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Chapter 14

Yoko Kurama Takes Stage! Pharaohmon's Imminent Revival!


Eastern Shinjuku District/9:17 PM

"Yoko Kurama? I see."

The sliver-haired demon replied calmly. "That fog allowed me to return temporarily to do away with you at Shuichi's behest." He said licking the blood from his fingers where he healed his wound.

Brimstone meticulously studied the fog surrounding them. What's the source that forged this fog? What's the purpose for confining us behind this blanket?

Yoko Kurama produced several seeds. He held one between his fingers and popped it open to release a gigantic flower. The flower blossomed to reveal a mouth filled with razor sharp teeth. The saliva from its mouth slipped to the ground and ate through like acid.

"You can create flowers from simply touching seeds?"

"Yes, they are quite a sight, aren't they?"

The flower gaped its mouth whilst letting drops of acidic saliva fall. Brimstone lunged forward, shooting out a pillar of fire that carved through the plant with ease. Yoko Kurama swayed away from the fire blast and threw the seed near Brimstone. From this seed came another man-eating planet. It towered over the armored fire warrior in a hurry.

Yoko Kurama smiled conveyed an ironic sense of cruelty. "I would be careful if I were you. If you make any sudden movements, then you will provoke it."

"You forget," Brimstone replied as a red aura instinctively outlined his form. "My body produces a temperature that exceeds beyond the boiling point. Even if the plant approaches me, then it will be burned to embers."

"That's besides the point. Why don't you lower that shield aura and rely on your other techniques? You can't hide behind a cloak forever."

Taken aback by the fox's remark, Brimstone growled under his breath. "Interesting point. Us standing here would make our fight too dull. Dropping my cloak will make things much more interesting."

With that, Brimstone slightly powered down his power and his fire aura vanished. Yoko Kurama merely just held his ground and maintained his calm, calculating demeanor.

"You do realize you're taking a gamble, Brimstone."

Brimstone rebuked. "Let's get this over with it. You'll die once my fire engulfs you."

"My plants will be satisfied once they've devoured you."

Brimstone dropped into a battle stance and readied himself for Yoko Kurama's demonic flesh-eating plant. The fire warrior made a hasty dash forward and headed off Yoko Kurama's plant.


Yusuke and Kuwabara hastily hurried toward Kurama's location. Hiei beat them to the vicinity where the thick fog covered the battle in progress.

"What's with that fog?" Yusuke wondered. "Kurama went that way. He's gotta be behind it with that fire freak."

Kuwabara's spiritual awareness kicked in. "Wow, that's an intense amount of spirit energy! Urameshi, it's coming from Kurama!"

"What?" Yusuke asked but before long he and Kuwabara made it near a fence barricading the fog-covered area.

"Took you two long enough," Hiei remarked as he stood atop the fence. "I'd advise you two let Kurama handle this on his own."

Kuwabara replied. "Are ya kidding me?! Kurama's fighting that guy alone!"

"His true demon power has come forth," the demon swordsman added, facing the direction of the fog-covered vicinity.

"Come to think of it this spirit energy is kinda half-Kurama, but the other half is something else."

Yusuke tried to peek through the fence. "Between this fence and this fog, I can't make out anything. Hiei, you said Kurama's true demon power's come out? What do you mean?"

Hiei turned back to the fog as the boys finally managed to get a decent view of a figure vaguely resembling Kurama but with long, silver hair and fox-like ears. The human teens were befuddled and in awe by what they saw.

"The being you see before you is the reincarnated form of Kurama's previous identity. He is Yoko the Legendary Bandit."

Kuwabara was bewildered. "Legendary bandit?!"

"You thought Kurama could be anymore cutthroat than myself? You two fools obviously don't know what Yoko was capable of. This is a good reason why I never challenged him."

Yusuke frowned a bit. "Yeah, but now he's fighting on our side." He immediately ceased talking anymore as he, Kuwabara, and Hiei focused on the impending showdown between the legendary fox demon and the fire warrior of destruction.


Shibuya Park/9:20 PM

The Sailor Senshi were still in hot pursuit of the possessed Lance/Pharaohmon. They scoured through various sections of the park and traced some evil residue left by Pharaohmon, but no leads were indicated.

"This becoming as annoying like those stupid wild goose chases!" complained Sailor Venus. "Where could that freak be hiding?!"

"We have to find him and stop him no matter how long it takes us, guys!" Sailor Jupiter declared.

"He's making it more difficult by suppressing his dark presence," remarked Sailor Mars. "At least he doesn't have any minions to hide behind anymore."

Sailor Saturn added. "If only Sailor Moon were here, she'd purify that boy and purge that monster's evil spirit with the Silver Crystal." Suddenly, Saturn motioned for everyone to stop and heard rustling near a bush. "He's here!"

The alarmed Senshi huddled together and scanned their surroundings. All were poised and ready for any attempted ambush. Just then, something seemingly moved out of the bushes, prompting Mars to charge and shot it down with a fire arrow. To her surprise, it was a crumpled-up piece of newspaper that burned to ashes.

"Damn, it's not him!" cursed the Miko, keeping her guard up. "Are you sure he's here?"

"I just got a vague sense of him a while ago," Saturn replied.

"Keep your guard up, everyone. Pharaohmon can just as easily deceive our eyes and senses," the Miko warned her colleagues.

The Senshi stood firm and remained vigilant.

(Cue God of War OST – Enter the Hydra)

Just then, the ground trembled underneath the Senshi as long black tendrils sprouted out quickly. The Senshi hastily moved away. But, as one tendril knocked Sailor Pluto off her feet, Sailor Venus dove forward.

"Pluto!" Venus screamed as she pushed Pluto away, leaving her wide open for a hand to pop out and grab her brooch. She screamed painfully whilst trying to pry the hand off her. The hand held a firm grip around the brooch.

"No, Venus!" Sailor Jupiter cried out, but the second she tried getting close...

...another hand emerged from the ground and grabbed Jupiter's brooch.

"NO! GUYS!" Sailor Mars cried out, readying two fire arrows.

Saturn and Pluto sprang on their feet and prepared to intervene, but Lance popped out of the ground and successfully ripped the brooches off the two Senshi's chests. The removal of the brooches cut off their powers and de-powered them back to their civilian forms.

"You bastard! Give those back!" Mars shouted. "Mars Flame Sniper!" She launched her fire arrow toward Lance, but the villain jumped up holding two balls of energy, both orange and green, that he drew from the brooches.

Subsequently following another fire arrow fired by Mars was Pluto and Saturn jumping up to attack Lance. Lance forged a dark barrier to shield him from their attacks. His body was immediately bathed in a dark dark aura as he absorbed the two energy balls into his body.

"Many thanks, Senshi! I got you where your guards were least protected!" Lance gloated as he openly taunted Mars, Pluto, and Saturn. "Your friends' compassion was their biggest flaw and I seized the opportunity to strike!" Upon absorbing Venus and Jupiter's powers, Lance's body underwent its first stage of metamorphosis.

