A/N: Ok, after a bit of a delay, I'm aiming to get this story out the way sooner than later in 2014. Let's get right on it with this Redux chapter!

The Sailor Senshi rebound, the mysterious 'leader' in the temple shows his face, Yusuke goes one on one with Pharaohmon, Fairymon fights MarineDevimon, and Lance duels Kaiba. All this and more in this Redux installment!



Chapter 31

Connected Minds, Pharaohmon and Lance! Sailor Senshi Rebound!


Digital World/Section Houou-634-B7: Houou Sovereign Temple/Near the Main Chamber Room/1:45 PM

Puppetmon backed away from the intense heat of Sailor Mars' arrow trip. He gulped and chuckled nervously. "Um, look... I'm sorry for what I did to your sister! I was only following the boss' orders. I didn't intend to harm the Digital Priestess! I swear!" Puppetmon begged off with his hands clasped in front of him. "Show me mercy!"

Once hearing these pleads from the pitiful Dark Master, Sailor Mars scoffed and looked to her fellow Senshi. They merely nodded their heads and brought their thumbs down. Cammy stepped beside her sister and pointed her staff directly at the demented puppet Digimon.

"Watch it or your nose will grow," the Priestess plainly said.

"Why should we show you mercy?" Sailor Mars scoffed. "You still intend to kill my sister no matter what! Now let's see what happens when you're the one showing fear before you die!"

"Puppetmon," Cammy addressed him in a serious tone, the Priestess personality had taken over. "Your leader was instructed by Pharaohmon to guard the sword. Alas, I have retrieved it and once again I can use this majestic blade to slay the demon. Any ally to Pharaohmon is an enemy to my cause and I cannot permit you to interfere with my quest. The Sailor Senshi have brought you down to your pitiful knees and all you ask is mercy?"

Gripping the handle of the sword, Cammy pointed the sharp tip of the blade against Puppetmon's forehead.

"You attempted to murder me? I cannot forgive such a heinous action, creature of darkness," Cammy scowled with venom in her voice. "You've brought this upon yourself!"

"Wow, I just love how the Priestess thinks!" Sailor Venus approved.

"Puppetmon's not going anywhere," Sailor Jupiter said. "Now, tell us about this boss of yours?"

"I think that boss guy is just too scared to even show his ugly mug. I mean we've already taken out a majority of his men. I'll bet the others have wiped out the rest of 'em," Sailor Venus simply shrugged. "Why not bring the main honcho here now? I'm curious to know whether he or she will be worth our time."

Mars nodded. "Once we take care of him, then it's off to face Pharaohmon."

"You speak ill of my two bosses?! Are you crazy?! What can you girl scouts hope to do to make Lord Pharaohmon notice? I'll bet you can't take my-"

Sailor Mars cut him off and pushed the tip of her flaming arrow against Puppetmon's head. The fire already burned some of the wood on his forehead.

"It'll be okay, Sailor Mars," Cammy patted her sister's shoulder. "We got what we were looking for. I have retrieved the sword and you three have regained your powers. There's nothing else left for us to do. As long as I wield this sword, there's nothing that can stop us. Let's leave. Puppetmon, don't do try anything stupid. Call on your boss if you have to, but there's nothing that will prevent us from leaving this temple. Time for us to leave, Senshi."

"It's about time, too," Sailor Jupiter sighed with relief. "I don't like being cramped up in this place. Time to head back to that arena and finish this whole ordeal!"

Cammy smiled genuinely. "Oh, just wait until Pharaohmon sees what I have."

As he watched the Priestess departing with the three Senshi, Puppetmon realized that he was utterly humiliated and turned into a laughing stock. He sat up and shot an incensed glare at their direction.

He slowly reached down on a wall near him and used a tip of his finger to press a button. This activated an alarm. A loud ringing emanated all over the chamber, alarming the Senshi and Cammy.

"I knew he'd stoop as low as do try something like this!" Sailor Mars cried out.

"Cammy, we should have finished him off instead!" Sailor Jupiter scowled, cracking her knuckles.

"But, you heard Cammy say that he is no longer a threat to us!" Artemis spoke up.

Sailor Venus added. "Yeah, but we're not worried about Puppetmon. It's his boss that we should be worrying about. Let's take out wood boy and get ready to face the big guy!"

"Now, you're talking my style, Venus!" Sailor Mars replied as she pulled out her fire-based bow and arrow. "Puppetmon, you have your chance! Now there's no turning back for you!"

"Ha! Yeah, go ahead and kill me! My boss will see to it that you all pay! You won't leave this temple with that sword alive!" Puppetmon laughed like the demented punk he truly was.

Stepping out in front of the Senshi, the Digital Priestess glared down Puppetmon and readily pointed her staff directly at him. Before Puppetmon could even blink, a mystic ball shot out from the staff's crescent moon extension and sent Puppetmon flying into a wall.

"Wow! Nice shot, Cammy!" Sailor Venus cheered on.

"That ought to shut him up," Sailor Jupiter nodded.

Suddenly, a group of Knightmon and NegaKnightmon plowed through the wall. The Senshi and Cammy found themselves surrounded by the Knightmon/NegaKnightmon battalion forming a barricade around them.

"Yes! Now this is what I'm talking about!" Sailor Venus cried out exuberantly.

"What is so exciting about this, girls? We're surrounded by these knight guys!" Artemis freaked out. "We're dead meat!"

"There is no reason to worry, Artemis," Cammy reassured the white feline. "They got this. If they can beat them in their Ninja forms, their stronger Sailor forms will be overkill, especially with my power resonating in them."

Getting back to his feet, Puppetmon chuckled evilly. "You girls are going to get it! We have you surrounded! They'll keep you busy until the boss gets here!"

"Well, if this boss of yours relied on these guys to guard the temple, then he must have crappy scouting talents," Sailor Venus remarked. "These tin cans are going down faster than you can say HI-HO!"

Artemis muttered. "Don't you mean timber?"

"You know what I meant!"

"We'll be waiting for your boss, but in the meantime, we're going to have some fun with these guys!" Sailor Jupiter leaped up and delivered a dropkick to take down a Knightmon. "Now, this is what I'm talking about!"

"Let's show this boss of theirs just how we Sailor Senshi deal with nuisances!" Sailor Mars declared.

Venus cried out. "Senshi, attack and guard the Priestess at all costs!" She directed her orders.

"Right!" Mars and Jupiter replied back.

As the trio faced off Knightmon and NegaKnightmon surrounding them, Artemis and Cammy watched from the sidelines. The Priestess watched with confidence and put her faith in the Senshi.

Oh, I wish you were hear to see this, Luna! You're definitely missing out! Artemis thought as he grinned.

With the Senshi preparing to engage in combat with the Knightmon and NegaKnightmon, Puppetmon leaned against the wall and waited for the boss' arrival.


Meanwhile, Ninjadramon had just picked up Labramon and carried him on his back. The drool dripping from out of Labramon's mouth splattered all over the Dra-Warriors face much to his dismay. This wasn't the rescue mission he had in mind. He hated this since he has missed out on the action.

"Argh! Will you quit drooling all over me?!" Ninjadramon howled as disgusting slobber fell on his left cheek. "I can't wait until I find the others! They'll probably figure out how to fix you help."

Before long, he overheard the cries of his allies coming down from another hallway ahead of him. He leaped across the hallway and scaled the walls in attempt to arrive at the spot in time. He turned and watched a Knightmon collapsing before dissolving into digital dust.

"Say, what's going on here?! Looks like a heat of battle is commencing, but I wonder who could have done that?" Ninjadramon walked down the hallway and turned towards his right direction.

Much to his delight, he saw the Sailor trio, the Legendary Warrior trio, and Herodramon standing over fallen Knightmon.

Sailor Pluto noticed Ninjadramon from the corner and waved over to him. "Ninjadramon! It's good to see you!"

"I'll say! Did you manage to find Labramon?" Grottomon asked.

"I did and you guys won't believe this," Ninjadramon replied and set the hypnotized Labramon down.

Everyone gathered around the hypnotized Labramon and was caught by surprise. The Sailors wouldn't help but giggle amongst themselves. Grottomon and Arbormon laughed together whilst Mercuremon offered no comment.

"Oh, man! What happened to you, Ninjadramon? Did he just slobber all over you?" Herodramon couldn't help but snicker. "Well, you managed to rescue him but paid a heavy price for it!"

"Oh, will you just...? Anyway, at least I rescued the poor sap. All we need to do is find the other Sailor Senshi and Cammy," Ninjadramon replied. "I sense they have already regained their powers."

"Yes, we all gained a power-up from the Priestess herself," Sailor Mercury replied. "Individually, we were able to defeat the Knightmon, NegaKnightmon, and Karatenmon outside."

"And there were more where that came from inside," Sailor Saturn stated. "Fortunately, we should be getting closer to where the others are."

"We're definitely close to them. I sensed their powers coming from down that hallway on my right hand side," Ninjadramon pointed back to the temple entrance.

"Um, I hate to rain on our parade but how are we going to fix Labramon up?" Grottomon asked, waving his hand in front of the digital puppy's face.

"I'm sure we'll figure some way to fix him," Sailor Pluto smiled.

"You know he kind of reminds me of Beast Boy from Teen Titans," Sailor Saturn giggled as she patted Labramon's head.

"You mean from that Mad Mod episode?" Arbormon inquired. "Heh, now that you mention it."

"Can we save talk about cartoons later?" Herodramon asked. "We have more crucial matters now!"

"Yeah, we're not too far from where we should be guys. Just follow my lead," Ninjadramon said, carrying Labramon on his back.

Sailor Mercury had her mini-computer ready. "Just lead the way, I'll track down their locations."

Resourceful girl, aren't ya, Ami? Arbormon nodded his head.

With that, the three Sailors, the three Legendary Warriors and the Dra-Warrior duo stormed toward the temple entrance.


Phoenix Arena/Battle & Duel Arenas/1:55 PM

"We're sorry for the terrible tragedy that just took place during Inumon and Basiliskmon's brutal match. Those dark flames... I can't even explain it, but am I glad I didn't get caught up in it. Sadly, I can't say the same for the victims. My condolences go out to those who lost a dear fellow Digimon. However, the show must still go on. Moving along with the next set of matches for our Duel and Battle match tournaments. Allow me to introduce our combatants for our dual Battle matches! First, Fairymon and Yusuke Urameshi!"

As soon as their names were mentioned, the crowds cheered for the two combatants. Fairymon was the first to walk out waving and blowing a few kisses to the crowd.

"Wow, these guys really do love me!" Fairymon gladly accepted the positive reaction.

"Fairymon, the Warrior of the Wind, has now entered with her fan following cheering her on," Lillymon continued through her announcing. "Her opponent will be yet another representative of Pharaohmon's army, MarineDevimon. But, now, let us bring out the one and only, Yusuke Urameshi!"

As soon as his name was being announced, the bold albeit headstrong Yusuke headed towards Arena B. The crowds erupted with loud 'Yusuke' chants. Already he has gained a new fan following amongst the Digimon after his victory over Demon.

"Here's Yusuke! The same kid who managed to upset Demon in yesterday's battle match! Since then, he has already gained a new fan following and I can't help but root for this guy! His opponent though... will be Pharaohmon. Can he somehow topple the monster who intends to leave more bodies if what he did to Anubimon was a sign of things to come."

Yusuke hopped inside Arena B and pumped his fist into the air to get the crowd going. He looked to continue his winning streak and somehow topple a seemingly unstoppable obstacle in the form of Pharaohmon.

Taking their seats, Kurama, Koenma, Botan, Kuwabara, and Keiko watched from the audience. In Keiko's hands was Puu, who calmly rested in her warm and loving arms. On the other side, Hiei kept his watchful eye on Yusuke carefully.

"Be careful, Yusuke. Don't do anything foolish," Kurama advised.

Kuwabara concurred. "Yeah, cause this is Pharaohmon he's facing."

"Well, this is Yusuke we're talking about, guys," sighed Botan. "He's going to treat this like any other fight he's been in."

"Yusuke, don't get killed again, please," Keiko whispered as she held onto Puu dearly and started to worry for her friend.

