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Chapter 13

Pharaohmon's Insidious Plot Unfolds! Duel, Yugi vs Felinismon!


Domino City/Construction Site/8:12 PM

Standing on a wooden platform at a construction site were Yugi Muto and Felinismon, which would determine the possession of the Millennium Puzzle. They shot imposing glares to each other while Joey, Tea, and Tristan watched anxiously waiting for the duel to commence.

"Make your move, Felinismon! The sooner we can get done with this, you'll tell us where Pharaohmon is hiding," Yami said, putting his deck into the Duel Disk's slot.

"Not after I take your precious Puzzle and God Cards!" Felinismon declared her intentions. I

Tea cheered on her friend. "Humiliate her, Yugi!"

"And close that trap mouth of hers while your at it!" Joey added the fuel to the fire.

Yami Yugi focused on Felinismon and drew his first five cards. The feline smiled as she gazed on her first five selections. Their life points became established.

Felinismon/4000 LP

Yugi/4000 LP

"I'll go first, if you don't mind!" Felinismon said, slamming two cards on her field. "I'll set one monster and one other card face-down and end my turn."

Yami added. "My draw! I summon Celtic Guardian in attack mode!"

Once the monster materialized on the field, it resembled an elf warrior garbed in green chest armor & helmet accessories, beige pants, and brown boots. He looked almost like a Duel Monster version of Link.

Celtic Guardian


LVL/4 ATK/1400 DEF/1200

"Go, my Guardian! Attack her face-down monster!"

Celtic Guardian roared a battle yell and prepared to strike her facedown monster card. When he hit it, it revealed the monster.

Felinismon laughed. "I was hoping you'd do that! Reveal yourself, my Sleeping Lion!" As the card flipped over, the monster was, as the name suggested, a sleeping lion under a hood and wearing a pink cloak.

Sleeping Lion


LVL/4 ATK/700 DEF/1700

Yugi/3700 LP (4000-300)

The moment Celtic Guardian hit Sleeping Lion led to Yugi losing life points.

"Oh no! Yugi lost 300 life points!" Tristan exclaimed.

"This is just a minor setback. Yugi will recover from this!" Tea affirmed her support for Yugi.

"You know what they say, Yugi... It's best to let sleeping lions lie!" The feline Digimon added her own cat's pun.

Yami scowled at the outcome and drew two cards. "Fine, then I'll set two cards face-down and end my turn."

"My turn! I summon Panther Warrior!"

Panther Warrior


LVL/4 ATK/2000 DEF/1600

"Hey, she's using one of my monsters!" Joey called out on Felinismon's play.

"Now, since Panther Warrior cannot attack without a tribute, I'll sacrifice my Sleeping Lion to have him attack your Celtic Guardian!"

When she declared her move, Yugi quickly countered one of his facedown cards. "I reveal the Trap Card Magic Cylinder, which negates your attack and deals you damage equal to your monster's Attack Power."

Felinismon sneered at Yugi's counter. "2000 points of damage? That's gonna hurt... or at least it would if I didn't have this baby prepared!" She immediately flipped over a facedown card. "I reveal the Counter-Trap Trap Jammer! Since you activated a trap card during the Battle Phase, I can use this to negate and destroy it, meaning my Panther Warrior's attack is still on!"

"No! Look out, Yug!" The blonde-haired teen called out to the King of Games.

Tea cried out fearfully. "Yugi!"

"Ugh!" Yami howled as Panther Warrior hit him a quick sword strike, dealing damage to the Duelist.

Yugi/3100 LP (3700-600)

The feline Digimon laughed as she taunted him. "Hah! Take that! Now I'll place one card face-down and end my turn." She laid down a facedown card and smiled a cat's smirk.

As he recovered, Yugi smiled. "You're quite skilled, I'll give you that, but it's my draw! I'll set one monster face-down and end my turn." He placed his concealed card down and glared intently at Felinismon.

"What, no counter-attack from the great 'King of Games'?" snorted the snobby feline. "Fine, then. I draw, then summon Lady Panther to the field!" Upon calling forth her monster, this feline monster resembled a humanoid leopard garbed a warrior maiden's armor while holding a golden shield and a golden instrument fitted for battle.

Lady Panther


LVL/4 ATK/1400 DEF/1300

"Lady Panther?" Tristan muttered.

Joey kept a close eye on the duel. "Ain't that obvious. She'd have a deck full of feline warriors."

"What do you think? Doesn't she make a fine companion for Panther Warrior?" Felinismon purred with light before directing her monster to Yugi. "Now, go, Lady Panther, attack his face-down monster!"

With that, Lady Panther sprinted forward to strike down Yugi's facedown card.

"After what you did to me, I'm surprised you'd just attack a face-down monster like that, especially with your weaker monster," Yugi declared as he beckoned for his facedown monster to the field. "Reveal yourself, Giant Soldier of Stone!"

Emerging from the facedown came a gargantuan warrior forged from stone. The massive stone figure towered over Lady Panther and hunched over to form a battle posture.

Giant Soldier of Stone


LVL/3 ATK/1300 DEF/2000

Feigning shock, Felinismon bemoaned her forthcoming 'defeat' melodramatically. "Oh, no! Whatever shall I do? Oh, I know..." She grinned mischievously when she pulled an ace from her hand. "I'll activate the Quick-Play Spell Rush Recklessly from my hand! This gives my Lady Panther an instant, if temporary, 700 Attack Point boost!"

A yellow aura flared over Lady Panther as she gained a quick power boost.

Lady Panther

ATK/2100 (1400+700)

"Not if I activate the Trap Card Magic Jammer! Now, by discarding one card, I can negate your Spell Card and destroy it!" As Yugi played his magic trap, he utilized it to cut Lady Panther's power down 700 points.

Lady Panther

ATK/1400 (2100-700)

"Yugi, Yugi, Yugi... Why did you have to go and do that?" Felinismon sighed with exasperation. "You activated a trap during the Battle Phase, which means I can activate my Trap Jammer and negate your Magic Jammer!"

Yugi blanched upon this revelation. "What? Another one?"

"Hey, that's not fair!" Tristan called out on Felinismon's seemingly questionable play.

Tea added with disdain for the feline. "How can you get away with that?!"

"Why do y'all sound so shocked? It's not like it's illegal to have multiple copies of the same card in your deck. In fact, for most cards you can have up to three copies. Now, since my Trap Jammer negated your Magic Jammer before it could negate Rush Recklessly, I believe my Lady Panther is still strong enough to destroy your Giant Soldier of Stone!"

Lady Panther

ATK/2100 (1400+700)

Felinismon chuckled mischievously. "And now that you're wide open, I'll sacrifice my Lady Panther to have Panther Warrior attack you directly!"

Lady Panther bumrushed toward Yugi's Giant Soldier of Stone. The warrior used her weapon and shattered its defenses, quickly destroying it in one blow. Yugi watched in shock seeing his giant fall to the empowered Lady Panther.

Yugi/1100 LP (3100-2000)

"No, Yugi!" Tea cried.

Joey growled and balled up a fist. "C'mon, man! I know you rebound from this! If you were able to put Kaiba and Marik in their places, you can beat her no sweat!"

Felinismon chortled as she overheard Joey's boast. "Oh, put a sock in it, loud mouth. You're not the one dueling here." She turned and faced Yugi's friends, giving them a haughty laugh. "Remember, Yugi is forbidden from using his God Cards. He must rely on his own monsters. You think this is the best I've got? I have plenty of more beasts left to play."

Yug, hang in there, man! Joey focused his concern over to his friend. "We're behind ya!"

"And with that I'll end my turn. Is that all you got?" Felinismon inquired, veering over back to Yami Yugi. "Before I was so rudely interrupted by your peanut gallery..."

Yami put on a calm composure and nodded. "Oh, believe me, I'm just getting started..."


Eastern Shinjuku District/8:19 PM

As their battle dragged out, YoukaiInumon countered every claw strike attempt from ShadowMetalGarurumon. Suddenly, ShadowMetalGarurumon saw an opening and backhanded YoukaiInumon's swords from his hands. Seeing he was unarmed, YoukaiInumon took a chance and lunged at the metal wolf. The canines rolled across the streets while tearing at each other.

"C'mon, Inumon! Get up!" Himura encouraged his Digimon.

Yui cried out from the sidelines. "Inumon! C'mon...!" Then, she had second thoughts when seeing ShadowMetalGarurumon trying to bite on YoukaiInumon's arms. "Or, maybe... he's not such an evil Digimon. What if he's just on the wrong side?"

"Yui. Get real," the boy remarked. "He's trying to kill Inumon!"

"Could it be Pharaohmon is just using him?" Yui wondered.

"I'm still not sure, Yui. I don't trust him."

"At least, let's give him a chance to explain…"

"It's too late for that. Those two don't look ready chat civilly."

"Then, I'll have to break them up myself!" Yui boldly tried to interject into the fight, but Himura grabbed her.

"Stop it, Yui! You're going to get mauled out there!"

She tried jerking her arm back and pleaded to him. "I just don't want anyone else to fight one another just because some crazy boy decides to hurt others!"

"Yui..." muttered Himura as the siblings locked eyes and turned back to the ongoing battle.

After getting knocked back, YoukaiInumon struggled to stand. He suffered some bites and cuts. He glanced over to see his swords laying on the ground several feet from his reach.

