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Phoenix Arena/Duel & Battle Platforms/6:45 PM

(Cue Digimon Frontier OST – The Last Element)

The Phoenix Arena marveled at the massive column of light that engulfed the two warriors. All of the spirits merged together to construct a juggernaut of power and nobility. What everyone was prepared to witness was the rise of the unified warrior who brought about Lucemon's defeat. Now Pharaohmon would be next.


An astonished look crossed Pharaohmon's face once he was getting a glimpse of the one warrior that could present him the ultimate challenge.

The Tamers, the Digimon, the Spirit Detectives, the Sailor Senshi, and the Dra-Warriors all watched the sequence of events unfold. Even more impressed was the Digital Priestess.

Incredible! So, this is the power of all of the Legendary Warriors? I just might not be needed for this after all. On the other hand, if Susanoomon, god forbid, fails, then it will be time for me to step in. Cammy thought as she kept an eye on the unified warrior's ascension.

"Pluto, is it possible this trump card of theirs can defeat Pharaohmon?" Sailor Venus asked.

The Guardian of Time responded. "Let's hope he triumphs, Venus. This just maybe our last shot besides the Digital Priestess."

Sailor Mars probed the Ten Warriors' powers converging. "This is incredible power! And it's getting bigger!"

Sailor Saturn added. "No doubt."

Yami Yugi shielded his eyes from the dimming bright aura and smiled at the sight.

This was a brilliant idea, Yami! Now Pharaohmon will have an even more difficult fight at his hands! Let's see if he can overcome this! Yugi said to Yami as they witnessed the whole evolution of the ultimate spirit warrior.

The Ten Warriors' spirits transformed into pillars of light and converged to form a humanoid body. The new body grew into titanic proportions and stood tall. The twenty spirits encircled the body and empowered the body.

MagnaGarurumon's head attached itself onto the form's right hand. More pieces of armor attached themselves onto the legs and along came KaiserGreymon's head attaching to the left hand. As soon as his body was covered by dark red armor with yellow stripes scattered across, the head forms. A helmet-like crown forms at the top of its head with a symbol. A mask concealed its mouth and a pair of eyes opened to get a view of its enemy. His lower waist was covered by a blue armor as was his feet. A pair of black glove hands came sprouting out from the heads. The transformation came to an end once a circular ring attached itself on the titan's back. The warrior finally exposes itself and completes its evolution.

The unified spirit warrior lets out a cry as he calls out his official name. "SUSANOOMON!"

The whole arena was marveled by the appearance of Susanoomon, the unified Warrior of Peace. Every hero was stunned and astonished by the power coursing through his body.

Pharaohmon looked up with great interest with a grin crossing his face. He was even more anxious than before his battle with Gallantmon earlier.


"So, could you be the warrior to finally challenge me at my top strength?" Pharaohmon whispered to himself. At long last, a worthy opponent!

"I don't know, but you will soon realize that this is not a game, Pharaohmon! The finals start now!" Susanoomon declared and clenched his fists tightly. "IT ENDS HERE, PHARAOHMON!"

"You're our last hope, Susanoomon," Omegamon muttered.

"Man! That is one awesome Digimon! He's bigger than Imperialdramon!" Kazu beamed at the unified warrior.

Guardromon cheered. "I think we're saved!"

"You bet! Pharaohmon's finally gonna meet his match!" Kenta laughed happily. "Right, guys?"

"Yes, he has!" Jeri nodded in agreement. "Right, Felinismon?"

The feline Digimon replied in earnest. "I can't wait for Susanoomon lay waste to this monster and avenges my loved ones!"

"I think all of us are hoping Susanoomon gets the job done," Henry responded to everyone. "If Gallantmon couldn't defeat this guy, then Susanoomon most likely has the power do make a difference."

Himura sighed. "Gallantmon could've won if Pharaohmon hadn't gone 100 percent."

"I don't think so, Himura," YoukaiInumon addressed his partner. "Even before reaching full power, Pharaohmon tanked all of those blows and recovered quick."

"Inumon makes a good point," Sakuyamon concurred. "However, this may in fact be the difference maker."

"I'll say! I'm already sick of looking Pharaohmon's ugly mug!" Terriermon nodded. "Let him have it, Susanoo-whatever you're called!"

Dimitro interjected. "His name is Susanoomon, little rabbit."

"If Susanoomon can't win, then we're screwed!" Vega clenched his fists tightly. "C'mon, Susanoomon! I sacrificed my spirit to build you up!"

"The least you can do is defeat this creep!" Sam exclaimed.

"Pharaohmon is way over his head if he thinks he can take on all the spirits of the Legendary Warrior," Jaarin stated. Then again, I thought the same thing when Gallantmon fought him earlier.

Takato gazed up, marveling at the sight of Susanoomon and Pharaohmon's stand off. He then ran a hand over the damage over Gallantmon's chest.

"C'mon, boy, you've got to recover!" Takato grimaced, tears falling down his cheeks. "Gallantmon!"

"Takato... all we... can do is rely on... Susanoomon now," Gallantmon coughed out and tried sitting up but the pain was too overbearing.

"Don't you worry about a thing, Takato. You let Gallantmon rest. Susanoomon will take care of this monster for all of us," Kouichi assured the goggle head. "Takuya and Kouji are in complete control with our spirits!"

"Go for, guys! We believe in you!" Junpei exclaimed.

"Don't hold back and let him have it!" Izumi encouraged them.

"We're all behind you!" Tomoki shouted to the unified warrior.

Sitting next to Takato were Rika and Yami Yugi, they gave the boy reassuring glances.

"This fight will be determined by Susanoomon," Yami Yugi said to Takato. "He won't allow Pharaohmon to win this tournament."

"Even if Susanoomon were to lose, we're not going to give into that bastard's demands. We're all here to stop him in case he cheats," Rika stated.

"I'm ready for anything," Takato responded. Though, I'll admit you're in pretty bad shape, boy. I hope everyone is right, because I truly don't think Pharaohmon will be that easy to defeat.

Even the Digital Priestess shared the same sentiments as Takato. She didn't think that Pharaohmon was going to be done in as easily as everyone had hoped. She walked down the steps and passed along the Digimon. Accompanying her were the Eternal Sailor Senshi.

"Cammy, so you think this Susanoomon is going to make a difference? I'm sensing an even greater power from him than Gallantmon earlier," Sailor Jupiter asked.

"I mean there's no way Pharaohmon can take on all of those spirits at once? They merged to form this really big warrior," Sailor Venus pointed out. "Um, right, Cammy-chan?"

However, the Priestess didn't respond to the blonde's question. She merely continued her march down the steps and eyed the face off between the two super powered titans.

"Cammy-chan?" Sailor Mars approached her sister. "Is there something you're not telling us?"

"C'mon, now, you're making us a little nervous, kid," Sailor Uranus spoke up.

"We're wondering if Susanoomon stands a chance in this fight," Sailor Neptune said with concern.

Sailor Saturn reminded the Priestess. "In case if you had forgotten, if Pharaohmon wins then he'll have both of our worlds."