Hiei remained silent with everyone worried for Yusuke's chances of surviving this encounter with Pharaohmon. Even the demon knew he wouldn't stand a chance against this colossus of a power.

Also observing from another section of the arena was Mizuno. Ever since last night at the hotel, she had developed keen interest for Yusuke and his team after battling Hiei in a memorable singles encounter. Now, she was going to have this privilege to watch Yusuke take on one of the Digital World's most dangerous and powerful beings: Pharaohmon.

"We already have our first two combatants in the rings! Now, let's bring out the next competitors! Representing the camp of Pharaohmon, it's MarineDevimon... and the ring leader himself!"

As soon as their names were announced, the entire arena erupted with a negative reaction and cursed the murderer of Anubimon. MarineDevimon walked out first as the negative reactions were directed solely towards Pharaohmon. The marine demon was even lucky to be walking after the beating he received from Omegamon and now Galaxiadramon not too long ago.

"MarineDevimon shouldn't be surprised with the jeers he's getting. I mean, what does he expect?! When you're affiliated with Pharaohmon, you're bound to get booed! And speaking of the devil... the monster who put together this tournament and killed Lord Anubimon will be coming out. I don't how he can come out here after what he's done. Yes, I'm showing my bias against Pharaohmon, but how can you blame me?"

"Well, for once, at least I'm not the one getting the death threats," MarineDevimon wiped his forehead, sighing with relief.

Waiting inside Arena B, Yusuke kept his eyes directly towards the entrance in anticipation for Pharaohmon's arrival. His body felt the immense demonic aura emanating from the colossal demon. Despite this, the Spirit Detective clenched his fists tightly while holding his ground.

Here he comes. Holy hell this bastard's packing a hell of a demonic power. Yusuke thought, trying his hardest to maintain focus.

Upon arriving through the entrance, Pharaohmon marched forward to the ring. The crowds expressed their discouragement and showered him with strong boos. Objects and cries of 'murderer' were thrown at his direction. These didn't even faze the gigantic monster as it continued his march to the battle rings. Needless to say, Pharaohmon has established himself as one of the most hated individuals the Digital World has ever bear witnessed.

"Here comes the devil himself! The monster who murdered Lord Anubimon!" Lillymon said with anger in her tone.

Pharaohmon chortled, hearing Lillymon's remark. Too bad the chaos will continue to ensue as long as I'm around, my dear.

"Well, here goes! This one is the name of my beloved Calmaramon!" MarineDevimon declared as he hopped inside Arena A. "Fairymon, I shall put a stop to your meddling! You shall be punished in the name of the oceans!"

"Sorry, pal, but Jaarin has no interest in you!" A determined Fairymon retorted.

"I shall win her heart once I've dispatched of you, Tinker Bell!"


Inside Arena B, Pharaohmon entered the ring and faced Yusuke directly. The Spirit Detective crouched into a battle stance as blue spirit energy formed over him.

"Another insect to be thrown to the slaughter? Well, this should be amusing," Pharaohmon remarked. "You're no stronger than Lord Anubimon, but you certainly have potential. You will get stronger in due time, but now you're simply an insect to squash."

"Ok, now that does it," growled the Spirit Detective. "I'll make sure to give you the ass kicking of your life!"

"You're welcome to try, human."

"With our four combatants in the ring, we can now bring out the competitors for our duel match! Lance Canebrook, Seto Kaiba, come on out!"

Right on cue, Lance walked down the entrance with his Duel Disk. The crowd jeered the boy for just his affiliation with Pharaohmon. The teen merely ignored the negativity he was receiving from the crowds and marched directly towards the Duel Dome.

"If Pharaohmon wasn't bad enough, this kid is just as dark and nasty! Who could forget his duel with Kenta? He deliberately attempted to kill the poor boy with that dark magic! Good thing Kenta's Digimon pal put a stop to that! Now, we await the arrival of the former undisputed champion of duel monsters, Seto Kaiba!"

Walking down the hallways with Mokuba by his side, Seto Kaiba strapped his Duel Disk over his left arm and shuffled his deck. Before he had a chance to step through the curtains, he heard the cries of Yugi and company. He didn't even turn around to acknowledge them but stopped in place.

"Kaiba, hold on!" Yami Yugi called out to the duelist. "There's something you should know!"

"Don't you realize dueling Lance is dangerous?! You saw what he did to Kenta! He ain't gonna play by the rules!" Joey exclaimed.

"Trust me you don't want to end up like I did in Battle City," Mai said.

Seto couldn't help but scoff at their warnings. Mokuba couldn't help but take heed to their warnings.

"Seto? Don't you think you should back out? I mean, look what we've experienced from Battle City and Alcatraz Tower," the younger Kaiba reminded his brother. "Remember Marik and that rod?"

The CEO groaned, his tone tinged with irritation. "Again with this nonsense, Yugi? I thought you and your friends would get off that crap. I'm on my way to duel this punk and advance to the next round. Yugi, you're the only duelist who is even worth my time. So, I'd prepare myself if I were you."

"Hey! What about me? Look at me, you rich punk!" Joey attempted to jump Kaiba but was held back by Yugi.

"Outta my way, Wheeler," Seto rebuked. "If you and me dueled again, you know the result will always be the same."

Joey stuck his tongue out. "Yeah, like how I almost kicked your butt in Battle City!"

"Whatever. I have a duel to attend to. Yugi, expect victory from me and stop spouting that nonsense. You're a duelist not a story teller. Get serious," Kaiba started out the curtains and headed past the entrance.

"You guys. Is Seto in serious danger?" asked Mokuba. "That Lance guy might've been a threat to that Kenta kid, but my brother's not the type to fall for tricks like that."

"Just let him duel that guy, Yug," Joey scoffed. "If Kaiba gets himself caught in a Shadow Game, we'll just say that we told him so!"

"You sure know how to make friends, don't you, Joseph?" Mai chuckled.

"Wait until I tell you how Joey and I became friends to begin with," Tristan added.

Tea rolled her eyes. "Yeah, let's not."

"Like me and rich boy would ever become best buddies. Not even in another lifetime!" Joey remarked sarcastically.

"In any case, we have to keep a close eye on this duel. I'm worried for Kaiba's safety," Yami Yugi walked out through the entrance. "Don't take him lightly, Kaiba. Please."

"Seto Kaiba has now reached the Duel Dome and faces off with Lance! These two have their game faces on! This should be one interesting duel! Kaiba has built a reputation of being the former undisputed duelist champion from the human world, but how far will he advance in our first Digital World duel tournament?"

The two duelists entered the Duel Dome. Kaiba's stone cold glare didn't even make Lance flinch once. The teen maintained a calm and confident demeanor. Etemon set the coordinates for the next duelist location.

"The duelists will be sent to SkullGreymon Valley, a land of the undead Digimon type," Etemon announced. "I'm getting ready to send them off!"

"That'll do, Etemon!" Lillymon nodded in approval. "Now we can get our matches underway!"

With that, Etemon sealed the door to the Duel Dome. He beckoned for it to be lifted high into the ceiling.

Meanwhile, Lillymon focused her attention on the dual rings featuring the four competitors. Yusuke prepared to go head to head against the demonic Pharaohmon while Fairymon was anxious to get her hands on Jaarin's nightmare, MarineDevimon.

"Our four combatants are anxious to get this started! Quite frankly, I'm not going to wait any longer! I want to see Pharaohmon finally get his! As official of the Shadow Tournament, let this match begin!"

(Cue God of Wars OST – Minotaur Boss Battle)

Once the bell rang, Yusuke and Lillymon simultaneously attacked their adversaries. The Spirit Detective's aura flared up intensely and punched Pharaohmon's chest. This merely caused Pharaohmon to grunt and stumble back a bit.

Fairymon flew right over MarineDevimon and kicked him in the head. MarineDevimon yelped painfully and fell facefirst on the ring.

MarineDevimon recovered and sat up spitting out dust. "I ain't going down easily , fairy girl!"

"Really? Seems you go down pretty easy."

"You'll regret that! I will win for Lord Demon and Lord Pharaohmon!"

"Uh huh, and it looks like that Yusuke guy is holding his own with one of your bosses," Fairymon pointed to Arena B. "Plus, he's already handily knocked out your other boss. Guess you need to find some new loyalty soon."

"Don't count on! That boy is in over his head if he thinks he can take Lord Pharaohmon!" MarineDevimon laughed.

Fairymon wasted no time flying forward and promptly engaged MarineDevimon.

"Now, we're getting into the heat of the action, ladies and gentlemen! Yusuke is unloading on Pharaohmon with fists galore! Now, Fairymon prepares to have her way with MarineDevimon! It'll be interesting to where that will lead up to!"

Yusuke jumped away from Pharaohmon, evading being grabbed by his giant hands. It seemed as though Yusuke's spirit energy was somehow inflicting some damage on Pharaohmon. However, before Yusuke had a chance to attack, the body of the demon absorbed the blows.

"What? Not even a freaking scratch on him?!" Yusuke gaped in aghast.

"Too bad I'm not like the other demons you and your fellow Detectives have faced," Pharaohmon replied.

"Yeah, me and my friends ran across these two freaks called the Toguros."

"Toguros? Interesting, so you're no stranger to facing powerful opponents. Perhaps, I should offer them places in my army once I've conquered the two worlds."

"Fat chance, bastard. I'm ending this game of yours!" Yusuke declared, charging spirit energy into his hands.

The demonic entity grinned evilly and shouted back. "You're welcome to try, Yusuke! Though, you've yet to realize your full potential, you still have no chance to beating me!"

"Then, why not show me!" Yusuke screamed out. "Your ass is grass!"

"Yusuke doesn't plan to back down from Pharaohmon and it seems he will give this one his all! But, one has to wonder if the kid will manage to overcome that dastardly demon! Meanwhile, Fairymon prepares to get serious with MarineDevimon! While we have our two battle matches in session, let's go directly to the big screen to witness the duel between Lance and Kaiba! Floramon, my dearest colleague, how is everything there at SkullGreymon Valley?"

(End theme)


Digital World/Section 000-000XX0: SkullGreymon Valley/2:10 PM

The dark and gloomy environment within the SkullGreymon Valley lived up to its name. There were piles of bones scattered across with undead Digimon observing on. The clouds were blanketed by thick, black clouds. Floramon shivered from her surroundings. Even Tapirmon, the cameraman, was visibly quivering while trying to hold his camera in place.

"Here... we are... live at the Skull Greymon Valley. Sheesh, Etemon, couldn't you have sent us to a far less creepy place than this?! " Floramon stuck her tongue out at the camera where Etemon could see her. "Anyway, we're here to witness the next duel featuring Lance Canebrook and Seto Kaiba! Can Lance hope to psyche out Kaiba and use this field to his advantage?"

"Oh please, it's going to take more than this punk and this cemetery to scare me," Kaiba shot a cold glare at Lance's general direction. "Lance. Are you ready for me to show you the talents of a true duelist?"

"Certainly, I'm looking forward to humbling you, Sir Kaiba," Lance smirked before releasing a black aura to shroud their surroundings. "But, first, let's make this game far more interesting!"

"Whatever, just bring it. I could care less about the hocus pocus crap since Yugi has spouted out enough of it."

"Well, if my eyes are deceiving me, it looks like we're going to have ourselves yet another Shadow Game! D'oh! Why does this have to happen again?!" Floramon freaked out at the sight of the upcoming shadow game.

Tapirmon gulped as he huddled close to Floramon. It's times like this that makes me wonder why I chose to be a camera guy!

"Here we go and the duelists are getting set for a deadly Shadow Game! I just hope nothing terrible comes of Seto Kaiba. The last thing we need is more victims!"

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! OST – Yami no Game)

Activating his Duel Disk, the conniving Lance smirked darkly. "I'm going to end this quickly, Kaiba. Your ego will be your own undoing!"

"Oh, please. Just bring whatever you've got, kid!" Kaiba rebuked, instinctively activating his Duel Disk. "I'm going to enjoy mopping the floor with you, but I must commend you. Only few get a privilege to face me in a duel. You should feel honored."

"And you should feel honored for dueling against Pharaohmon's prized champion. I will win in the name of Lord Pharaohmon!"

"Whatever, let's just get this over with."

