I'm not sure how this trilogy came about but, this will be the last instalment. It may be a good idea if you haven't already, to go back and read the previous two stories; or at the very least read, 'A Time to Fight' which is the middle one of the three. I've brought a few of my other stories to an abrupt halt; mainly due to a research project I'm doing and the lack of time I have to commit to this. This story won't suffer though. Enjoy.


The door slammed shut behind them.

"Run?" she scoffed letting her spent gun drop to the floor, "Tried that once…"

The Doctor glanced up from his place at the controls; awaiting the 'dull' comment.

"It was the best move I ever made"

The Doctor grinned; Time to run.

The Tardis shook and shuddered wildly - This was it. The Doctor focused; harder than he'd ever focused before - His piloting skills suffered for it. This however, made not one blind bit of difference as for every misplaced judgement he made with the controls; his partner was there to counteract it.

The time machine hurtled through the time vortex faster than it had ever been, for now they were running. Two steps to the right, twist, turn, flick - countered by a push. One step left, right hand down, rotate, slide - countered by a left hand up.

"Doctor!" River called urgently across the console. Focus bubble now popped the Doctor turned his head to see the swimming pool slowly materialising behind him.

"Yeees!" he cried stepping out of time with her flight pattern, "That's not supposed to happen!" Twist, twist, slide - Ding! River glanced up in time to see it vanish - Why didn't she trust that man with such a simple task?

They were suddenly washed from the controls in an enormous crash of pool water. River came skidding to a halt on her back sufficiently stunned and drenched.

'That's why,' she thought staring up at the swimming pool. River got to her feet, slipping slightly on the wet glass floor. The Doctor lay a few feet away; also on his back - no surprise there then.

"Can't handle your own ship now?" she stared down at him, hands on hips, "Well? What did you do that for?" She gave him a swift kick to which he responded with his unimpressed expression.

"You were folding back the temporal isomerism," he protested, "These things happen"

Her frown changed with fluid motion into a wide smile. She dragged him to his feet, gave him a playful punch in the arm and turned to fix the little mishap. It wasn't the first time this had happened, he'd also moved the pool to the ceiling of the library when she'd been reading late one night - His excuse? She'd been 'folding back the temporal isomerism' of course - Never his fault, naturally.

The Tardis hummed along to the Song as River translated the pool back to its default coordinates - Wherever that was. She hoped it didn't actually want to reside on a ceiling somewhere, that would make swimming very awkward.

"Why were they at Darillium?" she thought aloud. The Doctor glanced up from beneath his fringe, his expression formed into his usual 'deer in headlights whilst also thinking at Time Lord pace'.

"I don't know yet, but I'm working it out," he went back to the controls.

With narrowed eyes and a hint of suspicion, River perched herself on the wet leather side seat. She produced her diary which was, to the Doctor's annoyance, perfectly dry.

He held onto the screen rail, head dipped in thought. He hated when she got out her diary. It wasn't that he didn't like her to record events, or even sit and remember them. The Doctor was jealous; of all the time she'd spent with that other man – Him. He'd reach that place in time, but he knew it couldn't be this River. She'd flow on, unstoppable as she was; and he'd find her again, somewhere in his past – If only he'd known then what he knew now; but that would always be the way, wouldn't it?

The book was old now, the leather was ripped in places, seams were torn, the whole thing was just a little less blue - a little less, everything. River took a deep breath, preparing herself as she opened it to the first page. It was good to remember, as sometimes it was good to forget. Her diary wasn't just about their meetings, but the emotional turmoil in which he left her each and every time. Her wounded words seeped across the pages in ink. Asking the questions that she now understood. Why did he keep leaving her? Why did he know less about her every time they met? Why? Why? Why did they run?

She looked up at the Doctor, her Doctor - And she didn't want to let him go. Their time wasn't forever how could it be? She knew that; but it could be for as long as they dared - Time Machine and all. He caught her eye and smiled - He knew. Isn't it what he'd always wanted? To not have to be alone?

Who better to run with than River Song?