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Loki (DF-616/MCU): Hmph. To answer you question; I am you, only a different version.

Alduindramon: (To Fafnir) I bet those Valkyries are proven to be a tougher match than the Dramonborn.

Fafnir: You watch your tongue! You have no foolish idea of what they did, especially dealing with Siegfried (Himura) and Brunhilde.

Loki (YYGDM): (To Loki (DF616)) You do not look like me. What makes you prove it?

Loki (DF616): We are both tricksters, originally born from giants, yadda yadda yadda. But I for one have a popular fanbase with my movies, and with an 'army' I form at Comic Con.

Loki (YYGDM): Hah! Your evil is nothing compared to mine, you are just an in-name only. I happen to team up with an evil queen (Beryl) and involve in the infamous Ragnarok that nearly devastated the universe.

Loki (DF616): I did the same thing, join forces with an alien race (Chitauru), especially with the dramon (Alduindramon)'s forces, and use some cosmic cube to control the world.

Loki (YYGDM): (battle stance) You have a smaller scale, but how about we settle it?

(Fafnir roars)

Loki (DF616): (raises his scepter and smiles) Oh I am most certainly.

(Alduindramon roars.)

(Before both duos make their move, they are interrupted.)

?: Not so fast!

(The villains turn to see Kotori/Brunhilde and Thor (DF-616/MCU) to stop the feud)

Thor: This ends now, brother.

Loki (YYGDM): (stares at Kotori with vengeance)

Loki (DF616): Well look who showed up. What are you going to do now?

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Thor: (relieved) Now we're back in business.

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Chapter 28

Shadow Tournament, Day Two! Arrival at the Sovereign Temple!


Phoenix Arena/Infirmary Room #7/9:55 AM

With Himura still resting in his bed, the Tamers, the Duelists, and the Warriors gathered around with mourned looks. They were certain that their fallen comrade would awaken from his coma.

Kouji and Kouichi thought otherwise. The brothers exchanged smiles as they reflected to last night's dream shenanigans. Additionally, Kotori's reassurance gave them hope.

"C'mon, Himura, I know you'll awaken! Please!" Yui grasped her brother's left hand. "Himura!"

"Oh, Yui, I'm so sorry," Jeri knelt beside the grieving child.

"As it pains me to say it, they'd have to disqualify Himura if we can't make it to the duel with you, Yugi," Takato stated.

Yugi replied calmly. "Still, I must go out there to make my presence known to ensure my place in the tournament. If Himura isn't able to awaken, they will disqualify him I'm afraid."

"This isn't fair. After all he went through dueling that witch Nemesis!" Rika cried.

Renamon added. "Himura's condition is more important than dueling."

Yugi concurred. "Indeed. I want nothing more than Himura to recover in proper health."

"You might want to go out now, Yugi," Takuya suggested. "You don't want to lose your spot, right?"

Joey looked over to his spiky-haired friend. "Go on, Yug. We'll stay here and look after Himura."

"Yeah, don't forget Lance wants your puzzle," Kenta mentioned to Yugi.

"Yes, we must ensure Lance doesn't advance. Whoever duels Lance in this round must do what it takes to dueling me," the King of Games said, palming his Puzzle. "But, if I have to duel him, I'll bring him down."

Takato declared. "Or, if he duels me, I'll use the skills you taught me to take him down!"

"Same here. We got ya covered, Yug," Joey said.

"Well! I don't know about you, guys, but I get to showcase my skills in the battle tournament!" Felinismon said while stretching out. "So, dino boy, you ready for a lady to kick your scaly butt?"

"You can try!" Guilmon cried out excitedly. "But, I'm not gonna lose!"

DarkGabumon calmed Yui down as he reminded her about his match coming up. He hugged Yui and turned eyeing Kouji.

"Kouji, right?"

"That would be me," Kouji smiled. "Listen, you and I are going to be fighting in a different ring while Guilmon fights Felinismon. Let's make sure to have a good, competitive match. By the way..." He leaned down and whispered into DarkGabumon's ear. "You tell Yui that he'll be coming back soon. By, he I mean Himura."

DarkGabumon's ears perked. "Really?"

Kouji nodded and winked.

Oh man! Oh man! This is gonna make Yui happy, but how do I break this news to the others? Dark Gabumon frantically thought. Kouji seems sure of it.

However, Inumon's ears picked up on Kouji's whisper. He, too, kept to himself and glanced over Himura's bedside. He wanted to allow Himura to awake on his own and surprise everyone.

"Inumon," Renamon said as she knelt beside him. "Remember our talk last night?"

"How could I forget?"

"It'll be okay. Trust me," Renamon smiled as she caressed Inumon's paws. "It'll be ok."

Not long after that, Yugi, Guilmon, Kouji, DarkGabumon, and Felinismon headed out for their matches.

"Good luck, brother!" Kouichi called out.

"We're pulling for you, Kouji!" Izumi cried out.

"We'll be watching, Yug!" Joey called out to his friend.

"Same here!" Takato exclaimed. "Guilmon, give it your all, buddy!"

"I'll make sure not to go hard on Felinismon, Jeri! Thanks, Takato!" Guilmon waved out to his partner and friends.

"Felinismon! You give Guilmon a good fight! I'll be rooting for you!" Jeri shouted to her partner.

Felinismon smirked a Cheshire cat's smile on the way out. "Oh, this will be fun. Won't it, Guilmon?"

"Yep! And I'm going to win!"

Felinismon slightly hissed to herself. We'll see about that.

"Good luck, Dark Gabumon! I'll be watching you from the monitors!" Yui waved to her Digimon partner.

"Give them hell, Kouji!" Takuya yelled out.

Junpei added. "Hope our team has better luck this round."

Jaarin nodded. "Amen to that."

Takato looked over to Jeri. "Our Digimon are fighting each other. Should be interesting."

"Yes and Felinismon already showed us her Mega form. We'll see how Gallantmon fares against Angedramon," she said, looking to the monitor where everyone gathered to watch the live match coverage.

"Speaking of new form, you still have that new mode you've yet to show off," Rika addressed Renamon.

Renamon replied. "I have Inumon to thank for that."

Inumon gleamed. "Aww, you're welcome."

"Guys, keep it down! We want to hear the match coverage!" Kazu called out.

Guardromon pointed to the march band playing. "Oh, they have a band! Perhaps ceremonies are almost over."

Takuya eagerly pulled up a chair near the monitor. "Can't wait! These will be good fights!"

Tristan asserted. "Let's just make sure and keep it down in here for Himura's sake."

"Feeling better, Kouichi?" Jaarin asked, offering him a place to sit.

"Yes, I'm recovered. Thanks."

Yui inched closer towards her still comatose brother and clenched his left hand tightly.

"Hello again, my loyal viewers! This is your favorite hostess, Lillymon, announcing from her usual announce position to give you the live coverage of today's event!" Lillymon's voice blared from out of the arena speakers and the television. "We've got two exciting battle matches along with a duel to cater to your craving for tournament desires! Let us take a look at the great line-up of the first matches! We have Himura Tsubasa dueling against Yugi Muto! Due to recent reports, there's a possibility Himura will not compete, but we will give him at least a little more time to make an appearance. If he doesn't, then he is automatically eliminated from the tournament. For our battle matches, we have Guilmon against Felinismon and Dark Gabumon competing with Wolfmon! This should be fun! Now, without further ado, let's bring out our battle match competitors first!"


Phoenix Arena/Battle & Duel Platform Areas/10:00 AM

Back out in the arena, the jam-packed crowds were already lining up and gathering for the matches set to begin.

"We're getting set to introduce our competitors! We'll be seeing allies pit against one another and here come our first two combatants!"

With that, Guilmon and Felinismon walked from the entrance as they advanced to one of the battle rings.

"First! These two are partnered Digimon of Takato Matsuda and Jeri Katou respectively! Now the two allies are getting pit against one another and only one between these two will advance. Give it up for Guilmon and Felinismon!"

The crowds erupted cheering the two, but Guilmon received stronger support from the fans. He had won them over after his previous battle match when he and Yusuke defeated Demon and Machinedramon. Felinismon realized she can't rely on DarkGabumon to reform ShadowOmegamon since the DigiMorph card Jeri used expired. She now had to resort to Angedramon to keep up with Gallantmon.

As first two entered inside Arena A, the next two came out. DarkGabumon and Wolfmon marched toward Arena B as they, too, received cheers from the fans.

"And these two have one thing in common. Both are descended from the actual Garurumon line. Kind of ironic to see two of the same Digimon family linage to square off, but it should certainly be interesting nonetheless! Here are DarkGabumon and Wolfmon!"

Considering DarkGabumon can turn Mega, he's no slouch. Hopefully Beowulfmon is enough to suffice. Wolfmon assessed his situation.

Once Wolfmon and DarkGabumon stepped in Arena B, Yugi Muto walked out as, so far, the sole duel contestant.

"Finally, the Duelist we've come to see! Here's the King of Games! The one! The only! Yugi Muto!"

A determined Yugi Muto marched forward and glanced at the duel dome. He was hesitant to participate unable to accept an easy win against an opponent unlikely to compere. However, knowing Lance was a big threat to his friends and Puzzle, he wanted to ensure his spot in the duel tournament.

"Seeing how Yugi is the only duelist to show up, I assume Himura was in no condition to make a presence. Ok, now I've been handed a note, Himura is still recuperating. I'm sorry to say that we just might have to disqualify Himura for not reporting to show up at the dueling arena. However, we will give at least ten minutes for Himura to confirm his role in the tournament," Lillymon announced. I hate to say this but I don't think the kid can make it. He's in worse condition than my dark sexy Beelzebumon!

Yugi stood near the duel dome and turned around facing the entrance.

"Ref, excuse me," Yugi beckoned over to Etemon.

"Yeah? What can I help ya with, kid?" Etemon asked.

"Are you willing to give him a time limit before he is automatically disqualified?"

"A ten-minute limit and nothing more. We know about his condition, but the rules are still set forth in place. We can't bend the rules for anyone. Sorry."

"I understand. Thanks anyways," Yugi sighed. What now, Pharaoh? We might as well take this bye through this tournament, but I can't accept it. It's wrong and not fair to Himura.

'It's no one's fault but Nemesis'. Himura would have gone through hell and back to face you in a duel when give this opportunity. However, I can't say for him in his current condition. There is no other way and we must not allow Lance to win the tournament for Pharaohmon.'

Still, I feel horrible for taking a cheap victory like this. I can't be satisfied.


Phoenix Arena/Infirmary Room #7/10:10 AM

With everyone in the room viewing the monitor, no one noticed Himura's eyes twitching. Inumon was the first to see his partner waking up. caught a glimpse of the boy. Inumon nudged Yui's side to get her attention. Yui lifted her head up and watched Himura opening his eyes.

"H-Himura?" Yui gasped, her smile widening with delight.

She and Inumon watched Himura's hands moving. Yui tapped Jeri to get her attention. Jeri gasped upon seeing Himura slowly coming to.

"Himura?!" Jeri cried out, letting everyone else know about him. "Guys! He's coming to!"

With that, the others bolted over and watched Himura regaining motion. First, his eyes and then his hands; followed by that was his body. Himura slowly opened his eyes and his vision was blurred a bit before he regained full clarification of his surroundings.

"Look! He's opening his eyes!" Tea cried out.

"All right! I knew he'd somehow pull out of this!" Joey nodded. "Way to go, Himura!"

"I knew you'd make it, buddy!" Inumon smiled as tears filled up eyes.

"Himura! Can you hear us?" Jeri asked him.

Slowly but surely, Himura's vision was starting to regain clear focus. He quickly recognized the voices around him. The boy gasped out and sat from his bed. He realized he was back in the infirmary room.

"Everyone, were you guys here with me all night?" Himura asked everyone.

"HIMURA!" Yui cried as she embraced her brother. "I'm so glad you're all right!"

"You had us sacred there, buddy!" Inumon joined in with Yui by hugging his friend.

Himura managed to choke out. "You guys! Ack...! Breathing room!"

Inumon chuckled as he released his grip and ruffled the boy's hair. "Sorry about that!"

"Himura! Welcome back!" Kouichi smiled, winking to him.

"This is just great! You're back and you just might be healthy enough to duel!" Joey made it privy to him about his upcoming match.

"Wait... Huh?!" Himura nearly sputtered out of shock. "I'm dueling now? But I just got up!"

"You can't duel, Himura. You're in no condition to duel Yugi," Jeri pleaded for the boy to stay in bed.

"What?! Yugi's my opponent?!" Himura blanched, immediately springing out of bed. His face gleamed with excitement. "This is one duel I've waited my entire life for!"

"Kid, you just went through a coma. You should get rest!" Mai suggested.

"She's right. I mean in case you haven't noticed, but you just woke up," Tristan reminded Himura.

"But... This is my chance to duel against THE Yugi Muto! I've always dreamed of having at least one duel with him! It's been a dream of mine ever since I became a duelist! This just may be my only opportunity!"

"Himura!" Yui said. "Do you think you should duel him now?"

Himura suddenly noticed the absence of a particular Digimon. "Why isn't Anubimon here? I figured he'd be here with you guys."

