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Onto the pre-tournament preparations!


Chapter 17

Eight Days Come and Go! The Shadow Tournament Arrives!


Shinjuku District/Shinjuku Central Park/3:10 PM

With eight days to follow up on their training and preparations, the Tamers and Duelists met up at Shinjuku Park to discuss Pharaohmon's Shadow Tournament. Yugi and Joey utilized this time to teach the Tamers beyond the basics of the Duel Monsters game. Although the Tamers had experience with card dueling, they didn't have the knowledge that Yugi and his friends do. Only Kazu, Kenta, and to some extent Himura knew anything beyond the basics.

Meanwhile, as the Tamers were preoccupied with the Duelists, the Digimon were taken by Anubimon for training in his realm.

Kazu and Kenta showed the Duel Monster cards they've collected. Yugi looked at their decks and nodded in approval.

"Not bad, Kazu and Kenta," Yugi commended. "But, make sure you have more spell and trap cards."

"Yep, that's a lesson I had to learn the hard way," Joey said.

Both Kazu and Kenta gushed getting praise and criticism from the duelist experts.

Rika studied the deck Yugi and Joey had. She smiled a grin that exuded confidence. "No problem. I'll get the hang of this."

"Can't say I'm surprised, Rika. You'll adapt quickly," Takato said. "Boy, look at these cards!" He looked over Yugi's Dark Magician. "Wow, the Dark Magician. It's really here!"

"Make sure you listen carefully," Yugi announced. "What types of monsters do decks normally have?"

"I've got this one!" Kazu chimed in quickly. "First, you have your average monsters. Then, you have your effect, fusion, and ritual monsters."

"Fusion and ritual are very effective monsters," Kenta replied. "Fusions are monsters that can only be fusion summoned. The ritual monsters are ritual summoned."

"That's good. Now, here's a question for you, Takato," Joey said. "Umm… let's see... ugh! I forgot!"

"That's really helpful, Joey," Tea remarked.

"I know both players start off with 8000 life points each," Rika said.

"Wow, for rookies in this game, you know some of the basics," Tristan said.

"I think you guys are familiar with the rules since you are experts at the Digimon card game," Yugi said, picking up his deck and shuffling them them. "But Duel Monsters is a whole different ball game. Now, let's continue."

As Yugi sets down different monster cards, everyone, but Himura, was paying attention. Jeri noticed his seemingly lack of interest and prodded his side.

"C'mon, Himura, you might want to learn from Yugi's lessons."

"I'm already familiar with Duel Monsters," Himura confessed.

"You are? Then, maybe you can teach me?"


Jeri nodded. "Yes. I'm very interested in this game."

"Ok, you've convinced me enough. Let's get started."

"Can you show me your deck?"

"Sure. I have them right here."

Himura pulled out his deck from his pocket and showed them to Jeri. Jeri took his deck and scanned through them.

"How long have you been playing?"

"For about a year. I'm a pretty good player. Yui and I…"

The minute he mentioned his sister and he fell into depression. Jeri sat next to him and lifted his chin up to look him in the face.

"Himura, we'll save your sister. I know she's still in there somewhere. I promise you that we'll defeat Pharaohmon and free Yui."

"Is that right?"

"Remember what Anubimon said. You have to be strong for your sister and for yourself. Believe that you can free her and she eventually will."

Himura replied, taking the negativity flooding his mind. "You're right, Jeri. I have to stop beating myself up for nothing."

"Now that's more like it. Now, can you teach me?"

"Sure, I guess you already heard about the types of monsters. Now, let's discuss the types of summons."

"I'm ready."

Before he explained, Himura scanned through the different kinds of summons he had in possession. He drew a card with a beaver garbed an armor and wielding a sword. It was the Beaver Warrior and he put it into a face-up attack mode.

"Beaver warrior? How cute!"

"Now listen, Jeri. Let's get serious. You see how I have this face-up? Well, it's face-up in attack position. Just remember this, it may require sacrifices to be made."


"That's right. Now, here's another tactic to summon your monster."

Himura pulled out another card and placed down in an opposite position than his Beaver Warrior.

"Now, I've just set this one down in a face-down defense position. Like the face-up card, this also may require sacrifices."

"I see. Ok, I'm getting the point."

"That's good. I'm sure you're a fast learner. Ok, now I flip this facedown defense card into a face-up attack mode. It's also used to refer to when a facedown defense card is attacked and placed into a face-up defense position. Rarely seen is the facedown attack position and that certain position can only be achieved by an effect. The change of this card to a face-up attack, either on your attack or by any attack, is also a flip summon."

"Ok, that's pretty simple. I'll have to memorize it, but I'll get the idea."

"Take note, Jeri. If an effect monster has a flip effect, this type of summon activates it. Ok? Now, we move on with special summons. A special summon can be activated by a magic card, trap card, or monster effect. Then, you have your fusion summons. You will need this."

Himura held out a specific card called Polymerization. He handed it to Jeri as she looked over it.

"I'll need this to fuse my monsters?"

"That's right. When you activate Polymerization, sacrifice the required fusion-material monsters from your field or hand to summon a monster from the fusion deck in face-up attack or facedown defense position."


"Finally, you have your ritual summons. If you have a ritual monster in your hand, you can activate the appropriate Ritual Magic card. You must then sacrifice a number of monsters with a total level that is greater than or equal to the level of the Ritual monster from your field or hand."

"I think I'll get the basics of this, Himura. I really hope I'm not asking for too much."

"It's fine, Jeri. I'm happy to tutor you. Yugi and Joey seem to be having no problems teaching Takato and the others. C'mon, let's go see what they're talking about."


As they headed out to see the others, Yugi was already delving past the basic rules of the game.

"Now you're only allowed one normal or set summon per turn," Yugi explained. "You may have as many of the other summons in a turn as you can."

"Ok, now correct me if I'm wrong," Takato asked. "A level one, two, three and/or four monster can be summoned without a sacrifice?"

"That's right, Takato," Yugi said. "In order to summon a level five or six monster, you must send one monster on your field to the graveyard as a sacrifice. Now to summon a level seven or higher monster, you must send two monsters on your field to the graveyard."

"For special and flip summons, no sacrifices will be required," explained Joey. "Ain't that cool?"

Henry nodded. "That's good to know."

Yugi carried on. "For fusion and ritual summons, the required sacrifices can be made from the field or the hand. And you may only have five monsters on the field at one time. You may only summon monsters in either of your main phases. Remember, there is a main phase before and after the battle phase. Each monster you have in attack position may attack only once per turn, and only in the battle phase. A monster in defense position cannot attack."

"Ok, this is pretty much understandable," Takato said. "We pretty much knew this."

"Wow, you already figured that one out?" Rika gawked at him.

"Heh, well you know me."

"Oh, you goggle head."

As Jeri watched Takato and Rika's exchange, she giggled a bit. Himura noticed this as well and tapped Jeri.

"Are those two together?"

"In what way?"

Himura muttered. "You know…"

"Oh no. They're just friends, but Rika likes to pick on Takato. They're so funny together."

"I can tell. Heh. You're totally different from Rika, Jeri."

"I know. Rika is so strong-headed, but she still has a soft side. I think she might eventually fall for Takato someday."

"You really think so?"

"Ok, guys!" Yugi announced. "We're going to going ahead and start practice dueling. Let's see if you're up to it."

"Right!" The Tamers shouted in unison.

Sheesh, all of this memorization. Though, we do have an experience with card duels. This is at a whole different play game as Yugi just said. I wonder how Guilmon and the others are holding up in their training. Takato thought. Hope Guilmon and the others are having fun with Anubimon.


Underworld/Anubimon's Duel Realm/3:35 PM

Fun was the biggest understatement. The Tamer's Digimon were getting the 'best' training they could ever ask for. Anubimon, being the harsh instructor as he could be, gave a whipping to put them in their best shapes.

Guilmon stood on a thin platform with weighted balls attached to his arms. The reptile struggled to maintain his balance and was already sweating profusely. Another weight ball was even attached to his tail.

"Tails hurts... arms... hurt... heavy..." Guilmon gritted his teeth hard trying to balance the weights.

"Maintain that balance and don't you dare fall!" barked Anubimon, who was floating over near him. "You need to stand there for over 60 minutes tops. After that, you'll take a 20 minute break and return to your post to hold heavier weights."

"Takato... help me..."

Anubimon grinned evilly veering over to his Guilmon's other companions. "It seems your friend, Terriermon, is enjoying this. Right, Terriermon?"

The poor floppy-eared smart alec. wasn't faring any better than Guilmon. His ears were held down by weights. He literally couldn't even move around a centimeter.

"I can… take… this... I can… take this!" Struggled Terriermon.

"Keep it up, Terriermon! Keep that game face on!" the underworld lord snickered. "You guys need to speed things up! Inumon! I'll let you train the ladies."

"Really? Oooo, now I'm so going to enjoy my job as their instructor," Snickering, Inumon turned to Renamon and Felinismon. "Oh, ladies, we're gonna have so much fun!"

"Keep your distance!" Felinismon hissed, showing her claws.

"We can take care of ourselves," reassured Renamon.

"Please, I'm really serious about this! No dirty jokes involved, promise!"

Renamon sighed, growing annoyed with Inumon's constant pleading. "That's very reassuring, but no goofball antics, got it? Or, I'll throwing diamonds into your hide."

"Nah, I'll just chop off his pee-pee if he crosses the line!" Felinismon said, running a thumb across her throat. "Got it?"

"I promise," Inumon openly vowed to the Digi-ladies. "Now, listen up. You two are about to endure is perhaps the toughest training you could ever endure."

"Will we have to require to carry weights?"

"No way, Renamon! Females don't need to endure that kind of training. You're bodies are built for more swift and agility. We're going to be working on toning the muscles in your bodies and getting you into your most flexible forms."

"Sounds easy enough," Felinismon said.

"Trust me. It isn't easy. It will take a while for you to get it. Now, let's stretch out those muscles ladies! Yeah!" Inumon yelled out like an aerobics instructor. He began by stamping his feet out and waving his arms over his head.

The ladies sweatdropped watching Inumon unintentionally acting like a goofball.

"I've seen something like this with Jeri on TV," Felinismon noted.

The yellow-furred vulpine answered. "It's called aerobics."

"It looks kind of fun."

Inumon hollered, pumping his fists and knees up. "C'mon, ladies! Let's get this started! Get that blood pumping! Oh yeah! I'm starting to feel warmed up already!" He beckoned Renamon to join him. "C'mon, Renamon! You first!"


Felinismon pushed Renamon forward. "Go on! Lead the way!"

Renamon now found herself in the most awkward position her life pumping her fists and knees next to Inumon. Felinismon clapped along and quickly joined in on the aerobics.

As for DarkGabumon, Lopmon, Guardromon, and MarineAngemon, they were isolated on another section of the training realm. DarkGabumon ran on a treadmill as he ran for over an hour to get himself into better shape and shed off some weight. Guardromon was seen doing pull ups. MarineAngemon and Lopmon both hung upside down on a rope whilst together swinging themselves around.

"Mutt, you can dance with the ladies all you like, but I'm not letting anything distract!" DarkGabumon declared as he ran despite how fatigued was seemingly becoming. He panted hard and slowed the pacing. "Yui, I won't fail you! Next time, we're going to bring you back to your self again!"

Anubimon floated over to observe DarkGabumon closely.

I admire your determination, DarkGabumon. Don't give up for Yui's sake.


Shibuya District/Shibuya Park/3:50 PM

"All right! You saw Pharaohmon throw out the open challenge! How are we going to respond to his tournament?" Vega hollered out in front of the other nine Legendary Warriors. "We're going to train hard in some school of hard knocks! One of us is gonna eat that cocky bastard alive!"

Dimitro cleared his throat. "We have kids with us, Vega."

"Nah, it's cool. We need the motivation," Takuya chimed in, cracking his knuckles. "So, we pick off from last time? How about Spirit Evolving further and testing our other forms?"

"Sounds like a plan," Kouji approved.

(Cue Digimon Frontier OST – With the Will)

With that, the Legendary Warriors whipped out their D-Scanners and beckoned forth their Spirits; they transformed right away into their H-Hybrid forms.

"Execute! Spirit Evolution!"

The ten warriors assembled into battle stances and faced each other off.

"Now, let us begin," Mercuremon declared.

The ten Legendary Warriors spread out through the park's forest section. Agunimon was in pursuit of Mercuremon. Mercuremon jumped over numerous tree branches and landed near a water stream. Agunimon jumped over and launched numerous flame spray shots.

"Take these!" The Warrior of Fire shouted, throwing fire darts at the Warrior of Metal.

Mercuremon instinctively nullified the fire darts with his mirrors. Absorbing the fire darts, he shot them right back.

"Dark Reflection!"

Agunimon hastily dodged the reflected shots and laughed. "Yeah, now you're working him up!"

"I'm just getting thou started!"


Arbormon paced methodically in the forest looking for his training partner. He stopped to feel the vibrations in the wood. He whirled around as a lightning blast headed his way. He swerved to the side and evaded the incoming bolt. He turned around and saw Blitzmon running up to tackle him like a quarterback.

"Gonna sack me, will ya?!" Arbormon yelled as he charged into Blitzmon.

The two tried muscle each other. Blitzmon got a bit of leverage until Arbormon headbutted him and picked him up, throwing the Warrior of Thunder into the air. Arbormon jumped up and dropped an elbow into Blitzmon, sending him downward. Arbormon came down for a flying elbow drop.

"Pulling a page from Randy 'Macho Man' Savage!" Arbormon yelled. "Atomic Elbow!"

Blitzmon rolled away, letting Arbormon drive his elbow through the ground. He drilled a giant hole in the ground and kip-upped only to get punched directly in the face by Blitzmon. However, it did little to faze the Warrior of Wood. A crazed laugh escaped Arbormon's mouth hole, causing Blitzmon to blast him with a lightning to his face.

"Take my Thunder Fist!"

Knocking Arbormon back, Blitzmon readied for another lightning-charged fist. As Arbormon attempted a rebound, snowballs came hitting his face.

"The fu...?!" Arbormon turned and barely saw Chakkoumon shooting snowballs with his snow gun. "Oh, you little prick!"