"Duelists! As an official of the duel tournament, I declare this match to begin! Read, set, and..."


With that, both duelists activated their life points counter and drew out their first five cards to their hands. Floramon and Tapirmon kept away from the black fog now surrounding the duelists.

"Now, I can barely see them! Oh, I just wish I had x-ray vision! Where's Superman when you need him?" Floramon hopped around whining.

Kaiba/8000 LP

Lance/8000 LP

Kaiba addressed him with a smug look. "I'll draw first, set one card facedown and another card facedown in defense mode! That'll end my turn. Let's see what you have to offer, you conniving punk."

"The first card I'll draw this card to activate Harpie's Feather Duster! Now your first facedown card are gone!"

Kaiba grimaced as his one facedown card shattered to pieces.

"Then, I'll summon the Slate Warrior in attack mode!"

Summoned on Lance's side was a blue-skinned warrior garbed in yellow armor.

Slate Warrior


LVL/4 ATK/1900 DEF/400

"Slate Warrior, take out his facedown defense monster!" Lance declared his first attack on the former champion.

The warrior dashed toward Kaiba's field and smashed his facedown card, revealing a yellow-robed musician with a golden harp.

Spirit of the Harp


LVL/4 ATK/800 DEF/2000

"My monster's defense is stronger than your attack! You're gonna lose some life points there."

"Too bad, Kaiba. It seems you've just forced me to activate my instant magic card from my hand! Graceful Dice!" He unveiled it.

"Damn you!" Kaiba exclaimed.

"With this I can roll a die. The result of the die is multiplied by 100 and added to the Attack/Defense of all my monsters until the end of this turn!"

A large die materialized on the field and rolled across Lance's side of the field. The die landed on a six and thus Slate Warrior's attack/defense was increased by 600 points.

Slate Warrior

ATK/2500 (1900 + 600)

The Slate Warrior quickly smashed Spirit of Harp and destroyed the harp fairy. Fortunately, Kaiba's life points were spared since his monster was in defense mode.

"Lucky you, Kaiba," Lance snickered. "That ends my turn, Mr. Ex-champion!"

(End theme)

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! OST – Blue Eyes White Dragon Battle)

"You'll be eating those words, you mouthy punk!" Kaiba retorted as he added a card to his hand. "Get ready for some pain as I bring forth Cyber-Stein!"

A hunch-backed, purple Frankenstein monster was summoned in attack mode.



LVL/2 ATK/700 DEF/500

"Next, I'll activate Cyber-Stein's effect! At the cost of 5000 Life points, I'll bring forth a Fusion monster in attack mode! And I know which monster I've chosen to take you down with!" He then unveiled a card that Lance was most certainly familiar with, which greatly alarmed him.

"Oh no! Isn't that your ultimate monster?!"

"Maybe you aren't so lucky to duel me after all. Now, behold the monster that will crush your life points! Arise, my Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!"

Kaiba/3000 LP (8000-5000)

Now summoned to the field happened to be Kaiba's most powerful monster in his deck. A tri-headed Blue-Eyes White Dragon appeared as each head unleashed a terrifying roar.

Lance gaped in bewilderment upon facing the presence of the three-headed beast. Needless to say, he wasn't counting on the former champ to summon this monster early.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon


LVL/12 ATK/4500 DEF/3800

"So what do you think of...?" Kaiba stated before an unbearable pain radiated over his chest. "What the hell is this? Why am I feeling pain?!"

"Don't you recall I said this is a Shadow Game, Kaiba. You paid the heavy price! You see when one of us loses life points, we feel pain and bleed for real! This was all made possible thanks to the shadow magic Pharaohmon bestowed to me!"

"Nonsense... I don't believe in magic!" Kaiba gritted his teeth. "Ever heard of heart burn?"

"Don't hide the fact that actually hurt, Kaiba! You're playing by my rules!"

"Shut your mouth, punk! I'll equip my Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon with Megamorph!"


"That's right! With this card, if my life points are lower than yours, then the original attack power of the monster equipped with this card is doubled! If my life points had been higher, the original attack power would be halved."

"Damn you!" Lance cursed.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

ATK/9000 (4500 x 2)

"Now, my Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, destroy Lance's Slate Warrior! Ultimate Blast!"

The mighty three-headed dragon opened its three mouths, producing three energy beams that converged and combined into a immensely large beam. The beam shot forward faster than Lance can anticipate. The Slate Warrior instantly wiped out in one shot, leaving nothing left of the warrior.

Lance felt pain pounding in his chest. He sank to one knee and panted..

"What's wrong? Can't take the pressure, Lance? You're pathetic!"

"Heh..." Lance chuckled under his breathe despite the pain surging through his body.

Lance/900 LP

The teen was teetering close to losing the duel. However, since Kaiba's life points are now higher than Lance's, the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon's power dropped to 2250, as a result of Megamorph's effect expiring.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

ATK/2250 (4500/2)

"One attack away and I'll be through with you for good," a cool smile adorned the CEO's features. "Any last words?"

"Yeah..." Lance spat out, laughing. "My Slate Warrior, too, has an effect! Any monster that destroys it loses 500 of its attack and defense points!"

"No, you mean...!"

"Your precious dragon gets weaker and I one up you, Kaiba!"

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

ATK/1750 (4500/2-500)

"In retaliation of that little stunt you've just pulled, I'll send Cyber-Stein to pulverize you! Show this conniving kid pain!"

Cyber-Stein hastily charged Lance and punched him square in the chest. The blow sent a shockwave, which swept Lance back and off his feet. Despite his fall, Lance just laughed off Kaiba's assault like nothing mattered.

Lance/200 LP

"Great, I'm dealing with another nut job. What's your story besides your apparent link to Pharaohmon? Actually, scratch that, don't bore me," Kaiba remarked. "You're lucky to even have 200 life points left. Next move and you're done for."

"I'm not through yet, you fool," Lance snickered as he drew a card to his hand. "Now, I'll summon forth my favorite monster! Now, Jirai Gumo, come forth and reveal yourself!"

The giant, orange-black tarantula returned to Lance's field.

Jirai Gumo


LVL/4 ATK/2200 DEF/100

"So, you're going to send a spider to attack my dragon?" Kaiba raised an eyebrow.

"Correct, Kaiba! Behold, the end of your Blue-Eyes by my Jirai Gumo!"

As the giant spider launched at the three-headed dragon, a holographic coin appeared on the field. Lance grabbed it before it even hit the ground.

"As I told Kenta before, one side is flat and the other side has a Wedjat Eye on it. The side with the eye shall be 'heads' and that's exactly what I call!"

Lance flipped the coin from his hand. Only the outcome of the coin would determine how Jirai will deal with the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

"You realize if it lands on the wrong side, you're hurting yourself?"

"Do you take me for an idiot? It's my card!" Lance yelled, catching the coin in mid-air. To his dismay, it landed on the opposite side: tails.

Lance growled angrily as his monster shot a web at him and absorbed half his life points.

Seto could only look smiling coolly. Yugi told me to worry? Way to over hype a loser like this guy. This is the easier duel I've ever been in a long time! That Jeri girl presented more of a challenge!

Lance/100 LP(200/2)

Lance felt the pain return to his body as he grasped his chest and wheezed seemingly like he was running out of breath. However, the insane duelist seemed to enjoy it and snickered evilly, which further irritated Seto.

"Ok, calling you a nut job was just me being nice."

Lance shook off Seto's disparaging remark.

"Has the realization of facing inevitable defeat settling in? Is the pressure too much for you? At least you'll be remembered for dueling against me and failing to take my top spot!"

"That's what you think... my spider still has enough to take out your precious Ultimate Dragon!"

With that, Jirai Gumo bit directly onto the Blue-Eyes' middle head and delivered a deadly bite to crush the middle dragon head. As a result, the monster was brought down to its knees and destroyed. Kaiba seethed at the sight of his most powerful monster dissolving before him in a matter of moments.

"Aww, so much for your precious dragon, Kaiba!" Lance taunted the KaibaCorp CEO. "You reduced my life points down to the last 100 and I've taken away your precious Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon in the process. I say it was a fair trade! Now, you lose life points and become inflicted with more pain!"

Kaiba grimaced as he felt some of his own energy being drained out of his body. It's almost as if my energy is being drained...! But, how? No, it can't be the cloud around me... This is nonsense! This is only just a trick!

"You may think it's all a trick, but you're really suffering, Kaiba. I, too, can feel the pain, but I embrace it!"

Kaiba/2550 LP (3000-450)

"Put a cork in it, Lance!" Kaiba angrily retorted. "I'm through hearing you rung your mouth!"

"Well, c'mon, let's see what you'll come at me with."

"I'll show you!" Kaiba exclaimed as he drew a new card to his hand. "I'll set one card facedown in defense mode and switch my Cyber-Stein to defense mode!"

"Disappointing that you must rely on defenses while I'm on the losing end. Oh well, if that's all you can bring to the table, then I'll just have to take advantage of your lame game playing," Lance added a new card to his hand. "Ah, ha! Now, this is what I'm talking about! First, I'll activate this card known as Ookazi!"

"That card?" Kaiba snorted under his breath.

"Yes, with this card, I can decrease 800 of your Life points. That brings it down to 1750 for you!"

Kaiba cursed as his body was encased in flames and he felt more energy being drained from his body. "You won't get the best of me that easily!"

Kaiba/1750 LP (2550-800)

"But, I'm just getting started, Kaiba! Loosen up and relax as I start devastating your life points! Next, I'll summon my Mechanicalchaser in attack mode!"

A winged, golden ball with gadgets around his body appeared on Lance's field.



LVL/4 ATK/1850 DEF/800

"I'll send my Mechanicalchaser to take out your Cyber-Stein!"

The Mechanicalchaser rolled over and crushed Cyber-Stein.

"Then, I'll send my Jirai Gumo to wipe out your facedown defense card!"

The giant tarantula spat out a widespread webbing across and covered the facedown card with it. Another holographic coin appeared in Lance's hand and he flipped it once calling 'heads'. As it landed down, it landed exactly on that. Using Jirai was going to require tons of luck on his part.

The monster revealed from the facedown card was the Magician of Faith, a purple-haired woman garbed in blue robes and wielding a crescent moon staff.

Magician of Faith


LVL/1 ATK/300 DEF/400

She caught by the strong webbing and dissolved into digital dust.

"Fortunately, since my Magician was destroyed, she also has an effect!" Kaiba declared.

"Yeah? So, what?"

"That means I can draw a magic card from my graveyard and I intend to use this card wisely," Kaiba stated as he added Megamorph to his hand.

"Well, in any case, my end my turn. Let's see what you can come up with this turn. Hopefully, it's well worth it."

"You're going to regret saying that," Kaiba stated as he summoned the newly drawn card and revealed a monster. "Vorse Raider come forth in attack mode!"

A green-skinned warrior wearing pants, open vest and having three horns protruding out of his head materialized on Kaiba's side.

Vorse Raider


LVL/4 ATK/1900 DEF/1200

"Vorse Raider, dismantle his Mechanicalchaser!"

The green monster charged across and swung his bladed staff through Lance's monster. Once Mechanicalchaser was wiped off the field, Lance fell to his knees and wheezed heavily with more of his energy being sent directly to the shadow cloud.

Lance/50 LP (100-50)

"Why don't you just give it up? You're down to your last 50 life points. One more attack and you're finished! Then, I'll duel against a more worthy opponent like Yugi. Even Wheeler would be more appropriate then you now as pathetic as that sounds. I just don't see how those geeks were worried about you. You aren't worth my time!"

Once hearing Kaiba's candid speech, Lance rose up to his feet and clapped approvingly. This did not sit well for Kaiba as he was losing his patience with Lance.

"Well, whatever, you have left to defend yourself. Go. I end my turn."

"Perfect... Now, I can finish you off using my Jirai, attack his Vorse Raider!"

"Relying on pure luck once again? You really are pathetic," grunted Kaiba.

"I'll do whatever it takes to gain, Kaiba!"

As the spider launched at Vorse Raider, the holographic coin appeared in Lance's hand. He flipped it and called tails. Much to his dismay, it landed on heads. Thus, more energy was drained out of his body and life points were deducted.