As soon as he mentioned the Underworld lord's name, the group lowered their heads and gave him the silent treatment. He became befuddled by the dead silence, which made him slightly uncomfortable.

"Ok, guys?"

"Himura, there's something you should know," but before Takato could finish, he was interrupted by the intercom.

"Attention! This is a last call for Himura Tsubasa! You only have five minutes left to be present at the duel platform to confirm your position in the tournament or be disqualified!" Lillymon's voice blared from the arena speakers.

"It's time," Himura started walking towards the door. "Besides, I'm sure Lord Anubimon is somewhere and rooting for me to win this duel anyway. I'll be sure to catch up and ask how well he fared in the tournament."

"Boy, he's not going to handle the truth," Rika muttered before turning to her Digimon. "Renamon, we're going to have to tell him the truth now or never."

"It's best we let him concentrate on his duel with Yugi first."

"That's a good idea, Renamon," Inumon agreed. "We should let Himura have this opportunity. It's no good if we tell him about Anubimon now."

Himura's definitely going to take it hard if we tell him now. Henry thought as he and others watched Himura start out the door.

Before Himura had a chance to walk out, Yui went up behind Himura and hugged him.

"Good luck, Himura. Give us a good duel with Yugi," Takato nodded, giving his fellow Tamer a thumb up.

"We'll be here rooting for you two!" Takuya nodded.

"Thanks, guys," Himura gives his friends a thumb up.

Himura marched down across the hallway while still grasping his head. The boy shook it off and still managed to head out; unbeknownst to him, the others hadn't told him about Anubimon.

"Good luck, Himura," Junpei said.

"Did we do the right thing by not telling him the truth?" Jeri wondered

"We wouldn't want to put Himura into deeper shock just as he already awoken," said Kenta.

"This should be a good duel for him," Guardromon said.

"You said it. I couldn't have said it any better myself!" Kazu agreed.

Takato fixed his goggles and focused his attention towards the television monitor with careful examination. Himura gets to live out his dream by dueling against Yugi, but I hope to get a match with the King of Games. Himura, this is it. It's your opportunity of a lifetime, but, unfortunately, Anubimon won't be here to see it happen. How are we going to tell you about what really happened to Anubimon?


Phoenix Arena/Battle and Duel Platforms/10:18 AM

Back in the arena, the crowds were anticipating the supposed arrival of Himura. Eight minutes have already passed and many were wondering if Himura would even be present to duel. Yugi waited patiently for the remaining two minutes to pass.

Felinismon, Guilmon, DarkGabumon, and Wolfmon waited patiently with their eyes set directly on the entrance.

C'mon, Himura! You only have a minute left before they disqualify you. Don't let Kotori down! Wolfmon thought.

"Wolfmon? Are you sure he'll be here?" DarkGabumon asked the Warrior of Light.

"Almost positive..." Wolfmon muttered before looking ahead and getting a glimpse of Himura from the entrance. "Spoke too soon! Here he comes!"

"Himura! Over here!" Guilmon called out to him.

Suddenly, the audiences were in absolute stunned silence by the arrival of Himura Tsubasa with his duel disk. It wasn't too long ago where he was confined to a bed and in a comatose state. Now, he was up and walking like he received a quick recovery.

"Himura has made it! This is truly a miracle! With just ten seconds from being declared unfit to compete, Himura has reached down deep and dragged himself over to the arena!" Lillymon exclaimed. "Ladies and gentlemon, we are still going to have ourselves a duel! This is just exactly what you paid to see!"

"Himura! Good to see that you made it!" Wolfmon shouted towards the boy. "You stayed true to Kotori's word!"

"Wait, you know Kotori?" DarkGabumon asked Wolfmon.

"Well, in a sense, yeah... it's a long story."

Himura stepped by Yugi and motioned over to King of Games.

"Glad to see you're back on your feet. I thought we lost you," Yugi smiled.

"I came back after talking with Kotori in my comatose period. Thanks to her, I've come back better than ever and ready to help you guys to the end. But first, I want to duel you and see whether my skills is enough to trump your deck."

"I'm glad you're back, but listen. You have to know..."

"Let's save it until after the duel?"

"Sure thing, Himura!"

As Himura and Yugi stepped into the duel dome, Etemon closed the door behind them and activated it sending them to another location in the Digital World.

"After seeing Himura miraculously march his way to prevent a disqualification, you have to admire this boy's courage!" Lillymon announced. "I haven't seen so much fire and determination from one child than I've seen with Himura just now! This duel will still commence and I, for one, am thrilled! As for our battle combatants, they look ready to get their matches out of the way! Guilmon competes against Felinismon! Dark Gabumon and Wolfmon go head to head! The action is set to heat up! Let Day Two officially begin!"


Digital World/Section 0997: Digital Paradise/10:20 AM

Yugi and Himura found themselves facing each other off in an area where light engulfed the room. Himura was very familiar with this specific area.

"Where are we?" wondered Yugi.

"We're in Paradise."


"This is the opposite of the Dark Area. Here all Digimon judged are sent to Paradise or the Dark Area. Monsters like Basiliskmon and Pharaohmon would be sent to the Dark Area but good souls like Kotori are sent to Paradise. So, we've been sent here to duel?"

"Looks like that way, Himura," Yugi looked around his surroundings.

Himura deduced. "This must be the work of Goddramon and Holydramon. Otherwise, we would have been sent into another part of the Digital World. Nemesis sent herself and me into the Dark Area using her dark magic. I don't see Floramon anywhere. I assume our match isn't going to be broadcasted."

"Oh, I wouldn't think like that, Himura," a deep yet genuinely kind voice echoed out from across the dimension.

Alarmed, the duelists looked around for the source of this benevolent voice. Himura quickly recognized this voice.

"Goddramon, Is that you?!"

"It was Holydramon and I who summoned you two here. Rest assured, we will have the match official transported here for your duel to be broadcasted, but we wished to have an audience for a duel involving you, Himura," Goddramon stated. "We felt you needed a fair duel with the King of Games with no intervention from Pharaohmon's cohorts."

"Yes, this is exactly what we needed," Yugi nodded to the seemingly 'invisible' god-like Digimon.

"Goddramon, where is Anubimon? Can you tell me where he is?" Himura asked. "I didn't find him in the room I was resting in."

Once again, there was silence, which brought Himura more discomfort.

"Himura, once you finish your duel with Yugi Muto, your answers will be revealed," Goddramon addressed the boy. "Please, trust our word."

"Of course, I do, Goddramon. I know Anubimon is somewhere watching my duel right now. He's sure to root for me!" Himura said, oblivious to the truth.

Suddenly, a portal opened up and Floramon fell into the Paradise Realm with her Tapirmon cameraman.

"Whoa! How did we get here?! This isn't where the duel was supposed to take place!" Floramon frantically looked around. "What is this place? Hey, it's you two! Himura and Yugi!"

"We're in the Paradise realm. It's the opposite world to the Dark Area," Himura answered her.

"You don't say! I'm the first spokesperson to have the privilege to commentate in Paradise! I feel so much better about myself!"

"I, Goddramon, summoned you here, Floramon," the loud voice of Goddramon addressed the official.

"Goddramon...? Oh, I'm deeply honored, sir!" Floramon squeaked out. "How can I help you?"

"Just do what you're assigned to do, official."

"Let's get this show on the road, Yugi!" Himura declared with a smile as he activated his Duel Disk. "Yugi! As a friend, you will honor my request with a fair and respected duel!"

"If that's what you want, then I'm more than happy to oblige," Yugi nodded as he activated his Duel Disk. "Floramon! Cover our match and make sure everyone's watching this!"

"You got it! Roll it, Tapirmon, my man!" Floramon snapped her fingers and waved her hand out in front of the camera.

"Camera, ready! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Roll out!" Tapirmon called out and started the live recording.

"Hello fight fans and welcome! We're right here in the Paradise realm to host the duel between the miraculously recovered Himura Tsubasa and Yugi Muto! They both garnered big wins over Nemesis and Bakura yesterday to advance to this round! For Himura, this is a dream duel come true! He gets his opportunity to duel against the King of Games! This will be one awesome duel if I do say so myself!"

"You ready, Yugi? Because I know I am!" exclaimed Himura.

As Yugi nodded, his Millennium Puzzle lit up and covered in a sheen of golden light.


Yami quickly assumed the place of little Yugi and commenced his duel with Himura.

"Duelists! As your official, I declare the first match of the quarter-finals to begin!" Floramon declared.

With that, Yami Yugi and Himura drew five cards.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! OST – Passionate Duelist)


Himura/8000 LP

Yugi/8000 LP

"May the best duelist win," Yami Yugi said genuinely.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to go first," Himura said as he looked down at his hand and drew out his first card. "To start things off, I'll activate Restructer Revolution! With this card, I inflict two hundred damage to your life points for each card in your hand. Since you have five cards, that equals a thousand points of damage!"

Yugi/7000 (8000-1000) LP

"Next, I'll set a card facedown and another facedown in defense mode! I end my turn!"

"Good work, Himura. You certainly do have an advantage, but never take your eye off of the game!" Yugi summoned a monster to the field. "I bring forth Beta the Magnet Warrior!"

Summoned forth to Yugi's side was a yellow warrior with magnets on his head and hands.

Beta the Magnet Warrior

LVL/4 ATK/1700 DEF/1600

"Beta, attack Himura's facedown defense card!"

As Yugi declared his attack, Beta glided over and prepared to attack until the card activated and revealed itself.

"A trap card!" exclaimed Yami Yugi.

"That's right! I activate my Magic Cylinder! Wow, I'm already getting the best of you already, Yugi!"

The duelist champion couldn't believe it either. Two purple cylinders appeared and Beta charged right into one and out the other, directly striking Yugi.

Yugi/5300 (7000-1700) LP

However, despite this set back, Yugi remained calm and self-assured despite the dramatic loss of life points.

"Well, despite what you've done to my life points, this is far from over. I end my turn."

"All right then. All I'm going to do is set one card facedown in defense," Himura laid down his card after drawing a new card to his hand. "That ends my turn."

"I'll activate my Alpha the Magnet Warrior!" Yugi declared as he laid out a card face-up.

The monster revealed was an intimidating silver warrior with magnets on his head, hands and sword.

Alpha the Magnet Warrior

LVL/4 ATK/1400 DEF/1700

"Alpha, take out Himura's facedown defense card!" Yugi commanded, pointing his monster over to Himura's new facedown card.

Alpha hastily flew over and destroyed Himura's facedown defense card, which was revealed to be a giant hamster monster.

Bubonic Vermin

LVL/3 ATK/900 DEF/600

The hamster was immediately vanquished from the field by Alpha's attack, but no direct damage was made to the boy's life points.

"Good job destroying my monster, because he comes with an effect!" Himura immediately special summoned a facedown defense card on his side. "When you destroy one of my Bubonic Vermin, I can special summon another facedown and in defense mode!"

"Then, I'll get rid of it before it becomes a bigger nuisance. Beta, attack his facedown defense monster!"

Beta swiftly flew over to Himura's field and destroyed the facedown card, revealing a second Bubonic Vermin. Effectively after it was destroyed, the Tsubasa boy placed another facedown defense card on the field.

"And now I can summon another Bubonic Vermin once one is destroyed."

"That depends if you have anymore in your deck."

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that right now, Yugi. I have plenty of more surprises where that came from."

"I end to my turn."

Drawing a new card to his hand, Himura quickly summoned forth a zebra-unicorn hybrid.

Dark Zebra

LVL/4 ATK/1800 DEF/400

"I summon my Dark Zebra in attack mode!" Himura exclaimed. "Now, attack his Alpha! Make sure he stays down for the count!"

The zebra-unicorn hybrid stampeded across and blasted Alpha with its horn. The shot hit and vaporized Alpha in one shot. Yugi watched as more life points were taken away but yet he remained calm and collected.

Yugi/4900 (5300-400) LP

"There go more of your life points, Yugi! You don't seem shocked at all. Oh well. You'll be sweating soon," Himura smiled. Wow, I can't believe this! I'm already ahead of Yugi in life points! But, I should still be cautious.

"Good dueling, Himura. You certainly are no rookie yourself," Yugi smiled. "Please, let us continue this honorable duel, my friend."

"Thanks, Yugi. I became a duelist just to face you one day and now my dream has come true. However, I can't realize my dream fully until I defeat you!"

"You have a lot of confidence, Himura. I'm sure you'll find a method to defeat me in this duel. However, just because you have higher life points, that doesn't change a thing. You'll learn that soon enough."

"We'll see, Yugi! I end this turn. Let's see you rebound from this."

Yugi complied by adding a new card to his hand. "First, I'll set one card facedown in defense mode! Then, I'll send my Beta to attack your facedown defense card! Go, my magnet warrior!"

Beta once again flew over and destroyed the facedown card, which revealed a third Bubonic Vermin.

"Judging by the look on your face, you have no more Bubonic Vermin to summon on the field," Yugi noted Himura's annoyed demeanor. "Looks like you'll have to depend on another monster. I declare and end to my turn. Make your move!"

Himura scanned his hand and summoned a new monster, a Minotaur wearing battle armor and wielding a giant ax.

"I summon forth my Battle Ox in attack mode!"