"I know what you're thinking about, Inumon. You're wondering if I should kill you fast or painfully slow?" ShadowMetalGarurumon growled as he paced back and forth. He didn't take his eyes off YoukaiInumon and stared him intently. "Either way. You're going to die." He bumrushed YoukaiInumon quickly and lunged forward.

YoukaiInumon quickly dodged his adversary by doing a barrel roll. He rolled over and grabbed his swords.

"Inumon! Don't hurt him!" Yui pleaded to him.

"Give it to him, Inumon!"

"Himura!" She retorted.

"You want ShadowMetalGarurumon to continue hunting us down like prey? I'm doing this to protect us, sis!"

"Yeah, but we can't kill him. I can't explain why, but…"

"Yui. This is no time to get sentimental. Inumon! Finish him!"

Once YoukaiInumon took a battle stance, ShadowMetalGarurumon charged and readied his claws. He lunged toward YoukaiInumon. The warrior caught an opening on the wolf and charged ahead to meet him. Twirling his swords, YoukaiInumon channeled power into his blades and landed a series of quick and successive strikes, all of which hit ShadowMetalGarurumon hard. ShadowMetalGarurumon was sent sailing into the air. However, YoukaiInumon wasn't finished. He crossed both swords, forming an 'X', before invoking a powerful force of battle energy. He summoned a large wolf, forged from black fire energy, which almost resembled Beowulfmon's Frozen Hunter.

"Let him have it, Inumon!" Himura shouted.

"Inumon! No!" Yui screamed.

"Dark Flame Hound!"

YoukaiInumon unleashed the dark flame wolf as it charge down the path and collided head-on with ShadowMetalGarurumon. The impact from the flaming wolf shattered ShadowMetalGarurumon's Digizoid armor and sent him flying several blocks.

"NO!" Yui cried out, witnessing ShadowMetalGarurumon on the receiving end of YoukaiInumon's attack.

"Yui, please try to understand. He was sent to kill you and me. You should be thankful…"

"Thankful for what?"

Himura knelt beside his sister and pulled her into a hug. She was hesitant to return the embrace until she gave in and hugged him. YoukaiInumon sighed and walked over to the siblings.

YoukaiInumon asked. "Are you two all right?"

"We'll manage, Inumon," Himura replied before looking down at his sister. "Yui. Are you going to be fine?"


"That's good."

Suddenly, YoukaiInumon sensed a distress emanating from Shinjuku Park. The dark canine's sights were set on the towering figure of WarDevidramon. Himura and Yui, too, noticed WarDevidramon appearing in plain sight.

"Looks like another battle awaits us, Himura," YoukaiInumon said. "We gotta give the Tamers a hand."

"Right. Let's go, Yui!" Himura said as he grabbed his sister's hand. "Takato and the others are likely in trouble. They'll need our support to take that big monster down!"

As Yui looked back toward the direction ShadowMetalGarurumon flew, Himura whistled to her. Yui shifted her attention to her brother and complied. The siblings bolted ahead and followed YoukaiInumon toward the park. As she continued running, Yui glanced over her shoulder again as her face certainly conveyed concern for ShadowMetalGarurumon.

Sorry, but I'm needed with my brother now. Yui thought as she turned around and ran up to Himura.


Meanwhile, the Spirit Detectives managed to cut off Brimstone from a pass. Brimstone faced Yusuke and his team on a rooftop. Before the fire warrior could attempt a hasty retreat in the air, a long vine lashed out and hit him across the side. He turned and eyed Kurama, who quickly jerked the vine back.

"Yo, we were just getting reacquainted," Yusuke grinned whilst not hiding the sarcasm in his tone. He pointed his finger toward Brimstone and prepared to fire.

Just then, Kurama walked forward and waved off Yusuke.


A befuddled Kuwabara was taken aback. "Urameshi's got a clear shot, Kurama. What do you think you're...?"

"Quiet. Kurama has his reason for this," Hiei abruptly cut off the orange-haired teen. "You two would do best but to stand back."

Nodding, Yusuke dropped his finger but cautiously kept his spirit energy minimized in his fingertip. Kuwabara held his ground as he watched Kurama walking toward Brimstone.

Kurama. You better have a good reason for calling us off at such short notice. The demon swordsman meticulously watched the cunning red-haired fox stopping a few feet from Brimstone.

Growling behind his mask, Brimstone pierced a terrifying gaze into Kurama. He was most surprised as Kurama folded the vine in his hand.

"What is the meaning of this?"

"Permit me to ask a few inquiries. One: What do you hope to accomplish for Pharaohmon?"

"A ridiculous question, demon. I wish to make my lord proud and to help him through his conquest to rule your kind."

The red-haired fox furrowed his brows. "Is that so? What's the purpose for the armor on your body? I don't suppose you really need it to protect yourself."

The armored fire warrior narrowed his eyes, chortling evilly. "Ah, so you've finally realized my secret. Oh, observant of you." He flexed his right arm and displayed the heavy armor mounted over his body. "No, this armor does provide me protection against my opponents. On the other hand, it protects my enemies from myself."

"Did I hear that right?" Kuwabara gulped when hearing the monster explicitly mention the last part.

Hiei muttered. "So, he's one of those type of warriors."

"Careful, Kurama," Yusuke warned his colleague.

"Just as I thought," Kurama calmly stated. "You don't suppose you'd like to demonstrate?"

"That won't be necessary. I can take you with or without my armor. What you need to worry about is how long you can last with me. Most don't even last five minutes with me."

"I'd like to give it a try."

Slightly taken aback, Brimstone growled under deep breathing. "Even if you risked your own life? Very well then. There's no turning back."

"I don't intend to run," Kurama said, taking on a battle stance against the behemoth. "Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei, I'll take this."

"Are you freakin' crazy, Kurama?!" spat Kuwabara, who clearly objected to his friend's decision to engage Brimstone. "We barely took him on together!"

"Relax, you loud fool," the demon swordsman rebuked, becoming more increasingly annoyed with Kuwabara's outbursts. "He likely has discovered a chink in this warrior's armor if he's this confident."

Yusuke clenched his fists watching Kurama standing face-to-face with Brimstone.

"Hell, if anyone can find a weakness, Kurama can..." Yusuke said. "But, Kurama, the minute you're in trouble, I'm blasting his head off."

Kurama answered with a sly smirk before focusing his full attention to Brimstone.

Brimstone raised his right hand and in his fingers came a sword, which materialized from fire. He readily charged forward with the sword. Kurama matched a timely sword strike with his Rose Whip. Rather than the sword tearing through the vine, the weapons bounced off one another. Kurama kept his distance from the fire leaking out of Brimstone's armor. He smashed his sword into the ground, ripping through it by unleashing intense flames toward Kurama. Kurama evaded the fire attack and watched Brimstone charging toward him again.

Kurama threw his Rose Whip across and ensnared Brimstone's sword. The two warrior engaged in a tug of war for a few seconds until Brimstone's sword unleashed fire and burned the Rose Whip. He discarded the burnt whip and watched it turn into smoldering ash when hitting the ground.

The keen fox observed Brimstone carefully. His body is giving off an extreme heat temperature. I must keep my distance at all costs.

Distancing himself from Brimstone, Kurama found himself cornered on the top right side of the roof. He sprinted across on the left side and kept Brimstone focused on him.

"You play decent strategy, but you and your colleagues won't survive my fire for long."

"I have other means to defeat you with."

Laughing, Brimstone took Kurama's 'bluff' not by face value. As his fire cloak reappeared, the fire warrior forged a large heat ball and threw it at Kurama. Kurama dodged the incoming heat ball as it went toward Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei. Hiei swiftly phased away before it could reach them, Yusuke and Kuwabara had to jump on opposite sides of the roof to avoid it. The heat ball hit the nearest metal pole and melted it down into goop.

"That was too close!" Kuwabara snapped, shaking a fist at the armored warrior. "You could've taken my head off with that one!"

Sitting up, Yusuke watched Kurama dodging more of Brimstone's heat spheres. He hesitated to intervene, but respected Kurama's wishes enough to hold his ground.

"If he keeps this up, one of those attacks will critically injure Kurama," Hiei analyzed.

"C'mon, Kurama," the lead Spirit Detective growled behind clenched teeth.

"Your plants are useless against my fire defenses!" Brimstone shouted as he continued flinging heat balls toward Kurama, who dodged them swiftly albeit with some difficulty. "Running around won't help any."

Kurama continued the dodge ball strategy with Brimstone whilst mulling over more strategies at his disposal. One thought came to the cunning fox's mind. He remembered his most efficient but deadly plants and seeds, which would be the necessary trump card in breaking Brimstone's armor.


Shinjuku Central Park/8:25 PM

(Cue God of War OST – Enter the Hydra)

"Crimson War Claw!" WarDevidramon loudly screeched, slashing the air and unleashing slashes that cut through Gallantmon.

Yelling out, Gallantmon took the crushing force head-on and fell into the lake. Sakuyamon quickly flew in and summoned her fox spirits to hold off the half-mechanical dragon man.

"Enough child's play!" WarDevidramon roared, slashing through Sakuyamon's fox spirits like paper. He flew in and slashed Sakuyamon, sending her plunging into the ground. "You fool. None of you can stop me."

