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Something Special Excerpt

Sam waited near the back door of the Fenton home with Tucker right by her side, practically breathing down her neck with how close they were, but they didn't pay any mind to each other, both too focused on the back door, waiting.

"Come on," Sam whispered. She didn't know how much longer she could wait. Danny was in there, and he was hurt. He was hurt badly, at least that is as much as she could tell with how far away they were from the battle with Pariah. She didn't know exactly what was wrong with him, and that was killing her. She wished the news would have told her more, but there was nothing but the stupid fangirls on the screen.

Tucker put his hand on her arm, trying to make a calming gesture. He knew how rattled she was. He was feeling it too, but he couldn't afford to show it because if he did, then it would all seem truly real to him, that Danny might not actually make it this time. That he might actually be too hurt.

Tucker shook his head, refusing to think anymore about it. Instead, he put all his energy in glaring at the door.

As if from the intensity of both the crouched teens' desires, the door opened, revealing the tall, lanky figure of the elder Fenton sibling, Jazz.

Sam was the first to stand and being the fittest out of the two, made it over to Jazz first, but Tucker was a very close second. "How is he?' Sam hissed, looking past Jazz's shoulder as if she might see Danny standing there, waving and smiling goofily at them, telling them what took 'em so long and that he was fine. But, Danny wasn't there.

Sam knew this. She knew not to expect it, but she hoped...

She looked at Jazz. The older girl's face was lined with worried, looking very unlike the cool and calm Jazz they were used to. And, there was only one thing that could ever break Jazz's carefully composed exterior: Danny.

"We have to see him, Jazz," Tucker urged, worry in his voice from seeing the state Jazz was in. "You have to let us in."

Jazz looked like she was about to argue, but after taking note of the stubborn, hard-set expressions on both teens, knew it was a lost battle. She nodded, but before letting the both of them in, said, "He's in the basement," Tucker and Sam both exchanged horrified looks, making Jazz continue quickly, "but don't worry, he's okay. They took care of him, but he's in bad shape, you guys..." Jazz looked down, not able to look Danny's friends in the eye. "I've never...seen him this bad."

Sam started to panic on the inside, feeling her stomach start to twist sickeningly.

"Has he woken up yet?" Tucker said, ignoring the last part Jazz said, trying desperately to cling to his mantra that Danny was going to be okay, that Danny didn't get hurt.

"Yeah, Mom said he did, but he couldn't stay awake more than thirty minutes. She said he looked really exhausted."

Pulling herself together quickly, ignoring the feelings of worry and guilt, Sam took Tucker's arm. "Come on; let's go see him."

As quietly as the three teenagers could, they made their way through the house to the basement, taking the stairs slowly as to not alarm the current guest if there was a chance he was conscious.

When they made it to the basement, both Tucker and Sam raced over to their friend, who was past out on one of the lab tables, surprisingly there was a pillow underneath his head and a couple of blankets covering him. Tucker and Sam exchanged looks but quickly looked over the boy, searching to see if he was okay.

Danny was covered in gashes and bruises, heavy bags were under his eyes, looking as if he hadn't slept in days. His breathing was coming out harsh and shallow. His chest was bandaged along with one of his arms, blood was already seeping through them. His face looked bruised and haggard, small scrapes littered it, his soot covered white hair matted down, some of the strands caked in his own blood, sticking to his forehead.

"Aw, man," Tucker said. He wasn't able to believe it. This wasn't supposed to happen. Danny was the superhero; this...this wasn't supposed to happen this way. Danny never gets hurt.

Suddenly, Tucker felt a wave of guilt. If Sam and him haven't been kidnapped by Pariah's supporters, Danny wouldn't have been this way. They ruined the plan. The ghosts knew Danny would of chose rescuing his friends over stopping them from awakening Pariah again.

"It's all our fault," Sam said, voicing exactly what Tucker was thinking. There were tears in her eyes, but she was refusing to let any of them fall. She refused to cry, especially in front of Tucker and Jazz.

"What's all your fault?" Jazz said, standing on the other side of the table.

Tucker could tell Jazz already knew what Sam was talking about, that she was voicing the question for a different reason. Her expression was challenging, ready to argue that they weren't the cause. Tucker was slightly surprised at how much she resembled her brother in that moment.

"You know what I mean, Jazz," Sam whispered, still staring at Danny.

"It isn't," the red-head stated firmly.

"If he wouldn't have come after us," Tucker said, letting the guilt consume him. He did this to his best friend; how could he?

"Oh come on," Jazz said. "You know Danny. Of course he would have come after you, and I guarantee you they would have found another way to let Pariah out. That kind of stuff seems to always happen no matter how hard we try. Danny shouldn't have gone into that fight alone in the first place; he almost got killed!"

"You know that was the only way, Jazz," Tucker said.