Lance's arms and body frame grew in size. His eyes turned bright red and a pair of grotesque, demonic wings sprouted from his back. His high-pitched screams became slightly deeper bellows. Mars and Saturn sensed an immense evil power emanating from the boy.

"Running is not an option. We must return Jupiter and Venus' powers to them before its too late!" Pluto declared, readying her staff and carefully encircling Lance.

As Saturn stood beside Pluto, Mars hurried over to check on Minako and Makoto. Both were unconscious after having their Senshi powers being drained from their bodies.

"You guys... I'm not going to let you down!" Mars declared, fiercely shooting a heated glare toward Lance.

"As you can see, I'm not halfway complete through my transformation," Lance evilly chortled as his voice was a fusion between his own and the demonic entity that possessed him. "This is just a first step from releasing my soul from this disgusting meat sack. Behold, this is simply a taste of what's to come, Senshi! Sailor Mars, your brooch is mine next! Then, Yugi's Millennium Puzzle will come next!"

The Miko Senshi faced the demonic being and clenched her fists tight.


Unbeknownst to the Senshi and Lance, Loweemon poked through the shadows. He barely just arrive on location and to his dismay saw the two former Senshi laying on the ground stripped of their Senshi dignities.

"No, I was too late," the dismayed Warrior of Darkness muttered. "I'm sorry, Senshi, but I'll make it up to you." What the heck is taking you so long, Takuya?! Things aren't looking too good on this end!


Sailor Mars bumrushed Lance in a hurry and launched a pillar of fire at his direction. The possessed teen evaded the blast and slipped behind the darkness. Saturn put up a barrier over herself and the two unconscious Senshi. Pluto aided Mars in the search for Lance.

Just then, a demonic hand popped from the ground and narrowly missed Mars' foot. Mars jumped back and fired an arrow that pierced the hand and burned it. The hand withered into dust, but then another one emerged behind the Miko. She instinctively blasted the hand with a wave of fire.

"Come out and face me, you gutless coward!" Mars demanded. "I'll burn you alive and take back my friends' powers you've stolen!"

"Easy, Mars," Pluto tried her hardest to calm the fiery teen.

The Senshi heard an evil laughter erupt around them.

Lance's voice was heard but no sign of his presence was found.

"Oh, Rei. Rei. Rei. Do your friends really matter that much to you?"

"You don't know the meaning of friendship!" Mars exclaimed. "I would never turn my back on them!"

"You mean Makoto and Minako? They purposely allowed me to take their brooches. I think they felt it was time to retire from this hero nonsense and move on with normal lives. Wouldn't you ask for the same desire? Don't you wish to be free of these hero privileges and become a normal girl?"

"Be silent! You shouldn't even mention their names! Now get out here and prepare to be chastised!"

"You certainly are a glutton for death."

"Having died twice, I'm not so worried. But, I'm not going to die by your hand. I'll make sure you're long dead before my sister ever sees me in person."

"I see you haven't forgotten your sister, Rei."

"Why do you propose that I forget my own flesh and blood?"

"It's a shame. You'll never even get a chance to see her or get the privilege to embrace her in your loving arms."

"Get out here now! I'm growing tired of your mind games!"

"You want me? So be it. Prepare to be for more torment!"

Preparing for the worst, Sailor Mars readied another arrow and Pluto gripped her Garnet Rod staff. Hey both quickly turned as a hand emerged from the bushes to grab Mars. Pluto batted it away with her staff. Mars threw her arrow and destroyed the demonic hand. From this destroyed hand came another that attempted to impale her. Mars blasted it with another fire arrow. However, this served as a diversion, in which Lance used to pop out behind Mars and rammed into Sailor Mars' back. Mars cried out and rolled away following Lance's sneak attack.

"Dead Scream." Pluto summoned a powerful orb of energy and launched it toward Lance.

Before Lance could evade, Mars shot an arrow that pierced Lance's right leg. Lance winced and attempted to move, but the arrow binded him down and allowed Pluto's attack to slam into him hard. Mars jumped up and landed a swift kick to Lance's face that dazed him. Another kick from Mars sent him flying into a tree.

"That all? I'm disappointed!" Mars exclaimed.

Lance widened his evil grin much to Mars' irritation. "Don't drop your guard. Haven't you learned from by now not to let your enemy recover? Kill me now. I'm wide open, but you'll risk destroying your friends' powers along with me. Now tell me if that's worth the risk?"

"Don't toy with me," Mars muttered coldly, forming a ball of fire in her right hand.

She quickly raced up and plunged the fireball into Lance's chest. The possessed teen let out a blood-curdling roar that filled the air around them.

(End theme)


Having witnessed the battle escalate, Loweemon was ready to initiate his move to turn the tide against Pharaohmon.

"They've moved too far out. It's time for me to spring into action," Loweemon said. "Execute! Slide Evolution! KaiserLeomon!" The B-Hybrid warrior lunged from the bushes and followed the direction where the Senshi were currently engaging Lance. "I just hope Takuya and the others found that girl. Maybe we can stop Pharaohmon before they return." But, it's best not to get too complacent yet!

KaiserLeomon boosted his speed, allowing him to gain more footing ground along the forest trail.


Eastern Shinjuku District/9:26 PM

Following their battle with WarDevidramon, the Tamers, Himura, and Inumon searched for Yui. Himura was especially worried that his sister might've encountered ShadowMetalGarurumon.

"You think she went back to check on that ShadowMetalGarurumon?" Takato asked, facing Himura's direction. "That's crazy. Doesn't she know he's one of Pharaohmon's goons?!"

"That's what I'm worried about," Himura said. "We need to find her and fast!"

Guilmon and Inumon were able to track down Yui's scent.

"We'll find her, Himura! She's not too far from here!" Guilmon assured him.

Inumon added. "You've got quite the nose, Guilmon. Her sweet smelling scent is a dead giveaway. Renamon, can you smell?"

"I do and she's indeed very close," Renamon confirmed. "But, you and Guilmon can smell a Digimon's scent, too, correct?"

"Ugh, it's him!" Inumon growled. "C'mon, we have no time to lose!"

Rika turned to Renamon. "It's ShadowMetalGarurumon?"

"Yes, it is."

"If that's the case, then we better move out now!" Takato declared. "Guilmon, you, Inumon, and Renamon lead the way to them."

"Right, you got it, Takato!" Guilmon answered back.

"Well, at least the air ain't polluted enough to dilute their scents," Terriermon said. "Otherwise, we'd be running in circles."

Henry sighed. "But, that's not the case right now. Stay focused, Terriermon."

"I know, I know."

Jeri, Kazu, Andromon, and Kenta were tagging along behind the lead Tamers.

"Wish we know if that sister of Yui will be ok," Kenta muttered.

"Same here, man," Kazu said, panting a bit. "Man, I'm getting pooped from all this running."

"Try keeping up!" Jeri insisted.

The boys were thoroughly shocked by the amount of energy she still had to keep her going.

"She's definitely motivated for sure," Andromon observed.

Yui, you better be all right when we find you! Himura became tense in his collective thoughts.


Somewhere in Shinjuku District/Katsuya Residence/9:30 PM

Yui finally came home carrying DarkGabumon on her back. She slipped through the back gate and entered the backyard. Surveying near windows, she saw her godparents weren't around and lied DarkGabumon down.