Chakkoumon grinned mischievously. "Here's snow in your face!" He continued shooting the Warrior of Wood until Arbormon grew irritable.

Arbormon bumrushed Chakkoumon and hit him so hard he sent the snow bear sailing through the forest canopy. Chakkoumon fell down and hit a tree branch. Arbormon had forgotten about Blitzmon, who ran up and locked Arbormon into a full nelson. Arbormon mule kicked Blitzmon's gut, forcing the Warrior of Thunder to release the hold.

"Man, I can't take you two lightly! That does it! Execute! Slide Evolution!" Arbormon roared as fractal code swallowed him up. His humanoid form greatly altered into a four-legged gargantuan. As the fractal code disappeared, he became a giant hollow-eyed lizard with skin features of a tree. A bush of green leaves covered his neck like a frilled lizard's frilled mane. "Petaldramon!"

"Let's up the ante, Tomoki!" Blitzmon called to his colleague.

Chakkoumon jumped off the tree branch and landed next to Blitzmon.

"Ready, Blitzmon!"

"Execute! Slide Evolution!"



"C'mon, let's rumble!" Petaldramon charged down the two Warriors.

Blizzarmon readied his axes. "I wonder if he shares the old Petaldramon's appetite for cheeseburgers?"

"Who knows?" Borgmon replied. "Get ready, Tomoki!"


Blizzarmon and Borgmon charged ahead to attack Petaldramon. The wooden behemoth was ready and swatted both back with the swing of his tail.

"Who's the fucking man now, eh?!" Petaldramon bellowed.


Grottomon sensed the vibrations under his feet. He quickly heard footsteps from the distance and picked up on their location. Readying his mallet, he whirled around and hit the ground. He forced the Warriors of Light and Darkness out of hiding. Wolfmon and Loweemon lunged forward, going through Grottomon's defenses. Wolfmon grabbed a hold of Grottomon's mallet while Loweemon landed punches into the Warrior of Earth's chest.

"Ack, that's smarts!" Grottomon howled painfully as he took Loweemon's blows. He lost his mallet as the Warrior of Light grabbed a hold of it. One kick from Loweemon sent Grottomon sliding back.

"Augh! Now, you've done it! Execute! Slide Evolution!"

As fractal code covered Grottomon, the Warriors of Light and Darkness saw the tiny troll grow in stature. Taking the place of Grottomon was a tall brown-skinned behemoth equipped with a rhinoceros-like horn and an extremely thick hide.


"Let's turn this up a notch, Kouji!"

"Right with you!"

"Execute! Slide Evolution!"



"Now that's more like it!" Gigasmon boasted, clubbing his own chest and began spinning himself around. "Quagmire Twister!" He spun around fast like a tornado and went toward the brothers.

"Move!" KaiserLeomon called out.

The two Warriors evaded Gigasmon. KaiserLeomon lunged forward catching Gigasmon's foot. Garmmon jumped up and headbutted Gigasmon's chest. Gigasmon spun himself around again with the brothers hanging on tight.

"Kouichi! Hang on tight!"

"I'm hanging! I'm hanging!"


Elsewhere, Ranamon tie-toed across the park's lake and stopped to gaze at her own reflection. She struck a sexy pose and winked to her reflection.

"Oh, Ranamon, you sexy gal. You're much sexier and cuter than that slutty Fairymon. I mean, that revealing outfit and butterfly wings are such a turn off!"

"Mind saying that in my face?" Came a familiar voice, which Ranamon quickly picked up on.

Ranamon turned around and looked up to see Fairymon descending near her.

"Sorry, sugah, but you're hitting me on my turf."

"Yeah? I'll still kick your butt!" Fairymon called out, diving down to meet Ranamon.

As Fairymon dropped in close, Ranamon used the Warrior of Wind's own momentum and turned it against her by leaping up at her. Ranamon threw a water whip and seized Fairymon's left ankle. She jerked Fairymon forward and prepared to splash her with a water blast. Fairymon unleashed wind attacks from her fingers to knock Ranamon back.

Ranamon landed on the lake's surface and pressed her hands on the lake. Manipulating the water, she amassed an assortment of tendrils that sprouted from the lake and started whipping Fairymon.

"How do you like my Whipping Waves?!" Ranamon cried out, unleashing more tendrils that hit Fairymon a few times. "Give up, sugah baby?!"

"NEVER!" Fairymon shouted as she spun around like a tornado, kicking the whips away. "Tempest Twist!" She swerved through the water whips and flew down hitting Ranamon with a series of kicks.

Ranamon tried putting up her guard against Fairymon's flurry of kicks. Fairymon saw an opening and dazed Ranamon with a kick. Ranamon backflipped away from the Warrior of Wind while catching her breath.

"Heh, gotta hand it to ya. At least in your Spirit form, your kicks are too quick."

"Thank you, but no lie you're much tougher than the evil Ranamon I fought."

"Glad to hear that. So, ready to kick things up a notch?"

"Bring it on!"

Both yelled out simultaneously. "Execute! Slide Evolution!"

After fractal code engulfed them both, the two Warriors emerged in their B-Hybrid forms. In place of Ranamon was the white-skinned squid woman herself.



The two female beasts exchanged an epic-level staredown.

Calmaramon grinned. "Oh yes! Let this fight commence!"

Shutumon exclaimed. "Shall we tango, Calmaramon?"

"It'll be my pleasure, honey!"

With that, Calmaramon expelled black sludge toward her training partner. Shutumon utilized her agility to evade the sludge and hit Calmaramon with a powerful tornado blast. The attack impacted Calmaramon full force and sent her sailing past the lake. Calmaramon floated up and hovered down.

"That enough for ya?" Shutumon smirked behind her mask.

"I'm just getting started!" cried out Calmaramon.

Shutumon hastily glided past the lake and headed off to engage Calmaramon.


Meanwhile, the battle between the leaders had taken to a new level. Sefirotmon, the B-Hybrid evolved form of Mercuremon, was going head to head with Vritramon. Every time Vritramon used any of his fire attacks, the steel beast would reflect his attacks back.

"Had enough, Takuya?!" Sefirotmon taunted him.

"No way! I was just getting warmed up!" With that said, Vritramon immediately regressed back into Takuya and whipped out his D-Scanner again. He then summoned and combined his two Spirits. "Execute! Fusion Evolution!" After fractal code covered him, Takuya transformed into his A-Hybrid form. "Ardhamon!"

The A-Hybrid warrior swiftly flew ahead and engaged Sefirotmon whilst sprayed fire bullets around him. The fire bullets hit Sefirotmon.

"Augh, annoying whelp!"

"Is that any surprise to you? I would have figured you had retained memories of me whooping your butt!"

"Heh, don't compare me to the old Mercuremon!"

"I know," Ardhamon said with a cocky grin. "I was just testing ya."

"That's very good," came a deep and unfamiliar voice that alarmed Sefirotmon and Ardhamon.

"Who's there?!" Ardhamon demanded.

(End theme)

Both Legendary Warriors surveyed their surroundings to locate the source of this voice. They saw an Omegamon drop down from the sky and landed in front of them.

"Wait... you can't be...!" Ardhamon was flabbergasted upon seeing this Omegamon's random appearance.

The other Legendary Warriors, too, noticed Omegamon and stormed over reconvene with their respective leaders. Garmmon turned back to Wolfmon and hovered next to Ardhamon.

"What's the deal here, Takuya?"

"I don't know, Kouji. This guy just dropped in... I mean, don't you know who this is?!"

Omegamon addressed them surprisingly. "Greetings, Legendary Warriors. I am Omegamon."

"Wow, he really is the real deal!" Blizzarmon exclaimed.

"He's just like the one from the Digimon movie!" Borgmon awed at Omegamon's presence.

"Hold on a minute," KaiserLeomon interjected. "Can we be sure to trust him? He might've been a hero from the TV show, but this guy just shows up out of nowhere and greets us. Besides, the Celestials informed us there were more Royal Knights."

Ardhamon hadn't forgotten. "You're right. Is it true you're a Royal Knight, Omegamon?"

"I am, but listen..."

"We've had issues with two Royal Knights. Crusadermon and Dynasmon served Lucemon. How do we know you're not one of Pharaohmon's cronies?!" Garmmon accused Omegamon, who tried to reason with them.

"Listen to me, I'm not affiliated with Pharaohmon!"

"We'll determine if you're telling the truth or not," the Warrior of Fire spat out as he and Garmmon regressed to their human forms.

Shortly thereafter, the other Legendary Warriors turned back to their normal forms. Then, they pulled out their D-Scanners and readily summoned their Human/Beast Spirits to Takuya and Kouji.

"You know what this means, Kouji."

"Yep, time to unleash KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon!"

"You're making a mistake, Legendary Warriors!" Omegamon tried again to plead with them.

"Let us have your Spirits, guys!" Takuya and Kouji beckoned as the others sacrificed their Human/Beast Spirits to the duo.

Takuya and Kouji held out their D-Scanners to receive the others' Human/Beast Spirits to invoke their Z-Hybrid forms. Omegamon firmly readied his Grey Sword and took a defensive stance.

Takuya received the necessary spirits and scanned his hand with his D-Scanner.

"Execute! Hyper Spirit Evolution!"

Takuya was immediately enveloped in fractal code. Fire ripped through his body as his own Spirits; as well as the Spirits of Earth, Wood, Wind, and Ice respectively became incorporated into his being. Taking the place of Takuya was a the transcended form of the Legendary Warrior of Fire: a red-armored warrior with a vigorous spirit and a face helmet that is a modified version of WarGreymon. A massive sword, which the warrior names Ryuugonken, is mounted on his back.

He took out his Ryuugonken sword and yelled out. "KaiserGreymon!"

Kouji held out his D-Scanner and scanned it over his hand. His body then became enveloped in rings of fractal code.

"Execute! Hyper Spirit Evolution!"

Kouji's body became entirely swallowed up by fractal mode. Bright light burned through his body as his Spirits; as well as the Spirits of Water, Steel, Thunder, and Darkness became incorporated into his being. Taking the place of Kouji was the transcended form of the Legendary Warrior of Light: a sleeker light blue-schemed wolf-like humanoid garbed in heavy armor and a flying weapon's unit. Both arms are equipped with cannons; one is called Sniper Phantom on the right hand and the other called Striker Phantom on the left.

He landed next to KaiserGreymon and announced. "MagnaGarurumon!"

"Now that's upping the ante!" Vega exclaimed.

"C'mon, Takuya and Kouji! We're behind ya!" Jaarin cheered them on.

Sam wondered. "But, I wonder if it'll be enough?"

"They'll do fine," Dimitro reassured them. "With our Spirits coupled with theirs and the others, it should be enough to hold off one Royal Knight."

"We beat two Royal Knights! We can take another!" Junpei boasted.

"C'mon, Takuya! Kouji!" Izumi encouraged them.

"Be careful, Kouji," muttered Kouichi, who closely watched Omegamon, who seemed hesitant to fight them.

"You're making a mistake, Legendary Warriors!" Omegamon tried persuading them. "I apologize for the problems two of my fellow Knights put your group through, but they were swayed by Lucemon's deceit. But, listen to what I have to tell you. It's about Pharaohmon."

"We're listening," KaiserGreymon said, drawing his sword out instinctively. "But, no games."

Omegamon nodded. "No deceit involved with me. I'm here to warn you Pharaohmon's forces are gathering together and preparing for the tournament."

"Tell us something we don't know already," MagnaGarurumon said. "We saw the broadcast and all the villains he's recruited."

"I can assure you that I have no affiliation with that demon. He's managed to reawaken a monster named MetalDevidramon, an old enemy of mine. Now that monster has joined Pharaohmon and his army."

"Go on," KaiserGreymon growled.

"Please, allow me the opportunity to grant you training necessary to win this upcoming tournament."

"You can train us?" The Warrior of Fire was taken aback by Omegamon's open proposition. "What do you hope to accomplish by training all of us?"

"To determine if your reputation holds up, especially since you defeated Lucemon. Legendary Warriors, with my training, I can help to up your powers to new levels. Many of you have yet to hit past your normal limitations... namely all but the Warriors of Fire and Light." He acknowledged the other Legendary Warriors. "According to Lords Seraphimon, Ophanimon, and Cherubimon, most of you have yet to combine your Spirits and advance to the next stages. I'm here to help you overcome that obstacle."

KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon used this time to talk to the others. Needless to say, there was a strong urge to take on Omegamon's training. Some of the Warriors already had the urge to want to combine their Spirits and reach the advanced levels.

"Let's give him a chance, Takuya," Tomoki said.

"He's offering to help us combine our Spirits? How can we say no?!" Izumi added.

Kouichi nodded. "But, whatever you choose, we'll go along."

"Well?" KaiserGreymon turned to Dimitro, Vega, Jaarin, and Sam.

Dimitro shrugged. "It's in your hands."

Vega gave him a thumbs up. "Whatever you think its best, but I'd take it up. You want to get strong and kick Pharaohmon's ass?!"

With that, KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon turned around and faced Omegamon. They both complied with Omegamon's offer.

"We accept, but consider this a trial run," KaiserGreymon replied to Omegamon. "If we learn you're in fact deceiving us, we won't hesitate to turn away and train on our own."

"Understood," Omegamon said. "But, believe me I'm not your enemy."

"Let's give him a chance, Takuya!" Tomoki called out. "He's every bit the hero we are! Besides, I doubt he's someone who'd ever work for Pharaohmon! He would be a hero that'd inspires us to fight for justice!"

"Tomoki, all right, you've convinced me," the Warrior of Fire said. "Omegamon, we're in."

Omegamon responded genuinely. "A noble decision. Legendary Warriors, we have eight days to prepare. I guarantee with my training you will become more efficient warriors than you already are. Meet me here tomorrow afternoon."

The Warriors responded together. "Ok!"

KaiserGreymon clenched his fist and laughed. "We're up for anything, Omegamon. This tournament is gonna belong to us!"

Omegamon shook his head. He then thought to himself. Celestial Angels, I will ensure they come out stronger than ever.