Lance/25 LP (50/2)

Despite this setback, Lance laughed continually and watched as Jirai overwhelmed Kaiba's monster with its webbing. The Vorse Raider was wiped out off the field and inflicted damage to Kaiba's life points.

Kaiba/1450 LP (1750-300)

"I hope you're happy, you punk," Kaiba spat out. "So, do you have anything else to offer or is it my turn to grind you to the dirt?"

"As far as I'm concerned, I end my turn. You're only going to prolong your inevitable conclusion!"

"All I'm going to do is set one card facedown in defense mode. That ends my turn. Let's see how you handle a little patience, Lance."

"I am certainly a patient duelist, Kaiba. You're the one who's the hothead and it will be your own undoing," Lance said while drawing a card to his hand. "Jirai, it's time to claim another victim! Attack Kaiba's facedown card!"

He's only on borrowed time as far as I'm concerned! Thought Kaiba.

Jirai spat out webbing across the ring while Lance flipped another holographic coin. He called out tails, but it landed on heads. This resulted in Lance losing more life points. He doubled over catching his breath. He shook off the pain and laughed once again.

Lance/13 LP (25/2)

The spider destroyed Kaiba's monster, which was another Magician of Faith. Thanks to the effect of the Magician of Faith, Kaiba could now draw a magic card from his graveyard and place it in his hand. Unfortunately, he has no more magic cards in his graveyard and thus could not add anything more to his hand.

"Well, I'd say my turn is complete. You were lucky to have kept your life points, but you're delaying the inevitable, Kaiba! Your defeat is imminent!"

"With only 13 life points left, Lance is near defeat, but he still somehow has Kaiba reeling. Kaiba could win this duel with the right card, but there's no telling what kind of unspeakable horrors lay in store for both duelists in this shadow game! In the meantime, let's get back to my colleague, Lillymon, with the dual battle matches in session! How is the action coming along back at Phoenix Arena?!"

(End theme)


Phoenix Arena/Duel & Battle Platform Stages/2:25 PM

"Floramon, all I can say is that the audiences are eating this up like sweet candy! Yusuke is giving his all against Pharaohmon with some punishing blows! I'd never thought we'd see this, but he is the same boy who knocked Demon right out of the tournament! Meanwhile, Fairymon just evolved to Shutumon and gliding MarineDevimon a run for hie money! Let's hope she can pull something out of her bag of tricks to knock that stupid grin off that squid creep's face!"

(Cue Digimon Arena Rumble – Reapermon's Den)

Inside Arena A, Shutumon threw a pair of ginger spheres from out of her hands.

"Plasma Pods!" She lobbed them at MarineDevimon, striking him head-on.

"How do you like my Plasma Pods, seaweed breath?" Shutumon shouted, hearing him yell out painfully. "Don't like it when you fight an opponent who can fly?!"

"Argh! You cheap shot! Come down here and fight me!"

"I already am, you pervert! By the way, Jaarin thinks you're a grade-A loser!" Shutumon insulted the demon. "And I think you should give up trying to win her over!"

"That's not true! I'll prove to you that she loves me!" MarineDevimon shouted adamantly. "Now, come down and fight me!"

"If you say so. Besides, I've wanted to test out my new A-Hybrid form," Shutumon stated as she descended to the ring. "So, how about it?"

"Do whatever you want, you filthy cheater! In the end, I shall be the one who declares victory for Lord Pharaohmon!"

Shutumon pointed out to Arena B. "Well, it looks like he's having a bit of trouble with that Yusuke guy."

"Ha! He's only toying with the dumb boy! Just wait until he gets serious! Now, c'mon and show me this new form of yours!"

"Very well, you asked for it, idiot," Shutumon sighed as she de-evolved back into Izumi.

"So, that's your A-Hybrid form?" MarineDevimon laughed out hysterically. "Here I was all worried! Bwahahaha!"

"No, but if you REALLY pay attention, then your tiny brain just might comprehend what I'm going to do," Izumi pulled out her D-Scanner. "Time to take out the trash!"

"Oooo! Is this what I think it is? We've seen this from the Warriors of Ice, Thunder, Flame and Light! Just what will Fairymon transform herself into?" Lillymon wondered excitedly.

"I hope you don't end up turning into Tinker Bell!" MarineDevimon laughed out at the blonde.

"I'll make you eat those words! Execute!" Izumi shouted out as she scanned her hand through her device. "Fusion Evolution!"

With that said Izumi became engulfed by a stream of digicode. Her clothes were stripped off and she let out a battle cry. The spirits Fairymon and Shutumon merged together. In place of Izumi was a dark blue-haired female Digimon clothed in a somewhat revealing white battle gear. She gained purple thrusters for arms and her legs were decorated with the same color. The wind dissipated around her form to reveal a pair of metallic, white wings, an airplane-shaped cap, and a giant pinwheel was in grasp in her right hand. She flew down and twirled her pinwheel before calling out her official name.


"Bwuh?! JetSilphymon?!" MarineDevimon stuttered before screaming out. "Um... wow..."

"Wow! What a magnificent sight! Fairymon has evolved and she looks good wielding that pinwheel! MarineDevimon doesn't like what he sees!" Lillymon exclaimed.

Before long, Ardhamon arrived at the front entrance. He noticed Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Tea, Mokuba, and Mai observed the matches.

"Hey, guys! Sorry, I'm late but I had to go help that Kurama guy!" Ardhamon said. "How are the matches coming?"

"Man, you should have seen Izumi Spirit Evolve!" Joey said to Ardhamon.

"She's turned herself into her A-Hybrid form, JetSilphymon," Yami Yugi informed the Warrior of Fire.

"Oh yeah...? I've seen her A-Hybrid form during our training. She ought to give MarineDevimon a good thrashing," Ardhamon replied.

"Well, Junpei did become too overconfident with his new A-Hybrid form and look what happened to him," Mai reminded the boys.

"Nah, Izumi should kick this joker's ass," Ardhamon stated. "If she takes care of MarineDevimon, we'll have less of Pharaohmon's goons to worry about. Then, there's that Yusuke guy. If he can beat Pharaohmon..."

"Then, the two worlds will be saved," Yami Yugi finished what Ardhamon wanted to say.

Ardhamon rooted for the Warrior of Wind. "Go, get him, Izumi! You have this match in the bag! Win another one for the Legendary Warriors!"

Hearing the cheers from Ardhamon, JetSilphymon giggled and attentively turned facing MarineDevimon. She then readied and spun her pinwheel.

"Let's go!" JetSilphymon beckoned as she stepped into a battle stance.

"Oh, a feisty one! Sure, let's dance!" MarineDevimon charged across and threw out his tentacles. "I'm going to crush you! This one's for my future queen, Calmaramon!"

"Heh, not in your lifetime, pal!" JetSilphymon phased out of sight.

As MarineDevimon stopped, he frantically scanned his surroundings. He turned his head only to get clobbered in the forehead by her pinwheel. The blow formed a dent in his forehead. JetSilphymon followed this up by putting out her hand and unleashing a strong wind force.

"Ultra Turbulence!"

The mighty force pushed into the dazed MarineDevimon and swept him back over the ring. JetSilphymon seized this opportunity and flew up over him.

"Now, to finish you off! This one's for Jaarin, you freak!" JetSilphymon shouted.

Before JetSilphymon came closer, MarineDevimon narrowly evaded out of her reach and landed on the ring.

"You were lucky there, pal, but I'm not going to rest until I knock your slimy butt out of this tournament!"

"Whew, that was close!" MarineDevimon panted hard. "You'll never crush my destiny to be with my Calmaramon! She and I will be together once Pharaohmon takes over the two worlds!"

"You obviously don't get it! Jaarin doesn't like you! Face the facts, jerk!" JetSilphymon fumed.

"We'll see once I defeat you! She will be mine!" MarineDevimon cried out dramatically.

This guy is already giving me a headache. I can only imagine how Jaarin feels now! JetSilphymon thought as she sweatdropped seeing the marine demon acting so desperately.

"As JetSilphymon and MarineDevimon have their verbal spat, Yusuke is already taking a rest from pounding away at Pharaohmon. It seems fatigue has now taken its toll on the boy wonder! Is there anything he can do in hopes of toppling this monster?"

(End theme)

(Cue The Mummy OST – The Sarcophagus)

Back in Arena B, Yusuke backed away from Pharaohmon upon realizing the spirit power from his hands began dissipating. He had just used up an abundance of his spirit power just to knock the behemoth some.

"Damn, just what is this guy made of?!" Yusuke paled. "Physical force just isn't going to cut it!"

"Ah, so you're realizing it just now, Spirit Detective?" Pharaohmon grinned evilly. "True, your spirit energy can hurt me, but you have yet to bring me down to my knees. You're running low on spirit energy was we speak."

"Shut up, you don't have to remind me!"

"It's sad because I've only used thirty percent of my strength."

"Why bother telling me that?"

"Because if I had gone further, I would have crushed you like the insect that you are, boy!" Pharaohmon cracked his knuckles. "I've exploited your weakness by allowing myself to be struck with your attacks. I'm a combination of brains and brawns in one gigantic demon body."

"Oh yeah? Well, I guess you haven't tasted this!" Yusuke exclaimed as he pumped up his right fist.

"What are you doing...?"

"Something to remember me by! SHOTGUN!" Yusuke unleashed a heavy bombardment of blue spirit blasts.

Accompanied by shotgun-like explosion, and living up to its name, the blasts pounded all over Pharaohmon's body. One by one, the blasts pushed through his hard skin and forced him back.

Meanwhile, Yusuke's friends cheered him on wildly. Then, Koenma, Hiei, Kurama and Kuwabara carefully assessed the teen's spirit energy. Kuwabara realized that Yusuke's power was declining rapidly.

"Oh no, Urameshi's wasting his spirit energy fast!" Kuwabara gasped out. "He really should've gotten that squid freak!"

"And leave Fairymon to deal with Pharaohmon? This wasn't Yusuke's choice. He could have pulled out, but he chose to fight Pharaohmon," Koenma sighed as he kept an eye towards Arena B. "Then again, Yusuke did say he had a plan. I just wonder what he intends to do."

"Yes, he did claim to have some kind of plan, but he wouldn't say," Kurama said. "Sometimes it's hard to predict him."

"If you ask me, he's going to make a foolish mistake and Pharaohmon will take advantage," Hiei snidely remarked. On the other hand, I'm rather curious what the Detective has up his sleeve.

"Yusuke, please, just pull out of this!" Keiko yelled out, holding Puu close to her. "You don't have to fight anymore!"

"Keiko, there isn't more we can do but trust in Yusuke's abilities. I'm sure he'll find a way out of this mess," Botan tried her hardest to calm Yusuke's school friend. "Yusuke obviously has a plan in the works."

"What plan? That Pharaohmon is already scaring me as it is and Yusuke is going to get himself killed!" Keiko cried out.

Oh, Keiko, you honestly do care for him! Botan thought. "Listen, Keiko. I promise you he will not die.

"Really, Botan...? Are you sure?" Keiko sniffed a few tears. "Yusuke is going to make it through?"

"Of course..." Botan beamed; but, deep down she realized she was only deluding Keiko with false hope. Yusuke, you had better not make me look like a complete liar!

Pharaohmon methodically walked across the ring and put his hand out. The Spirit Detective stood his ground before putting up his fists. The demon unleashed an array of pellet shots, which Yusuke was able to take out with his fists. He was actually putting up a good resistance against Pharaohmon's attacks, until one pellet struck him hard in the chest. Yusuke was sent hurtling across the ring.

"You're too slow, Yusuke, but, I will give you credit for putting up a good defense against my blinding shots," Pharaohmon snickered evilly, sauntering over to his beaten opponent.

Yusuke picked himself off the ground, determined not to lose this match as long there was still breath and fight left in his body. He glared directly at Pharaohmon and formed another intense blue aura engulfing the teen.

(End theme)

"Wow, just when I thought Yusuke was about to lose it, he comes right back with more spirit energy! This guy is absolutely amazing! But, one has to wonder if he has reached his limits. We'll find out! Meanwhile, Kaiba has the duel practically won! Lance is down only a few life points from defeat!"