"You can hang here until my godparents return."

"Why did you bring me here?"

"To find you a home, silly. I bet you are very hungry."


DarkGabumon's stomach immediately growled to Yui's amusement.

"I think we still have some lemon pie. Would you like some?"

"If you don't mind…?"

"I'll be back. Don't be shy to take a look around our backyard. This is where I usually play with Inumon."

"Inumon?" DarkGabumon scowled upon hearing the aforementioned Digimon's name. "The mongrel?"

"He really doesn't like being called a mongrel. Don't you go anywhere. I'll be back," Yui said after taking out her house key and opening her front door.

While Yui walked in to get a pie, Dark Gabumon surveyed the backyard to find holes created by Inumon. He sniffed out the holes and picked up on his enemy's scent.

"Yeah, this is definitely him. I promise to finish where we left off, you mongrel."

As he heard the door close, he turned around and saw the lemon pie on a tray Yui carried over to him.

"This is the lemon pie I was talking about. Why not try some?"

Dark Gabumon sniffed the pie as his nostrils flared. Resisting the urge to drool happily, he took the pie and stuffed a piece into his mouth. His happy features showed he loved the taste of the lemon pie, prompting him to grab another while eating it delightfully.

"It's good, isn't it? My godmother makes the best lemon pies I've ever tried!"

"You're right," DarkGabumon openly agreed. "These are really good."

"I'm glad you like them."

"Why don't you eat with me?"

"It's ok. I'm not too hungry, but thanks for the offer."

"Yui. That's your name, right?"

"Yep, that's right," the child eagerly replied.

"I really like that name."

"Thanks. My real mother gave me that name," Yui said with a saddened look. "I really miss her and dad."

"What happened to them?" The Digimon noticed the sad demeanor evident on her face.

"They died sometime ago in a car accident. Me and my brother survived though."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"It's ok. I know they'll always be with me in spirit. I have a question for you. Why did you try to hurt me and Himura?"

DarkGabumon sighed regrettably. "I was given strict orders by Pharaohmon to stop you two and Inumon. If I refused, then I would be forced into eternal servitude without freedom."

"You can be free now. Pharaohmon doesn't know you're here, right?"

"I hope he doesn't. I've longed for freedom, but despite that, I do have a grudge with Inumon."

"Why? He didn't do anything to you."

"You wouldn't understand. It's a rival thing between us canine types,' DarkGabumon tried to explain to the child.

"Rival? But can't you two just get along?"

"Look, I like you, Yui. I still don't know your brother too well, but Inumon will always be a stupid mongrel in my view."

"Well, I don't think Himura would approve of it. He's going to be very surprised to find you here with me. Ah! You know what? You and I can be partners! I've finally found my Digimon partner!"

"Us? Partners?"

"Yeah!" Yui exclaimed excitedly. "I have a partner just like Himura!"

However, DarkGabumon wasn't entire convinced. Before long, he and Yui heard a group of older children calling out for the latter. Yui recognized one of the voices belonged to her brother and Inumon.


"Himura! Inumon! Over here!" Yui raced over and opened the gates. She motioned toward the Tamers and garnered their full attention.

"Yui! You scared me to death!" Himura cried out and raced over to hug his sister. "You should have told me you were going home!" He scolded her.

"I'm sorry, Himura. I know I should have told you."

"It's all right. You're brother isn't mad at you," Takato reassured the child.

"Where is he, Yui?! Where is ShadowMetalGarurumon?!" Inumon demanded while running into the front area of the residence.

"Inumon, wait!" Renamon chided him.

"No! Don't get into a fight with him! He can't even fight back!" Yui pleaded to Inumon.

"Like hell I'm going to let him hurt you, Yui!"

"But, he hasn't hurt me! Wait, Inumon!"

As Inumon looked around the front, Guilmon, Renamon, Terriermon, and Andromon jumped Inumon while restraining him.

"Inumon! Control yourself!" Renamon demanded. "If Yui is telling the truth, then that Digimon is still recovering from that battle."

"Yes, he might've regressed to his weakest form if he lost enough power after you defeated him," Andromon stated.

"Yeah, that's like kicking an injured puppy while he's down!" Terriermon exclaimed.

"Please, don't hurt him, Inumon!" Yui begged once more.

As Inumon slipped through the Digimon, they and the Tamers stormed right after him into the back. They stopped to find Inumon kicking the empty pie tray and picking up DarkGabumon.

"What the hell are you doing here?! Are you attempting to pull some trick on Yui, you coward?!"

DarkGabumon scoffed. "You're really an idiot, mongrel. As of now, I quit being Pharaohmon's lackey just now. This girl gave me delicious food to eat. And quit spitting in my face, it's disgusting."

"You can convince Yui, but you'll never get me to buy into your crap!"

"STOP IT!" Yui screamed as she pulled DarkGabumon from Inumon's grasp and scornful view.

"He's dangerous, Yui. He's got you believing he's defected from the enemy camp."

"That's enough, Inumon! Stop!" Renamon said as she phased next to the dark canine.

The Tamers arrived and to their shock saw Yui holding DarkGabumon.

"That's ShadowMetalGarurumon?" Kazu inquired.

Henry nodded. "Naturally, since he's just a dark-schemed version of Gabumon, his Rookie form is a DarkGabumon."

Rika confirmed this using her D-Ark, which profiled the aforementioned Digimon. "Yep, he's DarkGabumon now. ShadowMetalGarurumon is his Mega form. That fight with YoukaiInumon drained him and as a result he regressed to his Rookie form."

Suddenly, Inumon and DarkGabumon got in each other's faces, ready to clobber each other to a pulp.

"I know you called me something!" Inumon snapped.

DarkGabumon snarled back. "Why don't you say it to my face, mongrel?"

"What did you call me?!"

"SHUT UP!" interjected Himura as he cut off the arguing Digimon, prompting them to stop at his command. Once he silenced them, he pivoted toward his sister. "Yui, did you save DarkGabumon yourself?"

"Yes, big brother. I even fed him some of our lemon pie. He was hurt and I took him here to look after him. He even told me Pharaohmon just used him and said he quit serving him."

"Well, I don't trust him," Inumon scoffed, entirely unconvinced of DarkGabumon's claim.

"Inumon. Cool it," Renamon muttered, elbowing Inumon's side.

"Hn, fine."

"Are you going to join us and help defeat Pharaohmon then?" Guilmon asked DarkGabumon.

"What kind of question is that? Of course, if I decided to quit," DarkGabumon said. "I know some of you don't entirely trust me." He emphasized his point by shooting a glare at Inumon much to the hellhound's chagrin. "I personally despised serving that monster. Never again will be enslaved. I'm free to do what I please!"

"Not if I have anything to say about it," Inumon grumbled while popping his knuckles, but Renamon beckoned him to stop.

Takato approached DarkGabumon. "But, since you once served him, you're our only lead of his whereabouts. Where is he now?"

Rika interjected. "What is he planning now besides sending goons to hunt us down?"

