AH HAHA! I'M EXCITED! I'M GONNA DO THE 100 THEMES CHALLENGE! I started writing this on my first day of summer break and I'm gonna get every single theme done by the end of summer for me! And at the same time I'm gonna work on some short stories too. Right now I'm still working on "Road to the Rockies" but when I'm done with that I'm gonna start on a story where Carlos gets sick and the others have to take care of him. Those stories are so cute I just have to do it!

Theme 1: Introduction

Friendship is like a puzzle, an extremely complicated puzzle. You need all the right pieces in all the right places, you have to keep the pieces together to keep the picture, and if you lose a piece then you'll never be able to put the puzzle together again unless you find it. Kendall Knight, James Diamond, Carlos Garcia, and Logan Mitchel were each a little puzzle piece in a lifelong friendship. They kept each other grounded through thick and thin. No matter what happened they stuck together, even though at times it seemed like their friendship would end forever.

James was the oldest good looking one. He was the one who would constantly be dating some random girl he met somewhere and was totally full of himself and wanted so badly to be famous. He put most of his energy and concern in how he looked and the girls he went out with, but he never put anything before his friends. If one of his friends were sick in the hospital he'd drop everything and stay by his side. Or if he had to give up his lucky comb to save their lives he would. His friends were more important to him than his mirrors, hair sprays, clothes, colognes, and lucky comb put together. The others new that and loved him for it. Even though he could get annoying talking about how amazing he looked the others would let it go quickly.

Logan was the second oldest and the smartest and "back-up leader" if you will. He always longed to be a doctor. Ever since he was a little kid he practiced being a doctor on his friends. But sadly he had to put his doctor dreams aside when he went to L.A with his friends to become a band. The news about being a band was a big shock to him and the first night in California for him was hard. He wasn't ready to give up his dream but his friends came first. So even though it meant he couldn't go to medical school when he was out of high school he put it aside to make James's dreams come true.

Kendall Knight the second youngest and was the leader. He was by far the go-to-guy if you were stuck with a problem or if you just need someone to talk to. If the others got themselves into a tough situation Kendall would think of a scheme to fix everything. He was very successful when he schemed or when he played hockey. When he was on the ice playing hockey he felt like nothing was wrong in the world at all. That's why he was so good at it, well that and because he practiced only every day. Hockey was his coping device. He played when he needed to get something off his chest but he felt that since he was the leader that he should dump his problems on his friends so he went to the ice rink to figure things out. It was his way of life.

And then there's Carlos, the youngest. He seemed like a strong guy on the outside but on the inside he was very very sensitive. He always carried around his hockey helmet for security. He felt safe wearing it. He never went long periods of time without it on purpose otherwise he'd feel lost and confused. And when he misplaced his helmet after hours of searching he'd go up to his friends, in tears, and beg them to help him find it. The others never complained, they were willing to help him and Carlos was grateful for having them around.

The four of them had a strong friendship going on, but that didn't mean they still didn't fight. When they fought things got bad. Each of them was hard headed and when one of them just always had to be right. Or they'd blame each other if Gustavo threatened them. But in the end everything would go back to normal because they promised each other when they were little that they'd stick together forever no matter what happened.

A/N: I assume every one already knew that stuff but this is just the introduction and the first theme. The others are gonna be so much better I promise.