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Chapter 1: In which Darcy is hungry and Erik has big pants.

When we arrived back in town, most of the residents had returned and were being interviewed by cops and special agents no doubt working for S.H.I.E.L.D. A cop tried to pull us over for questions which made me audibly groan but luckily a suited agent arrived in less than 30 seconds and informed the cop that he was mistaken and that they were already interviewed. So that was one advantage of doing government research, cops didn't bug you. Yay.

By the time we made it back to the converted auto shop, I was very tired and very hungry. When Erik parked the van, Jane got out of the passenger seat without a word and proceeded to walk as silent as she had been the entire drive back to Puente Antigua, and retreated to her trailer without so much as a glance or motion of good bye in our direction. As much as I felt like comforting her as she ate ice cream and cried, I had begun to gain a mild understanding of the astrophysicist and instead decided to give her her space. And I didn't blame her for wanting to be alone for in that brief moment when I thought Fandral was leaving I felt just a touch of the misery that was engulfing her now and it was intense and not the sort of thing you wanted an audience for.

Thinking of my knight in literal shining armor, I turned and looked at him, through my tired eyes and realized for the first time since he decided to stay how inappropriate his attire was for casual encounters and stuff like going to bed. Looking him up and down in a perplexed manner, I asked rather awkwardly, "I don't suppose you have any sleepwear in that handy-dandy survival pack of yours, do ya?"

Fandral looked down at his clothes of leather and metal and then in the direction of his first aid kit as he opened and closed his mouth , clearly just realizing the logistical issue of him staying on Earth before admitting, "Um, no. I'm afraid not."

"Didn't think so," My mind already running through every solution that was feasible for this time of night, before I landed on one holding up a finger to him, saying quickly, "Hang on."

I then proceeded to turn on the spot and rushed off to catch up to Erik who was halfway to his car that was parked by Jane's trailer and clearly downtrodden by his daughter-figure's heartbreak.

"Erik, hey!" I said by way of greeting as I stepped in front of him when he showed no inclination of stopping.

"What is it Darcy?" Erik asked tiredly as he was forced to stop. I knew he wasn't really as annoyed at me as he seemed or trying to be intentionally curt because I knew it had been a long and exhausting day and he clearly didn't have anymore patience left.

"Yeah, um sorry," I apologized as I realized this, "I was wondering if you happened to have any clothes Fandral back there could borrow until I can take him shopping tomorrow 'cause I don't think he's wearing anything right now that's not leather or metal-plated."

I realized absently that I was entering into my incoherent, long-winded phase of nervousness because the idea of having Fandral stay over, despite the circumstances, was making me a little jumpy. The scientist looked back at the visiting Asgardian, picking up on the fact that my rambling actually had a valid point for once and replied, "Oh, yeah, I might have something he could borrow for the night. I'll go see what I can dig up."

"You do that." I agreed as I stepped out of his way so he could resume his journey to the car, and I rejoined Falrand, saying, "Don't worry, I'm sure the doctor there will have something that'll fit."

Fandral made a small nod of acknowledgement while he tracked Dr. Selvig's movements as the older man rummaged through the large suitcase in the trunk of his car. After about a moment Erik returned to us with a pair of plain black sweatpants and a large grey long-sleeved pullover sweatshirt, holding them out to Fandral with a bit of an awkward face as he said, "Here, they're probably a bit big but they should do until we get you some clothes of your own."

"Thank you for your generosity," Westley thanked him in his overly courteous manner, "I shall repay you once I am able."

"Nah, you don't have to," Erik insisted, "They probably won't be the best fit anyway. Consider is a bit of a 'welcome to Earth' gift."

"Well still, I thank you." Fandral said in a rather dashing contrast to Thor's dismissive acceptance of his hand me down clothes from a day or so ago. While Thor at the time had acted as though it was expected that he receive top-notch treatment, Fandral was rather humble about it, which I found incredibly charming.

We bid goodnight to Erik as he headed back into town to stay at the one motel we had in Puente Antigua and I began steering Fandral in the direction of the auto shop.

"And what sort of accommodation is there for me tonight, my lady?" He asked, so clearly out of his depth with no clue what sort of rules and expectations existed in this primitive world of mine.

