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Kurt was down on one knee, the typical "proposal" stance and it kind of made Blaine apprehensive. His boyfriend could come up with the craziest ideas sometimes and he never new what the next one might be.

"Blaine Warbler," Kurt spoke into the microphone, mimicking what he had said during his prom proposal. "Will you join Glee Club?" But as he said that last line, Kurt rolled onto his back and did this huge kick over his head, almost hitting the poor Warbler. Blaine was beyond surprised. He had been wanting to sing with the New Directions for a long time and even more since he sang at Prom, but he couldn't bring up the nerve to ask out right. He didn't want to seem too anxious in front of all these people though.

"I don't know, what do you guys think?" He turned to ask the audience. Of course he wanted to join, but he didn't want to seem too eager, so he left it up to fate. The fans screamed and clapped and he was hit with a wall of noise, everyone screaming 'YES!' at him.

"Kurt, I thought you'd never ask!" Oh, god...what made him say that out loud. The lights must be getting to him, and that uniform was unbearably hot when performing, but he never meant to say that. He just had to keep going, "I've always wanted to perform one of those show-stopping Broadway numbers!"

Kurt, who had remained on the ground in what Blaine thought of as a suggestive post, just looked up at him, and gave him that all to well known "Bitch, please" look.

"No, yeah, no." Kurt spoke, "those are mine. And when they're not mine, they're Rachels." Blaine knew all to well the love/hate relationship between Kurt and Rachel. They were eachothers only real competition and always wanted the solos. Rachel usually won out because of her never ending ambition and the fact that she was a girl.

"Thank you, Kurt!" Blaine heard come from somewhere up stage. Rachel was going to perform her show-stopping number, "Don't Rain on my Parade" so he and Kurt needed to get offstage. Blaine followed as Kurt headed for the understage area, still astounded that he had been asked to perform with New Directions. Lost in these thoughts, he was brought back to reality only when he reached backstage and "Congratulations" was shouted to him by the Glee club.

Blaine was speechless. He had never felt so welcomed in his life. Everyone gathered around him in a group hug,

"Okay everyone!" Kurt yelled over the noise, "We need to get him ready to perform!" There were squeals of delight from the girls, they had been waiting a while for this to finally happen. Quinn brought over a pile of clothes - orange pants, a bright blue polo, a light blue long sleeved button-down shirt, yellow socks and brown shoes.

"That will be your costume for your first two numbers. I know how much you like TinTin, so I figured this would be a cute way to show it!" Blaine just looked at his boyfriend in disbelief. Yeah, he mentioned TinTin and how he always wears his watch when he can, but he never would have figured Kurt would remember. He had no clue what he did to deserve someone so good. Suddenly, a sobering thought came to his mind.

"I don't know your choreography." He couldn't go on that stage and embarrass himself and New Directions like that. "I'm flattered that you want me with you, but I'd just get in the way."

"Oh, get real!" That was Mercedes. "I've seen you at every single one of our rehearsals. Once the Warblers are done, you stick around and wait for Kurt. You're eyes never leave him." At that, Blaine blushed. It was true. He had always stayed around, watching their rehearsals and thinking, maybe one day I'll get to be with them. And then, here he is, almost a part of it. "I know the performer in you, Blaine. You can't have watched something that many times and not pick up on it!"

"You probably dance it better than Finn, and he's actually been the one in rehearsals" Tina added.

"And I can show it to you really quickly after you change." That was Mike. Blaine looked at everyone in the room. They were all smiling at him, waiting for his final answer.

"Oh, alright!" he exclaimed, "but if I mess up and embarrass all of you, I'm not to blame!" Blaine hurried to the Warblers dressing room, entirely too eager to exchange his Dalton uniform for the TinTin-inspired one. Upon his arrival, Nick and Jeff ambushed him with a hug while the other Warblers hooted and hollered and congratulated him.

"How did you guys..." Blaine question was cut off, though, by Jeff.

"Dude, we were in on the whole thing!" Jeff just smiled and patted his Warbler brother on the back. "Kurt came to us to make sure it was okay from them to steal you for a few songs."

"We said we'd be honored to have you stolen, as long as you came back to us once in a while." Nick slung his arm around Blaine's shoulder. "This way, one of us might get a solo."

"Now everyone," David spoke up, "Blaine here needs to get changed and back out there." David made his way over to Blaine, "All of us Warblers are so proud of you. Knock 'em dead out there."

Blaine staggered through the performance. He knew most of what he had to do, but he was constantly running into other people. Also, he had a hard time keeping his eyes off Kurt. He had never seen a better overall performer and he was magic to watch. The energy on that stage, though. It was nothing like what he had with the Warblers. Everyone singing and dancing, not just harmonizing and swaying from side to side. He, and everyone in the club, was just living off the energy from the crowd as well. So much excitement. Blaine couldn't help but smile the entire time on stage. In the end, it didnt matter that he almost smacked right into Kurt, or that he almost twisted his ankle coming off the stair the wrong way, or that his moves weren't 100% correct. What mattered is that he felt so welcome up there with New Directions.



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