"I wouldn't be patting myself on the back, bub," Beelzebumon muttered behind WarDevidramon.

The second that WarDevidramon turned around led to Beelzebumon hitting him with a Chaos Flare. The powerful force managed to faze WarDevidramon temporarily, allowing Beelzebumon to land his Darkness Claw. WarDevidramon recovered enough to catch Beelzebumon's hand, cutting the winged demon man off. WarDevidramon landed swift and heavy headbutts into Beelzebumon's face. He then disoriented the demon man with a claw strike and grabbed his neck. He applied pressure by crushing Beelzebumon's throat.

"Beelzebumon!" Gallantmon yelled while flying up and hitting WarDevidramon with his shield. This allowed the cybernetic dragon to release Beelzebumon, who hit the ground and recovered from having his throat crushed.

"Get him, Gallantmon!" MegaGargomon encouraged the Bio-Merged knight.

Readying his Aegis Shield, Gallantmon charged up the Hazard Symbol on the shield and fired.

"Shield of the Just!"

WarDevidramon saw the forthcoming attack and dodged the earth-shattering beam. He let it barely glide past him. The attack went into the air and exploded, igniting a bright flash of light. All spectators were shocked by how fast WarDevidramon dodged a close encounter with Gallantmon's attack.

"Nearly had me, but not good enough," WarDevidramon cackled and taunted Gallantmon by hitting his own chest. "If that hit me, I don't think I would be standing or floating about."

Kazu, Andromon, Kenta, MarineAngemon, Calumon, and Jeri watched helplessly as WarDevidramon prepared to unleash his next attack. The Bio-Merged Megas and Beelzebumon charged head-on to attack WarDevidramon again.

"Yes, come to me," WarDevidramon chuckled again as he raised his right hand.

Suddenly, a group of four shadowed figures intervened. The Bio-Merged Megas and Beelzebumon first noticed someone wielding a double-sided hammer and hitting WarDevidramon in the face with it. Granted, this blow didn't harm WarDevidramon, but it attentively force him to cease his attack.

"What was that?!" WarDevidramon demanded.

"Draining Rain!" shouted a southern belle-like voice as a dark cloud materialized and hung over WarDevidramon's head.

"Eh?" WarDevidramon raised his head as a downpour of water fell over him. Once again, he wasn't fazed by the direct attack, but it greatly agitated him. "Who dares intervene?! Reveal yourselves, attackers!"

The Tamers and the Digimon were equally confused. Then, Jeri and Calumon spotted the four figures in question drop in from a tree.

"Over there!" Jeri pointed them to the vigilantes.

The four shadowed figures stepped forward and revealed themselves. Everyone present identified them as Mercuremon, Arbormon, Ranamon, and Grottomon.

(End theme)

"Who are you four?" the cybernetic dragon growled deeply, demanding an answer from them.

Mercuremon interjected. "Any enemy of they are an enemy of ours."

Grottomon snorted, flinging his hammer across his shoulder. "Looks like we didn't come too late."

Ranamon glanced over her shoulder to spot the Tamers. She smiled but her smirk faded when glaring over at WarDevidramon. "We're here to even the odds. Hope you sweeties don't mind."

"How about you fight all of us, punk?" Arbormon raised his fists and shuffled his feet back and forth.

"It's them again," Sakuyamon pointed out to the four Legendary Warriors.

Gallantmon nodded. "Am I glad to see them, but where are the other Warriors?"

"Maybe they're late?" MegaGargomon added as he noticed Ranamon smiling to him. "Huh..? Um, Henry? Are you seeing this?"

Seeing Ranamon from within MegaGargomon, Henry was befuddled as to why the Warrior of Water gave him eye contact and such a vague smile.

Don't worry, brother. We'll help clean up this mess. Ranamon thought.

"HECK YEAH!" Kazu cheered. "Never thought I'd be glad to see them again!"

Kenta added. "Talk about a surprise entrance."

Holding Calumon close, Jeri whispered. "They really have to be on our side."

WarDevidramon analyzed the four Legendary Warriors. He growled deeply while becoming annoyed with the constant interferences during the battle.

"More insects for me to squish? Well, at least Lord Pharaohmon is allowing me the opportunity to test my strength," WarDevidramon growled. "But, whether you four are on their side or nor, matters little to me. You will all share the same fate."

"Shut the hell up," Arbormon rebuked. "We're coming at you now!"

"Let's give them a hand, guys!" Gallantmon declared while leading his friends forward to engage WarDevidramon again.

I really hope these four are really with us! Takato thought within Gallantmon.

The Tamers focused their efforts as they converged with the Legendary Warriors and teamed up on WarDevidramon.


Shibuya Park/8:30 PM

"Guys! Let's take it to the next level!" Venus shouted as she, Mars, and Jupiter transformed. "Venus...!"



"Eternal! Make-Up!"

Standing at the forefront with Pluto and Saturn behind them, Eternal Sailor Mars, Eternal Sailor Venus, and Eternal Sailor Jupiter took on battle stances. The three Eternals faced down Gebmon, who was recovering from a beat down from the Senshi. Lance observed with great interest while probing the Eternal Senshi's immense energies. A sinister grin adorned the evil one's features when seeing them reveal their higher forms.

"Show me what you got, ladies," Lance whispered evilly.

Saturn was equally impressed. "Amazing. Their powers are incredible up close."

Pluto nodded. "Now watch closely, Saturn. In due time, we will acquire these powers, too." She and Saturn stayed vigilant of Lance viewing them on the tree near them. Though Lance's presence was distracting enough, they focused on their fellow Senshi engaging Gebmon.

"What are y'all waiting for?!" Gebmon goaded the three to attack. Wasting no time, he uncoiled more tendrils from his body and shot them toward the Senshi.

Venus, Mars, and Jupiter evaded Gebmon's tentacles. Venus unleashed a long metal chain with a hook, which was imbued by golden light. She hooked Gebmon up and cut through one tentacle. Jupiter raised her hand, forging a ball of lightning and threw it at the creature. The lightning ball blasted through a few tentacles. Mars followed it up by kicking her feet up and channeling fire in her boots, which burned the tentacles into dust.

"Feh, you forget I can just regenerate my body!" Gebmon said until the Senshi amassed their attacks and formed a large ball of combined lightning, fire, and metallic energy. "Um... spoke too soon?" His eyes widened when the combined attack impacted him and obliterated his body. "AVENGE ME, MASTER!" He roared out his final screams as his body dissolved completely, negating his regenerative ability.

When it was said and done, the Senshi pivoted over to Lance's general direction. The possessed teen mockingly clapped for the three Senshi.

"Well done, ladies," Dropping his evil grin, Lance clapped. "I surmised you'd find some way to destroy my minion. Now, I see why I must take your power sources to restore my old body."

"We won't let you," Saturn rebuked and pointed her Silence Glaive toward him.

Venus heatedly glared him down and scoffed. "We outnumber you, pal. Give up or Mars removes you from that kid's body." She finished as Mares readily drew out an Ofuda paper.

"Cute, but what makes you think you have the real me..." Before Lance finished, his body quivered before turning into dust.

Alarmed, the Senshi turned around and saw the real Lance charging out from the bushes. He set his sights on the three Eternal Senshi.

"Heads up!" Jupiter shouted.

Just then, Pluto and Saturn abruptly cut off Lance from the pass.

"Dead Scream." Pluto murmured, unleashing an immense ball of purple light from her Garnet Rod's orb. She sent the blast to the ground, which knocked him into the air.

Saturn jumped up and attempted to catch him with her glaive. Lance narrowly evaded her weapon and landed on the ground. Venus didn't give him the chance to recover and ran up kicking him in the face.

"Ugh!" The possessed teen grunted as he stumbled back. He turned his head and was nailed with a punch by Jupiter. His head snapped back following the brunette's fist. He saw Mars charging at him and hitting him with a kick to his side. "Augh!" He grunted again while being on the receiving end of Mars' boot. He was sent skidding across the concrete.

Lance rebounded by shooting black energy whips from his hands. He surprised Jupiter and Venus by ensnaring them with the whips. Mars cut off the thin whips with fire blasts.

"Damn!" cursed Lance as the Senshi tried cutting him off by barricading him inside a circle. He looked around, realizing he was surrounded by the five Senshi.

"Let's see you get out of this one!" Jupiter said, fiercely taking a stand.

Mars readied her paper seal. "I'm ready to expel you from that body, Pharaohmon. You get no last words."

Lance evilly grinned as black smoke expelled from his body. "I was afraid you were going to say that. You want me? Come and get me!" With that, the black smoke covered him, forcing the Senshi to withdraw from inhaling the poisonous miasma covering the area.

"Cover your mouths, everyone!" Pluto alarmed her colleagues.

As the smoke subsided, they saw no signs of Lance's physical presence. However, Mars, Pluto, and Saturn sensed Lance's presence moving afar from their current positions.

"He's on the move!" Mars said. "This way!"

"We can't let him get away!" Saturn exclaimed.

The Senshi hurried off to locate Lance and opted to stick together rather than splitting up. Though, this may be not what the evil priest had intended. However, he would somehow find a way to turn the tables on the Senshi.

Watching the Senshi from above, Lance cloaked himself from the three Senshi's keen sensing abilities. He keenly observed them while checking over his body.

