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Chapter 9: In which Darcy wakes up and finds things are different

Waking up in the hospital, as you can imagine, was super not fun. There was a horrible moment just as I regained consciousness when I couldn't remember what happened or why I had a tube shoved up my nose and in my arm. My throat felt raw and tender. My right hand hurt like someone had stomped on it and underneath every other sensation, despite the pile of blankets covering me, I felt cold.

And then I remembered. I remembered the idyllic happiness of the date followed by the terror at hearing that cold voice in the dark. The moment when the whole evening came crashing to a halt with the arrival of the so-called god of chaos with his wild eyes and wintry grip.

I opened my eyes rapidly, trying to shake free of the flashback. There was a relief in consciousness that made it harder to remember the exact details of the night before. I could feel a hazy sort of ambivalence wash over me that I could only guess was the result of medication. Upon opening my eyes fully, however, I realized I was not alone in what I assumed was a hospital room.

Without my glasses on, I was greeted with the blurry outline of an unfamiliar man-shape. Though my head was still a bit foggy, I immediately began feeling about beside me in search of my glasses. I may have been (and by may have been, I mean I was most definitely on drugs) but I still wasn't eager to be alone in a room with someone I couldn't even see properly after last night (at least I hoped the event had only been last night).

Luckily for me, the blurry man must have sensed what I was blindly searching for and I felt the familiar shape of my glasses being pressed into my hand. I hastily put them on. I was rewarded with a clear view of a man I had never seen before standing to the right of my hospital bed. He looked like a bad ass stealth soldier. Though I was very much involved with someone else, I could still admit that he was a roguish hunk in a short sleeve black get up that revealed his well-built arms.

Of course his attractiveness aside, I had no idea who this guy was and even in my groggy state, I was a little bit wary. I must have made some sort of nervous gesture or facial expression because he immediately backed up a little to give me some space.

"It's alright. Easy," he said with his hands out in an 'I mean you no harm' manner, "You're safe. You're in the hospital near Puente Antiguo."

While I felt a little less like I was being held hostage and he seemed perfectly friendly, this squashed-nose crinkly-eyed face was not the one I wanted to see. So though I relaxed at his words, instead of responding I looked about the room to confirm that we were, in fact, alone- a fact which I found incredibly annoying. In the fairytales when the slumbering princess awoke her prince was generally supposed to be on hand with bated breath. So where the fuck was my prince in literal shining armor?

Of course I responded like the mature woman I was to this disappointment.

"You're not Westley." I said with a massive pouty lip.

"No." Mr. Mystery Man said matter-of-factly though he seemed amused.

I still felt floaty and fuzzy despite having my glasses on and I felt probably a good 15 years younger so I asked in a sing-song voice, "So… where is he?"

"I don't know. Who's Westley?" He said, trying to play along and be patient but he clearly had no idea what I was talking about.

"You know, Robin Hood." I clarified, making a goatee gesture on my chin to be met with a still blank face. I quickly became frustrated that in my drugged state I was having such trouble remembering my boyfriend's strange name. "Come on, he's the Norse Warrior God. My Asgardian Wonder Boy?"

A look of realization finally replaced the man's furrowed brow. "Oh, you mean Fandral?"

"Yes! Fandral!" I repeated joyously, disproportionately pleased with hearing his proper name. "Fandral the Dashing. Where is that pretty boy?"

The Agent Man Dude seemed to smirk as if he thought I was a hoot and a half, and -let's face it- I am. But he only answered with "He's out in the hall with the Doc. She's signing him out. Dr. Foster is with Agent Coulson being briefed."

"Good ole Son of Coul." I said smiling like an idiot, feeling much fonder of the uptight agent than I probably normally was but I felt so shiny and happy at the moment that I didn't care. "How is the stick-in-the-mud?"

The man by my bed cocked his head to the side as he tried to think of response because it was highly unlikely he'd ever heard anyone talk about Coulson like that, but then again, he'd never met me.

Agent Man Dude was saved from thinking up a reply by the door opening.

"Coulson!" I shouted, louder than I intended. It seemed that my medications not only numbed my pain but also made it difficult to control the volume of my voice. "Speak of the agent and he shall… something." I trailed off, my train of thought thrown off by the tight lipped grin Coulson gave me. I couldn't remember if I'd seen him smile before. "How are you and your suit doing today?"

"We're doing very well, Ms. Lewis," He replied courteously.

