"Just go back the way you came, you'll be fine. But you have to promise not to look back, not until you've passed through the tunnel."

"What about you? What'll you do?"

"Don't worry. I'll go back and have a talk with Yubaba. I'll tell her I'm going to quit being her apprentice." Haku turned to Chihiro then. Her hand still within his. "I'm fine. I got my name back."

"Will we meet again sometime?"

"Sure we will."


"Promise. Now go, and don't look back," he says to her. Lifting her hand to turn her towards the sea of grass that eagerly awaited her with the wind. To lead her back to her parents. Chihiro began to go down the steps and when her hand was no longer within his own, a strange empty feeling took deep inside of Haku then as his hand slowly lowered to his side. This girl...the one he had remembered since she was young...the one he had even come to be in love with...He was letting her go. Back to the human world where she belonged. Safely. He stood there for moments later. Watching her run till her precious figure was no longer within his sight. That was when he turned and made haste back to the bathe house.

Chihiro nearly slipped down the hill as she ran. Careful to place her footing. She stops at hearing her name. "Chihiro!" It was her mother. Gasping, she looked up breathlessly. "Where have you been? Hurry up!" Her mother called to her. Chihiro knew she wasn't just dreaming this or seeing things. Her mother was real again. Human again. And so was her dad. Both were standing there glad to see her safe. Taking a deep breath, she ran down the rest of the way and rushed to them both.

"Mom, dad!"

"You shouldn't run off like that, honey." Spoke her mother.

"You could get in big trouble." Spoke her father then.

"Are you guys sure you're all right?" They didn't seem to hear her question.

"Let's go. I don't wanna miss the movers," her mother said as Chihiro stood there watching them. Blinking once, she began to turn her head to look back but caught herself. Blinking again, she looked back to her parents just as her dad called, "Chihiro, hurry up." She had already begun running after them. Again she clung to her mother's arm.

"Everybody watch their step."

"Chihiro, don't cling to me like that, you'll make me trip." Those same familiar words...They walked through that darkness and when they got to the other side, Chihiro let her mom go as her parents talked about something that had happened to the car. Chihiro was too busy looking back behind her. She had kept her promise now. Would he keep his? Her mom called for her and she turned and took off to the car. Getting inside, she picked up her bouquet of flowers and held them while her dad turned them around and drove off.

"A new home and a new school? It is kinda scary..."

"I think I can handle it..." Chihiro said with a big grin then. After all...she had just been dealing with far worse. Or so she was sure.

This would be the last time Chihiro would see the abandoned theme park in a long while, for every time she went looking for it again, it never appeared to her. After all...one can't find something that doesn't want to be found unless your not looking for it.