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You Know Hibari Kyoya is Drunk When...

He starts being lovey-dovey with pineapples and start calling them 'Muku-tan'...

Yes, Mukuro Rokudo could still reminisce that day. The day when Hibari Kyoya, got drunk, on Tsunayoshi Sawada's birthday, all thanks to a certain boxing fanatic's challenge… There were many words to describe that day... but the best one word that could describe it... would be, 'epic'.

It was one sunny day when Tsuna celebrated his birthday. Ryohei, thinking that the extremeness wasn't enough, challenged Hibari, who surprisingly came, in a contest, a contest on who can hold their alcohol better. Hibari, being prideful and all, did not back down. So in the end they Ryohei won, but fell unconscious and Hibari... he was still away but was wobbling everywhere. They all tried assisting him but they all almost go tonfa'd in the end, fortunately, Hibari was drunk like heck, so he was not able to harm anybody. While wobbling, he happened to set sight on a pineapple. His cheeks flushed red and then an innocent smile escaped his lips, "Muku-tan~ I knew you would come~!" he squealed as he glomped the pineapple. Everyone sweat drop at the sight but Mukuro... his reaction was different. He was so flattered that Hibari was thinking about him to the point that he lured Hibari out of the party, with the pineapple, and gave him all the pleasure he wanted when they reached home.

Unfortunately for Mukuro, he got bitten to death by Hibari's tonfas at the moment Hibari regained self consciousness... but what the heck right? At least he discovered that deep down in Hibari's heart, he actually gives a damn about him~!


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