"Must hurry and regain my true body. This body won't last me much longer," Lance murmured silently. His sneer curved into an evil grin. "I have a lock on your location now, Senshi. Here I come. No more fooling around." As he finished, Lance teleported and relocated somewhere near the Senshi while keeping his cloak up to prevent detection.


Shinjuku Central Park/8:36 PM

WarDevidramon became anxious to drag the battle any longer. He let loose a massive assortment of missiles toward the Bio-Merged Megas and the Legendary Warriors.

(Cue InuYasha OST – Fierce Battle)

"Lightning Joust!"

"Spirit Strike!"

"Gargo Missiles!"

"Gattling Attack!"

"Offset Reflector!"

Meanwhile, Arbormon jumped up and kicked one missile back at WarDevidramon. It hit the large cybernetic dragon.

As more missiles came, the group used their attacks to destroy them and preventing any collateral damage to the park. One stray missile came hurtling toward Jeri and Calumon. The girl grabbed Calumon and ran off to avoid it, but it came closer.

"JERI! CALUMON!" Gallantmon screamed as he dashed out to intercept the missile.

"He's not going to make it!" Kenta exclaimed.

However, as the missile came closer, a projectile seemingly came out of nowhere and hit the missile making it explode. Everyone present stopped to see the missile explode for some inexplicable reason. They looked ahead to see YoukaiInumon walking forward with his swords readily drawn.

"Yo! Are you guys, ok?" YoukaiInumon called out, realizing he had saved Jeri and Calumon from being blown to bits. "Glad I came in time."

"Nice timing, Inumon!" Kazu said.

Jeri had a hand on her chest as she breathed deeply. She was relieved to realize she had been saved from demise.

"Thank you..." Jeri sighed with relief.

"Thanks, Inumon!" Calumon said.

"I didn't even see him move from where we were at," MegaGargomon said. "Still, glad you came, buddy."

Just then, YoukaiInumon made eye contact with Sakuyamon and smirked toward her direction. Sakuyamon didn't know what to say and watched him join them.

"Um, hey, who's this guy again?" Arbormon asked, pointing toward YoukaiInumon.

Ranamon answered. "It's Inumon, remember? He's the partner of that Himura guy."

Mercuremon added. "Matters not. He's doubled thou chances of defeating this monster."

Noticing YoukaiInumon join the Tamers, WarDevidramon growled irritably. He turned his head examining YoukaiInumon.

"What's this? Another annoying fool wishing to die soon?" chuckled the cybernetic dragon.

"Are you threatening me, ash breath?" YoukaiInumon rebuked, readying his two swords and charging forward to attack WarDevidramon.

"INUMON! DON'T!" Sakuyamon screamed as she took off after him. "Don't charge at him steadfast on your own!"

Gallantmon gawked at YoukaiInumon's direct approach. "Is he crazy?!"

"He must've hit his head on something," Beelzebumon snorted. "If we can't beat this big guy, he ain't got a chance."

Just then, Himura and Yui finally arrived at the site of the battle. Upon arrival, they were taken aback when they saw YoukaiInumon lunging out at WarDevidramon.

"YoukaiInumon!" Himura called out to his partner. "You just got back from a fight just now! You're not 100 percent recovered!" However, his words fell on deaf ears as YoukaiInumon valiantly flew out at WarDevidramon.

Sakuyamon readied his staff and flew across to catch up to YoukaiInumon. "I'll stop him, Himura!" She accelerated her flight speed and caught up, hitting YoukaiInumon with a spear. She tackled him to the ground, preventing him from striking WarDevidramon.

"Inumon, your Tamer told you to stand down!" Sakuyamon chastised the stubborn Mega. "All of us together had trouble with him. You alone can't stop him."

As YoukaiInumon struggled to break free, Sakuyamon forged rings to pin him down.

"This is for your own good, YoukaiInumon. We're not losing a colleague this soon to the enemy."

YoukaiInumon couldn't believe the words of wisdom from her mouth. This was enough for him to stop moving.

"You really do care, do you?" YoukaiInumon murmured as his eyes fell on Sakuyamon sitting atop of him.

Suddenly, Sakuyamon and YoukaiInumon felt WarDevidramon's presence near them. They saw WarDevidramon raising his arms and preparing to throw an devastating attack to take them out with.

"How sweet," WarDevidramon chuckled darkly. "You should be lucky, fool. She just saved you from an early demise, but now I can grant you an early trip to the afterlife together." He shot forward, throwing an energy ball that hit the ground near them.

"Augh!" Sakuyamon screamed as the blast exploded near them.

She and YoukaiInumon were blow back by the immense force following the explosion. As Sakuyamon flipped up into the air, she grabbed YoukaiInumon and landed him safely.

"Nice save!" Yui cheered Sakuyamon. "Wasn't that incredible, Himura?"

"Yeah, thank goodness for Rika and Renamon," Himura said, breathing easier than a few moments ago. "Inumon, don't scare me like that. That was reckless of you!"

"You guys!" Jeri called out to the Tsubasa siblings. "Over here!"

The siblings hurried over to meet with Jeri, Kazu, and Kenta.

"Man, are we glad you and Inumon came, dude," Kazu said. "We were getting creamed here."

"Is that guy associated with Pharaohmon?" Himura asked, eyeing WarDevidramon in the distance.

Kenta answered. "Yeah. Lance came here and freed WarDevidramon, who was apparently sealed here."

"I wonder if we can beat him," Jeri said, watching the Bio-Merged Megas, Beelzebumon, and the Legendary Warriors waiting for WarDevidramon.

"Well, maybe our chances might be better now," Himura said. "I hope..."

(End theme)

As Sakuyamon tended to YoukaiInumon, the four Legendary Warriors initiated their next move.

"Ready?" Mercuremon asked, turning to his teammates. "Arbormon! Grottomon! Execute!"

(Cue Digimon Frontier Theme – With the Will)

Following their leader's command, the two Warriors shouted in unison. "Slide Evolution!" After calling out their transformation, their bodies were engulfed by fractal code data.

As the fractal codes covered them, their bodies took on new forms. In place of Arbormon was a large, lizard whose body was made completely out of wood. There were hints of leaves covering some portions of his wooden form. He had evolved into Petaldramon.


Grottomon transformed into a muscular, tall monster with a single horn on his snout. The beast bellowed while pounding his chest.


Ranamon and Mercuremon mounted the backs of their partners. The warrior of water rode upon Petaldramon's back while Mercuremon stood on top of Gigasmon's shoulders. They aligned themselves with Gallantmon, MegaGargomon, Beelzebumon, and Andromon.

"This is more like it," Gallantmon said as he fiercely shouted at the cybernetic dragon. "Are you ready for some more, WarDevidramon? I don't think you even know what you've gotten yourself into. All right, guys! Let's do this! On my command!"

WarDevidramon hastily glided off to attack his adversaries head. The Digimon forces launched their frontal assault on the enemy.

"Let him have it!" The Bio-Merged knight shouted.

"Chaos Flare!"

"Gargo Missiles!"

The legendary warriors were next to carry out the assault. Petaldramon unleashes a heavy array of razor sharp leaves through the form of a tornado. On the other hand, Gigasmon smashes his fist through the earth and creates an overwhelming invisible force.

"Leaf Cyclone!"

"Hurricane Bomber Earthquake!"

The attacks made their mark and collided with WarDevidramon. The Chaos Flare and Gargo Missiles managed to bring the beast down to his knees. Petaldramon and Gigasmon's attacks pulverized the beast's face.

Ranamon raised her arms and summoned a massive black cloud. The dark cloud released a heavy waterfall that fell on WarDevidramon. Mercuremon followed it up with two beams from his forearm mirrors.

"Generous Mirror!"

"Rain Stream!"

Despite the attacks slowing him, WarDevidramon fought through his opposition's assaults. Gallantmon positioned his battle shield. The hazard sign on his shield lit up and formed a beam that fired from the shield.

"Shield of the Just!" Gallantmon bellowed as he directed the immense beam toward WarDevidramon.

"WHAT IS THIS?! NO, I WON'T BE BEATEN BY YOU!" WarDevidramon roared as tried closing his wings around him to shield himself from the coming beam.

"Hate to disappoint you!" The knight defiantly cried out.

The beam slammed into WarDevidramon and knocked him into the skies. The beam was enough to disorient the behemoth as he regressed back into MetalDevidramon. The beast gazed over his adversaries, heavily breathing.

(End theme)

"I'll need more power from Lord Pharaohmon to maintain my full-powered form..." MetalDevidramon growled under heavy breaths. "This victory is yours, but next time... I'll finish you all and blessed with more power than before!"

With that, the wounded dragon glided off into the distance and left the group to recover from the hard fought battle.

"Is everyone ok?" Gallantmon asked, turning and facing his colleagues behind him.

Andromon nodded. "We're ok now."

Kenta opened his shirt pocket. "It's good to come out, pal." He smiled when MarineAngemon flew out and scanned the area. "The big scary Digimon is gone."

"Pi, pi," MarineAngemon replied in earnest.

Once Mercuremon and Ranamon dismounted, Petaldramon and Gigasmon regressed back to Arbormon and Grottomon.

"Our work here is done, my friends," Mercuremon said to his colleagues.