"I'll tell under the condition you keep the mutt from wanting to strangle me," DarkGabumon noticed Inumon raising a fist.

Himura turned and motioned for his partner to stop making gestures. Inumon quickly gave to his partner's request and turned his back to DarkGabumon, which Renamon pinched him in the back for. Inumon faced the front and folded his arms.

DarkGabumon revealed. "Pharaohmon is currently in a district known as Shibuya."

"That's not too far off from here," Henry pointed out. "We'll just have to take a train from here to Shibuya."

"Now tell us why he's even there," Takato said. "We need more detail."

"He's planning to steal some power brooches of three Sailor Senshi."

"Energy brooches?" Yui blinked thrice. "What are those?"

"Beats me, but they're said to contain some untold mystical powers he needs," the former Pharaohmon grunt stated. "With these brooches, the power from then would help empower him and release his true power."

"What? Then we have to get to Shibuya as soon as possible!" Himura declared as he whirled around and eyed the group. "I don't even want to imagine the true form of that monster. I mean we had difficulty dealing with him in that human form!"

"How can I ever forget that? He survived our combined efforts," the goggle head recalled the last encounter with the possessed Lance.

"We got no time to lose, Takato! We have to help the Sailors!" Guilmon said.

"But, how are we going to stand much of a chance?" Jeri asked with concern while holding Calumon close. "I mean, if Pharaohmon was too much of a force to be tampered with."

"Don't worry about it, Jeri," Rika reassured her female friend. "We've overcome D-Reaper. Once we put everything together, Pharaohmon won't know what hit him!"

"Still, WarDevidramon was tough even for us, guys!" Kazu pointed out.

"DarkGabumon," Inumon addressed him. "You better not be lying about this or you'll have lost our trust. I don't care if you endanger me, but I won't let you lead my Tamer, Yui, and these kids to a trap."

DarkGabumon frowned at Inumon. "I cross my heart." He noticed Yui sitting beside and hugging him. "See? I at least have someone who trusts me."

"We're heading out, y'all," Takato quickly announced. "Let's hit Shibuya!"


Eastern Shinjuku District/9:40 PM

Meanwhile, Yoko Kurama and Brimstone's battle was still to be determined. The silver-haired legend continued his offensive launching seeds all over the vicinity and producing more flesh-eating plants. Several plants sprouted behind Brimstone and moved in for the kill.

(Cue God of War OST – Athens Rooftop Fighting)

"We can play this all day, but even you will lose your footing," Yoko Kurama smirked cruelly. "Make it easier on yourself and become my plant's next morsel."

Brimstone evaded the incoming plants' mouths. He unleashed a barrage of heat blasts from his aura that burned the plants. Yoko Kurama directed another plant to attack Brimstone's blind spot. Seeing the plant coming up behind him, Brimstone jumped back and blasted the plant with an excessive heat blast.

The silver-haired fox chuckled, observing Brimstone's quick evasions. "You're just prolonging your inevitable defeat, my friend."

Suddenly, another plant emerged from the ground and caught Brimstone off his guard. The plant produced vines that caught Brimstone and wrapped him up tight before his heat aura could burn the vines. The plant opened its mouth and reeled Brimstone into the acidic saliva-covered mouth. from out of the ground and catches Brimstone by surprise. He attempts to put up his guard, but the plant lashed out an array of vines and wraps up the beast. Brimstone was caught and being reeled into the plant's saliva-filled mouth.

"I promised you that you'd become the perfect snack for my plant."

"I won't be defeated by a plant!" Brimstone boldly declared. "Whatever it takes...!"

Yusuke and Kuwabara watched from behind the fence. Both were completely on edge with what little they were able to perceive, but Hiei was able to see using his Jagan Eye. Kuwabara could mostly follow Yoko Kurama's spirit power.

"Man, Kurama's power is freaking off the charts!" A giddy Kuwabara blurted out.

Yusuke clenched his right hand and watched what little action he could see behind the fog. "That damn fog needs to get out of the way! Kurama better be kicking his ass!"

"I can't tell since that other guy's power is still strong."

"Kurama has the upperhand, but Brimstone is emitting a heat level that's likely to burn Kurama if he doesn't end this fight quick."

"Hiei, you sure know your stuff," Yusuke said.

Kuwabara scoffed. "He's saying Kurama might lose."

"That's not what I said, you bumbling buffoon."

"Get down here and say it to my fac-!"

"Shut, guys! Something's happening!" The lead Detective announced, pointing Hiei and Kuwabara back to the ongoing battle at hand.

Suddenly, Brimstone's battle aura erupted as immense flames leaked out and burned the vines up along with the plant itself. Witnessing his man-eater being turned to ashes, Yoko Kurama was slightly taken aback and watched Brimstone sauntering forward with his fire aura. Bringing his left hand forward, Brimstone produced another sword from his flames and readily charged Yoko Kurama.

Yoko Kurama saw Brimstone leaping into the air and swinging his sword around. The sword sent an array of fire blasts that rained down over the area. Yoko was forced to evade the raining balls of fire.

"How does it feel to be on the run?! Even you won't survive my flames!"

Yoko Kurama swerved around the downpour of fire and slides across the floor. Each blast narrowly engulfed Yoko Kurama. Brimstone quickly came down swinging his sword and cutting through the fog. Yoko Kurama barely dodged as the slash inflicted a piercing cut over Yoko's chest. As Brimstone tried beheading him with his sword, Yoko Kurama sneakily slides away and throws a seed underneath Brimstone.

Without warning, the seed sprouted another man-eating plant and took a bite out of Brimstone's arm flesh. The beast bellowed painfully, but retaliates by producing fire that burned the plant to ashes.

"Is that the best you can do, Yoko Kurama?! You may have taken a chunk of my flesh with your pet plants, but your techniques won't help you survive!"

Yoko Kurama backflipped and landed on his feet. He smirked seeing Brimstone favoring his arm. "I've figured out your weaknesses. You cannot ward off any attack without your flame barrier. You rely on a heavy defense to protect yourself against your opponent's attacks. That's why I slipped a seed under your detection."

"How observant of you," Brimstone chortled. However, he sensed Pharaohmon's presence growing. Realizing he suffered an injury, he turned his back to Yoko Kurama. "Unfortunately for you, I must depart for the time being. It seems my lord has finally sought what he longed desired."

"What do you mean?"

"Lord Pharaohmon captured two of the Sailor Senshi's power sources. All he needs is one more before there's enough power to revive his true demonic being. If you wish to witness his reemergence, then you'll go to Shibuya. We will finish this another time, Spirit Detectives!" With that, Brimstone vanished behind a pillar of fire.

(End theme)

Yoko Kurama was left alone in the middle of the empty vicinity.

'Shuichi. My job here is finished. I will partake my farewell for now.'


The legendary bandit became enshrouded by another fog barrier and regressed back to his normal, half-demon form. The fox spirit dissipated along with the fog barrier into a thin mist that gradually faded. The red-haired Kurama saw his colleagues running down to reconvene with him.

"Kurama!" Kuwabara bellowed.

So, it was you, Yoko Kurama. Hiei eyed Kurama closely.

