A/N: Here's to another edition of WoP: Redux. But, before we move forward to the Shadow Tournament fun, I have an announcement.

With the tenth anniversary of my YYGDM underway, and since this is a revision of the series' first season, I've decided to deem this a tenth anniversary special. If you think about it, it's fitting since this is a revision of the first story in the series. Moreover, this story officially replaces the original version of WoP and sets the path leading to the rest of the series (up to the current ongoing Dawn of Chaos story) without affecting the canoncity of the future stories.

The original WoP will still remain. In fact, I've had this idea in mind for a while and decided to retcon the original version to become the timeline that eventually diverges, becoming Chibi-Usa, the Neo Senshi, and the Signers' future.

In other words: WoP (Original) – Rajita – Taiyoukai – Miscell. (Summer Diaries, Across Dimensions, etc.) – Dawn of Chaos (alternate) – Miscell. (Siege of GranDracmon, etc.) - Crystal Tokyo/Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds future.

WoP (Redux) – Rajita – Taiyoukai – Miscell (SD, AD, etc.) - Dawn of Chaos (current) – Miscell. (SofD, etc.) - Future stuff yet to be set in stone.

Yeah, the Dawn of Chaos events in the first timeline listed above ends up having similar and different outcomes, but in the end the good guys still win. This is the same alternate future where the future Sailor Charon ends up being sealed by the Senshi only to later be unsealed by Professor Frank. I may one day give a detailed summary of what happens in this alternate Dawn of Chaos, but that will have to wait until after Redux is done. It may be posted as a separate Gaiden chapter.

This way at least the original WoP won't be thrown to the wayside and will still be preserved as part of the franchise's history.

With that, that's enough info dump and rambling. Back to the story!


Chapter 30

Revival of Sailor Power! Hellhound vs. Serpent, Inumon and Basiliskmon's Clash!


Phoenix Arena/Battle & Duel Platforms/12:22 PM

"This next duel I'm sure everyone here are anticipating! Two of the Digimon Tamers will be pit against one another! Takato and Rika! How is that for a pairing? Before all else, let's bring out Takato Matsuda and Rika Nonaka!"

The audiences cheered heavily as the duelists emerged from the entrance. Rika turned and smirked, acknowledging her fans. Takato timidly waved to the crowds cheering him as well.

"Welcome our two duelists! They didn't come all the way here tonight to disappoint you all! Rika made this far by defeating Ryo Akiyama in the first round in what many consider as an upset. She's also managed to win over many fans from Athenamon's kingdom! As for Takato, this courageous and valiant goggle-wearing kid defeated the Dungeon Dice creator Duke Devlin! What makes this pairing interesting is the fact that they have worked together as a part of the Digimon Tamers. Together, they have defeated the Devas, my beloved Beelzebumon, and the D-Reaper. They even gave Lord Zhuqiaomon a run for his marbles! Earlier, we've also seen their Digimon advance to the next round in the battle tournament! This is one duel I, for one, am looking forward to!"

As they made their way toward the ring, Rika turned and formed a sly smirk. "Getting nervous, goggle head?"

"Um... no, why should I be? I'm just getting adjusted to these large crowds."

"Let's make one thing clear. When we start dueling, don't hold back on my account or you'll insult me as a duelist. Prepare to give me all you've got cause I intend to pull out all my cards."

Nodding, Takato grinned sheepishly. "Sure, thing! I'll give you my best!"

"I don't intend to hold back! You want me to duel my best? I'll give you my best!"

"That's what I'd like to hear, goggle head."

As they entered the duel dome, Etemon checked them.

Lillymon announced "We already have our duelists out and ready! Now, let's bring out our combatants! First, representing Pharaohmon's coalition, Basiliskmon and Piedmon!"

The crowd reacted with enormous jeers and profane remarks/gestures from the crowds. Piedmon and Basiliskmon emerged from the entrance separately one after the other. Piedmon walked into Arena A and Basiliskmon slithered inside Arena B

"And let's bring out their opponents...!"

Suddenly, before Lillymon could finish, Inumon came bolting down the entrance in a hurry and slid into Arena B with great timing. Inumon hardened a intense glare toward Basiliskmon as he was ready to tear his hide. The devilish serpent openly taunted Inumon, giggling evilly.

"Inumon is not waiting any longer! He can sure taste the thought of tearing Basiliskmon limb from limb! These two go a long way back since the days in the Dark Area!" Lillymon announced. "Once Inumon calms down and enters Arena A, we have yet to see Sailor Uranus. Has she decided to call it quits and go home? If so, then Piedmon will be declared the winner..."

"Hold right there!" A woman interjected before Lillymon can finish.

The audience looked up to find a figure standing on top of a pole. It was Sailor Uranus. She veered down over to Arena B where Piedmon awaited her.

"Wait a minute! I see her! Sailor Uranus has indeed shown up to compete! Call that a miscall on my part! There's no way you can count out these Earth heroes! Piedmon was hoping he would get a bye in the tournament, but not today!"

"I'm going to have fun with you," Piedmon chortled.

"Guarded by Uranus, planet of the skies! I am the soldier of the sky, Sailor Uranus!"

Then, Sailor Neptune came into plain sight from the audience.

"And I! Guarded by Neptune, the planet of the deep sea! I am the soldier of affinity, Sailor Neptune!"

"Two soldiers from the outer rim of the solar system..."

"...led by a new danger..."

"...have arrived!"

The Dark Master looked up and watched Sailor Uranus gracefully leap from the post. She landed in Arena B and turned toward Piedmon.

Piedmon quickly drew out his swords ready to skewer her.

"Oh please," Uranus scoffed, pulling out her Space Sword. "You want sword play? I'm happy to oblige."

"A swordsman, too? This will be quite interesting."

"Um, I'm a woman, idiot."

"EH! What? You lie!"

"Afraid not, Bozo the Clown."

"Now, Inumon's managed to get inside the ring but he can't seem to restrain himself from wanting to tear Basiliskmon apart!" Lillymon announced. "We'll keep these four from starting until we can get Rika and Takato into the dome duel for their upcoming match. Duelists, take your places inside the dome!"

"Hey, it's one of the Senshi that saved us when Nemesis attacked us!" Rika pointed across to Arena B.

"The one with the short hair?" Takato asked.

"Really. I just hope she beats the crap out of Piedmon."

"Same here, Rika. And let's hope Inumon takes down Basiliskmon."

Rika added. "If we want Terriermon and the Warrior of Ice back, he's going to have to defeat that snake."

"And he will. Let's put our faith in Inumon."

"Ok, kiddos. Time for you to get ready. You're duel is about to start and I've found the perfect place to send you off," Etemon informed the Tamers.

Etemon closed the door to the dome and activated the system establishing the coordinates for their duel site: Rosemon Valley. The duel dome immediately ascended toward the ceiling.

"As we speak, the two duelists are being transported to their duel location! In the meantime, let's get some opinions from a few of our loyal fans!" Lillymon said, hopping out from her booth. Picking up her mike, she sighted Gekomon. "You sir! May I ask which match you're looking most forward to?"

Gekomon answered, blowing hard into the mike.

"Hey, not spitting on my mike!"

"Um, what was the question again?"

Dumbfounded, Lillymon withdrew her mike and noticed bobcat-like Digimon with rooster-like feathers sitting a few seats on the left.

"How about you?"

Socramon answered. "My name is Socramon and I'm pulling for Inumon to tear that no good snake's hide up! We're cheering for you to win, Inumon!"

Lillymon pulled away the mike and spoke. "Inumon's loyal following are pulling for their favorite hellhound. Now, let's not waste anymore time! Let's get the dual battle matches ready!"

Inumon eyed Basiliskmon hatefully. Piedmon and Sailor Uranus hardened their glares.

"As an official for the Shadow Tournament, I declare the dual battle matches of this round to begin!" Etemon declared, signaling for the bell.

(Cue Digimon Rumble Arena OST – Bad Guy's Festival)

Once the buzzer sounded off, Inumon quickly bumrushed Basiliskmon in a hurry. With claws extracted, the hellhound went into berserker mode and lunged at the serpent. The devilish serpent was prepared as he expelled poisonous darts from his mouth.


Inumon quickly flickered out and vanished from plain sight, which dumbfounded the snake. As he turned around, he got clocked in the face by Inumon's punch. Despite being in his Champion-level state, he packed enough power in his punch to rattle Basiliskmon.

"A right hand jab from Inumon knocks Basiliskmon for a loop!" Lillymon announced. "You know Inumon's been saving that one for him!"

Pulling himself up from the ring floor, Basiliskmon hissed at Inumon. Undeterred, the dark canine was too tense as his body filled with anger for every crime Basiliskmon's committed.

"Nice punch, Inumon. I confess that did hurt," Basiliskmon snickered. "But, here I still stand ready to take your life!"

"All you ever care for is claiming another victim rather than achieve victory. That's so like you, Basiliskmon," Inumon growled intensely, shaking with anger. "I'm not here to play around! You've put me and Himura through enough pain!"

"Heh, you can try. After I'm done with you, that yellow fox will be my next victim! Oh, she absolutely looks delicious enough to devour."

"You put a scale on her and it will be the end for you," Inumon warned, deepening his tone.

Wasting no time, Basiliskmon slithered across the ring so quickly Inumon had difficulty keeping track. The serpent attempted tail whipping him from a corner, but Inumon jumped into the air evading the tail.

"Take this, you scaly bastard!" Inumon roared. Before he could conjure an attack, Basiliskmon instinctively whipped his tail across and struck Inumon's chest.

Howling with pain, Inumon hit the ring and rubbed the area the snake struck him. Basiliskmon snickered and used his tail to pick the fallen canine up. He held him by his right leg and dangled him like a piece of meat.

"Foolish mongrel! Remember, you brought this upon yourself!" Basiliskmon chuckled while he throwing Inumon around using his long tail. "I think I'm going to consume you! Hahaha!"

"Inumon is not even moving! Could this be the end for our beloved hellhound?" Lillymon announced the match at hand. "Meanwhile, Piedmon and Uranus are crazy sword play! I'm no expert in this field of battle, but it might appear Piedmon's biting off more than he can chew!"

Sailor Uranus lunged forward bringing her Space Sword forward for a front strike. The Dark Master conjured up two swords to counter the Senshi's attack. The two sword-wielders sprang around back and forth dodging one another's sword strikes. They diverged across opposite ends of the ring and meticulously eyed each other.

"You're a pretty good swordsman, Sailor!" Piedmon commended the Outer. "I was wrong to underestimate you, but don't go believing you have this match won."

"Do tell," Sailor Uranus rebuked, stepping into a battle stance. "I'm not here to compliment you. I'm here to defeat you!"

Piedmon cackled and readied his swords. "Oh, you can try, but you will fail! Let's dispense of this chit-chat! Trump Sword!"

Once he called out his attack, Piedmon launched his swords at Uranus' direction. Forced to change her battle strategies, she dodged the incoming swords and turned around preparing to knock them away. When she prepared to block, the swords vanished without a trace.

Befuddled, Uranus scanned for the swords. "Where did they go?!"

"Hahah! Can't seem to track my swords, Miss Sailor?" Piedmon taunted. "This is one of many tricks. One second they're gone, but the next you'll never know where they'll strike you next!"

Sailor Uranus veered to her right and sighted the swords flying at her direction. Bringing her Space Sword up, she knocked aside the swords. The swords flew right back into Piedmon's hands.

Ugh, Neptune's mirror would come in handy by now! Uranus scowled, breathing hard a bit whist collecting herself. No, I have to do this on my own! I can beat this freak!

"Lost your nerve yet?" Piedmon inquired, smirking evilly.

"Not even! I've taken on worse!"

"Ah, bold statement. Don't worry though. I plan on dragging this out much further!"

The two competitors faced off and encircled each other.

"Piedmon and Sailor Uranus are back to sizing one another up. Let's hope Uranus can counter Piedmon's tricks and traps. And... Oh! Basiliskmon is putting the squeeze on Inumon! Wait! Inumon's about to evolve! Business just picked up!"

"Inumon! Chou Shinka!"

Throwing Inumon across the ring, Basiliskmon was blinded by the bright aura from Inumon's glowing form. He hissed from the light piercing into his skin and burning his hide.


"Just how cool are Inumon's forms?!" Lillymon announced, awestruck by the hellhound's digivolved forms. "And naturally Basiliskmon is none too happy to see this! Can Inumon finally secure his revenge?!"

The serpent's demonic eyes darted back and forth until he sighted InfernoInumon in plain sight.

"InfernoInumon? You are one full of surprises, my dear friend."

"Don't you call me your friend!" InfernoInumon roared. "Not after everything you put me through!"

"Ah, c'mon, I bet enjoyed that moment I killed that brat? I bet you savored it. You're a virus just like me."

Before he could finish, InfernoInumon spun around creating a tornado of black flames.

"Inferno Tornado!" The hellhound unleashed another tornado made of dark flames, which slammed into the serpent, causing him to scream in pain.

"AUGHHH!" Basiliskmon screamed. The black fire tornado sent him sailing across the ring. He landed sporting burn marks over his scaly hide. Seething mad, he rose up and screamed in rage. "You're enjoying this! YOU BURNED ME AND YOU'RE ENJOYING THIS! AREN'T YOU?!"

