The Doctor and Amy, after much discussion, decided that the best way to ensure that the Doctor could still perform his Time Lord duties, and the kids were looked after, was that he and Amy would look after them during the day, and at night, he would go out on his adventures, mostly solo now. However, a few times a week, some of their friends would ring the Tardis, like Sarah Jane, who was Nate's godmother, and Jack, who was his godfather and baby-sit the twins, allowing Amy to join the Doctor in his adventures. Alyssa's godparents were River and Luke, who frequently baby-sitted as well.

When Nate and Alyssa turned 16, the Doctor finally relented and allowed them to join him and Amy in an adventure, involving a few Slitheen, and a few close calls.

When the twins were 20, the Doctor took the small family to meet King Arthur, an old friend of his. However, the Doctor and Nate had previously practiced sword-fighting, and after Nate was 16 and managed to defeat Captain Jack Sparrow (A tale that the Doctor refuses to mention, because all his life he had tried to defeat him, but failed until he was well over a hundred), the Doctor thought he would be good enough to try his lot against Arthur.

Nate won.

He was offered a position as a Knight of Camelot and of the Round Table, Arthur deciding to overlook the noble blood that was accustomed to the role of knighthood. With a quick look at his two parents, he agreed, and at the ceremony, was asked what kingdom he wanted to be named after. After glancing at his father, he suddenly grinned and said, "Gallifrey."

Nate Pond became Sir Nathaniel of Gallifrey, but to his friends and family, he was still Nate.

Alyssa decided, after much deliberation, that she wanted to be a real Doctor, which was a source of great amusement to Amy. Alyssa studied Medicine in Glasgow University in 2056, which the Doctor claimed was the best year for Scotland, and sure enough, on May 23rd 2056, Alyssa Pond graduated with a pHD in Medicine, top of her class. The Doctor still refuses to call her Doctor Alyssa Pond.

Alyssa then visited the Victorian Era with her family, and met a gentleman called William, who she fell in love with. She lives with him now, and he knows about the Time Lords, and her parents. He is also the youngest member of Parliament at only 24, and instantly fell in love with the fiery-head girl. Alyssa now gives medical attention to the poor who can't afford a Doctor.

For their 21st Birthdays, when the Doctor took them to see their grandparents, Amy and the Doctor gave them each a Vortex Manipulator, so the twins could visit each other.

The twins bickered like River and their Father when they were teens, but came to love each other, and visit each other every other day.

At least three times a week, Amy and the Doctor take their now-grown up kids on an adventure.

Nate and Alyssa noticed that when they turned 25, they stopped aging, and when Nate's finger was cut off in a sword-fight against the evil Nardon, instead of regenerating, only his finger regenerated.

Amy claimed that Nate had gotten everything good off of his father, and everyone who visited the small family agreed that Nate was the young version of his father. He had his eyes, hair, jawline, and his humour and need to help anyone in trouble.

The Doctor claimed that Alyssa had gotten every good off her mother, she had her Scottish passion and playfullness, her fiery hair and attitude, and her good heart.

River finally completed her sentence at Stormcage (Well, with some assistance from Doctor James Polar, who was StormCage's Manager's Assistant, also known as Physic Paper...) and is now travelling solo through the galaxy, though she frequently visits her brother and family.

"So things worked out then?"

I look up from my writing to see Amy standing in front of me, smiling. She still had the same face and personality from the same day I told her I loved her. I stand, and close the journal. "You tell me." I whisper, and kiss her, with the same passion I feel every time I look at her.

"I think everything ended happily." She says simply, but cheerfully.

"Your my happy ending. Plus, it's the end of one story, and the beginning of another." I say, and she giggles and I pull her in for one of another of an infinity of kisses.

The End.

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