"I'm well aware, Sailor Senshi," Cammy responded without making eye contact. "But even if Pharaohmon somehow wins, he forgets that I am here. We didn't go through that trial for naught. We retrieved the sword for two objectives: upgrade your powers and destroy Pharaohmon. I've fulfilled one obligation and now I must carry out the second."

"We understand but why aren't we attacking him now?" Sailor Mercury inquired.

"Because in the event Susanoomon does destroy him, then I am not needed," Cammy sighed. However, I know I will be necessary for this final battle. There is more power that Pharaohmon has yet to reveal. Susanoomon maybe more powerful than either the demon and Gallantmon but he fails to realize the tricks Pharaohmon has up his sleeve.

"Everyone, they are getting ready!" Sailor Pluto pointed up to the stadium's ceiling.

Eyeing the two titans hovering above them, Cammy muttered. "C'mon, Susanoomon, you have all powers of the ten warriors! It's your time to once again slay the darkness!"

On the other side of the arena, the Spirit Detectives witnessed the events unfold. Koenma was astonished by the appearance of Susanoomon and turned towards Yusuke.

"Well, what do you think Yusuke? Not too shabby if I do say so myself," said the young ruler.

"Are you kidding me? That guy is a behemoth! If I ever messed with that guy, he'd crush me like a bug!" Yusuke blanched. "Though, I am glad he came managed to come through."

"It's incredible that two warriors merged with the other spirits to form this single, powerful entity," Kurama spoke up while observing Susanoomon.

"In any case, Pharaohmon has to be shaking in his boots!" Botan stated.

"I would hope so," Keiko said.

"Perhaps, but maybe not," Mizuno responded. "Judging by the look on his face, he seems ecstatic since he thinks he might have found the perfect opponent to test out his complete power."

"Can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with you, woman," Hiei remarked out of the blue.

Kuwabara pondered. "Hey, you're agreeing with Mizuno again, Hiei! What's up with that?"

"Only because she knows what she's talking about unlike you."

"Hey, you don't think I know how strong this guy is? Remember who's got the keen spiritual awareness!"

"We know you can sense the strong aura of the supernatural, including Pharaohmon's demonic aura, but you couldn't sense out Pharaohmon's full power," Koenma responded. "I feel there's still a little more Pharaohmon has yet to show when it regards this final battle with Susanoomon."

"That and what's taking so long with my spirit energy too long? Don't tell me he digested it!" Yusuke observed Pharaohmon. Where's the bang? He should've blown up by now!

"Perhaps it will require more time," Kurama replied to Yusuke. "Which is something we don't have. We're already in the finals."

"Something will give. I guarantee it," Mizuno stated promptly.

"Must I say that this is shaping up to be one heck of a face off!" Lillymon exclaimed. "Only one of these two behemoths will come out on top, but who will? There's no telling. Susanoomon has become well known after his triumph over Lucemon recently, but can he hope to topple Pharaohmon? Can Susanoomon be the difference maker and save the two worlds? Only one way to find out and that's in this final match of our Shadow Tournament! Everything, including our free wills, are at stake! So, Susanoomon, if you can hear me... KICK HIS SORRY ASS!"

(End theme)

The two titans faced off in mid-air above the stadium. All eyes were on the two titans. Pharaohmon flew up to meet Susanoomon directly face to face. The demon wasn't scared or intimidated by the same Unified warrior that destroyed Lucemon. Rather, a smile crossed his face. He smiled since he sensed that this would be the ultimate challenge he had been searching for.

"Well, well, it all comes down to the finals. Who would have guessed we'd make it this far? My tournament has been an astounding success and I'd like to thank each of you for putting on excellent performances. You all fought valiantly," Pharaohmon's lips curved into a malevolent smirk. "I didn't anticipate the two Legendary Warriors to merge with all the spirits. It truly is an honor to face you, Susanoomon. Perhaps you will present to me a challenge unlike Gallantmon."

"We didn't come here to present a challenge to you. We came here to destroy you," Susanoomon retorted with anger in his voice. "Pharaohmon, your games end here and now! You've overstayed your welcome!"

"Oh, is that so? I hate to disappoint you but I'm not going anywhere, Susanoomon! You will not deny me my destiny!"

The unified warrior retorted and raised his clenched fists. "We'll see, Pharaohmon!"

"Oh, yes, indeed we will," Pharaohmon smirked as a demonic aura expanded over him. "Let's make this final encounter one to remember by! I'm sure the Sovereigns and the three Celestial Angels are watching us as we speak! Soon, they, too, will be kneeling before me!"

Readying himself for the impending clash, Susanoomon clenched his fists tighter and narrowed his eyes directly at the demon. Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon, we defeated Lucemon and we'll make sure Pharaohmon does not reach your world! We will see to it!


Central Digital World/Realm of the Four Sovereigns

Within a sacred, tranquil sanctuary, there was a large platform with many stone pillars gathered about. At the center of this station was a massive purple orb with data rings encircling it. This was the orb in which one can view the whole Digital World. These sacred grounds belong to four majestic holy beasts that have guarded and watched over their respective territories for thousands upon thousands of digital cycles.

Appearing out from one corner of the sanctuary was a large dragon. Followed by this beast was a fiery phoenix, a two-headed turtle and a white tiger. These behemoths entered the sanctuary to view the events of the Shadow Tournament through the gigantic orb. These four beasts are known to all in this specific Digital World as the Digimon Sovereigns.

The first to reveal himself out of the lumbering shadows was the Great Dragon of the Eastern Quadrant. A large, serpentine body ascended over this sanctuary and lowered himself. The body of the beast was practically blue yet transparent and easily hundreds of feet long. Tiny wings dotted across his serpentine body with chains encircling his majestic form. Under his belly were four short limbs: two at the front and two more at the back rear of the body. Several orbs were encircled around each limb like a bracelet. The dragon's head was covered by black mask with yellow lighting streaks painted across it. Underneath the mask were four crimson eyes. The mask itself ended with spiked protrusions. A blue, lighting-shaped horn protruded at the tip of his nose. White, facial hair dropped across his face, especially around his chin, nose and mouth, almost like a massive Santa's beard.

The second beast to reveal himself was the Phoenix of the Southern Quadrant. He was tall in stature and large in width. Thin red feathers covered his body. He has four pairs of wings: from the sides, chest, shoulders and chest. Each wing had a beautiful, unique flame-like coloration and markings. A long reptilian tail emerged from his posterior and it, too, was covered with the same beautiful feathers. The neck of the beast was lined with black hair-like tuft. He also wore a red fire-emblazoned facial armored mask. Bright colored feather protruded through the back of his mask and head. Underneath the mask were four crimson, rage-filled eyes, which greatly represented his persona: an angry phoenix. Several red digicores encircled his neck and tail at the end.

The White Tiger of the Western Quadrant stepped out to meet with his brethren. He was much smaller in comparison to the Dragon and the Phoenix but his presence was quite intimidating, too. He was tall in stature. His body not just built for battle but covered with beautiful white fur with black stripes running across parts of his body. Bracelets adorned around his ankles, neck and even one around his tail. The front part of his paws was covered in symbol embellished blue metal. His paws were powerful and equipped with sharp claws used to take down large enemies. There was fur around his neck in the shape of a mane and three sharp iron spikes emerging through his spine. The mask of this beast was blue with yellow markings. The dentures, including his fangs, were sharp and had perfect precisions. Underneath the mask were four eyes, but not filled with rage like the Phoenix. Several orbs, known better as digicores, surrounded his abdomen.