I repressed the urge to giggle at him as I waved my hand to indicate the building Jane used as her temporary lab, "You're looking at it. There's a bit of an apartment upstairs that I use with a fold out couch with your name on it."

While it was obvious that the pretty boy beside me didn't quite understand all of what I was saying, he took it in stride and chose not to ask a billion questions which I was surprised at but glad for. When we had entered the lab/kitchen bottom floor of the former Smith's Motors my stomach was rumbling from the abuse of not eating anything but power bars and beef jerky for 6 or 7 hours. Though it was only about 8 or 8:30 I was exhausted. Between the running in terror, the injury, the emotional backlash of seeing Thor both killed and come back to life and thinking that the guy I liked was leaving me for good I was drained.

"Before we do anything else, though, I need to eat something." I announced heading towards the fridge hoping there was more in there than I thought there was, then cast a look back at him, "You hungry?"

"A bit yes," he replied almost guiltily as though he thought that there was some shame in it after eating barely anything all day.

"It's alright to be hungry." I chided him as I threw open the refrigerator door. Unfortunately everything inside was either Jane's, half-eaten or more meal-like than I was looking for, I needed something quick so I then moved onto the pantry.

After searching through every cabinet we kept food in and finding nothing that sounded appetizing, I shut the last door with frustration before apologizing, "I'm sorry I was supposed to do the shopping…last week."

Okay so I might have been distracted the past week and this new predicament was my fault but honestly all I wanted right then was to eat something tasty and then collapse into bed. Fortunately, I was with the Norse God of understanding it seemed because all he said was, "It's all right, I'm sure whatever you have is fine, food is food."

I really could have kissed him right then but instead went over and opened the freezer, not excited about the thaw time most of what we kept in there would take but desperate for something when the Lord smiled at me at last in the form of a box of pepperoni pizza hot pockets.

"I promise, I'll replace these Jane," I muttered to myself in the hopes I would remember later. Yes, this ticked Jane off normally but this was an emergency and I would be going to the store tomorrow anyway.

I went about the kitchen getting plates and sticking the blessed hot pockets in the microwave, exchanging awkward small talk with Fandral as I did so. When our informal dinner was done we both ate quickly after they had cooled off in mostly silence. When we were done eating I directed Fandral to the main bathroom off the kitchen and told him to meet me upstairs when he was done. I then scampered very quickly to clean things up before he joined me in the converted apartment. The old owner of the repair shop used to live up here as well as have his office. When Jane and I first came out here for research I told Jane she could have it and I'd get a futon or something but she had kept her old camper instead, needing some stability as we moved from place to place so I had gotten the small upstairs living area. It had a bedroom, a bathroom and what had used to be the office but I used as a living room. I shared the kitchen downstairs with Jane.

When all of my random crap that had been strewn about the living room had been safely stuffed into the closet in my room, I then attacked my chest of drawers praying that I had actually washed my cute moons and stars pajamas instead of just thinking about it.

"Huzzah!" I said to myself in victory pulling them out to find them clean before dashing to the bathroom to change just in case when Fandral came upstairs he wandered into my room without knocking and I did not need to mar our strange living arrangement with any spurts of accidental nudity.

As I changed into my pajamas I became aware of how dirty my clothes had become from the blood and dirt of being thrown to the sheer amount of dirt and sand that had caked itself on from standing the desert for hours. I also noticed that the wrist I had probably broken only twinged slightly when I moved which I was just so happy about. Running around with a useless hand for two months absolutely sucked, especially if there was a cute boy around that I didn't want to look like a useless fool in front of. Once in my night clothes I returned to the living room to see Westley tugging at the string on the sweatpants in a hilariously frustrated manner. Okay, so Erik is not fat or that much bigger than Fandral and they were around the same height but Erik had like an inch or two on him and was a little bit rounder and liked roomy casual clothes so the sweatpants were very baggy and long on Fandral and the sweater looked a little akin to elephant skin.

Though it was probably very mean, I couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculous sight. Fandral looked up at the sound of my ridiculous laughter with a look of slight distress, "Are all Midgard clothing this large upon being worn?"

Still giggling as I made my way over to him as he continued to tug at the unflattering material, I said, "Um no. I think that those are some of Erik's larger clothes, probably before he lost some weight. They have smaller clothes in the stores that I'm sure will fit you better."