InfernoInumon stayed silent and watched Basiliskmon carefully.

"With those two once again preparing to tear each other limb from limb, let's now focus on the big screen! Takato and Rika are preparing for their duel! Floramon has the live coverage from the Rosemon Valley! Take it away, girl!"


Phoenix Arena/Infirmary Center #7/12:27 PM

The group were glued to their seats viewing the battle matches. The Tamers and Legendary Warriors placed their hopes on Inumon. They realized there were two methods to restoring Terriermon and Tomoki: shattering Basiliskmon's forehead emerald or slaying the serpent. The ones who were getting the most anxious were the Wong family and the Legendary Warriors

"Inumon's looking awesome and he just got Basiliskmon good with that flame tornado!" Kazu laughed excitedly. "He's got this in the bag, guys!"

"Inumon is our main Digimon!" Guardromon shouted, throwing his hands up and dancing.

Himura tried hard not to laugh as he became too painstakingly glued to the match.

"Hey, Himura?" Jeri whispered.

He replied, clenching his teeth and hands hard. "Inumon needs to defeat Basiliskmon if we hope to restore Terriermon and Tomoki."

"C'mon, Inumon! We're counting on you!" Izumi cried out at the television.

"We really want the little squirt back!" Junpei clasped his hands together.

"Kouji? Inumon's going to win," Kouichi said, veering over to his brother, who was sitting on a chair.

Kouji answered plainly. "Basiliskmon's a tricky one. Inumon needs to go for that gem quick. Or, he can make things more gruesome and tear that snake apart."

"Don't worry, Henry. Inumon will beat Basiliskmon and Terriermon will be back to his old witty self again," Jaarin reassured her brother while patting his back. "Don't lose hope."

"I won't, big sister," Henry sighed. Inumon now sees blood as far as I'm concerned. What if he eventually loses control over his own conscience?

"Go, Inumon! We know you can do it!" Guilmon cheered on.

"Hey, let's not forget Rika and Takato are gonna duel, guys!" Kenta made sure to remind everyone in the room.

Kazu slapped his forehead. "Duh! How could I forget about Chumley and Rika? This one's gonna get good. Hope Chumley doesn't choke now."

"Well, I'm excited to see how this duel turns out between Rika and Takato. I was surprised she managed to beat me," Ryo watched the monitor. "Takato, brace yourself. This will be one tough duel for you."

While everyone was ready for the upcoming duel, Renamon was solely concerned for Inumon.

(End theme)


Digital World/Section Rose 173-9B67: Rosemon Valley/12:30 PM

The two duelists were standing apart on a large meadow field decorated with roses and various flowers. Trees were quite plentiful beyond the rose valley.

"Ladies and gents! We're getting set for the third duel of the second day! If you thought the first two were good enough, this one is highly anticipated! Two best friends and fellow Tamers will duel to determine who's the better duelist! Now, without delay, let this match..."

The two duelists placed their decks into their Duel Disks and firmly locked eyes. Their hearts pounded quickly in this sheer anticipation.



(Cue Digimon Tamers – Slash!)

They drew out five cards to their hands and activated their life points.

Rika/8000 LP

Takato/8000 LP

"Here we go! The tension is already mounting!" Floramon announced.

"Ladies first, Rika"

"Thanks, goggle head," Rika smirked coolly. "To start things off, I'll set one card facedown in defense mode and place another card facedown. That ends my turn."

"Great! I'm up now!" Takato drew and summoned a face-up card on the field. "I summon my Mad Sword Beast in attack mode!"

Emerging from out of the card was a Triceratops with a blade, which doubled as a front horn.

Mad Sword Beast

LVL/4 ATK/1400 DEF/1200

"No wonder I call you and your partner dino boys," Rika chuckled. "That's all?"

"I've only just begun! Next, I'll summon Gilasaurus!" Takato declared as he summoned a second face-up card.

"Wait a minute! You've already played a normal summon for this turn."

"Gilasaurus's effect is such that I can treat its normal summon as a special summon, and if I do, I get to summon a monster from your graveyard. But since my graveyard is empty, I can summon as many as I have on hand and you can't do a thing about it, and it just so happens that I have another Gilasaurus on hand!

Two brown Velociraptors screeched as they stood by Takato.

Gilasaurus x 2

LVL/3 ATK/1400 DEF/400

"Sorry to say, but my turn isn't through yet! Mad Sword Beast, attack her facedown defense card!"

The Triceratops stampeded across towards Rika's side and pierced his horn through the card. Out from the card was a tan-skinned warrior with white hair and a blue dress. It was the Lady Assailant of Flames. The monster dispersed from the field and was sent to Rika's graveyard.

Lady Assailant of Flames

LVL/4 ATK/1500 DEF/1000

"Heh," Rika smirked. "Such shame you had to destroy my lady."

"How so?"

"By destroying her, she comes with an effect. I can remove three cards from the top of my deck while dealing 800 points of direct damage to your life points. Too bad for you, goggle head."

"What?! No way!" Takato blanched as he looked down at his life points.

Takato/7200 LP (8000-800)

Suddenly, a smile crossed Takato's face, which startled Rika momentarily.

"What are you smiling for? You excited to lose?"

The goggle boy laughed gleefully. "It's not that, but it's something I like to call: an eye for eye!"

"Huh...?! What are you getting at?"

"Take a look at your life points and you'll see what I mean."

Glaring down at her life point scoreboard, Rika gawked as 400 points were deducted.

Rika/7600 LP (8000-400)

"BWUH?! What is this?!" Rika cried out angrily. "How's this possible?! You didn't even do anything to me!"

"My Mad Sword comes with an effect, too," Takato explained. "When my monster attacks with an attack power higher than your monster's defense strength, it inflicts the difference as battle damage from your life points!"

"Oh, you son of a...! You had this planned out. Didn't you?!" Rika scowled. "I'm mopping the floor with you!"

Takato winked. "You're welcome to try. But, if you think that's over, think again! Gilasaurus, attack her life points directly!"

Gilasaurus quickly lunged at Rika and slashed her, which only knocked her back with force. Rika yelped as she lost more life points.

Rika/6200 LP (7600-1400)

"I ain't done yet! Attack her life points directly, my second Gilasaurus!"

The second Gilasaurus bumrushed Rika and knocked her back with a tail swing.

Rika/4800 LP (6200-1400)

Wow! I can't believe I've gotten the upper hand over Rika now! I can't screw this up now. Time to seize the moment! Takato gleefully thought. "I'm not as easy as you may think! Yugi's been teaching me some really awesome combos that I have yet to show you. Who would have thought that I would be ahead of you, Rika?"

Rika shook her head and growled. "This duel isn't over, goggle head! We maybe friends, but I still intend to take you down!"

"Well, you have a chance to make a comeback because I end my turn."

(End theme)

"Good, because you're as good as dead," Rika smiled as she drew a new card to her hand. "Now, this is what I'm talking about! The card I just drew will give you a hard time! I summon Amazoness Swordswoman!"

(Cue Digimon Tamers – Moon Fighter (Rika's theme))

Summoned beside Rika was a fiery red-haired Amazon wearing revealing battle attire, dragon-bone armor, and wielding a dragon-bone sword.

"Wow, you sure do have a fetish for Amazons, Rika."

"They truly represent who I am."

Amazoness Swordswoman

LVL/4 ATK/1500 DEF/1600

"Next, I'll equip my Amazoness Swordswoman with Malevolent Nuzzler! This increases her attack power by 700 points! Now, watch, goggle head. She's getting pumped up and ready to skewer your dinosaurs!"

Amazoness Swordswoman

ATK/2200 (1500 + 700)

"Ok, Amazoness Swordswoman, attack his Triceratops and slay him with your Amazoness Slash Attack!"

The Amazoness warrior dashed over to Takato's field and slashed the Triceratops beast. The monster wailed out in pain before shattering into data fragments.

Takato/6400 LP (7200-800)

"That ends my turn, goggle head. I got you pretty good, didn't I?"

"You sure did, but I'm still in the lead in case you've forgotten," Takato stated. "Anyway, your momentum ends here. On my turn, I'll first summon this to the field! Gemini Elf in attack mode!"

Emerging out of the face-up card are two female elves, known to attack and defend themselves together.

Gemini Elf

LVL/4 ATK/1900 DEF/900

"Next, I'll equip my Gemini Elves with Black Pendant! This increases their attack power by 500 points! That's more than enough to take out your Amazoness!"

Gemini Elf

ATK/2400 (1900 + 500)

As the elves flew out to overwhelm the Amazoness, Rika quickly activated her facedown card.

"Your elves fell for my trap! I activate my Amazoness Archers!"

"Aw nuts!"

Five multi-color haired Amazons materialized shooting arrows at the elves. The arrows pinned and subdued the elves, which drained their attack strength.

"With this card, it's activated once you call for an attack and I control an Amazon on my side. As long as your monsters remain face-up, this card decreases their attack power by 500 points."

"My Gemini Elf's attack power's been reduced back to 1900!"

"And since my Swordswoman is stronger with 2200, your now weaker monsters still attacked. Therefore, they go buh-bye!"

The Elves attack power decreased and were immediately destroyed as soon as they attacked the stronger Swordswoman.

Takato/6100 LP (6400-300)

"That was a nice attempt, goggle head. I got the best of you this time."

"More like... the other way around..." Takato smiled in retaliation.

Suddenly, Rika watched as 500 points were deducted from her life points. Her face crossed with shock.

Rika/4300 LP (4800-500)

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Rika yelled, resisting the urge to spew out random profanities out of frustration. "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!"

"You really want to know?"


"You see when my Elves were destroyed, they were sent to the graveyard, but that also meant my Black Pendant was sent there, too. Once the Black Pendant is sent to the graveyard, it inflicts 500 points of direct damage to your life points."

"You little creep!" Rika gritted her teeth and waved a fist at him. "You knew about this! You gave me a false sense of security! That's it! No mercy for you!"

Takato calmly chuckled. "Say what you will, but I'm getting the best of the Digimon Queen."

"I took Ryo to school and you're going down next, pal! Since my Amazoness Archers card is in play, your Gilasaurus must now attack my Amazoness!"

The first Gilasaurus bumrushed the Amazoness Swordswoman only to get destroyed.

Takato/5300 LP (6100-800)

"Your second dinosaur now must attack. I'm taking them down one by one until you have nothing left on the field."

The second Gilasaurus attacked the Swordswoman only to get taken out.

Takato/4500 (5300-800) LP

"You happy now, Rika? I'm almost down to your amount of life points."

The ginger-haired girl smiled coolly. "Now, I can watch you get on your knees and beg for me to stop."

"Ha, like that'll ever happen! I end my turn here. Let's see if you keep up the punishment I deserve."

"Aww, you're breaking my heart, goggle head," Rika stated as she added a card to her hand. "Now, I'll summon my Amazoness Tiger in attack mode!"

Now protecting Rika was a Bengal tiger with an emerald embedded on its forehead.

Amazoness Tiger

LVL/4 ATK/1100 DEF/1500

"My Amazoness Tiger comes with an effect. Though I can only have one on my field, its attack strength is increased by 400 points for each Amazoness on my side field, including itself! And as long as my tiger remains face-up, you can't select an Amazon as an attack target!"

Amazoness Tiger

ATK/1900 (1100 + 400 + 400)

"Um, yikes You really prepped yourself this time, Rika. Hope you don't go hard on me."

"Hard on you? Goggle head, I'm going to take you down and win this duel! Amazoness Swordswoman, attack his life points directly!"

With that, the Amazoness warrior charged at Takato and swung her blade, hitting him hard enough to knock him down.

Takato/2300 LP (4500-2200)

"Man, Rika...! You're really taking this seriously!"

"I've been serious this whole duel! Don't tell me you're actually enjoying this?"

"Yeah..." He said, standing up whilst laughing playfully. "Sure I came to compete but I came to have fun."

Rika furrowed her brows. "Well, I hate to break it to you, but there won't be any fun if one of us ends up dueling against Lance."

The goggle boy replied, dusting himself off. "That's actually a good point. Consider this as prep time for either of us. But, it'll be me moping he floor with Lance and winning this tournament. I'm not going to lose!"

"Well, hate to break it to you, but I have no intention of losing either. Now to finish things off. Amazoness Tiger, attack his life points directly!"

Takato gasped as the tiger charged toward him and headbutted him back.

Takato/400 LP (2300-1900)

The goggle boy realized he was now in serious trouble. He also realized one more direct attack will be the end of him. Victory seemed so far out of his grasp at this point.

A sly smile crossed Rika's face as she watched Takato struggling to hold his stance. "Giving up already, goggle head? Just one more attack and you're a goner. I showed Ryo what I was truly capable of and now you are just another victim of my comeback."

"Perhaps, but I still have 400 points left! If that's all I need to come back, then so be it! I'm not going to give up!"

Upon seeing her determined friend standing up, she gasped. Then, she smiled. That's more like it, goggle head. Don't give up. "Before I end my turn, I'll place one card facedown! There, now it's your turn."

Now, I all need to do is keep faith of myself. I can win this duel, but it's going to require some careful strategy and luck. Yeah, I'm going to need all the luck in the world! All right, Takato! Don't let yourself down! You can pull through this! The goggle boy focused hard, ready to initiate his next move.