Who was that silver-haired guy with Kurama? He just went up and vanished. Yusuke thought as he checked on Kurama. "Mind explaining what happened in there?"

"Listen," Kurama explained. "We must go to Shibuya. Brimstone informed me that Pharaohmon's captured two of the Sailor Senshi and took their powers. If he gets another, he will regain his true demon form. We must hurry. We can take a train there."

"Somehow I get the feeling you're not lying," Kuwabara shuddered. "I'm getting a bad vibe coming from Shibuya right now. Those girls need some help!"

"We're not going to accomplish anything standing here chatting. Time to get our asses in gear," Yusuke said.


Shibuya Park/9:45 PM

Back at Shibuya Park, the struggle with Sailor Mars, Sailor Pluto, and Lance carried on. Sailor Mars bumrushed Lance, who seemed to sit still for no reason. She caught him with a fire blast that extended like a spear and cut off his right arm. The demonic creature screamed out in pain as blood spilled from his armless stub.

"Stay on him, Mars!" Sailor Saturn cried out.

"Finish him!" Pluto exclaimed.

"AUGH! DAMN YOU! MY ARM!" Lance bellowed.

"Now, I'm taking your other one!"

Lance's eyes widened in utter shock as Mars charged and made another fire spear that sliced off his left arm. Lance screamed in excruciating pain again. He sank to his knees armless. Mars landed in front of the fallen villain and readied an arrow to his face.

"With this fire, I'll purify this boy and purge you out myself!"

Suddenly, Mars was interrupted by laughter as a pair of tentacle-like fingers emerged from the ground and pierced through Mars' back. Lance sat up wearing a sinister grin.

"Mars. I warned you never to take your eyes off of me!"

Mars screamed out as the tentacles dug deeper through her body. Pluto dashed forward to intercept Lance and summoned power from her Garnet Rod.

"Dead Scream."

As soon as Pluto invoked her attack, Lance stopped it dead at its tracks with a barrier. The attack was deflected back and narrowly hit Pluto, who dodged at the last second. She hit the ground and landed on her feet watching Lance regenerate new limbs from the stubs.

"I just love hearing a full-grown woman scream," Lance grinned sadistically. "It's music to my ears."

Eternal Sailor Mars struggled to break free, but the tentacle fingers pushed deeper through her back. Lance ran his finger over her back and licked the girl's blood.

"Female blood always tastes much sweeter."

"You sick bastard."

"Have anything else to say before I take your power brooch?"

Sailor Mars retaliates by spitting on his face.

"Very well then. Prepare for death, my dear! You're sister will soon join you!"

Just as Lance was about to strike, an energy blast came hurtling from the bushes and impacted Lance, igniting an explosion that knocked him back. KaiserLeomon charged out of the bushes and landed near Eternal Sailor Mars. Pluto stood up and eyed the Warrior of Darkness.

"Who are you?" The Time Guardian asked.

"I am KaiserLeomon, Loweemon's beast form. I deeply apologize for not arriving here sooner." He quickly removed the tentacles still attached from Mars' back.

"Pluto, we have to get Mars out of there!" Saturn called to the Time Guardian. "I can heal her if you bring her to me!"

KaiserLeomon advised. "We need to relocate all of you."

KaiserLeomon and Sailor Pluto turned around to see Lance/Pharaohmon walking forward with little damage. He spread his wings out and forged an energy ball through his hands. He launched it directly for KaiserLeomon, who took the blast head-on and was sent sailing back. Pluto was left to protect Mars.

"You heroes are too predictable. There's no chance for you to escape me."

"Damn it!" Pluto cursed.

Lance/Pharaohmon observed the injured Sailor Mars and smirked evilly. "Oh, by the way, I still haven't forgotten about your sibling. Yes, she's waiting to be sent home, isn't she? You've sent those Legendary Warriors to retrieve her. You want to see your sister before you die? I can help arrange that for you. Ever since I drained your comrades' brooch powers, my magical powers have gotten stronger and more useful. I can teleport them here as we speak."

With a wave of his hand, an orb materialized around Lance's right hand. Then, a view of Cammy and Ami showed up on the orb. Sailor Mars slowly raised her head and her eyes angrily furrowed toward Lance.

"She looks like sweet and innocent like a typical good little girl. She does strike a great resemblance to you, Rei."

"Don't you even think about putting a hand on my sister, Pharaohmon!"

"Well, you know that I'm planning to transport your sister and your friends here."

"Why even bother telling her?" Pluto chastised him.

"I know you two won't do a damn thing to me," he said. "I'll stop you before you can plan out another attack."

"Hey, aren't you forgetting about me?" KaiserLeomon growled as he slowly emerged recovering from the demon's attack.

"You won't make a difference either. All three of you together can't hurt me. Now, to summon forth my magic to transport these fools to this location."

With that, the orb emitted a light purple glow.


San Francisco/Local Airport

Amidst a busy and lively San Francisco crowd, a raven-haired little girl sat on a chair carrying a backpack with the essentials. Her wardrobe included a long-sleeved pink shirt and blue-jean shorts. Her tennis shoes are red trimmed with white straps. She sat waiting patiently for Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars' 'friend' Ami Mizuno.

Unbeknownst to her, the very same Ami coming to see her was really Sailor Mercury.

"Excuse me, little girl."


Cammy raised her head to get a good view of a youthful woman with short, wavy blue hair.

"You must be Cammy Hino, correct?"

"That's me. Are you that friend of theirs? Ami?"

Ami nodded to confirm her identity. "Pleased to meet you. I've heard a lot about you from your sister."

"You have no idea how badly I want to meet her."

"So, did you talk to your father and let him know about your leave?"

Cammy furrowed her brows angrily. "No."

Ami gasped upon hearing this. "Why not?"

"Why should I? He never even bothered to send me to Japan to see my sister. I hate him. I never want to go back to that man again!"


The raven-haired child embraced Ami tight. "Please, you have no idea how long I've been waiting for this. This is my only chance to get to know my long lost sister!"

Ami couldn't believe what she had heard from Ami, yet it was understandable.

"I understand. In fact, Sailor Mercury had a talk with me. She told me everything there is to know. She'll talk to your father."

"Oh, she will?"

"Yes," Ami forced herself to lie. "C'mon, let's go and order tickets for our flight."

With that, Cammy took Ami's hand and followed along. She knew Ami was one to be trusted and wouldn't return her back to the unforgiving man known as her father.

"Thank you, Ami."

"It's not a problem, Cammy. Besides, I haven't seen my friends for well over a year."

"Guess we both have something in common."

Ami genuinely smiled. "Yes."

Just then, a crowd of people immediately fled outside the airport. Ami whirled around to see where the commotion was coming from. To her surprise, she set her eyes on a large winged dragon wearing horns. Another was a metal-bodied wolf along with a humanoid fairy, a humanoid beetle, and a white bear.

"Who are those people, Ami?" Cammy asked pointing to the Legendary Warriors.

"I don't know, but… Wait! I've heard about these individuals from Rei! They're the Digimon from Shibuya!"

"Digimon?" Cammy blinked. "Are they on our side?"

"They should be according to Rei."