"Yeah, if we were there in the middle of it, the town would have figured out his secret," Sam said, although most of her didn't believe what she said. It was Danny who fed both her and Tucker that line of bullshit. That it was his secret he was worried about, but in actuality, he was just being his overprotective hero self, and was really worried about them. But, she couldn't stand to hear Jazz criticize her brother's decisions (no matter how much Sam agreed with her), not when he was like this. It would have been different if he was okay. In all honesty, Sam probably would have punched him by now and told him to try not to be so stupid next time.

"Secret. Who cares about his secret? I don't!" Jazz all but shouted. "I care about this." She flung her hand in her brother's direction, making both Tucker and Sam wince as they took in another look of their friend. "I care about him staying alive; you didn't see him. You didn't see him when I opened the door to find my dad holding the lifeless body of my brother. Bleeding. Broken! I thought he was dead, Sam!" Tears were streaming down her face.

"Jazz, you know he's gonna be okay," Tucker reasoned, "He's Danny."

"He's not invincible," Sam bit back, but instantly regretted it after seeing Tucker's hurt expression. She really didn't know why she just lashed out at him, probably from the overwhelming stress she had been feeling in the last twenty-four hours and Danny in front of her looking like this wasn't helping.

She was about to apologize to Tucker but stopped abruptly at the sound of soft groans coming from the boy in front of them. All three teenagers standing around the table froze, staring down at the boy who was beginning to move. "Can you guys stop fighting," Danny mumbled, cracking his eyes open, revealing tired green eyes.

"Danny?" Sam breathed, a smile already forming on her face.

"Hey, Sam," Danny said, giving her his goofy smile, but the expression fell after fully looking at her face. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, yeah," Sam said, tucking a piece of her hair back behind her ear and trying to not blush. "I'm fine."

"Good see you, man," Tucker said, putting a hand out on his good shoulder. "You kinda scared us for a minute." Tucker smiled, trying to hide the worry. He knew it was the worst thing for Danny to see right now because he knew Danny tended to get a little overprotective, that meaning if he saw something wrong with his friends, there was no stopping hero mode (that's what Tucker liked to call it, although Sam had other unrepeatable names for it).

Danny smiled at his best friend. "Good to see you too, Tuck." His voice was raspy and thick, sounding as if he was trying to hack something up, but Tucker tried to ignore it.

"Danny," Jazz said, getting her brother's attention. "how are you? And, don't try to bullshit me because you are obviously not okay."

"I'm o-" Danny stopped, eying Jazz's stormy expression. He looked to Tucker and Sam for help, but they only glared at him. He let out a sigh but quickly regretted it, clutching his chest in pain. It still hurt to breathe deeply. "I'm sorta okay."

Tucker let out a breath while the girls continued to glare at the half ghost. "You guys, that's the best we're gonna get from him," Tucker said with a hint of a smile at the girls' antics.

Sam looked to Jazz. "What's the damage?"

"Big burns on his chest and back, some broken ribs, dislocated shoulder, and a broken ankle," she said in one breath. "Mom said that she used regular antibiotics to treat the wounds. I don't really know if that means something, but she definitely knows that something is up. She had to set his bones, and she probably noticed that he's not cold like other ghosts."

Sam nodded. "I don't think she suspects anything right now, but we can't let anymore slips happen."

"Uh, still here, you know," Danny said, a little agitated.

"We know," Jazz and Sam both said.

"You better get pretty used to this, dude," Tucker said, smiling knowingly, "Something tells me this will be happening to you til the day you die."

Danny gave his friend a questioning look. "Tucker, what are you talking about?"

"So clueless," Tucker said, shaking his head. "Cluelessly tragic."

"Shut up, Tucker," Sam said, punching the techno-geek hard in the arm.

Tucker yelped but then laughed at the goth's flustered expression.

The four of them talked for what seemed like hours but really was only a short amount of time. But, it was obvious all the while, the youngest Fenton was fading fast.

Sam was the one who noticed first, taking in the nearly dead expression on the boy's face. "Okay, I think it's time for you to get some sleep, Danny. You've honestly had better days."

"Yeah," Danny said, already starting to nod off. "I feel kind of tired."

"That's an understatement," Tucker muttered, looking at his friend. The half ghost was clearly reaching his limit and over exerting himself to try to stay awake. "Just get some sleep, Danny. We'll try to be back another night to see how you're holding up."

The half ghost was already fast asleep, looking even more helpless with how worn out he looked.

Jazz kissed the top of his forehead, whispering for him to get some rest and led the other two teenagers out of the Fenton home.

Tucker and Sam parted ways, returning to there respected rooms in their own homes, thinking about their friend, hoping that he would bounce back. But, they knew he would because he was their friend Danny and no matter what, they knew they could count on him.