Ueno District/Teno'h-Kaioh Residence/6:14 PM

As the Senshi planned for the eight days leading to the tournament, Rei saw her sister sitting outside a balcony staring out toward the sun. Alarmed, Cammy turned around hearing her sister's footsteps. Rei sat down next to Cammy giving her company.

"Mind if I join you, Cammy?"

"No, not at all."

"Is something troubling you, sis?"

"It's just that I'm so glad to know that I have a little sister. I don't understand why father would keep you a secret. It was very selfish of him."

"I've only heard stories about you from father. He was always a busy man and never had the time to spend time with me and momma."

"I was the same way, except at least you grew up with a mom. When my mother died, father left me with grandfather. Every now and then, he stopped by to take me to dinner on my birthdays, but that was it. He never bothered to wish me well or call me. Sure, he's a busy political man, but he should have at least called or written me a letter. I grew to hate the man if I have to be honest."

Cammy looked at Rei with sympathy. "Sis…"

"Oh, sorry. I got a little overboard there, but you understand how I feel?"

"Yes. I never could look father in the eye," the younger Hino confessed. "We live in a rich home . It's usually momma or the maids taking care of me."

"That's good."

"Rei. I have a question."

"What is it?"

"It's about me… being this… Digital Priestess?" Cammy stammered a bit. "Do I really have this power to destroy this evil monster?"

Rei shrugged, unsure of what to tell her sister. "That's what Setsuna said. You're some reincarnation of some priestess from Digital World and that she sealed away Pharaohmon. And that you're the successor to this priestess' powers. But, most importantly, this sword not only holds the key to Pharaohmon's destruction, but supposedly can restore our lost Senshi powers." She leaned forward palming her sister's face and running a hand through Cammy's soft dark hair.

"What if it's a mistake?"

"I don't believe that. Setsuna wouldn't tell us this if she's lying. Cammy, listen," she put her hands on Cammy's shoulders. "I want to believe you have a special link to the supernatural."

Cammy lightly smiled. "Well, I can feel really scary vibes. I meditate with momma and sometimes I see things a lot of people don't... kinda like visions."

She's definitely attuned with the supernatural. She's truly my sister all right! Rei smiled in thought.

"It's all my fault you and your two friends lost your powers... all because of me..."

"Don't blame yourself, Cammy. Please, don't ever blame yourself for what happened. We will get our powers back thanks to you and this sword."

The Miko wrapped an arm around Cammy and pulled her close to her.

"You were in grave danger and I had to do my duties to protect you. It's my duty as both a Senshi of justice and as your older sister. I helped to save Chibi-Usa and you're no different."

"Thank you, sis."

"Now that we're finally together, we can't let anything pulls us apart. Right?" Rei winked down to Cammy, who smiled genuinely and nodded.


"Pinky promise?" Rei offered a pinky to Cammy, who complied.

The Hino sisters officially made their pinky pact and forged their strong sisterly bond.

Just then, Ami came walking out unannounced and spotted the sisters giving each other a pinky pact.

"Oh, sorry. Did I interrupt anything?" Ami stopped and backed off.

"It's ok. Cammy and I were just discussing. What's up?"

"Well, I'm heading off to get a few necessities from the store. Maybe some medicine as well," the blue-haired girl offered. "I know a friend of my mother that works there."

"We should be doing fine, but some snacks would be nice," Rei said.

Ami turned to Cammy and offered. "Would you like to join me, Cammy-chan?"

"Can I, sis?"

The Miko nodded in approval, standing up and walking Cammy back into the household. Waiting for Ami and Cammy was Hotaru, who stood near the front getting her shoes on.

"I'll be going, too, if you don't mind," Hotaru said.

Ami, Hotaru, and Cammy stepped out to go to the local store that Ami recommended before. Rei walked into the living room to see Minako lounging on the couch with Artemis sitting on her lap. Rei scoffed while watching the blonde flipping through the numerous channels. Minako made sure to skip over the news broadcasts to avoid the talks about the tournament.

"Mina, what you need is some exercise. Maybe some jogging can help clear your mind off this whole Shadow Tournament."

Minako sighed deeply. "I'll be missing out on competing in this tournament! I could've kicked some serious butt!" Groaning loudly, she lied back and pulled a pillow up to rest her head on. "What's the use in training if I don't have my powers now?"

"Well, in the event you, Makoto, and Rei get them back, you'll be fit. Makoto just left to do some running and meditation somewhere."

"I hope she gets back. That way we eat some of her delicious cooking!"

Rei sweatdropped listening her friends' 'woe is me' shtick. Definitely a bad influence for Cammy-chan. "Minako-chan, you better take Artemis' advice."

Taken aback, Minako overheard Rei. "Oh, you're still here, Rei-chan?"

"What do you mean I'm still here?"

"I thought you left with them to go to the store?"

"Well, I'm just about to head off and follow them."

Minako nodded as she picked up the remote. "Catch you later then." She flipped more channels to find something at least entertaining to watch. "Oh, my daily drama show is coming on."


Ueno District/Ueno Market/5:35 PM

Upon arriving at the market, Ami, Hotaru, and Cammy were joined by Rei. They picked up a few necessities, snacks, and ingredients for Makoto to use to cook them dinner. Ami talked to her mother's friend while picking up some aspirin medicine.

Hotaru spotted Cammy picking up a book from the manga section. She smiled watching Cammy flipping through the weekly magazine.

"Wow, they're exactly like the imports we get over where I live!" Cammy gushed while flipping through the magazine.

"Find anything in there you like?" curiously asked Hotaru.

"I'm looking for that one cute romance story... ah here it is!"

"Glad you're enjoying it," Hotaru smiled.

"Cammy-chan, whatever you've got, I can buy for you!" Rei called over to her sister. "We're leaving now!"

Cammy closed the magazine and carried it along as she followed Hotaru toward the counter.

"I've got all we need. Let's get going," Ami announced.

"Heads up!"

Suddenly, Ami bumped into a young man and dropped her basket of goods. Before Rei instinctively admonished the guy, he scrambled over to help pick the basket up and handed it to Ami.

"Sorry about that. I should've seen where I was going."

The young man Ami faced was Vega Hunter, the Legendary Warrior of Wood. He had a calm and pleasant smile on his face, which made Ami blush a bit.

"Thank you."

Vega smirked genuinely in response. "No problem."

The girls watched Ami and Vega looking eye to eye. There were a few awkward pauses from Ami, who was struggling to form a single word from her mouth. Vega smiled making Ami that more nervous.

"Your name?" Vega ended the awkward silence.


"What's your name?"

"Ami… Ami Mizuno."

"Ami Mizuno? I like that name. My name's Vega James Hunter," he openly introduced himself to her.

"You have a nice name. Are you a foreigner?"

"Maybe, maybe not," Vega coolly smiled as he bent over to pick up the aspirin bottle that fell out. He placed it in the basket. "You missed this. Did you need it?"

"Oh, yes! Thank you very much," Ami nodded until Rei walked over and nudged her side. "Huh? Rei?"

"Go on. Don't be shy," the Miko encouraged him. "Talk to him."

"Rei...? Do you really mean that? Are you sure?"

"C'mon, you mean you haven't talked to any guys at the university in America?"

"Not really except for study sessions."

Rei sighed deeply. "C'mon now, Ami-chan, you've gotta break out of that shell of yours! You can't always have the nose in the books all the time."

Ami was hesitant to converse with Vega, who surprisingly hadn't lost his patience around her. Cammy and Hotaru didn't interject, leaving Rei and Ami to talk things over. Rei stepped aside letting Ami and Vega face each other again.

"Sorry, Vega. I admit I'm not good around many guys. I get shy."

"I think shy girls are cute," Vega replied in a tone exuding confidence.

"I've only had male acquaintances, but never a boyfriend."

"Hey, no big deal. You have some cute friends here, too," Vega said, eyeing Rei, Hotaru, and Cammy. He turned back to Ami. "I was shy like you. I couldn't get near girls, but I've overcome that fear once I hit high school. Don't know how, but it just happened." He saw how flushed Ami's face was becoming. "Sorry, I hope I'm not sounding like I'm trying to force you. I was going to give you my phone number if you need someone to talk to?"

Cammy whispered to Hotaru. "He doesn't seem like a bad guy."

Hotaru observed Vega's mannerisms. "I think he might be as shy as Ami."

"Excuse my friend for being kinda pushy..."

"No, no, it's ok. You should be glad to have a friend like her to support you," he said, taking out a piece of paper and writing down two sets of numbers. "Here are the numbers to my cell and my apartment." He gave the paper to Ami, who took it and memorized the numbers quick before slipping it into her pocket.

Rei looked on proudly. If Minako-chan were here, she'd be squealing and cheering her head off.

"Rei," Hotaru addressed the Miko. "We really need to get our stuff paid for and head back home. Makoto-san might already be back and waiting for us to bring back the ingredients."

"Right, but hold on a minute."

Vega shook Ami's hand and waved her goodbye.

"It was nice meeting you, Ami. Call me anytime you like."

"Yes, thank you."

"See you later," he said, waving to Ami and her friends.

As he left, the blue-haired girl was left speechless that she lasted that long with a complete stranger she just so happened to bump into. She wondered if fate had finally come in the form of her one dream guy, which she closed her attention off of to focus on her studies. Despite his tall and muscular stature, he surrounded Ami with a very subtle but gentle vibe.

"What beautiful eyes," Ami murmured.

"Ami," the girls called to the blue-haired girl, who came to her senses. "Oh, right. Let's get our things paid for! We're so sorry for keeping you waiting." She politely bowed to her mother's friend, who worked his shift as cashier.

"You surprised me there, Ami," Rei whispered to Ami, who started handing the items to the cashier.

"That guy was cute, Ami," Cammy said. "You ought to give him a call."

"He seemed nice. I think I just might."

After paying for their things, the girls walked out of the store and headed back to the Teno'h-Kaioh residence. On the way back, Ami took out the piece of paper and scanned the numbers again. She slipped it back into her shirt pocket and smiled warmly.

From a distance, Vega watched the four girls walk off. He maintained a gaze ensuring no thugs attempted to rob and sexually assault them.

"Vega. I knew you'd be here," a voice whispered behind his back.

"Dimitro?" Vega turned around and saw his friend. "Oh, right, you and me need to get back on our training."

"It seems you have an interest in that girl."

"Yeah, but I have a feeling she might be affiliated with the Sailor Senshi. Maybe not as one of them, but might have close connections to them," Vega deduced.

"You think so? Now that you mention it. I heard Takuya said he and his friends might know their identities."

"Maybe they'll be seeing interest in Pharaohmon's tournament. What do you think?"

Dimitro shrugged. "I wouldn't put it past them. Still, let's keep an eye on them."

"Right. Hopefully, they don't delve too deep. I wouldn't want them to get hurt badly... especially Ami..."

"Ah, so that's her name?"

Vega grumbled a bit. "All right, let's get back to training. Tomorrow, we've got a busy day with Takuya and the others."

"Right, let's show Omegamon what we're made of!"

Dimitro and Vega clamped each other's hands tight like they're about to arm wrestle. After wards, they stormed right back to Shibuya where their training grounds was located in the basement of the famous Hunter Tech Headquarters.


Domino City/6:04 PM

After leaving Shinjuku, the Duelists returned to their homes to mentally prepare for more dueling lessons with the Tamers for the remaining seven days. Yugi was dropped off by a bus and headed back to the Kame Game Shop. He protectively concealed his Millennium Puzzle behind his coat, staying alert in case Scarabmon or even Yami Bakura try to ambush him.

Tapping onto his Puzzle, he mentally conversed with Yami. We have seven days to get Takato and his friends ready for this tournament. So far, they're catching on. I have faith they'll have mastered all the basics and will have themselves pretty strong decks.

'Indeed, they all have the potential to be great as duelists as you.' The ancient Egyptian spirit chimed in. Still, from what I've learned from the Tamers' prior experience in card dueling, Duel Monsters is a far challenging game than the realm of Digimon.'

Yeah, it seems that way, Yami. Maybe we should try the Digimon card game one of these days.

Yugi ran across the pedestrian walkway and crossed past an electronics store. He stopped to briefly catch the replay of Pharaohmon's Shadow Tournament announcement.

"Seven days is all we have left," focused Yugi as other issues filled him with apprehension. "Why do I get the feeling we'll be dueling the evil spirit possessing Bakura again? He still hasn't given up his quest to take our Millennium Puzzle."

'We'll ensure he never gets our Puzzle, Yugi. We must win this tournament to determine the outcome of the final battle match.'

"Actually, either myself or my friends has to win. If we wish to name our stipulation for the final match in the battle tournament, we must declare victory. On the other hand, what if the finals come down to a friend and myself? Like Joey or Takato?"

'Just as long as Bakura or another of one Pharaohmon's minions doesn't knock either one of us out of the tournament. Understand this. We must defeat anyone that stands in our way. Even if it is a friend…'

"I know I have confidence in myself, but let's just hope Takato and the Tamers know what they're getting themselves into. They didn't have to get themselves involved in this mess."

'Unfortunately, they have and we must deal with it. Pharaohmon wants all of us to participate in his tournament. No exceptions.'

Just as Yugi finished his conversation with Yami, he stopped in front of his home to see Tea with Miho, who looked obviously worried for her friends.

"Tea? Miho?"

"Surprised I beat you here, Yugi," Tea said. "On my way home, Miho stopped by to ask me to see you."


Tea smiled to Miho and let her confront Yugi.

"You're entering that tournament, right?"

The King of Games boldly nodded. "Of course since I am the world champion duelist."

"I see. I'm here to wish you luck and please win," Miho pleaded to him. "I'm not duelist so I can't compete, but I'll be cheering for you guys."

"Thanks, Miho," Yugi replied in kind.

As Miho bowed to her two friends, she raced back home to leave Yugi and Tea behind.

Yugi finally spoke up, addressing her friend. "I don't know what Pharaohmon has in store for me, but I'll be upgrading my deck."

"I know you will, Yugi. Don't forget Joey will be joining, too. Still, I tried to convince Miho to possibly come with us to this Digital World when Pharaohmon opens the portal, but I don't think she's up for it. She hasn't been through the crazy stuff we've experienced."

"It's ok. We won't force her if she doesn't want to come."

