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Racing faster than was probably safe back to the lab, Fandral employed the use of the handy wheel trumpet as soon as he was in sight of the old car dealership. It had the desired effect as Jane came quickly out of her trailer.

Only bothering to park the car, Fandral jumped out to meet her.

"What happened?" Jane was asking, looking around for Darcy in growing alarm.

"Loki." He replied gravely, leading her to the backseat, "She's alive but he froze her. She needs attention, where is the nearest healing room?"

"There's a hospital ten minutes down the road." Jane answered quickly, breezing past his strange Asgardian ways in her state of distress, "I'll drive."

With that she ran and grabbed her purse from the trailer while Fandral assumed the passenger seat, keys still in the ignition.

Once in she drove the car out of town at an erratic rate. When they were a certain distance away she seemed to remember something which caused her to dig blindly through her purse to find her phone. Once it was finally in hand, she pressed a number on her speed dial and held the phone to her ear.

She waited for a few seconds, putting the phone on speakerphone and handing it to Fandral to hold out for her as ringing filled the air.

On the second ring a curt man's voice picked up, "Agent Coulson."

"Coulson!" she exclaimed, trying desperately to remain calm and professional though all she felt like doing was screaming.

"Dr. Foster?" the man on the other end asked, picking up that something was wrong.

She took a deep breath and focused like she was explaining a scientific theory, stating only the facts and leaving her emotions out of it, "You told me to call you first if there were any incidents."

"What happened?" he questioned with his emergency-mode voice on.

"Loki." She responded with the only info she knew, "I'm not sure because I wasn't there but Darcy is hurt." Jane then looked at the awkward angle of Fandral's other arm and the wounds he'd sustained before adding, "and I think Fandral is too."

"Where are you now?" Coulson asked in his best business-like tone.

"We've just left Puente Antiguo and are headed to the hospital." She informed him as levelly as she could manage.

"Good. We'll have a team meet you there shortly. Until then, tell the doctor's you need an attending and that it is a Code Blue Sigma. Don't tell anyone else what happened. This is classified and we need to keep this as contained as possible. Can Fandral wait for a doctor with clearance to look at his injuries?"

Jane understood, she didn't know much about it but she knew that Asgardians in their normal forms had a completely different physiology and it would be best if his physical buildup was not exposed to the public. She looked at him, with eyes still wide from everything that was happening with a question in her gaze. He nodded once to let her know he could as his only concern was Darcy.

She understood and told the SHIELD Agent quickly, "Yeah, he can wait."

"Good, we'll be there soon." Coulson informed her before reflecting that maybe he'd come off as too methodical and added as an after thought, "You're doing very well Dr. Foster, just hang in there. This will all be over soon."

"Thank you." Jane managed to croak before Coulson sighed and hung up the phone.

She drove quickly on in silence for a few minutes as Fandral looked back at Darcy frequently to see she was still out cold. He mused that his companions back on Asgard would probably be astounded at him managing to keep his mouth shut for so long but, for once, there wasn't anything to say. Talking about it wasn't going to help Darcy and it wouldn't make him feel any better either so he just suffered in silence.

"Oh crap!" Jane suddenly exclaimed, causing Fandral to jump and face forward again, expecting to see Loki in the road.

"What? What is it?" He asked, looking about frantically, seeing nothing and cursing himself for forgetting to grab his sword while he was at the lab.

"Sorry." She breathed quickly before explaining, "I just remembered Erik. He said he'd be back later tonight and I was just thinking that we'd probably be gone all night and he'd have no idea why 'cause I didn't leave a note or anything."

Jane knew she was babbling but her nerves were running so high that she just could not make herself stop talking but Fandral was kind enough to listen and not tell her to shut the hell up.

Focusing on the next task she instructed, "Okay, take the phone and press the green button and hold the number 3."

He did as she requested and handed it to her as she opted to take it off speakerphone this time. This pause was longer than the one for the Son of Coul but the doctor must have eventually picked up for Jane then said, "Erik, where are you?"

After listening to his answer somewhat impatiently she said briskly, "No, I'm not mad but Darcy's been hurt. We're going to the hospital. Okay? Yeah, Coulson is coming. Okay. See you there."

Jane hung up then and threw her phone into her purse where it sat by Fandral's feet.

"He fell asleep at the SHIELD lab," She said as if she couldn't imagine doing something so normal right then before continuing, "he said he'll meet us tomorrow morning as he's still several hours away."

Fandral nodded again, feeling as though he'd been doing that a lot but he understood that while it wasn't strictly necessary for her to be telling him these things she got some small comfort from talking and so he let it be.

