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Chapter 22

Joey and Kazu, the Brash Duelists! Gallantmon and Yusuke's Team-Up!


Phoenix Arena/3:50 PM

"Are you ready for our fifth set of matches?! Introducing our duel participants, first, give it up for Joey Wheeler!"

The Digimon crowd cheered passionately as Joey Wheeler walked down the entrance ramp. Soaking in the crowd's cheers, Joey widened his grin and waved to his adoring fans.

"Heh, don't they just love me?" Joey boasted, giving thumbs up. "Heck yeah!"

The Tamers, the Digimon, and the Duelists looked on from the crowd audience near the duel ring. Mai facepalmed seeing Joey strutting down the entrance ramp and being his goofball self.

"He just loves the attention," Tea sweatdropped.

Tristan yelled out. "You're the man, Joey!"

"He's awfully confident," DarkGabumon observed. "Is he confident he can beat Kazu?"

"We'll have to find out, won't we?" Duke added.

As Joey approached the duel dome, he snatched away Etemon's microphone and yelled into it.

"To all my adoring fans, Joey Wheeler's gonna give y'all a good show!" Joey boasted into the mike. Etemon wrestled him for the mike whilst Joey's friends sweatdropped seeing their friend make a fool of himself.

"Seems Joey's no stranger standing out and interacting with fans on a grand stage," Lillymon chuckled a little, watching Etemon take back his mike.

Yami Yugi sighed. "Was that really necessary, Joey?"

"No, he's just making an jackass out of himself," Seto Kaiba chimed in behind the group.

The group turned around to see the Kaiba brothers; Mokuba carried Seto's briefcase containing his Duel Disc and deck. Fresh off his victory over Jeri, Seto had a smug look watching the brash blonde duelist, whom he calls a 'mutt'.

"Looks like Joey's up to duel. Should be interesting," Mokuba said. "I wonder how this Kazu guy will do?"

Guardromon boasted. "Kazu's gonna win! Cause he's a winner in my eyes!"

Seto walked over to Guardromon and examined him closely. He shifted toward each of the Tamers' Digimon partners to get a closer view on each of them.

"Excuse me? Um...? Guardromon asked awkwardly.

Interesting how I'm able to interact with these Digimon. This is the case for them in both the material and Digital World. They're exactly like Duel Monsters, except these Digimon don't need to be summoned from cards. I definitely need to keep my eye on these Digimon and their world. Seto shifted back to the duel arena and watched Joey. "Let's see if the cocky mutt can save himself further embarrassment if he loses to this Kazu kid."

"Kazu was given lessons from me and Joey. So, we'll see how he fares in his first duel tournament," Yami Yugi added, standing on the opposite side of his rival.

"HEY! You better keep your pants on, Joey! Cause the Great BlackWarKazumon's gonna knock your sorry butt off your dueling pedestal!" Shouted another boastful voice coming from the entrance way.

Rika cringed upon hearing Kazu. "Please, not him, too. We're in for a long duel if these two keep up their senseless bantering." She covered her ears as Renamon felt for her partner's pain.

Renamon remarked. "Let's hope that's not the case."

Felinismon covered her ears. "I'm getting annoyed already!"

"GO KAZU!" Guardromon and Kenta cheered on their friend.

Kazu stormed down the entrance way while hollering into the mike. As he approached the duel dome, he dropped the mike and attempted to tear off his shirt like Hulk Hogan, but failed to do so. Even Joey wanted to facepalm at Kazu's antics.

Kazu gave up trying to rip his shirt off and picked up the mike. "I've got a few words for you, Wheeler! What'ca gonna do when the Great BlackWarKazumon owns you?! ARGH!" He dropped the mike and tried tearing off his shirt to no avail.

Joey gaped. "He's even nuttier than I am!"

"Well, this ought to be one interesting contest between two egos," Lillymon remarked. "The question is, who can back up their boasting?"

"All right, y'all two!" Etemon addressed the duelists. "As entertaining as you are, save the jaw jacking for the duel, got it?"

Joey nodded. "Sorry about taking your mike. Ready to go to school, Kazu?"

"Ready to duel if you're ready to lose, Wheeler."

"All right, boys, get inside this dome. I don't need to go explaining the rules since y'all should know them by heart by now," Etemon directed Kazu and Joey into the duel dome. He closed the door shut behind them.

"Let the best loud mouth duelist win?" Kazu offered a handshake to Joey, who promptly took it.

"Yeah, may the better brash duelist win."

"Just so you know, I aced the game of Digimon. I'm ready to take the Duel Monsters game like a storm."

The blonde duelist smirked nonchalantly. "Well, show me what ya got, BlackWarKazumon."

After Etemon signaled to the arena crew, the duel dome was raised toward the ceiling. The duelists inside were engulfed by a bright flash of light and relocated to their duel location.

"Good luck, Joey!" Yami Yugi called out.

Tristan shouted. "We're behind you, buddy!"

Takato hollered. "You got this one, Kazu!"

"Those two are sure going to have a load of fun," Inumon stated. "Now, what about that battle royal? Guilmon's in it with that Yusuke guy, Machinedramon, and Demon."

"Ah, the next matches are up!" Witchmon cried out excitedly as she floated over next to Inumon and Himura. She gazed around awestruck at the immense arena attendance. "Wow, this is such an exciting experience!"

Seadramon warned her. "Just don't try and cause mischief, ok?"

The witch stuck her tongue out at Seadramon. "Bleh! You're no fun, meanie!"

Inumon groaned. "We can talk after these matches are done, Witchmon."

"Fine, whatever."

Renamon whispered to Inumon. "Is she this much of a pain?"

"I heard that, foxy," Witchmon turned around as her ears twitched. "I'll remember what you said!" She turned her nose up at Renamon, conjuring her broom that she used to float over to get a better view.

Lillymon announced. "And may our four combatants for the next battle royal match come out? This is your final call!"

"C'mon, Guilmon... what's taking so long?" Takato impatiently waited for his Digimon to come down the entrance.

"Look, here he comes!" Jeri pointed everyone toward the entrance. "It's Guilmon!"

The audience cheered hard when Guilmon walked down the entrance way and headed toward the ring. The Tamers, the Digimon, and Yugi's crew cheered on their red-schemed reptile buddy in encouragement.

"Well, here comes one of our first of four combatants! Making his way down the entrance, give it up for Guilmon!" Lillymon announced.

Guilmon waved to the audiences cheering for him as he was seen as a hero to saving them from the D-Reaper.

A Toucanmon adjusted his glasses and asked a Digitamamon next to him. "I do say, didn't this Guilmon save our world from the rogue D-Reaper program?"

The egg with reptile feet replied. "I reckon so."

A group of Otamamon hollered in unison. "Thank you, Guilmon! You are our hero!"


"Just listen to this thunderous ovation! There's no doubt this red cutie is going to be the odds one favorite in this match," said Lillymon. "According to our files, Guilmon is documented as a powerful Rookie with a fireball that packs a wallop! In his Mega form, he's known as Gallantmon. That should be enough when he's fighting two other Megas, but a human will be amongst his opponents. How will this one human last with three potentially Mega-level Digimon? We're about to find out!"

"I remember us meeting that Yusuke guy," Takato said to his Tamer crew. "In fact, I remember he helped me and Guilmon take down one of Pharaohmon's cronies. I have good faith he'll help Guilmon take the other two out."

Himura muttered. "Hope you're right. Demon and Machinedramon aren't going to be pushovers. They're amongst two of the most ruthless Digimon."

"GO, GUILMON!" Jeri and Felinismon cheered on their reptilian friend.

"Now, let's get on with the next three introductions!" Lillymon asked for the other three combatants. "Next, Machinedramon!"

Suddenly, a loud dragon roar echoed from the entrance. Everyone watched Machinedramon emerge from the entrance and hover over near the battle platform. Now standing in the ring alone, Guilmon gulped hard as the metallic behemoth was near him.

"Uh... hello...?" Guilmon nervously replied.

"Look at the size of that guy! He's like a cross of a dragon and two tanks!" Tristan panicked. "Guilmon's a bug compared to him! You expect me to believe the little guy will even stand a chance?!"

"Not Guilmon, but definitely Gallantmon," Takato said. "Besides, he didn't train under Anubimon just to chicken out now."

"Pharaohmon sure selected himself quite a monster," Witchmon observed Guilmon and the Tamers' Digimon partners.

"Seto, now this is what I call a monster!" Mokuba marveled at Machinedramon. "I mean look at the size of him!"

"Indeed, Mokuba. Seeing these Digimon and this Digital World has given me an idea for my project," Seto stated vaguely without giving too much away about his latest KaibaCorp experiments. But, to better reinforce my name to these Digimon, I must win this tournament.

Machinedramon lowered his head, casting his soulless gaze down on Guilmon. A low cackle escaped the behemoth's mouth. Guilmon held his ground ready to evolve as Takato had his D-Ark readily drawn out to use.

"I don't know if it's a good idea to get up close to one of the digital world's most feared monsters," Lillymon announced. "Let's get the other two combatants out!Yusuke Urameshi, come on out!"

On another side of the arena, Kuwabara used binoculars to get a closer view of the tournament floor.

"See Yusuke yet?" Botan asked.

"Nah, maybe he had the runs?" Kuwabara said. "Man, he's gonna get disqualified if he doesn't make it out here!"

Kurama and Hiei saw Yusuke walking down the entrance way.

"I see him," Kurama pointed Kuwabara and Botan toward the entrance.

Hiei added. "He just had to keep us waiting. The fool."

Yusuke came out as the third combatant. His eyes fell on the ring. Eager for action, Yusuke threw off his blue jean coat, revealing a white shirt. He stormed toward the ring and jumped on the platform. The audiences were astonished that another 'human' was going to compete with Digimon. It was a surreal moment with Yusuke standing on the opposite side from where Machinedramon gazed him down.

Yusuke realized the odds were more stacked against him than what Kurama faced. He would be dealing with a soon to be hazard knight armored with a lance and shield, a mechanized behemoth with two cannons, and a Demon Lord. However, despite these odds, Yusuke couldn't help but grin.

"I don't know what this guy is thinking, but he's rearing to go!" Lillymon announced. "We're looking at an underdog against three odds on favorites!"

Botan cheered from the crowds. "Don't doubt our Yusuke! We're behind him all the way!"