(End theme)

"First, we saw Joey dominate Mai and now we're getting a glimpse of Rika taking Takato to school! Takato's down to his last 400 points! One more attack and Rika will be on her way to the next round! Lillymon, I'll bet the dual battle matches are heating up! It probably won't be long before we head back to see those matches in session, but back to you, my colleague!"


Outside the Phoenix Arena/12:43 PM

With nearly everyone packed inside the stadium, others who came too late or had not tickets to get in stayed to set up tailgate parties.

There was a huge gathering around an area where the three Dra-Warriors were facing off with SkullSatanmon and MarineDevimon.

"Oh, man! We're getting a fight for free! Everyone, gather around!" A Vegiemon called out to the crowds. "This one's going to be good!"

A Hawkmon inquired. "Hey, aren't those three a part of the Dra-Warrior clan?"

"They sure are!" A Chuumon chimed in, seen sitting on top of a Sukamon. "I don't know what they're thinking but those two are going to get creamed!"

"Duh, what makes you think so, Chuumon?" Sukamon asked.

"Just watch, Sukamon."

Meanwhile, SkullSatanmon and MarineDevimon snickered to themselves.

"Don't tell me you three still wanna rumble with us!" MarineDevimon laughed in a mocking manner. "You'd have to be super strong to make us notice!"

"Yeah, I even bet my cheeseburgers on this little skirmish! Though, I don't have to worry about losing them because you won't make fools out of us!" SkullSatanmon slammed down a basket full of cheeseburgers.

"Well, now that you bet your burgers on this, we'll accept. Though, it will be my two comrades here who will take you two tools to school," Flamedramon replied. "Luzdramon. Panzerdramon. Ice these two punks."

"No need to tell us that. We're anxious to shut these idiots up and take their burgers," Luzdramon chuckled. "Ready, Panzerdramon?"

"Let's do this!"

MarineDevimon laughed out. "Hah! Isn't this rich? These three stooges actually think they can compete against us?! Listen, we give Devas a a run for their money!"

"Oh, I wouldn't be laughing now, pal," Flamedramon stepped to the side. "They're all yours, Luzdramon and Panzerdramon."

"Ha! This is going to be easy! Taking down an armor-type and a champion will be a great warm-up before I gorge down these burgers!" SkullSatanmon jumped around excitedly.

"Let's do it, partner!" Panzerdramon exclaimed as an aura formed around him. "Panzerdramon!"

"Luzdramon!" The Dra-Warrior called out his own name once his body was engulfed by a bright aura.

The two demons watched as the two Dra-Warriors turned into beams of light and swirled around together. Their eyes widened in shock as they heard two words that immediately threw them for a loop.

"Jogress Shinka!"

The duo panicked. "BWUH?! OH NO!"

Flamedramon smiled as he watched his two partners form together into a single Dra-Warrior. The newly merged warrior stepped out of the beam of light and faced off the two stooges. MarineDevimon and SkullSatanmon looked to one another while moving back. The newly fused Dra-Warrior's body was completely light purple with a few metallic parts added to his body design. A pair of blade-like skin flaps protruded from the top of his head. A pair of glider wings expanded across his back with green-skin flaps around the wings and his tail extended out across with extra flap skin extended out. His arms were large and muscular; Attached to the top of his right glove is a light saber attached to it. Attached to his face is a visor concealing his eyes.


"You two idiots asked for it and now you're going to get it. When they're Galaxiadramon, their Space Splash, Starlight Punch, Galaxy Rage, and powerful Infinity Dragon will put you through a whole world of hurt," snickered Flamedramon. "Better give us that basket of burgers then."

"Well, do you have anything to say for yourself, SkullSatanmon?" MarineDevimon asked his partner in crime.

"Um... ouch?" Why do I get the feeling I'm going to regret this...?"


Before the two demons could even react, Galaxiadramon phases out from sight and reappeared above SkullSatanmon.

"Looks like you aren't the fastest Digimon anymore. That title should go to me now," Galaxiadramon whispered behind the demon as his fist charged up with a starry aura. "Starlight Punch!"

As SkullSatanmon turned around, Galaxiadramon swiftly delivered a fist into the demon's face. The force of the blow sent SkullSatanmon flying into MarineDevimon's arms. Galaxiadramon appeared in front of the two demons, put his hands out in front and created a black ball of energy to send them soaring into skies.

"Galaxy Rage!"

Followed by that, the fused Dra-Warrior flew up and kicked them across the back lot.

"GOOOOOOOOAL!" The Digimon spectators hollered in unison as if they were a Mexican soccer crowd.

Upon hearing this cry, Flamedramon merely sweat dropped and face palmed himself.

"Indeed! I hope you learned your lesson, boys!" Galaxiadramon shouted.

"And look what we've won in the process," Flamedramon held the basket of cheeseburgers. "Mmmmm, cheeseburgers... Argh..."

"Hey! Make sure to leave some for all of us!" Galaxiadramon exclaimed as he flew down where Flamedramon opened the burger basket. "We're all starving, too!"

"Yeah! Give us some burgers you pig!" The hungry crowds roared out angrily. "Give us some burgers!"

"All right! All right! Just don't make a pig out of yourselves!" Flamedramon dropped the basket down in front of him. "Man, Digimon these days... rude and inconsiderate!" He turned as Galaxiadramon walked up behind him. "Shouldn't we get back to the arena after we're through?"

"Yes, and to see the results of the matches. Besides, we came to witness Pharaohmon's strength for ourselves. Lord Imperialdramon wants the full scoop. Also, we have to wait out for Ninjadramon and Herodramon to get here with those Sailor ladies and the Priestess sword."

"You're right. I just hope Herodramon and Ninjadramon are doing all right. That mission assigned to them has to be difficult," Flamedramon said.


Section Hohou-634-B7: Houou Sovereign Temple/Near the Main Chamber Room/12:45 PM

Puppetmon pointed his hammer and fired bullets at the Ninja Senshi. They scattered around avoiding the skin piercing pellets. Cammy slipped behind a slab of rock with Artemis.

"Stay out of plain sight, Cammy!" Ninja Mars called out to her sister. "Taking this freak down shouldn't take long!"

"Is this really the last line of defense the bad guys have here? A Pinocchio reject? This leader's not taking us seriously!" Ninja Venus scoffed with an irritated tone.

"I'd still watch for his mallet if I were you, Venus," Ninja Jupiter warned.

"What's there to worry about? We'll just avoid those bullets and attack him where he least expects it."

"Hey, I'm over here! Don't go ignoring me!" Puppetmon whined. "Because of that, I'm going to make you three girls cry like little babies!" Taking a leap forward, Puppetmon slammed his hammer out in front of the Ninja Sailors, unleashing a shockwave at them. "Puppet Pummel!"

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST - Panic)

The Ninja Sailors scattered and allowed the shockwave to pierce through the ground. Ninja Mars immediately veered to where the shockwave was preparing to pulverize the rock slab Cammy and Artemis hid behind. She swiftly dashed forward and threw herself in front of the rock slab.


Ninja Mars wailed painfully as the impact blow pummeled her. She was quickly slammed against the rock very hard.

"MARS!" Ninja Venus and Jupiter screamed out.

"NO! SISTER!" Cammy cried out in horror and jumped out of her hiding place to tend to her sister. "Rei!"

"Aww, isn't this sweet?" Puppetmon chuckled at the sight. "You two remind me so much of Takeru and his brother just by looking at you."

"Takeru and his brother...?" Cammy gasped, coming to the realization who this specific Puppetmon was. "Ah! You're the same Puppetmon from the TV show!"

"TV show? I don't know what you're talking about. The last time I remember I actually tormented that little brat and the other Chosen Children!"

"Then, the Digi-kids are real heroes from another dimension?" Ninja Jupiter deduced. "I didn't think that was possible, but this guy is more than enough proof. He's the same creep."

Ninja Venus nodded. "I recall seeing him from Digimon Adventure. Well, unlike the Digi-Destined, we know what you're capable of!"

"Oh is that so? Do you know this?!" Puppetmon directed his hammer at the two Ninja Sailors. "Bullet Hammer!"

Tiny bullets came shooting out from the hammer, forcing Ninjas Jupiter and Venus to evade the deadly array of bullets. Ninja Venus conjured a bow and arrows, shooting arrows at Puppetmon.

"Love and Beauty Arrows!"

Puppetmon managed to dodge the shots. However, the arrows did go into the bullet holes in his hammer, sealing up the holes. Then, Ninja Jupiter bumrushed him throwing an electrical ball at him.

"Thunder Elemental Wave!"

The ball slammed into Puppetmon, knocking him across the hallway. He flew right into a chamber door, pushing it open as he fell down headfirst.

"Rei! Are you all right? Please, speak to me!" Cammy shook her sister.

Ninja Mars opened her eyes and caught a glimpse of her sister glaring down at her.

"Thank god you're safe, Cammy!" Ninja Mars hugged her younger sister. "Are you all right?"

"I'm all right. The others stopped that demented puppet and sent him towards the chamber door."

"Good. Now that I know you're safe, I can take out my frustrations on that little jerk!"

Ninja Mars turned towards Puppetmon with her fire sword in her right hand. The Dark Master was slowly getting up until he looked directly at Ninja Mars. He yelped and pressed himself against the wall.

"Puppetmon, I know about you from the TV show, too. You tormented the innocence of one child, but I will not allow you to torment another! Cammy will not be your play toy!" Ninja Mars raised her tone. "I hope you said your prayers, because I'm going to send you to oblivion!"

"No! No! Please, give me a chance! I can change!" Puppetmon begged off. "I didn't mean to direct that attack to that kid!"

"Wow, that's got to be the worst lie I've heard," Ninja Venus sighed. "Careful or nose will grow."

Cammy cried out. "Rei! Let this guy have it!"

"You don't have to tell me twice!" Mars shouted as she charged with lightning speed.

Then, she flew across and kicked him so hard she made his eyes bulge out and cracked open his chest. Puppetmon howled in pain as he flew through another chamber door. Ninja Mars flipped back and realized what she had done.

(End theme)

"You guys! I've managed to penetrate through! Now we can get through!"

"Let's go Cammy!" Ninja Venus took Cammy by her hand and led her towards the broken rock slab. "Artemis, how are you holding up?"

Artemis clung onto Cammy's chest. "Just fine... If Cammy wasn't squeezing so hard...!"

"Sorry, Artemis!" Cammy apologized.

"Let's go, guys!" Ninja Jupiter beckoned to the others.

(Cue Skies of Arcadia OST – Ancient Temple Dungeon)

The Ninja Sailor and Cammy passed through the broken hole to infiltrate the chamber. It was spacious and appeared to be Aztec in appearance. Hieroglyphics were seen embroidered across the walls. Idol statues decorated the floors and more were situated near the center of a tall fountain-like structure. The girls were in awe at the room but there was one item they did not take their eyes off. Sitting at the center of the fountain, with a beam of light over it, was the Priestess sword. It was long and majestic while being decorated with red emeralds around the center. The handle was gold and shaped as a phoenix's head.

"We've found it! I can't believe it!" Ninja Venus exclaimed. "It's the Priestess sword!"

"It's so pretty," Ninja Jupiter stated. "To think, we've actually found it. They sure weren't lying about it."

"It is beautiful," Ninja Mars agreed while smiling down to her sister. "Ok, Cammy. It's time. Take the sword and we'll have our powers restored."


(Theme fades)

Before Cammy could even make a single step, a bullet came shooting out of nowhere and forced the child back. Ninja Mars was quick to bat the bullet back with a fire arrow. She had forgotten Puppetmon was in the chamber with them, too.

"Puppetmon! We know you're in here!" Ninja Mars shouted. "Get out here!"

Walking out of the shadows with half of his face torn off, Puppetmon pointed a pistol at the Ninja Senshi. Cammy pressed herself against her sister in fear, which ultimately prevented her from taking the sword.

He chuckled maniacally like a demented psychopath. "Did you think I was going to be out for long? Well, I'm still here! I'll never let you grab that sword! Why don't you make it easy and hand the kid over to me? I promise we'll be great friends!"

"No way! You aren't one to be trusted!" Ninja Venus snapped. "Claiming you'll be a good friend? Ha! Last I checked you don't have any real friends!"

"A real friend would treat their loved ones with respect and show compassion in times of need. They also trust one another and depend on each other," Ninja Jupiter chastised the demented Dark Master. "You don't have any of those quality traits. So I would quit while you're ahead, you hypocrite!"

"Me become your friend? Why? So you can treat me like you did to Takeru?" Cammy frowned. "Sorry, but not in your lifetime!"

"You dare talk down to me like that! I'll make sure you pay!" Puppetmon declared as he pointed his gun towards the girls.

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST – Tamers Action)

Rolling her eyes, Ninja Mars shot a fire arrow and knocked the gun out of Puppetmon's hands. Then, Ninja Venus ran up landing a kick, sending him sailing into the air. Ninja Jupiter jumped up and punched him in the gut whilst in mid-air.

"Keep your eyes off my sister, you creep!" Ninja Mars shouted as Ninja Jupiter grabbed Puppetmon and tossed him across the chamber. "Cammy! Hurry up and grab the sword!"

Nodding, Cammy bolted across the chamber and scaled the steps leading to the fountain. Artemis hopped off her back and scurried with her.

