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Chapter 2:

Hermione wiped her palm across her forehead, removing some of the sticky sweat that had formed there. The Dungeon classroom was unusually hot due to the heat that this particular potion required, Even with her winter robes removed, Hermione could feel her face becoming red from the heat and was becoming more and more aware of how her thin shirt was sticking to her curvy figure. She regretted wearing a black bra today of all days, her shirt was now practically see through, and she was sure that she noticed more than one of the male members of the class glancing over at her. She couldn't wait to get out of there and take a shower. Her potion was nearly complete, it just needed to boil for a further two minutes and then she needed to stir it counter clock-wise four times. So far, she had done everything flawlessly and the potion was the perfect shade of blue. She turned away momentarily to check her notes, not noticing Lavender dropping in an extra piece of Hellebore, that would teach her for stealing away Ron's attention. The potion suddenly changed to a violent shade of red and the cauldron began to crack. It took Hermione a moment to realise what was going on, and by that time the potion had began to leak out onto the floor. Many of the students began to scream as they watched the potion melt through some of the desk legs in the classroom.

Professor Snape had started grading the third years essays. He had only just finished Eric Jenson's essay and quite frankly it was terrible. Did he just pull this information out of his ass? He sighed and knew he was probably going to need more red ink for marking theses essays. He was just about to start reading the next when he heard several shrill screams from across his classroom. He looked up and readied himself to punish the dunderheads in front of him when he noticed one of the student's potions sliding across the length of the floor, and judging by the shade of the potion it was extremely corrosive. " EVERYONE OUT, I WANT YOU ALL TO REMAIN OUTSIDE OF MY CLASSROOM." Snape shouted, he didn't need to ask twice as all the students immediately poured out of the room and within seconds the classroom was empty again. With a flick of his wand the room was clear of the dangerous substance and Snape was rather curious as to who had caused such a mess. It couldn't possibly be Long bottom, he wasn't in this class. He wandered over to the cracked cauldron and saw what looked to be Miss Granger's notes. Curious, as much as he didn't like to admit it, she was normally a perfect student. He suspected foul play, but couldn't miss an opportunity to put the know-it-all in her place. He walked to the door and glanced over at the students who were now huddled into their individual friendship groups. "Miss Granger!" Snape called in a livid tone. She snapped her head around, her face a mixture of worry and shock. "You will be serving detentions with me tonight at 8." With that he turned and slammed the door. The students took that as an opportunity to flee back to their separate dorms, and the Dungeons were silent once more.

Hermione wandered back up to her room, she was in total confusion. Her potion was perfect, all she had done was check her notes briefly and suddenly everything had gone wrong. It was done now, and she had a detention with the greasy bat of the dungeon. She looked at the small clock that hung on the wall in her room, it was only 4 o' clock she still had plenty of time 'til her detention. She pulled off her uniform, followed by her underwear and walked into her bathroom. She stepped into the shower and turned one of the knobs attached to the wall. She welcomed the warm water falling against her skin, washing away the grime and sweat from being in the dungeon for so long. She allowed the water to just fall down onto her body for a few more moments, raising her hands up to her hair to run her fingers through her long wet curls. She grabbed a bottle of shampoo and poured some onto her palm before working it into her hair, piling the curls onto her head and rubbing the shampoo in further. She let her head lean back into the full power of the water and let the suds run down her naked frame. She carried on her shower by conditioning her hair and then washing her body. Once she was done, she turned off the water and a few solitary drops dripped from the faucet onto the top of her head. She reached for the large fluffy towel that hung over the top of the shower door and pulled it around her small frame. She stepped out and cast a quick drying spell on her body and her. She felt the sudden chill that hung around the room hit her skin and saw goose pimples spread across her body. She shivered and quickly walked over to her wardrobe to pull out some muggle clothes: A denim skirt and low v-neck sweater that hugged her body. She adorned her winter robes once more and walked down to the great hall with food in mind.

She walked into the hall, immediately spotting her group of friends this time. She walked over and sat down, filling her plate with food. She noticed Lavender attempting to drape her arms around Ron's neck, and how Ron seemed to be staring at her rather than Lavender. She felt a slight blush creep up onto her cheeks as Rom slowly stared her up and down. Hermione felt uncomfortable to say the least, she had no interest in Ron romantically. He was her friend and her adopted brother, and that was all he ever would be to her. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw him start to talk to Harry, and glanced around the large room. Snape was looking at her. Not just a glance, a full stare, it felt as if he was looking into her soul and she quickly broke eye contact with him. "What was that about…?" She mumbled to herself, it was unusual for Snape to do anything but eat his meal quickly and leave the room. It seemed as if he was lingering though, and she felt his eyes on her more often than should be considered normal. She mentally questioned what was going to happen in her detention, Snape wasn't being his usual self, that was for sure.

Snape was sat eating his meal, and intended to get out of the busy room as quickly as possible before Dumbledore could engage him in some ridiculous conversation or coax him to join him for tea in him rooms. He quickly looked over the expanse of the magnificent room and stopped when he reached the Gryffindor table. He saw Granger sit in her seat and the Weasley oaf stare at her like she was a piece of meat. Snape had to restrain himself from letting out a laugh, Weasley would never obtain someone like Hermione Granger. She had certainly grown into a beautiful woman since her first year at the school, Weasley wouldn't even know what to do with a woman like her. He felt a smirk tug at his lips as he thought of a dog chasing a car. Weasley being the retched mutt of course. He suddenly realised his was staring, and had been for quite a while. He mentally scolded himself as he noticed Granger looking up at him, she had obviously seen him staring, and saw a confused look appear on her face before she turned away again. He was unhappy with himself, and he left the rest of the meal on his plate and stormed out of the room in quite a dramatic fashion. He was certain that this would make the upcoming detention rather awkward.