I flailed a hand in his direction at that. "Please, call me Darcy, you've seen my iPod music collection. I feel like that means we're on first name basis by now."

True, I'd initially been annoyed at that, but between the check for Fandral's clothes and the drugs, I was feeling pretty magnanimous at the moment. Also, I was pretty sure he had something to do with my private room and my top-notch medicine.

He nodded, "Very well, then Darcy. How are you feeling?"

"Fuzzy, but I think that's a good thing." I giggled. "You and Agent Guard Dude over there may have already noticed that though." I paused and then looked over at the man who helped me with my glasses. "Speaking of which, who's he?"

The man in question smirked at me again before answering, "Agent Clint Barton, I'll be leading a S.H.I.E.L.D. team to help protect you and Dr. Foster."

I tried to nod seriously but I ended up giggling again, "Ooooh, our own private security. How First Daughter, I bet Jane is thrilled. Are you gonna go grocery shopping with us?"

Coulson squinted but Clint looked amused. Coulson however chose to reply more diplomatically, "Dr. Foster and Agent Barton will discuss the full details with you and Fandral when you are better."

I may have been a little high but I could understand that meant I was far too silly for him to have a serious conversation with. He did, however, remind me of something that I felt needed to be discussed immediately.

"Where are Jane and Fandy already? I thought Jane was talking with you. Can't they come and see me yet?" I knew how I sounded but I figured that you got some leniency if you got attacked by a Norse god and I hadn't used all of mine up yet.

The agents shot each other a look and as Coulson looked as though he was a bit out of his depth. I caught Clint giving him a 'go ahead' nod towards the door.

Once their wordless communication was through, Coulson responded, "They should be along shortly. I'll go and see if I can send them along sooner. See you soon, Ms-" he then paused, remembering what I had said and smiled, "Darcy."

"See ya round, Son o'Coul!" I called to his retreating back. I could have sworn I saw him shake his head as he left.

"I don't know how you do it." My mysterious companion said with admiration in his voice. "I've seen him face down insurgents, aliens, bureaucrats, you name it, all without blinking, but put him in a room with you for five minutes and he's looking for an exit."

I laughed quickly before cutting myself off. This was getting ridiculous. "I can't take the full credit. What you see before you is Darcy Without A Filter that is only brought out as a result of strong pain medication and copious amounts of alcohol. I'm not talking a couple drinks and you're "vaguely alcoholed". I'm talking, fullon trashed, which is something that has only happened like twice and was not pretty the next morning." I made myself stop then. "This is exactly what I am talking about. No filter, at all. This is why I am going to stop talking and you are going to tell me about you, Agent Barton. You must either be pretty special to be assigned here either that or this is vacation or something. I mean there are gods traipsing around so it is kinda dangerous and classified and I'm babbling again so it's your turn."

I then clapped my hands over my mouth before I could start again. He chuckled once, a short little bark of a laugh as he sat down on the empty bed next to me. "I don't know about vacation, but I think, with or without a filter, I can handle it. I've already lasted twice as long as Coulson."

He grinned conspiratorially at me at that and I couldn't help but smile back, removing my hands. I had a feeling I was going to like him.

"I don't know how long I'll be stationed here but I have a feeling it will be awhile, so we might as well get to know each other a bit. What would you like to know?" He asked.

Given how much I had rambled, I barely trusted myself to speak, but I tentatively began. "You mean your information isn't classified or something?"

He twitched his lips in half a smile at that. "You watch too many spy films, but no, not really. I mean some stuff I can't tell you because you are a civilian, but I'm talking, basic get-to-know you stuff."

Grateful for the distraction from the absence of my friends I wracked my brain for something to ask. "What's your favorite color?"

"Purple," He answered quickly.

I made a face, "Really, you? Purple?"

"What'd you think it'd be?" He asked with a defensive edge. "Camo green?"

"Maybe," I admitted. "Isn't purple girly or something?"

"No," He responded adamantly. "Do I look girly or something to you? Besides would there be anything wrong if I was?"

I just stared at him. I had no idea how loaded my question would be, but I was certainly getting to know him. "No and I suppose there wouldn't."

I cocked my head and looked at him again, seeing him in a new light. I liked him a lot. He must have caught the look in my eye, because he raised an eyebrow at me. "What?"

"Nothing. You just reminded me of something."

We sat in silence for a minute, re-acclimating to each other before I thought I would try another stab at the getting to know him, without being a judgmental ass. "So what are your favorite hobbies?"