Battle Ox

LVL/4 ATK/1700 DEF/1000

"To start my turn off, I'll send my Dark Zebra to attack your Beta!"

The zebra-unicorn hybrid stampeded across and blasted Beta with its horn. Like Alpha, Beta was obliterated off the field.

Yugi/4800 (4900-100) LP

"Next, I'll send my Battle Ox to take out your facedown defense card!"

With that, the Battle Ox advanced toward Yugi's side and drove its ax through the card, revealing a technically-built silver ball with a small opening.

Cyber Jar

LVL/3 ATK/900 DEF/900

"By destroying my Cyber Jar, you activated its effect!"

"Its effect?" Himura inquired.

"All monsters are destroyed on the field and both players must pick up five cards. Then, we show our hands. Then, we summon any level four or lower monsters on the field."

Himura groaned as all his summoned monsters vanished. Then, he and Yui drew out five new cards from their decks. They showed each other's hands.

The five cards in Himura's hand were Fusion Sage - a Magic card, Battle Ox, Dark Hole - Magic, Mirror Force - Trap, and Beast Fangs - Magic.

Yugi's five card hand consisted Alpha the Magnet Warrior, Magic Cylinder - Trap, Gemini Elf, Gamma the Magnet Warrior, and Summoned Skull.

Himura summoned his only monster in hand, Battle Ox, in attack mode. Meanwhile, Yugi placed both Alpha and Gamma facedown and in defense modes. He placed Gemini Elf in attack mode. He put Summoned Skull back in his hand due to its overpowered level. Every other card, including the traps and magic cards, were put in each duelist's respective hands.

"Since it's still my turn, Yugi, I'll activate my Fusion Sage. This allows me to move one Polymerizationfrom my deck into my hand!" Himura declared as he pulled out a Polymerization card into his hand. "Next I'll activate my Dark Holeto destroy all monsters on the field!"

Both duelists watched as a large hole appeared across the center and sucked up all of the monsters from both sides.

"Before I end my turn, I'll set one card facedown. That ends my turn for now. Your turn to make a move, Yugi," Himura goaded to the King of Games.

Himura has destroyed all of our monsters, but it's going to take more than just monsters to win this game. Yugi said through the Pharaoh's thoughts. "Now, I'll activate the magic card - Monster Reborn! I'll use it bring back my Beta the Magnet Warrior!"

Once activating his magic card, it automatically resurrected Beta.

"Now, my Beta, attack Himura's life points directly!"

But just as Beta launched himself out to attack, Himura flipped over his facedown card.

"You've just activated my trap, Yugi!Mirror Force!"

"Mirror Force? Oh no!" Yugi exclaimed as his monster slammed into the impenetrable wall.

"I'm sure you're familiar with this card," Himura smiled. "By directing your attack on the wall, all of your monsters in face-up attack modes are instantly destroyed. That includes your Beta!"

As Himura said this, Yugi watched his Beta explode into digital dust.

"Not looking so well, huh Yugi?" Himura wondered. "I know you're holding back on me because I'm still recovering from my coma, but don't purposely hold back anymore. You don't have to hesitate. I've longed for a duel against you. It's my one dream and I want to relish this forever."

"I'll be honest with you, Himura. I am not holding back. However, I can't help but feel that you shouldn't be here."

"But, I am. I came here to duel. I want to know where Anubimon is. I didn't find him in the room when I woke up. I know him very well and he would have stayed by my bedside. I want answers, but like Goddramon said... I must complete this duel with you to get my answers."

"That's exactly what we're doing. We are dueling. I am honored to be dueling you, Himura."

"I will say the same to you, Yugi. Now, let's continue where we left off! We want to give these people something to remember us by, right?"

"Yes, of course," the Pharaoh smiled and quickly pulled out a card from his hand. "Now, I activate Dark Magic Ritual!"

"Dark Magic Ritual?"

"Guess you haven't seen every card there is to know, but allow me to demonstrate how it works! I have to offer monster cards with a combined level of 8 or more to offer as sacrifices. My Summoned Skull is a level 6 and my Dark Magician is a level 7 for a combined level of 13!"

"Dark Magician and Summoned Skull?!"

"That's right! I'll sacrifice them both to summon this rare and powerful monster!" Yami Yugi declared, removing his monsters from his hand.

Landing in front of Yugi was a dark coffin with a pentagon embedded on the center. The coffin opened up to reveal a gothic-garbed, blue-faced mage in a black magician's outfit with pink trimmings. Himura looked across in shock awe at the monster Yugi had summoned forth. This was the same monster used to defeat Pegasus at Duelist Kingdom.

"Behold, Himura! Allow me to introduce you to my Magician of Black Chaos!"

"Magician of Black Chaos?! I can't believe you have that monster! That's a very rare monster card!"

"Indeed and I'm glad you're impressed, Himura."

The Magician of Black Chaos stepped out of its coffin and stood by Yugi like an obedient soldier ready to protect his Pharaoh.

Magician of Black Chaos

LVL/8 ATK/2800 DEF/2600

"I'll end my turn by placing one card facedown," Yugi said, dropping a concealed card. "Now, it's your move, Himura!"

"I'm impressed, Yugi. I'll hand it to you. We both have very powerful monsters. You have your Magician and I have my Guardian Airtos. Let's hope I don't have to use Airtos on you," Himura said as he placed one card facedown. "I have nothing to give this turn. I end it here."

"Well, then, I guess you wouldn't mind my monster attacking your facedown card. Magician of Black Chaos, wipe out his facedown card!"

The Magician waved his scepter directly at Himura's facedown card and fired a dark magical blast, which wiped out the facedown card. A Nimble Momonga was the monster taken out from the field.

Nimble Momonga

LVL/2 ATK/1000 DEF/100

"Since your Magician destroyed my Momonga, it comes with a hefty price! You see when it is destroyed it helps to increase my life points by a thousand. Then, I can summon more Nimble Momongas from my deck!"

"Now you've rebounded to 9000 life points."


Himura/9000 (8000 + 1000) LP

The boy immediately drew out another Nimble Momonga from his deck and put it in a facedown defense mode.

"Too bad I only have one left."

"Very good, Himura. You're far more impressive than I gave you credit for. You clearly proved yourself to me when I helped train you before this tournament. I was even far more impressed when you held your own against Nemesis."

"Thanks, Yugi. I appreciate the compliments, but I'm here to prove that I can beat you."

"Victory just might be in your grasp, Himura. Continue to improve as a duelist," the Pharaoh stated. "I end my turn."

Himura placed one card facedown, "I have nothing to offer on this turn, but this facedown card I've put in defense mode. Make your move, Yugi!"

"Then, I'll seize advantage using my Magician! Magician of Black Chaos, attack Himura's facedown defense card!"

As the Magician blasted the card with a magical blast, the destroyed card revealed a half-human and half-tiger hybrid warrior wielding a massive ax.

Tiger Ax

LVL/4 ATK/1300 DEF/1100

"With that, I end my turn, Himura," Yugi nodded.

"All I can do is..." Himura pulled a new card from his deck and placed it into his hand. "...place one card in a facedown defense position. With that, I end my turn."

"And I'll attack again," Yugi stated. "Magician, eliminate Himura's facedown card!"

Once again, the Magician fired a magical blast and wiped out Himura's facedown card, which revealed a green-skinned warrior wearing pants and an open vest with three horns protruding through his head.

Vorse Raider

LVL/4 ATK/1900 DEF/1200

"Again, I lose no life points. Maybe you ought to try a different approach, Yugi."

"Well, I have nothing else to offer on this turn. I end it."

"Great, now I can finish off where I left off before stalling for time," Himura added a card to his hand and grinned. "Now, this is a card I'm looking for! First, I'll sacrifice my facedown defense Nimble Momonga to summon Berfomet!"

A winged demon with ram's horns materialized next to Himura.


LVL/4 ATK/1400 DEF/1800

"By summoning this monster, it has an effect that is rather useful. I'm sure you'll like this! With Berfomet on the field, I can move one Gazelle the King of Mythical Beastsfrom my deck to my hand!" Himura declared. "Next, I'll activate Polymerization! I'll fuse both my Berfomet and Gazelle! I sacrifice my Berfomet from the field and Gazelle from my hand! With that said, I can summon Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast!"

Appearing beside Himura was a twin-headed winged lion with horns on its head. It stood in an attack position and roared angrily ready to pounce on whatever challenged it.

Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast

LVL/6 ATK/2100 DEF/1800

He's using one of my own monsters! I guess what they say is true: Great minds do think alike. Yugi pathed in the Pharaoh's thoughts.

Or was it 'Imitation is the greatest form of flattery'? the Pharaoh answered back Yami Yugi turned to his opponent. "Impressive, Himura, that's a monster I would use in my duels."

"I know. I've seen you use it at the Battle City event. I felt I had to get me these great cards. Now, it's funny I'm using them dueling against you. Now, where was I? Next, I'll activate this card: Beast Fangs! This card allows me to increase the attack and defense of one beast monster by three hundred."

Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast

ATK/2400 (2100 + 300) DEF/2100 (1800 + 300)

"Next, I'll activate Black Pendant! This will increase the attack of one monster by five hundred points!"

Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast

ATK/2900 (2400 + 500)

"That increases the attack power of your Chimera to 2900!" Yugi exclaimed. "It'll be stronger than my Magician!"

"You're catching on, Yugi! Now, Chimera, tear apart his Magician of Black Chaos!" the Tsubasa boy declared. "Better do something quick before your Magician is a goner!"

As the Chimera lunged towards the Magician, a card was immediately activated on Yugi's side.


"You just activated my magic card, Magic Cylinder! With this card, it can negate a monster's attack and inflict damage to an opponent equal to the monster's attack power! Since your Chimera has 2900 attack points, that number is taken out from your 9000. That depletes your life points to 6100! Nice attempt, Himura."

Himura watched as his monster entered one of the two cylinders that appeared on Yugi's side of the field and came out the other and attacked him.

"I should have known you'd pull something like this off! I can't believe I forgot you had that card!" Himura exclaimed as he looked down at his Duel Disk to read his life points. "You definitely got me good there, Yugi."

Himura/6100 (9000-2900) LP

"Fine. I end my turn there, Yugi. This is getting good! Just exactly what I was hoping from the King of Games!" Himura said exuberantly to his opponent. "But, this is far from over. Only one of us will advance to the next round."

"That's right and only one of us can hope to stop Lance."

"That's right. Now, let's see what other tricks you've got to offer up your sleeve, Mr. King of Games."

"As you wish," Yami Yugi replied. "On my turn, I'll activate Harpie's Feather Duster! With it, I'll destroy every trap and magic card on your side!"

"Argh! That means my Beast Fangs and Black Pendant are gone!" Himura shouted as he watched a mammoth-sized feather sweep away, wiping out his two cards. The boy deviously grinned. "But, it's a good thing you got rid of my Pendant."

"Why's that?"

"With it gone, the Pendant has a secondary effect! Once it's been sent to the graveyard, it inflicts five hundred damage to your life points!"


"Oh yeah, it's too bad you didn't know about my Pendant in the first place. I thought you'd figure it out."

Yugi/4300 (4800-500) LP

"Got anything to rebound with? Don't tell me you're thinking of ending your turn now?!"

"Be careful what you wish for, Himura!" Yami Yugi declared. "I summon Gamma the Magnet Warrior!"

Summoned forth on Yugi's side is an obese pink warrior with a blue S on his chest, wings, and a magnet wrapped around his neck.

Gamma the Magnet Warrior

LVL/4 ATK/1500 DEF/1800

"Next, I'll send my Magician to attack your Chimera! Magician of Black Chaos, destroy his Chimera with your Scepter Strike!"

The Magician slammed his scepter into the ground and unleashed a magical sphere that blasted Chimera. The beast howled in pain before exploding into data fragments from the extremely powerful attack.

Himura/5400 (6100-700) LP

"That takes care of your Chimera!"

"Yes and an excellent job, Yugi! But, you realize that there is an effect to the monster."

"I know."

"When that card was destroyed, I can special summon either Berfomet or Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts from my graveyard, and place either in a attack or facedown defense mode. And I've decided..."

With that, Himura summoned his Berfomet back in a facedown defense position.

He just placed his Berfomet in a facedown defense stance. Caution is necessary here. We need to keep an eye on it, Yami. Yugi warned in the Pharaoh's mind.

"I will declare an end to my turn, Himura."

The Tsubasa boy added a card to his hand, "All I can do on this turn is sacrifice my facedown Berfomet and set one card in a facedown defense position. That ends my turn."

(End theme)

"This duel is turning out to be a fairly played but one exciting duel!" Floramon announced. "Thanks to Goddramon and Holydramon, there is assured to be no interference with this duel! While we continue to give you live coverage of this hard played duel, we'll go check to see how things are going in the dual battle matches taking place. I'll bet you're having a blast, Lillymon and Etemon!"


Phoenix Arena/Battle Platforms/10:35 AM

Back in the stadium, the crowds were pumped during the heated battle matches in session. Lillymon was there to cover the action. In Arena A, WarGrowlmon had already turned up the heat against Felinismon. The feline used her speed and agility to dodge the behemoth's blades. Meanwhile, Wolfmon was in a tug of war against ShadowGarurumon. The Warrior of Light used agility to avoid ShadowGarurumon's brute power.

