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No more entries. The book is dead. But to one person it's not, that person was the rescue worker who came to find the survivors. His team had been assigned this area and he had been the first to find the girl among four newly dug graves. This diary was in her hands and a gun was beside her. There was no doubt she had shot herself. There were so many pieces of evidence. The empty shell, the bullet wound through the girls head, the ground around her stained crimson. I picked up the diary and read the last entry.

It read:

'If anyone finds this diary, please read through and find our names. I was the last survivor out of my group. My name is Haley Anne McLenn. The date today is October 11, 2016. Goodbye lovely world, hold this as my last request.'

Today is October 13. Just two days after the girl had shot herself. If only we hadn't stayed in the previous area as long as we did. We would've been on time. And we could've saved this poor girls life. But the end has come for her and her friends. As I slip the diary into my coat I lift the girl's hands and cross them across her chest gently. I then stand and turn away from the girl, I never look back at them again. Why would I? Katrina never wanted me in her group. That's why I left. Sylar Jakobson, the only kid to survive out of the group had made it. All on his own. And now the memory of his 'friends' would never live on. No one would ever see the diary again. Not until the day he died.

hey everyone, sorry for the long wait and the horrible last three chapters. But I finished it none the less. I really didn't mean for it to turn out so short, but I hope it satisfies everything. It feels very good to finally finish a long story (I never have) and if you would, please comment ^_^ thanks for reading everyone