The fairy came flying into the airport as the crowds gathered around in astonishment. She surveyed around and immediately called for those they were sent to retrieve.

"Hey! I'm sorry for the interruption but is there a Cammy and a Ami here?! We were sent by the Sailor Senshi to retrieve them!"

"Yeah! You won't have to buy a ticket to hitch a ride with us!" Blitzmon announced as he walked inside. He noticed a boy gleaming happily towards him.

"Look at the cool beetle guy, mom!"

"We're over here!" Ami called while waving over to the Legendary Warriors. She grabbed Cammy's hand and lured over toward them. "C'mon, Cammy. This is more convenient for us."

Cammy grinned exuberantly. "Ok! I'm in!"

As Ami and Cammy stepped through the crowds, Fairymon descended to meet them. Blitzmon approached them after posing for photos for the boy and other bystanders.

"I take it you're Ami?" asked Fairymon

"Yes and I believe you're the Digimon from Shibuya?"

"How did you know about us?" Blitzmon wondered.

"Let's just say my friends are close to the Senshi."

"I see. That's good enough for us," Fairymon said. "C'mon, we're getting out of here!"

Suddenly, a purple aura seemingly washed over Ami and Cammy, which made them disappear out of thin air. Fairymon and Blitzmon were taken back.

"Where did they go? They're gone!" Fairymon cried out.

Blitzmon was stupefied. "Why look at me? I didn't do anything!"

They turned to find that their colleagues, too, were gone. Blitzmon turned and saw Fairymon instantly disappear. The crowd of people became puzzled by this strange turn of events. Blitzmon quickly followed and vanished like the others.


Shibuya Park/9:55 PM

The park area was quickly being consumed by darkness after Lance/Pharaohmon summoned forth his orb. Sailor Mars tried sitting up despite fighting her nagging injuries. Pluto and KaiserLeomon barricaded Mars from Lance's reach.

Lance levitated from the ground with his orb and spread a wave of darkness that swept across the city.

In no time, Agunimon, the other Legendary Warriors, Ami, and Cammy were relocated in the heart of Shibuya Park. Cammy was bewildered when looking around her new location. Cammy held tightly around Ami's legs and shivered with fright.

"Ami, what is this? I'm scared."

"I don't know. This is not what I had in mind," Ami appeared as alarmed as the child herself. This has to be Pharaohmon's doing. He wants Cammy, but I'm not going to let him near her!

"We're back in Tokyo!" The Warrior of Wind exclaimed.

"But, how?" Chakkoumon wondered.

"I'll give you one guess," Agunimon said, gritting his teeth.

Wolfmon added. "Pharaohmon."

"Where he is?!" Blitzmon frantically looked around.

"Above you," came Lance's voice. When everyone looked up, they found Lance floating over them and wearing a black cloak of demonic power that spread over the city. "Good to have you join us, Legendary Warriors. You can thank me for relocating you here with two guests." He grinned devilishly and casted his eyes on Cammy. "And I see the leading suspect of our Digital Priestess case is with us."

"Ami! Who is that?" Cammy pointed up to Lance floating over them.

"That has to be Pharaohmon," Ami replied, furrowing her brows and holding Cammy's hand tight.

"Where are the Sailor Senshi? I don't see them!"

"Pharaohmon! You finally decided to step out of hiding and fight us?!" Agunimon cried out, taking on a battle stance.

Blitzmon blinked. "But, at his body! Looks like he did possess a human body!"

"Heh, not for long," Lance chuckled evilly whilst his body underwent another physical metamorphosis. Whatever remained of his outward human appearance became more demonic and grotesque. His wings grew larger and became several feet wider. His limbs became equipped with deadly talons and his muscle build increased in size. His cries gave way to loud, boorish bellows. As he landed, he now stood a staggering nine feet tall.

"Oh, god... this is who we have to fight with?" Fairymon stepped back frightfully.

"We beat Lucemon! We can take this creep!" Agunimon growled while turning over to Wolfmon. "Ready?"

"Guys! Spread out and evolve!" The Warrior of Fire commanded his entourage, who spread out and invoked their B-Hybrid Spirits.

As the Legendary Warriors prepared for battle, Ami picked up Cammy and moved away. Lance shifted his gaze to the two females and prepared to hit him with a mouth blast, but Agunimon intercepted him with a kick to his face. Barely dazed, Lance turned and tried blasting Agunimon. The Warrior of Fire landed near the Warrior of Light as both drew out their D-Scanners.

"Let's see what these Digimon are capable of," Ami muttered.

Cammy was awestruck. Wow, Rei has a load of awesome friends!

(Cue Digimon Frontier Evolution Theme - With The Will)

"Execute! Slide Evolution!"




"Execute! Fusion Evolution!"



The five Legendary Warriors charged Lance with a full head of steam. Shutumon took to the air above Lance and flailed her arms, unleashing a whirlwind attack.

"Hurricane Hail!"

Blizzarmon readied his battle axes and threw them at the villain.

"Avalanche Axes!"

Borgmon charged his cannons and unloaded a pair of powerfully-charged electrical orbs.

"Bolts of Thunder!"

The attacks immediately hit their mark and did some damage to Lance. Ardhamon and Beowulfmon closed right in on Lance.

Beowulfmon summoned a large wolf made of light toward him. "Frozen Hunter!"

Ardhamon created a massive, sphere of heat energy and throws at Lance. "Solar Wind Destroyer!"

Their attacks impacted Lance and made him budge. However, their celebration was short lived when KaiserLeomon came running in to see his friends attacking Lance.

"Kouichi! Over here!" Ardhamon called to the Warrior of Darkness.

"It's going to take more than that to stop him!" KaiserLeomon said.

As he recovered from their attacks, Lance floated over laughing at their efforts. The Legendary Warriors regrouped while Lance floated over to confront them. Cammy tucked herself against Ami and cried out in fear.

"Ami, can they stop him? What about my sister? Can she...?!"

I don't know if I'll make any difference in this battle. the blue-haired girl thought. I can't transform with Cammy here. Rei, Makoto, Minako, where are you, guys?

Lance quickly phased out and rematerialized behind the Legendary Warriors. They turned around prepared to fight him, but the villain grabbed Ardhamon and Beowulfmon's necks while pulling them forward. He planted them with a double chokeslam into the ground.

"Oh crap!" Borgmon exclaimed.

"Heads up!" Shutumon cried.

However, Lance caught Borgmon with a punch to his face and knocked him back. Shutumon tried to attack, but he swung his arm forward and hit her with an immense energy force that sent her sailing away. He turned when Blizzarmon attempted to bumrush him. He raced ahead and hit the charging behemoth with a lariat. As Blizzarmon went down, KaiserLeomon tried jumping him from behind. The monstrous creature whirled around and punched KaiserLeomon so hard he cracked the side of the warrior's armor. He then grabbed KaiserLeomon and punched him with rapidfire blows before chucking him next to his colleagues.

"He's too strong!" Cammy screamed while turning away. "Where's my sister's friends – the Senshi?!"