Yami Yugi paid close attention to the duel in session on the monitor and showed concern for Kaiba. There was no doubt Kaiba can win at any time, but Lance was obviously dragging this match out to his favor.

I'm not so sure myself. Kaiba is still in serious danger. I just hope he realizes who he's dealing with. C'mon, Kaiba! Yugi telepathed with Yami as the Pharaohmon painstakingly watched the duel.


Digital World/Section 000-000XX0: SkullGreymon Valley/2:40 PM

"All I can say is that this duel looks to be near its end! I don't see any possible way for Lance to bounce back from this one! Kaiba doesn't even have to lift a pinky if you ask me! Lance could just forfeit and we all can just move on!"

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! OST – Millennium Battle)

Seto pulled out a new card and added it to his deck. Then, he laid one card facedown. "All I'm going to do on this turn is play this card facedown. That ends my turn." Kaiba declared. "Would you like to rely on a different tactic and ditch the spider already? It's already getting on my last nerve."

"It's such a shame, because that's the exact monster I'll be using on this turn!" Lance declared. "Jirai Gumo, attack his life points directly!"

As soon as he declared his attack, Kaiba activated his facedown card to reveal a trap card. "You've just forced me to activate my trap card: Call of the Haunted!"

"No, that means...!"

"I can select one monster from my graveyard and summon it to the field in attack mode. The monster I choose to bring back is my Vorse Raider!"

As soon as Jirai Gumo attacked, the Vorse Raider reappeared on the field. Now the spider's attack was redirected to the Vorse Raider instead of Kaiba's life points. This forced Lance to snatch the holographic coin that materialized before him. He caught the coin before it dropped to the ground and flipped it.

"I call tails!" Lance declared.

However, just as the coin landed back in his hand, it was revealed to be heads. This meant that Lance would lose another portion of his life points. He watched his life points decrease to a measly seven and felt more energy being drained right out of him.

Lance/7 LP (13/2)

However, Jirai's attack still took out Vorse Raider, inflicting damage to Kaiba's life points.

Kaiba/1150 LP (1450-300)

"Well, so much for being all high and mighty, Kaiba! As long as I have my Jirai, I can inflict more damage to your life points."

"It's too bad. Your life points end up getting cut down further. Your overuse of that spider will lead to your demise."

"Nonetheless, I end my turn here."

"First, of course, I'll put this card facedown in defense. That'll be it for my turn."

"It's too bad I'm going to annoy you even further."

Kaiba scowled. "Why's that...? Oh great, don't tell me..."

"That's right! I'm sending my Jirai Gumo to attack your facedown defense monster!"

The massive spider expelled more webbing, trapping the facedown card, which shattered and revealed a pair of female elves that can attack and defend together.

Gemini Elf


LVL/4 ATK/1900 DEF/900

Lance grabbed the holographic coin and flipped it. He immediately called tails, but it landed on heads.

Lance/4 LP (7/2)

The elves were destroyed within the webbing.

"That's all she wrote for your elves. Now, I'll set this card facedown and end my turn."

"For my next move, I'll activate Pot of Greed! That allows me to draw two cards! With it, I summon forth Goblin Attack Force!"

Kaiba summoned a horde of club-wielding green goblins.

Goblin Attack Force


LVL/4 ATK/2300 DEF/0

"Goblin Attack Force, take out his Jirai Gumo for good!" Kaiba commanded his green imps.

But just as the goblins scurried over to attack Jirai, Lance quickly activated his trap.

"You've just caused me to activate my trap card! I reveal Skull Dice!"

"Skull Dice?!"

"That's right, Kaiba! When I roll a die, the result is multiplied by 100 and subtracted from the attack and defense power of all monsters you control until the end of this turn!"

"I knew that already."

"Well, then, I guess you didn't realize that I would be inflicting damage to your life points then!" Lance laughed. "Now, Skull Dice, roll the die!"

As Lance declared his move, a red, holographic die rolled across the field. It landed right on a four. Four-hundred points was subtracted from the Goblin's 2300 and lowered it to 1900.

Goblin Attack Force

ATK/1900 (2300-400)

The Goblin Force were automatically destroyed in the process and inflicted damage directly to Kaiba's life points. It was exactly 300 battle damage.

Kaiba/800 LP (1100-300)

"Damn," Kaiba cursed to himself but not long as he put down a card facedown. "I'll set one card facedown and end my turn!"

"Ha, well, it's down to my turn again," Lance snickered while adding a card to his hand. "I'll be sending out my Jirai Gumo to attack your life points directly!"


"I'm glad you've grown accustomed to him by now! Jirai, attack his life points directly as I command!"

As the spider launched out a webbing attack, Lance flipped another holographic coin and called out heads. It landed on tails.

Lance/2 LP (4/2)

Any more error by his coin toss and his reliance on Jirai will be his own undoing.

"You've just triggered another trap of mine, Lance! Behold, my trap card, Waboku!"


"With this card, any damage inflicted by your monster's attack is reduced to zero during the turn this card is activated," Kaiba declared. "That means my life points are safe from your pathetic monster's attack! Too bad!"

"You were lucky that time, Kaiba! I'll be sure to get you on my next turn! All I can do now is set one card facedown, which ends my turn."

"Now, I can take back control of his duel and wipe that stupid grin off that pathetic face of yours!" Kaiba declared. "I'll start my turn by activating Monster Reborn! I can use this card to bring back a monster from my graveyard! The monster I've chosen to bring back is my Goblin Attack Force!"

As soon as he said that, Kaiba revived his Goblin army.

"Now, my Goblin Attack Force, destroy his Jirai and make sure it stays gone!"

"Ha, it's too bad you've just triggered another trap card of mine!"

"You what?!"

As the Goblins charged across to attack the Jirai, the facedown card revealed itself to be Negate Attack. The Goblins' attack was canceled and thus ended Kaiba's turn.

"You damn little..."

"Bet you didn't see that coming, did ya, Kaiba? I got you good, too!" Lance laughed. "Too bad! My Jirai is staying!"

"Then, I end my turn," Kaiba growled. How can this kid still be smiling with only two life points left? Doesn't he even care about being on the verge of losing this duel? I could have finished by now if he hadn't activated all those trap cards!

(End theme)


Kaiba stood completely frozen as he heard that familiar voice. It was the same voice of the girl he met in his dreams the other night. That same light blue-haired girl. His eyes widened in apparent shock as he caught glimpse of her spirit form standing between himself and Lance's fields.

"What is she doing...?! How am I seeing this?"

"What are you babbling about?" Lance said with annoyance and noticed Kaiba's aghast look. "Well, since it's my turn, I'm going to finish you right off! That's right! It's over for you, Kaiba! Victory is mine!"

I should be focused on this match...! But, what is this girl doing? What does she have to do with me? Why is she in the middle of my duel?! I remember seeing someone in a vision during my duel with Ishizu back at Battle City!

"Seto..."the girl repeated as she managed to capture Kaiba's attention.

Stop! You're in the middle of my duel...!

"Just what are you thinking about? Have you just realized that you can't defeat me? In that case, now would be the perfect time to end this little game of ours," Lance stated as he added a card to his hand. "First, I'll activate the card known as Fissure! This allows me to destroy anyone of your face-up monsters with the lowest attack power. Say bye-bye to your Goblins!"

With that, the Goblins were instantly wiped out and Kaiba was left with no monsters left. However, Seto remained spaced out with his full attention on the ghostly presence of the girl from his dreams. She smiled grimly before staring deeply into his eyes. With Kaiba completely zoned out, Lance made his next move.

"I'll finally finish you off by sending my Jirai Gumo to attack your life points directly!" Lance laughed out hysterically. "Destiny is reserved for only me! I will be the one to defeat Yugi for his Millennium Puzzle! This one's for Lord Pharaohmon!"

As he declared his attack, the Jirai Gumo expelled a blast from out of its mouth. However, before all else, Lance flipped his holographic coin and called heads. It landed on tails.

Lance/1 LP (2/2)

However, it didn't matter in the end. The attack from Jirai struck Kaiba end on and depleted what was left of his remaining life points. The CEO howled in pain as the blast was taking its toll on him and his energy was being directly fed to the shadows.

Kaiba/0 LP (850-2200)

"Yes! I did it! I've beaten Kaiba! Yes and all that's left for me to do is to defeat Yugi! I will make history by becoming the first and only duelist to defeat Seto Kaiba and Yugi Muto in one tournament! Now, Seto, your soul shall be feed to the sha- WHAT?!" His eyes bugged out when he saw an intense blue aura forming around Kaiba, which protected him from the shadows.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dawn of Destiny OST – Theme of Kaiba)

This was the result of a supernatural force created by the ghostly woman Seto saw.

Lance screamed out. "What is the meaning of this?! How can you project a force field to protect yourself? This just isn't possible!"

Even Kaiba was confused. For a minute there, he was close to having his soul removed by Lance's shadow magic, but it seemed the girl protected him somehow. He paid no attention to his life points, but the girl who 'saved' him. She stood with her arms stretched out and retained that ghostly smile. Lance stepped away as a dark cloud quickly engulfed him.

"Argh! You may have gotten yourself out of this, Kaiba, but you won't be so lucky when I defeat Yugi and Lord Pharaohmon takes control of the two worlds! This isn't over!" Lance cried out before disappearing within the dark cloud.

As the shadow cloud dissipated around him, Kaiba was the only duelist left standing. Unfortunately, he had lost this duel but managed to keep his soul intact thanks to the mysterious blue-eyed and haired girl.

Just who was that? What's going on here? What is the meaning of these visions?

"Well, I don't know what just happened and I'm at a total loss for words. But, it's clear who has won this duel! Your winner is Lance Canebrook!"

Upon hearing this announcement, Kaiba snapped back to reality and looked down at his life point counter. It was down to zero and he found no signs of Lance. Was this just a dream? That's the question lingering in Seto's mind right now. He turned a gaze directly towards Floramon.

"What... I lost?!" Kaiba exclaimed. "I lost to that punk kid! No, that can't be right!"

"I'm afraid so, Mr. Kaiba," Floramon squeaked out before his intimidating presence. "You zoned out and I tried to yell out to get you back in the duel. You stood there completely out of it and then Lance took advantage of you."

Kaiba snorted as he walked past Floramon without noticing her. "Take me back to the arena."

"Sheesh, you don't have to get so pushy! I'll take you there now!" Floramon retorted at the duelist.

Before long, the portal leading back to the duel dome opened up for them. Seto Kaiba was the first to step through. Followed by him were Floramon and Tapirmon.

Kaiba tried to stay focused but those images of that girl kept reappearing in his mind. What did the appearance of the girl signify?

But, I have to wonder... who was that girl? There has to be a meaning behind her sudden appearance. Is it a sign of... bah, who am I kidding?

(End theme)


Phoenix Arena/Duel & Battle Arenas/2:47 PM

With the duel already decided, the matches themselves seemed to be winding down to their conclusions. The audiences were really getting under Pharaohmon's skin and chanted 'Die Pharaohmon, Die!' The chanted continued on for the past few minutes without any signs of stopping.

"Our semi-finalists have now been decided as Lance now joins Yugi, Takato, and Joey! Now, we will see who will join the six competitors in the next round of our battle tournament! Yusuke has been showing his stuff against Pharaohmon but it seems the damn demon hasn't even flinched one bit! Meanwhile, JetSilphymon has been dominant over MarineDevimon!"

Pharaohmon stood with scathe marks imbedded on his body. He looked down over Yusuke, who was once again running low on his power. The Spirit Detective took this opportunity and hopped up, landing an uppercut imbued with spirit energy into Pharaohmon's jaw. He then followed up with body blows all over his body.

"Just look at Yusuke go! He's hammering away at Pharaohmon!" Lillymon announced.

Yusuke remained focused while continually pounding away at the towering demon. He pointed a finger out in front of Pharaohmon and fired out a point blank attack.

"Spirit Gun!" Yusuke unleashed a powerful blue wave of spirit energy directly at Pharaohmon.

The demon grunted as the blast struck him head-on with immense force. The audience watched in awe at the sight of Pharaohmon being forced back from Yusuke's attack.

"Yeah! Give it to him, Urameshi!" Kuwabara cheered for his friend/rival.