The look he gave me was vaguely incredulous. "Really?"

"Oh come on," I said. "You said I could ask questions and your pastimes can hardly be top secret!"

He shook his head before answering, "Okay fine. I like playing video games, um volunteering at animal clinics and archery."

My mind did me the favor of cataloguing the other things he mentioned but zeroed in on the last one. "Archery? Like with bows and arrows?"

He scratched the back of his head like he was regretting bringing it up. "Yeah, that's it."

"That is so cool! Are you any good?" I couldn't help but ask. Yes I was running the risk of blabbing but having grown up watching Robin Hood and then later swooning over Legolas, I have always been fascinated by archery.

He snickered like I'd stumbled onto an inside joke, "You could say that."

"Maybe you can show me sometime!"

He smiled good-naturedly, in a teasing sort of way. "Maybe I will. When you and your, what'd you call him? Robin Hood, are out of here, I'll show you sometime."

I squeaked, laughing suddenly, causing him to start and stare at me with great concern. "Oh my god." I couldn't stop laughing but I realized that if I didn't soon, he might page a nurse, because he thought I was having some kind of attack. "I just realized, Fandral is Robin Hood what with the goatee and the dashing and accent thing and then you actually have the bow and arrow and protecting people thing! Hahaha! Don't see it? You're both Robin Hood! Oh my gosh. I promise I'm fine. I just have the stupidest sense of humor. I'm so sorry."

He shook his head again and relaxed, before finally giving me a grin. "You're an odd one, aren't you?"

Finally catching my breath, I fixed him my most troublesome expression. "You have no idea Agent Robin Hood."

Before I could get into another giggle fit, the door finally opened again. I was disappointed at first to see a woman with greying red hair and white doctor's coat was my visitor but then I saw who was behind her: Fandral, at last.

"Fandral!" I yelled, in uncontained joy. Despite the pleasantness of Clint's company and the high of the drugs, seeing Fandral managed to give me a sort of relief that nothing else had since I'd woken up. I finally felt like I would be alright. My eyes scanned him hungrily, trying to make sure he was okay. He looked tired but in much better shape than I was given that he was up and about. He was wearing a different set of clothes than what he'd worn on the date, making me wonder again how long I'd been out. He was now in a red shirt and his right arm was in a sling which alarmed me the most. Though I wanted to know what happened, I couldn't keep my eyes off of his face, I just needed to be assured he was there and we'd survived.

His blue eyes found mine and though he seemed to find a similar kind of reassurance at seeing me, he seemed to look away too quick for my liking after that.

I didn't have too long to brood over that, however because my attention was then drawn to the doctor lady at the foot of my bed who was examining my chart. "Good afternoon, Ms. Lewis. I'm Dr. Wells from S.H.I.E.L.D. How are you feeling today?"

Now that I was a little more awake, I tried to push past the fog to give her a more accurate assessment though my eyes kept straying to where Fandral stood behind her, where he had settled against the wall.

"Still a little groggy," I answered. "The medicine seems to be working pretty well though, but I'm a little loopy. Um, my hand feels funny but I'm guessing that has something to do with Loki twisting it last night. It doesn't hurt much right now though."

Dr. Wells nodded as she took notes. "Yes, I'm afraid your visitor last night broke both your radius and your ulna in a few places so we've got it wrapped for now but we'll be putting a full cast on it later. You just have to be very careful with it. Fortunately the rest and the medicine seem to have done their job and have abated most of your hypothermia. We're going to keep you here a little longer under some medication just to be sure but I'm pleased with your progress so far and am not concerned with any long lasting complications."

"So I'm not going to turn into an icicle then?" I joked.

She gave me a warm smile in return, "Definitely not. You're a very resilient young woman."

"I like the sound of that." I turned my gaze to Fandral, hoping to give him some sort of funny innuendo-y expression, only to find him instead staring intently at the monitors beside me. I didn't know what to make of that, but before I could ask, the doctor spoke up again.

"Alright, Ms. Lewis, if you need anything, you can use the button on your bed to page a nurse. I'll be seeing you."

"Thank you!" I called as she headed towards the door. As she left, Jane finally made her appearance.

She rushed in, her hair askew, clearly trying to make up for being late. She began talking the moment she came in. "Darcy, I'm so sorry I wasn't here sooner. First it was Agent Coulson, then I had some forms to sign, then I thought you might be hungry so I got the nurse to give me your lunch with some extra pudding." She put the tray on the table beside me as she paused for breath. She then continued "Are you alright?"

