You know when Iorveth told Geralt of his fight with Roche . . . YEAH . . . that's not what really went down hes the true story. Iorveth/Roche (implied Foltest)


". . . I've defeated the commanders of all the special forces in the North" Iorveth said smuggle leaning over Roche who was clenching his side.

"Now, I shall unite the Scoia'tael. . ." He muttered whimsically to himself since none of his archers where around to hear.

"Finish what you started" Roche hissed at him. Pathetic dh'oine telling me what to do.

"I shan't kill you, Roche. We Aen Seidhe never kill the last specimens of dying breeds. Live on remember who defeated you, remember I can do so again. Va Fail, Vernon Roche." Iorveth turned to leave but paused when Roche called out to him.

" I I'll find you, you filthy CUNT" he spat to spite the knife ears

Iorveth stopped turned to Roche and gave him a stare that would turn anyone veins to ice water. "You know the King-slayer told me of Foltest's last moments" he walked slow and methodical.

"Bastard" he gritted his teeth trying to get up to defend the honor of his fallen king, but was easily shoved down and pinned by the much taller man.

"Bastard's? isn't that what lead to your kings death" he paused to analyze Roche "Oh. . . I see know you where jealous"


"Hmmm" Iorveth chuckled theirs more than one way to hurt a dh'oine "It does sheeem that you where more than just loyal to your king" he save a smirk that made Roche twitch.

"you know I always wanted to know what you would look like without that ridiculous head wrap" he grabbed the cloth

"Same here" Vernon gave a snarkly come back. He removed it to reveal dark black hair that was slightly gray from aging

"dh'oine. . . finally showing your age" scanning over his facial feature finally sinked in how old Roche was 30-40.

"Well we dh'oine can't look young forever like you elves and the mage's" he spat bitterly

"A shame I would have loved for us to be rivals for a few more decades" he sighed "But the Kingslayer treachery along with Loredo must be dealt with first."

Roche received a longing possessive dominant kiss "till later Roche" and disappeared into the Forest.

Note: I may make this longer once I finished the game (I want to finish the first game so i have a better idea of the story) I'm only in Ch4 (missing a lot of side-quests) so I'll play Wither 2 then finish one then play two again going along a different path.