"His spirit energy is astounding! The training with Genkai really has done wonders for him," Kurama assessed. "But one has to wonder..."

"Will it be enough? Yusuke is already running low on spirit power reserves," Koenma stated promptly.

"What...? Are you guys saying Yusuke is..." Keiko stuttered as she started to grow worried for her friend. "Botan, you said Yusuke will live through this!"

"He will... But, I can't say the same for his spirit power," Botan sighed. C'mon, Yusuke! At least survive this ordeal!

Hiei studied the match carefully and knew that Yusuke was not going to last much longer.

(Cue The Mummy OST – My Favorite Plague)

Yusuke's overuse of spirit energy began taking a toll on him as if Pharaohmon's pellet shots weren't enough. The smoke cloud enveloping Pharaohmon fades and Pharaohmon, who had both hands up protecting him from Yusuke's point blank Spirit Gun shot. The arena crowds gasped in utter awe and disbelief from this turn of events.

"No! Pharaohmon still stands!" Lillymon announced to the arena. "I can't believe! I thought Yusuke had him that time!"

"C'mon, Yusuke! Get up!" Botan encouraged him.

"Urameshi!" hollered Kuwabara.

"YUSUKE!" Keiko quickly sat up from her seat, screaming.

Everyone close around Keiko turned around and took notice of her outburst. She stared out directly towards the ring and felt frightened beyond her wits. This was her first time seeing Yusuke getting himself involved in a near death situation. She wasn't there to witness his fights against the human hunter Rando and Suzaku of the Saint Beasts. Her eyes became glazed over as she was nearing a state of shock, which forced Botan to tend to her.

"Keiko! Please, snap out of it! Yusuke will make it through this!" Botan cried while shaking Keiko. "Come back to us, Keiko!"

"Look!" Kurama pointed directly to Arena B.

Much to everyone's surprise, Yusuke stood up on his feet with his finger pointed directly at Pharaohmon. The titan was astonished by the teen's resiliency. Not even Anubimon was putting up this much resistance yesterday. If there wasn't a way to best describe Yusuke, he was not a quitter.

"That was quite an attack. I commend you. Any Digimon would have been taken out from that last attack. Heh, you know... even Demon wouldn't have handled its power," Pharaohmon chuckled. "But, again, I am unlike any other Digimon. I am a monster on a whole different level."

"Just warning you, I've made sure to leave you a big surprise to make you remember me by. But, I'll leave you guessing until the end of the tournament."

Befuddled, Pharaohmon inquired. "Hum? What's that supposed to mean? Wait until the end of the tournament? What are you babbling about?"

"You're going to get a kick out of the surprise. Think of it as a birthday present wrapped neatly..." Yusuke continued on and pointed his right hand and made a gun gesture as if he were preparing another Spirit Gun. "...Heh. All I have is one word for you... Bang!"

With that, Yusuke fell facefirst on the ring floor. Pharaohmon stood over the fallen Spirit Detective with a confused glare. He couldn't figure out what Yusuke had just warned him about the 'surprise'.

(End theme)

"Oh no, Yusuke just passed out! The overuse of his spirit energy has taken a toll on him! Yusuke's been spent! Etemon is there to make the count!" Lillymon exclaimed. "Meanwhile, Pharaohmon still stands with little damage, but what confuses me is the mention of a 'surprise' Yusuke has left for him. Even I'm curious to know what Urameshi has left for Pharaohmon!"

"I see that Yusuke Urameshi is out of it. I'll start the count..." Etemon said but jumped back as Pharaohmon walked away from Yusuke's body. "Um, where do you think you're going? Pharaohmon...?"

The demonic titan did not reply to Etemon's question and walked out the ring. The official began to deliver the count since Yusuke was now completely out of it.

"One! Two! Three! Four!"

"Oh no! Urameshi!" Kuwabara hollered out and ran down across the steps. "Hang on, Urameshi!"

"Kuwabara!" Kurama called out to the teen while giving chase to him.

"YUSUKE!" Keiko screamed and jumped out of Botan's arms.

"Keiko!" Botan held Keiko back. "He's not dead!"

"Yes, she's right. I'm still sensing spirit energy from him. In fact, Puu himself is still alive," Koenma replied. "If Puu wasn't still moving in your arms, then that would signify that Yusuke is dead. They are connected, Keiko. It'll be all right."

Realizing what Koenma had just said, Keiko looked down at Puu. The tiny spirit beast moved about and squeaked. Botan let out a sigh of relief.

"Thanks goodness. You hear that, Keiko? Yusuke is going to be all right," Botan smiled to Keiko. "Well, doesn't that make you happy?"

Nodding in reply, Keiko hugged Puu tightly and walked out of her seat. She ran down the stairs to catch up with the others.

"Yep, she's all right," Botan nodded her head. "So, I presume you didn't expect Yusuke to win this match, Koenma?"

"It was obvious Pharaohmon would walk out victorious. Yusuke currently does not have the power to defeat him, yet. The surprise Yusuke said he had left Pharaohmon. I have to wonder if it will come back to haunt Pharaohmon?"

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean is that Pharaohmon has overlooked what Yusuke was capable of. Was Yusuke really aiming to defeat Pharaohmon with those Spirit Guns? Pharaohmon even absorbed a majority of those attacks. I have to wonder..."

"You're thinking too much into this, Koenma. At least we know Yusuke will make it through."

"I'm quite relieved. I mean who am I going to be giving orders if Yusuke isn't around? Kuwabara?" Koenma sighted Yusuke stirring in the ring. "Ah, look! Yusuke is moving!"

As Etemon finally reached eight, Yusuke crawled across the ring. He held a hand out as if he were attempting to grasp something. Then, his hand fell to the ground and was limp.

"...Nine! Ten!" Etemon exclaimed. "Yusuke was unable to get up after the ten count! Unfortunately, Pharaohmon now advances to the next round!"

"Ugh! Damn! I thought Yusuke had him for sure, but nonetheless, Pharaohmon advances to the next round! The only match to determine is the one between MarineDevimon and JetSilphymon!" Lillymon announced. "Now, we have Yusuke's friends inside Arena B and Pharaohmon already walking back to the entrance."

The flower maiden quickly stuck her tongue out directly towards Pharaohmon before focusing her attention on the match up inside Arena A. Kuwabara stepped inside Arena B and carried Yusuke on his back.

"Don't worry, Urameshi. I've got you," Kuwabara said. "You all had us scared, jerk! I thought you were going to get killed in there."

"What surprises me is that Pharaohmon didn't even bother attacking Yusuke," Kurama wondered as he studied Yusuke. Were those spirit attacks apart of Yusuke's plan? But, this is Yusuke we're talking about here. He never thinks ahead. Unless, this is what I think it is. Could he have intentionally fired spirit energy through Pharaohmon's body? I wonder...

So, is that what you think, Kurama? Hiei said as he appeared behind Kurama.


"I'll have to commend Yusuke. He actually did something right for once."

"Pharaohmon himself doesn't know about Yusuke's spirit power and that may come back to get him."

Kuwabara overheard the demons' exchange. "Hey, what are you guys going on about? Let's get Urameshi to the back and get him some help."

"Yusuke!" Keiko ran directly over to Kuwabara and placed a hand over Yusuke's back. "Is he going to be all right, Kuwabara?"

"He's breathing just fine, but he's just going to need some rest," Kuwabara reassured Keiko. "Come on, Keiko. We can go to the back and get him fixed up."

"Right. I'll follow you," Keiko nodded.

As Kuwabara carried Yusuke on his back, Keiko accompanied him towards the other entrance. Hiei and Kurama quickly followed them.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Akumu)

Back in Arena A, JetSilphymon flipped into mid-air and came down preparing to strike with her pinwheel again. However, MarineDevimon anticipated her attack and ensnared her weapon with his tentacles. Then, he caught her with his tentacles, putting the squeeze to the ensnared Warrior of Wind.

"Hah! I've caught you now! You can't escape!" MarineDevimon laughed. "Now to get rid of this little toy of yours!" He grabbed the pinwheel and snapped it in two. He then squeezed tightly, making JetSilphymon scream in pain. He swung her around and tossed her into mid-air.

"And he sends JetSilphymon! Just when it looked like she was winning, the devilish squid freak rebounds from inevitable defeat! Oh no! It looks like MarineDevimon is going to splatter poor JetSilphymon with some of his sludge!"

"Oh no! Izumi!" Ardhamon exclaimed. "Move away!"

"This ain't looking good in this round you guys!" Joey exclaimed. "First Kaiba, then that Yusuke guy, and looks like fairy girl is about to get it!"

"Come on, Izumi! Move!" Ardhamon hollered to get the Warrior of Wind's attention.

MarineDevimon widened his mouth. "Try some of this, pretty girl! Guilty Black!" He then expelled black and gooey ink at her.

The black substance caught JetSilphymon and covered her from neck to waist. The slime splattered against the ground and held JetSilphymon down. As she struggled to break loose, MarineDevimon placed one tentacle down over her entangled form.

"Hey! Not fair, you cheater!" JetSilphymon screamed. "Get this crap off me!"

"No way. There aren't any rules that bans my ink! I'm playing by the rules!" MarineDevimon snickered. "I'll at last win over Calmaramon! Once she realizes I have defeated you, I will be graced by her loving arms!"

"You still don't get it, do you?!" JetSilphymon coughed out once inhaling the ooze's nasty aroma. "God! This smells! I think I'm going to hurl!"

"JetSilphymon is down! I'll start the count! One! Two! Three! Four! Five!" Etemon started the countdown.

"Hell no! Get off her, you jerk!" Ardhamon yelled out. "That's not playing fair!"

"I play to win, you fool!" MarineDevimon yawned as he crossed his arms.

Having seen enough, Ardhamon flew across towards the ring. He went to unleash an attack on MarineDevimon, but it was too late for JetSilphymon. Etemon had reached the ten count.

"...Ten!" Etemon called out as the official bell rung. "JetSilphymon was unable to get up during the ten count! Therefore, your winner is MarineDevimon!"

(End theme)

Ardhamon flew towards MarineDevimon and kicked him aside. The squid demon was sent flying out of the ring, but it didn't matter as MarineDevimon realized he was advancing to the next round.

Ardhamon ripped the black gooey substance off JetSilphymon and released her. He managed to cover his nose from the stench of the slime. "Damn, Izumi! That stuff smells!"

"I'm going to need a shower when this is all said and done," JetSilphymon sighed but then slammed her fists to the ground. "Crap! I can't believe I lost this match! I could've beaten him!"

"Don't blame yourself, Izumi. You did great until he used that crap on you. In all seriousness, you were on the verge of victory there."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence."

Ardhamon calmed her down. "I'm serious, Izumi. You were doing great."

"But, I lost, Takuya. I can't even compare to you or Kouji."

"Don't compare yourself to me or Kouji. You have your own powers and talents. At least you didn't lose control like Junpei did."

"That's true," JetSilphymon nodded in agreement.

"Make no mistake. I hope it comes down to either me or Kouji that pays that dumb squid back."

"Yeah and so either one of you can smack that stupid grin off his face! He still lusts for Jaarin."

"That's down right sad," Ardhamon sighed. "Look, Izumi. The others are waiting for us in the back. We now know who will be competing in the next round. I just hope I don't have to face Pharaohmon yet. After what I've seen him do, I need to prepare myself if I'm paired against him."

"I agree. Besides, I want to see how Inumon is doing."

"Let's go," Ardhamon stated, taking JetSilphymon to the back.

Upon the end of the matches, the Duel Dome descended down from the rafters. The audience noticed this and waited for the emergence of Seto Kaiba. As the dome lowered and opened the doors, Kaiba walked out with Floramon and Tapirmon. He let out a sigh and marched towards the entrance. Waiting for him at the entrance were Yami Yugi, Joey, Tea, Tristan, Mai, and Mokuba.

"Seto!" the younger Kaiba called out.

"Kaiba!" Yami Yugi shouted to the ex-champion duelist. "Are you all right?"

Joey confronted Seto. "We thought you were a goner there, Kaiba! You zoned out there. I really though you had him."

"I don't wish to discuss this. Mokuba, let's go," Seto called to his younger brother.

"Seto, what's wrong?" Mokuba asked.