Suddenly, Kuwabara felt uneasy vibe emanating from the entrance. Kurama and Hiei picked up on the immense demonic presence.

"Are you guys feeling that?" The orange-haired youth shuddered violently. "My head's already hurting just feeling this demon power!"

Kurama probed the demon power. "Yusuke better brace himself. This power is likely stronger than the other two."

Botan gulped. "Even more than that metal beast?!"

"Uncertain. I can't sense any power from Machinedramon."

Botan shrieked as she hid behind Kurama and Hiei.

"Yeah, I can feel out that power, Kuwabara," the Spirit Detective shook both his hands and readied himself. "What the hell...?" He and the audience marveled at eight cloaked figures emerging with torches.

The cloaked figures lined up on both sides of the aisle way to provide the Demon Lord his own unique entrance. Nearly everyone became silent when the Demon Lord slowly walked down while the cloaked figures raised the torches for their master. Demon walked down in his crimson hooded and evil glory. The blue slanted eyes of the Demon Lord fell on the ring. Jutting through the opposite sides of the hood were long and sharp curved horns. He wore a satanic emblem on the necklace.

(Cue YuYu Hakusho OST – Unreleased Track: Kuronue (Original Version))

"This audience is in awe at this terrifying entrance. Perhaps the most feared demonic being besides Pharaohmon and Lucemon. Give it up for the lord of wrath himself, the head of the Demon Corps! Demon!" Lillymon announced.

Demon hovered into the ring, eyeing his three opponents. Guilmon and Yusuke firmly held their ground, though the former was kinda spooked. Machinedramon expressed no fear at the sight of Demon.

Lillymon announced. "At last! We have our four combatants! Etemon, how are our two duelists doing?"

"They're rearing to go in Gekomon Village!" Etemon replied. "Floramon is over there to cover the live duel. We're set to go!" He signaled for the bell to ring.

"Combatants! Are you ready? Begin!"

Upon hearing the bell ring, Takato's D-Ark activated and granted Guilmon the power to evolve to Gallantmon.

"Get 'em, Guilmon!" Takato called out.

The other combatants watched as Guilmon's body became enveloped in column of crimson light.

"Guilmon! Mega Shinka! Gallantmon!" The hazard knight emerged from the red column of immense energy. He stepped out as the audience marveled the knight.

Omegamon and the Legendary Warriors witnessed Gallantmon's ascension.

"Gallantmon," Omegamon muttered, eyeing the knight.

Agunimon chimed in. "Did you say something, Omegamon?"

"It's nothing, Agunimon. Let's focus on this match."

Gallantmon launched himself toward Machinedramon, who prepared to catch blast him away. But, the knight flew over Machinedramon and landed on his back. He began riding Machinedramon like a bull rider whilst Machinedramon fired stray Giga Cannon blasts through the roof. Tons of debris fell from the ceiling and landed near the barricades.

"WHOA! Don't go blasting through our arena!" Lillymon panicked. "Fortunately, the arena staff will accommodate us by opening the roof over the arena, but this is insane! And we've started this match!"

While Gallantmon kept Machinedramon occupied, Demon hastily engaged Yusuke and threw a hellfire blast at him. Yusuke dodged the incoming blast. Demon attacked with a flurry of claw slashes, forcing Yusuke to evade. Yusuke slid over to one side of the ring where Demon threw a fire blast at him.

Demon's right hand became imbued in hellfire. He pushed his hand forward, unleashing a powerful inferno wave that aimed for the Detective. "Evil Inferno!"

"Damn!" Yusuke shouted as he jumped up avoiding the inferno blast.

The blast ended up catching one of the cloaked druids on fire. The others raced over to try putting out the flames in a hurry.

"All right, you cloaked freak! Give me all you got!" Yusuke goaded him.

Demon quickly flew up to engage Yusuke in mid-air. He tried ensnaring him, but Yusuke spun around and pointed his finger coated with spirit energy to his back.

"Let him have it, Urameshi!" Kuwabara shouted.

Botan cheered. "Get him, Yusuke!"

Hiei growled. "Quit posturing and fire, you fool."

Kurama shouted. "Fire before he has a chance to rebound!"

"Demon, is it? Say hello to my... Spirit Gun!" He fired a blue beam from his index finger and blasted Demon's rear, sending him crashing outside the ring.

(End theme)

Where Demon hit the ground, the spirit blast ignited a moderate explosion that rattled the audiences near the area. This elicited loud cheers from the arena.

"Wow, what a shot from Yusuke Urameshi!" Lillymon announced. "Are my eyes deceiving me?! One powerful beam from this human... no, he can't be human. He and Kurama have gotta be freaks of nature in their own right, because Yusuke just blasted down Demon!"

The Tamers, the Duelists, and company witnessed the surreal scene play out.

"That was unbelievable!" Himura exclaimed. "Inumon, what did you think of that?!"

Inumon blinked thrice. "Like, whoa... I think he's already won this!"

Witchmon laughed. "Yeah! One less Demon Lord to worry about! Nice shot, human!"

Takato was caught in the moment as well. "He used that same attack when he helped me and Guilmon with that Aspmon freak." Just what is Yusuke? Some kind of super human?

Guardromon turned toward the big screen broadcasting the duel. "Look! Kazu and Joey are about to duel!"

Yami Yugi nodded. "This should be good."

"Go, Kazu!" Kenta and Guardromon cheered their friend on.


Digital World/Section 43-2A: Gekomon Village/4:05 PM

"Now, this is what I call a royal treatment. Gekomon Village gets to witness another duel in their own backyard," Floramon groaned to her own dismay.

The local Gekomon and Otamamon watched the duelists facing each other off.

"KAZU! KAZU!" the Gekomon village chanted all together.

"Ah, my adoring fans."

Joey grinned. "Hah! Those green guys are going to be chanting my name when I kick your butt, kid!"

"Why don't you prove it then!"

(Cue Digimon Rumble Arena OST – Break Up!)


Kazu/8000 LP

Joey/8000 LP

"If you don't mind, Joey! I think I should go first!"

"Knock yourself out."

"Watch and learn, Joey! On my first move, I'll summon Mechanicalchaser in attack mode!"

The first monster to appear was a winged, golden sphere-shaped robot armed with gadgets.



LVL/ 4 ATK/1850 DEF/800

"Next, I'll place one card facedown to end my turn. What do you think of my monster? My deck is full of machine monsters!"

"So, what? I've already beaten another guy with a machine-based deck. Ever heard of Bandit Keith?"

"Who hasn't?" Kazu said. "I bet my deck's a lot better than his. Now, make your move, Joey!"

Joey pulled out a card and summoned a troop of miniature green goblins. "Goblin Attack Force come forth in attack formation!"

Goblin Attack Force


LVL/4 ATK/2300 DEF/0

"Boo-yah! You've just triggered my trap card!" Kazu declared. "DNA Surgery! With this card, I can select one type of monster. As long as this card remains on the field, all the non-machine monsters turn into machines-types. Your goblins are now robotized!"

Joey panicked as his goblins turned into small robotic drones.

"Ack! Now that was smarts!" But, the blonde stopped cooled down and grinned. "You might've turned them to robots, but I can still control them! Goblin Attack Force, waste his Mechanicalchaser and turn him to scrap!"

The robotic goblins bumrushed and gang attacked Kazu's Mechanicalchaser effortlessly. They demolished the machine as Kazu grimaced.

Kazu/7550 LP (8000-450)

"Goblins, watch to defense mode and that'll end my turn."

"Nice move, Wheeler!" Kazu laughed. "But, I'm not down for the count yet! I summon Guardian of the Throne Room in attack mode!"

A small robot armed with homing missiles on its back materialized in front of Kazu.

Guardian of the Throne Room


LVL/4 ATK/1650 DEF/1600

"Not too impressed with this pipsqueak of a robot."

"Size doesn't matter. Hasn't anybody taught you that already, Joey? Now, my Guardian, attack his Goblins!"

Launching missiles mounted on its back, the Guardian blasted the mechanized Goblins away. Joey was relieved knowing he didn't lose life points.

"Consider yourself lucky because I'm gonna start knocking your life points down a few pegs! I end my turn."

"You got a mouth on ya, kid."

"I did learn from you during the week of training."

"Let's see how you handle my Axe Raider!" Joey summoned an ax-wielding Viking warrior. He grimaced as his warrior turned into a metal Viking warrior. Right, Kazu's DNA Surgery card is still in effect.

Axe Raider


LVL/4 ATK/1700 DEF/1150

"I kinda think he looks better with metal," Kazu remarked.

Joey snorted. "Then, you're gonna like him when he takes out your Guardian!"

The metal Axe Raider bumrushed over to Kazu's field and cleaved the Guardian in half.

Kazu shrugged. "Eh, not a biggie. I lose fifty points."

Kazu/7500 LP (7550-50)

"Not enough, eh? Don't worry. You're gonna start sweating bullets soon. That'll be it for me."

Kazu put down a newly drawn card down. "I set this card facedown in defense and end my turn."

"Playing it safe, Kazu? Not that I blame ya because I summon Yashinoki and put it in attack mode!"

A monstrous-looking palm tree appeared next to Joey's left side. As DNA Surgery was still out, the plant monster turned into a machine.



LVL/2 ATK/800 DEF/600

"Attack his facedown card, Yashinoki!"

The monstrous plant swiftly shot a metal palm leave and blasted the facedown card. The card exploded and revealed a high performance jet.



LVL/4 ATK/1200 DEF/800

The jet quickly parried Yashinoki's attack and launched itself into the metal plant monster. The jet parried the plant's attack and pushed it away. Both monsters called off their attacks.

"Well, lucky us," Kazu said.

Joey rebuked. "My turn ain't over! Axe Raider, attack his Gradius!"

The Axe Raider charged and slashed through Gradius in one swipe.

"Heh, and I don't any life points for it!"

The blonde tried to keep his cool. "I'll end my turn there."

Kazu smiled upon drawing his new card. "Guess what? I summon another Mechanicalchaser!"

Another Mechanicalchaser appeared as it immediately blasted Joey's Yashinoki attacked on the field and sends him out directly to attack Joey's Yashinoki. Joey braced himself as his monster exploded in front of him. As a result, he lost 1050 points.

