Summary: Byakuya and Kenpachi are married and are letting their family grow.

Pairing: ByakuyaxKenpachi

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Chapter 23

"Fuckin' hollows, they're still here!" Renji slashed his way through his and Byakuya's fifth pile of hollows, his arm wrapped tightly around Aiko as the boy whimpered and cried loudly.

Senbonzakura's 'petals' fluttered past the Lieutenant and attacked the last few remaining intruders in the area before they disintegrated into the air around the two shinigamis.

"Ma ma." Kohana said quietly, chewing on her fingers and looking up at Byakuya. The noble pat her head and covered them up with Senbonzakura once again after Renji had found his way up beside them, breathing deeply.

"Where's everyone else?" The Lieutenant asked. "We've been out doing this all day, and the only other ranked seat we've seen was Captain Hitsugaya. I don't know how much longer my reiatsu can last."

"Mine as well." Byakuya said. "But we're most likely alone in this. Kenpachi and Yachiru are in the human world, Ukitake is sick, Kyoraku is probably drunk, Kurotsuchi is most likely locked up in his Squad, so that leaves us and the Captain's of Squads two, four and seven. And of course, the Lieutenants and Third Seats that are still alive and fighting."

"Dada! Dada! Mama!" Aiko shouted.

"And Ichigo's gone too. He went to the human world two days ago." Renji added.

"Which means we are pretty much by ourselves." The noble held Kohana up to eat as she grew hungry for a meal. "Now, let's try to get this over with so I can go home and feed Kohana properly."

The ice broke, falling to the ground as Toshiro panted, Hyourinmaru returning to his unreleased state. There was no end to this. These hollows just wouldn't go away, no matter how many he killed. Rangiku had found him some time ago and had already been resting for awhile, kneeling on a roof using Haineko for support.

"This… is impossible…" The young Captain breathed and tried his hardest to stay in the air but he still found himself slowly descending to the ground.

"What… do we do now… Captain?" Rangiku asked, jumping into the air to avoid the hollows that had chased her onto the roof.

"I don't… know…" Toshiro answered sadly. "Wait for a miracle…"

"When's that going… to come?"

"Soon, I hope."

And soon it did come. Just as the two reached the ground, the hollows jumped at them but the small bodies suddenly disappeared, their remains turning to dust that blew away with the wind.


"Yes…" Toshiro smiled, before his body collapsed on the ground nest to his Lieutenant's.

"Byakuya! Byakuya!" Kenpachi ran down the halls of Squad Four, searching every room he passed.

"Kenpachi…" The noble breathed suddenly, and he smiled when the larger Captain ran into the room, picking him up and holding him close.

"Gods fuckin' damn it, don't you dare do that again." Kenpachi said before slamming his lips against Byakuya's.

"Mmm, careful. You're hurting me."

"Oh, sorry." Zaraki placed his spouse back on the ground but still pulled the smaller body back into his arms, kissing the silky hair. "What the fuck happened?"

"One of Kurotsuchi's experiments escaped and invaded. Abarai and I were able to escape the office but because of the large numbers of hollows, we had to remain in the air. We then attempted to get rid of them but they just kept coming until we ran out of power. The hollows disappeared just as I passed out and I awoke in here."

"So, where's Kohana?" Kenpachi asked, looking around the room.

"Ma ma ma!" The little girl squealed at the two men's feet.

"Where'd you come from?" The large Captain bent down and picked the baby up, kissing her cheek.

"We were not harmed but I will need a few days to recover and regain my usual level of power."

"Ma! Ma! Da!" Kohana pat her father's face.

"Just as long as you two are safe." Kenpachi said.

"And I also decided that while we were here, I would…" Byakuya trailed off quietly.

"How long do we have?"

"Four hours."

"And you can leave now?"

"Yes.""Oh fuck. Let's go then."

"Captain Kuchiki." Toshiro said quietly from the doorway. "Did you get rid of those hollows?"

Byakuya stepped around Kenpachi so he could look at the prodigy. "No I did not."

"Well, I didn't do it. I wonder who it was."


"Kuchiki, we have to go." Kenpachi interrupted, nuzzling his lover's neck.

"Oh." Toshiro blushed, backing away as he realized what the large man was hinting at. "I'm sorry to have bothered you. I'll go."

"Kenpachi…" Byakuya gasped when Kenpachi nibbled his ear after Toshiro had left. "One more thing before we go home. Where is Yachiru?"

"She went to her garden with some of the maids."

"Very well. Let's go."

"Ma ba ba ba!"

"Kenpachi… she needs to eat…" Byakuya pushed on his spouse's chest, trying to move away to get their crying daughter, begging for dinner.

"I'm almost there Byakuya, just wait." Kenpachi grabbed the noble's hips and held him still.

"Kenpachi." Byakuya scowled.

The larger just growled in response, reaching over to grab the crying girl from her bed. "Here." He lay her on her 'mother's' chest, directing her towards the noble's nipple until she latched on and quieted.

Byakuya held her body while he moved back and forth due to Kenpachi's rough thrusts. "Stop until she's done." He said. "Stop." No response. "Kenpa-" Byakuya didn't get to finish the statement because Kenpachi released inside him at that very moment. He moaned and arched his back, finishing as well, making him feel very embarrassed seeing as he had just come with his daughter laying on top of him.