"You could at least tell us why you zoned out there," Mai said.

Tristan added. "That's not the Kaiba we know."

"Like I said, I don't wish to discuss it with you, geeks. Let's go, Mokuba," Seto walked past the duelists.

"I'm so sorry about this, guys, but I'll catch up with you later," Mokuba sighed before he whispered to Yugi. "I'll try talking to him."

"Please do."


"Coming, Seto!" The younger Kaiba hurried down to catch up with his brother.

The Duelists were left wondering what caused Kaiba to lose his duel.

"Don't ask us to worry about ya again, jerk!" Joey spat out. "Let's forget about him, Yug!"

"I'm not so sure. I am glad he managed to pull out of that ordeal with his soul intact. Unfortunately, I fear either one of us could be facing that maniac in the next round."

"Don't forget, Takato," Tea said.

"I know. Come, let's go and meet with the others. They'll be announcing the competitors for the next rounds shortly. We must be ready," Yami Yugi suggested.

The Duelists went ahead to meet with Takato and company to speculate and review the semi-final matches.


Infirmary Center #6/3:03 PM

After a Biyomon nurse came in to assess his condition, Inumon was lying in the bed with his eyes bandaged. Renamon couldn't still believe he pulled off such a dangerous and life threatening action. She never thought he would sacrifice his eyes to defeat Basiliskmon.

"Inumon, what you did was absolutely foolish! You could've died had you lost control of that Dark Hound Flame!" Renamon scolded him for his current condition.

"If you were in my place, I'm sure you would have blinded yourself from the effects of Basiliskmon's petrification beams and using your most powerful attack to finish off that demon snake, even of that means getting yourself killed," Inumon said with a smile on his face.

Even though he couldn't see her, he could still feel Renamon's presence.

"Though I lost my sight, at least I avenged Kotori."

"Seadramon told me a little about Kotori. He even showed me a picture of her with you, Himura and Seadramon."

Suddenly, the dark hellhound silently chuckled but Renamon still continued on with the conversation.

"He still has that picture before we went to engage in the final battle against Basiliskmon. An Andromon was nice to take a picture of all of us. I gave him a copy of the picture when I went to live with him because of the mess made. Some Digimon managed to escape from the Dark Area. Fortunately, most of them were Champion-levels and I could handle them with no problem. Though they often argued and fought with one another, Himura and Kotori really liked each other."

Then, silence took place in the room. Even though Renamon enjoyed quiet places, the silence was a little too unsettling. Then, Inumon broke the silence.

"You know, you were beautiful in your Priestess Mode, Renamon."

"By the way, how did you know about a Priestess Mode?"

"In the underworld, I met a Ninjamon. He was very loyal to a Sakuyamon Priestess Mode in his village. That's how I knew about the Priestess Mode."

"I see. Inumon, there's something that I wanted to say, but I was waiting for an opportunity to talk to you alone."

"Really? What is it?"

"Inumon, I lo..."

Before Renamon could finish, she stopped and turned around facing the door. Her ears twitched as she heard gossiping behind the closed door. She hurried over to open it. Behind the door were Terriermon, Felinismon and Witchmon fell down together

"Mind I ask you what are you doing, you three?" Renamon cleared her throat.

"Err... You see Renamon. We..." Felinismon stuttered as she sweatdropped.

"Just admit your feelings, foxy! We all already know you have feelings for the mongrel!" Terriermon slapped his forehead. "Are you that stubborn?!"

"Err... It's better we leave you two alone," Witchmon giggled out. "BYE! BYE!"

With that, Witchmon stormed down the hall.

"Hey, wait for me, Witchmon!" Felinismon shouted as she ran off with Terriermon in her arms.

"Maybe, we should've kept him as statue stone," Inumon chuckled. "Now, what were you going to say Renamon...?"

Renamon simply sighed to herself and nodded her head. "Never mind, Inumon. We'll talk about it later."

"Um, okay..." Inumon shrugged his shoulders. Heh, I knew you were going to say you love me. Now, I hope those nurses can come back with that medicine to heal my eyes. I'm not even sure when I'll be up to compete!

It was true. Inumon was amongst the eight competitors to advance in the next round of the battle tournament. The nurses were going to return to restore Inumon's eyes and his sight with a special medication: a packet of data grown by the Gekomon Village.

I just hope those nurses get back soon. Even I have a match to compete in myself. Renamon thought. For all I know, my next opponent could be Inumon. Or worse... I hope not Pharaohmon.


Takato, Rika, and Guilmon came upon Inumon's room, but the door was closed. They waited for Renamon. waited for Renamon to emerge. However, Rika had a feeling Renamon was not going to leave until Inumon's sight was restored.

"Hey, Rika, you have a feeling Renamon doesn't want her admit her feelings for Inumon?" Takato asked the Digimon Queen.

"I don't butt into Renamon's business, goggle head. Even if she did, she would never show it."

"I don't know, but she does care for Inumon."

"They're just good friends, Takato, right?" Guilmon stated. "Just like I'm good friends with you."

"Um, I'm not talking about that kind of friendship, Guilmon," Takato waved his hands out. "I was talking..."

"About love?" Omegamon finished Takato's sentence.

Startled, Takato cleared his throat. "Omegamon? How's Beelzebumon doing?"

"He's starting to move about out of his bed. He said he has a few things to take care of before he joins us," Omegamon replied. "He sure didn't take too kindly with my company. Then again, Demon Lord types are never comfortable around the company of Royal Knights like myself."

Rika inquired. "Have any idea of who Takato will be dueling?"

"I have no information based on the next matches. The names will be drawn out of random. This tournament has been very unpredictable."

"I have to admit. I wonder if I'll end up dueling against Joey, Yugi, or even Lance."

"Don't worry so much, goggle head. You've made it this far and you managed to beat me," Rika reassured him.

"I know you can do it, Takato! You'll win the entire duel tournament," Guilmon showed support for his Tamer.

"Thanks. At least, you have confidence in me, boy," Takato smiled and patted Guilmon's head.

Just then, the Duelists arrived to meet with Takato, Guilmon, Rika, and Omegamon. Takato took notice and approached his duelist friends.

"Man, I saw those matches! Thank goodness for Kaiba and that Yusuke guy! It's good nothing too bad came of them!" Takato sighed a relief.

"Yes, but we still have those two in the tournaments. We have to ensure Lance is defeated so my puzzle will be safe."

"It's all right, Yug. You can count on me and Takato. We've got your back on this one," Joey said.

"Lance can be dealt with, but Pharaohmon himself is a different story," Omegamon informed everyone.

Everyone standing in the hall nodded in agreement to what Omegamon had just said. Suddenly, before anyone could move a muscle, the voice of Lillymon was overheard from the speakers around the arena.

"Hi again, ladies and gentlemen, the short intermission period is almost over and I am happy to announce the next rounds for our dual tournaments. In the first semi-final duel match-up, we see Yugi Muto duel against Takato Matsuda!"

Upon hearing this announcement, Takato and Yugi exchanged glances. This is exactly the match Takato wanted. He finally gets his chance to duel against the Duelist Kingdom/Battle City champion.

"Takato, I..."

"Don't say anything, Yugi. Let's just give them a good show," Takato replied with an exuberant grin. "This is a dream match I've wanted ever since I became aware of your reputation!"

"Then, may the best duelist win," Yami Yugi nodded in reply to Takato.

"For our two battle matches, we have made it official for Agunimon to compete against MarineDevimon and Wolfmon battle Piedmon! Competitors, present yourselves on stage or be forced to be disqualified from competition! You have five minutes to arrive at the stage!"


Pharaohmon's Sky Box/3:10 PM

(Cue The Mummy OST – The Crypt)

Lance walked inside the sky box and knelt down at the center. However, Pharaohmon did not even acknowledge his puppet's presence. The dark lord was sitting on his chair, his face grimacing as he felt something strange flowing inside his body. This all started when Yusuke unleashed his spirit blasts into his body.

"Lord Pharaohmon? Is everything all right? We did come out victorious in the end of that round," Lance spoke out. "I..."

"You needn't worry about me," Pharaohmon grunted deeply. "I'll be awaiting Piedmon and MarineDevimon to come out victorious."

"Yes, my lord. I'm confident they will not let us down."

"See to it that they don't," Pharaohmon replied while straining.

Lance bowed to the dark lord before walking out the door. "Yes, my lord. I'll be outside the door whenever you need me."

As Lance departed from the room, this left Pharaohmon all alone in his sky box room. He facepalmed himself while hiding his pained look. Somehow, Yusuke's attack was taking a toll on Pharaohmon since spirit energy and demon energy do not mix well. They often tend to create devastating effects on a demon. However, the spirit energy was not the only problem that bothered Pharaohmon. He had immediately sensed the reawakening of the Digital Priestess.

Those fools! They've failed me! The girl has successfully managed to capture the sword and now the Digital Priestess has been reawakened! Now, those three Sailors have regained their powers! They cannot be allowed to escape alive! I just hope that HE can keep them at bay while I attend to matters here at the tournament. I am this close to grasping victory and now the Priestess has been reawakened! My destiny shall not be derailed because of a setback! I WILL NOT BE DENIED MY DESTINY! WILL NOT!

(End theme)


Digital World/Section Houou-634-B7: Houou Sovereign Temple/Near the Main Chamber Room/3:13 PM

The Sailor trio easily disposed of the Knightmon, NegaKnightmon, and Karatenmon hordes while utilizing all their attacks. Cammy and Artemis stood back to witness the destruction of the temple guardians.

(Cue Sailor Moon S OST – Death Busters Battle Theme)

"Ha! You call these guys a challenge? I can get a better workout just by dancing!" Sailor Venus hollered. "All right, boys! Come and get me!"

A pair of Karatenmon converged their attacks on Sailor Venus. However, as soon as they reached her, Venus sidestepped them and unleashed heart-shaped chains toward them.

"Venus Love Me Chain!"

The Karatenmon pair found themselves wrapped up by the chain and struggled to break free. This gave Venus enough time to shoot two massive energy beams.

"Crescent Beam!"

The dual beams caught the two bird warriors and vaporized them.

"That's for my adoring fans!" Venus boasted. "How are you guys holding up?"

Elsewhere across the room, Sailor Jupiter jumped up kicking and knocking down several Knightmon/NegaKnightmon like dominoes. She clasped her hands together to gather a ball of electric energy.

"Sparking Wide Pressure!"

The electric ball tore through the Knightmon/NegaKnightmon, causing each of them to explode into data. Sailor Jupiter looked over her shoulder and spotted a Karatenmon trying a sneak attack. She swiftly elbowed his gut and executed a Judo throw, throwing him over her shoulder and planting him to the ground. She then picked up him over her head with ease and unleashed electricity that formed into a dragon.

"Time for you to go for a ride! Supreme Thunder Dragon!"

The electric dragon swallowed the Karatenmon completely and dissolved him to nothing.

"That takes care of him! Mars, having fun?" Sailor Jupiter turned around and gave her fellow Senshi a wink.

Sailor Mars was having her way with the incoming NegaKnightmon hordes. She summoned forth her bow and arrow forged from her flames. Aiming her bow directly at the NegaKnightmon, Sailor Mars released the arrow and shot it through the NegaKnightmons' torsos.

"Mars Flame Sniper!"

With the NegaKnightmon taken out, a Karatenmon emerged from out of the ground and tried to stab Sailor Mars with a knife. Unfortunately for him, Sailor Mars already punched a hole through his chest using another one of her attacks. A massive fire blast came plowing through Karatenmon's chest and killed him instantly.

"Fire Soul!"

Finding himself completely outgunned and without guardians, Puppetmon attempted to make a hasty retreat through the torn down wall. The three Senshi jumped over and barricaded his escape route.

"Going somewhere?!" Sailor Venus shouted.

"I'm afraid the fun was just getting started. We were gunning for you next," Sailor Jupiter threatened.

Sailor Mars stomped her foot across and approached the frightened puppet. "Cammy, mind if I turn this punk into firewood?"

"Go right ahead," Cammy nodded in reply. "But, we need to leave quickly."

"Right! Here that Pinocchio?" Sailor Mars picked Puppetmon up by his shirt.