Finally, emerged the most gentle and peaceful of the four Sovereigns, the Great Two-Headed Turtle of the Northern Quadrant. He was a behemoth when compared to the Tiger. His skin was delicately pale in yellow coloration with white scales over parts of his body. He, unlike his three brethren, has two-heads rather than one. On top of the right head was brown, tough armor. Its eyes were red plus his mouth and cheeks were revealed. A smoother plate of brown armor covered his left head, except for his lower jaw. Two eyes emerged out of what appeared to be eyeholes. A mammoth-sized tree with thick green leaves grew out of his back. His pale, short tail was also yellow. Many digicores encircled around the trunk of the mammoth tree.

"Hello again, my fellow Sovereign brothers. It's so good to see each of you again," the dragon's voice thunder out calmly.

"Likewise to you, Azulongmon," the white tiger bowed his head. "So, the Shadow Tournament is near its end."

"Indeed it is, Baihumon," the phoenix spoke in a deep, gruff voice. "The Legendary Warriors of Seraphimon have merged all of the twenty spirits together to form the ultimate warrior, Susanoomon, the Legendary Warrior of Peace. He is our last hope of defeating that terrible demon tyrant, Pharaohmon. Humph, to think that we'll be saved by humans again."

"Still holding a grudge against the humans, eh Zhuqiaomon?" the turtle spoke through his left head in a Scottish-like accent. Immediately speaking out, also in a Scottish accent, was the right head of the turtle, "Zhuqiaomon needs a wee time out, if ye ask me, lad!"

"Oh, please, Ebonwumon. My overbearing grudge for the humans isn't as hostile as it was before the whole D-Reaper conflict. The Tamers have earned my respect when they saved our world from becoming feasting grounds for the chaos. However, I do not and will not show love for the humans who dare to oppose the beliefs we stand for. To think that we allowed a human girl to seal Pharaohmon many ages ago."

"That child is the Digital Priestess' reincarnation," Azulongmon addressed the Phoenix of the South. "Her reincarnation has fulfilled her purpose and returns to fulfill her duty: destroying Pharaohmon."

As the Priestess' name was mentioned, an image of the holy female herself was viewed closely through the orb. The four Sovereigns eyed her carefully and noticed the Sailor Senshi standing by her side.

Zhuqiaomon pointed his large beak directly to the orb. "Who are those human females accompanying the Priestess?"

"Those would be the majestic female warriors known as the Sailor Senshi. They have defended the humans for years and have conquered many enemies to save their race countless of times during each state of crisis," Azulongmon responded to the phoenix. "They have managed to gain more power from the Priestess alone. At their current power, each one could rival or have already surpassed your former Devas, Zhuqiaomon."

"You're not serious? How could humans possess such great powers?"

"Not every human is as weak as ye seem to believe, Zhuqiaomon," Ebonwumon's left head snickered. "Believe it or not one of those human females is genetically related to the Digital Priestess."

Azulongmon agreed. "Indeed, you are correct, Ebonwumon."

"But, what if Susanoomon ends up destroying Pharaohmon?" Baihumon asked the dragon. "Would we need anymore use of the girl?"

"I don't think so. With the threat of Pharaohmon gone, we can concentrate on rebuilding more of the Digital Planes across our territories. However, there will come a time when we will need her again. I'm very interested in getting in contact with these Sailor Senshi and they would make very useful assets in case a great enemy arises to challenge our authorities," the dragon replied. "Then, we must find a new guardian for the Underworld. Since Anubimon has perished, there will have to be a suitable replacement."

"A 'sootable' replacement ye say? Where could we find this 'sootable' replacement ye suggest?" Ebonwumon's right head asked curiously.

"I do not know, but I do know that Anubimon wasn't absorbed," Azulongmon responded. "When Pharaohmon destroyed Anubimon, the Underworld lord's data was not absorbed or loaded into the demon. Rather it simply moved freely across the Digital World. There is a great possibility of Anubimon's body being restored in this case scenario."

"Then, Pharaohmon has no idea, Does he?" Zhuqiaomon asked the Dragon of the East. "So there is hope for the Underworld, but there is also the matter of the escapees from the Dark Area. Such vile abominations such as the Dark Masters, Demon and the Demon Corps, Myotismon and many other vile creatures have been released from their prisons."

"There is no doubt they will escape into the Digital World and hide in the event that Pharaohmon is to fall," Azulongmon explained. "I know for a fact that Myotismon has once again evolved into BelialMyotismon and is hiding. Of the four Dark Masters, only Metal Seadramon repented for his sins and took the position of the Digimon partner of the late-Kotori Ayami. He has vowed to fight by his new allies' side. However, it is creatures like Piedmon, Demon, Myotismon and many others we need to keep an eye out for. There's no doubt they will scheme without our consent."

Zhuqiaomon grumbled. "If you ask me, we should simply intervene, crush whatever resistance they have and send them back into their prisons for which they can rot for all eternity."

"Zhuqiaomon, me friend, ye are seriously underestimating our enemies. They have strength in numbers and will no doubt build armies to resist our might," the Twin-Headed Turtle of the North responded. The right head laughed. "Did ye wake up on the wrong side of the nest this morning, Zhuster?"

"Let us not forget that we underestimated the Chaos and look what kind of trouble that got us in," the White Tiger of the West reminded his brethren. "The likes of Demon and Piedmon are lethal when they plan ahead while behind the scenes. Do you not remember when we were sealed away by the four Dark Masters? Please, let us not make the same folly and learn from our mistakes."

"Indeed, we must, Baihumon," Azulongmon nodded. "However, let us be happy that we don't have to deal with the likes of a Demon God such as Valmarmon or even the likes of ZeedMillenniummon. If either of them ever appeared, our Digital Worlds would be in jeopardy. Bless Granasmon for at least sealing Valmarmon's seven pieces."

"Bless Granasmon's sacrifice," the other three Sovereigns bowed their heads in respect of the fallen God of Light.

"Then, there's the existence of ZeedMillenniummon, the Wicked Time God. His mere existence would destroy our entire universe," Azulongmon's eyes narrowed while glaring down at the orb. "Let us be thankful we do not have to deal with these kinds of threats. We must pay attention to our current enemy, Pharaohmon. How dare that vile creature turn his back on Lord Granasmon and pledge his allegiance to Valmarmon just for the sake of more power. Susanoomon, I hope to all that you destroy Pharaohmon before he reaches his full power. If you are defeated, then..."

"Only the Digital Priestess is left as our trump card," Ebonwumon's left head responded. "She must come through if our world and the Human World are to be saved."

"I never thought I'd say this, but I give my blessings to the Tamers and each of their allies, including the Legendary Warriors. I am happy Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon came through to us in the end," the phoenix responded, lowering his tone. "Also, it is good to be graced once again by your presence, Digital Priestess. We truly believe in you."