"Over here, Cammy! Grab it!" Artemis called out to the young Hino.

"Right!" Cammy leaped from the steps and perched against the fountain.


"Here goes nothing..." Cammy gave a small prayer before grasping the sword's handle.

There was a moment of silence until a burst of immense white light engulfed the child. Awestruck by the white light surrounding her, she sensed a pulsating force enter her, granting her more power.

(End theme)

"Pretty," Cammy whispered in awe.

"The power of the sword is incredible!" Artemis witnessed. "Girls! Hurry up and gather around! It's time!"

"Right!" The Ninja Sailors called out in unison.

With that, the three Ninja Sailors surrounded the light engulfing Cammy completely. Ninja Mars was initially worried but realized that the holy light was completely harmless to her sister. Cammy closed her eyes and instinctively raised the sword up as if the force within it had informed her of her duty. The spirit of the Priestess was then immersed with Cammy as their minds linked.

"What's happening to her, Artemis?" Ninja Venus asked.

"The spirit of the Digital Priestess is possessing her! Cammy could already be gaining and inheriting the Priestess' memories and powers."

Ninja Jupiter inquired. "So, when do we get our powers restored?"

"Now, Sailor Senshi," Cammy addressed, speaking in an otherworldly woman's voice not like her own.


"Do not worry. The girl's body will not be harmed. I am the Digital Priestess speaking through the girl. I shall restore to you your powers taken away by the demon Pharaohmon. Rei Hino. Makoto Kino. Minako Aino. Hold each other's hands and gather around me. It is time."

Taking heed of the Priestess' wish, the Ninja Sailors gathered into a circle and grasped each other's hands. Cammy genuinely smiled and raised the sword above her to summon a white light. The Senshi shut their eyes as three columns of white light formed over them.

Puppetmon slowly rose and gaped in aghast. He wasted no time and picked up his gun.

"No! You're not playing fair!" Puppetmon screamed, running up to intercede the power transfer. "Stop!"

Before Puppetmon could stop them, he was pushed back by a barrier formed around the Senshi and Cammy. The girls felt energy entering their bodies. Then, swirls of red, orange, and green lights formed their bodies. Their ninja uniforms were stripped right off their majestic forms as their transformation brooches reformed on their chests. Rei, Makoto, and Minako opened their eyes to gaze down at their restored brooches. Smiles adorned their faces as their powers were returned to them.

"Our brooches! Guys, you know what this means right?" Minako grinned while facing her friends.

"Oh yeah. I've waited too long for this!" Makoto chimed. "Rei, are you ready to kick butt and take names?"

The Miko replied earnestly. "Anything to get my hands on Pharaohmon, but Puppetmon will do just fine."

(Cue Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie OST – Transformation and Performance)

"Go for it, Sailor Senshi. Let us punish the evil ones!" Cammy declared as she summoned more power through the sword.





All three females became engulfed by streams of light. For Makoto, it was a green light; for Minako, it was an orange-yellow aura; for Mars, it was a crimson ray of light. Their foreheads shone brightly with their respective planet's symbols.

Puppetmon slowly pulled himself up from the floor and looked directly towards the three transformed females. In place of the Ninja Sailors were the three Sailor Senshi. No longer sporting their ninja outfits, they once again donned the trademark Sailor attire, brooches, fukus, and high heels. At long last, the warriors of Mars, Jupiter and Venus were reborn.

Rejuvenated with new power, the three transformed Sailors split up and spread out through the chamber. Puppetmon veered to find one standing on top of a pillar, another standing on the fountain, and the third on top of the steps behind him. Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus were finally revealed from pillars of light shining down upon them.

"Gah! No! You've managed to get your powers back! The boss isn't going to like this!"

"Sailor Mars!"

"Sailor Jupiter!"

"Sailor Venus!"

"At long last, the Senshi of Mars, Jupiter and Venus have been restored," Cammy spoke out. "Puppetmon, you brought this on yourself. This is a message to Pharaohmon that no one ever dares to oppose the Digital Priestess. Now to send energy to our comrades engaged I combat outside the temple grounds!"

"This is it, girls! We're back in the game!" Artemis shouted. "Show this puppet freak what Sailor Senshi are capable of!"

"In the name of our respective planets, Puppetmon, get ready to be punished!" Mars, Jupiter and Venus declared as they put their thumbs down.

"Uh... no, this just isn't my day..." Puppetmon gulped as he realized that he no longer stands a chance against the revived Senshi. Pharaohmon is not going to like this and neither is the boss!

(End theme)


Outside the Houou Sovereign Temple/12:50 PM

After the Sailors regained their powers, the others were still engaged in combat against the Knightmon, NegaKnightmon, and Karatenmon forces. The other Senshi and their allies were just gaining a ground advantage against the enemies, but it wasn't long until the enemies gained reinforcements from nearly ever corner. More emerged from out of hiding and did exactly what they set out to do: wear down the heroes long enough for the reinforcements to finish them off.

Sailor Pluto unleashed another Dead Scream on a group of Knightmon before falling down to her knees. She panted heavily out of exhaustion from expending a heavy amount of power. She wasn't the only one. Even Sailor Saturn was having trouble maintaining her stance while forging her Silence Wall. A Karatenmon appeared behind her and slammed his swords against her back. The blow sent Saturn falling to the ground.

"You guys... I don't think we can hold out much longer," Sailor Mercury murmured, sinking down to one knee. "Even the boys are exhausted. Arbormon and Grottomon just had to use their beast forms but they've returned back to their H-hybrid forms to conserve energy."

"Don't give up, everyone! We will pull through out of this! I just know we will!" Herodramon reassured everyone.

Arbormon grunted. "Speak for yourself, man! If only I had fought all out, I'd trash these punks!"

Grottomon added, breathing hard. "Yes, but if you go all out, there wouldn't nothing left. You'd destroy the temple and the girls inside!"

"Calm yourselves! It is as Herodramon says... we shall pull through," Mercuremon rallied them. "Thou shall succeed, my fellow warriors."

"If only we received a boost. Then we'd fight back and crush this resistance," Sailor Mercury clenched her fists. Minako, Makoto, Rei, Ninjadramon, and Cammy... I just hope you found the sword and Labramon by now!

Suddenly, a white light beamed out from the temple roof as if answering Mercury's plea. Everyone, including the enemies, sighted the light coming out from the temple.

"What's that light?!" Arbormon asked while pointing it out.

"Yes, that's what I would like to know," Sailor Saturn nodded. "Do you know, Pluto?"

"They've done it!" Herodramon exclaimed happily. "Yes! They've finally pulled the sword out and they've regained their powers!"

"Those girls got their powers back?! About time!" Grottomon shouted. "Yeah, those powers are definitely them! Wow, they're much stronger than before!"

"Yes and the source of light is coming from the Digital Priestess!" Sailor Pluto exclaimed, meticulously eyeing the white light. "She's sending the light to us to replenish our energies!"

"This is exactly what we need!" Sailor Mercury said, looking toward the light.

Suddenly, the light scattered across beams towards the warriors. The first to receive the white light were the Sailor Senshi. They let out sighs of relief as their powers were replenished with energy. Next, the three Legendary Warriors and Herodramon were empowered by the pure light.

"This light! It's so warm, and filled with hope and pure energy. So, this is the power of the Digital Priestess?" Sailor Mercury smiled, feeling the Priestess' light empowering her. "Her power is almost as pure as Sailor Moon's power. We'll definitely defeat our enemies with this new energy."

"You can say that again! Now, I'm ready to fight again!" Grottomon declared. "What do you say, guys?"

"I can't argue with you! I'm ready to go for a few hundred rounds with these punks!" Arbormon charged across and knocked several Knightmon down.

"That's awfully self assuring," Mercuremon chuckled and began to smash through a NegaKnightmon horde.

"Senshi, time to fight!" Sailor Mercury called out to Pluto and Saturn. "Let's make this gift from the Digital Priestess count!"

(Cue Sailor Moon S OST – Daimon Battle)

The three Senshi split across the battlefield to engage the incoming enemies. Sailor Saturn bumrushed the incoming NegaKnightmon. They slammed their swords down to unleash bursts of black energy.

"Berserker Knife!"

"Nice try," Saturn smiled as she erected a Silence Wall to cancel the attacks out directly. "But, that trick has gotten old. My turn!"

Once she forged her barrier, the NegaKnightmon were kept at bay. Saturn hefted her Silence Glaive and sliced up the NegaKnightmon into pieces.

"Too easy," Sailor Saturn muttered.

Several Karatenmon hopped off from tree branches and flew down to attack Sailor Pluto. The Guardian of Time raised her Garnet Rod and blasted them away with her power. Then, a Knightmon charged behind her. She turned around shooting a Dead Scream through the Knightmon's torso. The Digimon collapsed and exploded into data.

Sailor Mercury formed a harp made out of water. Her Mercury Aqua Rhapsody released a tidal wave to wash out the incoming Karatenmon flocks.

"Let my water drown you out and purify you!" Sailor Mercury declared.

Herodramon looked across the battlefield as he found himself surrounded by at least 25 Knightmon, 25 NegaKnightmon and 50 Karatenmon. The odds were definitely stacked against the lone Dra-Warrior. It seemed even hopeless for the Herodramon, but he didn't seem at all concerned.

"Herodramon! Hang in there, man! I'm going to give you hand!" Arbormon shouted to the Dra-Warrior.

"That won't be necessary. I can take care of these guys myself," Herodramon refused the offer.

"But, you can't hope to beat them all yourself! Let us help!" Grottomon shouted.

"No, you two will stand back. Herodramon seems rather sure of himself," Mercuremon said. "Let's just see what he plans to do."

"Show us what new power the Priestess has bestowed upon you!" Sailor Pluto exclaimed.

(End theme)

"Here I go" Herodramon declared as a golden aura washed over him like a flowing river. "PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR OBVLIVION, WARRIORS OF DARKNESS!"

(Cue Dekamaster – Never Stop)

As the Knightmon, NegaKnightmon, and Karatenmon amassed in a huge gathering, Herodramon hopped into mid-air and phased out from sight. This tactic caught the dark warriors completely off their guards. Then, they overheard a silent screech. Before a group Karatenmon knew it, a streak of light passed right through them and left gaping holes at the center of their chests. Herodramon reappeared and then forged a path through a number of Karatenmon. Two Karatenmon descended from mid-air only to receive a sword slash from Herodramon's weapon. They both went down hard.

"Bah, is that all you got?!" Herodramon twirled his sword and laughed.

Then, as the Knightmon started charging, Herodramon swiftly moved across the battlefield and turned into a streak of light. The army of NegaKnightmon and Knightmon stopped in place as the same streak of light cut through them. He swiftly flew up into mid-air and landed with his eyes set on the remaining 30 soldiers.

"All right, who wants to be next?"

The last 30 of Knightmon, NegaKnightmon, and Karatenmon came charging with reckless abandon. Herodramon simply shrugged his soldiers and slashed his way through his adversaries. Numerous Knightmon with their armors shattered were swiftly taken down. A pair of NegaKnightmon attempted an ambush on the Dra-Warrior. Herodramon stabbed them through their torsos with his sword. With all 100 bodies lying on the ground, Herodramon ran across and turned into a streak of light again as he plowed his way through their chests, one by one.

The light streak spun through the hordes upon hordes of the Digimon enemy army. In a matter of seconds, the Knightmon forces and their Karatenmon allies were being lifted up by a golden streak plowing through them and holding them up in ring-like circles.

Everyone else watched at this incredible feat in complete awe. The Sailor Senshi and the three warriors paused to witness Herodramon's incredible feat. The dark warriors' cries of pain echoed throughout the heavens. As they were being uplifted into mid-air above the temple, the dark warriors exploded into fragments of data. The heavens were now being covered with a thick cloud of exploding data from the now defeated Digimon. Floating out through the dissipating cloud of data was Herodramon, now covered in a golden sheen of light. His light cleansed every last trace of evil data fragments.

"Incredible!" Sailor Mercury cried out. "He did it!"

"Now, that's simply a sight to behold. So, the Priestess' power allowed him to pull that off?" Sailor Saturn asked Pluto.

"Yes, I'd say so. She did replenish our powers," Sailor Pluto replied.

"Um, so... All of those guys are gone now? I mean the Knightmon, the NegaKnightmon and the Karatenmon," Arbormon asked the Sailors.

"If you mean our enemies, then yes. Herodramon has already taken care of them," nodded Mercuremon.

"That's a relief. Here I thought we'd be plowing through those tin cans and annoying birds forever," Grottomon wiped his forehead. "Less work for us."

"Yes, but I can assure you that we won't be dealing with anymore of those nuisances," Sailor Mercury replied to the Warrior of Earth. "I hope."

Herodramon descended to the ground and sheathed his swords while turning his gaze to the group.

(End theme)

"That takes care of them," Herodramon stated while pointing. "C'mon, what are you guys all gawking at? You didn't know I was capable of that? It's my favorite battle technique. Though, I admit I rarely ever use it unless I'm in dire situations."

"In case you haven't noticed, we were all running low on power since they were planning to wear us down," Sailor Pluto addressed. "We should all be thanking the Digital Priestess's reincarnation for this."