Puppetmon pleaded. "Ack! Help! Boss! They're going to kill me! Help!"

Before long, a large door across the room opened up and alarmed the Sailor Senshi. Puppetmon fell from Sailor Mars' grasp and sighed a big relief.

"Yeah! Boss! I knew you'd come!" Puppetmon shouted. "Now we can take care of these jerks!"

"Girls! Brace yourselves!" Cammy warned them.

"This guy has to be big if he's the boss! I can't look!" Artemis covered his eyes.

As a figure emerged from the entrance, the Sailors remained in battle stances. Puppetmon was already getting excited and jumped around like a child.

(End theme)

However, there were groans of disappointment once the figure revealed himself. It was Fuugamon. Puppetmon dropped his arms and his mouth dropped. The Sailor Senshi began bawling out in laughter.

"FUUGAMON?!" Puppetmon exclaimed. "What are you doing here, you idiot?!"

The orange-skinned ogre scratched his head. "Um, I couldn't find my way out the halls. So, I took the boss' secret passage door. What? It's not my fault that I can get lost in this place!"

"You mean to tell me this guy is your boss?" Sailor Venus dropped the ground and rolled around laughing. "Oh yeah! We're really scared now! Here we were worried about the all mighty and powerful boss of yours!"

"I can't believe I was getting worried. I'm terribly disappointed," Sailor Mars nodded. "You guys are undoubtedly the most pitiful bad guys I've ever come across and I've seen pathetic villains before. You two take the cake."

Sailor Jupiter added. "Even the weakest Youma put up more of a challenge than you two would."

Venus got up and stopped laughing. "Yeah, anyway, it's been fun boys, but we best be heading off now. Oh and don't even bother trying to attack us, because I will not show you any mercy!"

Mars nodded. "Got that right, especially you, wood boy."

"Fuugamon? Where's the boss at?!" Puppetmon grabbed the ogre and shook him. "Where is he?!"

"Um... I forget but he said he'd be here any minute now," Fuugamon sweatdropped.

Cammy sighed as she called to the Senshi. "Come, let's make our leave while these two argue like an old married couple."

Artemis added. "About time. Let's go, Senshi! We're leaving!"


Before long, the Dra-Warrior duo, the other three fellow Senshi, and the three Legendary Warriors arrived on the scene.

"Hey, guys! Sorry we took so long," Herodramon replied. "We had a detour with some guards when we arrived inside."

"But, it's great to see you three back as Sailor Senshi!" Sailor Mercury approached her three friends and hugged them. "All of us have been reenergized thanks to Cammy."

"We can now head back to the arena and kick Pharaohmon's sorry ass!" Arbormon stated while slamming his fists together.

"Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, It's good to have you back again," Sailor Pluto addressed the revived Sailor trio.

"Ah, you don't have to, Pluto. We're just glad to be back and kicking butt!" Sailor Venus giggled.

"In any case, we must depart from this place now," Sailor Saturn suggested.

Ninjadramon replied as he carried Labramon on his back. "Right, just follow my lead everyone."

"Ah, you found Labramon!" Sailor Jupiter smiled. "But, um, what's wrong with him? His eyes are all twirly."

"And you're covered in drool, Ninjadramon!" Sailor Venus pointed out.

"Look, I'll explain everything later but we must leave this place right away!"

"Oh? Why leave so soon? I was just about to throw out the welcoming mat for you, my guests!"A loud, monstrous voice boomed out from the direction Fuugamon entered from.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST – Shitou (VenomMyotismon's Theme))

The heroes quickly spun around and felt chills coming down their spins once hearing this monstrous roar. There was no doubt this was coming from the head honcho himself. Puppetmon and Fuugamon immediately bowed towards the entrance. Then, loud footsteps were heard and the whole chamber room trembled. As it so happens, the leader was a titan of demonic proportions.

Sailor Mars tensed up. "You guys! This is it! It's no doubt the head guy himself!"

Cammy beckoned them. "Stand your ground everyone!"

"At last, you've come, boss!" Puppetmon and Fuugamon exclaimed in unison.

Sailor Pluto warned everyone. "Brace yourselves everyone!"

A monster, about the size of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, finally stepped out of the darkness. A low growl was heard from out of the beast's mouth. A pair of yellow, slanted demonic eyes flashed through the darkness. The monster himself was covered by a silver armor of sorts with demonic/tribal markings across sections of his body. Thin armor covered his thin legs and arms. A pair of knee armor covered his legs with a 'mask' embellished on each pad. A purple pod design with blood red teeth marked across his leg calves. A long tail lashed out across behind him and that was covered by segmented armor. Even his waist and torso were covered with segmented armor. A thick breastplate covered his chest with the lower half colored purple. On it was an image of a red bat. His shoulders were actually large heads with a pair of eyes and a mouth; in fact, the right one had three red orb-like eyes and the left one had white ones. Red fangs protruded from out of the shoulder mouths. Five, purple fingers ended with long protrusions. On his back and attached to his shoulders was a purple armor that looked like a glider. On his face, the beast was wearing a red mask, but no pupils were seen. Instead, there were yellow eyes. Shaggy, blonde hair waved out like a mane behind his head and perfectly sharp, white teeth crossed across his satanic grin. A pair of vampire fangs protruded, which indicted that he evolved from a vampire Digimon.

"Boss! You've finally come!" Puppetmon happily cheered. "Now, you jerks are in for it now!"

The reactions from the heroes were mainly those of shock, bewilderment, and fear.

"I remember him!" Cammy called out. "From the Digimon TV show."

"Yeah and so do I!" Sailor Venus nodded. "In case you guys haven't watched the sequel to Digimon Adventure, this guy is the final boss of Zero Two!"

"You fools will refer to our boss as BelialMyotismon!" Fuugamon exclaimed.

"BelialMyotismon?!" the Legendary Warriors gasped out.

"So, I was right," Sailor Venus smiled.

"So, it seems we have intruders in my little lair!" BelialMyotismon bellowed. "It's too bad Pharaohmon asked of me to kill you since he won't get that opportunity! You will not escape the wrath of BelialMyotismon!"

Upon witnessing the surprise emergence of the most feared Demon Lord from the Digimon Adventure series, the Sailors, Legendaries, and Dra-Warriors warriors stepped into dramatic battle stances.

"Hooray for the boss!" Puppetmon cheered on. "Now, you punks are going to get it!"

"So, boss. What do you want us to do?" Fuugamon asked from the Demon Lord.

"I'll give you two one last chance to redeem yourselves, but fail me... and consider yourselves food!" BelialMyotismon stepped forward and walked past his two henchmen. "So, you are the intruders who have traveled this far to find the Priestess sword. I must commend you for making it this far. It's interesting on the variety of victims that have entered upon my lair! Two Dra-Warriors, three Legendary Warriors, a Digimon canine, the Digital Priestess, and six Sailor heroes from another world! This should be fun! Even with your greater numbers, you still don't stand a chance against me!"

"You guys! This is it! We're going up against the mother load! Even the Digi-Destined had trouble with this guy!" Sailor Venus jumped back. "But, since we've figured out what Puppetmon was capable of, we should be able to exploit this guy's weaknesses! Jupiter! Ready?"

"Let's do it!" Sailor Jupiter called out.

"Hold it you guys!" Sailor Mars called out to her comrades. "This guy is stronger than anyone we've gone up against on this journey!"

BelialMyotismon simply stood his ground as he watched Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter bumrushed him. He did not seem at all worried for what they were going to do to him.

"Venus Love and Beauty Shock!"

"Jupiter Oak Evolution!"

Once the attacks struck BelialMyotismon head on, they merely fizzled out on the demon's body.

"Um, not good..." Sailor Venus nervously laughed.

"Any other bright ideas, Venus?" Sailor Jupiter asked directly.

"We're going for an all-out team assault!" Sailor Mars suggested, quickly drawing out her Ofudas. I could use my Ofuda scrolls, but there's no doubt he will cancel them out and I need to get at close range. Attacking a monster like him head on is suicide. If we attack together as Pluto suggested, we just might have a chance.

"Sailor Mars! Why don't we ascend into our Eternal forms?" Sailor Mercury asked.

"Mercury! That's it! We can reach our Eternal forms and we just might stand a better chance! Pluto? Saturn? Are you two able to reach your Eternal forms?"

"We're not too sure ourselves," Sailor Saturn replied.

"No, you two can," Cammy spoke out. "When you received my light, not only were your energies increased but I enabled you to unlock your Eternal forms."

"Are you certain?" Sailor Pluto asked. "Saturn, this is it."

"Yes, I do! If its Eternals you want, then you shall get them!"

"Yes, because those forms will be required if we have any hopes of trouncing this guy! We're without Sailor Moon this time. I'm confident we can defeat this guy!" Sailor Venus assured her colleagues. "Ninjadramon, you stay there and look after Labramon. Herodramon! Arbormon! Mercuremon! Grottomon! We're going to need your help on this!"

"You don't have to tell me twice," Herodramon nodded. "Sorry, but you got babysitting time with the mutt, Ninjadramon."

"Well, it sure stinks to be me," Ninjadramon sighed. "If only I can figure out how to fix Labramon.

Sailor Mars addressed Mercury behind her. "Mercury, after you reach Eternal form, scan for any weaknesses on BelialMyotismon."

"Right, I'm on it!"

"What are you fools blabbering about? Are you chanting a prayer before you all die?" BelialMyotismon raised his arms up and unleashed an acidic red spray. "Melting Blood!"

As the red spray leaked across the chamber room, the Sailor Senshi and their allies quickly spread out. Sailor Mars grabbed Cammy while Sailor Venus scooped up Artemis in her arms. The red liquid poured across the room and ate through the stone pillars that once stood in place.

"Damn! This guy sure isn't going to cut us a break!" Sailor Jupiter exclaimed.

"All right, guys! This is it! Time to show this creep what Eternals can do!" Sailor Venus stood up in dramatic fashion.

"You girls had better hurry then! He's going for another!" Herodramon shouted out.

(End theme)

(Cue Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie OST – Transformation and Performance)

Suddenly, each of the Sailors were becoming engulfed by a bright aura of their respective colors. There was red, orange, green, blue, dark violet and light purple.







"Eternal Power! Make-Up!"

Everyone stopped and gazed upon the six-way transformation of the Sailor Senshi. For the Inners, this was a form they had already become accustomed to. However, this was a new sensation of power for Pluto and Saturn.

The Dra-Warriors and the Legendary Warriors watched with astonishment.

"Wow, you're looking great there, Ami!" Arbormon shouted.

"Doesn't she always look great to you?" Grottomon sweat dropped.

"Typical Arbormon, must thou speak like ta pervert?" Mercuremon sighed.

"Um, what? What did you just say?" the Warrior of Wood wondered with a confused look.

Meanwhile, BelialMyotismon observed the six transforming Senshi. They emerged out of the auras of light to reveal their Eternal forms. The Demon Lord seemed impressed with their display of power. Puppetmon and Fuugamon decided to take cover behind a pile of debris.

BelialMyotismon walked across and once again bellowed out. "So, the six of you think you have what it takes to challenge my strength? I am BelialMyotismon! I am the bringer of nightmares and destroyer of the light! What makes you think that I will fall before six skirt-wearing insects?"

"You're going to eat those words if you ask me, pal!" Eternal Sailor Mars retorted. "You know you aren't the first to ever say those words? You know what? We, along with Sailor Moon, defeated creeps like yourself!"

"So, get used to the fact that you're going to be defeated by us 'skirt-wearing insects'!" Eternal Sailor Jupiter exclaimed.

The six Sailors ascended around BelialMyotismon and prepared themselves for their biggest battle since entering the Digital World. BelialMyotismon stood his ground and prepared for anything his new adversaries may bring. Cammy watched on from a corner. Thanks to her powers of the sword, the six Senshi have reached their full potential and they would put those powers to the test against the mighty Demon Lord.

"BelialMyotismon, soon you will realize just how powerful my powers are. May the light overcome your darkness!" Cammy whispered to herself. "We shall prevail. Pharaohmon, you had better take note of who you're dealing with. For soon, you will be sealed once again by my blade!"

(End theme)



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Mercuremon: No, because Herodramon and Ninjadramon have already digivolved, my friend.

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