"We're looking great here, Floramon! WarGrowlmon now just digivolved and is giving Felinismon problems as we speak! Wolfmon has his hands tied up with ShadowGarurumon!" Lillymon announced. "These fans are going wild as it is! WarGrowlmon is a huge favorite amongst these great fans! He's a likely candidate to win this tournament!"

(Cue Digimon Rumble Arena OST – Break Up!)

WarGrowlmon bumrushed forward and tried catching Felinismon. However, the feline Digimon leaped out of the way and vanished instantly. This tactic threw him off guard and the second he turned around Felinismon caught him with spinning kick to his face. However, the giant merely turned his head and slammed his tail across. Felinismon dodged the tail blow and landed on WarGrowlmon's back. She clawed across the giant's back and attempted to rip away at the metallic armor.

"Now, Felinismon's clawing her way through WarGrowlmon's armor, but I doubt that will even work! WarGrowlmon's armor is said to be strong as several steel walls!" Lillymon announced.

Drawing out his energy swords, Wolfmon dashed forward and spun around his dual weapons to hold Shadow Garurumon at bay. The dark wolf beast encircled the warrior in hopes of pouncing him. However, the Warrior of Light was on guard.

"Wolfmon is showing us that he can hang with Champion-level beasts!"

WarGrowlmon stomped his way across the ring and attempted to pull Felinismon off his back. The feline kept a tight grip on his metal hide with her claws. The giant roared angrily. He then fell on his back, which Felinismon did not take too kindly to. She immediately jumped off his back and landed back on her feet. WarGrowlmon got back on his feet and turned around to face off with Felinismon.

"Nice counter there, WarGrowlmon! I didn't think you'd use that head of yours," Felinismon panted. "Now's about time I evolve in my Mega form!"

"C'mon then!"

"Here goes!" Felinismon said as pink and gold light engulfed her. "Felinismon! Mega Shinka!"

Felinismon's body shape transformed into the tall female half-dragon humanoid garbed in a pink and white gown trimmed with gold from earlier.


As WarGrowlmon de-digivolved back to Guilmon, he responded to Felinismon's challenge. "Guilmon! Mega Shinka!" He mega evolved straight to Gallantmon without Biomerging with Takato, a pay off to the training with Anubimon. "Gallantmon!"

"Oh, wow!" Lillymon shouted. "Both have taken to the next level! This is going to get good!"

"Well, hey, you weren't expecting me to evolve to Cleopatra, were you, Guilmon?" Angedramon teased him.


"Never mind that. You can call me Angedramon."

"How about we continue where we left off?" Gallantmon stepped into a battle stance.

"That's what I've wanted to hear out of that bread scarfing mouth of yours!" Angedramon held her staff in one hand and prepared herself.

(End theme)

(Cue Digimon Rumble Arena OST – Crazy Battlefield)

Back in Arena B, ShadowGarurumon expelled his Howling Blaster, which prompted Wolfmon to counter using hi Lobo Kendo. Wolfmon charged and struck ShadowGarurumon's chest hard.

"I doubt that put even you down!" Wolfmon exclaimed. "This fight isn't over!"

"I know..." ShadowGarurumon grunted as he got back on his feet. Then, he surprised Wolfmon by regressing to his DarkGabumon form. Then, his body was engulfed by a dark aura. "Time for a rebound! DarkGabumon! Mega Shinka!"

In place of DarkGabumon was ShadowMetalGarurumon.


"Now, we have Dark Gabumon digivolving into his mega form! Wolfmon sure has his hands full with this one! How can he hope to defeat a mega on his own?!"

"Now, I'm definitely going to have trouble with you," Wolfmon smiled, "But, digivolving into a Mega isn't going to make a bit of difference. I'll still find a way to win."

"You will have to give it your best shot!" ShadowMetalGarurumon growled. "I will win for Yui!"

"Well, it's too bad that you're going to get knocked out of this tournament! Piedmon still has a debt to pay!" Wolfmon charged across with his laser swords. "Prepare yourself, ShadowMetalGarurumon!"

ShadowMetalGarurumon roared as he bumrushed Wolfmon.

"Two action-packed encounters and we're getting ourselves a great show!" Lillymon exclaimed.

In Arena A, Gallantmon attempted slashing Angedramon, but the latter pivoted to the side quickly avoiding the knight's lance. She swiftly dodged every lance strike. She then lifted her staff and tried hitting Gallantmon. However, the Royal Knight blocked out the strike with his shield and pushed her away. Angedramon jumped away and landed on her feet swiftly. She raised her staff overhead and released a force of light energy directly for Gallantmon.

"Holy Apocalypse!"

As the beam came directly for him, Gallantmon put up his shield just in time to block it. However, Angedramon maintained control over her attack and twirled her staff around. The beam swerved around and came up behind Gallantmon hitting his blind spot. The knight let out a pained cry.

"What was that just now?!

"I simply redirected my attack and struck you in the back. Since you are viral type, my holy energy has struck some damage to your armor," Angedramon smirked. "But, it looks like I'll have to keep attacking your armor if I hope to penetrate it."

Gallantmon jumped back on his feet and raised his staff towards Angedramon. "I'll bet you can't redirect this!"

"Go ahead and try it."

Gallantmon powered up his staff and shot out a strong energy blast. "Lightning Joust!"

"Ah, so simple-minded," Angedramon sighed as she held her staff in place and immediately absorbed Gallantmon's attack through it.

"What?! You can even absorb my attacks through your staff?!"

"It's as Jeri said to Takato. Don't take me very me lightly. Looks like I've proved that I won't be as easy as you think," Angedramon stated and directed her staff towards Gallantmon. "Now take this! Destruction of Light!"

With that, Gallantmon quickly guarded himself with his massive shield. Angedramon unleashed a powerful laser from out of her staff and sent it hurtling toward Gallantmon. The laser was so powerful that it pushed back against Gallantmon's shield and sent him flying out of the ring. The exalted knight hit the ground as the beam collided and torn up a portion of the arena's obstructions.

"Incredible! Angedramon has just sent Gallantmon out of the ring! She had managed to counter with some very impressive attacks! This could turn out to be a big upset for the knight! Felinismon just might advance to the next round! These fans are going wild for her display!"

Meanwhile, back in Arena B, ShadowMetalGarurumon released an array of missiles from his back. The missiles exploded around Wolfmon in attempt of blasting him away. The Warrior of Light proved to be quick on his feet and dodged the explosive blasts.

"Why don't you hold still and take my missiles like a warrior?!" ShadowMetalGarurumon taunted his opponent.

"And get blown away to kingdom come?! No way! I won't let you defeat me!"

"Let you? I'm going to beat you!"

"The better Digimon will win here!" Wolfmon yelled as he jumped over ShadowMetalGarurumon. Seeing an opening, he drove his energy sword into ShadowMetalGarurumon's back, stunning the metal beast.

Howling in pain, ShadowMetalGarurumon slid across the ring. Wolfmon dashed across waving his energy swords and prepared to strike his opponent again. The Mega quickly evaded before Wolfmon's swords made contact. He used his body to push Wolfmon back. Then, he whipped Wolfmon back with his tail, tripping him off his feet. The warrior fell on his back and found himself in a unlucky situation. ShadowMetalGarurumon stood over the fallen warrior and raised his claws to strike.

"Else to say before I end this match?"

"Yeah... This! Execute! Slide Evolution!" Wolfmon screamed out as his body was covered in Digicode.

"What's this?!"

Taking the place of Wolfmon was a quadruped wolf with the same body stature as ShadowMetalGarurumon. However, his armor was entirely a light shade of white, cyan, and yellow.


"Wolfmon had now evolved into his beast form! Garmmon looks exactly like ShadowMetalGarurumon, but is he in any way on par with him? We'll see how he contends with his fearsome opponent!"

"Well, you sure are full of surprises, Warrior of Light!" ShadowMetalGarurumon commended Garmmon. "Looking at you, I could say we could be brothers."

Garmmon replied. "Too bad I already have a brother. Besides, we're only related through the same Digimon family type. We're wolves after all."

"Lone wolves we once were and now we have friends around us to give us the support we need. You have your brother, Kouichi. I have Yui as my partner. I won't let her down."

"And I won't fail my brother!"

ShadowMetalGarurumon fired off an ice blast. "Cocytus Breath!"

"Howling Laser!" Garmmon shouted and spat a laser blast.

As the ice blast and laser beam collided, it was Garmmon's blast that overpowered the ice. Surprised, ShadowMetalGarurumon evaded the beam and retaliated by shooting missiles at him.

"Garuru Tomahawk!"

The Beast Warrior of Light quickly activated the wheels on his heels to swerve away from the missiles. The missiles hit the ring igniting explosions that nearly knocked Garmmon out of the ring.

"Whew, that was a close one for Garmmon! Several of those shots and he would have been a goner for sure!" Lillymon exclaimed. "Oh, here comes ShadowMetalGarurumon hot on Garmmon's heels! The Warrior of Light is in trouble!"

As ShadowMetalGarurumon flew down ready to meet Garmmon head-on, flying the Beast Warrior of Light dodged to the side. He then prepared to attack ShadowMetalGarurumon from the side.

Looking from the audience were Neemon and Bokomon. The two were cheering on for Garmmon's efforts against ShadowMetalGarurumon. Neemon bit into his hotdog and forced the weenie to splatter across Bokomon's face. The book-carrier's face was covered with spit and mustard. Neemon knew what was coming up.


Neemon howled in pain once Bokomon pulled on the rabbit's pants and released it to slap it across Neemon's butt.

Neemon shrieked in pain. "Owwie! Owwie!"

"That's what you get, buffoon!" Bokomon scoffed. "C'mon, Kouji, my boy! You can do it! Don't let yourself get eliminated! Our team has had to suffer enough losses as it is!"

"Is he going to lose?" Neemon asked, still rubbing his tender butt spots.

"Not if he manages to pull something off to come back with," Bokomon replied. "Kouji! There's something you've got to do! Perhaps, Beowulfmon should suffice."

(End theme)

On the other side of the arena, Piedmon watched the event unfold and drank a glass of red wine. He set his sights directly on Garmmon at the moment and enjoyed the punishment he was enduring.

"Having fun seeing that boy suffer?" LadyDevimon approached the former Dark Master leader.

"More than just enjoying it, my dear. I'm savoring the moment he's eliminated. Even if he does advance, he will not make it any further," Piedmon smiled. "If we ever do cross paths, I'll do worse to him than I did to his dear brother, Kouichi."

"I wholeheartedly agree, Lord Piedmon. Now, those other two. Who would have thought Felinismon would digivolve into mega? Just looking at her new form reminds me how much I hated that blonde-haired tramp Angewomon!"

Piedmon teased the dark mistress. "Having some bad memories about Angewomon, dear Lady Devimon?"

"Oh, shut up," she muttered under her breath.


Hallway of the Phoenix Arena/Second Floor/10:45 AM

Taking a break from watching the battle matches at hand, Koenma decided it was time to speak with Yusuke about his Spirit Egg. With Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei viewing the matches, Koenma escorted Yusuke across the hallway and started to speak with him in private.

"So, why are you dragging me out again? Those were two intense fights I was getting a kick out of," Yusuke scoffed.

"Oh, have you completely forgotten why I decided to bring you here? Or do you not remember what I mentioned yesterday?" Koenma sighed in disbelief. "It's about your Spirit Egg you dolt!"

"Oh, that... What's so important about that?"

"I guess you haven't forgotten the consequences of possessing that egg. If you had been good during this whole trial, a spirit beast would hatch to give you guidance. But, if you had been a total jerk and remained a selfish kid, a monster would devour you. Body and soul with nothing left. Seeing how have lived up to being a Spirit Detective, you have done plenty of good deeds, but you still are as brash when we first met."

"So, what now? Do I get a spirit beast or a monster to bite my head off?"

"It depends. It's about to hatch anytime now," the child ruler pulled out the golden egg out of his pocket.

However, this time the egg had slightly grown. It was about the size of a human baby. Yusuke was flabbergasted at how quickly the egg has grown over the past few months.

"What?! You mean that's the egg you first gave me! It's huge!"

"Yes and the beast inside will be no bigger. In just a few moments, your fate will be decided."

"Well, let's see, I expect a monster to come out," Yusuke said as he touched the egg. "I knew I would have something bad."

"Yusuke!" Keiko's voice called out to the boy.

The Spirit Detective turned around to see Keiko and Botan meeting him. They stopped to find the egg Koenma was carrying with him. Botan stopped and gasped out while pointing out to the massive egg.

"Is... Is that the spirit egg of Yusuke's?" Botan asked, poking the golden object.

"It would indeed be his Spirit Egg. It's getting ready to hatch as it is," Koenma nodded.

Keiko pointed out, not knowing of its true nature. "That's one big chicken egg,"

Suddenly, just as Keiko pointed to the egg, it started to stir in Koenma's arms. He immediately threw it to Yusuke.

"Here, you catch it since it's your egg, Yusuke."