(End theme)

(Cue God of War OST – Save the Oracle Challenge)

Suddenly, Lance was chuckling to himself as he heard Cammy. He turned to face her with a sinister grin and slowly walks towards her.

"Sailor Senshi? You have little fear as I've already taken care of two of those pests," grinned Lance as he floated over the fallen Legendary Warriors. "At this rate, I might not even need a third brooch to regain my true form. My true form is returning to me. Now, at last, I can extract my revenge on you, Digital Priestess!"

"Digital Priestess?" the girl asked frightfully. "What are you talking about?"

Ami thought looking down over the child. I overheard this from a conversation with Rei, but, can Cammy really be this Digital Priestess?

"This girl is the Digital Priestess. So you know Rei, too."

"Rei is the not the type to turn her back on her own friends!" Ami said.

"I know the fact that you're weak without a leader. Rei is obviously not the leader of your little team. Of course, I've already taken out Mars for good."

"Mars? As in Sailor Mars?" Cammy asked as she faced Ami. "What does she have to do with my sister?"

"It's obvious isn't it, Digital Priestess?" Lance replied. "Your sister is Sailor Mars."

This revelation struck Cammy hard. She couldn't believe her ears. Her perception of her sister swiftly changed when this was revealed to her.

"You're kidding me? My sister is a Sailor Senshi?"

"Cammy! Get away from here!" Ami pleaded.

Annoyed by Ami's constant pleas, Lance grabbed her neck. She struggled against the evil priest's grip. Cammy screamed in horror and tried running off. Lance turned and snapped his fingers. The ground under Cammy's feet uplifted and knocked her backwards.

"You're not going anywhere, Digital Priestess. Today I will end your life along with this girl's."

"Cammy…" Ami managed to choke out.

Lance tightened his grip together around Ami's neck and chuckled once her face started turning blue. Cammy sat up crying in horror up.

In response to her cries, a flame arrow hurtled through the forest and impaled Lance's chest. The demonic entity dropped Ami and whirled around facing the one who injured him. Sailor Mars stepped through the forest with Sailor Pluto behind her. Mars clearly showed pain on her face while favoring her wounds.

"Mars..? No... REI!" Cammy called out to her sister.

Sailor Mars noticed her sister and gasped. "Cammy?!"

"Rei! Over here!"

"Cammy! Get away from here!"

Lance ripped the arrow out of his chest and discarded it. His eyes flared and turned red when making contact with the Miko Senshi.

"Pharaohmon, your fight with me is not over!"

"Rei Hino, it's such a shame, but you don't even stand a chance against me anymore," the demonic villain boasted as he showed off his near-complete body. "I can easily crush you with sheer force. Look at what I did to these six legendary Warriors. Realize you can't win. Now hand me your brooch."

"If you want my brooch, then you will have to take my life."

"Rei! No!" Cammy pleaded.

"Cammy," Sailor Mars smiled realizing her sister figured out her identity when Pharaohmon kept referring to her civilian name. "I'm sorry we've never had the chance to spend some time together."


Sailor Mars simply smiled to her younger sibling with tears falling down her face. "Go, Cammy. Your life means much more than mine at this very moment. You're essential to Pharaohmon's demise! Go, there's not much time left!"


"Cammy! Go! Now!"

The younger sibling reluctantly nodded and hurried over to check on Ami. Sailor Pluto accompanied Mars into the battle. When Cammy tried helping Ami up, a barrier formed around them. To Cammy's surprise, she saw Sailor Saturn carrying Makoto and Minako with her.

"You're safe in here, Cammy," Saturn said.

"My sister has all of you as her friends. This is incredible," Cammy said as Ami was coming to her senses.

"Pluto and Mars are fighting Pharaohmon now, Ami," Saturn reassured the genius.

They watched Sailor Mars and Sailor Pluto attacking Lance relentlessly. Pluto drove her Garnet staff into the demonic priest's hide and tore through it, but dark energy leaked out and expelled the Time Guardian away. Sailor Mars blasted Lance's right shoulder with a fire blast, which made his shoulder explode.

"C'mon, sister!" Cammy cheered Mars on. "You're a Sailor Senshi! I believe in you!"

Can she really do it?! Ami observed her friend kicking Lance with her heels covered in flames.

"This is for endangering my sister!" Mars passionately screamed in fury. She kicked Lance's face hard that she nearly twisted his neck.

Much to Mars' dismay, Lance turned his head back towards her and blasted her with eye beams. Mars cried painfully as she hit the ground with her wounds aggravating her again. Before he made his next move, he felt a blade being pointed to his side. He looked down seeing Sailor Saturn pointing her Silence Glaive at him.

"So, another insect decides to crawl along."

"Silence, demon."

"Saturn, no..." Mars muttered.

Pluto sat up recovering after Pharaohmon hit her hard.

As Lance focused on Saturn, Mars took advantage of the quick distraction and summoned a giant snake forged from a wild burst of flames. Lance turned around as a giant fire snake gaped its mouth and hit him head-on.

"Mars Snake Fire!"

Lance's right arm exploded into a mass of flesh. Mars nearly collapsed but Pluto and Saturn barricaded her.

"Pluto, Saturn, please don't do this. I don't want anyone else to lose their powers because of me. This monster wants my sister dead and no doubt wants me to suffer the same fate!"

"We will not," Saturn said. "Your enemy is ours to begin with."

Pluto added. "Relax, Sailor Mars. We will take this."

"How about I make a suggestion?" Lance interjected as he drew the Sailors' attention back and they witnessed in horror another arm emerging from the bloody stump where Mars blew off his limb.

"He regenerated!" Ami exclaimed in shock, but before she drew out her Henshin stick, she saw Makoto and Minako laying side by side. So, he extracted your powers to gain this grotesque form? I'm sorry I couldn't be here sooner. "Cammy, stat close to me." She put an arm around the child.

"They can't destroy him? Can they?!" Cammy asked, hugging Ami tight. "C'mon, sister!"

Lance launched a mouth blast toward the three Senshi, forcing them to scatter. He swiftly phased out and rematerialized behind Sailor Pluto. He quickly took out Pluto with a stiff right hand that knocked her into a tree. He throws an energy blast where Mars stood. She rolled away from the incoming blast and turned to catch Lance running up to Saturn. Saturn set up her Silence Wall protecting her from the villain's reach.

"Saturn!" Mars cried out.

Lance grinned and turned his attack toward Mars instead. Saturn instinctively past her barrier and tried to intercept the monster, but Lance turned and met her with a blast that moved too fast for Saturn to dodge. Saturn was sent sailing back and left in a heap, leaving Lance to deal with Mars. Mars jumped up to kick Lance again, but he grabbed her leg and threw her down effortlessly. Her head cracked against the ground nearly giving her a whiplash.

"NO, MARS!" Ami screamed.

"A valiant effort, Mars. You're willing to sacrifice your own life for the sake of others. Typical hero theatrics. So, you wish for an honorable death? I shall grant you thee, but first, you have something that I need."

(End theme)

With that, Lance picked Sailor Mars from the ground and prepared to absorb her absorb. Suddenly, a large heat ball and blue wolf impacted Lance from behind.

"Solar Wind Destroyer!"