Joey/6950 LP (8000-1050)

"Surprised ya, didn't I?" Kazu snickered as the Gekomon chanted for him. "Hear that? They're rooting for me to beat your lame monsters. They can clearly see who the better duelist is."

Joey retorted. "Ok, that's enough out of ya!"

"Well, that ends my turn. Do your worst, Wheeler."

"Get ready for some pain, Kazu!" Joey put down a new card and summoned a monster. "Zombyra the Dark in attack mode!"

A silver-armored warrior wearing a long, red cape appeared beside Joey. The monster was turned into a metallic warrior due to DNA Surgery.

Zombyra the Dark


LVL/4 ATK/2100 DEF/500

"Next, I'll switch my Axe Raider to defense mode. Then, I'll send Zombyra to take out your Mechanicalchaser!"

The silver-armored warrior dashed over to Kazu's monster and punched him hard. The punch impacted Mechanicalchaser and shattered him to pieces.

Kazu/7250 LP (7500-250)

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. I lose 250 points," Kazu whistled, conveying his boredom. "You got anything else to throw at me?"

"Other than my monster losing 200 attack points after sending it to trash your monster."

"Oh, right! Zombyra is an effect monster. Sucks to be you."

Zombyra the Dark

ATK/1900 (2100 - 200)

"Ah well. It's a price to pay, but I've got plenty to use to take out your life points with."

"Got anything else?"

"Nah, but I'll put this card facedown."

"Can't believe you used such a monster, but your loss," Kazu said. "Since apparently your turn ended..." After drawing a card to his hand, Kazu smirked and revealed a green faced jar with an evil grinning face. "I activate Pot of Greed! And this let's me add two more cards." After adding his two new cards to his hand, he used one of the two he added. "I call forth my Overdrive in attack mode!"



LVL/4 ATK/1600 DEF/1500

Kazu summoned an an armored ATV with a heavy duty machine gun.

"Pretty cool machine if I do say so myself! Next, I'll equip my Overdrive with 7 Completed. Using this card increases the attack of my Overdrive by 700!"


ATK/2300 (1600 + 700)

"Say buh-bye to your monster! Overdrive, destroy his Zombyra!"

With that, Overdrives fired multiple gunfire blasts as the shots pierced through Zombyra and wiped it out in one go.

Joey/6550 LP (6950-400)

"You're slight already ahead of me, but don't get too cocky, Kazu."

"Hey, I'm on a roll. Nothing's stopping me from becoming a new king of duelists. I'm taking over your turf, Wheeler! After I beat you, you can call me King Kazu."

"Like that'll ever happen! You'll never last against Yugi and Kaiba. You've entered a whole new game!" The brash blonde reviewed his hand and tried deciding his next move.

"True, but I'll improve. Just you wait and see. I'll master Duel Monsters and become a new worldwide icon! Duelists will worship King Kazu!"

"Keep dreaming, kid. This duel ain't over by a long shot."

Both brash duelists pierced determined looks as both tested each other's unyielding resolves.

(End theme)

"Wow, such heated exchanges by two brash and prideful duelists. But, only one will come out on top!" Floramon announced, shifting over toward the cameraman behind her. "As this duel continues, Lillymon, how's everything going with the battle match?!"


Phoenix Arena/4:12 PM

"Our four competitors are putting on a spectacular show! Yusuke and Gallantmon are the obvious fan favorites, but Demon and Machinedramon are proving to be adamant for them! These fans are as frantic as before!"

"Dragon Fire!" Machinedramon drilled his claw into Gallantmon's Aegis Shield, which protected the knight. The crowds witnessed a digital version of a medieval clash between a legendary knight and a dragon.

(Cue YuYu Hakusho OST – Unreleased Track: EP3 S1 #3 Spirit Detective Saga)

Gallantmon took to the air and slammed his shield across Machinedramon's head. He knocked Machinedramon back and hit him again with the shield. Machinedramon launched his claw into Gallantmon's shield and pushed him away. The knight gripped his shield while skidding across the ring. Machinedramon charged and backhanded Gallantmon down.

"Get up, Gallantmon!" The gogglehead encouraged.

Machinedramon stalked toward the fallen Gallantmon. He picked the knight and tightened his grip around him.

"Prepare for termination, Gallantmon." Machinedramon growled.

"GALLANTMON!" The Tamers and the Digimon cried out in unison.

Meanwhile, Yusuke was once again forced to go on the defensive after Demon recovered from his last attack. Demon laughed while lobbing demonic fire blasts at the Detective.

Botan pounded her fists on the guardrail. "Drats, how could that monster recover from taking a Spirit Gun to the back?!"

Kurama chimed in as he watched Yusuke and Demon. "This Digimon is very likely on a higher level than Brimstone. Yusuke will need twice the speed and power if he hopes to stand a chance." He watched worrying that Yusuke will make a brash attack.

"Urameshi, don't fool around with this guy! Blast his head off with that Shotgun thingie!" Kuwabara barked.

Demon chortled as he cornered Yusuke. "Interesting, you utilize some form of spiritual power. Holy energy, perhaps? That last attack left a wound on my back, but not enough to subdue me. Still, I'm intrigued with these unique powers humans are capable of wielding."

"I still have more where that came from," Yusuke retorted, standing on the edge of the ring.

"Heh, you'll never get the chance," Demon laughed evilly while gliding across to slash Yusuke.

Yusuke used Demon's own momentum and sidestepped the Demon Lord's reach. The Detective spun around as the demon's claws narrowly scratched him. He saw an opening and went for a second Spirit Gun. Demon saw Yusuke's tactic coming a mile away and unleashed a powerful force from his hand that repelled Yusuke out of the ring.

"Urameshi!" Kuwabara exclaimed.

Standing up from his sky box, Anubimon meticulously observed Yusuke. An intrigued look adorned his features as the nature of Yusuke's power garnered his attention.

So, there are humans on the meta level. Seems Koenma of the Spirit World chose a new Spirit Detective. This young man's spirit power inflicted harm to Demon... naturally that's unheard of, but certainly not impossible for a meta. Demon would be wise not to underestimate this Spirit Detective

"Yusuke's been thrown out of the ring and at Demon's mercy! Yusuke needs to get back in the ring before Etemon counts to ten!" Lillymon announced. "And Machinedramon's about to pop Gallantmon's head off like a champagne cork!"

Machinedramon applied the pressure on Gallantmon and squeezed him tighter.

(End theme)

Watching from the crowd, Takato clenched his fists and gripped his D-Ark tightly.

Omegamon, Agunimon, Fairymon, and Blitzmon watched the battles take place. Omegamon had his eye on both Yusuke and Gallantmon.

"That human is quite impressive," observed Omegamon.

"I'll say. He put down Demon with that spirit blast," the Warrior of Fire said. "Some of us have seen him and these other friends of his in action. They have some crazy powers they use to fight with."

Blitzmon shook his head. "Yeah, but this guy bit off more than he can chew. This is Demon we're talking about here."

"It's not over yet," Fairymon said. "If Demon lets his guard down again, he's in trouble."

Agunimon helplessly watched Gallantmon's predicament. "Man, c'mon, Gallantmon! Break loose!"

"So, Omegamon, how are we going to hear from Mercuremon, Arbormon, and Grottomon?" inquired the Warrior of Wind. "How will we know if they found the Senshi or not?"

"Only when they return with what they're looking for," Omegamon replied. That being the Priestess' holy sword. I just hope their journey has seen any more detours. Pharaohmon will likely be sending warriors to stop them. Come back, you three along with the Senshi.


Great Phoenixmon Mountain Range/4:15 PM

The Sailor Senshi and the three Legendary Warriors finally crossed through the treacherous Great Phoenixmon Mountain Range.

Sailor Pluto raised her staff while scanning the mountainous vicinity.

"How far are we to the other side, Pluto?" Makoto asked.

"We're barely halfway over I'm afraid."

Arbormon noticed Mercury typing away at her hand held computer. "Hey, did you find anything with that computer?"

"Not yet, but I'll let you know if I track anything. These mountains are quite the sight."

Grottomon approached a nearest sign and read it out. "Great Phoenix Mountain Range. I wonder if Phoenixmon used to live here?"

Mercuremon replied to his colleague's inquiry. "Perhaps, thou passed by abandoned nests. They might've migrated for the season."

Rei took off a shoe to get sand out. "I hope we find this Labramon soon or else I'm about to lose it."

Cammy scanned around as she and Saturn tumbled on something.

"Everyone, quick! Come and see this!" Saturn beckoned the group to see what they found.

As Saturn and Cammy directed the group to their find, they looked up a mountain ridge with an odd-shaped structure attached to it. Everyone got a closer look down the ledge and saw a gargantuan of a beast. The beast was an immense serpent-like dragon with massive forearms. serpent-like in shape. A streak of white fur adorned its back. Embedded on its forehead resembled a haunted Japanese Noh mask with striped makeup over its cheeks.

"Whoa! I never thought we'd see something like this!" Cammy said.

Saturn added. "I don't sense any life from it."

Minako gasped. "What could've done this?"

Arbormon replied. "Beats me, but that's one huge ass dragon. Wait, I see something in its chest. Looks like a sword." He pointed to the sharp blade pierced through the beast's chest.

Mercuremon scanned the beast with his mirrors. "As Saturn clarified, there's no life in this beast. The sword must've sealed its power away."

"I take it that's not the Digital Priestess sword we're looking for?" Makoto wondered.

The Time Guardian dismissively nodded. "Likely not."

"And I'm not picking up any energy source from this sword. It's dead," Mercury confirmed. "Perhaps it used up all its power sealing this beast."

Rei painstakingly looked over the massive dragon.

"Sis, we should get going," Cammy said.

"Right, let's keep going. There's nothing else for us to see," the Miko said as the Hino sisters followed the group past the area.

As the group pushed onward past the sealed dragon, they were being watched by a floating eyeball that recorded their location.


On the opposite side of the mountains, General Scorpionus and his cohorts closely monitored the group's progress through the mountain range. Scorpionus beckoned to two accomplices, who appeared beside him.

"Just take a look at those clueless fools," General Scorpionus chortled. "They don't realize that simply removing that blade will awaken the beast."

"Sorry if this maybe a useless question, but how did this monster become sealed?" a Scorpionite soldier inquisitively asked.

"Rumors have it Omegamon sealed this beast," confirmed the general. "The name of this monster is Ryuukoutsuseimon."