"Wow, I didn't think you'd do that." Kenpachi laughed, pulling out of the noble and sitting back.

"You're disgusting."

"But you still married me."

"Y-yes…" The smaller man winced before his body began to shake, his free hand gripping the sheets. "And I'm g-giving you chi-children…"

"And with only six minutes to spare." The two Captains exchanged a kiss until Kenpachi stood and left for the bathroom.

Byakuya stayed laying on the bed, stroking Kohana's hair as she ate. "He is one strange man, wouldn't you say?" He asked her and she pat his chest in response.

A thudding noise could be heard coming closer from outside in the hall and it grew louder each second. Byakuya smiled as he covered himself before the door slid open and Yachiru flung herself into the room.

"Ko-Ko! Byaka! I missed you!" She whined, hugging the two. Kohana giggled and clapped then leaned forward towards her sister.

"She wants you to hold her." The noble smiled, holding the baby out for Yachiru to take.

"Come here Ko-Ko." The pink-head said, hugging Kohana after she was placed in her lap.

"She's almost as big as you already." Byakuya stood, his sheets wrapped around his waist. "Do you mind watching her for a second? Either your Captain or I will be out from the bathroom soon."

"She's my little sister! Of course I can watch her!" Yachiru answered defiantly, letting the baby off her lap to crawl around the room.

"Of course. Thank you Yachiru." And Byakuya left the room.

"Ko-Ko look." Yachiru knelt down next to the drooling baby, holding out a camellia. "This is what your means. 'Little flower.'"

"Ma! Ma!" Kohana squealed, taking the plant from the older girl.

"My name's not 'mama', it's Yachiru. Byaka is your 'mama.'"

"Ma ma!" Kohana giggled and shoved the flower into her mouth.

"Ko-Ko! Don't eat it!" Yachiru stuck her fingers into the baby's drooling mouth, pulling the limp and soaked flower away from it.

"Ba ba ma!" Kohana whined, reaching out for the new chewing toy her sister had brought her but Yachiru pulled it away.

"It's Yachiru."

"Na na!"



The older girl smiled, the first syllable was done. Ya-chi-ru."

"Ya ya!"


"Yara." Kohana was growing bored with the conversation and reached for the flower he sister kept taunting her with.

"No Ko-Ko! You'll eat it again!"

"Ya-" The baby stopped suddenly and began wheezing, her cheeks turning red, then blue as her airway closed up. She tried to cry but no noise came out so she swung her arms around instead.

"Ko-Ko?" Yachiru asked curiously, at the same time growing scared. "Ko-Ko?" The baby fell backwards on her back, kicking erratically as a rash developed around her mouth, her skin turning bluer still. "Byaka!" Yachiru ran to the bathroom door and knocked. "Ko-Ko's hurt!"

The door slid open and Byakuya looked down at the Lieutenant, his hands tying his yukata up tight before he caught sight of the suffocating baby and he ran to her. "What happened?" He asked, picking her up.

"We were playing with the flower I brought her, and then she did that!"

"Hm." The noble ran out the bedroom door, Yachiru jumping onto his shoulder as he went.

"What's wrong with her?"

"I think she's having an allergic reaction to your flower." Byakuya ran as fast as he could to Squad Four, upset that he had no power to flash-step at such a crucial moment.

Kohana slept quietly in the Squad Four bed, her drool soaking the sheets, her breathing still deep and wheezy, and her mouth still red from the rash. Byakuya sat in a chair next to the bed, stroking Yachiru's hair as she slept against his chest.

Unohana sat across the room, keeping a good eye on the baby in case she decided to go into anaphylactic shock again. "It's only camellia." She said. "Because she's always in your garden, it proves that she's not allergic to every kind of flower."

"It seems that I will have to order the removal of all the camellia on my property then." The noble answered quietly.

"It's a little ironic that a girl named Kohana is allergic to a flower, not to mention the same one that represents her 'mother's' Squad." The healing woman giggled but stopped when she realized Byakuya wasn't laughing with her.

The room became awkwardly silent, no noise except for Kohana's wheezed breathing and Yachiru's quiet snoring.

"When will she be able to leave?" Byakuya asked after awhile, his hand moving to play with his daughter's hair.

"I'd like to keep her here a day longer, just to be sure she's fine."

"I understand."

Yachiru yawned as she awoke, and she looked up at Byakuya apologetically. "I'm sorry Byaka. I didn't mean t hurt Ko-Ko."

"It's fine. We didn't know she had an allergy. Just don't bring any more camellia near her again."


"So you came back here." Kenpachi leaned on the doorframe, his hair down around his shoulders and he was wearing the yukata Byakuya had given him. "What happened to Kohana?"

"She's allergic to camellia." Byakuya stood and walked with Yachiru over to the large man, digging his face into the scarred chest as his body was wrapped up in Kenpachi's arms.

"Don't worry about her Byakuya, she'll be fine."

"She could have died." The noble squeezed his family closer, his entire body shaking.

"Byaka, it's okay. Ko-Ko's okay."

"Just watch, she'll be alright." Kenpachi smiled and kissed his spouse.

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