The four Warriors began walking out of the park. However, MegaGargomon regressed back to Terriermon and Henry just in time for the latter to cut them off from the pass.

"Wait... you guys..." Henry said as he looked over to Ranamon. "Ranamon, right? Thanks again. You and your three friends really came through for us when we needed you." He saw a smile form on her face. "I have a question. Who are you really?"

Ranamon winked. "Can't tell you. That'd ruin the surprise, but I am a friend. Until then, we have your backs, Tamers."

"Take care," Mercuremon said.

As the Warriors walked off, Henry, Terriermon, and the other Tamers watched them depart from the scene of the decided battle.

Nodding, Henry smiled genuinely watching Ranamon. "I will know who you are. I wonder... could it really be...?"

"Hey, Henry!" Terriermon tried getting his partner's attention. "Um, hey, buddy? You there?"

"Huh?" The Tamer blinked as he looked down to his Digimon. "Yeah, just spaced out a minute there."

"What's got ya all tense, Henry?"

"I'm not tense. I get the feeling I might know who she really is."

Terriermon shook his head. "Nope, you got me there."

"Still, I'm glad they came through for us."

"Same here, Henry. Maybe we can trust them."

As Henry and Rika regrouped with their friends, they saw Rika, Renamon, and Himura sitting together treating Inumon. Inumon had a smile etched on his face with Renamon leaning close to him, to which Terriermon noticed.

"Oh, you sly dog," Terriermon snickered without making this obvious to the others.

"Will he be ok?" Rika asked Himura.

"I think so," he replied. "Though, we did just come back from a battle with ShadowMetalGarurumon."

The mere mention of ShadowMetalGarurumon made Yui lower her eyes. With everyone distracted with Inumon, this allowed Yui to slip into a bush and use this opportunity to run off.

Renamon had Inumon in her arms as she checked him for any wounds. Opening his eyes, Inumon noticed Yui wasn't with them.

"Himura... Yui's gone," Inumon muttered.

"What?!" Himura gasped. He looked around as his heart stopped a beat for a second. He blanched in shock realizing that his sister disappeared. "Yui... YUI!" He quickly got up and frantically looked around for Yui. "NO! YUI!"

"Guys! Over there!" Kenta called out as he pointed to the gates where Yui ran passed.

"C'mon, let's go after her!" Takato exclaimed. "Guilmon!"

"Right! I'll use my nose to follow her," Guilmon said as he sprinted ahead with Andromon and Beelzebumon.

"I'll stay here with Inumon, everyone," Renamon reassured them. "Go after Yui!"

"You heard you, guys," Rika said. "Himura, let's drag that sister of yours back here."

As the Tamers and their Digimon stormed off after Yui, Renamon stayed behind to tend to Inumon and any injuries he might've received. Meanwhile, Renamon discerned the sly grin on the dark canine's features and scowled.

"...c'mon, Renamon. Take it easy on me," Inumon tried his best convincing her. "I'm not really injured anyway. I'll be ok."

"I thought so. You didn't seem at all injured."

"But, I do want to thank you for saving my stupid ass," Inumon chuckled modestly.

Sighing, the yellow vulpine conceded to this kindness. "You're welcome, Inumon. You're more trouble than your worth, but I admire your loyalty to Himura and Yui."

"I'll do whatever it takes to protect them," the dark canine said, repressing his smirk as he backed away from Renamon. "But, it'd be fun to hang out with a cool Digimon like you, Renamon."

"Well, it wouldn't hurt if we were just friends."

"Yeah... by the way, I have a question for you."

Renamon quirked a brow at him. "What?"

Inumon quickly spun around and took Renamon by her paws, surprising the baffled vulpine.

"Would you have the opportunity to have my pups?!"

Renamon gaped in shock toward his baffling question. "Wha...?" She was at a complete loss for words. Before she could retort, she stopped herself and picked Inumon up. "C'mon, we have to go. I want to see if our Tamers found Yui."

"Fair enough," Inumon replied. Should've been more subtle. Man, Renamon's more stubborn than I thought.


Eastern Shinjuku District/8:48 PM

On the other side of the city, ShadowMetalGarurumon limped over to an empty lot to recover from YoukaiInumon's assault. He struggled to keep his stance and collapsed.

"Hey!" Came a little girl's voice from behind him.

Alarmed, ShadowMetalGarurumon let out a menacing growl and turned around baring his teeth. Though slightly taken aback, Yui didn't run off and scream.

"You... you didn't run away in fear? Why?" ShadowMetalGarurumon calmed down and dropped his guard. "You do realize wounded animals are very dangerous?"

"Why would I be afraid of you?"

"Children like you should be afraid... leave me... I've failed Pharaohmon... I can't show myself to him in this condition."

Yui slowly approached the metallic wolf. "You don't have to go back to him. Why don't you just forget about that monster?"

"You can't mean that..." He was hesitant to attack the child. He was surprised when Yui walked up and stroked the side of his face. "You don't seem like a bad human, child."

"Not all of us are bad people. My brother is also a good person, but Inumon... why do you hate him?"

ShadowMetalGarurumon growled, causing Yui to withdraw her hand from him. "I don't necessarily despise him. I was ordered to execute you, your, brother and that mongrel."

"But you don't have the urge to kill me now?"

"No. I can't lower myself to kill the meek and innocent…"

"That wound on your right side look bad," Yui pointed out.

"I'll be fine. I've managed to heal up my injuries overtime."

"Well, maybe I can help hasten the healing. I can help."

"No, thank you…"


ShadowMetalGarurumon looks deeply into Yui's eyes and was slowly starting to take kindly to her pleas. The wolf nodded in response. He regressed and shrunk down to his Rookie form, DarkGabumon.

"Whoa..." Yui gasped. "You look like the Gabumon from the TV show! Except, you're black-furred and all." She circled around DarkGabumon. "Maybe you can be my partner since Inumon is Himura's."

"I wouldn't count on it," DarkGabumon said. "All you need to do is heal my wound."

"Tell you what. We can surprise Himura. I'll take you back home with me and we'll see the reaction on his face when he sees you. What do you say?"

"Just as long as you help to heal my injuries."


Yui knelt down and slowly picked DarkGabumon on her back. Looking around her surroundings, she took a short cut route taking them back to her home.

As Yui disappeared with DarkGabumon, a Scarabmon emerged from a wall and faced the direction they used to leave.

"Hmm, has ShadowMetalGarurumon turned traitor on us? But, most importantly, this girl might pique our master's interest." He vanished after passing through the wall to report his investigation.


Domino City/Construction Site/8:52 PM

Felinismon's duel with Yami Yugi commenced with the feline getting the upperhand over the King of Games. Joey, Tea, and Tristan could only look on to give encouragement to the Duel City champion.

Felinismon/4000 LP

Yugi/1100 LP

"Quit stalling. I'd like to get this over with," Felinismon said impatiently.

Yami Yugi drew his next card and declared. "My turn! I activate the Spell Card Pot of Greed, which lets me draw two more cards!" He placed two cards in his hand and initiated his next move. "Next, I'll summon Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts in Attack Mode!"

As Yami put the monster card down, a large brown lion-like beast wearing a thick black hair and a single horn materialized. It roared ferociously, intently staring down Felinismon, who looked in awe at the beast.

Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts


LVL/4 ATK/1500 DEF/1200

"Now I'll set one card face-down and end my turn."

Leaving your monster wide open?" Felinismon inquired, looking quite confused with Yami's tactic. "I'll bet you want me to attack so you can activate your face-down trap card, right? Well, I'm not falling for it! My draw! I summon Nekogal #1 to the field!" She set down the card and from it came a winged humanoid red-haired catgirl wearing a revealing green suit and green cap. Nekogal #1 was armed with sharp claws protruding from orange claws and paws. A long green tail, armed with a bladed end, curled over her back.

Nekogal #1


LVL/3 ATK/1100 DEF/900

As Nekogal struck a funny pose, Felinismon added. "Now, before I sacrifice her to attack with Panther Warrior, I'll activate the Quick-Spell Card Mystical Space Typhoon, which lets me destroy one of your spell or trap cards. Since you only have the one, it's obvious which one I'm going to destroy!" She called for her spell card to flip over and activated its effects.

However, the Pharaoh interceded her play. "Not so fast! In attempting to destroy my trap card, you've allowed me to activate it! Behold: Waboku!" With that, he activated his trap card, revealing three blue-hooded maidens. "For the remainder of this turn, I now take no battle damage, and my monsters cannot be destroyed in battle."

"I see. So, you've protected your precious little tribute, and left me with a weak monster in attack mode, huh?"

"To be fair, you can still declare an attack and sacrifice your Nekogal if you don't want to leave her on the field..." Yami calmly pointed this out to her.

Upon hearing this, Tea was taken aback. "Yugi?"

"What is he thinking?" Tristan said, deeply invested into the duel.

"That's okay. I think I'll just place one card face-down and end my turn," chortled Felinismon, setting down one card and offering to let him play his hand.

"My draw!" declared Yami as he pulled his Gazelle from the field. "I sacrifice Gazelle to summon Dark Magician Girl!" He slammed a card on his disk and summoned the cute female magician.

Dark Magician Girl came out of a pink cloud and posed.