"I know. The girls have succeeded," nodded Herodramon. "That little girl, Cammy, has managed to remove the sword, the Priestess's power, and restored her friends their Sailor powers. In the process, our strength was replenished with rejuvenated energies."

"That is certainly good news to hear," agreed Sailor Saturn. "But, let's continue our trek into the temple. We can meet with the other girls and aid them in their battle against the supposed leader of this resistance."

"Yes, let us go! There's no time to lose!" Herodramon declared as he ran inside into the temple. "Follow me, everyone!"

With that, the Sailor Senshi and the three warriors followed the Dra-Warrior into the temple.

Herodramon thought while leading the group forward. I can't forget about the supposed leader of this army. He could be in there waiting for us. Ninjadramon, I also hope you found Labramon by now!


Digital World/Section Rose 173-9B67: Rosemon Valley/12:53 PM

"Takato's dangerously close to losing this duel! Is there any way this kid can turn this duel around?" Floramon announced, awaiting for the duelists to make their next move.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories OST – Free Duel)

"Oh, yeah. When there is a will, there is a way," Takato replied as he pulled out a card from his deck. "I'm sure you're glad to be on top of this duel, Rika."

"Of course, I am the dueling queen."

"Well, sorry to spoil your little momentum, but I'm going to turn this duel around in my favor."

The ginger-haired girl scoffed. "I'd like to see you try, goggle head. Show me how desperate you really are."

"With pleasure! First off, I'll activate Pot of Greed! This allows me to draw two cards and add them to my hand!"

The goggle head drew two cards from his deck and added them directly into his hand.

"Next, I'll activate Polymerization! I fuse my Crawling Dragon #2 and my Two-Headed King Rex from my hand to summon forth Bracchio-raidus!"

A gigantic, blue Brachiosaurus materialized before Takato.


LVL/6 ATK/2200 DEF/2000

"Now, Bracchio-raidus, attack her Amazoness Tiger!"

The large dinosaur charged across to stomp its feet down on the Amazoness Tiger. However, a card was immediately drawn face-up and activated.

"You've just forced me to activate my trap card! Waboku!"


"Any attack inflicted by your monster is stopped during the turn this card is activated!" Rika declared. "Too bad. You had your chance to make a comeback, but it was a failed effort."

"You got me there, Rika. Nicely done, I'll end my turn but not before I set this card facedown."

Rika drew a card to her hand, returning a glare at Takato. "No need to compliment me since I'm gonna win. Now, how's this? I'll activate my own Pot of Greed! Oh, what do you know? I just drew a monster I find very useful. I'll place it facedown in defense mode. Now, Amazoness Swordswoman, slay his Bracchio-raidus!"

Swordswoman raced forward to slay the dinosaur. As the Amazoness drew closer, Takato immediately activated one of his trap cards.

"Now, I'll activate a trap card of my own!" Takato declared. "Mirror Force!"

"Oh no! My Amazons...!"

"They're history! There's no need for me explain their fates!"

As the Swordswoman slammed against the mirror wall, she was immediately destroyed from the field. Amazoness Tiger, too, vanished from the field. Rika gawked at the loss of her two Amazons destroyed before her very own eyes.

"You have to admit. That was a really cool rebound! You would've had me there for sure!"

"Your luck is going to run out, goggle head! Count on it!"

"You wanted to see what Yugi taught me and here I just demonstrated. Don't go relying too much on power, Rika."

Blushing, Rika snapped. "Oh, don't lecture me on how to duel!"

"Well, that was the end of your turn. Wasn't it, Rika?"

"Yeah? What of it?"

"Because it's time for this goggle head to make the comeback of the century!" Takato laughed as he put a card on the field. "I'll place this card facedown and I'm going to send my Bracchio-raidus to attack your facedown defense card!"

The Bracchio-raidus stomped and crushed the facedown card, revealing a purple-haired woman wearing blue robes with a crescent moon wand.

Magician of Faith

LVL/1 ATK/300 DEF/400

"Well, there goes your facedown monster, Rika!"

"By destroying her, you've triggered her effect!"

"She has an effect?"

"After you destroyed Magician of Faith, you triggered her effect that allows me to select one magic card from my graveyard and put in my hand! And I've selected just the card I need!"

"Well, that ends my turn anyway. Let's just see what you drew!"

Flashing him the card, Rika smiled and replied. "Another Pot of Greed! I'm sure you know how it works by now."

She added the two newly drawn cards to her hand and activates the first one to the field.

"I activate Premature Burial! I sacrifice 800 of my own life points, allowing me to select one monster from my graveyard and summon it on the field in attack mode. I can equip this card with the monster of my choosing!"

Rika/3500 LP (4300-800)

"The monster I've chosen is the Lady Assailant of Flames!"

Once her monster was revived on the field, Rika activated the second card she choose.

"Next, I'll activate the ritual magic card: Commencement Dance!" Rika declared. "I'll sacrifice Amazoness Blowpiper and Princess of Tsurugi from my hand! With them sacrificed, I can summon Performance of Sword!"

Summoned on the field next to Rika was an exotic purple-haired dancer wielding two swords.

Performance of Sword

LVL/6 ATK/1950 DEF/1850

"Then, I'll sacrifice both my Lady Assailant and Performance of Sword to summon an even stronger monster in their place! Come forth, Cosmo Queen!"

After the two female monsters were removed, a purple-skinned woman wearing a red dress and donning a large ornamental headdress was summoned.

Cosmo Queen

LVL/8 ATK/2900 DEF/2450

Takato's mouth dropped. "Wow, that's one strong monster, Rika! Most of my monsters can't even stand up to that!"

"I'm glad you're impressed, goggle head, because I'm taking out your pet dinosaur right now! Cosmo Queen, destroy his Bracchio-raidus!"

"Stop right there, Rika! You've just activated my trap!" Takato revealed one of his facedown cards. "I activate my Zero Gravity!"

"Another trap?!"

"This changes the position of all face-up monsters on both sides of the field! Therefore, both of our monsters are set in defense mode!"

"Crap! I was so close to wiping you out from the field, goggle head!"

"Too bad!"

Both monsters were immediately set in their defense positions much to Rika's dismay and Takato's relief. One attack from Cosmo Queen and Takato would have surely lost the duel.

The goggle boy sighed with relief. That was close. I'm already running on thin ice in this duel.

(End theme)

"Lady luck just has to be on your side, goggle head. There's just no explaining it. I'll end my turn there."

"Good, because I'm so looking forward to using this card I just drew!" Takato laughed happily, immediately utilizing a card he had drawn. "First, I'll switch my Bracchio-raidus to attack mode! Next, I'll equip him with this: Megamorph!"

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST – Takato's Theme)


"That's right! Allow me to explain. If my life points are lower than yours, the original attack power of the monster equipped with this card is doubled! If my life points are higher, the original attack power is halved!"

"Oh no! That means your dinosaur is stronger than my Cosmo Queen!"

"Now, you're starting to catch on! Now, my Bracchio-raidus, destroy her Cosmo Queen!"


ATK/4400 (2200x2)

The mighty dinosaur stomped down on the Cosmo Queen and crushed her. Despite this outcome, Rika's life points were spared.

"No more 'Queenie' for you, Rika! Whoops that must have hurt."

"Oh, can it!" Rika snapped at the goggle boy, becoming irked by his confidence.

"Well, that ends my turn. You're up, Rika."

Rika drew a card to her hand and sighed in disappointment. "I'll just lay this card facedown in defense mode and end my turn."

"Well, sorry to say, but I have the card that's going to win me the duel!"

"You're just bluffing! Take a look at our life point difference! You're close to defeat and I'm not even breaking a sweat! What could you possibly have to turn this duel around?"

"Just watch and learn, Rika! I want you to remember this well!" Takato called out while pulling out the card he had just drawn. "I'm going to equip Bracchio-raiduswith my Fairy Meteor Crush!"

"Fairy Meteor Crush...?" Rika wondered until she had finally come into the realization. "Oh no! No! Not that card!"

"When I equip this with my monster, and Bracchio-raidus strikes with an attack power that is higher than the defense of your defense monster's, it inflicts the difference as battle damage to your life points"

No! My facedown monster's defense power is weaker than his monster's attack power! This can't be! How can I end up losing this duel..?!

"Now, my Bracchio-raidus, crush her facedown defense monster!"

"No! No!" Rika cried out as her eyes widened. "I can't lose!"

"Sorry, but only one of us can advance!"

The dinosaur charged forward and stomped down on the facedown card. The card exploded to reveal The Unhappy Maiden, a depressed-looking redhead woman.

The Unhappy Maiden

LVL/1 ATK/0 DEF/100

Rika/0 LP (3500-4300)

The Digimon Queen watched in utter disbelief as her points plunged all the way down to zero. The duel was decided. Takato triumphed over the Digimon Queen in a stunning upset. Rika's mouth dropped at the realization that she had been defeated by her best friend.

"I... I... lost? But, how...? This can't be..."

"Yes! I did it!" Takato pumped his fists up and celebrated. "Woo-hoo! I did it! I can't believe I've just defeated the Digimon Queen!"

"He... He beat me!" Rika gawked at the goggle head. "I managed to beat Ryo, but goggle head went through me? That last turn... you... you..." She stammered.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a winner!" Floramon announced towards the camera. "Takato rebounded and has won the duel! Through thick and thin, the young goggle head pulled off what many consider a stunning upset!"

"But, he won...?" Rika whispered.

As Takato flashed a 'V' for victory for the camera, he turned to find Rika approaching him. Her eyes were fueled with fire and her teeth were clenched. The goggle head backed away in fear of the intimidating presence of the tomboy.

"Um, hi... Rika. Heh, that was a great duel. I was honored to... ah, all right. Go ahead and hit me," Takato sighed and pointed a finger to his face. "I know you want to do it. You probably want to knock my butt to the ground."

"Now, why would I do that?"

"Well, I suppo- Wha...? What did you say?" The goggle head was flabbergasted by what she just said. "You mean you're not going to hit me?"

"No, should I?"

"Well, no, of course not!"

"Put it there, goggle head. That was one good duel and perhaps one of my best," Rika extended a hand out to her friend. "Well? Are you just going to gawk at me? We don't have to shake hands you know."

"Sorry, I was just zoned out there for a minute. I just didn't expect this from you all of a sudden," Takato said as he shook Rika's hand.

The camera zoomed in on the two Tamers shaking each other's hands in an act of good sportsmanship.

(End theme)

"Will you just get a glimpse of this? Now, I love seeing these rare moments! This shows you that not all duelists are here for camera fare and to settle heated rivalries. Even best friends can be pit against one another and still come out looking like winners!"

As the two friends finished shaking one another's hands, a portal quickly formed behind them. The duelists, Floramon, and Tapirmon faced towards the portal to be transported back in the duel dome.

"Hurry up, you two. We're getting back to the arena," Floramon called out to the duelists. "Besides, you wanted to see the end of the battle matches."

"C'mon, Rika! We have to go and see if Inumon managed to beat Basiliskmon," Takato called to the redhead.

Rika replied. "Coming!"


Phoenix Arena/Battle & Duel Arenas/1:03 PM

Back in the arena, the dual battle matches exhilarated the crowds. They received a great contest between Sailor Uranus and Piedmon, but an even more intensifying bout with Basiliskmon and YoukaiInumon.

"Despite only having 400 life points left, Takato has managed to upset Rika in a fantastic duel! That didn't stop him from obtaining victory. Our beloved goggle boy advances to the next round! But, now, let us see who will come out on top in these dual matches! Sailor Uranus has held her own against Piedmon while Basiliskmon had been inflicting punishment on Inumon!"

Renamon, Seadramon, and Himura were witnesses to the match taking place. Both conveyed grave concern for YoukaiInumon as the match was shifting to Basiliskmon's favor.

"C'mon, Inumon! Don't let this guy win! Avenge Kotori!" Himura exclaimed.

"Yes, for Kotori and for all the people this monster has ever hurt!" Seadramon cheered his friend.

However, Renamon remained silent and showed concern for the dark canine.

Inside Arena A, Basiliskmon held YoukaiInumon down with his tail and taunted him.

"It's a real shame it had to come down to this, Inumon. You could've just walked away and forgotten this whole matter," Basiliskmon snickered as he hissed directly into YoukaiInumon's ear. "Himura, Seadramon, Anubimon and that bitch, Kotori, should be forgotten. I mean, Anubimon and Kotori are gone from this world. I'll admit it, but I was really aiming for Kotori instead of Himura. I just love watching the female kind writhing in pain. That expression of fear was pleasure enough for me! Now, I want to see that same expression on your face!"

As Basiliskmon continued tarnishing Kotori, YoukaiInumon began fuming. His body trembled with anger. However, if that wasn't enough, the next comment from Basiliskmon would push him over the edge.

"But, if there's one person who deserved their untimely death, that would be Anubimon! The fool turned his back on Lord Pharaohmon and deserved the fate he received! I'll bet Anubimon must be rolling in his grave and watching you suffering under my wrath!"

"Basiliskmon... you..." YoukaiInumon muttered under his breathe. His eyes gleamed, emitting crimson light. "You... you..."

"Heh heh heh. I, what? I deserve to die for my disparaging remarks? No, you're going to join that fool in oblivion!" Basiliskmon hissed, swinging down his tail across YoukaiInumon's chest.