"But, for sure me, Joey, and Tristan will be there."

"The possibilities are endless. I can easily see myself dueling not just Bakura or Pharaohmon, but quite possibly Takato and Joey."

"Just as long as it's either one of you rather than Bakura or Pharaohmon's goons in the finals. As long as you guys win, then all we need to worry about is one of our representatives winning the battle tournament."

"That is what's bothering me. How much power is Pharaohmon actually hiding?"

Tea sighed. "I wish I knew... maybe I don't want to find out. We will win, Yugi. You can count on it."


"Just don't give up. Ok?"

The King of Games nodded and gave a thumbs up to Tea, who waved goodbye and headed home.

"Good. Let us get some rest for these next few days. Night, Yugi!"

"Goodnight, Tea."

Once Tea left, Yugi walked inside the game shop and went up the stairs into his room to shuffle his deck. He pulled out a small box of the hidden card 'gems' he had kept stashed away in case of big tournaments.

Tea stopped for a moment to see Yugi sitting near the window in his room. She smiled and walked away with genuine optimism.

Believe in yourself, Yugi. I know you can pull this one off.


One day later


Domino City/KaibaCorp/10:05 AM

"Finally, we're back, Mokuba. It's only a matter of time before I regain my glory."

"Home sweet home, Seto!" Mokuba hopped on a chair in his brother's office.

"No time for playing, Mokuba. We've gotta buckle down for the next seven days," Seto sat down in his desk chair. He pulled open a drawer and took out his duel disk. "This is the opportunity I've been waiting for since Battle City. Pharaohmon's given me the chance to defeat Yugi and reclaim my dueling glory."


Mai Valentine arrived back in Domino City as well after booking a flight from the other night. She sat alone in a cafe scanning through her deck. She pulled out her Harpie Lady Sisters card and set it down next to her Harpie's Feather Duster. Suddenly, her mind was quickly plagued by not just her humiliating loss to the young prodigy named Zane Truesdale, but also the haunting images of Yami Marik's shadow magic.

Keep it together, girl! Have to concentrate. Soon, I'll surely be seeing Yugi, Joey, and Seto Kaiba again, but I'll bet there'll be other strong duelists I'll have to overcome. I have to win to regain my credibility. Yugi, Joey, we might be friends, but I'm not going easy on you! Mai grabbed her juice glass and sipped it. "Still, I do wonder if that little girl Cammy met with her sister by now. I hope she's ok."


Not too far off from the cafe, Duke Devilin returned to his Dungeon Dice Shop. He greeted his fans and his staff before heading up the stairs. He closed the door behind him and entered his private quarters.

He quickly put on his game face and pulled out his deck. "I'm not missing my chance on this. Finally, I get my shot at you again, Yugi. This time we'll play with honor. No Dungeon Dice. Just old school Duel Monsters!"


Three days later


Sarayashiki District/6:45 PM

After a few days spent with Genkai, the lead Spirit Detective returned home having learned from the old psychic all he required for the tournament. He was successfully able to amplify his spirit power, allowing him to fire more than five consecutive shots in a day.

Arriving in his local park, Yusuke sat down on a bench in solitude to catch up on some sleep. The extra training had him spent. Before he fell asleep, he decided to experiment with his Spirit Gun. He pointed to a stone near him. Focusing at the tip of his finger, he fired a tiny blue beam that cracked the stone to dust.

"Yeah! Can't wait to fire these babies when that tournament starts. I'm gonna crack open a few heads!"

"Talking to yourself, Urameshi?!"

Kuwabara quickly came up behind Yusuke and put him in a headlock. He tried giving Yusuke some noogies, but the Spirit Detective quickly flipped him on his back.

"Nice try, Kuwabara! I saw you coming a mile away!"

"You're full of crap, Urameshi. Then, why did I surprise you there?"

Yusuke stood from the bench and watched Kuwabara pick himself up. "What brings you out here so late?"

"Waiting for you, because Botan said you'd be here."


"So, what did Genkai teach you? Any new cool techniques? Maybe a Spirit Cannon?"

Yusuke chortled. "Spirit Cannon? I wish. The most I learned was amping up my Spirit Gun's power and using more consecutive shots. One thing's for sure, Pharaohmon's cronies are in for a surprise. And you? You been slacking off?"

"Hah, for your information, I've been tweaking my Spirit Sword and can summon it more quickly. Heh, who knows? Once this tournament's over, my sword might beat the snot out of your Spirit Gun!"

"Depends on which finger I'm using..." Before Yusuke could show him the finger, a woman called out from above stopping the two street punks.

"Hello there, boys! Am I interrupting anything?" Botan called out, descending near them on her oar.

"Oh, hey, Botan! Nah, we're just chatting!" Kuwabara greeted her.

Botan nodded and veered over to Yusuke. "And I take it the training with Genkai went well?"

"Besides learning to amp my Spirit Gun and utilizing more rounds than usual? She did put me through more grueling and physical training, but that's about it."

"That's it?"

"That's it? Let's see you go through the crap I've had to endure!" Yusuke quickly got in Botan's face.

Botan hovered away, sensing the scary vibe she sensing from him.

"I came to ask you two if you've seen Kurama and Hiei."

"I've been training with those two, but I hadn't seen them since yesterday."

"And I take it Yusuke hasn't since he just got back," the ferry woman tapped her chin. "All right, and what about the Sailor Senshi? Have you been in contact with them?"

Kuwabara shrugged. "We haven't heard a peep from them since before Pharaohmon became the giant he is now. I've been worried about them. I hope they're ok."

"And no signs of that Brimstone guy either," Yusuke said, remembering their last encounter with the armored warrior. "But, I know he's probably hanging with Pharaohmon preparing for that tournament."

"Yes, and if one of you happens to face him, you need to be extremely careful."

"Right, we got that," the boys said.

"We're down the final four days. You ready for this?"

"Botan, did you even need to ask? Of course, we're ready," Kuwabara resolved. "We're real men, right, Urameshi? We'll show Pharaohmon how men stand up to guys like him."

Yusuke clenched his fist and nodded. "Let's show him."

Botan was pleased to see them prime and ready to go. They're ready, Koenma. Now we wait for the Shadow Tournament to see them in action.


Shinjuku District/Rumiko Shrine & Residence/7:00 PM

Takato escorted Rika back to her family's shrine despite the tomboy's previous declines. But, for security reasons, Takato insisted due to the paranoia of Pharaohmon's minions waiting somewhere to ambush them. Fortunately, even Scarabmon activity has been on the down low, which the Tamers easily noticed.

Takato and Rika just left from seeing Yamaki and the the Monster Makers. Holding a card given to him by Shibumi, he put it in his card pouch along with the Duel Monsters cards he and his friends gathered to build their decks.

"So, what's the deal with that card Shibumi gave you?"

"He didn't say much except it'll come in handy just in case there's a desperate situation," the goggleboy replied, closing his card pouch. "So, how's your deck coming along?"

"Looking great. I think you guys will find it impressive."

"Well, I can't wait to see it. Well, see you again tomorrow," Takato waved and turned around.

Rika stopped him. "Wait, gogglehead."

"Something up, Rika?"

"I hope Renamon and our Digimon will come back soon."

"Anubimon said they'll return the day before the tournament, so it shouldn't be long. Believe me when I say they'll be back stronger than before and ready to kick butt in this tournament!" He attempted to cheer her up, which he succeeded in doing. He saw a light smile break her almost emotionless exterior and adorn the girl's features.

"Takato, if... no, when we survive this whole ordeal, how about a little one on one duel? What do you say?"

He returned the favor. "You got it. I'd be honored to duel the Digimon Queen."

"Our date is set then. Bring everything you've got, gogglehead."

Nodding, Takato gave her a firm handshake to seal the deal. Their first date has been set and it would be no ordinary date. It was a date to exhibit their passion for the game... and likely for each other.

However, one thing remains to be seen: what fate lies for them in the forthcoming Shadow Tournament.


Shinjuku District/Wong Residence/9:30 PM

Jaarin Wong had just gotten home from rigorous training with the other Legendary Warriors. She walked in wearing her karate garb and carrying a purse where she hid her D-Scanner. Before turning around to enter her room, Henry just happened to tap her back.

"Jaarin? What are you doing back so late?"

Alarmed, Jaarin turned around. "Henry? You're still up?"

"You've been going out late these past few days. What's going on?"

"Yeah I know," she stammered and rolled her eyes to the side, playing innocent. "I'm doing what normal teens do my age. Ok, I was out practicing on my martial arts, ok? Sensei's always told us to train our bodies whenever we can."

Henry scratched the back of his head and shrugged. "Well, I've been taking care of Suzie while you've been away. Dad's still working and I was wondering if he had come back."

"Surprise, it's me!" Jaarin winked.

"You must've trained hard, because you're sweating a lot."

"Yeah, I ran on my way back here," she said, opening the door to her room. "I've gotta bath and catch up on my sleep. Night, Henry."

As she closed the door, Henry was hesitant to question her more, but remained skeptical of her recent activities.

"Goodnight, Jaarin."

After hearing her brother walk away, Jaarin sank to her knees and sighed with relief. She dug into her purse and pulled out her D-Scanner, grasping it firmly in her hand. The Spirits of Water materialized on the screen causing her to let out an exasperated sigh.

"Man, that was close. One day, you're going to get me caught," Jaarin talked to her Spirits. "How am I going to tell dad and Henry about this?" She opened the door poking her head out to see that the coast was clear. She walked into Suzie's room and barely opened the door.

She peeked through seeing Suzie asleep with Lopmon, who returned home to her Tamer first along with Guardromon and MarineAngemon.

Lopmon's back? Well that's a surprise. Thought Jaarin as she walked over to pull up the blanket over Suzie and Lopmon. She kissed Suzie's forehead and smiled. "Night, little sis. Sorry I haven't been hanging with you and Lopmon, but we can get some ice cream tomorrow. How does that sound?

With that, Jaarin slipped through the door and barely closed it halfway through. Lopmon opened her eyes as she felt a familiar power akin to Takuya and his friends' Spirits.

"What was that just now?" Lopmon whispered. "Did Jaarin obtain one of those Spirits those Legendary Warriors use?"


Digital World/Somewhere within a dark dimension/11:05 PM

(Cue The Mummy OST - Imhotep)

Deep within the subterranean sections of the Digital World, a meeting had been held by Pharaohmon that lasted a good 25 minutes. Pharaohmon stood atop of a rockface in the middle of a wasteland in the middle of the night. Standing beside Pharaohmon was Nemesis.

Amongst those in attendance: Piedmon, Demon, MarineDevimon, SkullSatanmon, LadyDevimon, Machinedramon, MetalDevidramon, Basiliskmon, IceDevimon, and an army of Scarabmon, Vilemon, and other lowly viral Digimon creatures. Brimstone stood on an opposite side alone. On another end was Yami Bakura.

"Dark Digimon of the cruelest kind. I have finally gathered you around after freeing you from Anubimon's prison. In just four days, the Shadow Tournament shall commence! Our enemies will undoubtedly be participating in the event and we will ensure that they don't win. From my understanding, Omegamon and Anubimon are already training the Legendary Warriors and the Tamers' partners."

Piedmon chortled with delight. "Ah, so we're dealing with a new group of Chosen. This should be entertaining."

Basiliskmon hissed aloud. "Once I dispatch of Himura and that stupid mongrel, I'll help you conquer the human world. All those humans will fear me!"

WarDevidramon fiercely growled. "First, I'll destroy the Legendary Warriors and then Omegamon will fall!"

"Yes, this is exactly why I have summoned you together as a roster," Pharaohmon announced, lifting his voice to bring order amongst this wicked audience. "In four days, I shall announce the rules to both tournaments and the open spots I have chosen for each of you. In four days, I will open a distortion between the human's realm and the Digital World. And I've chosen the location to hold this event. The venue will be the famed Phoenix Arena."

The cruel Digimon crowd hollered in unison, cheering for their savior. Pharaohmon, like the charismatic leader he was proving to be, raised a hand to bring order to the rowdy audience.

Nemesis chuckled evilly. "Himura, our paths shall cross again. I can just feel it." her body quivered with excitement at the notion of facing her brother. "Once I have disposed of you, I shall dispel that little brat from out of my body forever. Yui Tsubasa will be nothing more than a distant memory."

"That's right my dear," Pharaohmon said. "Get rid of Himura and prove you're better than he is!"

"I will do that and more. I intend to drain him of his entire life force and blood. Then, I will bury him and Inumon six feet under."

"I like how you think, my mistress. However, we must stay vigilant as our other enemies might be bringing the Digital Priestess with them. She must not find the sword that sealed me away."

Nemesis bowed. "Leave them with me, my lord."

"No, you best get ready for your battle in the tournament. I need you to be ready for Himura or whoever you're paired off with first in the duel tournament," Pharaohmon turned toward the sky. A large distortion began materializing an splitting the clouds up. "Everyone, allow me to demonstrate the power our enemies will face!"

As he snapped his fingers, powerful thunder erupted from the sky accompanied by a loud demonic bellow. Pharaohmon raised his head while everyone else watched fake 'DarkMegidramon' descending. It was the same one that Pharaohmon previously sent to destroy Takato and Guilmon, but failed to complete its mission.

"My word! Take a look at that!" Piedmon gaped in aghast.

"What is that creature?!" Yami Bakura exclaimed.

"A pet project that Lord Pharaohmon previously manifested," confirmed Brimstone. "It seems he wants to test out his strength against this monster. You should feel honored to have witnessed this."

The possessor of the Millennium Ring demanded. "What do you mean?"

"Just take a look for yourself."

The crowd witnessed the fake Megidramon preparing to attack Pharaohmon.

Nemesis pleaded. "My lord! Get out of the way!"

"Ah, perfect. 30 percent of my power should suffice."

With that, Pharaohmon tensed up his body. A thick black aura materialized and flowed over his muscular body. First, his chest expanded followed by the expansion of his biceps, forearms, and shoulders. He let out an earth-shattering power accompanied with a strong bellow. The evil army were shocked witnessing the evil priest unveil 30 percent of his true power.

"Come on! Come and get me!" Pharaohmon beckoned the beast.

