The epilogue! This is set somewhere between 3 and 5 years after the wedding. They're back living in L.A, and "A New Direction" has been over for just over a year, and Chris is just taking the world by storm.

Darren was sitting at the foot of their bed. He was dressed mostly in a suit, only his jacket and shoes missing. He was busy pulling on a sock at the moment.


Chris walked into the room, fully dressed and ready to go. "Yeah?"

"Are you sure?"

Chris smiled, sitting down on the bed next to him. "Yes, I'm 100% sure. Its one night."

Darren sighed. "I know its only one night. And I know that this is YOUR night, but at the same time..." He trailed off, looking at the door.

Chris reached over, taking his hand. "I know. If this wasn't one of the biggest nights of my career, you know we'd be sitting on the couch watching it on TV instead. But, I'm nominated for an Oscar. An Oscar. I can't even believe it."

Darren smiled. "I can. You've been working towards this since I met you."

"I know, I know. I just...I can't believe it. Still."

Darren smiled. "You may not be able to, but I can." Darren pulled on his shoes and kissed Chris' cheek. "Okay, I'm ready."

Chris smiled. "Good. The car should be here in a few minutes. And your camera is on the table by the door." Chris grabbed his phone off the dresser and they walked out of the room, and down the hall. They slowly opened the door before Chris poked his head in.

"You're awake!"

Chris ran into the room, and picked up the toddler who had been standing in her crib. Darren stood in the doorway, watching them together and smiling.

Chris held her up in the air before bringing her down and holding her. "Where's Auntie Lea?"

Lea ran back into the room on queue, arms outstretched. "Come here pumpkin!"

The little girl held her arms out for Lea and Chris handed her over.

Darren walked into the room, standing next to Chris. "You've got all the numbers?"

Lea smiled and nodded. "Chris, I did carry her for 9 months, I think we'll be fine. I've got your cell phone, and Darren's cell phone, and a bunch of others, plus the hotel's number and I know how to dial 911. Go, relax, have a great time and Chris, when you win, make sure you give me a shout out."

Chris smiled. "I will, I promise. And don't jinx it!"

Darren shook his head. "She's not jinxing it. You can't jinx a sure thing."

Lea nodded. "Exactly! Now get out of here so me and Miss Colfer can begin our ladies night!" Lea balanced the little girl on her hip while pushing Chris and Darren out of the room and downstairs to the door.

Darren held his arms out to the little girl. "Come to Da-da!" He kissed her forehead. "Come on, just say Da-da! I'll give you my sunglasses. I'll buy you a car. I'll let you play with Papa's Golden Globe!"

Chris shook his head. "You will not." He held his arms out to her, taking her from Darren after one last hug. He kissed her cheek gently before smiling at her. "We'll see you in the morning. Be good for Auntie Lea." He hugged her as their car honked from the driveway and Lea snatched her out of his arms.

They watched as Darren and Chris' car pulled out of the driveway. "Let's go inside, Bella."

Chris was visibly nervous in the car. He kept moving around and glancing at his phone, or out the window, or over at Darren for a second. Always moving though. Darren reached over and took his hand.

"Chris, you're shaking."

Chris sighed. "I'm just so nervous!"

Darren smiled. "I know you are. I'm nervous for you, and because we both just left our daughter for the first time since she was born."

Chris nodded. "I know. She's never been without one of us."

They were both quiet for a minute before Chris looked at Darren. "We should go back. I'll appear via satellite if I win."

Darren smiled. "You know you can't do that. She's going to be fine. Lea's right. She did take care of her for the most important 9 months of her life, I'm sure she can handle one evening. Besides, if we don't learn how to leave her with a babysitter at some point, we'll never leave the house." The car stopped. "Now smile pretty, its time to walk the red carpet."

"And the oscar goes to...Chris Colfer!"

Darren stood up, pulling Chris out of his seat and hugging him. "You won!" He grinned at him before pushing him away from the table and up towards the stage.

Chris walked up the stairs and took the trophy from, oh was that Emma Watson? He moved to the microphone and shook his head.

"Thank you. I just...I wrote out this whole speech and I can't remember a word of it. And also hi Emma Watson, I really love your outfit." The crowd laughed before Chris continued.

"I just want to thank everyone that helped with making this movie possible. The cast, the crew, the people who went to see it, everyone. You can't even begin to imagine how much it means to me. I also need to thank one of my best friends in the whole world, Lea, nothing would be possible without you. You've made so many of my wildest dreams come true. You really are an angel sent from up above, and I couldn't be standing here right now if I didn't know my little girl was safe at home with you." He stopped to blow her a kiss.

"And finally, Darren. Where are you?" He scanned the crowd, finding Darren. "Oh, there you are! Darren, you were my rock through the entire process. You kept me going, and you never let me give up. I love you, so much. None of this would be possible without you. You're a great father, and the best partner I could ever hope to have. This award isn't just for me, its for you and Belle as well."

The music begun to cut him off, as it had done to every single winner this evening. He smiled. "Thank you!" And walked back towards the backstage area.

On the way home, Chris couldn't keep the smile off his face. "I can't believe I won."

Darren smiled. "My husband, the Oscar winner."

Chris laughed, elbowing him. "Whatever you say Mr. Grammy winner."

"I've never won a Grammy!"

"Not yet, but I'm sure you will." Chris smiled. "You're Harry freakin' Potter. You can do anything."

I KNOW I SWITCHED NAMES. Her name is Belle, but it just...sounded better to say Bella when Lea was talking to her. But her name is Belle. Not Bella. Its impossible to name the CrissColfer baby. I had a hard time and finally just went "BELLE FROM BEAUTY AND THE BEAST CAUSE I LOVE THAT MOVIE"

So that's it folks. Its officially done. I can't thank you enough for reading and enjoying this fic. I really can't. I really hope that you all enjoyed the ending of this. It is exactly what I had in mind when I started writing this, and I'm very happy with how its ended. I'm still not sure about the name though. I've got some random scenes that just didn't work in this fic, so keep an eye out for those, and some one shots, and maybe even a whole new fic eventually. This isn't goodbye though! Especially not if you follow me on tumblr, I'm always requesting love on there. The link to my tumblr is on my main profile thingy on here. I like new followers, so feel free to watch my insanity!

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