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST - Panic)

Renamon, Himura, and Seadramon witnessed in horror as Basiliskmon punished YoukaiInumon. However, at the last second, they gasped out to what they were witnessing back in the ring. YoukaiInumon waved his hand across and sliced off the end of Basiliskmon's tail with his claws. The devilish serpent howled in pain as blood gushed out from his tail.

"YOU INCURSED MONGREL!" Basiliskmon screamed with venom in his tone. "YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!"

As YoukaiInumon stood, he no longer sported that determined warrior's glare. His eyes gleamed a crimson glow and the collar around his neck was removed. Seadramon was quick to notice this and knew what to expect from this outcome.

"Oh no..." Seadramon whispered.

Himura overheard the sea serpent. "What's wrong? Is Inumon all right?"

"Physically, he'll be fine, but his mind isn't exactly there. Do you notice the collar is no longer on his neck?"

"Yes, he always does until now, that is. What's the big deal?"

"Well, I hate to break it to you, Himura, but Inumon will not be the same mongrel you ever knew," Seadramon sighed. Inumon, please don't let the hate consume you. Basiliskmon, you've just awakened a raging demon within him!

"What the hell's happened to you?!" Basiliskmon screamed at the dark canine. "Explain!"

Not replying to the demonic snake's demands, YoukaiInumon's eyes gleamed further and a dark aura formed around him. Basiliskmon hadn't realize he had awakened a furious power waiting to be invoked from the canine.

Suddenly, YoukaiInumon shouted in a dark and sinister tone. It frightened the audience sitting close at the ground level. Even Himura and Seadramon overheard his dark tone of voice.

"So, how about I incinerate you with my Dark Flame Hound technique?" YoukaiInumon growled whilst cackling maniacally.

Renamon quickly discerned the dark and sinister nature of the dark aura around him. She noticed his demeanor was that of a killer's.

"Inumon, what has come over you? Is this because your collar was removed?" Renamon whispered.

"So, you're starting to catch on, Renamon?" Seadramon addressed her. "That collar was constructed to suppress the demon nature in him. Before Anubimon created it for him, he was a beast driven by berserker rage."

"What? I never knew."

"Yes, he could have killed us all if Anubimon hadn't put him under control. There's no way even you can reach him anymore as long as he doesn't have his collar on."

"No! There's got to be something we have to do!" Himura shouted. "I'm not going to lose Inumon and let him become a blood-thirsty monster like Basiliskmon! Inumon, hear my voice!"

Renamon called out to the mongrel. "Inumon! Listen to us!"

(End theme)

YoukaiInumon grinned darkly as he glared directly at Basiliskmon. All he could think is revenge and bath in Basiliskmon's blood.

"How am I quivering in fear...? I'm Basiliskmon! I fear no one!" The serpent hissed. "Even I don't fear you!"

(Cue Inuyasha OST – Inuyasha Transformed)

Then, without even thinking, the dark canine committed a course of action that shocked everyone in the arena, including Basiliskmon himself.

YoukaiInumon used his free arm and with. He remembered utilizing this very exact method to stop Basiliskmon in the Underworld.

"You fool! Why did you blind yourself?" Seadramon screamed out. "Inumon!"

"If I'm blind, your petrification powers will have no effect on me!" YoukaiInumon revealed. "Also, I will tell you something. If I die, I'm going to take you with me, Basiliskmon!"

"Hah, you're welcome to try, but you will fail!"

YoukaiInumon's body erupted with black flames. Basiliskmon felt apprehension. Yes, for the first time, Basiliskmon had a look of fear across his face and he would forever regret teasing Inumon for his deceased loved ones.

"INUMON!" Renamon wailed. "Seadramon, we have to stop this!"

"No! This is Inumon's battle! He will never forgive us if we interfere!" Seadramon held Renamon back with his tail. "He will even destroy you if you interfere. The demon power is growing within him and he will see you as an enemy if you intervene!"

"But, I can't leave him like this..."

"He's right, Renamon. We can't go in there. We'll only throw our lives away and become scorched by Inumon's flames. I admit standing here, but I know I can't afford another brush with near death," Himura hesitated. "Inumon's going to have to control himself once this match is over... I hope."

Upon hearing this, Renamon focused on YoukaiInumon and even she was frightened by his reawakened demonic nature.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Basiliskmon hissed.

YoukaiInumon declared. "I told you. If I'm going to die, I will take you with me!"

"What is he doing?!" Himura exclaimed

"No way! He's not going for his forbidden attack! That's mean he going to die!" Seadramon shouted out a stunning revelation.

"Something tells me this is somewhere I don't need to be!" Lillymon screamed as she hid under her announcers' booth.

Looking on from the audience, Omegamon sensed an immense dark power permeating from YoukaiInumon. He realized that this would greatly damage the arena and kill nearly every Digimon in attendance. He quickly flew out across the arena and landed near Himura's position.

"Omegamon!" The group exclaimed.

"Get behind me everyone!" He addressed them. "I'll construct a barrier to protect you all!"

Before they could act, Omegamon quickly constructed a barrier around him and the group. However, the other Digimon beside them weren't lucky and they were deleted by Inumon's dark flames. Even Etemon fled from ringside to avoid the flames. Fortunately, Lillymon was hiding under her table. She looked out to find Digimon being deleted left to right and screamed out in horror.

"Just what is he planning?! To kill everyone here?!" Renamon gaped in aghast, frantically looking around. "The Inumon I knew would never become a cold-blooded murderer! He's nothing like Basiliskmon!"

In his sky box, Pharaohmon watched the turn of events unfold with little concern. As the dark flames penetrated through the glass windows of his box, he easily forged a barrier around him and Lance. He was surprised and yet took pleasure in seeing Inumon's real power.

"I didn't know the mutt had such power," Pharaohmon scoffed. "A very unexpected twist if I say so myself."

"Me neither, master. It's a good thing you constructed the barrier before I would have been incinerated," Lance replied.

Eyeing YoukaiInumon closely, the demonic priest smirked behind his mask. He is strong indeed, but it's still not enough to overcome my demonic energy.

Then, with one loud roar, YoukaiInumon released his most powerful attack upon his most hated enemy.

"DARK FLAME HOUND!" YoukaiInumon howled as his voice echoed throughout the arena.

Then, the dark flames began to engulf YoukaiInumon's body. Basiliskmon's eyes widened in fear as he witnessed Inumon forming a huge dark flamed wolf with shining red eyes. The dark wolf growled angrily at the devilish serpent. The dark flamed wolf struck Basiliskmon as he was consumed by an inferno of dark flames. Basiliskmon screeched out painfully as his body being completely incinerated by the flames. Fire ripped through his hide and torched the muscles inside his body to reveal skeletal features.

"INUMON!" Himura cried out. "Let him have it!"

"He's doing it! Basiliskmon's body is being destroyed and that red emerald will be shattered in the process!" Seadramon exclaimed.

"Yes and our two friends will be restored at last," Omegamon nodded. But, what I fear most is Inumon turning feral and against all of us.

After several seconds of pure pain, Basiliskmon finally turned into a cloud of data. As the serpent's remains dissolved away, the flames died down around YoukaiInumon. In the center of ring was YoukaiInumon, he was up but his expression was emotionless.

(End theme)

"I... I... think it's over..." Lillymon whispered as she peeked out to find no traces of Basiliskmon left. "I only see Inumon! Fortunately, a barrier was constructed to protect Piedmon and Sailor Uranus as their match had abruptly been put on halt."

Piedmon gawked towards Arena A and realized what had just happened to Basiliskmon. Even Sailor Uranus was deeply concerned. She immediately turned around to find numerous Digimon deleted and others injured from the flames.

"Oh no! Neptune!" Sailor Uranus cried out. "Neptune!"

"It's all right, Uranus. I'm just fine," Sailor Neptune called out from the distance.

Much to her relief, Uranus spun around to find Sailor Neptune with a barrier in front of her. She used her mirror to forge a shield to protect herself and some Digimon bystanders.

"Thank goodness..." Sailor Uranus sighed with relief. "You had me scared there, Neptune. Don't pull that stunt off again."

"Sorry," Neptune replied. "Are all you all right?"

"Yes, thank you, lady!" a Pumpkinmon bowed to Sailor Neptune. "You're in our gratitude."

"Who would have thought there would be humans with extraordinary powers?" a Gotsumon wondered. "This is just great! But, I can't say the same for some of our lost brethren."

"It's a terrible loss," Sailor Neptune showed concern for the lost Digimon killed by the flames. That Inumon must be stopped before he unleashes another attack! It looks like I may have to end up stopping him myself!

Meanwhile, Etemon removed his sunglasses as he realized that there was no sign of Basiliskmon. The serpent was completely vaporized. The last Digimon standing in Arena A was a blinded YoukaiInumon.

"I can't believe this. Basiliskmon is gone. The flames have sealed his fate," Etemon announced while stepping away from Arena A. "In order to spare my own life, I'll forget counting down and declare YoukaiInumon the winner!"

There was mixed reaction to YoukaiInumon, especially those angry Digimon who lost some of their friends to the flames. Others were happy to know that Basiliskmon was destroyed. Himura, Seadramon, and Renamon were quick to realize what was wrong with YoukaiInumon. They watched as the blind demon canine leaped out of the ring and searched for his next victim.

"Everyone, we must stop Inumon! Without the collar, he has become a feral beast!" Omegamon exclaimed.

"Allow me to stop him!" Renamon said.

"No, you can't! You'll end up getting killed, Renamon! Inumon no longer has any sense of who he is and who his allies are!" Seadramon warned the yellow fox.

"I have to try!"

With that, Renamon phased and reappeared a few feet away from YoukaiInumon. The dark canine discerned her scent and turned around to face her. This was truly going to be a test for Renamon, especially as it concerns their deep bond and friendship.

"Bring him back, Renamon," Himura whispered. "Please, come back to us, Inumon."

As Renamon slowly approached YoukaiInumon, the demon canine growled at her as if she were an enemy. The vulpine took a step back from his intimidating presence and held out a hand to YoukaiInumon.

"Inumon, it's me. It's me, Renamon. It's over. You finally got your revenge. Kotori has been avenged. Seadramon and all of us are very grateful. Now, Terriermon and Tomoki will be restored. You... you have slain the serpent," Renamon commended the canine despite expressing some fear in her eyes. "Please, return back to the way you were... we can heal your eyes with the medical team on standby."

Lashing out at Renamon, YoukaiInumon attempted to slash her with his claws. The vulpine quickly dodged and avoided getting turned into mincemeat.

"INUMON! DON'T!" Himura called out. "It's Renamon!"

"Please, Inumon... stop this..." Renamon begged. "It's over."

"Over...?" YoukaiInumon whispered while shaking his head. "Rena... Renamon...?"

Renamon slowly approached the quivering canine. "Inumon, is that you?"

The Mega quivered hard as he de-digivolved back into Inumon. He held his head and let out a blood-curdling scream. He felt excruciating pain in his head whilst throwing his arms around.

"Inumon! What's happening to him?" Himura wondered.

"He's regaining his composure and his fond memories. I suppose when he heard Renamon's voice, the demon nature was fading and allowing the real Inumon to return. However, it's not going to last. Renamon! Knock him out and take his collar! He needs his collar!"

"Omegamon...?" Renamon turned around to face the Royal Knight. "All right then."

Renamon walked over to Inumon and raised a closed fist.

"Please forgive me, Inumon," Renamon sighed, punching the back of Inumon's head knocking him out. Letting out a sigh, Renamon picked Inumon up and threw his arm around her to carry him out.

"We'll get you fixed up, Inumon. I promise you," whispered Renamon.

Just then, Etemon noticed the collar inside the ring and picked it up.

"Hey! Is your friend there forgetting this?" Etemon called out to the vulpine.

"Oh yes! We need that collar!" Renamon replied. "Please, give that to us!"

Nodding, Etemon tossed Renamon the collar.

She caught the collar and continued her walk towards the entrance with an unconscious Inumon. Himura, Seadramon, and Omegamon waited for her to bring them Inumon and his collar.

"Oh, Inumon," Himura winced at the sight of Inumon's slashed eyes.

"Don't worry about that, Himura. The medical team in this arena have device that can regenerate lost tissue. I have no doubt they'll restore his eyes," Seadramon assured the boy. "Omegamon, we can't thank you enough."

"Any friends to Anubimon are allies to me," Omegamon reassured everyone. "Now, let's get Inumon some medical attention."

"But, we also need to wait for Takato and Rika," Himura said.

As soon as he mentioned their names, the duel dome began descending to the ground. They watched as it stopped and opened the doors. Takato and Rika walked out first to a loud ovation from the crowds. They noticed Arena A was empty and motioned towards Etemon.

"The match is over? Who won in Arena A?" Takato asked the official.

"I'm so glad you two didn't arrive when the chaos just ensued!" Etemon replied. "It's a good thing you arrived just as it ended a few minutes ago."

"Who won? We need to know, monkey boy!" Rika demanded.

"Inumon won. He killed Basiliskmon, but he was so out of control that he even killed some of our poor fans in the audience," Etemon explained. "It was chaos out here, y'all!"

"Where is Inumon now?!" Takato demanded.

"His friend, Renamon, and some other fellows are taking him to the back. You may want to join them."