Once the fake Megidramon closed the gap between them, it unleashed a fiery blast. Pharaohmon clenched his right hand and landed a powerful punch into the fake Megidramon's chest. The power invoked from the demon's punch split the beast in half through the waist. Pharaohmon grabbed both halved parts of the beast. Using his own demonic aura, he dissolved the halves and absorbed the red data that leaked out from the beast's remains. Pharaohmon let out a relaxed sigh after consuming the data.

"I must say...!" Demon, a feared Demon Lord in his own right, was astonished by the villain's brute power.

"Incredible demonstration, Lord Pharaohmon!" MetalDevidramon said.

IceDevimon inquired, reeling over the shocking end result. "You mean... that was just 30 percent of his power?"

"Thank goodness we decided to side with this guy," MarineDevimon said. "Isn't that right, SkullSatanmon?"

SkullSatanmon shook his head. "Yeah, but when can we get come cheeseburgers from the human world?" And with that, he got backhanded by MarineDevimon. "Hey, why did you do that for?"

MarineDevimon grabbed SkullSatanmon with his tentacles and choked him. "Numbskull! We're here on an important assignment! You should marvel at Pharaohmon's glory!"

Piedmon clapped his hands. "Good show, Lord Pharaohmon. You've proven it would be a mistake for us to cause mutiny, because who'd want to test your authority?"

Basiliskmon cackled. "Those Tamers and their friends are dead meat! Himura and his mongrel don't know what they're getting themselves into!"

"My… My lord," Nemesis addressed Pharaohmon. "You really used thirty perfect of your power to do away with that monster?"

"Naturally. 20 percent could've done a cleaner job, but I do tend to get carried away. Now, are you impressed? With 30 percent of my power, I crushed this Megidramon without hesitation. Just think what will happen if I am forced to go all out?"

Brimstone shifted to Yami Bakura. "Any thoughts about my master's power?"

"Oh, Yugi Muto is walking into a death trap. I doubt he'll even make it far as long as I'm here," Yami Bakura evilly chuckled. "The Millennium Puzzle will be sooner in our grasp!"

"Just don't try betraying my master of you'll pay dearly with your life."

Nemesis clapped for Pharaohmon. "Yes! Lord Pharaohmon, there's nothing that will keep us from a guaranteed victory! While I get rid of Himura, you can do away with the rest of those digital pets!"

"Indeed, Nemesis. All of their data will become consumed by me and I will stand triumphant."

Pharaohmon pulled out a chunk of his own skin and opened up a piece of skin, which revealed Lance's unconscious form.

"Lance still has plenty of use for me, Nemesis. I will officially enter him in the tournament to help you and the evil spirit of the Millennium Ring. You will prevent Yugi Muto, Takato Matsuda, and their friends from winning the duel tournament. Can I leave it you three?"

Yami Bakura answered with a hesitant bow.

Nemesis knelt down and bowed her head. "Yes, Lord Pharaohmon. We will not fail you."

As Pharaohmon raises his fist, the evil army followed suit and hailed their new loyalty to the evil priest's namesake.

"That's right little Himura. It's all over for you and your friends!" Nemesis laughed. "As well as you little Yui, you will watch as I defeat and kill your brother!"

(End theme)

Deep inside the evil mistress, there was a familiar face inside encased in a sac and suspended by disgusting purple tendrils. The way she was being held up was like a crucifixion. Having most of her life energy drained, Yui Tsubasa was on the verge of passing out again. Her life energy sustain Nemesis' life.

Yui raised her head with her eyes filled with sorrowful tears. "Himura… Inumon... DarkGabumon... I'm sorry..."

'Yes, keep praying for them, little Yui! As a matter of fact, I think I'll have you as a guest of honor once you gaze upon your brother's own death.'



Shinjuku District/Katsuya Residence/11:16 PM

Himura lied back on his bed and gazed at a picture taken two years ago. It had him and Yui sitting together at the front of their godparents' home, which was taken shortly after Himura was discharged from the hospital; and it was immediately after that the siblings were adopted by the Katsuyas.

The girl's kind features plagued the boy's mind.

"Yui, it hasn't been the same without you. I promise I will set you free."

The boy placed the picture down and shuffled through his Duel Monster deck. He held out one special card called Guardian Airtos.

Yui's favorite card. Himura thought, examining the card up close. "With this card, I will set you free. And Inumon, I can't wait to see you again, my friend. Let's all be ready."


Four days pass.


Shinjuku District/March 29, 2003/7:30 AM

Four days have passed and the sun has risen/fallen thrice. The next morning sunrise came over the heart of Shinjuku. The people across the city and the world have been waiting for five groups of heroes. Each has one goal in mind: win the tournament and defeat Pharaohmon.

The Tamers have been training for the last days to perfectly hone their new dueling skills. Each of them have greatly improved under the teaching of Yugi Muto and their experience with Digimon cards have helped. The Tamers finally reunited with their Digimon partners, who came back from their rough training under Anubimon's guidance.

The Legendary Warriors have gotten much stronger thanks to Omegamon's training. They, much like the Tamers, were ready to take part in Pharaohmon's event. Likewise for the Spirit Detectives as Yusuke completed more training with Genkai; Kuwabara trained with Kurama and Hiei as their skills were honed for the upcoming event. The Senshi waited out the remaining days for the fateful day as they planned to take a journey into the Digital World to find the Digital Priestess' scared blade.

It was now past 7:30 am. The time was at hand.


Shinjuku Metropolitan District/8:00 AM

Himura, Inumon, and DarkGabumon waited near the center of Shinjuku for the distortion that Pharaohmon alluded to. Nothing has happened, making Himura antsy.

"Himura!" Called Henry, who was not too far from where Himura could hear him.

Himura and the two Digimon saw Henry, Terriermon, Suzie, and Lopmon running over to meet them.

"Glad you could make it, Henry," Himura said. "That portal hasn't opened yet."

"I don't remember if Pharaohmon specifically gave a time when that distortion would appear," Inumon said.

Henry looked to the sky. "He only mentioned morning. Maybe we came too early?" He wondered surveying the sky to find anything peculiar.

"Are the others on their way?" asked Himura.

"Heh, I heard Rika nearly flipped her lid when she heard Kazu and Kenta overslept," Terriermon smirked devilishly, to which he got a light bonk on his head from Henry. "Hey!"

"And if I hadn't woken you up, you'd still be asleep now."

"Look, I think I see the others! They're all coming!" Lopmon pointed everyone ahead.

Finally coming into plain sight, Takato and Guilmon were at the forefront leading Rika, Renamon, Kazu, Guardromon, Kenta, and MarineAngemon. Henry, Himura, Suzie, and their Digimon waved over to get their attention. Takato was also seen carrying a giant flag with all the faces of the Tamers and their Digimon, which reminded them of their old team flag; but, this time the faces were much better drawn.

"Don't tell me he actually..." Himura sweatdropped when seeing the flag.

Henry added. "Believe me he did."

As Takato's group met up with them, the Tamers were assembled. Takato set the pole down and proudly displayed the flag for all to see. Rika looked away almost embarrassed to Takato showcasing their team flag.

"How do you like it? I think it's much cooler this this!" Takato grinned proudly.

Rika groaned. "I told him not to bring it. We don't need silly flags."

"Why not? I think it looks great!" Came Jeri's voice as the group saw Jeri and Felinismon approaching them. "Nice work, Takato. It's much cuter."

"Thanks, Jeri!"

Kazu examined the flag. "Hey, I don't look that ugly!"

Kenta adjusted his glasses. "Nah, that's definitely you, Kazu."

"No, it isn't! I look much handsomer than how Takato accurately portrayed me!"

"Will you two pipe down?!" Rika snapped, pulling Kazu and Kenta into a double headlock. "Enough about the stupid flag, ok?!"

Kazu and Kenta squeaked out. "Yes, ma'am!"

"Did everyone say bye to your families?" Takato asked as everyone nodded. "Himura? Did you talk to your parents before you left?"

"Yeah and he's managed to give us plenty of supplies needed. He gave me medicine, bandages and the other essentials. Most importantly, he has given me full support to rescue Yui."

The gogglehead replied. "Good to know. Huh, I was expecting them to be here, but I don't see Yugi and his friends." He and the Tamers surveyed the spot as none of the Duelists were present. "Oh well, maybe they got delayed, but Yugi phoned me up this morning that he and his pals would be here."

"Look, Takato!" Guilmon pointed across them as Yugi, Joey, Tea, and Tristan were marching over toward them.

"Takato! Don't tell me you and your friends were leaving without us!" Yugi called out to the Tamers.

"Of course, we just got here!"

The Tamers and Duelists reconvened to get greetings out of the way. Suddenly, their friendly conversation was cut short as cars stopped and bystanders (and rubberneckers) watched a distortion forming in the heart of downtown. The Tamers, the Digimon partners, and the Duelists obviously noticed this and faced the portal opening up.

"So, now Pharaohmon's got enough power to open up portals on his own?" Tristan wondered.

While keeping Suzie behind him, Henry frowned. "With enough power he's accumulated since we last fought him, it doesn't surprise me."

"We came just in time!" Kazu exclaimed.

"Can't believe we're about to enter another world, guys," Tea said.

"This ain't the first time we fell into another world before, Tea," Joey reminded her.

Yugi nodded. "After all, we did get thrown into the Virtual World with the whole Noah deal. Then, there was the time before that when me, Joey, Mai, and Mokuba went to save Kaiba from the Big 5." He turned to the Tamers and smiled. "But definitely not the first time you guys went into this Digital World. I bet it's an extraordinary place."

"It was a grand adventure," Takato said. "But, a heart-wrenching one... at the same time..." Stopping himself from reminding a certain Tamer of the a tragic loss. "Anyway, it's going to be kinda exciting to go back. Right, Guilmon?"

"Yep, and I'll show you how much has changed since we left," Guilmon said.

Inumon approached Renamon and genuinely smiled. "Ready to go, Renamon?"

"I am, Inumon. I want to see how much has changed."

"We're about to find out," Himura spoke up.

"Let's get moving, guys. No telling how long this portal stays open," Takato stated. "Team Tamers and Duelists forward!" He shouted, taking the flag mantle and leading the amassed group into the portal.

Joey blinked as he just noticed the flag. "...eerrr. Hey, is he really bringing that?"

"I tried to tell him to lose it, but he insisted... just keep going..." Rika grumbled.

"I think it's cute," Tea remarked.

"Let's get it moving, guys! C'mon!" Inumon called out.

As the Tamers, Digimon, and Duelists walked ahead, they were closely monitored by the Kaiba brothers inside their black limo. Seto and Mokuba stepped out of the limo beckoning their limo to go back to Kaiba Corp. The brothers stepped out in the front cutting the group from the pass.

"KAIBA?!" Yugi and the Duelists exclaimed in unison.

"Whoa, Seto Kaiba?!" Takato gaped in awe and shock.

Kazu and Kenta spurted out, both dumbfounded. "THE Seto Kaiba?!"

Joey, needless to say, didn't share their enthusiasm and balled up his fists. "What the hell do you want, Kaiba?! Step aside!"

"You're here for the tournament, too," Yugi confronted Seto. "That's the only reason you're here."

"Of course, but I didn't think you'd be taking a fan club along with you," Seto said with a smug look. He scanned the Tamers. "Your geek cheerleaders just keeps growing."

"Hey, we're all going to duel in that tournament, too!" Himura heatedly cut him off.

"I suppose we'll see how good you kids really are," Seto said.

Mokuba walked up and greeted Yugi. "Hey, let's just all have good competition, but you should already know my bro never wants to miss out the chance to duel you, guys."

"Correction: Yugi is the only one I want to face."

Joey snorted. "Haven't changed much, huh rich boy? Just so you know, I've been supping my deck ready to duel ya again!"

"Save it for the tournament, Wheeler," the CEO shrugged off Joey's heated glare. Shifting from Joey, he solely focused on Yugi. "If and when we do meet, Yugi, I just want to tell you that I';; figure a way to defeat your Egyptian Gods. You did bring them, correct?"

"I did."

"Then, I look forward to our duel."

Kazu folded his arms and chuckled. "Well, Rika, looks like you've got competition. He's every bit as arrogant like you."

"Stuff it, nimrod," she grumbled, resisting the urge to sock him.

"And just so you know, Mr. Kaiba," Takato addressed the CEO. "We've been training with Yugi and we've even built up our own decks. We're not going to miss this tournament and keep Pharaohmon harming our world. There's a lot at stake for us, including you."

This boy's eyes exudes the same fire and passion... quality traits only a duelist like Yugi Muto possesses. Hmm, perhaps he's another I should keep my eye on. Kaiba looked Takato deep in his eyes. "We'll see once I see you and your little friends duel. The realm of Duel Monsters is far different league than what you Digimon Tamers have ever been accustomed to."

"We'll see when he duels me," Rika mumbled, glaring down Kaiba.

"Easy now, Rika. He's one of the top pros of the world," Kenta tried to talk the Digimon Queen out of her competitive state.

As Kaiba walked away, Takato let out all of his anxiety and sighed deeply. Yugi walked over and patted the boy's back.

"Don't let Kaiba intimidate you, Takato," reassured Yugi. "We're here to do our best. Remember everything I've taught you."

"Yeah, I know."

"So, now that the Kaiba brothers, are we all set to go?" Tristan asked.

"NOT SO FAST!" Came yet another voice that the Duelists recognized, especially Joey.

Joey's ears twitched as he spun around. "I know that voice anywhere!" He and the others saw a blonde woman sprinting over to meet them.

"It's Mai!" Yugi exclaimed.

"Just when we were about to leave...! Let me guess, you got the memo about the tournament, too?"

Mai caught up to greet the Duelists. "Of course, I wouldn't miss this for the world, boys and girls." The second she saw Joey, she poked him in the head. "And don't you think I'd miss this either, Joey. Besides, aren't you happy to see me again?"

"Of course, I am. We all are."

Having seen Mai up close, Kazu and Kenta lusted before the woman. Guardromon and MarineAngemon noticed their partners' faces flushing and their eyes forming into hearts.

"Wow, what a babe!" yelled the two boys as they became lovestruck puppies.