Before the egg even fell on the ground, Yusuke slid across and caught the egg in time. He felt it vibrating against his chest and cracking around the edges. The egg moved about more until more edges cracked. Yusuke looked down in anticipation of what will finally emerge out of the egg. It either comes down to a spirit beast or a monster to take away his body and soul.

"It's about to hatch!" Botan exclaimed. "Watch it, Yusuke!"

Please, don't let it to be monster! Yusuke thought as he kept his eye on the hatching egg.

Within a few moments, the egg hatched. Koenma, Keiko, and Botan watched as a golden puff of smoke emerged and covered Yusuke. They coughed against the billowing smoke cloud and peered through to find what had hatched out of the Spirit Egg.

Keiko asked while coughing. "So, what actually hatched out of that egg?!"

"We'll see soon enough," Koenma replied. "Yusuke! Are you all right?"

"Please tell me if you haven't been eaten yet!" Botan cried out. "I'd hate to see you get devoured just when you're about to compete today!"

"No, guys... As it turns out, I'm fine," coughed Yusuke. "Some beast this turned out to be... Reaaaaaaaaally scary..."

As soon as the cloud cleared, Yusuke stood upright with his face crossed with a frustrated sneer. The creature that emerged out of the egg sat on top of Yusuke's head. Koenma, Botan, and Keiko looked across. Amused smiles crossed their faces. Then, they busted out in laughter. Yusuke quirked an eyebrow and wondered what had them laughing their heads off.

"Say, what's so funny? Where's the beast? My head is still attached. I still have a body and a soul," Yusuke said as he checked all over his body. "Nothing worthy to see here."

"Huh...? Um, you might want to check your head, Yusuke," Keiko giggled as she pointed to the top of Yusuke's head. "Oh my gosh...!"

"My head?" Yusuke wondered and looked up above his head.

He looked up at what looked like a round-bodied puff ball. It was covered with blue feather-fur, had two small flippers, a pair of penguin feet, and a tiny yellow beak. His eyes were round and adorable. A patch of jet, black hair appeared on his head. On the sides of the creature's head was a pair of ear-like flaps. Yusuke's face twisted with utter disbelief.

"Tell me... Is this thing the monster that came out of my Spirit Egg? It looks like a penguin!"

"Yes and he has your hair!" Botan laughed heartily. "Oh my... This is just too funny!"

"Who would have thought Yusuke would have a twin? But this is just ridiculous!" Koenma busted out laughing while rolling on the ground.

"Ok! It's not that funny!" Yusuke growled deeply as he picked the creature on top of his head. "And just what do they call you?"

Answering Yusuke, the blue creature leaped out of his arms and jumped up chirping, "PUU! PUU!"

"Puu? What you need to poo?"

"No, silly, that would be his name, I think," Keiko walked over and scooped Puu in her arms. "Oh you're so cute!"

"Great! Now I have a spirit beast that's cute! I spent all of those months worrying over nothing! What a damn waste!" Yusuke cursed. "Koenma! Botan! You're going to pay for this!"

"We didn't think it develop into that," Botan stated as she got up from the floor. "It just happened. However, I can tell you that it has inherited your traits, including that patch of black hair. Isn't it just adorable?"

"My ass! I'm going to kill you two for this!" Yusuke roared as he went to chase both Botan and Koenma. Stupid Spirit Egg! Beast biting my head off? What a freaking joke!

Keiko watched on from the sidelines as Yusuke was chasing Botan and Koenma around. She couldn't help but laugh at the crazy antics taking place.

"Puu? That's a really cute name for you," Keiko held the tiny spirit beast in her arms and smiled. "Just look at him. Isn't he just something, Puu?"

"Keiko!" Kuwabara's raspy voice called out behind her.

She immediately turned to find Kuwabara walking up towards her. However, he wasn't alone. Kurama and Hiei walked ahead of him to find Yusuke chasing Botan and Koenma.

"Say, Urameshi is looking more angry as usual. I wonder what they said to make him mad?" Kuwabara wondered before noticing Puu held in Keiko's arms. "Say, what's that you got there?"

"Well... Koenma held this really large chicken egg and this thing hatched out. He and Botan mentioned it was the spirit manifestation of Yusuke. Now, Yusuke is anxious to get his hands on those two for not telling him anything about the Spirit Beast turning out to be this cute thing."

"What?! You mean this little blue guy is the Spirit Beast that Urameshi had to worry about all this time?" Kuwabara exclaimed before he, too, busted out laughing. "Oh boy! Between Hiei's immediate crush on Mizuno and this, I can't tell what's funnier!"

"I can't quite decide myself either," Kurama contained his chuckling.

"Mention that woman's name again and I'll make sure you're begging for mercy," Hiei threatened Kuwabara.

Kuwabara teased the short-stature fire apparition. "Don't be angry to admit that you have a thing for that Mizuno girl!"

"Shut up, you fool! You stay out of my business!" Hiei snapped as he stepped out to confront Kuwabara.

"Calm yourselves, you two," Kurama calmly said to his two comrades. "Please, there's already a situation we have in our hands. If you haven't noticed, Yusuke is giving us quite a show now."

"Well, I've got admit, seeing that blue little fuzz ball associated with Yusuke makes me lose respect in the Spirit Detective," Hiei snorted. "Of all the creatures, why a blue little bird?"

"Yeah and top it off by adding Urameshi's hair on the top," Kuwabara chuckled. "Oh, man! Urameshi is a softy! You hear that? You're a softy, Urameshi!"

"After I'm done with these two, you're next, Kuwabara!" Yusuke barked out.

"Well, gee... Thanks for the warning! I'll be ready for you!"

Suddenly, an ominous, cloaked presence standing from behind a pillar. 'He' watched the Spirit Detectives gathered together and walked off down the hallways. The first to catch glimpse of this mysterious figure was Kurama. The half fox's senses were quick to detect the figure's presence. His eyes and nose sensed a fiery aura. It had to belong to one individual; one that Kurama had become very familiar with. Kurama's eyes narrowed carefully as thoughts clouded his mind.

Brimstone? You're still here? Just as I expected.

"Hey, Kurama! Come on over here and watch this! Now Urameshi has those two in a double headlock!" Kuwabara called out to the crimson-haired teen.

Looking across at Yusuke, the fox demon watched him applying a double headlock on both Koenma and Botan. They struggled under his grip in hopes of breaking his hold.

Unbeknownst to them, another pair of individuals was watching them from afar. This time it was Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. They studied the Detectives carefully like hawks. It would be a matter of time before these two sides come into collision again, likely for the tournament.


On the other side of the arena hallways, Omegamon searched for Athenamon. He spent half an hour looking but he saw no signs of her. Despite this, the Royal Knight was determined to find the Amazon Queen.

"Athenamon, where are you? I even told you to meet me here," Omegamon scoffed. "Are you that upset about the loss yesterday?"

Just then, and without warning. Athenamon walked up behind Omegamon and spun him around.

Then, with one unexpected move, she threw her arms around his neck and planted a long, hard kiss on his lips. Baffled, Omegamon didn't know what to think. He couldn't pull himself off her with her arms tightening around his neck.

After the long kiss, still hugging him, she pressed her head against his chest. Then, there was a long, very awkward silence. Omegamon was the first to break this silence with a cough.

"My lady... What is the meaning of this...?" Omegamon gulped. "Why are you doing this?"

She said nothing.

"Lady Athenamon?"

"You don't get it, do you, Royal Knight?" Mermaimon emerged from out a corner. "When a male warrior defeats an Amazon in battle, she must marry him. That kiss she gave you is the sacred Amazon's Kiss. It is a symbol of that covenant."

"Yeah," Jaguarmon spoke out as she hopped on Mermaimon's right shoulder. "Be lucky you aren't a female Digimon, for when a female defeats an Amazon, the kiss symbolizes a blood oath. She would have to hunt you down until you or she is dead."

Athenamon spoke up. "You see, Omegamon. Yesterday, I was a drunken mess. By losing to you, I couldn't stand the thought of you being your bride. I just couldn't bring myself to lowering myself to being a man's slave. My pride would not allow it."

"My lady... This is all happening to quickly..."

"After our conversation at the tavern last night, I went off to brood. The more I thought about it, I... I slightly do admire you and am sort of grateful for what you've done," Athenamon slowly moved herself from Omegamon and looked him deeply into his eyes. "I thought about the fact marrying wouldn't be so bad, because I, in fact, do love you."

"What?!" Omegamon exclaimed. "Athenamon, are you still sober? You're telling me all of this now? This is happening too fast!"

"Normally, we would hate to welcome any male but you've defeated our queen fair and square," D'Arcmon stepped out from another corner. "You aren't so bad. You, too, have a warrior's spirit like all of us, especially our queen. You two are royal knights. It's fitting for a marriage to occur between two knights."

Mermaimon spat. "We're supportive of our queen and a ceremony just might happen soon. There's nothing you can do to change. We're already arranging it as we speak. So, looks like you're out of luck, mister, because you will be supportive of our queen!"

"By defeating our queen, you brought this upon yourself. So in the end, it was Lady Athenamon who got the last laugh," Jaguarmon snickered at his expense.

Pushing himself away from Athenamon, Omegamon backed away from the Amazons and found himself in a new predicament.

"My lady. I only see you as a friend and a colleague. There's no need for us to take this to the next level. It's all too soon," a reluctant Omegamon backed off. "Please, reconsider this!"

"It's an honor bond tradition even you can't run away from. We'll chase you to the ends of the Digital World if you dare flee!" D'Arcmon threatened the Royal Knight. "If you break Athenamon's heart, we will not hesitate to kill you ourselves!"

"Besides, you're the first male to ever defeat an Amazon Queen in thousands of digicycles. The only other Amazon queen to fall in defeat was the first one and her marriage was a blissful one," Mermaimon explained. "When her husband was killed in a battle, she was left a widow and decreed that this would be a sacred tradition. When a male defeats the Amazon queen, the queen must give the victor the covenant Amazon Kiss and a marriage between those two warriors is to occur. No exceptions. Congratulations, Omegamon. You're going to be Athenamon's beloved husband. Don't you try anything funny or you will deal with us!"

Upon hearing all of this, including the history lesson, Omegamon couldn't handle anymore of this. He walked off down the hall to clear his mind. The Amazons watched him depart and whispered amongst themselves. Athenamon happily waved to Omegamon as he left but her smile turned into that of a frown. She punched her fist through a wall and growled angrily.

"That man! He doesn't believe in the sacred tradition and he calls himself an honor bond warrior!" Athenamon angrily cried. "If it's the last thing we do, you must make sure to hunt him down and make sure he understands the tradition of the Amazon Kiss! He will become my husband, no matter what!"

The Amazons cried out in unison. "Yes, my lady!"

Before Athenamon and the Amazons departed from the hall, the troublemaker, Witchmon, showed up just in time to find the Amazon Queen.

"Um, who are you?" Athenamon asked. "What is your business with us?"

"My name is Witchmon, your highness! I just can't help but notice your recent proposal to Omegamon! I'm happy to know that you've found your soul mate!" Witchmon giggled as she shook Athenamon's hands happily. "I'm so proud of you!"

"You are?" Athenamon asked until an idea came into mind. "Perhaps, you can help me win Omegamon over to me?"

"I can...?"

"Yes, do you happen to make any love potions of the sort?"

"Of course!"

"Then, would you like to join us for the time being? We can conduct business."

"Oh! Thank you, my lady! I won't let you down!"

Yes, now I can win Omegamon to me without any trouble! Athenamon snickered in thought. "Come we have important matters to discuss, Witchmon."

"I'm at your service, my queen!" Witchmon saluted the royal knight.


Down on the other side of the hallways, Omegamon stopped to catch his breath. He couldn't believe what he had undergone. By defeating the Amazon queen and receiving the kiss, he is bound to marry her. If he even thought about fleeing, he would be considered dishonorable even to the Royal Knight code. He let out a deep sigh of relief but not long as a pair of chuckling figures approached him.

Omegamon lifted his head to find SkullSatanmon and MarineDevimon laughing amongst themselves.

"May I ask what's so funny? Shouldn't you two be kissing Pharaohmon's feet right now? I don't have time to deal with you two idiots."

"Oh look! It's the honor bound knight who can't even look a woman in the eye! Some warrior you are! Wait until we tell our buddies about this!" MarineDevimon busted out laughing. "Ha! Oh my... What a joke! Omegamon dug his own grave by receiving that Amazon Kiss! I thought you would have known your Digital World history!"

"You've finally met your doom through this marriage!" SkullSatanmon laughed. "Looks like you'll be cleaning up Athenamon's temple and rubbing her feet! Ha!"

"As far as being a Royal Knight, you're a freaking joke! You can't even look the great Athenamon in the eye! You're going to be a laughing stock! The Digital World will never forget this!" MarineDevimon continued on. "Please, can you sign our autographs? Oh Great Omegamon! Your name should be Omegamon Wuss Mode! Ha! Ha!"


Omegamon clobbered both stooges and sent them flying out a nearby window.

"NOOOOOT AGAAAIN!" The two demon Digimon echoed out as they went blasting off again.

Letting out a deep sigh of relief, Omegamon walked down the hallway and looked for an empty room to help clear his mind. Today has already started off badly for Omegamon. He can only wonder how much worse it will be for him.


