, to see tears threatening to spill over her eyes. I sit down beside her, and she rests her head on my shoulder.

"What's wrong, Amelia?" I whisper, wiping the tears with the cuff of my jacket. A faint smile flickers momentarily across her face at my use of her full name.

"...I lied, Doctor. My whole marriage to Rory was one big lie! I..stood at that altar, making my vows, but...all I could think about was that something, or someone was missing. And, that person was you." She faces me, to see my reaction. I try to conceal my grin, but she must see it, because she starts laughing. "It was you I was calling out for. I can't bear the thought of leaving, and never seeing you again." She whispers.

I sigh, and think of what to do. Confess to her, that since the night I returned for her, everything changed? My whole life turned upside down? "I'm a Time Lord, Amy. ..Falling in love isn't good for me. Especially with you." She looks confused and hurt, and starts to move, but I stop her, before continuing, "A lot of people hate me, Amy, and they could use you as an advantage to get to me, kill me even. ...I don't know if I could put your life at risk."

She tries to speak, but I jump to my feet, and begin pacing. "This wasn't supposed to happen!" I groan, hitting my head. "All this love stuff!" I turn to face her, feeling immensley guilty. "Amy...mad, impossible human, Amy!"

"Mad, impossible Doctor." She whispers, standing up, and forcing me to look at her.

"I could kill you Amy." I say hopelessly.

She rolls her eyes, and smiles gently at me. "What is with men? I can take care of myself Doctor." I nod, and I can tell we are both thinking the same thing. Rory.

"What about Rory?" I ask, keeping my voice low. She sighs, and looks at me with a look of pure sadness.

"I do love him...but I love you infinitely more." She responds. I can't help an ear to ear cheeky grin coming to my face, as I lean across and our lips touch briefly. I can't help a thrill of excitement rush through me, as what I hoped for came true. We pull apart, and both grinning, start to laugh.

"Well it looks as if that's a problem then." I look up, in absolute horror, the smile wiped off my face, as I see Rory standing there, holding the small chip in a clenched fist.