"Mai Valentine, one of the world's most known female duelists," Rika profiled the woman. "She's definitely competition for me. I'd like to duel her." She smiled.

"Yugi! Tristan Tea! It's good to see you all again!" Mai greeted her friends.

Yugi nodded. "It's good to see you again, too, Mai. Where have you been lately?"

"Just got back from America. I hosted and competed in the US Prix league..."

"How did ya do?" Joey asked.

Before she had a chance to answer, Seto smugly cut her off. "She made to the semi-finals, but she got trounced easily by a 12-year-old prodigy. Just further proof that the Duel Monster market is becoming far too competitive for the likes of someone who only duels for self interests. Mai Valentine, once a famed and capable duelist can't even hang in the big leagues that a kid is now able to beat her."

"No one asked for you five cents!" Mai snapped.

Joey interjected. "You take back what you said, Kaiba! I oughta...!" He was restrained by Tristan.

"It's ok, man. Settle down!"

"It's the truth, Wheeler. As much as I look down on you, you're at least a better duelist than Miss Valentine."

Feeling somewhat dejected, Mai looked down having been reminded of her recent upset loss. Tea approached Mai to comfort her.

"Kaiba, you shouldn't look down on Mai for losing a match to a kid. You said this kid was a prodigy, right?"

"Yes, and this boy is just a remainder to us that a new generation of strong duelists will be gunning to take our places. Yugi, you'll definitely be the one these young duelists aspire to become and try usurp you from your top place. But, I intend to take back my place as the world champion duelist before they get the chance to."

Yugi openly disagreed. "Sorry, but I don't aspire to be better than anyone. I duel to bring inspiration to my friends."

"You tell 'em, Yugi," Tea said.

Joey concurred. "Couldn't have said it better myself, Yug."

Takato smiled proudly. That's definitely why I want to duel as well.

"Man, this is starting to feel like a battle City reunion," Tristan said. "I know Serenity couldn't make it. Miho definitely wasn't with us before and won't be this time. Marik and Ishizu are back in Egypt. All that leaves is..."

"Did someone call for the Duke?"

The Duelists turned around as they recognized the slightly smug tone behind them. They saw Duke Devilin walking up looking as ravishing as ever.

"Long time no see, gang."

"Duke Devilin?! Now we're really reaching with this Battle City reunion," Joey said.

Tristan shrugged. "Somehow I knew you'd be coming, Duke."

"Gee, aren't I special?" Duke looked away and noticed the Tamers with Yugi's group. "Huh, who are the kids?"

"Some new friends of ours we met," Yugi introduced Duke to the Tamers. "These animals with them are Digimon. Please meet the Digimon Tamers.

"Whoa, now I remember seeing you kids from the TV broadcasts!" Duke pointed out. "Wow, you're really them! This is surreal!"

"Yep, nice to meet you, Duke," Takato said, shaking Duke's hand.

"Guys, I know this is a nice reunion and all, but we need to get going," Himura announced, reminding them of the portal.

Mokuba eyed the portal near them. "So, we just need to cross this? I hope after we're done, another one will bring us back home."

"Is this like another virtual universe like the one we crossed before?" Duke asked Yugi.

"Possibly, but I've never crossed into this Digital World before. We're going to find out soon, though. If anyone has experience with this world, it's the Tamers. Let's let them lead us."

Takato turned and addressed everyone. "Ok guys. We're taking yet another perilous journey into parts unknown. If anyone has any second thoughts, then turn back and go home."

Rika nodded. "There's no turning back for me."

Yugi added. "Likewise, we're ready."

"Pharaohmon, bring it on!" Felinismon umped her fist up, hollering out loud.

With that, Takato and Yugi led their groups through the portal. Their next stop would in fact be the Digital World. Using this port, they would soon land at the coordinates near the Shadow Tournament venue.

Only three set of heroes have yet to show up.

And it wouldn't be too long for them to reach the portal site.


The Sailor Senshi arrived not too soon after the Tamers and the Duelists. Ami used her mini-computer to track the exact location of the portal. Minako, Artemis, Rei, Cammy, Makoto, Setsuna, Hotaru, Haruka, and Michiru arrived at the location. They were baffled to see the portal right in the heart of downtown.

"Excellent work, Ami. This is exact spot and that there is the portal for which it will transport us into the digital world," Setsuna announced.

Rei patted Cammy's left shoulder. "Ready go, sis?"

Cammy nodded, giving a thumb up. "Ready!"

"Anyone wants to go in first

"Now, who wants to go first?" Amy asked, closing off her mini-computer.

With Artemis hanging on her shoulder, Minako stepped forward. "Let's do this. I'll be our guinea pig." She took a deep breath and instinctively jumped into it without hesitation.

"Minako-chan!" Rei and Makoto cried out, both afraid their friend had jumped too soon.

However, their fears were quickly alleviated when Minako stuck her hand through the portal and waved to her companions.

"It's all clear! You're all good to join us!"

"It only feels like you're jumping through cold air!" Artemis reassured them.

"We're next then, Rei said, taking her sister's hand.

Both Hino sisters jumped through into the portal. Makoto dashed into the wormhole next. Finally Setsuna and Hotaru joined them.

"Wow, this isn't so bad," Hotaru said while falling through the wormhole safely.

Haruka and Michiru took each other's hands going into the portal together.

After the Senshi entered the portal, Omegamon descended on the location and waited a few minutes. It wasn't too long until the Legendary Warriors finally came. All ten of them amassed near Omegamon.

"There. That portal will guide us into the Digital World, which is the territory Lord Zhuqiaomon. Now, we enter and until the tournament is determined we won't be coming back. If you are starting to have second thoughts, this is your time to make your decision, but make it fast. No telling how much longer this portal will stay open for entry."

"No way. We're not turning back," Dimitro said.

"After everything we've been through, how can we possibly refuse?" Takuya proclaimed as he turned to his teammates. "Guys, are you ready for this?"

"You know we're ready!" said Izumi.

Kouji asserted. "Let's get this over with."

"Good, now I know why you ten were selected to be the wielders of the Ancient Warriors' fabled spirits."

With that, Omegamon lured the ten Legendary Warriors into the portal. In no time, they would be sent directly to the exact venue the other heroes were transported. Jaarin joined her friends into the portal as all she could think of were her siblings.

Henry, Suzie. There's a good chance I'll see y'all at the tournament. Let's win this tournament together! The Warrior of Water resolved as she walked into the portal.

Once Omegamon and the Legendary Warriors cleared their entry, Botan arrived with the four Spirit Detectives. The four were prime and ready for the Shadow Tournament.

"This is the spot where Koenma said the portal would be," Botan directed the boys toward the wormhole situated near them.

"Well, this ought to be fun," Yusuke said. "I don't know about you, but I'm ready to cut loose!"

"Now, boys. This isn't a vacation. This is work. Koenma doesn't want to take the chances of Pharaohmon threatening the existence of Spirit World."

"Just leave this us, Botan," Kuwabara reassured her. "Pharaohmon's gonna be crying and running into his little hole when we're done with him!"

Hiei snorted upon hearing Kuwabara's foolish remark. "Heh, try saying that to his face."

Kuwabara started feeling weak-kneed. "I'm not afraid!"

"Let's focus on preventing Pharaohmon or any of his minions from winning this tournament. That is our objective," Kurama clarified for his companions.

""You're really coming with us, Botan?" Yusuke prodded the ferry woman. "I bet diapers doesn't trust us handling this."

"What did I tell you about name calling Koenma? And for your information, I volunteered to join you on this mission."

"Fine, just let us do all the fighting," the Spirit Detective said. "Now, guys, let's kick some ass. Pharaohmon's waiting."

After the Spirit Detectives and Botan entered the portal, a cardboard box with tiny holes slipped from under a bus. The box pivoted over to the portal right in front of them.

"The left, you dolt! The left!"

"I am on my left, Bokomon!"

"Ah, you're right! There it is!" Bokomon was heard chiming in inside the box. "Let's abort our disguise!"

Neemon rubbed his eyes, becoming awestruck by the portal. "Look at the pretty hole!"

"That's a portal, nit wit," Bokomon said, taking out his book. "Now, according to the source, this portal should take us to the Digital World governed by Zhuqiaomon, the Sovereign of the South. Now, we just saw Takuya and his companions depart with Omegamon. Once we take this portal, it will take us directly to their location..." He turned around and gawked. He saw Neemon waving a baby inside a car.

Bokomon took his book and smacked Neemon in the back with it.

"C'mon, you! We're wasting time!" Bokomon grumbled whilst dragging Neemon along.

"Wheeee, look Bokomon I see pretty little stars."

"Hang on Takuya! I want to see you, Kouji, Junpei, Izumi, Tomoki, and Kouichi! I also want to meet these supposed new wielders of the other Spirits!" Bokomon rambled on and on as he raced into the portal with Neemon.

After the two stooges made it into the hole, Ryo and Cyberdramon dropped in not too long after that.

"Once we cross this portal, Ryo..."

"I know, Cyberdramon. I have no doubt Takato, Rika, Henry, and the others are there. The tournament is where we need to be," Ryo said, mounting his partner.

Cyberdramon hastily flew into the portal and cleared the path.

Last, but not least were Impmon and Calumon.

"Ah, I'm not going back in there, Impmon! There were meanie Digimon there!"

"Hey, you didn't want to stay behind with Makoto and Ai. Besides, I might need some company. That a problem?"

Calumon vividly nodded. "No, no, no! Besides, hanging with you is fun!"

"The kids will be ok without us for a day or two. I left them a note," Impmon put on a devilish smirk. "Now, ready to make some noise at this tournament thing?"


"Cool, let's go! Bada-bing!" He hoisted Calumon over his head and made a quick dash into the portal.

Once Impmon and Calumon passed through, the portal had barely just closed behind them. Their timing couldn't have been that much better.


Digital World/Somewhere within a dark dimension/8:42 AM

Sitting in his soon to be vacant quarters, Pharaohmon sealed the portal off from the human world.

"I'll be seeing you soon, fools. Fortunately, I was able to manipulate my magic and separated most of the Senshi. At last, the time has come." He ultimately abandoned his quarters and made his way toward the Phoenix Arena.


Digital Underworld/Anubimon's Palace/8:46 AM

Anubimon rose from his seat watching the heroes arrive outside Phoenix Arena. He watched Seadramon enter his premises.

"They've all arrived at the arena, Seadramon. It's time to make our leave and meet with the Tamers," proclaimed the Underworld lord.

"Right behind you, Lord Anubimon."


Digital World/Outside of the Phoenix Arena/8:50 AM

After crossing through a seemingly endless dimension tunnel, the Tamers and the Duelists were in awe once they came upon a massive stadium that resembled the Tokyo Dome. The Phoenix Arena is a famed battle stadium where Digimon gladiators contested in arduous and hotly fought competitions. This was an arena where the Sovereigns sent their top warriors to battle every few digicycles. Champions are crowned and new legends are eventually born.

The Shadow Tournament is planned to be a two-day event, but these two days will likely be eventful.

"Whoa! Now that's what I call a stadium!" Kazu exclaimed.

"It looks almost like the Tokyo Dome!" an awestruck Kenta replied.

"Are you familiar with this stadium, Renamon?" asked Rika.

"Yes,this is the arena where the strongest Digimon from every corner of the digital planet compete in the name of their Digimon Sovereign."

"Kinda like a Digimon equivalent of the Summer Olympics," Takato said. "This is so cool!"

Henry added. "Let's not forget this is Pharaohmon's event."

"That's right," Felinismon scoffed. "Pharaohmon is simply using this tournament as self marketing. I can't wait to see him get knocked off his high horse."

"Hah, I'll glad do it!" Joey boasted. "Right, Yug? We're gonna clear his duel tournament portion all the way!"

Yugi nodded. "Right!"

"Ok, so where exactly do we sign up?" Himura wondered.

"Maybe we can ask those Digimon entering the arena," Jeri pointed out to a large crowd of Digimon standing near the arena and ticket booths.

"Those guys are just paying customers," Tea pointed out. "I think we should walk around this stadium first to check."

After checking with the ticket masters, Inumon bolted right back to his friends with a smile. Himura ran up to Inumon.

"What did you find out, Inumon?"

Inumon gave a thumbs up. "Great news! They have a sign up reserved for us! And we don't need to pay anything! Looks like Pharaohmon already told them to anticipate us."

"Tell me," Yugi queried. "Are there two sign-ups?"

"Yeah. There's one for the battle tournament and another for the Duel Monsters portion. You guys might want to hurry until the masses find out."

"C'mon, Henry! They've reserved special places for us!" Terriermon pleaded to his partner. "Let's claim our spots!"

"So, are we really staying here for two days?" Suzie asked her partner.

Lopmon answered. "Yep, two days. I hope there's some comfy rooms for us guests."

Mai nearly pushed through the Duelists and Tamers. "Well, I'm not waiting any longer. I'm ready to sign up! Make way for Mai Valentine!"

Seto walked along with Mokuba. "C'mon, let's get this over with."

"Wait for us!" Yugi called out as he and his companions raced toward the sign-up area.

Once the Tamers and Duelists entered the sign-in office, a few rowdy Digimon fanatics were hounding the humans and the Digimon partners.

"Check out the fox! What a sexy thing!" a Bakemon hollered

"That feline is even hotter!" an Ogremon yelled. "Hey, how about a smooch, kitty cat?!"


Renamon and Felinismon decked the two pervert Digimon, much to the delight of Inumon.

"All right, ladies!" Inumon cheered them both.

The yellow-furred fox dusted off her hands of their filth. "I'm not even going to waste my time with these pigs."

"Yeah! Piss off!" Felinismon hissed. "We're first class Digi-ladies!"

Rika clapped for her partner while Jeri couldn't help but cover her mouth in shock.

"You gonna pick up Felinismon's habits, Jeri?" Kazu snickered at her direction.

"What? Me?"

"Take my advice. Don't go easy on guys," Rika said. "You'll learn eventually."

"Hey! Kaiba and Mai just signed up!" Yugi announced to the group. "C'mon, Takato, let's go in and sign up! Anyone else?"

"Make way for me!" Joey enthusiastically yelled.

