So, this chapter isn't written in a Dear Diary form. Why? Becuase it's from a different persons POV. You will find out at the end of this chapter. Many thanks to Laura for helping me come up with the idea for the chapter. You're amazing, Love you X33 And here's the chapter.. enjoy...

The door swung open hitting the door. The room contained a bed and a table and chair. The room had no colour whatsoever. Just plain white-ish grey colour. The figure in the doorway hadn't stepped into the dimly lit room yet. "Rise and shine, sweetheart.." he murmured darkly. Chuckling, the figure stepped into the room. He was pale and had a dark smile on his face. Korse. Slowly he walked closer to the bed and peeled the covers back, revealing a man with bright red hair. Party Poison. Where was he? How could I get to him?

The next bit was a blur. First Party sat up in his bed. Then Korse was straddling him and passionately kissing Party. Party kissed him back wrapping his arms around Korse. WHAT? Party? Why? How?

I felt a pain in my heart. Did I have feelings for Party?

I wanted to throw Korse off of Party. Scrap that, I wanted to be in Korse's position. I didn't want to see this, I wanted to run out the doors, but it felt as if my feet were glued to the floor. I could feel bile rising in my throat. I squeezed my eyes shut and covered my ears. Make it stop.. please.. make it stop.

When I opened my eyes again Party lay in Korse's arms his head resting against Korse's bare, pale chest. Korse held Party close and planted kisses on face. "I love you," Korse murmured. Party, rose and started kissing Korse again.

Suddenly, I was shocked back to reality. I was in the back of a van, which looked like the back of an ambulance. I was lying down wired up to some machines. "Sounded like you were having a nightmare," noted a girl dressed in a white dress with flame hair. I sighed with relief that it was just a dream and lay back down again. Jeez Fun Ghoul, get a hold of yourself.

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