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Kurt was very playful, something Blaine loved about him. However, this fact coupled with the fact that Blaine was very professional, made a contest spring up between the two. Kurt had made it his mission to crack Blaine during their skits. After the first night, he knew what was coming, well, generally. They were given free reign over their dialog as long as they said the lines given them.

Well, two could play that game and so Blaine decided to play along. Plus, the audience loved it and he loved making the audience scream. Every performance, he found himself becoming more and more comfortable on stage and while he never forgot the audience (he couldn't, they were always so loud) he could focus on Kurt slip into his more playful demeanor that existed solely for Kurt.

The last two shows in London were some of the silliest that they had ever done and Blaine fell back on pervious shows he had been to keep from cracking.

Kurt decided they would play dress-up on stage. Dress-up. On Stage. In London. At the O2. But he played along, and even got swept up into it. Normally he didn't make to many comments on what he was doing, but Kurt was being too adorable and he just had to play along.

He got through the skit, wearing a beef eater hat and finding a very adorable Kurt wearing a cape and crown. He had never believed this would have happened, but then again, his boyfriend was full of surprises as well.

"Well, Mr. Full of Surprises," Blaine cornered Kurt once they were backstage, "have anything else up your sleeve?" Echoing the words that were said to him at the beginning of the tour, he couldn't but smile at his boyfriend.

"That's for me to know and you to find out" Kurt smirked. Of course he had more up his sleeve, this was Kurt we were talking about. Blaine just wished he knew what it was. Suddenly, Kurt bit his lips and his eyes darkened. "I have a proposition"

"Should I be scared?" Some of Kurt's ideas were good, some not so good, and he never knew what would come up next.

"I see how you admire everyone who does the safety dance," he began, "and I know how you begged Jeff to teach you the moves," Kurt was keeping his voice pointedly light, running his hands over his boyfriend.

"So, the proposition: you dance the safety dance, without messing up, and I let you watch me dance Single Ladies wearing this cape."

Blaien couldn't believe what he was hearing. He wanted so madly to do the Safety Dance, ever since he first saw it. He was extremely jealous of his fellow Warblers for being in it and had indeed nagged Jeff until he gave in and taught him. Every night, backstage, he secretly danced to it. Now was the perfect oportunity to stage crash.

Plus, he'd be able to see Kurt in the cape, with the unitard, and that vest, and those pants. It was really one of his favorite parts of the show. He never got jealous, Kurt loved him and would never leave him, so it was extremely amusing to see all the girls, and boys, swoon over his boyfriend in that number. Combining two wishes in one night, what the hell.

The part that would be the hardest is not messing up. Everything was so precise and since he really never practised with the group (okay, never practised) he was worried that there would be room for him. Doesn't matter, he thought to himself. He'd just keep close to Jeff.

After changing out of his school uniform that he was in for the first half of the show, Blaine waited in the wings. He had to wait until the second half of the song before he could crash the song without really messing it up.

The time came and he jumped out on stage. Adrenaline was pumping through his vains and he had to fight his laughter back. He needed to concentrate, the moves were fast and complicated. He kept up rather well, he thought. That is until the time when they all had to run around the wheel chair. This was the most dificult part seeing as there really wasn't a place for him.

Backing up, making sure he was facing the audience, he shouldered into Jeff and his momentum made him stumble backwards. Jeff tried to stop them, but he was so skinny, they just moved back together. This finally made Blaine laugh out loud and he through his arms up in defeat and almost doubled over with laughter. They sorted themselves out for the end of the song and once they were off stage, he grabbed onto his fellow Warbler to keep form collapsing on the floor in hysterics.

"You should have seent the look on your face when I showed up," the sentance was garbled with laughter, and Blaine had a hard time catching his breath.

"I can't believe you!" Blaine had become crazier since knowing Kurt, especially on the tour, "that's the last time I teach you to dance!" Jeff tried to sound indignant, but he was smiling and it ruined the entire effect.

"Well sir," Kurt had come over to the pair of them, "It seems you have held up your end of the deal." His voice held little emotion, yet Blaine knew that Kurt was actually really excited. Any excuse to dress up, especially as a royal, make his boyfriend ecstatic and dancing Single Ladies with a cape was most likely a dream of his.

The end of the show came and Kurt performed Single Ladies as the encore. He was beaming, absolutely glowing, wearing the red cape. The audience went crazy, espcially when he whipped it off. Once his boyfriend was in the safety of backstage, Blaine pinned him against the wall. Kurt was hot and sweaty, his face flushed with heat, and it just made Blaine want him more.

"I think some prize is in order," Blaine's voice was low, almost a growl, his eyes darkening as the seconds ticked by.

"Not here, Blaine!" Kurt was more open about how sexy he was, especially having to perform that dance everynight, but it didn't mean he was all that open to macking out with his boyfriend in the open.

"Here, now" it was definitely a growl now, and as Blaine pushed up agaisnt Kurt, he wanted to make sure his boyfriend knew how hard he was. This was something new for Blaine too, he was usually so dapper, but he couldn't behave himself tongiht.

"Blaine!" Kurt squeaked. Blaine's pants might hide his excitement well, but Kurt knew from a previous performance that his did not. He felt himself grow harder and was extremenly worried about how he was going to hide it.

Blaine smirked as he started to feel Kurt press up against his thigh.

"Want me to fix that?" There was a certain lear on his boyfriends face, a suggsetive look in his eyes. He looked at Blaine dumbfounded. Right here. Right in the open? Right where anyone could see them? People were bound to wonder where they were, wonder why they hadn't joined the rest of the group.

"You can't be serious" He looked around, trying to ignore his boyfriend and make his boner go away. But Blaine wasn't helping. He pressed their bodies closer together and Kurt involuntairly bucked into the friciton. His breathing hitched and Blaine let out a low chuckle.

Blaine didn't answer him. Instead he undid the buckle of Kurt's belt, slowly unbuttoning the pants, just staring into his eyes. Pulling the zipper slowly down, Blaine went to grab him but was stopped short.

"Fucking unitard," Kurt heard him whisper. This made things more difficult, but not impossible. Blaine released Kurt's length from his outfit, wrapping his hand lightly around the base. Kurt couldn't help but moan at the contact, his hips bucking forward once again as he leaned his head back against the wall.

Blaine chuckled at the responses his touch was elliciting from his boyfriend. Kurt watched as the shorter boy dropped to his knees and gasped as Blaine took him into his mouth. It was warm, and wet and wonderful and all he could think about was Blaine taking him deeper.

He listened to his boyfriend hum around him, and performing marvelous things with that tongue of his. Slowly, Blaine took more of him in, hallowing out his cheeks , driving Kurt insane.

"Blai...Blaine..." Kurt stammered. The warm coil in the pit of his stomach was growing and he wasn't going to last much longer. "I...I'm about..."

Kurt could feel Blaine smile around him and he just sucked harder. He came as his tip touched the back of Blaine's throat. He could feel his boyfriend swallow and when he finished, lick lightly before tucking him back into his unitard.

Kurt was still breathing heavily as Blaine returned his outfit to normal.

"That was..." he managed to breath out before Blaine cut him off with a kiss. It was strange, tasting the bitterness, tasting himself, but he found it somehwhat arousing. He kissed his boyfriend deeper, wanting to taste more of it, but Blaine pulled back, his lips parted in a smile.

"I think we might be missed," Blaine grinned and grabbed his hand, leading them off to the rest of the group.

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