Summary: Byakuya and Kenpachi are married and are letting their family grow.

Pairing: ByakuyaxKenpachi

Rating: M [this chapter] Sexual Situations. Language.



Chapter 24

"Kohana, slow down. I can't keep up with you anymore." Byakuya followed after his daughter, who much to his disadvantage, was now able to run and get into things she wasn't supposed to.

"Mama!" The one year old ran back to Byakuya but tripped before she reached him and fell face first in the dirt of the garden. She sat up and cried, holding her arms out for Byakuya to pick her up.

The noble bent down as far as he could with his five month baby bump and lifted the girl up, kissing her cheek and wiping the dirt away from her clothing. "I told you not to run. You're still too wobbly."

"Mama! Mama!" The girl cried, shoving her hand into her mouth to soothe her aching gums.

"Don't do that." Byakuya pulled the hand away and replaced it with a human world teething ring Ichigo had given her, and she immediately quieted down. The noble continued to walk towards the gate of his home and was met by Yachiru once he reached it.

"Are you and Ko-Ko gonna go check on the baby, Byaka?" The pink-head asked.

"Yes. Would you like to come with us?"

"No, I'm gonna stay here with Kenny."

Byakuya raised an eyebrow at the girl. "You realize he's still sleeping?"

"Yeah, I know." Yachiru kissed Kohana's hand before running back to the house.

"That's odd." Byakuya said, watching the Lieutenant leave. "Usually she'd come with us."

"Yara!" Kohana called after her sister before stuffing the ring back into her mouth.

"Oh well. Let's go Kohana." Byakuya turned and walked away.

Unohana's hands roamed over the pregnant belly while Byakuya held Kohana next to him, playing with her to keep her from escaping and 'exploring' the room.

"Would you like to know what it is?" The healing woman asked as she reached into her sleeve and handed a piece of baby-candy to Kohana.

"Yes. Zaraki and I would like to know early, so we can prepare properly."

"Well then, you'll be happy to know that you're going to get your heir."

Byakuya smiled and rubbed his tummy, Kohana copying him. "Beebee." She gave a sloppy kiss to the exposed skin, patting it gently until her 'mother' moved led her hand to where her brother was kicking.

"That's your little brother." He said, petting the girl's raven hair while she giggled at the foot kicking her hand. "You'll get to see him in four months."

"Unless he decides to come early like you did." Unohana picked up the baby, holding her up in the air as Byakuya stood and adjusted his kosode. "Oh, I almosy forgot." The woman reached into her sleeve again, producing a silver hairclip with a fake flower and long purple and pink ribbons on it. "Happy birthday sweetie." She pulled a few strands of the baby's dark hair back and snapped the clip through them before rubbing their noses together playfully, making Kohana giggle.

"Thank you." Byakuya received his daughter from Unohana and kissed the little girl's cheek. "I'll be back next month for another examination."

"I'll be waiting!" The woman smiled, waving at the baby who tried to return the action.

Byakuya was rocking Kohana gently in his room as the girl ate her last breast milk meal. Being a year old, she was now going to be able to eat solid food all of the time, not just milk mixed with rice cereal.

The noble held her up high so she wouldn't be resting on the baby belly and pat her back as he hummed softly, smiling to himself when her eyes began to droop. It was long past due for her to take her afternoon nap and it was really showing. She let out a big yawn, her suckling slowing down and her fists rubbing her grey eyes before her body relaxed and she drifted off.

The only problem now was how Byakuya was going to get the sleeping girl to her bed when he could hardly stand up by himself anymore, never mind trying to carry a one year old with him. He decided to not even try moving and instead just lay down, Kohana curled up on his chest.

As he lay there, he began to think about his and Kenpachi's relationship. Sure they had mind-blowing sex almost every night but Byakuya realized that other than that and the times they switched off on watching Kohana, they never really talked together anymore. He knew he loved Kenpachi more than anyone else he'd ever met but he just felt they should spend a little more time together, as a growing family.


Byakuya jumped and opened his eyes that he didn't remembering closing. Kenpachi lay down next to him and kissed his cheek while rubbing his baby tummy. "Kenpachi, you startled me." The noble breathed as the larger man nibbled his ear. "Where have you and Yachiru been?"

"We were getting stuff for Kohana. It's her birthday you know."

"I'm aware of that… wait, you bought her gifts?"

"I borrowed some of our human world money and went there to get her some stuff."

"Is that why Yachiru said she didn't want to come with us today?" Byakuya looked to his spouse as his hakama was removed and thrown across the room. Kenpachi picked up Kohana and paced her in her bed before going back to the noble and climbing over him.