"I'm glad you're once again starting to put aside your grudge, Zhuqiaomon," Azulongmon nodded with a kind gesture before glancing back to the orb. "It's all up to you now, Susanoomon. Bring peace to the Digital World and end the evil reign of Pharaohmon."


Digital World/Holy Sanctuary of the Angels

Inside a white majestic room, inside the castle of Seraphimon, the three Celestial Angels gathered together in unison. They had managed to recuperate their powers after a long slumber and have managed to regain their mega forms. The adorable Patamon once again took back his throne and evolved into Seraphimon of Hope. He appeared as a tall humanoid Digimon with ten golden angelic wings with his face hidden inside a blue helmet. The helmet had a golden cross and the Symbol of Hope plastered across his chest. Following him was Salmon, who once again became Ophanimon of the Light. She appeared as a human female Digimon with her own pair of ten glowing wings. Last but not least, Lopmon evolved back into Cherubimon of Miracles. He appeared as a giant pink, long-eared Digimon.

The three high authority figures viewed the finals of the Shadow Tournament through a white viewing orb. Their composure was at ease but yet they couldn't help to feel tense at the same time.

"So, the time has come," Seraphimon spoke in a deep, calm authority-like tone. "Susanoomon graces us with his appearance, but I have to wonder if he will be able to take Pharaohmon as he did against Lucemon, but I truly believe the Legendary Warriors will pull through."

"Takuya and Kouji only comprise of Susanoomon now along with all the spirits to guide them," Ophanimon stated in a delicate and kind manner. "I must say it was great timing for us to give Jaarin, Dimitro, Sam and Vega the remaining spirits. After all, they were corrupted by the dark powers."

Cherubimon spoke up in a deep, gruff voice. "I'd thought we should give Ranamon, Mercuremon, Grottomon and Arbormon a second chance."

"Indeed, this Pharaohmon proves to be a great threat if he shows no fear to Susanoomon. Even Lucemon displayed fear when he was slain by the great unified Warrior of Peace," Seraphimon stated while eyeing the viewing orb. "It was thanks to Susanoomon that the tyrant Lucemon was at last defeated."

"But Pharaohmon will prove to be an even greater threat than Lucemon if we are not careful," Ophanimon warned the Celestial Angel of Hope and shuddering at the memories of the chaos the tyrannical Lucemon caused on their planet.

"We understand your grief and fear of what Pharaohmon maybe capable of, but we cannot lose hope in the children," Cherubimon nodded his head and reassured the female Celestial Angel of Light.

Looking solemnly at the two males, Ophanimon felt a slight doubt for Susanoomon's chances and sensed the overwhelming darkness permeating from out of Pharaohmon.

"Be at ease, Ophanimon. The Legendary Warriors will not let us down. They are our last hope if the Sovereigns' world, the Human World and even our own existence is to be ensured security," Seraphimon stated with a calm composure but even he couldn't predict Pharaohmon's motives. Children, this is battle that will prove to be greater than you can imagine. Please, Susanoomon. Gather the strength necessary to bring about Pharaohmon's downfall! Do not lose hope, Legendary Warriors! The power of the Ten Warriors Courses through you!


Chapter 35

Arise, Shining Mode! The Shadow Tournament Concludes!


Phoenix Arena/Duel & Battle Platforms/6:50 PM

"Well, we can forget about the rulebook as far as I'm concerned! Plus, I'm sure that would make Pharaohmon even more pleased! Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the finals after two long grueling days! The wait is officially over! Susanoomon! Pharaohmon! Let the finals begin!" Lillymon announced.

(Cue God of War OST – Duel with Ares)

Susanoomon and Pharaohmon continued to encircle one another. Then, it was Pharaohmon who initiated the first move. He threw out his right hand, balling it up into a fist. He punched Susanoomon's chest so hard he dazed him a but, but did no direct damage to Susanoomon! Baffled, Pharaohmon's eyes widened as he was briefly taken aback by the little damage he did to Susanoomon.

Then, Susanoomon returned the favor and quickly clobbered him with a lightning fast punch!


He caught Pharaohmon with a right hook to Pharaohmon's face!

The blow sent Pharaohmon reeling back with a huge dent across his left cheek. Susanoomon followed it up with yet another lighting fast punch, which connected this time with Pharaohmon's right cheek. As Pharaohmon hit the ceiling, a section of the roof started to collapse, causing a huge panic amongst the audience. However, the Warrior of Peace managed to hold the weight of the stadium to prevent a collapse. He placed it directly in place and waited for Pharaohmon to descend through the hole of the ceiling's roof.

The audiences were awe struck at how easily and quickly Susanoomon took out Pharaohmon with simply two blows. This was Pharaohmon at 100 hundred percent of his top strength and already he was getting punched around like a rag doll!

"Two blows and he sent Pharaohmon flying sky high through the stadium's roof! Incredible display by the Unified Warrior!" Lillymon exclaimed. "Will this be the end result of the Shadow Tournament?! Will Susanoomon actually defeat Pharaohmon?!"

Looking up towards the stadium's roof, Susanoomon waited for Pharaohmon to descend. Then, after a few moments of waiting, the evil lord descended down through the hole and faced him down. The villain's face had two dents across his face and bloody marks. He glared directly at Susanoomon and wiped the blood from his lip. A smile crossed the demon's face.

"Nice shots, Susanoomon. I'll grant you that. They staggered me and caught me completely off my guard," Pharaohmon chuckled evilly, licking the blood from his hand. "You are definitely much stronger than Gallantmon Crimson Mode. No surprise since you are comprised of the power of all ten Legendary Warriors!"

Susanoomon pointed directly at the dark lord. "We've dealt with Lucemon and you will meet the same fate!"

"Ah, but unlike Lucemon, I come well prepared!" Pharaohmon chuckled as another demonic aura formed over him.

Athenamon quickly probed on the villain's power. "Can you feel that, Omegamon?"

"Pharaohmon's demonic power is getting stronger! Susanoomon, there's no time to waste! You must destroy Pharaohmon now!" Omegamon demanded.

"Wait, but Susanoomon has this thing in the bag!" Kazu exclaimed. "He's got that big jerk reeling!"

Kenta added. "But, can can Pharaohmon go further than 100 percent?!"

"I don't even want to imagine that possibility," Henry replied.

"You guys worry too much. Susanoomon will beat this guy!" Junpei tried rallying the Tamers.

Cammy observed the showdown between the titans. She discreetly sensed Pharaohmon's demonic power.

Sailor Mars asked her sibling. "So, when are you going to intervene, Cammy?"

"Until the right opportunity comes," Cammy responded.

Meanwhile, Yugi's entourage came out of the entrance. They convened with the Tamers and the Legendary Warriors. Lance was left in Bakura's care. Yami Yugi rejoined his friends and approached Joey.

"I knew you'd lead them to the right direction, Joey."

"Just leave it to me, Yug!"

"Though, we did almost get lost in the hall," Tristan sighed.

"Hey! At least I got us here!"