Before he could conjure up any sort of awkward small talk response to help her, the large shape of the bright hospital came into view as they rounded a dune.

"Finally." Jane breathed as she drove straight for the Emergency Room entrance.

The next few minutes were a flurry of activity as soon as Fandral entered the Emergency Room carrying the frozen Darcy as best as he could while Jane went and parked the car.

At first the various members of the medical staff busied themselves with getting Darcy in a bed, checking her vitals and trying to assess her condition. But it wasn't too long before they turned to Fandral for details and based on what the Son of Coul had told the Lady Jane, he wasn't sure what to say. He was too unfamiliar with Earth customs and therefore had no idea what would be deemed offensive or not. And he found himself missing Darcy and her strange explanations as his unofficial guide to Midgard which didn't really help anything. Fortunately, Jane showed up then with a collected air of authority and calm that he'd often seen before in Sif before a battle and had always admired.

Though he knew that she was worried and concerned for her friend, she didn't show it and interrupted their questions saying, "We need an attending on this case. Tell them it is a Code Blue Sigma."

The intern trying to check Darcy's blood pressure looked dubious at the command of a civilian but with one look at Jane's no nonsense face they turned and went to the nursing station to page their superior.

He gave her a look of gratitude, sitting down on the small stool beside where they had laid Darcy, "Thank you Lady Jane, I am in your debt."

"No you're not." Jane informed him plainly, pulling Darcy's blanket up higher in an affectionate way, "It's for Darcy and no matter how crazy she drives me, she's the closest thing to a friend I have and I'll do whatever it takes."

They were quiet for a few minutes amidst the commotion of the hospital, Fandral was very moved at Jane's words but before he could think of anything to say in response, Coulson and five dudes in black as well as a doctor looking person in a lab coat walked in. Coulson made a b-line for them immediately while the other agents spread out to probably search the premises and create a perimeter in case Loki attacked again.

"How is she?" He asked immediately.

"They're still running tests so we don't know yet." Jane said solemnly, but feeling ten times better now that someone with real authority was there.

Coulson took in what she said, looking at her incapacitated assistant, "We'll have her moved to a more secure wing, until we can ascertain if Loki is going to come back and finish what he started."

"He's not going to." Fandral spoke up, eyes still locked on the mortal who'd snuck her way into his life, "He will someday; but not today. He retreated to gather his strength. If I know him, he's going to bide his time and wait for the best time to strike."

Coulson just looked on the Asgardian long and hard for a good minute before simply saying, "That reminds me, we're going to need to debrief you and find out exactly what happened tonight. But first, we need to get you checked out. Dr. Foster, Fandral, I'd like to introduce you to Dr. Margaret Wells."

The woman in the lab coat stepped forward. She was a middle aged woman with graying red hair. She had kind eyes but they were bright with intelligence. Dr. Wells gave them both introductory nods before turning her entire attention to her new patient and Darcy's chart. It was about that time that the attending finally arrived looking indignant and superior, just like Jane's ex, she thought with a sigh.

"Excuse me," Dr. Pompous McJerkface asked Dr. Wells with condescension as she continued to peruse Darcy's chart without looking up, "What do you think you are doing? You don't work here. This is my patient."

"Wrong." Dr. Wells responded instantly, looking up at the tardy attending with a certain fire in her eyes, "This was your patient. Your Chief gave me privileges while I was on the way here. You were given a Code Blue Sigma and it took, what, seven minutes for you to get here?"

She looked to Jane and Fandral for confirmation and was met with a nod from Jane.

"I was with a patient." He defended haughtily.

"A Code Blue Sigma means you drop whatever you are doing and report faster than as soon as possible for a top priority emergency." She informed him coolly, before narrowing her eyes in suspicion, "Or did you not know that?"

The attending looked down sheepishly, getting the feeling like he was losing ground fast and trying to come up with anything to regain the high ground, "This is not a military hospital, we have normal cases here."

"I see, so you got a page, didn't understand it because you couldn't be bothered to memorize the codes you were supposed to so you waited until you were done with what you were doing before you finally bothered to look it up and get your lazy ass down here. Is that about it?" She summed up critically.

Dr. McJerkface at least had the restraint to not try another douche bag response and instead looked at their shoes.

"I thought so." Dr. Wells finished, taking his silence as admittance, "That will be all, Doctor. You may return to your precious 'normal cases' while I actually save this girl's life."

With that, Dr. Wells turned her back on him in a dismissive manner as he quietly shuffled away with his tail between his legs. Her distaste for the attending was palpable and Fandral almost expected to hear her growl.