(Cue Inuyasha OST – Ryuukoutsusei Revived (0:00-1:20))

As the army advanced toward the sealed dragon, the general expelled an acidic slime from his mandibles, which ate through the sword binding the monster. The sword began dissolving as the acid covered it.

"General, is it wise we awaken this monster?"

"To prevent the Digital Priestess' reincarnation from getting the sword, we'll need to stop them by any means necessary. Yes, even if it means unsealing Ryuukoutsuseimon from his long sleep. He will annihilate that group with ease!"

"And should Ryuukoutsuseimon fail?"

"We always have a fail safe to ensure we complete the task Pharaohmon wants us to carry out," Scorpionus replied with confidence. "Our other fleets are already waiting in the wings beyond this mountain. Now, Ryuukoutsuseimon, awaken and do our bidding!"

As the Scorpionites and their general vanished, the demonic dragon awoke as both eyes, burning red, opened. The dragon raised its head and unleashed a powerful bellow that shuddered the closest perimeters. The mask on its forehead came to life once its eye silts opened revealing terrifying red eyes. The dragon sniffed, quickly picking up on the Senshi and Legendary Warrior's scent.

The mask on the forehead spoke, growling a dragon-like snarl. "I smell wary travelers... nearby... must consume flesh to sedate my hunger."


Just then, Saturn, Pluto, Rei, Arbormon, Grottomon, and Mercuremon felt a powerful demonic presence approaching them. Cammy, too, sensed the same demonic source. Mercury became alarmed when her computer picked up on the same evil source.

"You feel that...? It's coming this way," Arbormon muttered. "Could it be that dragon? I thought he was supposed to be dead like a log."

"The signal is growing!" Mercury warned everyone. "It's coming our way! Brace yourselves!"

Minako frantically looked around. "Great, someone just had to jinx us!"

Artemismon reassured her. "Don't worry. We have Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, and the three Digimon warriors fighting for us. It should be enough... I hope..." He covered his mouth.

"So, you jinxed us, Artemis," the blonde muttered.

"I did not!"

"Quiet everyone!" Pluto ordered as everyone stood their ground and heard a low growling approaching them.

"This one's going to be a big one!" Arbormon exclaimed.

"Yes, but we shall not be thrown off from our mission. Sailor Soldiers stand together as one!" Mercury declared.

"Here it comes!" Rei cried out and pointed across where Ryuukoutsuseimon slammed through a mountain ledge.

(Cue Inuyasha OST – Ryuukoutsusei Revived (1:21-2:43))

The massive demonic dragon appeared and gazed down over his prey.

"Seems someone followed us and removed that sword from its chest," the Warrior of Earth noted the lack of blade piercing the dragon's body.

Mercuremon added. "And thus undid its seal to awaken it."

Rei growled. "We were being followed. Damn, it must've been Scarabmon cloaking their presences from us! We should've been more alert!"

"Well, I don't know about you but I'm ready to take this guy down!" Arbormon cracked his knuckles and snarled. "Hey, smoke breath, how about letting us by or we'll kindly put you back to bedtime!"

"Way to put it mildly, Arbormon," Makoto sighed. "I mean really, bedtime?"

"It's the best I can come up with on short notice!"

"Hn, little man! Don't make such futile threats towards me the great Ryuukoutsuseimon!"

Cammy gasped. "Ryuukoutsuseimon?"

"My Sonicwave Blast and Hoguera de Demonio will annihilate you," the beast boasted in a loud and thunderous tone.

"I don't care if his name is Ryuublastoisemon! I'm taking his ass out right here and now!" Arbormon declared. "It's just you and me, dragon! Now get down here and fight!"

"I don't have the time to play around with you fools. You have awakened me from my slumber and I shall make you my first meal in ages!"

"Rei, Minako, Makoto, stay behind us and protect Cammy!" Pluto instructed as she whirled her Garnet Rod staff and slammed it down.

Saturn brandished her Silence Glaive and fiercely glared the beast down.

"I'll reflect anything thou throws at us!" Mercuremon added, conjuring a few mirror summons around him.

"Pitiful. All I get are three arrogant Digimon and seven humans? I'm disappointed Omegamon isn't here to engage me again!"

"Omegamon sealed ya? Well, no wonder! Gotta hand it to that guy!" The Warrior of Wood dropped into a battle stance. "We'll finish the job for him."

"Arrogant curs!" The dragon bellowed, swiftly swinging his immense tail and using it to pulverize a mountain ledge.

As rocks came tumbling toward Mercury, Arbormon dashed over and pushed her aside. He turned around and punched each rock into dust.

"Arbormon!" Mercury cried out, turning around and watching Arbormon punching large rocks into shattered pieces. "Thank you."

With that, Mercury joined Pluto and Saturn to intercept the other rocks.

Arbormon chuckled under his breath. Gotta admit hearing her say 'thank you' makes me tingle just a bit! "All right, you big bastard! Is that all you got?!"

Grottomon and Sailor Saturn paired up to launch attacks at the behemoth. The Warrior of Earth summoned his mallet and caught Ryuukoutsuseimon across his massive body. Saturn lifted her Silence Glaive and carved through the beast's hide.

Ryuukoutsuseimon rebounded with a powerful high-pitched blast. "Sonicwave Blast!"

Both warriors took the blast head-on protecting the others. Grottomon took the most of it and flew back while hitting the ground hard. Before casting her Silence Wall, the blast wounded her left arm, rendering her handicapped with a hurt arm. However, Saturn used this time to heal her own arm whilst staying behind her barrier.

"Saturn!" The other Senshi cried out.

Forced to swallow their prides, Minako, Makoto, and Rei hated their current situation as they watched helplessly. However, Cammy's life came first and Rei made sure no harm came to her.

"Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!" Mercury bombarded the beast with a powerful water blast from her harp.

"Sonicwave Blast!"

"Don't think so! Pummel Kick!" Arbormon intercepted the blast with a kick. He jumped down and pulled Mercury to the side.

The blue-haired Senshi blinked. "What are you doing, Arbormon?"

"Can't let you get hurt out there now, can I?"

"But, my friends..."

"It's okay. I've got a plan."

Sailor Pluto and Mercuremon absorbed Ryuukoutsuseimon's attacks using their Garnet Orb and mirrors respectively.

"Offset Reflector!" The Warrior of Metal redirected the attacks back to the beast.

"Dead Scream." Pluto summoned a ball of immense energy that she launched at him.

The two attacks dazed Ryuukoutsuseimon and knocked him to the side of a rock face. He recovered and expelled demonic red fire.

"Hoguera de Demonia!"

Immediately responding to the fire attack, Pluto twirled her staff and doubled it like a fan to nullify the incoming fire.

"Silence Wall!"

Saturn widened her Silent Wall to protect everyone from the flames.

"Thou should go for your beast form, Grottomon!"

"Good idea!" But before Grottomon could comply, Ryuukoutsuseimon had other plans.

"Fools! Even that barrier will not save you for long! You will never leave here alive!"

Sailor Mercury and Arbormon stood side by side defiantly facing Ryuukoutsuseimon. Just then, she stopped him with a pat on his shoulder.

"Wait, Arbormon."

"Yeah, what's wrong?"

"Thank you. You saved me twice. I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything until we finish this big bastard. I better go back out and help my friends."

"Not without my help."

The Warrior of Wood was taken aback. "You really want to risk it? I mean this guy is going to take more than just the two of us."

"This isn't the limitation of my Senshi power," Mercury smiled to him.

Rei overheard Mercury. "That's right! Mercury, use your Eternal form!"

"Awesome, then I can slide evolve into Petaldramon! This jackass won't know what'll hit him!"

"Ready?" Mercury nodded to Arbormon. "And thanks for reminding me, Rei-chan. I won't let any of you down."

With a nod of approval from her friends, Sailor Mercury stormed ahead with Arbormon. Ryuukoutsuseimon pivoted his view on the duo advancing toward him. He readily prepared to hit them with another sonicwave attack that tore through the ground. Mercury and Arbormon braced themselves as they prepared to engage the demonic entity.

(End theme)


Phoenix Arena/4:25 PM

"The duel's been competitively fun, but things aren't looking well for Gallantmon! This crowd's trying their best to encourage Gallantmon to rebound from this predicament! The chants for Gallantmon are about to blow off the roof of the Phoenix Arena! I can barely hear myself!" Lillymon announced passionately.

(Cue YuYu Hakusho OST – Unreleased Track – EP2 S1 Spirit Detective Saga (Extended))

Gallantmon breathed heavily as fatigue was setting in. He raised his lance and charged forward. The former Dark Master was ready to swipe him away with another claw slash. However, the knight had another idea in mind and imbued his lance with energy.

"Lighting Joust!"

Machinedramon bellowed as the blast pushed him out of the ring. He faced his cannons toward Gallantmon.

"Oh no! Things aren't looking good for Gallantmon!" Lillymon announced. "I could say the same for Yusuke! Demon's all over him!"

Ignoring the announcer's remarks, Demon prepared to stomp on Yusuke. The Spirit Detective instinctively barrel rolled away and jumped back up. Demon turned and unleashed more hellfire blasts at Yusuke.

"Now make it easy on yourself! Get burned just like the rest of my victims!"

"Urameshi!" Kuwabara screamed out from the audience. "You better not die on us again!"

"Well, we know where your vote of confidence in your friend is going!" Botan berated the orange-haired teen.

"No, he obviously has a plan," Hiei eyed Yusuke closely. "He might be acting like the idiotic fool right now, but he still has his ace."

Kurama revealed. "The Shotgun technique, but that will require him expending more spirit energy."

Kuwabara let out a sigh. "Good, I was beginning to worry there."

The demon swordsman thought, using his Jagan Eye to scan Yusuke. That is if he doesn't screw up on the first attempt. Otherwise, Demon will finish him.

"Yusuke's running around like a chicken with its head cut off!" Lillymon exclaimed. "I don't know what Yusuke is aiming to do, but this unorthodox method is annoying Demon."

"Ha! Ha! Can't catch me now, you hooded freak!" Yusuke laughed whilst dashing around the ring.

"Hold still!" Demon bellowed, lobbing more demonic fire blasts at Yusuke. He grew frustrated as the blasts continued narrowly missing him. "I grow weary of these games!" Demon flew over Yusuke and swerved right in front of him.