"Right, you hear that, Rika? Let's go!" The goggle boy said as he and Rika headed toward the entrance where the group were taking in Inumon.

However, just as she stopped past Arena B, Rika turned around and watched Sailor Uranus still engaging Piedmon.

"Rika! What are you looking at?" Takato's voice called out. "C'mon, let's go!"

"Yeah! I'm going!"

Giving a smile to Sailor Uranus, Rika ran down to follow Takato towards the entrance to find out the status of Inumon's condition.

As arena staff came to put out the flames and tend to the injured, the audiences veered their attention toward Arena B.

Piedmon was down on his knees with Sailor Uranus pointing her sword to his face. The evil swordsman veered to his broken swords giving a scowl.

"With Inumon being escorted for medical attention, we have one battle match yet to be determined! Uranus finally disarms Piedmon and looks to finish this match!"

An evil smile curved over Piedmon's face. "I'm not done yet."

Uranus snorted as she twirled her sword. "Safe to say you are. I'm not as merciless as many of the other Sailors. I'll kill you here and now. Then, I can be relieved not to hear your stupid laugh again."

"Well, it's a shame it'll come down to me laughing last! Victory shall be mine!"

"In your dreams, clown!"

(Cue Sailor Moon OST – Outer Senshi Theme)

Sailor Uranus prepared to behead him but Piedmon made a quick rebound shooting a beam from his hands.

"Clown Trick!" He forced Uranus to evade and move a good distance from him.

Uranus sighed with relief. Too close for comfort! If that hit me, I would've been a goner for sure!

"You can't hope to dodge those forever! Clown Trick!"

"Again?!" Uranus shouted as she moved to the side.

"Piedmon's playing a game of dodge ball with Sailor Uranus! I wouldn't want to be Uranus now!" Lillymon announced.

Continually lobbing Clown Tricks, Piedmon desperately tried getting one good shot on Sailor Uranus. The Senshi proved to be fast like the wind and dodged every blast. Her luck ran out when she went for a flip. Piedmon caught her with a beam to the back. Uranus wailed as she was blasted to the ring. Piedmon dropped down and disarmed her Space Sword with a kick.

"You won't need that anymore, Sailor!"

"No, but I don't need it! World Shaking!" Uranus unleashed an golden sphere into the Dark Master's gut, sending him sailing across the ring.

Piedmon grunted and almost landed on the back of his head.

"A knock-out hit by Sailor Uranus! Piedmon won't be getting up after that!" Lillymon exclaimed. "Etemon is getting over to count!"

"I've got this one covered, Lillymon!" Etemon returned back to officiating. "Piedmon is down! One! Two! Three! Four!"

Sailor Uranus walked across the ring with her hand on her back. She paced near the fallen Dark Master. Just a few more seconds and victory would be hers. Or so she thought...

"...Six! Seven! Eight! Nine!"

"Clown... Trick..."

In less than a second before the ten count was registered, Piedmon blasted Uranus with a beam. She was knocked out of the ring and sent crashing into a wall.

"No! Uranus!" Neptune cried out.

"If that wasn't a cheap shot, then I don't know what is! Piedmon used a last desperation attack to send Sailor Uranus across the ring!" Lillymon announced.

"Fool...! I'll never be defeated so easily! I was the leader of the Dark Masters!" Piedmon boasted. "Now, start the count and make it snappy!"

"Yes, sir!" Etemon nodded in reply. Idiot, you shouldn't even be giving me orders. I'm the walking rule book!

(End theme)

Once Etemon started to count, Sailor Uranus stirred about much to Piedmon's surprise. Neptune jumped out from the audience and hurried over toward Arena B.

"Uranus!" Sailor Neptune pleaded. "Uranus! Get up! Please, get up!"

"Now, now, majestic lady of the ocean, just stand back before you get hurt," Piedmon chuckled as he magically formed new swords. "Unless you want me to skewer her like a roast pig, be polite and stand your ground!"

Neptune rebuked. "Coward! She had you defeated and you knew it!"

"Nonsense, now watch as I'm being declared the winner."

Suddenly, Etemon stopped at seven and he was shocked to find Sailor Uranus standing up wearing a determined glare. Piedmon gawked at the sight of a recovered Uranus and her valor. Growling with frustration, the Dark Master dashed forward and kneed her hard in the gut. Then, he caught her with another Clown Trick, which struck her head-on and put her down.

"URANUS!" Sailor Neptune screamed out for her fallen 'lover'. "Don't do this to... impress me!"

"Humph, another one bites the dust against my Clown Trick. Referee, just simply raise my hand and declare me the winner."

"Well, I'm still going to make the count regardless. Uranus still has a chance to rise up for the ten count," Etemon snorted. "Here I go! One! Two! Three! Four! Five!"

Piedmon turned his glare directly towards Sailor Neptune and cackled. "Be happy I'm going to let her live. She's not the one I want to eliminate. I want the Warrior of Light Wolfmon. He will fall much like his brother Loweemon. Your friend was just a mere stepping stone for me to reach the next round."

"Hold on! Sailor Uranus is slowly getting to her feet and Etemon is on eight!" Lillymon announced. "What impressive resilience by Uranus! Could she be back in the game? Piedmon sure isn't pleased with this!"

Much to his dismay, Piedmon watched Sailor Uranus getting up. She raised her fists and was ready to continue. Then, her eyes lost focus and she ultimately collapsed face-first on the ring.

Etemon continued through the count.

"...Nine! Ten!"

Etemon immediately called for the bell.

"After putting up a great fight, Sailor Uranus goes down after Piedmon's Clown Trick! The match could have been hers, but it was a cheap ploy by Piedmon that has gained him this victory! Unfortunately, as much as I was rooting for the kick-ass Sailor, I have to grant the devilish clown his due. Piedmon advances to the next round!"

"Hey, you!" Sailor Neptune called out to Piedmon as she bent over to put Uranus' arm around her. "Piedmon!"

"You rang?" Piedmon taunted the Senshi as he gave her a smirk. "It's over. I have been declared the victor."

"It's not that, but hear me out... in the next round, I guarantee your tactics will fail and the next opponent will make sure you are knocked out of this tournament."

"Oh? Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I look forward to crushing my next opponent! You just tend to that piece of trash I've just defeated," Piedmon mocked them with a bow. "Farewell to you two."

"C'mon, Uranus. Let's get you to the back and given some treatment for those wounds," Neptune aroused Uranus by whispering into her ear. "Whoa, you really need to cut down on all of these sweets."

"No way, I've got to have my chocolate chip cookies..." Uranus half-joked in her reply.

"Well, in that case, no more cookies for you, dear Uranus."

"Yes, mother."

"Now, lets get you treated, Uranus. I swear if they end up giving you a needle, don't freak out like the last time we took you to get your flu shot."

"...I hate... needles," the Senshi of Uranus groaned.

"Well, those two are quite the interesting couple. Such beautiful chemistry," Lillymon admired the Outer couple. "Anyway, we have our winners! Takato Matsuda advances to the semifinal round of the duel tournament. In our dual battle matches, Piedmon and Inumon have both secured spots in the next round! Unfortunately, it's a terrible scene we've just seen from Inumon as some members of the audience were killed during the massacre. My heart goes out to those who lost their loved ones. We have medical teams to pick up any injured members of the audience and security will hopefully be tightened around the arena. Now, with that taken care of, I will go and draw the drawings of the next competitors for the duel match and dual bouts!"

Flamedramon was still in shock over what had just occurred. His two colleagues nodded their heads shamefully.

"Whoa... that was a close one..." Flamedramon muttered.

"I told you not to look," Panzerdramon sighed while rubbing his head.

Luzdramon added. "Come one, let's go and give those medical teams a hand with the injured."

As soon as she turned off her microphone, Lillymon flew out of the announcer's booth and looked towards the damage caused by Inumon's attack. The Dra-Warrior trio lent a hand to the medical team while carrying out the injured. She felt tears pour down her eyes as she felt sympathy for those who had lost their loved ones.

Upon seeing the damage created by YoukaiInumon, Pharaohmon chortled darkly. Behind his mask an fiendish grin adorned his features. Lance, too, smiled darkly.

"It is time, Lance. We shall crush our enemies and advance to the next rounds. This is our tournament. We cannot hope to fail now."

"Yes, my lord."

"I have nothing to worry about, but you need to be extra careful. Whoever you are pit against, show them no mercy."

"I will, Lord Pharaohmon," Lance bowed to his dark lord.

The time has come. With Anubimon out of the picture, I can concentrate on winning this tournament and securing control over the two worlds! Nothing will stand in my way! But first, it's time to eliminate my competition!


Phoenix Arena/Infirmary Halls/1:24 PM

Yami Yugi and Joey scoured the last hallway they could find. They've spent nearly an hour looking all over for Mai, but their search came up short. Naturally, Joey has been worried about Mai since their duel.

"Joey! I'll look down these doors. You take the other side," Yami Yugi pointed the other direction.

"I'm on it!"

As Yami Yugi headed down another hall, Joey started scouring through the doors on his right hand side. He opened one door to find it unoccupied.

"Man! Where the heck could she be?! Mai, where are ya?!"

Suddenly, he heard a whimpering from out of another room. The whimpering came from out of a door behind him. Joey stepped over towards the door and turned the knob. Joey opened the door to a locker room and he saw Mai sitting in a bench all by herself and quivering.

She kept muttering about she doesn't want to go back to that dark and cold place as she hugged herself like a frightened child.


As Joey's had touched on Mai's shoulder, she instinctively slapped him hard.

"GO AWAY!" Mai screamed as she held her throbbing hand.

Joey looked at Mai angrily as he caressed his swollen cheek.

"Mai! What the heck are ya doing?!" shouted Joey.

Then, Mai blinked several times as she realized Joey was in the front of her with his hand on his cheek. Mai gasped as she realized what she had done.

"Oh, Joey! I'm sorry! I... I... I d-didn't mean to hit you!" stammered Mai as she sat back down on bench. "I thought you were some creep trying to take advantage of me."

Joey understood why Mai was like that. It seemed she didn't forget what Marik's dark side had done to her in the finals of the Battle City.

"You thought I was Marik?" Joey asked as he sat down beside to Mai.

Mai didn't replay and only stared the ground.

"You weren't the only one who was tortured by his dark side."

"Yeah, I remember. He forced you to duel Yugi with his mind control and you almost drowned because of him."

"But, I never told you about what happened when I dueled in Alcatraz Tower, did I?"

Mai looked at him rather curiously. What happened between them while I was in coma?

"Between my duel and yours with him, you were luckier than me."

"Do you think being trapped inside of an hourglass and almost forgetting my memories was any better?!" Mai snapped at Joey angrily. "Don't try buttering me up!"

"At least your duel was physically painless."

Then, Mai looked at him in silence. It seems his experience with Marik was also very traumatic to him as well.

"During my duel with him, he made a connection with our monsters. Every monster destroyed or loses its attack points, we could feel their pain."

Mai's eyes widened as soon as she heard Joey's side of the story. She was still completely out of it due to Marik's shadow magic.

"The last part was even worse. He summoned the Winged Dragon of Ra. It was covered in flames and he turned it loose on me. I was lucky that I didn't get turned to dust, but I felt my whole body burning up. I thought I would die in that moment. While I was in pain, do you know what I thought?"

Mai shook her head as if trying to comprehend where he was going on with his story.

"I thought I wouldn't be able to keep my promise to duel with Yugi and with you."

Both duelists did not say anything anymore after that. The room was completely silent for a few moments. After a minute, Mai broke the silence as she spoke again.

"You know what makes me angry? In the end, Yugi had to save our butts. I wish... I wish I could be stronger."

Joey looked at Mai and smiled sheepishly. "You're stronger Mai, even stronger than me."

"I lost in our duel, you moron! You're better than me!"

"Nah, you were stronger than me. Your heart just wasn't in the duel. I know had you dueled your best, you would've kicked my sorry butt."

Befuddled, Mai questioned him. "You can't mean that." Mai looked at Joey with a confused look. Before she could ask what he meant, Joey grabbed her hand and he led her back to the station.

"Let's see the next duel match. I want to see who's going to be the winner. Especially the battle matches! They're going to kick so much butt!"

Mai couldn't help it, but she smiled. She felt her hand so warm as Joey's hand was still holding it.

What did I do to deserve you, Joseph? thought Mai as she smiled.

"Hey, Joey! Mai!" Yami Yugi called upon finding them in the locker room. "Thank goodness you're all right, Mai!"

"Please, you don't think I can take care of myself?" Mai smiled. "Come on, boys. Let's see who's up to duel next."

"Well, there are only two duelists left and we know what that match will be," Yami Yugi said. "Kaiba is one of the duelists... and Lance. We've got to warn Kaiba about Lance!"

"So, what? Kaiba should be able to take care of that punk," Joey shrugged.

"I guess you guys already forgotten his duel with Kenta yesterday? Kaiba still refuses to acknowledge the dangers of Shadow Game magic. We have to warn him as soon as possible!"

"Then, let's go and find Mr. Wonderful," Mai rolled her eyes after that comment. "Even I know how much dark magic can mess you up something fierce."