Dark Magician Girl


LVL/6 ATK/2000 DEF/1700

"And now that she's on the field, I can activate the Spell Card Sage's Stone to summon Dark Magician from my deck!" After activating his magic card, the purple clad magician emerged from another cloud of smoke.

Dark Magician floated over and landed next to Dark Magician Girl.

Dark Magician


LVL/7 ATK/2500 DEF/2100

"Yeah! Now, that's what I'm talkin' about, Yug!" Joey cheered him on. "Let her have it!"

"Now, get ready!" Yami Yugi roared. "Dark Magician, attack her Panther Warrior!" He yelled in command and directed his magician toward Felinismon's warrior.

Before Dark Magician used his Dark Magic Attack, Felinismon cut off Yami's momentum. "I don't think so! I reveal the Trap Card Negate Attack! Now all attacks are halted and your battle phase ends immediately!" She immediately got the Dark Magician to cease his attack.

"Nice counter... but I won't let you get away that easy! I'll place one card face-down and end my turn."

The conniving feline laughed. "My move! I activate the Spell Card Card of Sanctity!" She raised a hand and played her card. "Now, we both draw until we have six cards in our hands, which is fortunate for both of us, because neither of us had any." As she picked out six of her cards, she looked over them and grinned evilly. "I activate the Ritual Spell Card War-Lion Ritual!" She pulled out her card and showed it to Yami Yugi. "Now I sacrifice my Level 4 Panther Warrior and my Level 3 Nekogal #1 to summon the Level 7 Super War-Lion!"

After her two monsters vanished, a massive red-manned lion beast emerged standing on its hind legs and displayed sharp claws. It roared whilst glaring down Yami Yugi, ready to cut him and his magicians down to size.

Super War-Lion


LVL/7 ATK/2300 DEF/2100

"Yikes, now that's a wild cat!" Tristan exclaimed, seeing the large beast.

"Nothing Yugi can't handle!" Joey replied.

"Then I'll activate the Equip Spell Malevolent Nuzzler, which increases Super War-Lion's attack by 700 points!" Felinismon declared as her card raised her beast's strength.

Super War-Lion

ATK/3000 (2300+700)

Shooting a glare at Joey, Tea scowled. "Joey! You were saying?"

"How was I supposed to know she was gonna play that?!"

"Her monster has 3000 attack points, meaning it can take out either one of Yugi's magicians!" Tristan observed between Felinismon and Yugi's monsters in play. "Unless Yugi can come up with a counter or something, one of his magicians will get skewered!"

"Next, I activate the Spell Card Last Day of Witch, which destroys all face-up Spellcaster-type monsters on the field, including your Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl!" Felinismon declared as her card quickly destroyed both of Yami Yugi's magicians. As her confidence raised to a new level, she openly and proudly made her next move. "Now that your field is wide open, Super War-Lion will attack you directly!"

Super War-Lion followed through with its master's command and charged down Yami Yugi, who was left wide open for an attack.

"YUGI!" Tea cried out.

However, much to Felinismon's dismay, a grin formed on Yami Yugi's face.

"Not so fast! I activate the Continuous Trap Spellbinding Circle!" The King of Games declared as he flipped over the card. "Now, as long as this card remains on the field, your Super War-Lion cannot attack or change position."

As the card came to play, Super War-Lion ceased its attack and didn't come close to reaching Yami Yugi.

Felinismon growled angrily. "Grrr... fine! I'll end my turn! Show me what you got!"

"With pleasure! My draw! I activate the Ritual Spell Card Black Magic Ritual! Now I sacrifice from my hand the Level 8 Black Luster Soldier to summon the Level 8 Magician of Black Chaos!" After discarding his powerful Black Luster Soldier, he summoned a black-clad, also wearing pink trim, spellcaster with a blue face and wielding a black staff.

Opening its eyes, the Magician of Black Chaos intently glared down Felinismon and her monster.

Magician of Black Chaos


LVL/8 ATK/2800 DEF/2600

"But, it's still not strong enough to beat her monster," Tristan said.

"I'm sure Yug will figure out a way! C'mon, buddy!"

Ignoring Joey's words of encouragement, Felinismon cackled and mocked the duelist. "Hah! Your Magician isn't nearly strong enough to take down Super War-Lion!"

Yami Yugi chuckled back as he pulled out a card. "Not yet, but now I'll activate the Equip Spell Book of Secret Arts, which can increase the attack and defense of a Spellcaster-type monster, like Magician of Black Chaos, by 300 points!" His card glowed, which in effect raised the Magician's attack and defense stats.

Magician of Black Chaos

ATK/3100 (2800+300) DEF/2900 (2600+300)

"Now go, mighty Magician! Attack her Super War-Lion!"

Augmented by the spell card, the Magician of Black Chaos glided over toward Felinismon's side and blasted her Super War-Lion into digital dust.

"Augh!" screamed Felinismon as the force of the Magician's blast surprised her.

Felinismon/3900 LP (4000-100)

"Then I'll place one card face-down and end my turn."

Growling, Felinismon seethed. Damn! Super-War Lion was my best monster! There's no way I can defeat his Magician of Black Chaos... I'll have to try to win this some other way. She looked over her hand and quickly drew a card. "My turn! I activate the Spell Card Pot of Greed which lets me draw two more cards!" She grabbed two cards and added them to her hand. "Next I activate the Spell Card Cost Down!" Felinismon revealed her card. "Now, by discarding one card, all monster cards in my hand have their level decreased by two until the end of my turn, which means I can now summon Nekogal #2 without a tribute!"

After Felinismon placed the card down, a catgirl almost identical to her sister emerged. However, this one wore light periwinkle hair, periwinkle claws, a purple revealing outfit, wings, and a long purple tail armed with a bladed end.

Nekogal #2


LVL/4 (6-2) ATK/1900 DEF/2000

After the catgirl posed and winked, Felinismon finished her play. "Finally I'll place one card face-down and end my turn."

Nekogal #2

LVL/6 (4+2)

Yami Yugi remained firm. "I don't know what you're up to, but I can tell that you're baiting me. Very well. It's my move! Go, Magician of Black Chaos! Attack her Nekogal!" He sent his Magician forward to finish her monster.

"I was hoping you'd do that! Behold, I activate the Trap Card Ring of Destruction!" The feline Digimon countered her opponent's direct attack. From the card came a spinning wheel lit with fire. "Now I can destroy one face-up monster on the field and deal damage equal to its attack power to both of our life points! And the monster I'm destroying is Nekogal #2!" Before she could accomplish this...

"I thought you might do something like that! I activate the Trap Card Barrel Behind the Door!" Yami Yugi countered Felinismon. "Now any damage I would take gets redirected back to you!" He smiled when seeing the contorted look of shock on her face.

"No! That means..."

"That means you take TWICE the damage from Nekogal's destruction!"

No! NO! Felinismon watched her life points plunge to pathetic levels.

Felinismon/100 LP (3900-1900x2)

Breathing heavily, she managed to sigh with relief. "I... I survived!"

He corrected her. "Not quite! You seem to have forgotten about my Magician's attack!"

The Magician of Black Chaos flew over Felinismon and blasted her head-on with his magical instrument. Felinismon screamed as she took the full blast.

Felinismon/0 LP (100-3100)

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Felinismon cried in defeat, sinking to her knees when realizing the cold truth. She had lost and failed to defeat Yami Yugi. "No... I... I lost..." She shuddered realizing her fate might be sealed. This can't be! Pharaohmon won't accept another failure from me! I'm gonna... he's going to end my life for sure!

"All right, Yugi!" Tristan shouted as he, Tea, and Joey watched Yami Yugi walk over to them.

"We knew you wouldn't lose to that cat!" Joey said.

Tea nodded as she pat Yami's back. "Nice way of walking all over her!"

"Hold on..." Yami Yugi stopped as he heard Felinismon tearing off her duel disk. He and his crew turned around seeing Felinismon getting off the ground. He saw her pointing to her chest. "Now what?"

"Looks like she's giving up!" said Tristan.

"Nah, I doubt it. It's a trap to lure us in!" quipped the blonde-haired Duelist.

"I lost to you, Yugi. Finish me before my master does..." Felinismon basically offered Yami Yugi to kill her before Pharaohmon gets a chance.

"But the rules stated that if either of us lost, one of us would fall into that pit."

"Yes, but who cares? I lied... I was doing it to get you to duel me... Besides..." She growled and gritted her teeth. "...look! Just finish me!"

"I'd say you're taking an easy way out because you can't accept your loss and face your master!" Tea rebuked against Felinismon's decision.

Growling, Felinismon jumped up and used the momentum of her fall to break the board in half. She then utilized her magic to create a dark hole beneath the pit and sank through, letting out blood-curdling screams that shocked the Duelists.

"Wait a minute! Did she really just...?!" Tea couldn't believe what she saw.

Joey exclaimed. "She just... committed suicide?!"

"According to the duel's stipulations, the loser would take a fall into that hole she summoned," Yami Yugi said as he walked over and gazed over the activate dark hole. "She wanted us to believe she was bluffing." He turned his eyes away and closed them. "How unfortunate."

"But, that's less problems for us now," Joey said. "C'mon, Yug, let's go and find those Tamers."

Tea walked over behind Yami and saw the distraught written over his face.


"Joey, do you still have your Time Wizard?" Yami Yugi turned to his blonde-haired friend.