Yami Yugi turned around and sighted Seto Kaiba walking out with Mokuba. "Kaiba, what a surprise. I didn't think you'd show up."

"I'm interested in a little investment in this place and I'm not going to let some freak delay any future plans I have," Kaiba snorted as he walked by Yugi and watched the battle. Yes, I have total investment with this world. It'll make a nice integration with my Virtual World!

Glaring at Kaiba, Mai whispered to Joey. "Have any idea what's on his mind?"

"I don't wanna know," Joey crossed his arms and scoffed.

"You guys came just in time to see Susanoomon beat Pharaohmon for good!" Tomoki exclaimed.

"It's all on Susanoomon now," Izumi said.

Takato witnessed the face off between the two titans above them. He then looked down over his Digimon partner and sighed sadly, having come to terms with Gallantmon's loss.

"I just wish you had defeated him, Gallantmon," Takato muttered sadly, trying not to cry.

"Oh, Takato," Rika sympathized with him.

"Takato, don't be so down," Himura muttered.

Felinismon frowned at the sight of Pharaohmon's fully powered form. "Susanoomon certainly does have the upper hand."

"But for how long?" Sakuyamon wondered.

"I think you guys are looking too hard into this," Kouichi responded to the Digimon. "Susanoomon will win! That's for sure!"

"C'mon, Susanoomon!" Takato yelled out. "Win one for us!"

Pharaohmon lunged at Pharaohmon and unloaded a flurry of punches. The Unified Warrior took most of the blows barely flinching. The dark lord growled in frustration and activated the dragon on his back. The snake-like dragon head awakened and unleashed a fiery blast, spraying Susanoomon with black flames. Unlike the punches however, the fire did graze a portion of Susanoomon and stunned him.

"Well, it seems you are not invincible after all!" Pharaohmon laughed.

The dragon's head expelled more dark fire, spraying Susanoomon with it. However, Susanoomon rebounded with a punch that knocked Pharaohmon back. The demon lord not only reeled but was sent flying near the ceiling. Susanoomon cupped his hands together and gathered a large quantity of all the powers of the legendary warriors. A sword's handle materialized in his hand, which firmed into a long, really long blade! It's length nearly encompassed the entire stadium itself!

The stadium's audiences were awe struck by gargantuan blade above the ceiling. Even Pharaohmon was stunned by this and hadn't counted on this outcome. He placed his hands across and gathered more demonic energy to build up his strength.

"Whatever you attempt to do, I'll block it! Give me your best shot, Susanoomon!" Pharaohmon bellowed out.

"Is that a challenge?! Have it your way!" Susanoomon roared.

Omegamon viewed the magnificent blade wielded by Susanoomon. Can even Pharaohmon hope to overpower this? This weapon slew Lucemon twice!

"If my eyes didn't deceive me, that is one big ass blade! It's taken up nearly all of the arena! Does Susanoomon plan to carve him out like a pumpkin?! I can't believe Pharaohmon remains undeterred!"

Takato looked on in bewilderment and muttered. "Can he actually defeat Pharaohmon with this weapon?!"

"If he doesn't then we're all screwed," Rika added.

Susanoomon gave one mighty swing with the giant blade and cut across the top section of the stadium. mightily across and sliced the massive blade across the top area of the stadium. The blade was wide enough to barely singe the arena edges but it was long enough to reach Pharaohmon.


The Tamers, the Digi-Destined, and the Digimon cried in unison. "LET HIM HAVE IT, SUSANOOMON!"

With a loud battle cry, Susanoomon swung the mighty blade toward Pharaohmon, aiming to cut him through his torso. Concentrating his demonic power, he produced enough strength to not only catch the blade but halt Susanoomon's momentum. Susanoomon focused enough power through his blade and cut through Pharaohmon's aura.

Then, once the blade made contact with Pharaohmon's aura, a loud explosive eruption occurred between them. Lightning streaked around their surroundings with Susanoomon's in a tug of war against Pharaohmon's demonic aura. The strong barrier proved to be the ultimate equalizer for the dark lord. This attack had successfully managed to slice through Lucemon. However, Pharaohmon was resisting against it and struggled to overpower his adversary's majestic weapon. Susanoomon was in shock to realize this was not an opponent that will not go down that easily.

"No, no, no... NO! YOU THINK YOU DEFEAT ME?! THIS IS MY TOURNAMENT!" Pharaohmon yelled defiantly, expanding his demonic aura against Susanoomon's sword. "I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BY YOU!"

Pharaohmon laughed out manically and pushed out the expansion of his demonic aura. "YOU WILL NOT DENY ME VICTORY!"

"We'll stop you!"

"Everyone that has ever dared to oppose will have not choice but to call me their new lord! Yes, Lord Pharaohmon has a nice ring to it! This world and the human world will be my new playground! Every living creature are nothing more than mere playthings to me!"

"How dare you show disregard for life, real and digital! We will never bow to your demands, Pharaohmon! It all ends here for you! Now, prepare to meet Lucemon in Digital Limbo!" Susanoomon rebuked.

"Susanoomon is overpowering Pharaohmon!" Junpei shouted out. "Keep it up, Susanoomon!"

Tomoki cried out. "Stay on him and don't give out!"

"C'mon! We believe in you two!" Izumi clasped her hands together. "Takuya... Kouji..."

"Pharaohmon's losing it!" exclaimed Vega. "That bastard is finally going to get what's coming to him!"

"I can't believe it! We're actually going to pull through this!" Kazu shouted. "Susanoomon's a total boss!"

"Um, hey! What about me?" Guardromon cleared his throat.

"Oh, yeah. You're always number one, Guardromon."

"That's what I thought."

"Hah-hah! You're finally going down Pharaohmon!" Joey got giddy. "Isn't this great, guys?!"

"You bet!" Tea cheered. "Nothing will make me happier than Pharaohmon finally going down in defeat!"

Duke watched with awe. "One of them will give out and I truly believe it will be Pharaohmon!"

Mai gasped. "You might be right! Pharaohmon's on the ropes now!"

"Go for it, Susanoomon!" Mokuba cried out.

Meanwhile, both the Sailor Senshi and Spirit Detectives watched the events unfold with anticipation.

The Digital Priestess observed Pharaohmon closely and gasped out in shock.

"What is it, Cammy-chan?" Sailor Saturn asked.

"It's Pharaohmon! His power is somehow rising, but it shouldn't be!" Cammy watched fearfully during the power struggle. "It won't be long until Susanoomon gives out and Pharaohmon takes back the momentum!"

"What! You can't be serious!" Sailor Venus gasped in horror.

"I'm sorry, Venus."

"No, Cammy! Then, we must intervene! Now!" Sailor Pluto declared.

"Yes, we must act now!"

However, before the Senshi and the Priestess could intervene, the power struggle between Pharaohmon and Susanoomon took a complete turn for the worse. Susanoomon was already showing signs of strain as his power was being exhausted.

"No! It can't be! How is he doing this! Even Lucemon wasn't capable of this!" Susanoomon gasped out. "We're gaining all of the power of the ten legendary warriors and all twenty spirits?!"

