1 Begging's?

---------------------------------------------------------------BEFORE------- ---------------------------------------------------------

Gabriel Knight sat in the overly large dining room id Slosh Ritter, alone as usual, as it had been since he got back form France, he picked at his meal he really didn't have much of an appetite, in all honesty he hadn't eaten much since he got back, nearly a month ago.

He looked up at the large painting of uncle Wolfgang, it looked back, the images came flooding back, Wolfgang had sent him to get the heart of a thousand year old mummy whilst he had ripped out his own heart so they could get the talisman back, the blood rich read covered his hands as he lifted it the coppery taste in his mouth, what. What? Blood in his mouth.

He came back to reality with a thud. Gerde came rushing in.

"Are you ok Mr Knight?" she looked honesty worried, this didn't faze Gabriel; she had worn that look almost permanently since he had gotten back.

He missed Grase. That was obvious to every one in Rittersberg. He needed a vacation. He needed to go home.

He walked into the library, and chuckle remembering the extent Grase had gone to, to get into here. He picked up the phone, and dialled.

"Hello Knight residence, who's calling?" His grans voice floated down the phone.

"Gran it's me." He said.

"Gabriel deer. Why in havens name are you calling at three in the morning?"

Gabriel cursed he had forgotten about the time difference.

"Sorry gran haw are you? Haw's the shop?"

"That's ok deer, I haven't heard from you since that charming woman, what was here name? Ah yes Grase, that was it, Grase, since she left to join you in Germany."

Gabriel choked and dropped the receiver. When he picked it back up grans his grans voice was panicked.

"Sorry gran you just took me by surprise that's all. Is it ok if I come visit?"

"Why certainly. When were you thinking of coming?"

"As soon as possible, probably Friday."

"Oh my that's soon, Ill be expecting you."

"Thanks gran." He smiled, his first genuine smile since France.

---------------------------------------------------------------ONE---------- -------------------------------------------------------------

Gabriel lay back in the comfy seat, and before he knew it he was asleep. He dreamed.

He was flying over a desert, there was something on the ground in the sand, he flew lower and recognised it, it was the talisman, he reached out to pick it up and the sands swallowed it. Suddenly Grace's face was there eyes wide mouth open. He reached out again, and it changed became liquid and reformed, into Malia's face. It began to laugh at him, laugh and laugh, the laughter reminded him of mental patents, or killers. Yes killers. Here hand reached up out the sands and clasped round he neck. The hand reformed into a writhing mass of sneaks. She was standing in front of him the talisman around here neck, Gabriel reached out and snatched the talisman she collapsed into dust, with that same laugh, then a booming voice.

"You should have don it when you had the chance. Now it's to late and you will fell my wrath, death is to good for you."

Gabriel woke with a start. And the pane was coming into land.