"Of course, I do, Yug. What do you need it for?"

"Perfect! We can use this to bring back Felinismon from the brink of death."

Joey gawked at his decision. "Eh? What for? She's with the bad guys, remember?"

"Why waste time giving her a chance if she's just going to attack us again?" asked Tristan, who looked every bit as puzzled as Joey.

Tea dismissed them. "Just give him the card, Joey."

"Aw' right then," the blonde muttered as he pulled out his Time Wizard card and handed it to Yami. "But, you think you can bring it back with it?"

"It's worth a shot. Now stand back, everyone!" Yami exclaimed as his Millennium Puzzle gave off a bright flash of golden light.

As the golden light washed over the card, the Time Wizard emerged and came to life. Joey was astounded seeing his monster standing near him.

"Whoa... awesome," Joey said, getting giddy seeing his monster come to life. "I wish you'd summon monsters like this more often!"

"Tim Wizard! Use your Time Magic!" Yami ordered the monster to activate its magical effects.

After Time Wizard raised its clock staff, the monster rewound the events that just occurred a few moments ago prior to Felinismon committing suicide. The Duelists witnessed Felinismon about to take a plunge into the pit again. Calling off Time Wizard, Yami summoned his Magician of Black Chaos.

"Magician of Black Chaos! Save her from her fall! Immediately!"

Following his master's orders, the Magician flew into the pit and swiftly caught Felinismon before she plunged into the hole. The Magician fired a blast from his staff and destroyed the dark hole. The group watched the Magician bring Felinismon up to safety and dropped her to the ground.

"It worked!" Tea said.

Upon realizing her suicide attempt failed, Felinismon hissed at the Duelists. "Why?! Why did you prevent me from taking my own life?! I failed... I don't deserve a second chance!"

"Yeah, why save her, Yug?" asked Joey.

"Because she was tied to Pharaohmon's will," Yami Yugi replied. "This is my chance to free her from his control." He watched her starting to tear up and crying.

"B-But, I don't understand why you'd do this? For me?" Felinismon exclaimed hysterically. "I couldn't accept failure. It was my right to end my life!"

"No one deserves to take their own life, not when there's people out there suffering and dying of starvation," Yami Yugi said with sternness in his tone. "What you attempted was nothing short of selfish, Felinismon. It's time you accept the responsibility of your actions." He closed his eyes as his Millennium Puzzle glowed again, releasing a beam of golden light that washed over Felinismon. "My puzzle can sense you aren't truly evil like your cohorts."

"I am your enemy!" Felinismon snapped.

"You're being used by Pharaohmon and he forced you to serve him against your will, Felinismon. Am I right?"

The Duelists gasped when hearing this from the Pharaoh.

Felinismon gaped in aghast. H-How does he know?! Did that puzzle just scan my mind or something?

"I no longer mean you no harm, Felinismon. You must help us find the whereabouts of Pharaohmon."

"But, after all I put you through to duel you... and threatening your life? And threatening to take your Puzzle and God Cards?" The feline was unclear of her real motives. She backed off, looking down at her hands.

Yami Yugi advanced toward Felinismon, who tried lunging at him. She somehow ceased her attack unknowingly and backed off.

"You dueled fairly, but I need this puzzle to stop Pharaohmon."

"Yes and he'll find out that I've failed to win your puzzle. He threatened to take my life away… Yes, I remember what he told me beforehand. I'm sorry to have troubled you and your friends… I deserve to face a cruel fate…"

Once she started to tear up, Yami stood before the feline and placed his hand over her. Felinismon noticed another bright glow beaming from Yami's Millennium Puzzle and was slowly being hypnotized by its aura.

"Felinismon. you were merely used by that dark lord. My Millennium Puzzle will enable me to look deep into your memories and reveal your past…"

"My past?"

"Let me take you down a trip into your past and I shall judge whether to purify you, Felinismon. Maybe then, I'll find out how you eventually became a servant to Pharaohmon," Yami linked their minds together with his Millennium Puzzle. They watched a golden flash wash over them, which separated them from Joey, Tristan, and Tea.

The trio were gone leaving only Yami and Felinismon behind the golden shell of light enveloping them. Opening their eyes, they were no longer on the construction site or anywhere remotely resembling Domino.

They saw an endless sand landscape with pyramids in the background. It looked akin to ancient Egypt. However, this was merely an image projected from Felinismon's mind to allow Yami to get a better glimpse over.

"Ancient Egypt?" Yami examined his surroundings.

"No, this is scenery from my past... my past?" Felinismon frowned as she glared at Yami. "Is this a trick?! I'm a fool to even allow you to trespass into my memories!" Before she lunged at him, they heard the laughter of a child and whirled around to make contact with the source of this peculiar laughter.

Felinismon's eyes widened in shock when a cat-like child ran across laughing. The child wore a small tan dress coupled with a tiny tiara adorning the forehead. Her face and personality exuded innocence.

"Is this your childhood, Felinismon?" Yami gazed at the cat child. "Tell me what could've driven you to align with Pharaohmon to begin with?"

"I... I don't think I remember..." Felinismon was at a loss for words seeing kitten self on the floor spreading her arms out making 'sand angels'. She watched a group of In-Training and Rookie Digimon accompany the little cat child as they played together. "All I remember was having a bunch of friends to play with. Now, I feel so empty and alone... ever since I became part of Pharaohmon's legion."

Suddenly, a wave of explosions swept through the sands. Several monuments and structures began collapsing at the wake of these explosions. Yami and Felinismon watched the kitten and the baby Digimon scurry into a tomb to hide from a coming incursion on their landscape.

There was a deep and evil laughter that echoed from far out. Young Felinismon and the baby Digimon crowded into a bundle together trembling with fear. Then, a large and dark figure unleashed an immense force that wiped out an army of cat-like Digimon warriors of various kinds.

Felinismon felt numb witnessing these horrific events. She was starting to recall these terrible moments in her early life.

"I remember... Pharaohmon suppressed these memories with his dark magic," she mumbled, though Yami could hear her. "A dark and unrelenting force ravaged my homeland and killed every one of the inhabitants, including those close to me. Our guardians were unprepared for the evil that destroyed them. I was the only one left... without a soul to protect me." She started shedding a few tears. Yami picked up on this as his Millennium Puzzle's glow began to subside. "I was scared. And when I met him... I didn't know who I would end up joining... I unknowingly joined the monster that destroyed my homeland. I didn't figure it out until I was able to think for myself... I didn't rebel fearing that he'd kill me if I dared try to defy him."

They witnessed the young Felinismon being approached by a large and ominous shadow figure hovering over the child. The demonic figure reached out for the kitten.

"It was that day when darkness began clouding my heart," Felinismon confessed watching her younger self reaching out to the shadow figure. "He sensed it, too. I aligned myself with a monster unprepared of what he'd ask me to do."

Yami calmly approached her and interjected. "It's all starting to become clear again?"

"Yes... and I regret making the choice to join him. Maybe I should've let him kill me."

"Don't say that, Felinismon!" the nameless Pharaoh barked at her. "Now that you remember who destroyed your homeland, we both have a common enemy we must defeat! Pharaohmon has deceived you into believing he could make your life right by embracing the darkness. This is a chance for you to repent. You can make things right when we combine our forces and make Pharaohmon pay for all the horrible crimes he's committed to you and others."

Shaking her head, Felinismon hissed. "He ruined my childhood..." She watched images of her time serving Pharaohmon. She recoiled witnessing scenes of herself being physically abused by Pharaohmon and his cohorts. She tried suppressing these painful memories as Pharaohmon abused her to 'toughen' her up. "He and his men abused me, but I should thank them for that... now, I'm not as meek and helpless as I once was as a child. I was trained to show no compassion and convey no remorse." Then, she and Yami witnessed the final and lasting image of a human priestess, whose face was concealed to them, subduing the large shadow figure. "When Pharaohmon was sealed by the Priestess, myself and many others were sealed away shortly thereafter. Then, we were released again. And here I am standing beside you... shifting my allegiance from Pharaohmon and joining the resistance against him." She sank to her knees and lowered her face to the ground.

"Felinismon, you no longer have to answer to Pharaohmon. Don't throw your own life away," Yami said, walking behind her and placing a hand on her back. He got her to lift her head and look him in the eyes. A smile adorned Yami's features, which brought some level of comfort to her. "My Millennium Puzzle has done its job purging the darkness that Pharaohmon has imbued you with."

"Thank you, Yugi..." She openly expressed her gratitude. "I will see to it that Pharaohmon pays for his crimes. I want to see him perish for destroying my people and homeland!" With that, they were brought back to the construction site.

"Hey, look!" Tristan said, pointing out to the obvious. "Looks like Yugi's done his job... whatever he did."

Joey added. "Yug, is she ok?"

"She is now that I've purged the darkness from her," Yami answered to his friends. "She's now joined our cause."

Felinismon stood up and faced Yami's friends. "I'm sorry for the harm I might've caused to you. I swear to help you stop that monster Pharaohmon."

Tea blinked. "Whoa, she turned over a new leaf fast."

"Thanks to the power of Yug's Millennium Puzzle."

"What did you show her, Yugi?" asked Tristan.

"It's a long story, Tristan, but I..." Before Yami could finish, he and Felinismon watched shadows swiftly dropping down from the dark corners and advancing on them. "Look out, my friends!"