"Heh! Apparently, you have forgotten where I gained my full demonic power from!" Pharaohmon boasted, laughing evilly. "The source of my demonic power comes from the Demon God Valmarmon!"


"With this evil power he's bestowed me, I am fated to become lord of the two worlds! This is my tournament... TO WIN!" Pharaohmon roared out as he punched his fists across.

As his fist shot forward, a shadowy image of a horned demonic being materialized over Pharaohmon. It was the shadow visage of Valmarmon's power permeating out of Pharaohmon.

Once the fists shot through Susanoomon's defense, the force of the double blow shattered the sword into pieces!

Suddenly, the audience was in complete silence at the shocking turn of events. They couldn't believe at what they were seeing! Pharaohmon destroyed Susanoomon's sword and broke it completely in half!

It was through the combined might of Pharaohmon's strength and Valmarmon's power that shattered this sword.

The Tamers, the partnered Digimon, the Duelists, the Legendary Warriors, the Senshi, the Spirit Detectives, and the spectators witnessed the horrifying turn of events playing out.

"Heh, and to make sure that I'm the last one standing! Oh, mighty dark powers of Valmarmon, grant me the power to vanquish Susanoomon and the Legendary Warriors at once!" Pharaohmon called out as his brought his hands together and formed a massive sphere of dark energy. "WITH THIS, I WILL FOREVER SEAL YOUR FATE!"

"Don't do it!" Susanoomon called out. "You'll be sorry if you do this!"

"Humph, whatever for?" Pharaohmon snorted. "You'll be gone and I will be declared the victor of this tournament!"

Ah, so he doesn't realize it yet? He'll sacrifice a great deal of his power by throwing this attack! Takuya thought through Susanoomon.

He's letting power go to his head! Kouji added. Plus, I can sense that his body will give out thanks to some source of explosive energy ready to detonate when he least expects it.

There's also the fact that we won't be done in that easily. Takuya replied. All right, here goes! Let's hope this new plan of ours works!

"Well, since you aren't doing much, why don't I just put you out of your misery? Make it easy on yourself!" Pharaohmon laughed darkly.


"What? Have you finally realized that our powers are far different? You've realized that I am your superior?"

"Sure do," Susanoomon faked a groan. "Why don't you come and throw it? I can't defeat you. You destroyed our weapon. It's over."

"What?! Susanoomon, are you insane?!" Takato exclaimed as he heard Susanoomon. "If you lose, then Pharaohmon will win control of our worlds!"

"Takuya! Kouji! Don't you realize what you two are doing! We sacrificed our spirits so you can beat this guy!" Junpei exclaimed.

"I can't... believe those two! They wouldn't give up!" Izumi screamed angrily.

"Just as I feared, Pharaohmon is too powerful even for Susanoomon!" Omegamon sighed sadly.

"I swear men and their damn egos!" Athenamon snapped.

"Gah! I can't stand the thought of being ruled over by that maniac!" Joey tried perishing the horrifying thought.

"Yugi! We've got to do something!" Tea called out to her friend. "Yugi? Um, Yugi?"

However, unlike everyone else, Yami Yugi remained silent. It looked as if he realized what Susanoomon was aiming for and sensed the great deal of power sacrifice Pharaohmon was setting forth. His Millennium Puzzle gleamed a golden light, which managed to catch the group's attention.

"IF IT'S A DEATH WISH YOU WANT, I'M MORE THAN HAPPY TO SEND YOU TO OBLIVION!" Pharaohmon bellowed as he hurled the massive black sphere into Susanoomon.

As it ball came closer, the audiences all stood up in unison at the destructive sphere of darkness. The force of the ball slammed against Susanoomon and engulfed him completely. The warrior's screams echoed through as his body was dissolved inside the sphere.


Izumi and the other Warriors watched in horror as their last savior was crushed inside the black sphere. Then, before anyone could utter a single word, the sphere exploded and shone a bright glow throughout the arena. Pharaohmon watched with evil glee as he saw no more traces of Susanoomon's presence.

It had been done. Just like that. Rather anti-climatic for the side of good, but for Pharaohmon, this was the start of his new reign of darkness.

(End theme)

Everyone hero watched the turn of events horrified and baffled. Their last shining hope was destroyed within the blink of an eye.

"It's... It's over...?" Lillymon whispered through the microphone. "I can't believe my eyes, but it now it is evident that it is over... I... I don't know what to say... Susanoomon has been defeated?"

Izumi fell to her knees with tears in her eyes. "No... It can't be..."

Kazu quivered out of fear. "We... lost? After everything we've went through...?"

"No! It can't be true!" Joey exclaimed. "Not like this!"

"I hate to say it but it is over..." Sakuyamon lowered her head in shame.

Yui buried her face into her brother's chest and cried. "Don't tell me this is true, Himura!"

"Yui... I'm sorry..." Himura pressed his sister closer to him.

"Damn it! Why did Takuya and Kouji do this?!" YoukaiInumon exclaimed. "Yugi, I hope you realize that our two worlds are now in control of this bastard, right?!"

"We just lost our best friends!" Junpei shouted out of anger. "You are responsible for this!"

Izumi quickly got up and screamed. "TAKUYA! KOUJI!"

The entire stadium, excluding the cheering villains, was mourning over the loss of Susanoomon. Now, they too would become new subjects to the new reign of Pharaohmon. The Sovereigns were now forced to relinquish their territories. The dawning of a new era has begun and it would not be pretty. T

Pharaohmon descended toward the arena floor while panting heavily from exhausting his power. Nonetheless, he was satisfied. Victory was his just as he had hoped. He looked around at the arena filled with the Digimon.

An evil grin crossed the dark lord's face and he beckoned to Etemon.

"Huh? You mean me?" Etemon asked fearfully, shaking both of his knees.

"Yes, come here and declare me the winner if you value your pitiful life, worm," Pharaohmon cleared his throat. "Declare me the new lord of the two worlds."

"Ye-Yes, Lord Pharaohmon," Etemon gulped while slowly approaching him before turning to face the audience. "Um, ladies and gentlemen... since Susanoomon's body was destroyed, I cannot officially count him out. Therefore, allow me to announce your winner of the Shadow Battle Tournament and new lord of the two worlds! Lord... Pharaohmon!"

Upon this announcement declared, Pharaohmon's lips curved into a smile and he raised his arms. He has won. The Earth and the Digital World belonged to Pharaohmon.

"We're all screwed..." Flamedramon sighed in disbelief, hanging his head. "Now, we have to give into this psychopath's demands?"

"Worse yet, we're all going to become his subjects," Panzerdramon replied. "This is not how I wanted the tournament to end."

"Don't you agree, Kyodaidramon? Espirtdramon?" Luzdramon asked the Dra-Warrior duo. "Um, guys? Hello?"

The aforementioned Dra-Warriors stood silently whilst meticulously eyeing Pharaohmon. They sensed a subtle power waiting to burst out of Pharaohmon.

Out of the whole Spirit Detective team, Yusuke and his three Detective allies felt the overwhelming spirit energy waiting to erupt within the villain. Yusuke's eyes narrowed with a slight smirk crossing his face. Botan and Keiko took note of this smirk. Even Koenma knew what was coming.

