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Chapter 1.

An angry sigh filled the air of an otherwise silent library. Hermione, Ron and Harry were sat in front of a large log fire which warmed their skin, a welcome feeling on such a bitter winter's eve. The boys were sprawled across a plush red sofa, whilst Hermione was nestled into a single armchair that seemed to engulf her. She was attempting to help Harry and Ron write a charms essay which was due in the next morning. One which they should have began weeks ago. It was getting late, and Hermione's eyes were beginning to feel heavy and she was becoming agitated with the boy's lack of understanding. " Ronald! Honestly, I must have explained this to you ten times now! Are you even paying attention to me?" He gave her a cheeky grin as she rolled her eyes and began once more to explain the concept of an ancient charms theory on levitation. Harry could only smile at the back and forth between the pair, it seemed obvious to him that they were meant to be.

A distant chime was heard, it was midnight and they trio decided it was a good idea to return to their dorm before their house was deducted points. They bade their goodnights and went up their separate staircases to their rooms. Hermione had her own room, one of the perks of being a prefect, while Harry and Ron still shared the traditional circular room with several other of the adolescent boys of Gryffindor. Hermione was quick to peel off her uniform, which stuck to her skin from the heat in the library. The cool air was welcome on her bare skin, she relished it whilst removing the band which had kept her hair in a tight ponytail for the day. Her long locks fell down past her shoulders, not as bad as the days in her first year, some of the bushiness was still evident, but only enough to exaggerate her curls that framed her face so well. She looked into her full length mirror, staring from her head down to her body, now clad in only a simple white bra and lace underwear. She thought herself far from perfect, she wished her stomach to be flatter and her legs to be longer. She was much too short for her liking at only 5"4'. Why would any man want her?

The following morning began early for Hermione, she had Double charms followed by another double lesson of Potions, which meant Snape. Hermione had over the years learnt to control her habit of telling Snape the right answer, it was futile and wasn't worth the house points lost over it. It was much better to simply keep her head down and get on with the work he set the class. She slid on clean underwear along with a fresh shirt and black pleated skirt, which came to two inches above her knees. Her bra was a deep black, and pressed against the thin white material of her shirt, this didn't matter as her long black robes covered up the flaws of her uniform, so no one was any the wiser. She brushed her honey curls until they sat neatly on her head and applied a small amount of perfume on her person before washing up and leaving for breakfast.

The Great Hall was busy with students and teachers alike, and Hermione struggled to see her friends, she saw a wave in her direction and a flash of bright Ginger hair, which could only belong to Ron. She smiled brightly as she strolled over in their direction, glad to see they had saved her a space on the otherwise busy table. Loud chatter filled the air, and absent mindedly she chewed on some buttered toast, while nodding at appropriate moments in the conversation. Her eyes were focused on the staff table, where she noted a rather tired looking Professor Snape. His eyes were darkened and there was evidence of stubble on his face. He looked worn, Dumbledore was obviously overworking him and it was beginning to show. She almost hoped the class was easy on him today, she expected that the last thing he needed was a class of unruly teenagers on top of everything. "Hermioneā€¦? 'Mione? We're gunna be late for charmsā€¦ Hello? Earth to Hermione!" She snapped out of her mind and realised that Harry was talking to her. "Oh, sorry Harry! I got sidetracked, we better get going.." The trio rose from their seats and exited the hall, along with many others, who were ready to begin the long day.

Charms class was fairly uneventful, the boys managed to hand in their essays, and Professor Flitwick began discussing their next topic to the class. Potions was next and the class trudged to the dungeons. Dreading the next two hours that they would be spending with the Potions master. The class took their various seats across the room waiting in silence for instructions. Snape said nothing to them, his eyes scanned the classroom , searching for someone he could deduct points from or give a detention to. He was in a terrible mood, he had been awake most of the night. The Dark Lord had summoned him at an ungodly hour and he was feeling weak from being the subject of several painful hexes. He said nothing to the sea of faces in front of him, but simply waved his wand in the direction of the board, where a set of instructions appeared for brewing a Draught of Peace, which was necessary for their OWLS. The class immediately set to work, and Snape sat at his desk, staring at the third year's papers which lay in a neat pile on his desk. He willed them away and felt a headache making it's presence known. He looked across the classroom and began to feel the heat of the many couldrens in the room. This particular potion required a high heat throughout the process, which many of the students were not accustomed to, including miss Granger. He noticed her take off the heavy winter robes of her uniform, revealing her white blouse and reasonably short skirt. He noticed her bra through her shirt, and felt a slight tighten of his trousers as his eyes wondered across the rest of her now well formed figure. He quickly shook his mind free of the inappropriate thoughts. Realising it had obviously been a while since he had had a good fuck. He couldn't start fantasizing over students. That was just not done, he wasn't some dirty old man for Christ sake.

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