Emerging from the shadows were two Scarabmon. The Scarabmon had eavesdropped on the entire duel and conversation that had taken place.

"Pharaohmon sent spies on me!" Felinismon hissed at the two insect warriors. "He knew I might turn against him if I couldn't beat you!" She postured herself in a battle stance and readied her claws to skewer the beetles.

"Aw, man! Not these giant freaks again!" Joey said as he, Tea, and Tristan ran up behind Yami and Felinismon.

"Felinismon! You dare to betray our one lord and master? Pharaohmon will have your head once we report your treachery!" a Scarabmon hissed.

"Your lord and master deceived me! I'll never forgive him! How dare you show yourselves here just to die?"

"You kill us?" The second Scarabmon laughed. "You can't stop the two of us now that we've ambushed you!"

Yami protested. "Not unless she has us on her side, dark scarabs!"

"Traitors are to be punished by execution!' The Scarabmon screeched together.

Tristan remarked. "These guys are hardly here to let us go by free."

The Scarabmon flew across to attack the group.

"And we shall take the Millennium Puzzle to our lord!"

"I won't let that happen!" rebuked Yami, who readily drew out two cards. "Magician of Black Chaos, Dark Magician, and Dark Magician Girl, engage the enemies!" He declared as his Millennium Puzzle released a beam that bathed over the cards and summoned the three spellcasters to life.

As the three magicians flew out, Felinismon joined them. Felinismon lunged at one Scarabmon and skewered him with her claws. The beetle died and exploded into data. The three magicians combined their magic beams and hit the other with an immense magical force that vaporized him.

"Too easy," Felinismon smirked until her ears twitched. "There's two more coming above us!"

Everyone looked up to see two Scarabmon dropping down to ambush them.

"Crap! They're coming from above!" Tristan exclaimed.

"Heads up, Yug!" Joey warned his friend.

"I've got this!" Yami declared as he summoned his Buster Blader. "Buster Blader, combine with Dark Magician!" With that, he drew out his Polymerization card and used his Puzzle's magic to merge the two monsters together. "With Polymerization, I combine Dark Magician and Buster Blader to form the Dark Paladin!"

After the two monsters merged, an armored magician materialized with a massive staff drawn out. The Dark Paladin raised his magical staff and unleashed an immense blast that wiped the two Scarabmon out.

Unbeknownst to them, a fifth Scarabmon emerged behind Tea. Tea heard a disgusting screech behind her as she whirled around and screamed. The Scarabmon reached out to grab her, but then Joey immediately took action by drawing out his own card.

"Tea! Get back!" Joey cried out. "I'll stop him with Time Wizard!" Taking a chance, he sent the Time Wizard, which helped reverse time and save Felinismon.

Time Wizard's time roulette stopped as it used its time bending power to fossilize the Scarabmon. The Dark Paladin finished the job hitting the Scarabmon with a magical beam. With the Scarabmon defeated, Time Wizard and the magicians vanished.

Tea got up, sighing with relief. "Thanks, Joey."

"Are we all ok?" Yami asked his friends. He watched Felinismon walk up and offer a hand to him. He reached over and shook her hand. "Thank you."

"No, thank you, Yugi Muto... for bringing the light over my darkness."

Just then, the group watched as a fog covered the skies. This was a result from the Time Wizard's time bending abilities. Yami and the group watched curiously as it swept across the city.

"What is that? It's some sort of fog," Tristan said. "Yugi? You have any idea what caused this?"

"I'm afraid so. This is a result of Joey's Time Wizard. I thought it's effects had already worn off, but it seems that turning back time to save Felinismon has manipulated the flow of time on this planet back to a few minutes. I just hope that this doesn't have any negative affects."


Shibuya Park/9:10 PM

The Sailor Senshi continued storming through the park. They scoured nearly corner for Lance, who hid in a tree and concealed his presence from them.

"Damn! He couldn't have gotten far!" Eternal Sailor Venus said.

Eternal Sailor Mars added. "We have to find him before he gets the jump on us." She said firmly grasping her chest where her brooch was. "We can't let him take our energies."

Surveying their surroundings, Sailor Saturn turned to her right direction. "Let's check this way."

As the Senshi sprinted off to find Lance, the possessed teen keenly watched them and evilly grinned.

"They won't suspect me when I get them from the darkest corners," Lance said with an evil grin.


San Francisco, California/Near Golden State Bridge

Several kilometers off, the five Legendary Warriors were closing in toward the San Francisco bay to meet with Sailor Mercury and Cammy. It took them no less than two hours to near their destination.

"We're almost there, right?" Blitzmon asked, much to the chagrin of his friends.

Vritramon, Garmmon, Fairymon, and Chakkoumon sighed deeply in unison.

"That's the 10th time you asked that already!" Fairymon snapped.

Vritramon narrowed his eyes and saw the bay coming up from a long distance view. "We're almost there, guys. San Francisco dead ahead!"

Chakkoumon cheered. "Whoo-hoo! About time!"

Garmmon grumbled. "Now, we don't have to hear Junpei ask again."

"I hope Kouichi is doing fine back home," Vritramon turned to Garmmon.

The Warrior of Light replied. "He should already be meeting and helping the Senshi on the Pharaohmon hunt by now. Hopefully, they'll get that creep."

"Same here, Kouji," the Warrior of Fire reaffirmed.


Eastern Shinjuku District/9:14 PM

Deeply engrossed by the battle, the three Detectives watched Kurama already teetering on the brink of defeat against Brimstone. Yusuke had seen enough and prepared to use his Spirit Gun, living up to his promise to blow Brimstone's head off if the fight dragged too long.

The fight also became a pursuit across the rooftops. Kurama did all he could avoiding Brimstone while trying to concoct a strategy to stop him. Brimstone gave him no chance to come up with anything. Kurama was beginning to lose his composure.

"Kurama..." Yusuke said behind closed teeth.

Kuwabara tried to move in, but Hiei cut him off from the pass.

"Move, shrimp!"

"This is Kurama's fight. Until he asks for help, we won't intervene."

"Easy for you to say," grumbled the orange-haired teen, stubbornly trying to get by the demon.

"C'mon, Kurama," Yusuke said.

Kurama looked over his back and jumped across luring Brimstone after him. The Detectives quickly gave chase after them.

Kurama lured Brimstone to an empty space in a back lot alley. The red-haired fox landed on the ground while using time to recover from the vicious blows Brimstone unleashed on him.

As Brimstone arrived, he painstakingly eyed Kurama and walked toward him. He noted the desperate look etched on the red-haired teen's face. He's purposely dragging this out so I can tire out and become an easier target.

Suddenly, the same fog that came from Time Wizard found a source of ancient power older than modern human beings. Brimstone meticulously noticed the fog and sensed archaic magic behind it. The fog swept over the half-demon and covered him.

Kurama curiously looked at the fog surrounding him. "...what is this fog?"

Brimstone leaped away from the fog barrier and senses an overwhelming power developing from within it. He peers through to find any trace of Kurama, but he found nothing. Instead, he found a much taller figure. The mysterious figure slowly rose.

"What is this great power? This is the same energy of the fox demon."

"You are correct on your assumption, my friend," a voice much deeper and calmer than Kurama spoke. "Yet, you are letting your eyes deceive you."

"What? You couldn't be the boy," Brimstone addressed this mysterious and silver-manned figure. "It's just not possible."

The figure finally revealed himself to Brimstone. His height was just the same as Brimstone. His hair was long, silvery with a pair of fox ears pointing out. His eyes were purely yellow and gave quite an intimidating glare. His body was covered by a wavy, white cloth. Brimstone tensed up and held his sword to his side. He sensed the newly evolved 'Kurama'.

"You're different. Are you certain that you're the same fox demon?"

"In a way, I am. On the other hand, I'm slightly different from Shuichi Minamino."

"Shuichi Minamino. So that's the name of the weakling I was nearly taking apart. But you never answered my question. Who exactly are you?"

"Yoko, or you can simply call me Yoko Kurama."



Loweemon: Allow me to assist you, Mars.

Mars: Loweemon? What are you doing here?

Agunimon: Finally, we've made it to San Francisco.

Mercury: You must be the Legendary Warriors!

Fairymon: Yeah, but we better hurry! There's an urgent situation with Pharaohmon!

Cammy: Please, take me to my sister. I need to know if she really knows the Sailor Senshi.

Brimstone: Yoko Kurama. You've certainly live up to your name.

Yoko Kurama: I'm not finished yet, demon. I have an array of plants that will eat you alive.

Felinismon: Yugi, we have little time.

Yami: Felinismon, take us to where Pharaohmon may likely be. We'll do everything we can to stop him!

Beelzebumon: Yo, guys. There's a big heap over in Shibuya.

Takato: Himura! It's Pharaohmon! This is our chance to finally stamp out his plans!

Himura: You know I'm there!

Pluto: It is as I predicted… Pharaohmon shall…

Saturn: What? Pharaohmon shall do what?

Yusuke: Man, we're in serious crap.

Blitzmon: You don't want to miss the next exciting chapter! It finally comes down to this event!

Yoko Kurama Takes Stage! Pharaohmon's Imminent Revival?!

Lance/Pharaohmon: My revival is imminent.


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