Yusuke quickly stopped as Demon unleashed an immense flamethrower-like blast.

"Evil Inferno!"

Demon's attack blasted the ground near Yusuke and sent him flying across the ring. The Detective slid across toward the northeastern edge of the ring.

"This time I'm going to end this once and for all."

As Demon hovered over near Yusuke, he prepared to immolate him with his Evil Inferno.

Then, the momentum immediately shifted. Loud piercing blasts reverberated and distracted Demon. The second he turned, two large blasts coming from Machinedramon hurtled at his general direction. Demon narrowly dodged as the stray blasts impacted the ground outside the ring. The shots were clearly intended for Gallantmon, who lured Machinedramon's cannon blasts toward Demon.

"Watch where you're aiming, you mechanized fool!" Demon chided Machinedramon. The second his focus was diverted, Demon turned and Yusuke was gone.

"Where did you go, you human coward?! Come out!"

(End theme)

Suddenly, Gallantmon gained a second wind and charged steadfast against Machinedramon. The Dark Master unloaded a barrage of immense blasts from his dual cannons.

"Giga Cannon!"

Gallantmon blocked the incoming shots with his shield. The embellished hazard mark on the shield began lighting up and produced a bright red flash.

"My turn! Shield of the Just!" shouted Gallantmon. He unleashed an immense red beam from his shield and negated Machinedramon's cannon like a hot knife cutting through butter.

The beam impacted Machinedramon and pushed him into the nearest barricade walls where he crash landed.

"Incredible counter by Gallantmon!" Lillymon was flabbergasted as much as the audience were. "Not only does he rebound, but effectively takes Machinedramon right out of the ring! Machinedramon could be out of this match!"

Takato pumped his fist up and howled. "WHOO-HOO! Now that's what I call a smackdown!" He paused seeing his friends chuckling together and others, namely Rika, saying nothing. "Sorry, can't help but get caught in the moment."

"It's fine, Takato. Guilmon has very likely secured his place in the next round," Yami Yugi boldly stated.

DarkGabumon asked. "What makes you think that?"

The King of Games replied. "Machinedramon isn't getting up anytime soon."

Lillymon announced. "You can say goodnight to Machinedramon. He's good as done!"

Etemon began counting out Machinedramon, who was buried under debris. "One! Two! Three! Four! Five!"

Demon knew Machinedramon wasn't going to be any help anymore as the machine's fate was decided. It was him alone with Gallantmon and Yusuke.

"Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten!"

"Well, that counts as elimination, folks! Machinedramon is out of this match! Demon's odds are not looking good! If Yusuke and Gallantmon can double team Demon, the Demon Lord is done for!"

"Great! Just rid of Demon and you'll advance, buddy!" Takato encouraged him. "Victory is ours!"

The Tamers, the Digimon partners, and the Duelists cheered on Gallantmon. The Spirit Detectives shared the same sentiments as Yusuke was given a better break.

"This is your chance, Urameshi! Take that Demon guy out before he has a chance to recover!" Kuwabara exclaimed.

As for the lead Spirit Detective, he was hanging on an edge of the ring while hiding himself from Demon's view. He channeled spirit power into his right hand.

"Good, that big tin can is gone. That just leaves Gallantmon and Demon," Yusuke muttered. "I just need to knock cloak face out of this match." I've got a few spare shots to use. Better make use of 'em!

"I've found you, coward!" Demon yelled as he floated over Yusuke's location. "You've given me enough trouble as is!"

"CRAP!" Yusuke panicked.

"Evil Infer-!"


"Lightning Joust!"

(Cue YuYu Hakusho OST – Unreleased Track EP25 S21 Spirit Detective Saga)

Demon got stunned when a bolt of energy slammed into him. He was not only knocked back in mid-flight, he was spinning out of control. Yusuke jumped up and flipped Demon off laughing.

"That's what you get, you cloaked dumbass!" Yusuke laughed.

As Demon hit the ring, Yusuke landed near him. The Detective turned and saw Gallantmon behind him.

"This guy's mine, Sir Lancelot."

"I'm not here to fight you," Gallantmon reassured him. "By the way, thanks for helping me and Takato deal with that snake guy."

"Snake guy? Wait, you're that big red dinosaur I helped out!"

Gallantmon nodded as he pointed Yusuke to Takato in the audience. Yusuke became baffled when he spotted Takato with the Tamers and Duelists.

"You're both here with all your friends," Yusuke smirked. "Great, now I know we're working on the same page."

"We have to win this match and eliminate Demon. Any ideas?"

"I've got one!"

Rising up to his feet, Demon struggled to stand, but little did he know Gallantmon and Yusuke were preparing their attacks. Gallantmon's lance charged with energy and Yusuke's finger became coated with blue flame-like light.

"I won't go down as easily as you two might think..."

Gallantmon scoffed. "Ready to shut this jerk up?"

Yusuke switched it up and turned his whole right fist into blue energy. "I've got one punch with his name on it."

"Silence, you fools! It's time we end this!" Demon flew across to swiftly attack Gallantmon and Yusuke. He coated his hands with hellfire and conjured up two massive fireballs.

As Gallantmon pointed out his Aegis Shield forward, Yusuke tucked his spirit-powered fist to the side.

"Shield of the Just!"

Yusuke braced himself as the knight's attack slammed into Yusuke's back and catapulted him forward. Readying his fist, Yusuke was launched head-on with Demon and caught him with a powerful impact punch



Demon's body jolted after Yusuke caught him with a fistful of spirit energy. Then, as Yusuke slid to the side, Gallantmon's beam blasted Demon and sent him flying into a barricade.


Following an immense explosion, Demon was seen flattened on the side wall. His cloaked attire was tattered and damaged from the destructive blast. Demon fell in a heap with debris piling on top of him. He should consider himself lucky he wasn't obliterated following the combo attacks.

(End theme)

"Bingo!" Botan cheered. "Good teamwork, you two! Score one for us!"

"Hell yeah, Urameshi! You just scored a spot in the next round!" Kuwabara yelled out.

The Tamers, the Digimon, and the Duelists were equally satisfied with the end result.

"Yes! Way to go, Gallantmon!" Takato exclaimed. "No way Demon's getting up from that!"

Yami Yugi nodded. "Just as I told you, Takato."

Etemon tiptoed over toward the debris burying Demon. He bounced back instinctively fearing Demon would rise up 'from the dead.'

"Well, um... he's down like a log... unless he pops up like one of those zombies. Eep."

"Just get to the counting, monkey boy!" Lillymon shouted. "Demon's out of the ring!"

"Right, right, I'll start the... um... count. One! Two! Three! Four!"

The Demon Corps gaped in shock at the turn of events. They just witnessed the surreal moment of their master downed after two immense attacks.

MarineDevimon sputtered. "No, this can't be! Lord Demon!"

LadyDevimon was at a loss for words. "How... how can such a human possess such power?!"

SkullSatanmon said nothing as he dropped his cheeseburger.

"Six! Seven!"

Suddenly, the demon lord's hands stirred a bit. Yusuke and Gallantmon caught wind of this and readied battle stances to prepare for Demon. Demon rose from the debris to everyone's shock. He lifted a hand and pointed at his adversaries.

"No way! He's still ticking!" Takato gasped in shock.

"What's going to put this guy down?!" Guardromon exclaimed.

"Damn, seems he still has fight left in him," Inumon said.

Renamon added. "He still needs to get in the ring."

Rika nodded. "Yeah, he's completely worn out."

As Demon crawled toward the ring, Etemon was already on the last three counts. Yusuke pointed to Demon.

over towards the ring, Etemon was already down to the last three counts. Yusuke pointed to Demon.

"Stay out or I'll blow your head off."


"You... think you've won? Hah... you don't get far when you face Lord Pharaohmon..." Demon cackled evilly as he collapsed facefirst and lied unconscious.

"Nine! Ten!"

Lillymon announced. "And there you have it! Demon is out! Gallantmon and Yusuke not only win but they advance to the next round!"

Gallantmon and Yusuke faced each other and basked in the glory together.

"Should be an interesting next round, big guy," Yusuke said.

"Likewise, good luck in the next round."

Gallantmon and Yusuke watched MarineDevimon SkullSatanmon carrying off Demon from the arena.

"LORD DEMON! HOW CAN SUCH A TRAVESTY HAPPEN TO YOU?!" SkullSatanmon whined loudly.

Lillymon announced. "This crowd is buzzing over Yusuke and Gallantmon's victory! Just what kind of energy drink did this guy take to pull off this stunning upset?! I know the past tournaments has seen shocking moments, but this one takes the cake! Anything is bound to happen with these special powered humans! Floramon, I know you're still covering the duel, but are you getting this? Demon's been eliminated from the tournament!"


Digital World/Section 43-2A: Gekomon Village/4:33 PM

"C'mon, what's taking ya? I bet my grandma can go faster than this!" Kazu griped. He yawned and waited for Joey to decide his next move.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories OST – Preliminary Match Theme)

Adding a card to his hand, a smile crept over Joey's face. Kazu raised an eyebrow, curious what card Joey drew.

"Care to show me your lucky card?"

"Sure! Read it and weep! Here's Monster Reborn!"

"Aw crap! Then, you can revive any monster you want?!"

"Bingo and even a monster from your deck," Joey smirked. "And that's exactly what I'll do! I'll use it to revive your own Guardian of the Throne Room in defense mode!" He summoned the Guardian to his side, which immensely irked Kazu.

"No! Not fair! Your using one of MY monsters! Mine! Mine!"

"Pipe down, Daffy Duck," Joey replied. "Next, I'll activate Graceful Charity! This allows me to draw three cards and discard two I don't need." After sending two to his graveyard, he subsequently added three new cards to his hand. "Now, I'll sacrifice my Axe Raider and bring forth a monster I just drew. Say hello to Summoned Skull!"

"Oh crap!"

Kazu gasped in aghast as a tall skull-faced demon towered over them both. With DNA Surgery still in play, Kazu witnessed Summoned Skull transform into an even more terrifying metal version of itself. A huge grin adorned the blonde's features seeing Kazu trembling.

"This one's for my pal Yugi."

Summoned Skull


LVL/6 ATK/2500 DEF/1200

"Scared yet, Kazu?"