Instead she simply muttered angrily to herself, "It is assholes like that who give the entire profession a bad name."

Coulson cracked a rare grin and put a hand on his shoulder, "Easy, Mags, he'll be out of a job by morning."

Jane's ears perked up at the nickname as she looked at them and actually got the impression that they were friends which is something she didn't imagine in Mr. By-the-Book Efficient Coulson she'd thought she'd known. But tonight was shaping up to be an eye opening experience with only one thing for sure, Dr. Wells had just earned herself a spot solidly in the Jane Approves column. Darcy would probably like her a lot.

"Thank you," Dr. Wells said before she took a deep breath and let it out, regaining the professional demeanor she'd walked in with, "Now I need the most competent residents and interns and some place more private. I might need another attending but if I see that one again I am going to throw him off the roof."

"I'll get right on it." Coulson informed her with a short nod before heading to the nursing station being tailed by one of the black garbed SHIELD agents.

"Alright then," Dr. Wells began, getting down to work, "Fandral, is it? I need to know what happened. I don't need to know everything, that can wait for Coulson but I need to know how she was injured."

Fandral stood and looked at Darcy giving Margaret the chance to give him a once over as well to which she added, "and I get the feeling that you are my special circumstances patient."

He gave an awkward sort of nod, "That I am."

"Well then, we should get started." The doctor said as Coulson made some sort of signal to Dr. Wells from the doors to the rest of the hospital as 2 underling doctors came forward to help move Darcy's bed to another section of the hospital.

Throughout various tests over several hours, Fandral told the mortal healer about Loki's other nature he'd just discovered and how he had used it to freeze Darcy with his hands. He also told about Darcy's attempt to taze Loki which led to him breaking her left hand. And though he would rather all attention be focused on Darcy, he eventually informed them of the icicle that was stabbed through his shoulder and how Loki had pulled his arm behind his back.

This retelling had earned both he and the still unconscious Darcy each a trip to a strange room with the lights off and a bed-like table that made a strange noise when the attendant hid behind a wall that Dr. Wells called an X-ray.

Darcy, who was now being given medicine to return her vitals to normal, had a positive prognosis but the healer still said it would take a while to recover. She reportedly had hypothermia and various other mortal words he didn't understand and there were no use for on Asgard. He found himself missing the healing stones and ingen smerte and helbrede that he was now out of that he had always taken for granted on his adventures with the Warriors Three.

Before long, both he and the Lady Darcy were set up in a secure room with two guards at the door with Coulson, Dr. Wells and Jane. Jane, who'd been relegated to a guarded waiting room throughout the testing now sat by Darcy's side with that concerned mother hen look in her eyes before asking, "So, how is she? Is she going to be alright?"

Dr. Wells started, consulting Darcy's chart from the end of the bed as she gave her report. "She's got a very mild case of hypothermia, some of her vital organs were starting to shut down and he shattered her radius and ulna but that should make a full recovery. You got her here in time before she got serious frostbite anywhere that will cause her to lose any fingers or toes. We're continuing to thaw her and I would like to keep her under sedation at least for another 12 hours to give her body time to recover before waking her up. There were some other unusual side effects from his freezing but, honestly, the hypothermia is what worries me the most. Since we're warming her up and have the right medicine, she should make it but we'll want to watch her very carefully after the sedation to make sure he didn't land her in a coma. If that's the case, things will get a lot trickier."

"Why don't you wake her now to be sure?" Jane asked intently as she tried to take everything in.

"Her body is in shock." Dr. Wells explained in a reassuring tone. "Right now, waking her up would cause more harm than good, overload her senses as it were. I think some rest and stability is what is best at this juncture."

The red head put the chart back and went over to the bed that Fandral had grudgingly been set up in and said with a smirk at Fandral's impatience to get out of the blasted bed that she'd finally convinced him to occupy, "And as for you, your bones are at least three times as dense as ours and your muscles are stronger; so you don't have any hypothermia which is very lucky. You also don't have any breaks but you have a hairline fracture along your radius that I want you to be careful of. Loki also strained some of your muscles. But based on the rate you've achieved in the last few hours, you will probably heal within the week but until then, I want no heavy lifting or any sort of strain on that arm. Do you understand?"

"I understand, Healer Wells." Fandral replied gentlemanly as was the custom of his people.

The doctor gave him a warm smile, "Good and you can call me Maggie."

"Alright then, Mag-gie." He repeated in an unsure manner as if he, from the land of Sif, Volstagg and Loki, thought that Maggie was one of the weirdest names he'd ever said.