"I'm not going to let the same thing happen with Kaiba, especially since Pharaohmon still has control over Lance," the spiky-haired teen added. "And Pharaohmon will be amongst the four combatants. Oh no, this is only going to get worse. There's no time to lose. Let's go!"


With that, the trio raced down the corridors ahead of them to find Seto Kaiba.


Phoenix Arena/Infirmary Room #7/1:30 PM

After being brought in by Renamon, the medical team helped transfer Inumon into a room to exam his eyes. Renamon and Himura accompanied him to the examination room.

Takato, Guilmon, Rika, Omegamon, and Seadramon were all standing outside the door closed. They waited patiently to hear for results. Just in time, they watched Legendary Warriors and the Tamers celebrating Tomoki and Terriermon being restored from Basiliskmon's petrification spell.

"Terriermon!" Henry, Jaarin and, Suzie's voices cried out from the background.

The two Tamers looked on happily as their friends gathered around a restored Terriermon. The wise-cracking, floppy-eared dog rabbit jumped into Henry's waiting arms and happily laughed.

"Missed me, Henry?" Terriermon chuckled. "Man, how long was I asleep for?"

Henry teared up while hugging Terriermon. "It doesn't matter as long as you're back, buddy."

"Ack! You're squeezing me too tight!" Terriermon gagged.

"Tewwiermon!" Suzie giggled. "I'm so glad you're back!"

"Me too, Suzie... Heh."

"I'm so happy for you two," Jaarin became elated seeing her brother and his Digimon's reunion. "Great to have you back, Terriermon."

Terriermon couldn't but help sniffle. "Gee, this is getting too depressing for me you guys! I'm about to tear up!"

"Well, now we have one friend back," Guilmon smiled as Takato nodded.

"Yes and the Legendary Warriors have their friend back," Lopmon added.

Meanwhile, the other Legendary Warriors, minus Takuya who hadn't returned yet, gathered around to welcome back Tomoki.

"Tomoki, you wouldn't believe it! Inumon defeated Basiliskmon and freed you!" Junpei exclaimed.

"Yeah, isn't it great to be back?" Izumi sat down on the bed while fixing the boy's cap.

"Gee, how long was I out for?" Tomoki asked incredulously.

"Like a whole day," Kouichi stated. "But, it's great to have you back regardless."

"Piedmon's still in the tournament, I just hope I can get a shot at him," Kouji growled while smashing his right fist against his left palm.

"Don't worry, Kouji. I'm sure you'll get your chance," Yui approached him. "My brother's Digimon turned Basiliskmon into barbeque. You'll get your hands on Piedmon."

The Legendary Warrior of Light replied. "Thanks for the assurance, kid. I needed that."

"By the way, where is Takuya?" Tomoki noticed the leader's absence.

"He went to take one named Kurama to his comrades for recuperation," Omegamon informed the children. "Don't worry. He'll be back."

"Won't he be surprised to see me back?" Tomoki jumped off his bed. "You guys are going to have to clue me in on everything while I was out."

"It's going to be a long story and I hope you're ready for what you're about to hear," the Royal Knight replied.

"Go ahead. I'm all ears, too, your royal-ness," Terriermon hopped off his bed.

"Very well, you two," Omegamon replied as he went on explaining the events that occurred during their absence.


Phoenix Arena/Second Level Floor/Locker Room #34/1:32 PM

Upon returning Kurama, Ardhamon was greeted by the Spirit Detectives. The red-haired fox gave his thanks to the Warrior of Flame and sat down on a bench.

"Hey, thanks for bringing Kurama here," Yusuke acknowledged Warrior of Flame.

Ardhamon replied kindly. "It's not a problem. After all, we did help each other with against Horusmon guy."

"The same fool I incinerated with my flames? Yes, I do recall watching him writhe in agony," Hiei spoke up.

"Again, I must consider repaying the debt, warrior," Kurama sat on the bench while pulling out some herbs to create himself a healing potion. "Perhaps I can treat your wounds with some healing herbs?"

"Thanks, but I have to getting back to my friends. They're probably getting all worried, plus now that Basiliskmon bit the dust, Tomoki will be restored."

"Is that your friend who was turned to stone?" Kuwabara asked.

"Yeah, those two who were turned to stone are allies of mine," Ardhamon answered Kuwabara's question. "Hey, Kurama. Show that Brimstone guy what you're made of."

"Indeed, I will," Kurama smiled towards Ardhamon. "Good luck in the next round, warrior. Be cautious. Pharaohmon will be in the next round."

"Yeah and so am I!" Yusuke pointed to himself.

"So is Izumi," Ardhamon had just remembered. "Gee, I just wonder who she'll end up facing. I just hope it isn't Pharaohmon."

Before long, Lillymon announced from the arena speakers.

"Let's continue on with the show! So without further ado, the duel match will pit Lance Canebrook against Seto Kaiba! The following battle matches will feature: In Arena A, MarineDevimon one on one against Fairymon! Facing the demonic Pharaohmon in Arena B is Yusuke Urameshi!"

Once that shocking announcement was made, Yusuke stood out amongst the group with a stunned expression. His eyes widened and he felt his heart stop beating for several seconds. This had struck him hard as he was now being pit against Pharaohmon. Keiko noticed Yusuke's slight uneasiness while holding Puu.

"What's wrong, Yusuke? You could take Pharaohmon, right? This guy isn't that tough for you?" Keiko asked with worry. "Um, Yusuke?"

"This is outrageous! What is the committee even thinking?!" Botan cried out. "Especially after what he did to Anubimon!"

"Urameshi..." Kuwabara whispered. "Are you even sure you want to go through with this?"

The Spirit Detective was stiff and couldn't move. His opponent was the mighty Pharaohmon, even Hiei and Kurama could sense the apprehension from the teen. Ardhamon couldn't help but feel bad for Yusuke.

"Yusuke, are you going to be all right, man? I mean this is Pharaohmon. You could always just withdraw," Koenma suggested.

"Are you kidding? There's no way I'm backing out of this! I'm going in there and if I get my ass kicked then so be it! But, I'm going to make sure Pharaohmon remembers my name!" Yusuke chuckled albeit nervously. "Besides, if I go down, I'm going to leave him a big surprise just to remind him who he's dealing with."

"Either you're an arrogant fool or you've lost your sanity," Hiei remarked. "Then again, I'm curious what surprise you'll leave for that monster."

"Please, we advise caution when you enter the ring with that monster, Yusuke," Kurama warned his comrade. "Don't attempt anything foolish."

"Yeah and don't you go showboating like the last match! Your life is at risk here!" Kuwabara exclaimed.

"Relax, guys! I'll pull through this one alive! Geez, just take it easy! It's not like I haven't died before." Yusuke assured his team. Like I said, even if I get my ass kicked, I'll make sure to leave that bastard a surprise as a last minute reminder of who he's dealing with.

Yusuke, either you have something in mind or you're making the biggest mistake in your life. thought Koenma.


Section Hohou-634-B7: Houou Sovereign Temple/Near the Main Chamber Room/1:35 PM

Ninjadramon had ventured down across the perilous hallways and avoided every trap set forth. He avoided pits, crushing walls, poisonous darts, and even outran a boulder straight out of the Indiana Jones films.

Finally, he reached the hallway where he spotted Labramon sitting completely still.

"Labramon, there you are! I'm so glad to have finally found you!" Ninjadramon called out to his friend and approached him.

The canine did not reply and this worried Ninjadramon. Normally, Labramon would make a wise crack or even whimper but not this time. Ninjadramon put a hand over Labramon's shoulder.

"Hey, Labramon!" Ninjadramon called out once again.

As he spun the digital puppy around, he was caught by surprise and looked at the completely dazed Labramon. His eyes were all twirling like an Acme cartoon character, better yet, similar to Beast Boy when he was hypnotized by Mad Mod.

"Yikes! I sure wouldn't want to wake up like that everyday," Ninjadramon remarked. "All right, Labramon. We're getting... Eww! Is that drool coming out of your mouth?! Well, nonetheless, I sensed those girls have already found the sword and regained their powers back. Let's go meet with the others and head for the main chamber."

Ninjadramon grabbed Labramon and placed him on his back.


Having realized that he was outnumbered by the three Sailor Senshi, Puppetmon backed away and quivered fearfully. No longer wielding his mallet, he realized running was his only option.

"I'm screwed," Puppetmon gulped.

"You're right! For attempting to harm my sister, I'm going to make sure I turn you into firewood!" Sailor Mars threatened Puppetmon.

"Since Pharaohmon isn't here with his ugly mug, we'll take out our frustrations on you," Sailor Jupiter stated whilst cracking her knuckles.

"So, you better beg for mercy, wood boy!" Sailor Venus called out.

Artemis turned around addressing the child. "Cammy! How are you doing up there?"

Artemis and the Senshi paused to notice Cammy still covered in a sheen of white light.

Sailor Mars muttered, looking up at her sister. "Cammy...?" I feel like someone with immense power is with Cammy now. Could it be...?


(Cue Inuyasha OST – Misfortunate Priestess, Kikyo)

While inside the sheer of white light, Cammy floated up as she came face to face with a beautiful albeit mysterious dark-haired woman. She bore a great resemblance to Rei and Cammy but her face and eyes conveyed a mature look.

"Who are you?" Cammy asked, looking straight into the majestic woman's eyes. The child gasped upon feeling the mystic vibe surrounding her. "You're..."

The woman smiled genuinely and lightly nodded. Holding out her hand, she produced a ball of light and sent it to Cammy. The ball of light floated over to Cammy. It fell into Cammy's forehead as the mystical properties from the ball became immersed with Cammy.

"I am indeed who you think I am."

"Digital Priestess."

The Priestess broadened her smile, watching the white light engulfing the child. "Carry on my will and ensure Pharaohmon is vanquished. And remember you're not in this alone. Depend on your friends and you will conquer this evil."

As the Priestess sword reformed in her hands, Cammy felt its immense power seep into her body.

"If... no when you and your friends stop Pharaohmon's rampage, you will have plenty of time to enhance the powers I've bestowed to you. One day, you will receive the Dragon Gazer Mirror."

"Dragon Gazer Mirror?"

"Yes, and when you obtain it you will have fulfilled your responsibility of being my successor. But, until then, let your new powers mature. And Cammy before we depart. Remember my name."

Cammy paused to hear her out before they departed.


(End theme)


Much to his surprise and the others, the Senshi and Artemis watched in awe as the child descended down from the ceiling with the sword in hand. However, she no longer looked like the sweet, little girl who the Senshi came to know. She appeared to look exactly like Rei herself except with her hair tied up into a bun and she was wearing a traditional Miko priestess outfit. In her right hand was the sword and the other she wielded a staff with a crescent moon attached on the top. Sailor Mars was flabbergasted to see the striking resemblance her sister had to her now.

"You... You really are my sister, Cammy!" The dark-haired Senshi yelled. "This is just great! You see that, Puppetmon? Your little games are over!"

"Ha! You really expect me to run!" Puppetmon laughed but couldn't help but tremble. "The boss expects no failure out of me!"

"I hate to break to this to you, but you've already failed. We have our powers back and Cammy's become the Priestess again. Your boss can't do anything to stop us now," Sailor Jupiter blatantly said.

"I'll show you what I'm still capable! I don't need my mallet to bop your heads!" Puppetmon roared as he pulled out the wooden cross-shaped boomerang. "Give me your worst!"

(Cue Sailor Moon S OST – Death Busters Battle Theme)

As Puppetmon charged ahead to attack Sailor Jupiter, the Senshi sidestepped him and retaliated.

"Jupiter Oak Evolution!"

"YE-OUCH!" Puppetmon screamed out as leaves pierced through him.

"My turn!" Sailor Venus declared.


"Venus Love and Beauty Shock!"

The heart-shaped attack launched across and bombarded Puppetmon. One last heart came hurtling across and pounded against his chest, which knocked the wood right out of him.

"Now, to make your firewood as I promised! Mars Flame Sniper!"

As she pulled on the bow, she released the fiery arrow across and made a perfect shot through his chest. Puppetmon yelped as the fire engulfed him. He hastily ran away and jumped into fountain. The fire was immediately put out with smoke fog emerging from out of Puppetmon's burnt form.

"I told you. You mess with my sister and you deal with all of us," Sailor Mars turned around to face Puppetmon.

"Now, bring out your boss!" Sailor Venus demanded.

"Oh, that's what you think..." Puppetmon coughed out. "He'll rip you three little girl scouts apart and your priestess, too!"

"Let him try," Cammy spoke out in an older, beautifully delicate voice. "As long as I wield this sword, even your leader cannot hope to defeat us. It's over for you, creature of darkness."

"Oh, just wait...! You're all going to die!" Puppetmon laughed out.

Before he could say anything else, Sailor Mars whipped out another bow and arrow. She aimed her arrow directly between Puppetmon's head.

"You got something else to say, wood boy? After that little stunt you tried pulling on my sister, I won't feel sorry for killing you," Mars replied with venom in her voice.

Quivering at the sight of the fiery arrow, Puppetmon was sweating bullets. Boss help me!

(End theme)


Deep within his lair, the malevolent leader grew impatient. His anger was invoked upon realizing the failure of his subjects.

"No! They've retrieved the sword! Lord Pharaohmon, I will see to it that they don't make it out alive!"



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'Malevolent' voice: You called for me, fools? Now, to reveal my true self!

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