"I hope so." Fandral muttered as he pulled up the loose trousers.

"Here," I offered, trying to help him as I indicated the string of the sweatpants, "Try pulling that really tight."

"I already tried that and it returned to this state within a moment." He responded completely out of his element.

"Try tying it after you pull it, that way it won't come loose again." I suggested, more amused then I should be at his state of bewilderment.

He did as I suggested and then looked at me with a look of surprise and satisfaction, "It worked."

"Great." I replied, tickled to pieces at how pleased he was to not have his pants falling down anymore, "Now about the shirt…"

I looked at it for a minute and tried to help him roll up the too-large sleeves but after they kept coming right back down I threw my hands in the air, "The sweatshirt, however is hopeless."

He held up his arms and looked at the sleeves and rest of the large sweatshirt with a mildly unhappy glare, then without any warning whatsoever removed the shirt and threw it onto the couch making my heart go into overtime and my ovaries explode. I mean, sure Thor looked great and I could tell Fandral had a body before to be able pull off that battle get up but still, there is a large difference between imagining a guy with his shirt off and actually seeing him shirtless.

I must have had some sort of idiotic look of transfixion on my face because then Fandral said in a concerned way, "I'm sorry, am I making you uncomfortable? Would you prefer me to put the shirt back on? Because I could sleep just as well with or without it."

I wanted to tell him to never put any sort of shirt on again but I managed to recover well enough, "Oh no, no. It's fine. I was just caught off guard is all. Whatever makes you comfortable is fine with me."

"Good." Fandral replied with a smile, hopefully none the wiser to the fact that I was basically ogling him as he turned away to refold the sweater.

Damn he had a great body. Bless Erik and his penchant for overly large casual clothes. I made a mental note to buy some sort of little gift for the scientist who had made it possible for me to have this lovely little moment with a shirtless Norse Warrior God.

From there I showed him how to unfold the bed in the couch that the previous owner had been kind enough to leave there, only bumbling and forgetting my train of thought twice. Once I caught Robin Hood with a slight grin after I had recovered myself but he didn't say anything about it, which I was grateful for. When we had finished dressing the bed and I told him to help himself to anything in the kitchen if he got hungry, I reluctantly realized that it was probably time to say goodnight.

"Well, if you need anything, I am in the next room, and while I may try to punch you if you try to wake me up, I promise its fine." I explained, as I was internally kicking myself for going on about my embarrassing sleeping habit. "And if you wake up before me and the numbers right there," I said pointing the to clock on top of the TV in the entertainment center, "say 10 or anything past that, please feel free to come in and throw a pillow at me, I don't need to sleep that late."

I subtly became aware that the longer I talked, the closer Fandral edged towards me, a determined look in his eye. When he was about a foot away from me and I hear myself about to start rambling about how loud beeping sounds from my room was normal when Fandral held up a hand and said quietly but insistently, "Lady Darcy, might I say something?"

"Of course," I said automatically, entranced by his blue eyes and the way he looked at me.

"I just wanted to thank you for taking me in, I know I couldn't have been exactly what you planned when you woke up this morning, and I know that I don't understand many things about your world but still, it means a great deal to me." Mr. Dashing said in an endearing and considerate way that made my heart beat about like crazy, "You don't have to say anything else. Rest well tonight and you can explain more to me in the morning, I know you are tired."

He really was perfect, I thought to myself as I listened to his perfect gentlemanly words. Then before I could say anything else, he took my right hand and brought it up to his lips and kissed it again, more sweet and meaningful than the one he had given to me after we first met but more tame than the lip lock we shared by the portal.

"Good night, my lady." He said softly as he let go of my hand.

"Good night," I barely remembered to say as I walked, like in a dream back to my room and shut the door behind me with a small smile playing around my mouth.

I knew that a lot of girls would be disappointed at such docile display of affection after the type of kiss we had shared that afternoon, but I wasn't. It fit with who I was learning Fandral was. The make out session was in response to an impending departure, which wouldn't have a place in a common everyday routine like saying goodnight.

I fell into bed, grinning like an idiot while the hand he kissed tingled and suppressed the urge to full out laugh like a lunatic with glee, well aware that these walls weren't entirely soundproof.

It would take awhile to fully get to know the man from another world that was sleeping on my couch but I was going to make the most of every minute of it.

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