"As if! Even being turned into a machine doesn't make him any more gruesome!" Kazu boasted even though he should be.

"Oh yeah? Let's see you back that up when I send him out to attack you!"


"Summoned Skull, take out his Overdrive!"

The Summoned Skull unleashed a surge of lightning and one-shotted Kazu's Overdrive. Even though he lost a monster, only 200 points was shaved from his life points. Kazu wiped some sweat from his brow.

Kazu/7050 LP (7250-200)

"Whew, I only 200 points! Your attacks are lacking!" Kazu put up a brave front.

"We'll see. Before I end my turn, I put two facedown cards on the field."

"All right, getting bored. Get ready for some real punishment, Wheeler!" The minute he picked up a new card, he noticed there weren't any worthwhile cards to place on the field. "I take that back. I don't have jack now. I'll pass this turn."

"So much for that. That's what running your mouth gets ya. On my turn, I'll switch the Guardian to attack mode and send him to attack your life points!"

The Guardian unloaded an array of missiles that bombarded Kazu's field. The Tamer panicked and danced around dodging the missiles. However, he still lost a decent amount of his life points.

"1650 life points down the drain, BlackWarKazumon." Joey chuckled.

Kazu/5400 LP (7050-1650)

"Aw, man. That burns!"

"That's what ya get, Kazu."

"I'm still in the game, Wheeler!"

"Who said my turn is done? Now, I'll have my Summoned Skull put you in your place!"


The metallic skull demon blasted Kazu with his attack and knocked him back. Kazu paled as he saw 2500 more points taken off him. The momentum Kazu had in his firm grasp started slipping from his fingers.

Kazu/2900 LP (5400-2500)

"Not looking hot now, eh? My turn over."

"Ok, time for me to make my ultimate comeback..."! Kazu declared, standing up and putting a game face on. "You're in trouble now, Wheeler!" Once he picked up a new card, he grimaced. No! This isn't what I needed! I mean my life points are already taking a plunge!

"What now? Going to stand there all day?"

"Um... no! I'll put one card facedown in defense mode. That'll end my turn."

"Well, Kazu. I'm sorry to say this, but..." Joey picked up his new card and grinned devilishly. "You're through! Say hello to another Axe Raider!"

Another Axe Raider materialized on Joey's field. It, too, turned into a metal warrior.

"Guardian, attack his facedown card!"

The small robot blasted the facedown card with a missile. The facedown card revealed a small round robot juggling bombs.

Blast Juggler


LVL/3 ATK/800 DEF/900

"Say adios to your Blast Juggler!"


"Kazu, it's been a fun duel, but it's over! Axe Raider, Summoned Skull, attack his life points directly! Double attack!"

"ACK! I'M SCREWED!" Kazu screamed and flailed.

The monster duo launched a simultaneous attack on Kazu. Axe Raider swiftly swung his ax and knocked Kazu back from the wind of the attack. Summoned Skull followed up blasting Kazu. Kazu sank to his knees and groaned knowing he'd been defeated. The unsettling vibe sank in when 4200 life points were taken out from his 2900.

Kazu/0 (2900-4200)

"I... I can't believe I lost..." sputtered the beaten Tamer.

"Ya, I won! Who's the king now?!"

"Joey pulls it off and schools Kazu!" Floramon announced. "Joey Wheeler advances to the next round!"

"Wow, did you see that! Kazu just lost!" a Gekomon exclaimed. "I thought for sure he'd win!"

"Hah! That means I just won twenty digi-dollars! Now fork it over!" another Gekomon demanded.

"Humph, fine."

(End theme)

Joey approached Kazu and extended a hand to him. Kazu took Joey's hand and pulled himself up.

"Hey, Kazu, been to ask ya. What the heck was with that DNA Surgery and turning all my monsters to machines?"

"Oh, that," Kazu said. "It was part of my strategy if I ever had the chance to pull it off." Kazu pulled out his deck and showed him a card. "My Machine King gets extra attack points for every face-up machine type monster on the field. All of my monsters were machines already, but by turning your cards into machines, he would've grown even stronger!"

"Huh, that's a decent strategy."

"Guess lady luck wasn't on my side. Machine King was so far in my deck I couldn't draw him in time. Well, actually, on my next turn... I would've finally summoned him."

Joey blinked. "Ya don't say? Anyway, you really did remind me of myself."


"Yeah, I was a bit cocky when I started playing Duel Monsters, but I wised up."

Kazu looked through his card deck and smiled. "I was a king of the Digimon card game, but I still have more to learn about Duel Monsters."

"You'll get the hang of it, Kazu. Just improve your deck and keep practicing."

Kazu and Joey nodded together as they high-fived.

"Say, won't you be dueling against that blonde babe in the next round?"


"She's a total babe," Kazu said.


"So, are you two...?"

"We're just friends, Kazu!"

"Sure you are and I'm the next King of Games! Still stuck on first base?"

"Hey, you shouldn't be saying that at your age!" Joey yelled as he chased Kazu back through the portal provided by Floramon.

The Gekomon cheered on the two duelists.

Floramon shook her head as the boys went through the doorway. "Boys."


Phoenix Arena/4:43 PM

Joey and Kazu were back in the arena. As the duel dome descended, they rejoined their friends who stood waiting for them on the arena floor.

"They loved our duel," Kazu said. "Well, at least we entertained them, right?"

"Yeah," the blonde nodded. "That's all that matters."

As Kazu and Joey walked out the duel dome, they saw Gallantmon waving and getting the crowd's attention.

"Looks like Gallantmon pulled it off," the Tamer noticed the knight.

Joey added. "Yeah, and seems that Yusuke guy won, too."

Kazu was baffled. "Wait, he actually got past Demon and Machinedramon?!"

"We can ask the others cause there they are!" Joey pointed Kazu to their friends near the entrance way.

The two stormed off to reconvene with their friends. The group were ecstatic having secured more victories.

Guardromon patted Kazu. "There, there, you put on a good show for us, Kazu!"

Kenta nodded. "Yeah, at least you dueled Joey. I've got a duel with that creep Lance!"

"Don't worry, Kenta. You should do fine," Felinismon reassured him.

"I hope it's all worth it. Lance was once possessed by Pharaohmon after all and Pharaohmon seems to be still using him," Kenta said with genuine concern.

"But, most importantly... we still have ourselves quite the annoying guest," Himura cleared his throat. He, Inumon, and Seadramon tried ignoring Witchmon.

"What guest?" Inumon whistled innocently, which irked Witchmon.

"Now that was uncalled for, Inumon! I traveled here all the way from Witchenly to see you guys again!" Witchmon whined. "I have Lord Anubimon's permission to be here! You don't realize how hard I had to convince him to come here!"

"We realize that," sighed Seadramon. "I mean, we just didn't expect see you here.

"If you can be here, Seadramon, then I have every right to come here!"

"Look. Let's just keep the hostility down, ok?" Takato suggested. "I'm sure Inumon didn't mean to make that snide remark."

"I did."

"Oh boy."

"Inumon, just say you're sorry," Himura demanded.

"Not a chance."

"Humph, fine," Witchmon frowned. "Have it your way, but I'm staying with Seadramon. At least, he doesn't go making snide remarks behind my back. Cause he knows I'll use my magic to punish him. Right, Seadramon?"


Suddenly, an idea had just popped up from within Witchmon's brain.

"My magic! That's right! You guys said I could perform my magic show after these matches were done, right? Well, it's intermission and it's just that perfect time for it!"

"Ah, good. I've been itching to see what she can do," Dark Gabumon snickered.

Inumon snapped. "No way! You make careless mistakes with your magic!"

"Mistakes, huh?" Rika butted in. "I don't even want to know."

"Yes, I mean what's the worst that could happen?" wondered Jeri.

"I don't know, but I don't want to stick around to find out," Yami Yugi replied.

Tristan concurred. "Yeah, I'll take a pass here."

Tea added. "I don't like the sound of this magic show."

"Aw, come on guys! Just because I make one or more mistakes, that doesn't mean I'm a botch artist!" Witchmon whined. "Have you forgotten, Inumon? I was the one who brought Himura and Kotori together in the first place!"

"That's true, Witchmon, but did you forget? You turned Kotori into a RAVEN!" Himura shouted back. "She almost became Fangmon's dinner if you hadn't changed her back!"

"Well, look on the bright side. You two became more closer friends thanks to me," bragged Witchmon.

"At least, they survived your magic. I don't think anyone can put up with your flawed magic," muttered Seadramon.

"HUH! JUST WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?!" Witchmon flipped out at the sea dragon.

With that, both Seadramon and Witchmon glared intensely toward each other. They were ready to pummel one another. Everyone else sweatdropped and backed off from the tension.

"This one could get ugly," gulped Jeri.

"I think it's already escalated," said Kenta.

"I don't want to know what they like to do on their spare time," shuddered Guardromon.

DarkGabumon backed off. "You didn't tell me that they would be this bad, mutt."

"Don't worry," replied Inumon. "I know exactly how to handle this situation."

With that, the hellhound Digimon got in between the heated exchange between Seadramon and Witchmon. He gently pulled them apart and calmed them down.

"You're walking disaster!" Seadramon shouted.

"My magic is not that bad!" quipped Witchmon. "I only make mistakes because I forget a verse or two. Plus, some of the magic spells are terrible translated!"

"You think I'll buy into that?!"

"Enough, you two!" Inumon snapped as he pulled Witchmon to the side.

"What are you doing, Inumon?"

"Inumon!" Seadramon called out.

"You want me to prove my magic doesn't fail me? Here, I'll show you when I turn Inumon into a frog!"

"Wait, Witchmon! Don't!"

"Now! Alakazam!"


As she finished her spell, Witchmon caught Inumon with a magical beam. Alarmed, Himura and the others witnessed smoke enshrouding Inumon. The group coughed as the smoke spread out. Seto and Mokuba just happened to come by as they were caught by the smoke.

"What... What just happened, Seto?!" Mokuba asked. "Why is there smoke here?"

Seto coughed while fanning the smoke away from him.

Once the smoke dissipated, everyone present gasped upon seeing Inumon's familiar figure. It would appear he wasn't turned into a frog. Although, for some reason, the girls' faces turned beet red. Renamon notably blushed upon seeing Inumon. Seto saw Inumon and quickly covered Mokuba's eyes.

"Don't look, Mokuba."