Digital World/Section 0997: Digital Paradise/10:50 AM

Back at the Paradise realm, the duel between Yugi Muto and Himura Tsubasa was still in session. Floramon was there to give live coverage of the duel with Tapirmon as her cameraman. Watching on from beyond the realm was the presence of both Goddramon and Holydramon.

Yugi and Himura faced each other with sheer determination. Neither one were counting on a defeat and knew only one would advance to the next round.

"We continue live coverage of the duel between Yugi and Himura! The boy who had just miraculously awakened from his coma is now in the lead over the King of Games! He leads with 5400 life points over Yugi's 4300, but there is always room for a comeback! We'll see just how Yugi will pull himself out of this predicament!"

"Himura, I do believe it is my turn," Yami Yugi cracked a calm grin, adding a new card to his hand. "First, I'll summon Skull Mariner in attack mode!"

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! The Unreleased OST – Battle City Passion)

Laying out the card on the field, the monster revealed was a pirate ship with a red skeleton on the front.

Skull Mariner

LVL/4 ATK/1600 DEF/900

"Next, I'll switch my Gamma into defense mode. And I'll send my Magician of Black Chaos to attack your facedown defense card! Lay his card to waste, Magician!"

The Magician blasted the card with his scepter, revealing Ancient One of the Deep Forest, which would be described as a goat with red eyes, tiny wings, and five bushy tails.

Ancient One of the Deep Forest

LVL/6 ATK/1800 DEF/1900

"I'm not done! I'll send my Skull Mariner to attack your life points directly!"

The ship moved towards Himura's direction and attempted to ram him with force. The boy managed to maneuver to the side but not long as the red skeleton jumped out and elbowed Himura in the gut. The boy took the blow and stumbled back as the ship along with the skeleton returned to Yugi.

Himura/3800 (5400-1600) LP

"That ends my turn, Himura. Have anything to retaliate with?"

"As a matter of fact, I do," Himura nodded and added a card to his hand. "Ah! Perfect! I bring forth the Swords of Revealing Light!"

"Oh no! Not now!"

"I'm glad you're familiar with this card!"

Yugi watched as a pair of golden swords dropped down around him and his monsters forming a circle over them. The sword produced a barrier containing Yugi and his monsters.

"With the swords in place, you can't attack me for three whole turns! I hope you have something to offer since I prevented you from attacking me. Looks like this duel is going to be mine after all!"

"Don't count me out just yet," Yami Yugi retorted and added a new card to his hand. "I'll sacrifice my Skull Mariner and put down a card facedown in defense mode. Next, I'll switch my Gamma to attack mode. That's all I can do. There's only two turns until these swords release me."

"Well, seeing as I can't do anything. I'll end my turn here."

"This gives more than enough time to prepare once these swords are gone. Now, I'll sacrifice my Gamma and replace it with another facedown defense monster! Now to reveal my first facedown monster! Come forth my Dark Magician Girl!"

Summoned forth to the field was a beautiful blonde-haired girl garbed in a light blue magician's outfit with pink trim. She flipped out in front of Yugi gracefully and stood by his side.

Dark Magician Girl

LVL/6 ATK/2000 DEF/1700

"Since I sacrificed my Dark Magician earlier on to summon Magician of Black Chaos, my Dark Magician Girl's attack power is increased by three hundred points!"

Dark Magician Girl

ATK/2300 (2000 + 300)

Himura couldn't believe this. Now Yugi was getting the best of him by summoning forth another powerful magician to give aid to the Magician of Black Chaos.

"Whoa... Two magicians? I know about your mastery with your magician cards, Yugi, but it's still not going to make a difference. When those swords are gone, I'm going to launch an offensive that even your magicians cannot hope to withstand. Now, since I can't do anything, I'll pass on this turn."

"I'll set one card facedown in defense mode! Next, I'll reveal my other facedown card! You're up Dark Magician Girl!"

"Another one?! I didn't think you'd have a second one!"

Flipping his second facedown card, the second Dark Magician Girl emerged and stood by Yugi's left side. Now, Himura must contend with not two but three magicians at once!

Also, thanks to sacrifice of Dark Magician to summoning the Magician of Black Chaos, an additional three hundred points was added to the second Dark Magician Girl.

Dark Magician Girl

ATK/2300 (2000 + 300)

"Himura, the effects of your Swords of Revealing is finished. That sets me and my monsters free to attack next turn!"

The swords quickly dispersed from off the field.

"Since its back to my turn, I'll first summon another Vorse Raider in attack mode!" Himura laid out the newly drawn card to reveal his monster. "Next, I'll activate Axe of Despair! This will increase the attack power of any one monster by a thousand points! I equip Vorse Raider with it!"

A new battle ax appeared in Vorse Raider's right hand and increased his attack power.

Vorse Raider

ATK/2900 (1900 + 1000)

"That makes him stronger than your Magician of Black Chaos by a hundred points! Now, Vorse Raider, slay his Magician of Black Chaos!"

"No!" Yugi exclaimed as he witnessed the ax wielding beast charge at and slash Magician of Black Chaos through the waist. The magician howled in excruciating pain before dissolving.

Yugi/4200 (4300-100) LP

"By destroying my Magician of Black Chaos, you allow my two Magician Girls' attack powers to increase with three hundred more additional points!"

Dark Magician Girl (1)

ATK/2600 (2300 + 300)

Dark Magician Girl (2)

ATK/2600 (2300 + 300)

"Well, I just hope they're ready to get skewered by my Vorse Raider on my next turn!" Himura laughed. "Well, I end my turn there. Anything to sacrifice to my monster?"

"No, but I can do this!" Yugi revealed the Dark Hole card. "I activate Dark Hole!"

"That means..."

"All of our monsters are gone, including your Vorse Raider!"

"But your Magician Girls will be gone, too!"

"It's a price to pay, Himura!"

A large hole appeared at the center of the field. Both Dark Magician Girls and the Vorse Raider were sucked into the endless pit, leaving the duelist's fields empty.

"To finish my turn, I'll set one card facedown."

"I think I'll place a card facedown, too," Himura replied. "I end my turn."

"I, too, will place another card facedown! That ends my turn!"

Himura drew out a card from his deck and smiled once realizing what he drew.

"Now, we're getting somewhere!" Himura laughed. "I summon my Master and Expert card!"

Appearing on Himura's side was a man with a hellhound. This creature and man clearly was representing both Himura and Inumon. Yugi recognized the similarities.

Master & Expert

LVL/4 ATK/1200 DEF/1000

"I see you have a card that reminds you of the bond between you and Inumon."

"This, too , is one of our favorite cards and I will use this same card to ensure me victory!"

"Perhaps, but you will have to try! You just triggered my trap card! I activate Call of the Haunted!"

"Call of the Haunted?"

"With this card, I can select one monster from my graveyard and summon it! I'm equipping this with the monster of my choice and I choose to summon my Magician of Black Chaos!"

"You're bringing your mighty Magician again!"

"That's right, Himura! You thought you'd see the last of him? Well, obviously, I've proven you wrong!"

The resurrected Magician of Black Chaos returned standing by Yugi protectively.

"I didn't see this coming, but I'm glad you're getting more serious dueling against me. I'm happy to know that you're not willing to hold back! This is just what I expect from the King of Games!"

"I can say the same to you, Himura."

"Let us continue! Since my turn is finished, let's see what you can do!"

"Gladly, Magician of Black Chaos, destroy his Master & Expert with your Chaos Scepter Blast!"

Pointing his scepter, the Magician blasted away Master & Expert monster.

Himura/2200 (3800-1600) LP

"With that, I end my turn," Yugi declared.

"Nice shot there, Yugi! But, you should know I'm not going down easily," Himura added a new card to his deck. "The card I just drew... I will activate Change of Heart! With this, I can take control of anyone of your monsters for one whole turn! You know which monster I'm planning to take from you!"

"Oh no! You wouldn't...!"

"That's right! I'll use it to 'borrow' your Magician of Black Chaos! Kinda funny how I'm going to use your own monster to take a chunk out of your life points!" Himura smiled as the Magician of Black Chaos floated to his side. "Now, Magician of Black Chaos, attack Yugi's life points directly!"

"You didn't think I'd be prepared in case something like this would ever occur? By attacking me, you just caused me to activate a trap card! Mirror Force!"

"Oh no!"

As the Magician directed his attack, it slammed against a protective barrier and was destroyed in the process.

"The Call of the Haunted also has a secondary effect. Since my Magician equipped with this card has been destroyed, that card will also be destroyed."

"You did it again, Yugi. You sure were prepared for me. I'll give you all the credit in the world. You are one of the best, perhaps even the best, but I will be remembered for this. Just you wait and see."

"We both will be commended by duelists alike for years to come. You have a bright future, Himura."

"Enough of the mushy stuff. I end my turn."

"All I can do now is set one card facedown in defense mode."

Drawing a card to his hand, Himura placed said card and it was revealed to be another Vorse Raider.

"I summon another Vorse Raider in attack mode!" Himura shouted. "Now, Vorse Raider, take out his facedown defense card!"

Charging across the field, the Vorse Raider stomped across and destroyed the facedown card, revealing a purple-haired woman wearing blue robes wielding a staff with a crescent moon on top of it.

Magician of Faith

LVL/1 ATK/300 DEF/400


"By destroying my Magician of Faith, its effect has been activated! I can choose a magic card from my graveyard and put it directly into my hand," Yami Yugi stated as he pulled out a magic card he chose from his graveyard.

"I don't know what you're planning, but I will not come away losing! I will think of something to defeat you!"

"That's all I need to hear," Yugi smiled. "Now, I'll activate Raigeki! This card destroys all monsters from your side of the field! That means that your Vorse Raider is gone!"

Himura gaped, watching another one of his Vorse Raiders be destroyed before his very own eyes.

"Finally, I'll activate Monster Reborn! With this, I'll resurrect my Magician of Black Chaos!"

"Him again?!"

Reappearing before Yugi was the majestic Magician of Black Chaos. He pointed its scepter directly at Himura.

"Now, my Magician, end this duel and wipe out his life points!"

Following Yugi's command, the Magician unleashed a powerful magic blast from his scepter and blasted Himura head-on. The boy screamed out as all of his life points dropped down to zero. The duel has now been decided. Himura, despite his efforts, was unable to dethrone the King of Games.

Himura/0 (2200-2800) LP

"With only 2200 left, the Magician's blast was 2800! That dealt the final blow and has won Yugi Muto the match!" Floramon announced. "What a duel! This was what I've wanted to see! An honorable duel with no dark magic involved! You have to admire Himura though. He gave it his all!"

Having been defeated, Himura sank to both knees and panted hard. He looked up to see Yami Yugi standing over him. The King of Games extended his hand to Himura. The Tsubasa boy accepted his hand and pulled himself up with Yugi's help.

(End theme)

"Yugi, that was a great duel. This is exactly what I've expected from you, friend."

"You dueled with your heart, Himura. It was an honor to duel you," Yugi smiled "Unlike our previous opponents, we dueled honorably and it's how a duel should really be contested. No tricks, shadow magic, or manipulation. You've proven to me there are duelists with honor."

"Thank you, Yugi. It was my dream to duel with you and I have fulfilled it. It would have been sweeter if I had won."

"Winning or losing don't make the duelists. In this case, it was a duel to determine who the better man was. I came out on top, but you still come out looking like a winner in my view."

"You don't know how much those words mean to me," Himura said as he stepped back. "But... I want to know what happened to... Lord Anubimon."


"Since our duel is through, I want to know what happened to Anubimon. He wasn't there when I awoke and he was one of the first I expected to see."

"Himura, I... I don't know how to break this to you," Yami Yugi sighed as he remained silent for a few moments.

"What...? How did he do in his match? At least tell me that. If he didn't win, then that was expected. I know how powerful Pharaohmon is..."

"But, you weren't there to see that monster achieve 80 percent of his strength! It was truly a frightening experience! Beelzebumon was hospitalized. Agunimon managed to survive and advanced to the next round. Anubimon... He didn't win but he..."

"He, what? Just tell me already!" Himura demanded. "What happened?!"

"Lord Anubimon has died," Goddramon's voice thundered out in the dimension.

Upon hearing this shocking revelation, Himura spun around and felt chills come down his body. His heart beats immediately sank and every muscle in his body stiffened in shock. Yami Yugi walked over to Himura and held him up from collapsing.

"Anubimon...? No, that can't be true," Himura gasped out as his face turned pale. "It can't be..."

"Himura, you just recovered from a coma. Please, calm down!" Yugi said to Himura. "If you just let Goddramon and Holydramon speak..."

"Pharaohmon killed him...? That monster! Damn it!" Himura screamed out as he pushed Yugi away. "No! This can't be true!"

"I'm afraid it is, Himura," Goddramon sighed.

Suddenly, two enormous dragons emerged from the background. The room became radiated with a brilliant heavenly light. The first dragon to emerge was golden dragon beast wearing a silver metallic mask. Numerous symbols and markings emblazoned across his body and face mask. A pair of wings sprouted from his back, however; both sides contrasted with one another. The right side had a pair of black angel wings and the left side was a pair of white wings. His body itself was elongated like a serpent's. A pair of gazelle-like horn protruded at the front of his mask. The beast's eyes were crimson and intimidating yet they also had a gentle glare to them. This really depended on his mood and he was currently at peace with the two duelists. This monster was the majestic Goddramon.