The older woman smiled even wider deciding that she liked the charming Asgardian, "And though I am prescribing a pain med, there really isn't much more we can do besides wait. So, I'm releasing you which means that, yes, you can leave the bed and put your clothes back on."

Fandral beamed at the news, as he had never been the best at staying put or sitting still. He stood up and hugged the doctor enthusiastically while being very careful of his arm lest she banish him to bed rest again, "Thank you Lady Maggie! That is wonderful news!"

She chuckled at his gusto, backing away saying, "I'll go process your paperwork now and hand this little meeting over to Coulson."

She then started for the door, walking past the SHIELD super agent saying, "They're all yours, Phil. Try not to be too strict."

He smiled fondly at her and replied quietly, "No promises."

With one last grin from the doctor, she left the room as once of the agents Jane had been seeing around all night took her place inside. He didn't say anything except to nod at Coulson as he took his spot by the door when Coulson stood between the two beds to address Jane better.

He began, choosing his words very carefully, "Now, Dr. Foster, you remember when I returned your equipment that I said that your research was very important to us. We believe that if anyone is going to find a way to open the door to Asgard, it is going to be you. That being said, we agreed to let you be in privacy because we thought Puente Antiguo was isolated enough that the base where the satellite crashed would be close enough. But in light of the attack tonight, we no longer believe that to be the case. You are a high priority in SHIELD's eyes as is evidenced by the funding and access we have given you and though I know you prefer to stay in New Mexico, we aren't sure if that is safe anymore. We're making arrangements to have you transferred to a more secure SHIELD lab facility in California. Darcy will remain here as Dr. Wells has made it clear that moving her anytime soon would be against her best interests, but agents will remain here to look after her and Fandral until they can also be moved to a SHIELD base."

"What? You're moving me?" Jane started in immediately as soon as he stopped talking. She was hysterical as it was such an adjustment and they didn't even check with her first, "No! I'm not leaving Darcy right now. She was hurt because of me, I'm not going to leave her."

"I understand your concerns," Agent Coulson began very calmly trying to ease her nerves while remaining adamant, "but you are too valuable to remain exposed and alone here. The sooner we get you somewhere safe, the better. We don't know who else knows you're here and we can't afford for your research to fall into the wrong hands."

"No." Fandral interjected grimly before Jane could build up enough steam to retort, "You cannot take Jane away. Darcy is her ward and responsibility just as Jane is mine. I gave my word to Thor, son of Odin that I would look after his mortal until his return. I do not understand your Earthly customs or reasonings but understand me, I will not allow you to make me betray my promise. Jane will stay here."

Coulson started to get his grumpy on saying, "I understand that that is important to you but protecting Dr. Foster is important to us too and frankly, we have more resources than you at the moment. We cannot leave her alone with only you and Darcy."

"Then don't." The other SHIELD agent interjected much to the surprise of everyone. Jane gave him a good look, he was so unassuming and quiet that she'd forgotten he was even there. He had short brownish blonde hair and a rough look about him, but in the kind of way you wanted a secret agent guard dude to have. He had a bit of a squashed nose and despite her quite obvious involvement with an Asgardian prince, even she could notice that he had serious muscles in his arms.

"Agent Barton?" Coulson questioned, not in an 'I am a pompous ass who can't believe a subordinate is questioning my orders' way but more like 'I am surprised that you spoke up and if you are speaking up you must have a good reason' sort of way.

"I was just thinking, sir," He said as if he was trying to figure out how to put his idea in words, "Maybe you could just leave a team here and up the security around the lab and in the town; camera, motion sensors, magic detectors and the like."

Coulson just raised an eyebrow at this development, "And would you be willing to lead such a security team?"

Barton shrugged in a noncommittal gesture, "If that's what would be best for all parties."

Coulson turned to Jane, "Well?"

"Yes, definitely." Jane nodded fervently before this better option was rescinded. I mean, she wasn't the biggest fan of codes and things she couldn't remember but it'd be better to have GI Attractive and his team then to be swept to God knows where in some underground lab with no friendly faces.

"I can stand behind this more agreeable plan." Fandral told the son of Coul.

"Very well then." Coulson concluded, glad to have found a reasonable compromise, "It's settled. Agent Barton and his team will remain here and we will have more rigorous security measures in place by the time you return to the lab. I'll get the paperwork and pass codes to you by tomorrow. Good night."

And with that the subtly impressive agent left the room leaving the new guard, the astrophysicist and the Norse Warrior God alone to contemplate their new situation with the sedated Darcy.

"Well," Jane started to break the awkward silence as she shifted to be more comfortable in her chair against Darcy's bed, "This should be different."

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