"What just happened?"

"You don't want to know."

Witchmon tried holding back from nosebleeding and fainted instead.

"I... I... I can't believe it," Seadramon sputtered.

"Ok, Witchmon. You had your fun. Now change me back," Inumon spoke out oblivious to what happened to him. "I don't want to be stuck as a disgusting frog." He stepped through the dissipating magical cloud.

Himura blinked and shook his head. "Inumon, I hate to say this... but... you're not even a frog!"

"Eh? What do you mean? Witchmon, what did you do to me?!" Inumon shouted and surveyed the group, mainly he saw the girls' red faces. He saw Seto covering Mokuba's eyes and noticed a reflection of himself on the metal portion of the wall near him. His face turned pale and screamed in horror.

Jeri blushed. "At least, he looks attractive in human form!"

"Jeri! That's Inumon for goodness sakes!" Felinismon exclaimed. "But, I do say... he's totally hot like this!"

"Inumon... I... I don't know what to say," Renamon was a loss for words.

Inumon looked up and down his own reflection. He resembled naked a teenage human with jet black hair with brown fringed bangs. Despite his new human look, he retained his canine ears and tail. The spiked collar still adorned his neck and armored gloves covering his hands. A small cloud of smoke covered his crotch area. Other than those small accessories, he was in his birthday suit.

Needless to say, he wasn't pleased with the outcome regardless.


He turns around with burning fire in his eyes and glared at Witchmon. Witchmon screeched frightfully and backed off.

"Please! I didn't mean for this to happen, Inumon! I swear!"


"INUMON! YOU'RE STILL NAKED!" Seadramon shouted while getting in between the two.

"Well, Mai blushed. "That's something you don't see everyday."

"Man! I'm glad she didn't perform that magic on me!" Tristan exclaimed.

"So, this is how they treat each other every time?!" Takato wondered.

Yami Yugi turned as he noticed Seto and Mokuba behind him. "Oh, Kaiba, Mokuba, were you two here the whole time?"

"What's going on here? More magic nonsense?" Seto demanded as he kept Mokuba's eyes covered.


While Inumon chased Witchmon, he and the others didn't realize another individual caught wind of this. Kuzuhamon stayed at a corner and eavesdropped on the scene. Her cheeks blushed where the mask didn't conceal her face. She slid down the wall and fell head over heels for the naked human Inumon.

Oh my... oh my... oh my... was that Inumon?! My soon to be mate?! Oh, what a beautiful sight to behold! I.. I have to contain myself... I'm so in heat now!

As Kuzuhamon lied on the ground in cloud nine, Piedmon passed by and shrugged before leaving.


As Witchmon ran from Inumon, she hid behind Yami Yugi.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Shh! Keep quiet!"

"Oh please, I can see you hiding behind him!" Inumon pointed to her.

"Ok! You've got me!" Witchmon stepped away from Yugi. "Look! I can turn you back to normal! Here goes! Hocus Pocus!"

As Witchmon hit Inumon with another magical beam, he instinctively sidestepped it and let it by.

"Nice try, Witchmon!"

However, the beam caught both Rika and Renamon instead. Everyone, including Inumon, gasped at what happened. The duo cried out as smoke exploded and covered them.


"Oh no! Renamon!" Inumon cried out.

Takato and the Tamers yelled out. "Rika!"

"I wonder what Witchmon turned them into...?" Kenta wondered.

Kazu gulped. "I'm afraid to find out!"

Duke added. "Same here. I don't even want to know."

Tea covered her face. "Hopefully not frogs."

"Look! The smoke is clearing up!" Himura pointed out to the cloud.

When the smoke cloud cleared, Rika found herself barely up to everyone's feet level. Renamon blanched upon seeing her newly colored fur.

"RIKA!" Takato gasped.

"RENAMON!" Inumon shouted.

Witchmon was taken aback with the end result. Granted, she never intended for any of this to happen, but never expected Inumon to dodge.

Witchmon muttered. "Whoops."

"Rika! You're a... a fox!" Kazu and Kenta yelled, looking down at the floor level.

"Gah! And Renamon's fur has turned purple!" Joey exclaimed.

Looking across each other, both Rika and Renamon screamed out together. The beautiful yellow fur of Renamon has been turned into a grape-flavor purple. Rika became a tiny red fox with her beautiful violet eyes retained. The tip of her tail and muzzle were white.

Rika whirled around and hissed at Witchmon. There was fury in those adorable little eyes of hers. Witchmon backed off, but Rika lunged at Witchmon. The fox Rika scratched and bit Witchmon's face. Witchmon fell back screaming whilst trying to pry Rika off her.


"Turn us back to normal, you dumb witch!" Rika hissed, lifting her paws and revealing her claws.

"Aw! Look! She's so cute!" Jeri and Felinismon squealed together.

"No! I liked Renamon with her golden-yellow fur!" Inumon whined. "Witchmon! I'll never forgive you for this!"

"See? I told you guys she was trouble," Seadramon said.

"You didn't tell me she was going to be this bad," nervously chuckled DarkGabumon. "She's the absolute worst mage ever!"

"Yugi?" Tea nudged Yami Yugi's side. "You don't suppose your Dark Magician can help fix this problem up?"

"I can try," Yugi said, taking out a card. "My Dark Magician's magic should be effective enough to reverse the spells."

The group were relieved when Yami Yugi invoked his Millennium Puzzle's magic to summon Dark Magician.

Inumon and Seadramon, at least, got some entertainment seeing Witchmon get pummeled by Rika and Renamon.

"Well, at least it can't get any worse, right?" Takato asked to which Himura, Inumon, Rika, and Renamon shot him a glare.

"Hold on! I've got the cure spell! BA-DA! BOOM!" Witchmon managed to conjure another spell at the last second. She hit Takato with a magical beam turning him into a humanoid Guilmon with his clothes and goggles still intact.

Takato looked over himself and growled. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!" He instinctively ran over to grab Witchmon, but got restrained by Kazu, Kenta, Joey, and Tristan. "Yugi, you better get Dark Magician to fix us!"

Yami Yugi nodded as Dark Magician at last appeared to negate Witchmon's spells.


The minute she caught Renamon in full purple, Kuzuhamon covered her mouth giggling.

"Hah! She looks like how I used to look when I was a Rookie!" Kuzuhamon snickered. "How does it feel being me, Renamon? Consider that karma for stealing Inumon from me! Hahahah!"

"Kuzuhamon. Having a good time?"

The viral version of Sakuyamon spun around and saw LadyDevimon leaning on a wall with a perturbed look.

"Oh, LadyDevimon! Sorry, I couldn't contain myself. How's Lord Demon doing?"

"He's still out of it after that match. He won't be getting up anytime soon. We will make up for Lord Demon's loss."

"Of course," Kuzuhamon stood up. But, you should've seen what happened to Renamon and Inumon. Inumon looks so hot as a naked human and Renamon's fur has seen better days!"

LadyDevimon sighed as she started walking off. "Whatever, you better get serious and keep your head on straight when our match comes up. Could be anytime now."

"I hope I can advance so I can take Renamon for myself."

"Then, you better win in this round."

Kuzuhamon scoffed and headed down the hall following LadyDevimon. All she had on her mind was herself in Inumon's arms.

Inumon, you will be mine! But, first, Renamon has got to go! Nothing will keep us apart!


Pharaohmon's Sky Box/4:54 PM

(The Mummy Returns OST – The Mushy Part (1:31-2:05))

Having witnessed Demon and Machinedramon's losses, the dark priest slammed his fists on his armed seat as a dark purple aura materialized over him. Nemesis leaned over and ran her hand over his lap.

"Lord Pharaohmon, control yourself. We might be on a losing streak, but there's plenty of time to rebound. Besides, I've yet to duel Himura."

"Yes, but Demon and Machinedramon lost to Gallantmon and a human no less. This Yusuke has incredible powers and helped Gallantmon strike down Demon!"

"Well, it was an unfortunate turn of events, but I promise I won't allow myself to lose to Himura Tsubasa! Yui's will is slowly weakening, but she still poses some use for me and I intend to use her as means to break Himura."

"Very good, Nemesis, but don't you let me down."

While zipping up her blouse, Nemesis fixed her hair and locked the ninja mask over her nose & lips.

"Now, allow me to redeem Machinedramon's and Demon's losses. I'll have the honor of finishing off Himura and the last piece of Yui's influence will vanish forever."

"You've certainly lived up to your expectations unlike that traitor, Felinismon."

"Never compare me to that traitor," Nemesis said. "Once Himura and Yui are gone, the Tamer misfits and Yugi Muto's crew are next."

With that, Nemesis removed her ninja masked and leaned over kissing Pharaohmon's lips. She gave him a passionate tongue kiss.

Just then, their moment was interrupted by Basiliskmon's intrusion. Pharaohmon and Nemesis pulled apart as Basiliskmon ignored their intercourse moment.

"What is it, Basiliskmon?" demanded Pharaohmon.

"I've come remind Nemesis that her duel is next."

Nemesis stood up and put her ninja mask on. "Why didn't you get me earlier, you stupid snake?" Behind her mask, she put on a sadistic grin. The time finally came for her fated duel with Himura.

"Are you ready to finish off Himura, Nemesis?"

Nemesis answered by walking out the door and closing it behind her. As she tried focusing, the willpower of Yui subdued her. Inside the evil woman, Yui raised her head as tears brimmed from her eyes.

Nemesis scowled angrily as she cracked the wall behind her with a punch. She panted heavily and cursed.

"This is all going to end, you little bitch. You and Himura will both be gone."

(End theme)


Arena Halls/4:55 PM

"Impmon! Where are we going?!"

"Getting away from those Digi-police pigs!" Impmon cried, running down carrying Calumon. "Ugh, couldn't you lose a few pounds?!"

"But, those buns were so tasty!"

Impmon scurried down a corridor and slipped behind a wall with Calumon. A handful of arena security raced down the hall looking for the two food thieves.

"We lost them for now. C'mon, this way!" Impmon whispered while carrying Calumon off to the arena seats.

As the two passed by, Hiei barely got a glimpse of them as he followed his colleagues.

"Anything wrong, Hiei?" Kurama asked.


"Glad we escaped those crazed fans," Kuwabara sighed, wiping his forehead. "They sure wanted to get your autograph, Urameshi."

