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Knock. Knock. Knock. "Penny." Knock. Knock. Knock. "Penny." Knock. Knock. Knock. "Penny." He finished the last knock and put his hand down. Penny opened the door. "You do know another person lives here now." she said.

"Yes and my visit here regards her. So is she here?"

"No. Why?"

"Ok good-"

Penny cut him off with "Wait. I thought you said you were here because of her and she's not here and that's a good thing?"

"Yes and you would have known why it was a good thing too if you would have let me finish. Now we were at the comic book store and when we reached for the same book our hands touched. Then she pulled away quickly. When I told Leonard this he said she liked me and she was embarrassed. Now why would she respond so oddly just because she likes me? I am asking you this because though I hate to admit it you are better with all this relationship mumbo-jumbo than I am so could you help me?" Sheldon looked at her with a somewhat pleading face though he still had is normal serious demeanor.

"I think Leonard meant that she well to put it in playground terms she "likes you-likes you."

"Do people normally pull away quickly when there hands touch?"

"Yes. Depending on what kind of person they are. Laila seems like the kind of girl that would be shy and do that."

"Can you tell me if I like-her like-her back?"

"Wait a hot second. Did you just ask me to tell you that you have feelings for another person?"

"No. I asked you to tell me if I may or may not have feelings for another person."

"And I thought time we thought you never had a deal."

"A deal?"

"Never mind. Anyway Sheldon I can't tell you if you like Laila. You need to figure this out on your own."



"I hate emotions." and with that Penny sat down next to Sheldon and gave him a familiar pat on the back and a 'There-there.'

Laila was sitting in her office looking over something. She was very distracted by what she was now calling The Hand Incident. She slumped down on her desk and she just felt like gong to sleep.

"I hate feelings. This is just going to be one of these middle school crushes that result into nothing because the guy I like is never going to like me back." she thought.

"Laila stop thinking and just get back to work." she told herself aloud.

Laila got through her work slowly but eventually finished. By then it was time to go home. She grabbed her purse and started walking out to her car. The ride home was insanely agonizing. All she kept thinking about was Sheldon. She felt like a middle school girl who was thinking about her middle school crush all time. To say the least it was starting to get annoying.

When she arrived at the apartment no one was home. Laila decided to take a nap so that her thoughts would stop pestering her. While lying in her bed trying to sleep she heard a knock on the door. Actually she heard 3 knocks and then she heard a voice say "Penny and Laila." She quickly got up and answered the door.

It was Sheldon and he looked a bit appalled. "You answered."

"Yes. You knocked and I answered that's how doors work."

"But you…Never mind. Are you familiar with dates?"

"Not really but I know of them."

"Well I would like to take you on one."

Laila was shocked. She didn't know what was happening and then out of know where Sheldon knocked on the door frame 3 times and said her name and then repeated that. She had no idea what that was for but she just quickly answered with "Yes."

"Ok. I will be here tomorrow night at 5:00. Please be ready."

"Alright." she replied.