The other was a serpent-bodies rose pink dragon. Her limbs were short yet clawed. Six pairs of tiny angel wings sprouted on side of her body. A lion's mane surrounded her neck to give her an intimidating beast presence. Her face, too, was lion-like. The beast's eyes were emerald green and a pair of antelope horns protruded out of her front head. This monster was Holydramon.

"Are these really Holydramon and Goddramon? The two watchers of Paradise?" Floramon sputtered. "Whoa... I'm speechless!"

"Yes, these are the majestic watchers of Paradise," Himura introduced them to everyone. "That's besides the point... You all knew Lord Anubimon died?! Why didn't you all tell me when I awoke?!"

"Because we didn't want to ruin your chances of dueling," Yugi answered. "If you had not arrived when you did, you would have been surely disqualified. If our friends had told you beforehand, you would've lost focus."

"But, you guys held back the truth... I... I don't know what I can say... I can't even look at you!"

Yugi sighed. "Himura... I'm sorry."

"That's not enough to bring Lord Anubimon back!" Himura screamed out. "Don't you get it? He was the closest to me besides Kotori, Inumon, and Yui!"

"Himura! Please, control yourself! Especially after what you promised Kotori in your comatose state," Goddramon reminded the boy.

"That's right... I remember," Himura sighed and nodded. "But, Lord Anubimon... He's gone... All thanks to that damn Pharaohmon. Now I have another good reason to see that demon die!"

"But you have us, Himura. We're your friends and we will stand by your side to the end," Yugi addressed Himura. "You know what Anubimon said before he died?"

"What...?" Himura started to tear up. "What did he say?"

"He said that we must fight against time. Pharaohmon threw away his soul by joining a Dark God. Yes, Himura. Pharaohmon was once Anubimon's friend."

"No, that can't be true! I knew Anubimon had a friend that betrayed him, but I never thought it would be Pharaohmon. That just isn't possible."

"It is, Himura," Holydramon spoke up. "Now, you and everyone must band together to prevent Pharaohmon from winning this tournament. By uniting, your combined strength will be enough to bring that demon down and avenge Lord Anubimon's death. Please, don't walk away from this battle. We need you."

"Who said I was going to run away? I'd be a fool to leave my friends behind!" Himura shouted.

"That's right. The decisions you make will affect those all around you. By joining your friends, you will help to ensure Pharaohmon's demise. We stay true to our word," Goddramon stated promptly.

"I hope that you're right," Himura said with fists clenched. "I will carry out Anubimon's honor and Kotori's promise. I will help you guys crush Pharaohmon at any cost!"

Smiling, Yami Yugi gave Himura a pat on his right shoulder. "I know you'll help us through, Himura. You are apart of the team. You, I, Takato, Takuya, Inumon, Omegamon, and everyone else will stand united together. Today will mark the end for that monster. I guarantee it."

"I believe you, Yugi," Himura nodded as he walked towards the King of Games. "Before I go, Goddramon and Holydramon..."

"Yes, Himura?" the dragons asked simultaneously.

"Thank you for telling me. That's all I needed to hear. I know Anubimon is resting peacefully and wishes this whole nightmare end."

"It will, Himura. It will end," Holydramon assured the boy.

"We will! Count on it, your lordships," Yami Yugi bowed in respect.

As soon as they prepared to depart, a portal opened up behind them. Yugi and Himura nodded to one another before stepping through. Floramon and Tapirmon were quick to follow before the doorway closed up in front of them.

"Good luck, heroes of the Digital World," Goddramon said before disappearing with Holydramon. "Conquer this great darkness."


Phoenix Arena/Battle & Duel Platforms/10:58 PM

Back in the arena, the two battle matches were still in session. They had also witnessed the end of a well contested duel between Yugi and Himura. They also witnessed the presence of the two watchers of Paradise, which stunned everyone. Pharaohmon was amongst those viewing the big screen.

The demon watched carefully from his sky box and smiled. He overheard Himura and Yugi's vow to defeat Pharaohmon. In his malevolent mind, there wasn't anything these 'peons' could hope to stop him.

(Cue Digimon Rumble Arena OST – The Biggest Dreamer)

In Arena A, Gallantmon was already on his feet and ready to go. Angedramon aimed her staff forward and fired another Holy Apocalypse. The Royal Knight saw this attack coming forth and evaded. He launched himself forward and let out a powerful beam from his cannon, hitting her from the side.

"Shield of the Just!"

Before Angedramon had time to react, the blast caught her and pushed her downwards. The force of the blow caused her body to arch forward and slam through the ring surface. Upon hitting the ring, she turned back to Felinismon and lied unconscious. Gallantmon hovered down to the ring whilst waiting for the referee to make call.

"There goes Angedramon and she gets knocked back to Felinismon! Gallantmon managed to knock this one out of the ball park! Etemon, start the count!"

Back in Arena B, Beowulfmon turned the tide of the fight against ShadowMetalGarurumon. Amidst the heat of the battle, ShadowMetalGarurumon's heavy bombardments forced Kouji to Fuse Evolve to Beowulfmon.

Brandishing his blade, Beowulfmon rapidly raced forward meeting ShadowMetalGarurumon head-on. Both raced towards each other with one goal in mind: victory.

Raising his sword overhead, Beowulfmon summoned a large spirit wolf made of energy.

"Frozen Hunter!"

The metallic wolf continued his charge until the spirit wolf stopped his tracks by engulfing him. As the attack overwhelmed the dark metal wolf, Beowulfmon turned around and watched ShadowMetalGarurumon collapse. The Mega regressed to DarkGabumon.

"Now, ShadowMetalGarurumon goes down! Etemon is already on seven back in Arena A!"

"...Eight! Nine! Ten!" Etemon exclaimed while signaling to the announcer. "Felinismon was unable to answer the ten count! Gallantmon is your winner!"

"There you have it! Gallantmon is the first name to advance to the quarter-finals! That just leaves a winner to be decided in Arena B!" Lillymon announced.

Gallantmon scooped Felinismon up in his arms and carried out of the ring. Suddenly, he stopped to find the Duel Dome descending down from the ceiling.

"Here comes the Duel Dome to drop our duelists off back to the arena. I must say that we should give those two a standing ovation for their efforts in giving us an exhilarating duel!"

As the dome stadium opened, Himura and Yugi emerged with Floramon and Tapirmon behind them.

"Great duel, you guys! You sure gave them a good show just like you promised them!" Gallantmon acknowledged.

"Looks like you went a little too rough on Felinismon there, Gallantmon," Yami noticed the unconscious Felinismon.

"She'll be just fine. I made sure not to go overboard with my attack."

"Well, you now advance to the next round, Gallantmon. Congratulations," Himura commended Takato's partner.

"Thank you."

"...Nine! Ten!" Etemon called out and signaled to Lillymon. "DarkGabumon was unable to answer my ten count! Beowulfmon wins and will advance to the next round!"

"We have our first two official winners of the Shadow Tournament!" announced Lillymon. "Gallantmon and Beowulfmon advance to the next round! Give it up for these competitors! They gave us an excellent opening show!"

(End theme)

As the audience heavily applauded the competitors, Beowulfmon picked DarkGabumon up and carried him on his back. He headed over to greet Himura. Then, the four headed to the entrance to meet with the others in the infirmary center.

"WAY TO GO, KOUJI! YOU DID IT, MY BOY!" Bokomon screamed out through the megaphone. "You see that everyone? That Beowulfmon is a dear friend of mine! I am honored to see that boy coming out a winner! Oh, Kouji, how you and your friends have made me proud!"

"Um, hey, rabbit?" an Ogremon whispered into Neemon's ear. "You know that whack job?"

Neemon tilted his head. "Um... who?"

"Never mind."

Also watching from the audience were the three Dra-Warriors: Flamedramon, Luzdramon and Panzerdramon. They viewed the crowd and avoided getting caught amidst the fanatics. Flamedramon instinctively tucked his head as a beer bottle nearly smacked his face.

"Whew, thank goodness I was able to dodge those last beer bottles!" Flamedramon wiped his forehead. "Those were some great matches and well worth the pay!"

"Of course, you know that's not why we're here, Flamedramon," Luzdramon reminded him. "We're here to scout the arena and check for anything unusual."

"Right and report anything peculiar to Lord Imperialdramon," Panzerdramon nodded. "Where is he anyway?"

"He said he'd meet with us or our two colleagues helping those human girls find the Priestess' sword," Luzdramon stated. "Either way, he will come. Then, we can help these Earth heroes against Pharaohmon."

"So, for the time being, we're just here to watch the festivities?" Flamedramon asked.

"Until Pharaohmon competes again," Panzerdramon said.

"We wrap up the first of our second day matches! Yugi advances to the next round and awaits the winner of the next duel. Guilmon and Wolfmon advance to the next round of the battle tournament! Their opponents have yet to be determined until we complete all of our battle matches before the quarterfinal rounds! Next, we will be taking a ten minute recess to allow the ring crew to clean up the mess and allow the competitors to get themselves ready. In the meantime, I will be drawing out names from a lottery to determine who competes against whom in our three matches!"


Phoenix Arena/Infirmary Room #7/11:05 AM

Watching the results of the matches, the group was happy to see great sportsmanship and no bloodbaths after yesterday's gruesome outcomes.

The door opened up behind them. Everyone turned around to find Guilmon carrying Felinismon on his back, Yami Yugi, Kouji with DarkGabumon on his back and, Himura.

"Himura! Felinismon!" Jeri rushed over to see them both. She checked over Felinismon and shook her. "Will she be ok?"

"Felinismon's tough. She'll wake up," Guilmon said, placing her on Himura's vacant bed.

Takato patted Guilmon's head. "Still, you did go just a teeny bit overboard."

"You think so?"

"Maybe not. Felinismon has taken worse shots, especially from WarDevidramon."

"Himura, you dueled great out there, but too bad you and DarkGabumon didn't win," Yui said, hugging her brother first and watching Kouji set DarkGabumon on a chair. "But, I shouldn't complain, right? You two did your best."

"Thanks, Yui," Himura smiled, ruffing her hair. "Thanks for not going crazy out there with my sister's Digimon, Kouji."

"Nah, Dark Gabumon really gave it his all out there. I was impressed, but I've dealt with guys at his level before."

"That was some duel you guys," Takuya approached Yugi and Himura. "It was a nice fresh of breath air to see a fair duel."

Kenta remarked. "Especially one that doesn't involve shadow magic! Don't know what I would've done without MarineAngemon."

"Pi! Pi!" The tiny pink Digimon chirped out.

"In any case, we must remain cautious for the remaining matches. Lance is still in this tournament," Renamon reminded everyone in the room.

Joey added. "That's right. Nothing is cool as long as that guy is still in this thing."

"We should find Kaiba and warn him," Yami Yugi suggested. "If he is pitted against Lance, there's no telling what shadow spells he has in store for Kaiba."

"Like he'll ever listen to us," Tristan shrugged. "He'll again pass it off as some hocus pocus crap."

"I mean look where we are! A Digital World and I don't see Kaiba refusing to acknowledge its existence!" Tea concurred. "I guess anything dealing with technology or digital reality is dream for him."

Ryo sardonically quipped. "Sounds like one swell guy."

"You don't know the half of it, buddy," Duke sighed heavily.

"Himura, it's good to have you back, buddy," Inumon hugged Himura tightly.

"Ack! Can't breathe here!"

"Whoops, sorry about that," the dark canine modestly shook his head. "Anyway, what did you talk to Goddramon about?"

"You guys don't have to hide it anymore. I'm sure you all heard it from the broadcast. Goddramon told me everything about Anubimon's fate."

"He did...? And you're taking it rather well," Jaarin said.

"I was upset and broke down as you clearly saw on the big screen. I wanted to blame you for not telling me sooner, but it's a good thing I waited until after the duel. Otherwise, I wouldn't have performed well against Yugi. When Yugi told me about Anubimon's last request, I'm more determined than ever to stand with you guys to the end. We want Pharaohmon defeated as soon as possible. Isn't that right?"

"That's right, Himura," Rika nodded. "You don't know how much we wanted to hear that from you. No offense, but I was honestly sick of your moping."

"None taken. Besides, being comatose has helped to clear my head. Inumon, you're in this tournament and I know you won't let us down."

"You can count on me!" Inumon saluted his partner. "I hope I get paired off against that damn snake! He and I have unsettled business."

"And it'll be up to us duelists to ensure Lance doesn't win the duel tournament," Yami Yugi openly declared.

"Count me in. Anything to kick the snot out of that brat," added a determined Mai.

Joey poked Mai in the arm. "Fired up as always, huh, Mai?"

"You know it, Joseph."

"We're so going to own this tournament!" Kazu cracked a smile. "Lance has to contend with Chumley, Yugi, Joey, Mai, Rika, and Kaiba! The odds are so stacked against him!"

"Let's hope so," Lopmon said.

"Lance is going down!" Guardromon agreed with his partner.