"About time, here's the big one!" Yusuke grinned mischievously. "Enjoy your present, you big bastard."

"I can feel it. This is quite the plentiful amount, Yusuke!" Kurama exclaimed.

Kuwabara shouted. "Oh man! Pharaohmon's in for a big wake up call!"

"It's about time," Hiei muttered, sensing the spirit energy waiting to erupt.

Mizuno added. "Pharaohmon's in for it now."

"Good job, Yusuke," Koenma conceded. "Even I wouldn't have thought of concocting this."

Out of the Sailor Senshi team, Cammy, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Pluto sensed what was forthcoming. Pluto predicted this event to come ever since arriving at the stadium. Meanwhile, Cammy and Mars used their spiritual awareness to sense the large quantity of spirit energy preparing to detonate within Pharaohmon's body.

"Pharaohmon's fate is at last at hand," Sailor Pluto addressed everyone in the group.

"Yes, and finally Pharaohmon gets what's coming to him. Never ever underestimate your enemy, Pharaohmon," Sailor Mars nodded with her hands on her hips. "How does it feel to know that your new reign as lord comes to a crashing halt? Such much for your greatness, your highness."

"Indeed, Sailor Mars, now watch everyone. This is what happens to those who overlook their enemy," Cammy stated as she gripped her sword. "Pharaohmon is about to learn the hard way. We will make our move soon."

Once Pharaohmon once again raised his arms in triumph, a blue flash of light emerged from out of his body. Then, without warning...


...he dark lord's wails echoed across the stadium and the loud explosion was heard by everyone in attendance. The blue energy enveloped into a column of light and expanded outward. Pharaohmon's near invincible body broke down and began deflating.

Just moments as he was crowned as the new king, this happens to him without knowing. His face contorted with pain and shock.

"What... WHAT IS THIS?!" Pharaohmon bellowed."HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!"

"What's this?! Just seconds after he was crowned as our new lord, a bright flash of light has erupted out of Pharaohmon and he is down on his knees. If I'm not mistaken, that blue flash looks like one of Yusuke's Spirit Gun blasts!"

Then, as soon as Lillymon announced this, it quickly came back to Pharaohmon and he realized what just occurred. He recalled Yusuke firing several Spirit Gun blasts but wondered why he would shot him with effortless shots. It all now dawned on him. The spirit power bottled inside the demon and dissolved some of his demon power reserves. When both opposing powers converged, they formed into an energy bomb and took time to ignite the explosion.


Upon hearing this rant by the weakened demon lord, his supporters gasped out in utter disbelief. However, the crowds were greatly relieved. They had a second chance to fight Pharaohmon.

It so happens that even Yami Yugi saw through to Yusuke's plan and timed the detonation to set off in Pharaohmon, but that still does not explain Susanoomon.

"So, you were actually counting on Pharaohmon to blow up like, Yug?" Joey asked him.

"Yes, and don't worry about Susanoomon, friends. He's not gone. In fact, he's still here as it is."

"Huh?! How!" Himura wondered out of bewilderment.

Junpei pointed out from above. "No! He's right! I see Takuya and Kouji right above us!"

"I see them, too!" Izumi gasped out in happiness as she saw her friends surrounded by the 20 spirits.

"Way to stay alive, guys! You had us scared!" Sam shouted.

"Yes, and this was well thought out, my friends," Omegamon nodded. "Even you had me on the edge of my seat, my friends. I sense Pharaohmon's power diminishing. Don't you sense that, Lady Athenamon?"

"Yes, his great power is greatly being reduced to what it once was! That spirit energy from that Yusuke did take a heavy toll on him. The arrogant fool was outwitted by a human. How humiliating."

"This is great! Man, I never would have thought about this!" Takato laughed happily. "You guys really did think this through, but that still doesn't fix everything. Pharaohmon won this tournament!"

Yami Yugi responded. "Yes, but how can one rule if they're dead?"

"Oh that's a question I can gladly answer for you all!" Cammy quickly interjected, catching everyone's attention.

The Digiteams all spun around to see the Sailor Senshi and Cammy standing behind them.

The young Priestess turned toward the severely weakened Pharaohmon with an intense stare, holding the majestic sword. The dark lord sighted the Miko and gritted his teeth hard. History was set to repeat itself.

"No... YOU! PRIESTESS!" Pharaohmon bellowed mad. "YOU'RE THE LAST SOUL I WANTED TO SEE!"

"We are graced by the surprise appearance of several females and a girl... Wait! Is that the legendary Digital Priestess?! It's hard to believe, but it is her! She has returned to save us all from this monster! Just when I thought we'd be ruled by Pharaohmon, the Digital Priestess has come through to us! Oh praise the Great Sovereigns! Thank you for answering our prayers!"

As soon as the Priestess was mentioned, a massive loud ovation erupted for Cammy. The girl was enthralled by the unified cries and praises of her presence. A smile crossed her face once she came to accept all the praise and popularity of her legendary status.

Sailor Venus walked over to Cammy, giggling. "You're pretty popular, aren't ya, Cammy-chan? They sure love you."

"Oh, Venus..." Cammy slightly blushed and smiled.

"You deserve these chants, little sis," Sailor Mars nodded. "Now, it's time. Let's seal this monster and end Pharaohmon's reign!"

"And I'm more than happy to oblige, big sister!" Cammy nodded, turning and glaring intently at the demonic priest. "Pharaohmon, it's over! Time for you to pay for the crimes you have perpetrated all of us! It all ends here!"

Finding himself glaring down the group of heroes that have opposed him, Pharaohmon growled intensely and tried standing up. The spirit detonation had taken a heavy toll on his body and left him more vulnerable against his opposition. His demon aura began fading fading and his massive muscles were shrinking.

"No! I won this tournament! I'm your new lord! You will all bow before me!" Pharaohmon bellowed. "I may have sacrificed my power, but I can still take each and every one of you! Especially... you, Digital Priestess!"

"Pharaohmon, you expended a plentiful amount of your power against Susanoomon. You truly believed you destroyed him, but how does it feel knowing the Legendary Warrior survived?" Yami Yugi addressed him. "If you don't believe me, then look above you."

"What are you...?!" Pharaohmon demanded before looking up into the stadium's ceiling and gasped out in horror. "NO! IT CAN'T BE!"

Descending down from the ceiling were the transparent forms of Takuya and Kouji. Their bodies were covered with encircling data codes and the twenty spirits surrounded them. Pharaohmon couldn't believe his very eyes.


"It's going to take more than your power to put us away, Pharaohmon! It doesn't matter if Valmarmon gave you this demonic power, because we've just proven that we are two steps ahead of you!" Takuya exclaimed.

"You're not the only who can plan ahead and successfully pull it off!" Kouji cried out. "You underestimated us, Pharaohmon!"

"Guess you can give me credit, too!" Yusuke interjected.

The demonic entity immediately spun around and found the Spirit Detectives already standing on another side of the arena floor. Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei, and Mizuno faced him down with serious glares.

Pharaohmon then turned another corner of the arena to spot the Dra-Warrior clan: Kyodaidramon, Espirtdramon, Flamedramon, Panzerdramon and Luzdramon.