Duke sighed. "Of course, Kaiba's gotta call first dibs. That jerk."

Seto stepped out from the office with Mokuba accompanying him. He made no contact with either group and leaned against a nearest wall. Mai came out smiling broadly and letting Yugi in next. Takato and Joey joined him, too.

After Yugi, Takato, and Joey signed up, Himura, Rika, Henry, Kazu, Kenta, Duke, and Jeri officially signed their names on the duelist roster.

DarkGabumon turned to Mokuba. "Hey, kid, did you sign up?"

"Nah. I'm only here to support my brother."

"And you, Tea? Tristan?" Guilmon asked the other two.

Tea smiled modestly. "Tristan and I are only here for mortal support."

"Besides, our friends are much better duelists than we are," replied Tristan.

The office to the battle tournament was opened up.

Renamon addressed her Digimon companions. "It's time. Any of you wishing to participate must sign up."

Hopping off Henry's shoulder, Terriermon huffed and puffed his chest. "Oh yeah! You're looking at the next Digital World champion! If ya smellllalalolololo... what the Terrier is cooking!" He twitched his head and faced his friends, raising his left brow.

"Ugh, you're ruining the Great One's image, ya doofus for brains!" A familiar Brooklyn accent chimed in, catching the Digimon and Tamers by surprise.

Guilmon's ears twitched. "That voice! Impmon?!"

Lo and behold, Impmon was in the arena with Calumon accompanying him.

"Yep, the great Impmon's here!" Impmon boasted as he walked right up to Terriermon. "And if anyone's leaving home with the championship, it'll be moi!"

"Yeah? Bring to the arena, ya pyromaniac!"

"Bring it, ya candy ass floppy-eared rabbit!"

Inumon swiftly interjected, pushing Terriermon and Impmon apart. "Children! Enough! Take your frustrations out on Pharaohmon's goons, ok?"

After the Duelists finished signing up, the Digimon were ready to sign up for the battle tournament.

"Ready, Guilmon?" Takato opened the door for him.

"Hold on! You're forgetting another entry!" Another voice interceded them, causing Rika to cringe loudly.

Rika whirled around and saw Ryo Akiyama approaching them calmly.

"Hey, guys," Ryo waved to the group.

"Ryo! We didn't think we'd see you here... well, actually this is no surprise since you come here to the Digital World so often," Takato said.

"Eh? You know him?" Joey asked.

"Kazu kindly chimed in. "Yep, you're looking at the great Ryo Akiyama! If anyone has a good shot in the tournament, it's him!"

"C'mon now, I'm not that good. Besides, this is a Duel Monsters tournament," Ryo acted so modest.

"Not good? C'mon, you're the only duelist that beat Rika in the Digimon tournaments!"

"Stuff it, Kazu," Rika grumbled. "Don't give him more credit than he deserves."

"Since when did you take interest in Duel Monsters?" Henry asked him.

"Since for a while," Ryo confessed. "I started catching on the game shortly before that Battle City event, but I didn't have time to enter because of Digital World duties. Anyways, I'm here not just to duel you guys, but help you keep Pharaohmon's goons from winning the Duel Monsters tournament. I have a feeling Pharaohmon will have more than one representative facing us." He shifted over to Rika and smiled. "And I hope I get to duel you again, Rika."

As Rika resisted the urge to strangle him, Ryo walked by her and entered the office to sign up for the Duel Monsters event. He walked out afterward and rejoined Cyberdramon down the hallway.

"Hn, I'm surprised Cyberdramon's not entering," Terriermon rubbed his chin. He shrugged. "Oh well. Better chances for me to win."

Lopmon rolled her eyes. "Keep telling yourself that."

"Ok, Guilmon, let's get you and the other Digimon signed up," Takato opened the door to let Guilmon into the office. "Everyone bring y'alls Digimon over who want to compete!"

As Takato and Guilmon entered the sign-in room, the other Tamers and Digimon escorted them in.


Several kilometers from the Phoenix Arena/9:00 AM

The Sailor assembly were dumbfounded as to where they've been transported. They were dropped right in the middle of a seemingly endless desolate vicinity. To their surprise, Haruka and Michiru were nowhere to be seen.

Hotaru scanned around the area. "Haruka-poppa and Michiru-momma aren't here. And aren't we supposed to be somewhere near some arena Pharaohmon described?"

"Pharaohmon must've had a hand in this," the Senshi of Time deductively concluded. "They were likely sent to the venue and divided us from them."

Rei furrowed her brows. "So, he knew we'd be coming for the sword. Well, that's going to come back and bite him in the ass."

Minako nodded. "Yeah, since Cammy-chan is still with us!"

Makoto added. "That's great, but we've been dropped in the middle of nowhere. We're in a realm we're not at all familiar with."

"Mako-chan brings up a good point," stated Ami. "There are unknown dangers we have to be aware of while we proceed. Three of you are without your Senshi powers, which is troublesome enough as it is." She opened up her mini-computer and placed on her visor. While scanning the vicinity thoroughly, she pivoted around. "I'm picking up a source if we travel west."

"Is it the Digital Priestess' sword?" inquired Artemis.

"No telling, but it might be a clue where we may need to go. In fact, while I was scanning this place, the nature of our surroundings is made up of entirely digital components. We ourselves have become digitized the moment we stepped in this realm. This Digital World is truly astounding."

"We're in some kind of virtual reality universe, right?" Makoto looked around. She knelt over and picked up a desert flower, which felt very real to her. "It still feels real!"

"Yes, but it's still made of digital components clustered together to form a solid object."

"I feel like I'm in a Matrix world," the blonde scoped the area closely. "Just tell me we don't have to deal with agents, Ami-chan."

"Likely not, but Pharaohmon might be sending minions to track us down."

"If everything here is digitized, we're not flesh and bone here anymore?" Rei asked, pinching herself as to her surprise made her flinch.

"Well I wouldn't say that. We can still be harmed as if we are still in our own reality," Ami assessed. "I assume we would retain our natural human physiology. And if, god forbid, one of us dies, we're dead. This is not a video game we're trapped in."

Minako felt sick after hearing that. "Thanks for the lecture, Professor Mizuno. I feel much better already."

Artemis added. "At least this will keep you on your toes and not do anything rash."

Just then, Minako noticed a giant tree not too far away from them. She saw what looked like fresh red cherries hanging from the tree.

"Guys, look at this! Anyone want some cherries?" Minako called out, bolting over toward the tree. "C'mon, they're ripe for the picking!"

"Minako-chan, wait! We're not even familiar with our environment!" Ami cried out.

Rei admonished her. "Get down from there! You don't even know if those fruits are poisonous!"

"I'm sorry, but I didn't have anything to eat this morning! Not mu fault I accidentally slept in!" Minako called out as she hung on a tree and reached for the nearest cherries. "Artemis, I bet you want some cherries, too, right?"

The white feline nodded. "I'll pass! Thanks!"

"Oh, well, more for me... now to grab one..." The hungry blonde gritted her teeth as she tried stretching her arm out for the cherries.

Suddenly, the tree started moving on its own and shook Minako off the branch. Minako fell only for Makoto to run in and catch her.

"Thanks, Mako-chan!"

Makoto blinked. "Was it just me or did that tree just shake you off?"

"I felt it shaking me off. It wasn't just you."

"WHO DARES TO REMOVE MY FRUIT?" A boisterous voice boomed out from the itself by itself.

"And that... tree... just talked?" Makoto and Minako were dumbfounded.

Setsuna added. "It's a living tree with a sentient mind."

"Like something out of a fairy tale," Hotaru said.

Ami scanned the tree with her mini-computer. "Ah, there's a life source emanating from this tree!"

"I could hear all your chattering and it woke me from my sleep!" The tree boomed again, turning completely around and facing the Senshi. The tree's visage had sleepy eyes with thick green leaves doubling as hair and green leaves on its face that doubled as a thick mustache.

"Please, forgive me! I'm so sorry, Mr. Tree!" Minako pleaded before the giant tree.

"I'm Cherrymon," the giant tree angrily addressed them. "This is my territory. So, get lost and let me sleep."

As Ami, Setsuna, and Hotaru prepared to defend the others, Cammy selflessly threw herself in front of the Senshi and confronted the Cherrymon.

"Cammy-chan! Get over here!" Rei pleaded.

Setsuna interjected. "It's ok, Rei. Let her handle this. If she truly is the Digital Priestess, this old tree will likely stand off. Besides, you and Hotaru don't sense any malicious nature from this tree, do you?"

The Miko nodded. "No, he's just protecting his territory."

Hotaru watched Cammy holding off Cherrymon. "But, make no mistake. If the tree attempts to harm her, we won't hesitate to strike back."

Cherrymon casted his glowing yellow eyes over the child. As he studied her features, he suddenly cowered back as if he had seen a ghost of the past return to life.

"You... you look just like her!" Cherrymon exclaimed. "You look like the Priestess the Sovereigns called upon before!"

"Look at how scared he looks," Makoto pointed out. "There's no mistaking it."

Cammy-chan...?! Rei gasped watching her sister seemingly making the tree back off.

"Look, Mr. Cherrymon, we're only looking for directions to find this sword that priestess wielded. Do you know any directions?" Cammy asked with the most gentle features the old cherry had seen.

"Forgive me, my priestess," Cherrymon bowed. "Are you by any chance her reincarnation?"

"Hmmm?" The child blinked in befuddlement.

"No, never mind. Please apologize to your blonde friend for picking at my fruit. I didn't mean to throw her off."

Minako blurted out openly. "You're forgiven! Never mind my stupid stomach!"

"You can all have some of my fruit if you want. They're not poisonous," Cherrymon offered as he shook his branches, allowing Minako and the others to catch some of his cherries. "They're very delicious and should keep your energy up as you cross these lands."

"Thank you!" The girls simultaneously cried out.

Artemis jumped up catching some cherries while gobbling them. "Mmm, these are good!"

Cherrymon turned around pointing west. "Now, if you go straight past those canyons and take a right turn into a river valley. There you'll find a Labramon. He's known to carry a handful of information on the sword's whereabouts and its origins."

"A Labramon?" Cammy asked.

"Yes, but be careful he's a bit of a creep at times."

Rei added as she took Cammy's hand. "Thanks for the info, Cherrymon."

"Thank you, Cherrymon!" Cammy waved to the old tree. "And thanks for the fruits!"

"Yes, anything to help you, young lady! You and your friends be careful!" Cherrymon waved to them. "Find that sword and use it to destroy Pharaohmon! Good luck, humans!"

"All right, you heard the big tree," Minako gleefully said, holding the bundle of fruits in her hands. "All we have to do is walk down towards those canyons!"

"Yes, but let's still remain vigilant," Setsuna said. "We were lucky the Cherrymon was kind enough to give us directions."

"If Cammy-chan wasn't with us, I don't know where we'd be," Makoto said.

As the ladies and cat headed down the route Cherrymon pointed to, Cammy stayed close to Rei. Hotaru approached Setsuna and looked up to the older woman.

"I hope Haruka-poppa and Michiru-momma can manage without us."

"Me as well, Hotaru-chan."


Inside the Phoenix Arena/9:10 AM

Omegamon led the ten Legendary Warriors through a corridor until they stopped at the sign-in stations. The ten already spirit evolved into their H-Hybrid forms to further conceal their true human identities, especially in Jaarin's case who didn't want to give herself away to Henry and Suzie.

"Sheesh, and I thought arena was huge on the outside!" Blitzmon was flabbergasted.

"We know," Mercuremon muttered. "We've heard you rambling on for over 20 minutes."

"I'm surprised you're not entering into the tournament, Omegamon," Agunimon said. "You could have had your chance to stop this WarDevidramon."

"Yes, but I shall leave that responsibility to one of you," admitted Omegamon. "If I couldn't destroy him properly, I want someone out there to prove to me that they are capable of slaying that beast."

"Don't worry, Omegamon. We won't let you down," Wolfmon reassured him.

Chakkoumon gulped. I hope it isn't me!

"There's the sign-in stations, guys!" Fairymon walked over to the area. "Over here!"

Ranamon grinned. "Ladies first. Hope y'all boys don't mind."

As Fairymon and Ranamon walked into the battle tournament sign-in room, Omegamon beckoned Mercuremon, Arbormon, and Grottomon over to speak with them.

"Why did you call for us, Omegamon?" Grottomon asked.

"As you know, I've only selected seven of you to participate. Ranamon was the first of you four to surpass her limitations. While you four weren't able to fuse your spirits to advance to your next stages, you've shown you're at least capable of keeping up and fighting on par with Takuya and his entourage, but Jaarin has shown the capability of possibly fighting Mega-level Digimon just utilizing her Ranamon form. As you know, she absolutely refuses to using her B-Hybrid form."

Arbormon nodded. "Can't say I blame her."

"But, you three still have some catching up to do. Arbormon, you especially, have shown to be very reckless."

"What...?" The Warrior of Wood growled. "Reckless?"

"Jaarin has shown she's able to clear her mind whilst training and hones her fighting abilities with the deepest most finesse."

"And what am I then?"

"Violent and prone to exhibiting too much aggression. You're a great martial artist in your own right, Vega, but to truly master your Spirits... you'll need to hone your techniques as well as Jaarin. She is your technical superior."

Arbormon clenched his fist. Reckless? He said I'm reckless? What am I missing? Toning my aggression down? Yeah, right! That's how I got strong in the first place!

"Vega, if you're that desperate for a fight, why don't you ask for an exhibition match?"

"Fighters can make requests for exhibitions here?!"

Omegamon added. "Yes, if they can allot the time for them. Some are made as filler in between tournament matches. This will allow you to fight while not being part of the tournament."

"Where do I go? I've gotta make a request fast!" Arbormon frantically looked around. He pushed through a group of Ninjamon.

Grottomon sighed. "Now, you've got him worked up, Omegamon."

Mercuremon dismissively nodded. "Thy fool."

After Fairymon and Ranamon walked out from the sign-in office, the remaining five Warriors beelined for the station and each signed their names.

"Another reason why I'm only allowing Jaarin in this tournament is because she has a brother who is likely to compete in the Duel Monsters tournament. And that boy's Digimon will possibly be fighting in the battle tournament she will participate in. She wants to remain close to where her siblings will be competing."

