Here's a new Buffy/JCA ficlet collection I cooked up one day after reading a few stories about strippers and exotic dancers I looked up using the search engine Google, and also reading this neat collection of drabbles that was centered on the character Faith and a crossover with the movie Labyrinth, called "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" on the website Twisting the Hellmouth. It was so neat for me to read that I decided to try my hand at something that was like that, but also completely very different.

Disclaimer: Genius Joss Whedon owns BtVS. John Rogers (also a genius) owns Jackie Chan Adventures. I own the songfics, oneshots, stories, novellas, ficlets and poems I cook up.

Kind of Risky

"Oh, come on, Buffy! You have to be kidding. Dancing around a pole? That's what you do when you're not slaying vampires?" Chow raised an eyebrow.

Buffy glared at him – something he found to be quite titillating. "So what? At least I get to earn some big bucks! What would you do if you were a vampire Slayer – one guy in all the world?"

Chow lowered his orange sunglasses and smirked at her over the top of the lenses. "I would probably do the same for you, mi amor."

Before she knew it, Chow then pinned her down and had her on top of him, and then wrapped his bare ankles around her waist, causing her to suck in her breath in surprise.

"Uh, Chow-"

He cut her off with a deep kiss.