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Theme 93: Give Up

Logan huffed frustrated as he drew four more lines on a new piece of paper. James was making him play tic-tac-toe. Logan usually didn't mind playing a game or two every once in a while to pass time, but today James was being ridiculous. The two of them played fifty-eight games straight. It always ended in a tie or Logan winning. James wouldn't let Logan go until he won. Logan knew all he had to do was let James win, but James couldn't even win that way for crap's sake!

"Kill me now," Logan sighed as he placed an X in the middle of the tic-tac-toe board.

"Shush, I'm gonna win this time!" James exclaimed totally full of confidence. He put an O to the left of Logan's X and waited for Logan to draw another one. Logan rolled his eyes. This game was growing tedious.

After a few more moves Logan won. James slammed his pencil down on the table and ripped the notebook paper out of the journal for a new piece of paper. "Come on, let's go again!" he insisted.

"Why?!" Logan moaned.

"Because I can do this!" James shouted. Logan groaned and harshly put an X in the middle of the board again. James put an O beneath it. Then Logan made his move and tried his best to not snap his pencil in two. He wanted to give up and go do something else so bad. James would never let him though... but Logan had an idea.

Logan looked at James and saw how concentrated he was. Really, it didn't take that much effort to win tic-tac-toe.

"Hey, James," Logan said. James looked up at Logan curiously. "Maybe we should stop playing. Your hair is a mess."

"What?!" James screamed. He got up from the table and ran into the bathroom to check his hair. After the door closed to the bathroom Logan sprinted out of the apartment to head down to the pool. Yay, Freedom!

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