'Then again, I have to wonder what Lance and Pharaohmon could be scheming. They aren't the types to enter a battle without contingency plans. After what they were capable of yesterday, we have to enter these tournaments with extreme caution.' Yugi spoke through the Pharaoh's thoughts.

Yami Yugi warned everyone present. "We must be extremely careful. The fates of the two worlds are at stake."

The Tamers, Digimon, Duelists, and the Legendary Warriors took heed of Yugi's reminder and realized what they were truly fighting for.

"I know, Yugi. I know what we must do," Takato said.

Just then, the voice of Lillymon chimed in from the intercoms. "Attention everyone! This is your lovely hostess, Lillymon, speaking! I've drawn two of the random lottery picks for our next duel! The next duelists to compete next will be Joey Wheeler and Mai Valentine!"

As soon as this announcement was made, Joey squeaked out in shock and slowly shifted his eyes towards Mai. The blonde-haired beauty simply crossed her arms and smiled proudly.

"Well, you heard the nice Lillymon, Joseph. We're up next!"

"But, I'm dueling against you..."

"What of it? It's our rematch and my opportunity to whip your butt this time," Mai slapped him across the back while heading out the door.

"We'll see. I've gotten much better myself."

"This is great. I'm sure you two will do well. I for one am looking forward to it," Yami Yugi smiled to his friends.

"Um, may the best duelist win then?" Joey extended his hand to Mai.

"Sure, but I'm here to win. When I beat you, then I'll take care of Lance myself if I have to."

"Don't get too overconfident, Mai," Tea said, leery of Mai's sudden shift in character. "Joey has gotten better at dueling."

"I know and I want to see how well he stacks up against me now."

"Give it your best, you two," Takato said.

"Yeah, we're the only girls that advanced this far," Rika approached Mai. "Let's hope one of us makes it further."

"I am also happy to announce that the four lottery pick names for the dual battle matches have also been confirmed. In Arena A, Renamon will compete against Kuzuhamon! In Arena B, Kurama battles Agunimon! Competitors show up or be forced to become disqualified!"

Upon hearing this announcement, Renamon's eyes lit. She finally got what she desired. Inumon cautiously approached Renamon and patted her right shoulder.

"Looking forward to this one, Renamon? You finally get your paws on that crazy lady."

"After what I saw last night, she's not going to last long with me. Remember, that one form you suggested I use that I haven't had the chance to reach?"

"You mean...?"

The yellow fox nodded. "Let's keep that secret until the match, ok?"

"Right, I got it," Inumon nodded. Man, Kuzuhamon is so going down!

"So, I'm competing against that Kurama guy who helped us with those Scarabmon back home?" Takuya said. "Cool, at least I'm competing against a good guy!"

Junpei gave Takuya a thumbs-up. "We're behind you all the way, buddy!"

"Good luck, Takuya," Kouichi and Kouji replied simultaneously.

"Kick some butt, kid," Jaarin slapped the boy on his back.

Izumi chimed in. "Win one for us, Takuya."

"Don't worry guys. Nothing's going to happen. I'll bet this Kurama will play fairly by the rules," he reassured his colleagues.

"This tournament has certainly become more unpredictable than I even imagined," Yami Yugi said, watching Takuya, Renamon, Joey, and Mai leave the room.


Deep into Tropical Gorillamon Forests/Hohou Sovereign Temple Outskirts/11:10 AM

After over an hour and a half of traveling, the Dra-Warrior duo and Labramon opened some brushed to let the Sailor Senshi and the Legendary Warrior trio through. Gazing ahead, their eyes immediately lit up and some mouths dropped at the sight of the temple they've been searching for.

Standing in plain sight before everyone was an ancient temple ruins stretching outward, approximately being the size of a soccer stadium. It was ruined enough to have been abandoned for thousands of years. A tall tower structure stood tall like one of the Digimon Emperor's Dark Towers.

"Wow...!" Cammy was speechless beyond words. "Is this it?!"

Ami noted the architecture. "Looks like one of the ancient temples from ancient China and Japan."

"It is," Rei replied. "Though, to think that Digimon could copy our style of architecture. This is incredible!"

"This temple has been lost for the past thousands of digicycles. Perhaps more," Herodramon informed everyone.

Labramon coughed from the residue in the air. "Yep and it still looks cruddy with all the moss! This place could use some redecorating if you ask me! And it still smells around here! Yuck!"

"Please, respect the ancient grounds, Labramon," Ninjadramon sighed. "Not everything needs to be tampered with. These were holy grounds."

"Did the Priestess use this temple during those Great Wars?" Cammy asked.

"No, but the sword was first created here by ancient holy Digimon and weapon smiths," Herodramon stated. "It was then that they gave the sword to the Sovereigns to hand to the previous Priestess. Here you will find the sword and receive her power."

"Well, I'm just glad we made it this far! I don't ever want to go on another long journey like that again," Minako said fatigued while wiping her forehead.

Hotaru inquired. "So, I take it there aren't any guards or enemies to prevent us from entering?"

"I don't think so. I'm not sensing any presences," Ninjadramon closed his eyes, focusing on picking up on activities. "Everything seems to be clear."

"I don't know," Rei walked past Ninjadramon and sensed her surroundings. "Something is just not right here and what I felt earlier definitely had a dark vibe."

"Yes, I do recall a dark presence temporarily before it disappeared. What do you think it could be?"

"You said yourself that we were most likely being watched," Setsuna said.

"In any case, we must be careful," Dimitro informed everyone. "Right, Vega?"

Vega anxiously clenched his fists. "I'm ready for anything."

"That's awfully reassuring," sighed Sam.

"Calm down, everyone, let's just stick together and I'm sure nothing will come up," Ami rallied the group together.

"Yeah, leave it to Ami get calm everyone down," Makoto nodded. "Who am I kidding? I'm anxious to know who is watching us."

Just as everyone gathered together, a swift figure came passing by within a blink of an eye and snatched away Labramon. They stopped and realized that they were one member short.

"Where's Labramon?!" Makoto exclaimed.

"Huh! I didn't even see him move!" Artemis shouted. "I didn't think he'd scram that fast!"

"No, he didn't run off! Take a look up there!" Minako pointed towards a pillar top.

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST - Panic)

The group veered upwards to find a ginger-skinned ogre wearing an animal's pelt skin around his waist and wielding a club in his right hand. Tucked underneath his left arm was Labramon, who struggled to break free of the monster's grip.

"It's a Fuugamon!" Ninjadramon shouted.

"Fuugamon...?" Rei looked up to the ginger-schemed creature. "An ogre type, huh?"

"Ha! I've got your friend and now I'm going to have some fun with him!" Fuugamon laughed. "But, I have some friends here you can play with for the time being...! Here they come now!"

Pointing his club towards the temple entrance, a loud stampeding was heard. The group braced themselves as they saw a cluster of white and black knights storming down carrying heavy swords.

"Ack! Just what are those?!" Artemis panicked as he scrambled up into Cammy's arms.

"Knightmon and NegaKnightmon!" Herodramon replied as he stepped into a battle position. "Be careful with their Berserker Knife and Armor Sword."

"Well, I know how to tell between a Knightmon and a NegaKnightmon," Vega said.

Sam asked. "How?"

"The Knightmon are the lighter-colored ones and the NegaKnightmon are the black ones."

Dimitro remarked. "Gee, you just figured that one out now?"

"Brace yourselves everyone! Ninjadramon!"

"Right, Herodramon!" the ninja Digimon exclaimed as he stood by Herodramon's side.

"Time for us to henshin, girls!" Ami declared. "Hotaru-chan! Setsuna-san!"

Nodding in reply, both Outer Senshi pulled out their transformation rods. Ami did the same.

"Makoto! Minako!" Rei shouted. "Let's show these guys what we're made of!"

"You got it!" Makoto agreed.

"I'm ready!" Minako pulled out her device.

"Let's waste these damn tin cans and save Labramon!" Vega shouted while drawing out his D-Scanner. "Sam? Dimitro? You guys ready?"

"Always!" the two teens replied.

"Execute! Spirit Evolution!"




In place of the three humans were the Warriors of Earth, Wood, and Metal respectively.

Next, the three Sailor Senshi underwent their transformations using their henshin rods/sticks.

"Mercury Crystal Power! Make-Up!"

"Pluto Planet Power! Make-Up!"

"Saturn Planet Power! Make-Up!"

In no time, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Pluto, and Sailor Saturn became garbed in their Sailor gear and ready for combat.

Finally, the final three underwent their transformations into Ninja Sailors.

"Sailor Storm! Ninja Form!"

Rei, Makoto, and Minako emerged garbed in their ninja sailor forms with their respective planet symbols shining through their foreheads.

The female ninja trio joined the others on the battlefield to fight off the Knightmon and NegaKnightmon forces.

"Whoa! I see you got you some powerful buddies, Labramon!" Fuugamon laughed while drooling all over the canine Digimon.

"PLEASE! SAVE ME FROM THIS DROOLING LUNATIC!" Labramon screamed at the base of his voice.

"Don't worry, Labramon! We're going to save you!" Cammy called out to him.

Fuugamon laughed idiotically. "Hah! Nobody's saving this puppy dog!"

Ninja Venus scowled. "Oooo, wait until I knock that stupid grin off that jerk's ugly face!"

"I have an idea," Ninjadramon suggested. "Venus, Mars, Jupiter, you three come with me into the temple with Cammy. That way we can retrieve the sword and finish this mission quickly!"

"That's exactly what I was gonna suggest," Ninja Mars said.

"Meanwhile, the others can hold off the NegaKnightmon and Knightmon," Ninja Jupiter stated. "Good! This will also give us a chance to regain our powers quicker and rescue Labramon!"

"Here's a fair warning, girls. When we step inside, we should expect the unexpected and not split apart," Ninjadramon informed the girls.

Yeah, I'm getting more dark vibes from that temple. Ninja Mars thought while eyeing the ancient temple. There's got to be more than Fuugamon. But, this is our only chance! We can get the sword, restore the priestess powers dormant in Cammy and regain our powers! If we screw this up, there's no chance of us of ever stopping Pharaohmon. It's now or never!

(End theme)



Robin: Yo, everyone! This is Robin from the Teen Titans to give you guys the sneak peek for the next episode! The second set of matches is getting underway.

Robin (TT GO!): Yeah, Joey and Mai's rematch from Duelist Kingdom!

Mai: Show me everything you've learned since we last dueled, Joey.

Joey: I'll bring it to ya, Mai!

Kouichi: Meanwhile, Kuzuhamon and Renamon go one on one! Wait until you see Renamon show Kuzuhamon and everyone her new battle form. It'll blow your mind!

Kuzuhamon: What?! You can reach a new mode?!

Sakuyamon: More or less, but you won't stick around long enough to find out.

Kenta: And Kurama steps in Arena B with Agunimon! Watch as the red-haired fox shows Agunimon how his plants fare against his flames.

Agunimon: No way! This guy can grow his own plants and use them as weapons! Well, they're no match for my flames!

Kurama: I advise caution when facing my plants, Agunimon.

Takato: Meanwhile, Bakura and Duskmon are up to no good as they spring another trap to draw out Kouichi.

Duskmon: Bakura, this time your plan better be effective in helping me crush Loweemon once and for all.

Yami Bakura: Fool, you don't realize that I'm merely using you in the grand scheme of my plans.

Izumi: You guys! I forgot to mention that Jaarin and I have to tell you something after extracting information from MarineDevimon!

Himura: What?! You mean he's after seven pieces of a Demon God?!

Junpei: Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse.

Sailor Pluto: These Knightmon and NegaKnightmon sure are persistent! But, even our combined powers can crush them!

Sailor Saturn: More are coming! They've also brought reinforcements! Karatenmon!

Ninjadramon: Girls, we must be cautious when inside the temple. There are traps and enemies lurking when we least expect it.

Ninja Venus: Like more Knightmon!

Ninja Mars: That's more than just half it. Now we have a demented Pinocchio toying with us!

Puppetmon: Ah, now that was rude! You guys have stuck your nose where it doesn't belong! Our master is gonna make sure you don't get the sword!

Ninja Jupiter: Master?

Fuugamon: Master, I've put the Labramon under control. Uh, what now?

Malevolent voice: Easy, you go and remind the Knightmon to keep those fools out of my chamber! We will ensure they don't leave and head back to Lord Pharaohmon's tournament!

Bokomon: Next time on Wrath of Pharaohmon: Redux!

Duelist Kingdom Rematch, Joey vs Mai! Entering the Sovereign Temple!

SkullSatanmon: Um, hey! Marine Devimon! Let's go pick on those three Dra-Warriors! They don't seem to present a challenge!

Flamedramon: Um, excuse me? You two are joking, right?


A/N: Himura recovers just in time to get his dream duel with Yugi. Despite losing, he still couldn't be much happier getting the rare shot of the King of Games. Looking back, this was one of the better duels of the Shadow Tournament. Unfortunately, Himura has just learned of Anubimon's fate, but thanks to Goddramon's encouragement, he's reminded that Pharaohmon must be stopped.

The battle royal featured no villains mucking up fair competition consisting of the good guys. Originally, Felinismon debuted Angedramon in this chapter from the original version, but as you've seen in Redux she got to show it off early. Guilmon and Wolfmon advance to the next round!

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