"Yeah, she said she wanted to go with me."

"I wonder why she didn't tell me though." The two men kissed deeply and Byakuya wrapped his arms around Kenpachi's neck while the latter massaged the pregnant belly. Byakuya suddenly remembered his news though, and pushed them apart before smiling happily. "Guess what?" He asked, rubbing his tummy.

"We got a boy." The larger answered and the noble nodded. "Damn Byakuya, you're so awesome." Kenpachi moved back and kissed the distended stomach while Byakuya licked his spouse's fingers, his own running through the spiked black hair. The large, wet flanges went down to the noble's entrance, two pushing in immediately, making Byakuya moan. Two more pushed in beside them, scissoring and stretching.

"Kenpachi…" Byakuya breathed, tilting his spouse's head up so they could look at each other. "I… I want all of us to… do something together… as a family…"

The fingers pulled away and Kenpachi settled himself between Byakuya's legs, his cock rubbing against the tight entrance. "Like what?" He pushed in, slowly sheathing himself completely and kissing his lover's neck to soothe him.

"I-I don't know… but we n-never spend any t-time together anym-more…"

Kenpachi started to move, his arms wrapped around Byakuya's body but he was careful not to squeeze their son too tight. The noble also did the same, his hands running up and down the larger man's strong back. The pace picked up and Kenpachi quickly found Byakuya's prostate; being together for almost two years made it easy.

"Shit, you're always so tight."

"It's because you're… mmm… so big…"

"You're hot when you're pregnant."

"Aah… touch me please…" Kenpachi's hand snaked in between their bodies, pumping Byakuya in time with his thrusts.

"That better?"

"Mmhmm… more…" The large man complied, his thrusts quickening until the noble threw his head back and came all over their stomachs. He held Kenpachi close, kissing his lips before Kenpachi sat back, turning Byakuya onto his side before laying down behind him. He started moving again, pumping the noble back into hardness and kissing the pale, perfect skin in front of him while the smaller man moaned uncontrollably.

"Fuck…" Kenpachi growled and the noble's hand grabbed his lover's forearm as he once again neared completion. "Here it comes Byakuya. Be ready." Zaraki grunted and filled up his spouse seconds later, pushing Byakuya over the edge a second time.

The two panted together, relaxing against each other until their bodies returned to normal and Kenpachi stood, pulling Byakuya up with him.

"Let's take a bath before Kohana wakes up." The noble said, grabbing Kenpachi's hand and leading him to the bathroom.

"Ready Byakuya?" Kenpachi held his hands over the noble's eyes and kissed his cheek while Kohana squirmed wildly in her 'mother's' arms.

"What is this?" Byakuya asked, rocking the girl, who had begun to whine.

"You'll see Byaka!" Yachiru cheered.

"Oh, just let me look already!" The noble yanked Kenpachi's hands away and gasped quietly as he took in the view of the bedroom they were in. "No wonder Kohana is struggling so much." He said, and placed the girl on the floors she could go play with all the new toys littering the room.

"Is it good?" Kenpachi asked.

"Of course." The noble breathed, still looking around their daughter's new bedroom. The usually dark wood of the walls was painted pink, there were baby toys everywhere and pink and purple blankets were folded up on a white human-world changing table as well as a matching crib.

"I found tall furniture so you wouldn't have to bend over."

"Me and Kenny did this all by ourselves!" Yachiru said proudly.

"You did very well." Byakuya smiled and pet the pink hair.

"Maba!" Kohana squealed excitedly, running around the room and opening every drawer there was to open.

"Kohana." Byakuya warned, making the one year old stop and run back to her parents.

"Happy birthday Kohana." Kenpachi picked her up, kissing her cheek. "There's cake in the kitchens for her too."

"It's amazing that you two did all of this for her, but what about me? I never got her anything." Byakuya said.

"You did. Here." Kenpachi walked the noble to the far wall and pointed to a painting that hung over the crib. "Remember that?"

"Yes." Byakuya smiled. "You hung my painting." The painting before them was on a long scroll in all black ink with Kohana's name written in calligraphy across the middle, bordered by elaborate drawings of flowers and a newborn baby Kohana's face. Byakuya had painted it for her when she was only two weeks old. He had been practicing his calligraphy writing and was inspired to draw when he glanced over at the peacefully sleeping newborn girl on her blanket with his garden in full bloom in the background.

"Mama mama!" Kohana clapped her hands.

"Happy birthday Kohana." The noble kissed his daughter before he hugged Kenpachi and Yachiru. "I love all of you." He smiled.

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