You Know Hibari Kyoya is Drunk When…

He is very seductive... (not that just looking at him doesn't seduces you XD)

Mukuro still couldn't forget the day Hibari and he had this huge argument about some stuffs which almost endangered their relationship... he couldn't forget it at all, not because it almost broke their relationship... but rather, he couldn't forget it because of the way the made up.

It was one rainy day when Mukuro and Hibari had their first serious argument and it was about Mukuro coming home late while smelling like a girl's perfume. Man, was Hibari mad at him that he got tonfa'd back to Kokuyo. While being tonfa'd to Kokuyo, Mukuro explained everything to Hibari. He told him that on his way back home, one of Chrome's friend was about to give birth (the person shall be left unnamed due to security purposes), and he couldn't help but to help out since he doesn't want Chrome to be all gloomy. The only reason why he smelled like perfume was because he was the one to carry the girl. Despite Mukuro's explanation, Hibari did not listen to him and continued tonfa'ing him back to Kokuyo.

When Hibari got back home, he received a call from Chrome saying that Mukuro was telling the truth and the unnamed girl said the same thing too. Much to Hibari's guilt, he called Mukuro and told him to come back. While waiting for Mukuro, Hibari thought that it would be just fair enough if he would do something for the poor illusionist who he left 50/50 on the grounds of Kokuyo. Knowing himself, he really couldn't do much and even if he wanted to cook for the pineapple boy, let's accept the fact that the awesome Hibari Kyoya cannot cook, well... he can... but if you eat his cooking... get ready to be sent to the hospital, and that wasn't really a good thing since his objective was to apologize to the mismatched eyed pineapple and NOT to end his lover's life. He let out a stressed sigh, he knew that Mukuro would forgive him... but still... he really wanted to do something for him... and that is the time when he saw the wine lying in the basket.

In Hibari's eyes, the wine was the answer to his problem. He knew how impossible (impossibly sexy) he could get whenever he takes some in. Without any hesitation, he opened the wine bottle and drank half of the content just like water. After doing that... nobody knew what happened but someone will...perhaps someone with the name of Rokudo Mukuro.

While standing in front of their apartment's door, Mukuro decided not to enter just yet. He decided to prepare for an explanation first and try to make it as convincing as possible since it might be the truth but Mukuro was one heck of a liar which is why there is a big possibility Hibari would not believe him. After coming up with something to say, Mukuro got his keys and opened the door. Much to his surprise, rather a tonfa flying towards his direction, it was Hibari, wearing a maid costume, flying towards him and is about to glomp him.

When Mukuro saw this, his jaw dropped and his eyes widened. Why in the world was Hibari wearing the maid costume he brought for him? He doesn't really know what to feel... except being turned on. While being in the state of shock, Hibari successfully glomped the war shocked illusionist. With burning red face and uke tear stains at the corner of his eyes, he sniffled and hugged Mukuro, "M...Muku-tan... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so violent... it's just that I was jealous... I love you so much -chuu..." with that, Hibari wrapped his legs around Mukuro's waist and pulled the door closed then he pressed against Mukuro a bit and started invading both the illusionist's mouth and pants as he slightly rubbed against him, soon, the illusionist was topped, but this didn't last for long... for not so long after that, the perverted pineapple regained his seme-ness and... took advantage of the opportunity because... just as much he didn't like seeing Chrome sad, he also didn't want to make his beloved Hibari wait... does he now~?


...Oh my gawsh... okay, Hibari is being so uke-ish and OOC... b...but he's drunk... so I guess it's okay... *falls on the ground* ... but if it's okay... why is my stomach flipping? O,O ... too much uke-ness... *tonfa'd* ... X _ X ... *revived by Mukuro because he wants it XD* Alright! Thank you very much for reading! Hope ya had fun reading! Hope ya stay tuned... and also... please take note that these are flashbacks from rare occasions and does not happen everyday. Hibari is not alcoholic (as far as I know) which is why it's impossible for all these happenings to happen for like one week straight or something like that! ... not unless Mukuro is making some sly moves... XD *trident'ed* Anyway, thanks for giving your support in this story and thanks for reading (again) too! X) Arrividerci!~