Karin-Chii: Hello guys! This is Karin-Chii writing her second story! I looked through many stories from the section "Absolute Boyfriend", but to my disappointment, many of them weren't about Riiko Izawa, Night Tenjo, or Soushi Asamoto. (tears) I know many of you, like me, wants to read something about them. Therefore, I decided to make a story continuing Absolute Boyfriend! (cheers!) To start off, for those who haven't read the manga, here's a short summary I got off of wiki!

Wikipedia: Riiko Izawa has never had a boyfriend and she has been rejected by every boy she has ever had a crush on. When she returns a lost cell phone to an oddly dressed salesman, she mentions wanting a boyfriend. To thank her, he directs her to his company's website, Kronos Heaven. When she visits the site, Riiko finds it's a site to create your perfect lover. Thinking it's a game, she customizes and accidentally orders one. The next day, her new lover arrives. Following the instruction manual, she kisses him to wake him up and configures him to be in love with only her. She names him "Night." Three days later, she is shocked to learn that she only had him for a free trial for 72 hours. The salesman, Gaku Namikiri, tells her that she must now pay 100,000,000 yen for Night, however, they will waive the fee if she helps them to collect data about how women think and feel to help perfect future models.
Riiko must now keep Night's true nature a secret from everyone around her. She also soon finds herself in a love triangle between Night and her childhood friend Soshi, who declares his love for her out of fear he will lose her. As the series progresses, Night begins to develop real human emotions, enabling him to truly love Riiko but also resulting in system malfunctions. When Riiko almost loses Night due to the malfunctions, she realizes that he is the one she really loves. She apologizes to Soshi, who moves to Spain with his brother to live with their dad. Night and Riiko spend a few happy weeks together, during which they go on dates, get their picture taken together, and purchase matching rings as symbols of their undying love.
As the series ends, Night begins to grow sleepier and sleepier. The problems developed by him exceeding his abilities eventually causes his machinery to stop working, resulting in his "death". Before he died, he wrote a letter directed to Soshi telling him what was happening and asking him to take care of Riiko. He also sends his ring, which Riiko noticed he has not been wearing immediately prior to his death. In the letter he tells Riiko that she doesn't have to cry for him any more. Riiko then smiles through her tears and forever treasures the ring, picture and her memories of Night - her first love, and eternal boyfriend.

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( )

It's been exactly 10 years since I last saw Night. I remember that day, he handed our relationship to Soushi, believing that I would be better off with Soushi than waiting for him to return. Sometimes I would tell myself that it's already far enough to fall in love with a robot, and that I should be happy with Soushi right now. But deep down inside, I know I am not fine with just Soushi, I need him back in my life. Night Tenjo, that idiot who fell into "deep, deep sleep" without even telling me.

I am Riiko Izawa, currently 26, I been in relationship with Soushi Asamoto for exactly 10 years, and it has also been 10 years since Night Tenjo's "deep sleep". So many things had happened since 10 years ago that I didn't know how to accept all those changes. My grades became the highest of the whole school, was accepted to the number one college in Tokyo, Japan. And now planning to head into the career of doctor, studying, hoping to find a way to save Night. I had never given up hopes of him waking up one day, nor am I giving up hopes of fixing him. I know one day with the technologies we have, we will be able to fix any robots.

Of course, Soushi had asked me many times about marriage, though I know that I'm already at the age of getting married. I wasn't sure if I should marry Soushi. Even though we been in a relationship for 10 years, and he's been chasing after me for countless years, deep down I'm still waiting for Night's awakening. Thinking that one day he will just wake up and ask me to marry him.

I denied many of Soushi's proposal, no matter how fancy or sweet it is. Sometimes my friends said I was stupid. A smart, gentle, generous, cute-looking, understanding, kind guy like him, why would anyone deny his proposal. And for sure if I tell them that I am waiting for a robot to come back alive, they would think I'm a going crazy.

11 P.M, as normal, Soushi would call me to check up on me, and talk to me.


"Hey Riiko,"

"Hi Soushi,"

"So how's your day Riiko hon'?"

"It's okay I guess, how about you?"

"Oh, it's okay too. I miss you a lot though during work."

"You should head to sleep early today then, talk to me tomorrow?"

"Nahh, its fine, even though work is sure hard, but then thinking about you tends to keep me off of the tiredness"

"Ahaha, but seriously, I don't want you to get too worked up each day just because of me."

"It's alright, I just wish that you wouldn't move that far just to go to college."

"I have to, they have the best medical technology here, and…."

"I know, its about him right?"

"Mmhm, sorry Soushi, I didn't mean to…."

"Its fine, I'm completely alright with it, I know that you still haven't got over him yet, and although we're already together, I will still wait for you, kay?"

"Thanks Soushi,"

"No problem, anything for you."

"Soushi," I paused,


"have you ever regretted…." I began to feel bad for him as I spoke out again, trying to put the words together, "..being my boyfriend?"

"No, why should I?"

"I mean I never really said the words like 'I love you' or anything similar to that."

Soushi laughed a bit, "Heh, silly girl, I would never regret being with you or waiting for you. I think that's just a part of life, waiting for someone you love to decide to love you back."

( )

As I walked down the hallway of the crowded school, I spotted Jenne, my best friend who's planning to become a doctor just like me.

"Hey Jenne!"

"Oh hi Riiko! What you doing here so early?"

"Oh, I wanted to check out the technology lab as usual, and you?"

"Oh, I was just walking Kyo to his class."

"Aww, how cute."

"Be…be quite…we're just friends!"

"I see that friends apparently walk each other to classes this early in the morning."

"Fine….I kinda sorta like him…"

"How long ago did this began?"

"Well, I met him while I was heading to the parking lot, and I guess while going down the elevator something sparkled."

"Planning to confess then?"

"Ahahaha, I don't know yet, maybe when I am ready…how about you huh? When are you going to accept Soushi's confession?"

"I….I'm not sure.."

"Its already been 10 years since you guys are together! Com'on Riiko! Get yourself together and accept his proposal already!"

"Maybe, I will think about it, anyways I needa go before my first class starts! I really wanna hang in the technology lab for a while before heading to class."

"Yes ma'm! See you around then Riiko. Remember about lunch today!"

"Kay, bye!" I dashed down the hallway. Suddenly, as I turned, I accidentally bumped into someone and fell, dropping all my textbook and folders everywhere.

"I'm so sorry!" I quickly bend down and begin picking up the stuff I dropped.

"It's alright, here let me help" he began picking up books.

"No, its okay, I got it." I looked up and there it was, those blonde hair with black highlights. I froze right there, couldn't believe my eyes. Was I seeing things? Those blue eyes, those lips, they were the exact same thing. He finished picking up the rest and helped me got up. I couldn't stop glancing at him, it's just that they share too much resemblance that I can't bear to resist him.

"Here's your books." As he handed me the books and got me back to reality.

"Thanks," I took the book and looked at him again, "Hi, my name is Riiko."

"Oh uh, my name is Night, nice to meet you."

Night. That name struck me. I froze right there and then, couldn't blink for even a second, nor could I take my eyes off of him. Was it really him? Did he wake up for that deep sleep?

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