"I see now," The Warrior of Earth turned as Ranamon walked over to them.

Ranamon winked. "What are y'all talking about?"

"Just stuff," Grottomon plainly said.

"Doesn't sound like stuff. Sounds like a ton of chit-chat."

"We were discussing why you're the only one of the new spirit wielders competing in the tournament. You're concerned for your brother and his Digimon partner's well beings."

Ranamon confessed. "Yes, I am. I just hope Suzie and Lopmon stay out away from the competitions. I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to them... especially Suzie."

"You have a caring nature, Jaarin," Omegamon said, watching Arbormon making a fuss around the station. He deeply sighed. "Guess I'll have to ask the tournament committee to appease our crazy friend here before he tears this place up." He headed off toward the offices to address the committee.

Agunimon sweatdropped as he and the others cringed watching Arbormon beating up the Ninjamon.

"This won't go over well," Blitzmon muttered.

"Be careful what you wish for, Omegamon," muttered Agunimon. "At this rate, he's going to beat the crap out poor referees to get his way."


The Tamers and the Duelists walked through stretched path around the arena. They saw thousands of Digimon actively looking for seats. The venue could easily be described as big as most of the world's largest stadiums. The venue was said to be close to over 85,000 seats with more than enough room for aerial Digimon to land on top of the stadium to get the best view.

"Get a load of this!" Joey gazed in awe at the large attendance. "Never thought I'd see a crowd this humungous in another world!"

Yugi assessed the numbers from glance. "We're looking at a bigger crowd capacity than the Tokyo Dome could ever dream to hold."

"I wonder what kind of reaction we're going to get," Takato said.

"Considering there are some that still share Zhuqiaomon's anti-human sentiments, the result could be mixed," Renamon said.

"Ah, but we saved both worlds, especially this one!" Terriermon pointed out.

"Some Digimon just hate humans period, unfortunately," Henry said.

Inumon got in between Renamon and Felinismon. "Don't worry, ladies. I'll keep those hecklers and perverts from putting their hands, paws, claws, whatever on you!"

Both Renamon and Felinismon replied. "That's self-reassuring."

Joey walked over to Mai, who was looked distant from the others. "Why did you suddenly come back, Mai?"

"To kick your butt, of course, she half-joked. "And then beat Kaiba. And Yugi... Nothing is going to stop me from climbing to the top of the mountain. That loss I took at that tournament broke me."

"One loss? Who cares? I've lost count how many times I've lost. Kaiba's even kicked my butt more times than I can count," Joey tried consoling her, keeping an eye on Seto, who was behind them. "The day anyone but Yugi beats Kaiba is the day I can kick back and crack a smile."

"Stop, Joey. You're only trying to butter me up."

"It's what I do, but listen if you and I duel, let's duel our best. 'K?"

Mai smiled modestly. "Sure."

Suddenly, as Renamon and Inumon walked along with their human partners, a hand came up and tapped Inumon's back. The dark canine instinctively turned around and came face to face with a dark purple-armored Sakuyamon. Inumon's face contorted with shock the second he recognized her.

"It's been a while, Inumon," the dark-schemed 'Sakuyamon' playfully waved and teased him. She stood putting a hand to her hip. "Remember me?"

"Kuzuhamon?!" Inumon exclaimed, alarming Renamon and the others.

"You know her, Inumon?" Takato asked.

Himura threw himself in front of Inumon. "How did you escape your prison?! I thought... no, this is because of Pharaohmon."

"Hello, boy," Kuzuhamon giggled evilly. "Inumon, your handsome partner is looking well."

Jeri frowned as she pulled Himura back. "Keep away from him."

"Yes, and you can kindly move along," Renamon insisted, growling toward Kuzuhamon. "C'mon, Inumon." She took the dark canine's arm and lured him away.

"Awww, but I wanted to catch up on old times!" Kuzuhamon cried out as the group left her behind. "Yellow has got to go, honey! Inumon prefers purple foxes like myself!"

Irked, Renamon withdrew her fury and kept dragging Inumon away.

"C'mon, you have my permission to kick her butt, Renamon! She was trouble for me and Himura way back when Kotori was still alive!"

Renamon didn't comply, trying her hardest to maintain her cool.

"Talk about a slut!" Felinismon yelled out. "Pharaohmon's taste in ladies has gone downhill since I left."

"Himura, mind explaining how you and Himura know her?" Takato asked him.

He replied. "Just that she enslaved Inumon and gave us a headache. She was aligned with Basiliskmon."

"I see and now Pharaohmon's freed her from her seal much like Basiliskmon, right?"

"Exactly and she's another one of the bad Digimon never wanted to see. But, poor, Inumon... he has it much harder."

Kuzuhamon scowled under her breath watching them leave. "Call me a slut?! I'll show you all a thing or two!"

"Oh, pipe down, Kuzuhamon. You'll get a shot at them when you enter the tournament," Came a dark and seductive voice behind Kuzuhamon.

Kuzuhamon whirled around and saw LadyDevimon accompanied by MarineDevimon. They both snickered.

"It's not funny!"

"C'mon, let's sign up. There's no time for us to lose," LadyDevimon insisted, taking Kuzuhamon and MarineDevimon toward the sign-in stations.

"Do you know if that Renamon will be competing in that tournament?" The dark-armored Digimon queried to her colleagues.

MarineDevimon replied. "Last I checked the list, she did."

Feeling excited, Kuzuhamon giggled to herself. "Oh, yes! I couldn't be any happier! I'm gonna rearrange that face of hers!" Then, you'll be mine again, Inumon!


With help of Digimon arena officials, Botan and the Spirit Detectives were able to find the sign-in station. It was decided that with only few remaining spots that Yusuke and Kurama would enter; this was unfortunately much to Hiei's chagrin. Hiei and Kuwabara had requested to consider exhibition fights for filler time. Though Hiei had to threaten officials to get his way.

"Heh, should've known you'd resort to drastic measures," Yusuke snickered the minute Hiei walked out of the sign-in station.

Hiei made no eye contact with the Detective. "Drastic measures? Nonsense, they just gave me what I wanted."

After apologizing to the committee, Botan facepalmed walking out. "Oh, this is gonna be a long weekend. Why me?"

"Cause you volunteered?" Kuwabara said. "still, I hope they don't consider putting me and Hiei as a tag team."

"I would've called it quits if that happened and I'd skewer that whole committee."

"No, you won't, Hiei. Unless you want me to tell Koenma to limit your boundaries within human world," the ferry woman candidly told him. After getting Hiei to shut his mouth, Botan clapped her hands. "Now, let's save the brutality for the competition, boys! I heard that the rosters for each tournament will be finalized within an hour! All they need are a few more competitors and the event is set to go."

"That's great and all, but where do we go?" Yusuke wondered.

"This way," Botan lead the Detectives down the hall. "I remember they told me we have to go this way."

As the Detectives passed along by, Kurama spotted from the corner of his eye Haruka and Michiru, who sneaked into the arena.

Humans? Yet they don't have those Digimon the children have accompanying them? Kurama meticulously eyed them.

"Kurama! Are ya coming?!" Kuwabara's voice interrupted the red-haired fox's train of thoughts.

"Hiei, can you come here?" Kurama beckoned the demon swordsman over.

"Oh, c'mon, we should stick together," Botan scoffed. "Kurama? Hiei?"

"We won't be gone long. Your scents will allow me to trace you to your location."

Kuwabara sniffed his arms and armpits. "Is he saying I smell? C'mon, I put on deodorant this morning!"

"You sure it's not after shave?" Yusuke joked.

"I don't even shave yet, Urameshi!"

Yusuke waved off the two demons. "Don't worry we'll see you two later!"

As Botan took Yusuke and Kuwabara to the other side of the arena, Kurama and Hiei walked together whispering.

"Did you see those two ladies, Hiei?"

"What about them? They're no concern of mine."

Kurama added quietly. "It's suspicious. They have no Digimon partners accompanying them like the Tamers do. And we, including Botan, would know if Koenma sent agents to monitor our group. What purpose do they have here? I wonder... could they have affiliation with the Senshi? Even I can't verify. I can't distinguish the scent between a Senshi and a civilian well."

"Who are they then?" Hiei curiously wondered. "You don't think the Sailor Senshi are in this arena?"

"I can't confirm, but I have my hunch they are or somewhere near this arena."

"I say let them deal with their own business," Hiei scoffed. "We haven't heard them in days and now we're supposed to be concerned of their well being? Let them deal with their own business..."

Just then, Hiei bumped into someone with distinguishing azure-colored hair.

"Watch where you're going!" The demon snapped.

The azure-haired individual turned around. It was a girl. She frowned and watched Hiei walk by.

The girl muttered. "We'll see each other soon, shorty."

Hiei's ears twitched as he turned around and saw that the azure-haired girl was gone.


"Forget it. It's nothing," Hiei scoffed as he followed Kurama along. That was no human, whoever she was.


As they transformed in private, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune headed back to the sign-in station.

"Remember, Uranus. We're only here to give the others enough time to find the sword. Two days is all they have."

"I know. Even if we don't win this event, Pharaohmon is not going to walk out of here alive as long as that sword is ultimately found."

Several Digimon took notice of the Sailor duo passing by them. Uranus and Neptune arrived at the stations.

"After we sign up, let's scope our competition," Uranus insisted.

Neptune nodded. "Good idea."


Pharaohmon's Skybox/9:45 AM

Pharaohmon viewed monitor screens that panned different sections of the arena, including outside. He and a few of his cohorts got a good glimpse of the Duelists and Tamers first.

"Excellent, they're here," Pharaohmon chuckled. "Basiliskmon, I take it that the rosters have been finalized?"

"Yes, Lord Pharaohmon. The last of the competitors have signed up. That includes you, too. And we made sure Lance signed as well."

"Good. It's almost time to make the official announcements and begin the festivities," Pharaohmon said, getting up from his seat with Nemesis embracing his arm like the mistress she's become.

Basiliskmon quickly added. "And there have been a few requested exhibition matches. Is that ok? Including one Warrior of Wood goading officials to put him in a match."

Pharaohmon walked by Basiliskmon and answered. "Send SkullSatanmon. He can be Arbormon's opponent. In fact, that will be our warm-up exhibition before we kick off the tournaments."

"As you wish, I'll tell the officials to make it happen."

As Basiliskmon retreated from the skybox, Nemesis leaned her head against Pharaohmon's muscular arm and giggled devilishly.

"It's only a matter of time, Lord Pharaohmon. Today I kill Himura and Yui will vanish forever. I'll win the duel tournament and you win the battle tournament, we'll be crowned the dual champions. Both worlds will be ours for the taking with nothing to stand in our way."

"The Sovereigns will have no choice, but surrender their realms to me," Pharaohmon muttered as he pulled Nemesis close and removed his mask visage.

(Cue The Mummy OST – The Mushy Part (1:31-2:05))

He licked her right cheek, causing Nemesis to let out a relaxed gasp.

Nemesis removed her ninja mask and tip-toed up to kiss him. Pharaohmon and Pharaohmon gave each other the tongue as the dark lord ran his hands down her body all the way down her hips. Then, his hands stopped barely above her ass before withdrawing his hands and tongue from her.

"It's time to go, Nemesis. We must be mentally focused and prepared to win."

"Sorry, Lord Pharaohmon."

The evil priest walked past the woman and opened the door on his way out. He closed it leaving Nemesis alone in the skybox. Nemesis, now alone, felt her whole body quiver violently. She raised her head as a full view of the Tamers was shown, including a close up for Himura. Anger and hate consumed the woman, causing her to flip out screaming angrily and throwing a spirit-powered explosive at a monitor.

(End theme)


Taking a few rough breaths, Nemesis gritted her teeth hard. "Just watch me, Yui! I swear you and Himura will both be distant memories! Nothing will come between me and my Lord Pharaohmon!" Her angry growls faded only to give way to deluded and psychotic laughter. She firmly placed on her ninja mask and walked out following her master.


Center venue of the Phoenix Arena/10:30 AM

(Cue WWE Raw 5th Theme – Thorn In Your Eye/All Together Now)

The massive crowds arrived from all four Digital Realms to fill the arena; needless to say, more were on the way to make up the Phoenix Arena's largest attendance. And for the first time, the event was given a different name than the usual tournaments: the Shadow Tournament.

Standing on the center ring platform was a tuxedo-garbed Etemon. A bright spotlight beamed over Etemon. He raised his microphone to incite a strong reaction and get the crowd going.

"C'MON! LET'S GET TO THE ACTION!" An Ogremon bellowed, letting out all his pitted lust for violence.


"LADIES AND GENTLEMON!" Etemon announced through the mike. "Welcome to the Shadow Tournament!"

(End theme)



Pharaohmon: Yes. I have a little treat for all of you. Before we get duel and battle tournaments underway. I say we have ourselves a small exhibition match! If your name is Arbormon, then please step forward. You will have an exhibition with SkullSatanmon.

SkullSatanmon: What? I can't have my cheeseburgers?

Takato: An exhibition, huh? Guess this gives us time to warm up.

Omegamon: Here we go.

Renamon: Hello, it is I, Renamon. Blitzmon and I have our match with Ice Devimon and MarineDevimon. Only two of us can be qualified to advance into the next tournament matches to be announced soon. Even if Blitzmon and I win, that won't necessarily mean we will have to face each other. We could face the winners of the other battle royals. IceDevimon! I've beaten you once and I can do it again!

Blitzmon: Ugh, this isn't going to be easy! It's time! You boys are in for a surprise! Fusion Evolution!

Renamon: Renamon mega shinka!

Anubimon & Omegamon: At last, now they will put the results of their training to the test.

Yugi: Bakura! Let's this be our final duel once and for all!

Bakura: Yes and this time, I'll be sure to sentence you to hell after I win your puzzle!

Yugi: I beg to differ.

Kaiba: On the next Wrath of Pharaohmon Redux...

Duel of Yamis, Yugi vs. Bakura! Renamon and Blitzmon vs. the Devimon Duo!

Joey: You don't want to miss out on these matches! This will jump start the entire tournament!


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