"A lot better now, thank you." I said, trying to calm her as best as I could. I was just so happy she was there. I could tell she was launching into mother hen mode so I did my best to calm her. "You're fine, besides Agent Barton here has been keeping me company."

I noticed a slight flicker on Fandral's face at that but I found I couldn't make sense of anything he was thinking right now. My mind was still hazy and what with all of the people that had been in and out since I'd woken up, I was beginning to feel disproportionately exhausted. Jane gave Barton a smile that reminded me that when I was more coherent I needed to ask about the new arrangement Coulson had mentioned but that would keep 'til later.

"Are you hungry?" Jane asked, motioning to the tray.

I had to think about that before answering, "I don't think so, but thanks. Maybe later."

Jane then jumped, "Oh, I'm sorry. Eric asked me to tell him when you woke up. Would you mind if I went and called him?"

I eyeballed Fandral in the corner. "Nope. Not at all. Go ahead. Tell him hi for me."

"Okay, I'll be right back. I promise." She grabbed her bag and then she was gone again leaving me alone with my new agent friend and my suspiciously quiet boyfriend.

I waited for Fandral to come forward, to say something to explain his aloofness- but when he didn't I decided to turn to my other guest. Clint was reclining on the bed next to mine with his arms behind his head, seeming like he was resting, but I could tell from the way his fingers moved that he was still awake.

"Psssst," I said, getting his attention.

He opened his eyes. "What?"

"I'll trade you my pudding for 10 minutes alone with my boyfriend," I stage-whispered.

He smirked, "Deal."

He sat up, swinging his legs over the side and swiping my chocolate pudding and spoon off the table as he went. Shooting a salute to Fandral, he said, "She's all yours."

Fandral raised an eyebrow at our negotiation and nodded to Clint. The door shut and then we were alone. The beeping of my monitors were suddenly extremely loud.

I couldn't help but feel extremely self-conscious. I mean, I had just bribed a secret agent with pudding and I was all giddy and high on drugs but I didn't want to feel that way around Fandral. I wanted to feel the way I'd felt with him last night before Loki had showed up: content and happy and completely comfortable. Not awkward and unsure and frumpy in my hospital gown under a mountain of blankets. I was just tired of him being all the way over there and not looking at me.

So I just let Darcy Without A Filter take over and I held out my hand to him. "Come here."

He slowly, stood up from the wall and took tentative steps towards me. When he was at my bedside, he took my hand hesitantly. I grasped it and twined my fingers with his as he finally looked me in the eye.

"Are you okay?" I asked as I tried to hide the worry from my voice.

He sighed before answering, "I am fine, Lady Darcy. It is you I am worried for."

I smiled at hearing him speak for the first time since I woke up, I'd missed his diction. "Well don't. You heard the doc. I'll be fine. You seem a little off though and what's with the sling?"

He shifted his injured arm, "I am told it is simply a sprain and fracture: wounds from my battle with Loki after he injured you. They are well worth your life though. I am weary is all, it was a long night."

I knew Asgardian physiology was different from ours but I could tell that the night before had definitely taken its toll on him. I wasn't even sure he'd slept. Knowing him, he'd probably been up all night worrying about me.

"I bet. I've been sleeping all day and I'm still tired," I said before I started to scoot to one side of the bed. "Come on, lay down with me. We can rest together."

He frowned and turned to look at the door and the other bed. "Are you sure that is allowed? Shouldn't you have your own bed?"

Before he could go ask for a second opinion, I tugged his hand to keep him by my side. "Fandral, it's okay. I can tell you haven't slept much."

He still looked hesitant, as if he wasn't sure what to do so I continued, "It'll make me feel better and I know I'd sleep much better next to you."

He finally relented and climbed under one of my many blankets that I held up for him. He wrapped his good arm around me so his bad arm on the other side of the bed. I pulled the biggest blanket over us as I snuggled into his side. He still seemed a little off but then again, the bed wasn't really made for two people, especially if one of them was an Asgardian warrior. But as I laid my head on his chest, my broken wrist resting safely on his stomach, I could feel him relax around me. His arm pulled me closer and he seemed to let out a breath I didn't know he was holding.

I don't know how long we laid there before I feel asleep (but I was willing to bet my vanilla pudding it was more than ten minutes). Just before I was out again, I was barely aware of Fandral kissing my forehead and whispering something that sounded like an apology.

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