the nerd and the magical friend!

intro:3 wished , 1 nerd , 1friendship

"i hate this life" . Thought jake as he wrote in his diary . He was classed as the "nerd" in school and he had no friends becasue of this reason , but all he liked was doing his maths as hhe was briliant at equations but as people became aware of this they maybe got a little jelouse and from jelouse became bullying. He had a dream of dating Brianna the schools greatest , most popular girl in the school who was a cheerleader but was also fantastic at every activity and lesson there was.
"so why isn't she classed as a nerd then?" Jake spoke to himself. He had only 1 job which he was happy about at first but when he got told what job it was ... his frown wasnt so happy, it was Brianna who decided this job which as she was convincing him that was the only reason he continued with his job."forgoodness sakes" moaned jake as he woken . It was the 1st day back to school after a full term break, and as he has no friends
he has nothing to look forward to apart from maths period 4.
"com'n jake a new day i'm sure it will be fun" said jakes mum Amanda , she didn't know that he got bullied in school in fact Jake to her that he was very popular at school and everybody loved him. Also not only that but he told her that he had a girlfriend that is called Brianna and she was on the cheerleading team, which he got right she was on the cheerleading team but they were not boyfriend and girlfriend in fact they were not even close. So jake got up at walked well when i say walked i ment dawdled , he then picked out his favourite outfit. A white checkerd shirt with red braces cliping onto his baje pants that started from just below his belly button and stoped just half way onto his ankle , just so you could see hits thick , clean white socks . He had black polished shoesso shiny you could see the reflection of your face which he disliked , he also had perfectly tied laces that came into a nice bow and small end that fixed on perfectly to his shoes. He then more uprightly walked over to his long mirror and looked deeply upon his face. Which he then sighed. Jake had a nice rounded shaped face with perfectly dotted freckles on his nose , he had brown thick hair and squared glasses. Jakes lips were rosy red and thin but the only thing ruining this look was his braces that most people called "train tracks". In a way he was really good looking nut he got doubted with the nerdet qualities he had. Off he went and walked to the bus stop an waited and waited ...