"Looks like I've become a new household name in these parts. I say we stay low profile for a while."

"Good idea, Yusuke!" Botan beamed. "While, we're at it, we view the rest of this tournament from a television somewhere."

"I don't need to hide," Hiei growled.

"You don't, but the rest of us don't want to fight off crowds," Kuwabara added.

"Then, I'll cut them into pieces."

Kurama suggested otherwise. "Not wise since we don't want to draw attention to ourselves. Besides, Yusuke's gained a following and I doubt he wants to lose them because of your stubbornness."

Yusuke shrugged. "Just don't come to us when the fanatics jump you, Hiei."

Hiei walked down the hallway with Kurama accompanying him. As the other three went ahead of them, the demon duo sensed presences near them. They shifted their eyes and noticed two figures garbed in Sailor battle gear. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune maintained careful observation of the two demons.

Hiei and Kurama kept marching on.

Hiei, we're being followed.

They're Sailor Senshi. Did the others sent these two here?

I can't make an conclusion, but I deduce they're observing our actions. But, these two we've never met before. Regardless, we should avoid any physical altercation if we want to maintain good relations with the Senshi.

I could care less. These two attack us and I won't hesitate to retaliate.

Let's hope it never goes that far.

As the demons walked off, Uranus and Neptune exchanged nods and followed them.

Unbeknownst to the two groups, the hooded figure with the light blue hair quietly observed the Spirit Detectives, but namely she watched Hiei and Kurama. A smirk crossed her face as her curiosity of them further piqued her interest.

"The short one with the dark hair has a unique aura about him. Can't wait until we meet."


Phoenix Arena/4:57 PM

As soon as the hostility cooled down, Yami Yugi's Dark Magician reversed Witchmon's spells. Inumon was turned back to his Digimon self, Renamon's yellow fur was restored, and the two Tamers changed back to their human selves.

"Thanks, Yugi. We really needed that!" Takato said.

"Next time, we better not rely on someone who makes mistakes with their magic," Inumon shot a glare at Witchmon.

"Look! I said I was sorry!"

As Dark Magician nodded shamefully to Witchmon, Yami Yugi recalled his monster back to his card.

"Well, now with that mess out of the way. I wonder what set of matches they have set next," asserted Tristan.

"Hey, guys!" Guilmon called out to the group. "Did I miss anything?"

Most of everyone in the group played off like nothing happened. Guilmon look at them in befuddlement.

The gogglehead chuckled to himself. "Nah, nothing to see here." Except getting turned to a human version of you, buddy.

"By the way, congrats, Guilmon!" Jeri said.

Felinismon added. "Yeah, you and Yusuke really kicked butt out there!"

"Best of all, you and him are going to the next round," Tea said.

Yami Yugi turned to Joey. "And you did well with Kazu. Well played, you two."

"Yeah, well, I took advantage of Kazu's missteps and look where I am. The next round, baby!" Joey boasted.

Mai chuckled. "Yeah, good for you, Joseph."

"Did the pup have fun playing with his chew toy?" Kaiba cruelly teased Joey.

"Hey! I heard that, Kaiba! You better be lucky we didn't duel in the first round! I'm well prepared for you since our last match!"

"If I remember correctly, you lost to me."

"You're going to regret that, you rich punk."

"Easy, Joey. Down boy," Tristan stopped his friend. "Save it for later."

"You guys might want to calm down since it looks like they're getting ready to announce the next set of matches," Tea suggested.

DarkGabumon scoffed. "I haven't had my turn yet."

"Let's keep quiet and pay attention," Yami Yugi stated. "It's down to Kenta vs. Lance and Rika vs. Ryo."

"By the way, where the heck are Ryo and Cyberdramon?" Himura wondered

Rika shrugged. "Who cares? Maybe he's preparing for me. I so look forward to taking his ego down a peg."

Takato smirked. "Getting anxious, Rika?"

"You know it."

Just then, Lillymon was heard from the nearest arena speakers. "Are y'all having as much fun as me?! Just a quick recap. The following battle competitors will compete in the next round: Renamon, MarineDevimon, Inumon, Basiliskmon, Fairymon, Kurama, Wolfmon, and Piedmon. Guilmon and Yusuke Urameshi will join them in the next round.

On the Duel Monster side of our event, the following duelists have advanced to the next round: Yugi Muto, Takato Matsuda, Mai Valentine, Seto Kaiba, and just now Joey Wheeler!

Now, let us continue with the tournaments! The next battle match will feature Dark Gabumon, WarDevidramon, Felinismon, and BlackWarGreymon! Will those four competitors come to the arena?!"

Kazu heard Lillymon's announcement and gulped. "Did she just say BlackWarGreymon?"

Guardromon replied. "Indeed, and WarDevidramon."

Kenta looked over DarkGabumon and Felinismon. "I'm kinda not liking our odds. I mean... you two are about to fight two powerhouses!"

Felinismon rolled her eyes. "Thanks for the vote of confidence, you two."

DarkGabumon flexed and put his game face on. "Looks like I spoke too soon, but I'm glad. I'm rearing to go. Felinismon, ready?"

"Hold up. You can't even digivolve without Yui," Himura interjected. "Now that you're a partnered Digimon, you kinda have to depend on Yui's Digivice."

"Well, about that..." DarkGabumon said before Inumon patted his back. "Mutt, look, don't talk me out of it."

"I'm not. I know Anubimon probably supplied you with a power source that doubles as a Digivice. After all, Yui is under Pharaohmon's influence and has the Digivice still in her possession."

"Yeah. Himura."

"Yes, DarkGabumon?"

"Beat Nemesis and bring Yui back to us."

Himura pulled out his deck and placed it into his Duel Disk. "Of course I will."

"Now, for our duelist match! Will Himura Tsubasa and Nemesis come down? Your duel match is next!"

After Lillymon announced the match, Himura froze temporarily and tried shaking off the anxiety. He felt a slight cold shiver down his back.

Inumon noted of his partners' uneasiness. "Himura? Are you all right?"

"I'll... I'll be fine."

"Don't let her scare you," Jeri encouraged him with a hug. "Remember the pep talk we had."

Yami Yugi asserted. "Don't let Nemesis play her mind games. You're the better duelist, Himura."

"We're behind you all the way!" said Takato.

"That's right, Himura. It is time," a familiar voice called out from behind the group.

Everyone turned around as Anubimon showed up.

"Lord Anubimon!" Witchmon bowed to him.

Inumon bowed. "You'll be watching with us here?"

"Indeed. Now, Himura, it's time."

Himura nodded and waved to everyone as they watched him leave. Jeri pulled out the card that Takato gave her earlier. She looked over to Takato's direction.

"You still have the card?"

Jeri nodded. "Yes, just like you told me."

Felinismon waved to Jeri and left with DarkGabumon.

"That card can come in handy when you need it, Jeri."

Nodding, Jeri safely put in back in her pocket.

As he marched toward the arena, Himura took out a specific card from his deck. He scanned the card and firmed his resolve. The card in his possession was Yui's own card and personal favorite: the Guardian Eatos.

"Thanks for the support, my friends. Yui, I'm bringing you back where you belong."



Kari: Hey, everyone! It's Kari, guys! The sixth duel and battle royal match are set to be underway. Himura must put aside all of his fears and doubt as he prepares to duel with Nemesis. Poor Yui is being used as a shield while Nemesis thoroughly enjoys herself while torturing Himura!

Nemesis: Just you watch, little Yui! I'm going to torture your sweet dear brother while your body loses a portion of its soul.

Himura: What do you mean!

Nemesis: For everything I inflict damage on you, your sweet will lose a portion of her body. But, here's the twist! If you inflict any damage on me, your sister will still lose a portion of her body! It's a no-win situation for you, Himura.

Yui: Himura! Just forget about me! It's my fault that Nemesis was born in the first place!

Himura: I can't! I promised on our parents' graves that I would not let anything happen to you!

DarkGabumon: Yui! No!

WarDevidramon: BlackWarGreymon, these two are easy pickings for us. We will go to the next round!

Felinismon: Don't you underestimate us!

BlackWarGreymon: Come at me.

Takato: This is bad! Here I thought things would only bet worse!

Anubimon: Nemesis is challenging Himura to a Shadow Games duel.

Jeri: But he'll lose Yui no matter what the outcome is!

Hiei: Kurama, we have company.

Kurama: Yes, identify yourselves.

Sailor Uranus: We'd like to know the same thing.

Sailor Neptune: What do you say you prove to us that you're not really working for Pharaohmon?

Hiei: As if we would work for that fool.

Ryuukoutsuseimon: Nobody has ever escaped my wrath and you warriors will suffer the fate just like everyone who has crossed these mountains!

Sailor Mercury: Mercury Eternal Power! Make-Up!

Arbormon: You're going down! Slide evolution! Petaldramon!

Cammy: Next time, on Wrath of Pharaohmon Redux!

I'll Save Yui! Himura's Declaration and the Miraculous Guardian!

Himura: Nemesis, your fate has been sealed. This one card will determine the outcome of this duel and free my sister!


A/N: Joey and Kazu's fun banter ends with Joey advancing. Gallantmon and Yusuke keep the momentum going for the good guys. Demon won't be getting up anytime soon.

As you can see, I've kept in the comical Witchmon magic mishap. Needless to say, Witchmon didn't make a good impression for her new friends.

Ryuukoutsuseimon is an obvious Expy for the Ryuukoutsusei from Inuyasha. He probably could've been Pharaohmon (or Valmarmon's) former servants that was ultimately sealed by Omegamon. He's kinda forgotten, but he makes his mark and hopefully some of you might remember him. Well, Mercury and Arbormon are about to take him up on his challenge!

Oh, and who's the secret hooded character watching the Spirit Detectives (namely Hiei)? ;)

In the original version, BlackWarGreymon was intended to be a mystery opponent in the battle royal pitting him, WarDevidramon, Felinismon, and DarkGabumon. But, in hindsight and according to LazerWulf's admission (it was his idea), that it was a dumb decision making BWG a mystery opponent. Now, BWG's entry this time around won't be a surprise.

Next time: you know the drill. Heart strings to be pulled and Intense emotions run wild. Himura vs. Nemesis in a duel with Yui's life on the line (as well as Himura's). And the aforementioned four-way battle match.

Until the next chapter and send a review if you can!