"Frozen Hunter!"

Lance saw the two Legendary Warriors repeating their attacks. He dropped Mars and stormed toward them in a freight train. He hit both with a double lariat, nearly taking their heads off. He snatched up Beowulfmon and gave him a backbreaker. Then, he chokeslammed Ardhamon into the ground and planted him next to Beowulfmon. Both warriors were left a broken heap much to the others' dismay.

"Now take what I need."

Lance quickly picked up Sailor Mars. A long tendril formed out of his left hand and used it to tear the brooch from her chest. Like Jupiter and Venus before her, Mars' powers were robbed from her as she regressed into her civilian form. He dropped Rei as she lost consciousness. Holding the brooch overhead like a trophy, Lance absorbed most of the power from the object. His dark aura became thicker as his body slowly grew and underwent the next metamorphosis.

Both Saturn and Pluto sat up witnessing the horrifying turn of events.

"We failed..." Pluto turned away.

Saturn quickly raced forward as she picked Rei up and carried her away from Lance.

"REI!" Cammy screamed as she and Ami ran over to meet Saturn and Pluto. "Sister! Please wake up!" She shook Rei hard.

The ladies watched with dread as they heard the evil priest's laughter fill the area. His form was now enveloped into a cocoon-like casing as he was undergoing his final transformation into his true sinister form.


Meanwhile, those who took a train to Shibuya witnessed a black aura spreading out from the park. Takato and the Tamers watched on the northwest side of the park. Yusuke and the Spirit Detectives barely arrived on site and watched from the outskirts of the park. Unfortunately, they had arrived too late.

"Look up there!" Inumon pointed out. "I'm sensing pure evil from that cocoon!"

"It's Pharaohmon! We were too late!" Dark Gabumon cried. "Our worst nightmares has come true!"

"I refuse to believe it!" Takato said. "Himura! There's got to be something we have to do!"

"I'm afraid not even our Digimon will be able to break through that force field containing that cocoon!"

Elsewhere, Dimitro, Vega, Jaarin, and Sam were speechless. They knew full well that their efforts would not be enough to tear down the cocoon casing. Dimitro nods to his team and walks off into the night.

Jaarin tried to convince him. "Shouldn't we at least…"

Dimitro nodded. "No, Jaarin. At this point, we'll really need to plan out how we deal with this threat."

"Damn it. I want to get in there and fight!" Vega eagerly said.

Pressing a hand on her chest, Jaarin sighed. Henry, what kind of enemy are we dealing with?

Yami Yugi and his group also just arrived at the site. They found the Tamers and quickly reconvened with them.

"Yugi!" Takato calls out.

Yami called out. "Takato! Tamers!" He looked up at the black cocoon floating over the park. "We're too late." He said with dread.

Rika added. "I suggest we attack! He's probably vulnerable as we speak. Renamon?"

"Sorry, Rika. I'm afraid our current powers will make a difference now," Rena said with fear etched on her face.

Terriermon shuddered on top of Henry's head. "Hate to say it, but I can't even joke about this."

"They're right," Felinismon openly said as the Duelists and Tamers overheard her. She quivered with fright like the other Digimon. "It's too late for us to stop Pharaohmon now."

"Guys! Look!" Jeri pointed everyone to the cocoon slowly opening up and releasing a beam of dark light toward the park.

(Cue The Mummy OST - Rebirth)

With a loud crack, the cocoon opened and unveiled a column of dark light that showered over the area. After a loud roar emanated from the villain, the cocoon exploded and dissolved into dust. The evil one emerged revealing his true terrifying form as the smoke thinned.


Gazing from on top of a tower, MetalDevidramon quietly observed the emergence of his master.

"Lord Pharaohmon, you've returned."


The Senshi and the Legendary Warriors, being the closest ones, witnessed Pharaohmon landing near them.

Pharaohmon quietly gazed over his reformed demon body. No longer were there any indications of human flesh. Lance was forever gone and was confined inside the demon's body. Despite the name title, he looked less like a pharaoh sarcophagus, and more like an undead, muscular demon garbed in black body armor and boots. Hanging down from his waist was a silver loincloth trimmed with dark purple. His flesh was a grayish color with battle scars etched across his imposing features. His face was undeathly demonic while his eyes were soulless. His mouth was lined with sharp and hollow teeth. A pair of demonic wings spread out from his back and was quite a magnificent albeit imposing sight to behold. A mahogany dragon head, akin to Zorc's, came sprouting out from his back and widened its mouth. Despite his true appearance, Pharaohmon carried a pharaoh battle mask and a cobra scepter.

Elsewhere within the park, Beelzebumon stopped beside a tree stump while recovering from the battle with WarDevidramon. His eyes widened in fright at the power flowing from Pharaohmon.

Here I thought WarDevidramon was tough. This guy's power scares even me. Thought Beelzebumon.


"Pharaohmon, I thought this day would never come again," Felinismon muttered.

"Uh, so that's Pharaohmon? Um, he looks a lot uglier than I expected," Terriermon gulped and scared out of his mind.

Guilmon growled as his eyes became viral. "Takato, his presence is stronger than I imagined."

Takato shivered with fright and nodded.

Yui was left aghast. "Dark ? This is your first time seeing Pharaohmon in his true form?"

"Yes... and I'd hope I'd never have to see it."

"We got ourselves a big fight ahead of us, guys," Inumon stated.


Pharaohmon looks out towards the full moon and grinned evilly.

"At last, I have returned."

(End theme)



Takato: Pharaohmon's regained his real form and we're in deep trouble.

Guilmon: No, we can stop him, Takato!

Felinismon: You know nothing about how terrifying Pharaohmon's power can be!

Yami Yugi: No, there has to be a way. No one is unbeatable!

Pharaohmon: Your attempts are pitiful, young warriors. If you wish to attack me, then by all means go for it. It will only prove to be useless.

Felinismon: Pharaohmon! I will help Yugi whatever it takes to defeat you!

Pharaohmon: Like I ever needed you! You're useless! You'll die with your new friends!

Jeri: What's this? My D-Ark is acting up!

Felinismon: Why am I suddenly gaining power from this girl?

Yusuke: Damn, I knew I should amped up my spirit gun!

Pharaohmon: I'm disappointed with your efforts. I'll tell you what. I'll give you two weeks to practice and train, heroes. I will host a tournament with many stipulations.

Takato: What's the deal? Why a tournament?

Himura: With Anubimon training us, we'll be able to prepare for anything Pharaohmon has in store for us.

Pluto: Cammy. Only you hold the key to helping Rei, Makoto and Minako to regain their powers. You must remember everything you know during your past as the Digital Priestess.

Cammy: I'll try…

Yusuke: Back to training with Genkai… Back to hell for me…

Yugi: The Scarabmon have stolen my puzzle and the other Millennium items!

Bakura: Give back Yugi's puzzle, you thieves!

Yami Bakura: Finally! I am free…

Yugi: Bakura?! The evil spirit is back?!

Yui: Himura! Help me!

Himura: You guys! That bastard has kidnapped my sister!

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Demonic Pharaohmon Rises! A Challenge Issued!


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