He had found himself completely surrounded by every hero that he has ever tormented or opposed during his reawakening.

"The Spirit Detectives and the Dra-Warriors!" Pharaohmon exclaimed as he looked towards Yusuke. "Damn you, boy! It's your fault that this ever happened to me in the first place!"

"What can I say? I'm that damn good," Yusuke grinned.


Yusuke cringed, clearing his ears. "Ugh, quit screaming! Look, I didn't plan out crap. I just needed to see if my spirit energy would have any effect on you and so it did!"

"Wait...?" Mizuno said befuddled. "You mean you never planned this out from that start?"

"What...? Are you kidding me? I don't plan anything ever," Yusuke replied.

"Yeah, he's always manages to rely on luck in these circumstances," Kurama sighed.

"Yeah, that's our team leader for ya," Kuwabara grumbled.

Hiei flatly spoke. "He's definitely a fool, but he really pulled through with this. I'll grant him that."

"There you have it, me, Yusuke Urameshi! The guy who never plans ahead!" Yusuke snickered.

"What?!" Himura's mouth dropped upon hearing this. "You mean he wasn't even serious?"

Yui looked up to Yusuke and his team with keen interest. Not only was she admired with Yusuke's spirit powers but she realized that he was a much better planner than he believes.

"Oh no, he did a really smart move," Yui replied. "Hey, Yusuke! That was a nice shot!"

Yusuke turned around to find Yui waving directly towards him.

"Hey, who's the girl, Urameshi?" Kuwabara asked.

"Um... that's a girl I met yesterday. Her name is Yui," Yusuke replied. "She was alone and went to talk to her. It seems she knows a lot about these Digimon."

"Oh...? Yeah, she's way too young for you if you ask me."

"Hey, I don't swing that way with little ones! He snapped at Kuwabara.

"Hehehe, just messing with you, man."

"Well, if you ask me, you did us all a favor and greatly weakened Pharaohmon with that lucky shot!" Takato called, racing over to meet Yusuke. "If it wasn't for you, we'd be in deep trouble and Yugi couldn't have used his Millennium Puzzle to erect a barrier to prevent Susanoomon from being destroyed."

"You mean you guys orchestrated everything from there?" Yusuke asked.

"That's right," Yami Yugi nodded. "We had to take into account that your spirit power would weaken Pharaohmon. You proved us right when the plentiful amount detonated inside Pharaohmon. Once I realized that, I used my puzzle's magic to protect Susanoomon from Pharaohmon's attack."

"Man, I'll say," Takuya called out from above. "You really planned this one through, Yugi!"

"I didn't want to leave things to chance. It was now or never," Yami Yugi stated promptly. "But, Pharaohmon, unfortunately for you, you can no longer attempt to take any world after this loss of power!"

"No... That's not true!" Pharaohmon sat up from the ground and clenched his right fist. "I still have enough demon energy to kill you all! I WILL NOT BE DENIED MY DESTINY TO RULE YOU ALL!"

"No, Pharaohmon, it's over," Cammy said, brandishing her sword. She then muttered a Shinto incantation, channeling mystic power through the weapon.

"I WON'T LET YOU!" Pharaohmon shouted, shooting out numerous pods from his body.

Everyone held their ground as the pods hit the ground. Each pod hatched open to unleash an army of Scarabmon. The insect warriors hissed out directly at their enemies and brandished newly drawn blades.

"Humph, well this is proof that Pharaohmon is indeed forced to resort to drastic measures," Omegamon stepped into a battle stance. "Athenamon, shall we?"

"Yes, I've been waiting for this," Athenamon replied earnestly.

(Cue God of War OST – Athens Rooftop Fighting)

The Scarabmon armies scattered across the battlefield and prepared to attack all the heroes from all sides.

The Tamers called forth to their Digimon partners.





Henry held his D-Ark, granting Terriermon the power to evolve.

"Terriermon Mega Shinka! MegaGargomon!"

"Your turn, Lopmon!" Suzie called out while holding her D-Ark.

"Right!" Lopmon declared and evolved. "Lopmon Chou Shinka! Antiramon!"

"Go for it, DarkGabumon!" Yui instructed her Digimon partner and held her D-Ark.

"I'm on it, Yui!" DarkGabumon evolved into his mega form. "DarkGabumon Mega Shinka! ShadowMetalGarurumon!"

"Take these scumbags, out, Cyberdramon!" Ryo exclaimed as he pulled out his D-Ark.

"I'm ready to tear some Scarabmon apart!" Cyberdramon growled intensely and flew out into battle.

"Felinismon! You're up!"

"I won't let you down, Jeri!" the feline smirked. "C'mon, boys! I'm ready for the best you've got!"

Nearly every Tamers' Digimon fled out into battle against the Scarabmon hordes. Well, all except one Tamer and his Digimon. Takato veered over to Gallantmon and clenched his hand tight, staring down at his fallen partner.

"Oh, Gallantmon, if only there was a way to get you back into this fight," Takato gritted his teeth and shouted. "There has to be another way!"

The next to enter the battle was Susanoomon. The Legendary Warriors cheered on for the unified Warrior of Peace.

Susanoomon flew over Pharaohmon and clobbered him with a punch. The blow connected with Pharaohmon and sent the demon reeling.

As Piedmon and Machinedramon tried to intervene, Imperialdramon FM cut them off from the pass.

"Going somewhere, you two?!" Imperialdramon FM bellowed, readying and pointing his cannon at them.

Machinedramon charged and unloaded blasts from his dual cannons. "Giga Canno-!"

"Positron Laser!" Imperialdramon FM countered, abruptly canceling out Machinedramon's beams. He bumrushed the mechanized behemoth and punched him back.

Piedmon narrowly dodged Machinedramon coming toward him. "Fool! Watch where you're going!" He turned around as the other Dra-Warriors surrounded him. The Dark Master backed off, raising his hands up. "You might've gotten us this time, but we'll get the last laugh next time."

"Try us and there won't be a next time, Piedmon," Espirtdramon threatened.

Demon witnessed Piedmon and Machinedramon's futile attempts and scoffed.

"What fools they are," Demon scoffed at the Dark Masters' efforts to aid Pharaohmon. He veered over to the other battles.

The Spirit Detectives, including Mizuno, jumped into the action to help intercept the Scarabmon.

"Ok, Senshi! Help them take care of the Scarabmon! I shall deal with Pharaohmon myself," Cammy proclaimed.

"But, don't you need one of us to help you?" Sailor Jupiter asked her.

"It's okay, guys. She knows what she's doing. Let's just take care of the nuisances first," Sailor Mars reassured her fellow Senshi. "As long as she has the sword, Cammy can pull it off."

"I won't let you down," Cammy nodded to the Senshi as she ran off to confront Pharaohmon.

"All right, Senshi! Let's move out!" Sailor Mars called out.


With that, the Sailors scattered and engaged the Scarabmon hordes.

Now, it was the Duelists turn to implement their course of action. Yami Yugi activated his Millennium Puzzle and utilized the mystic energies to bring some of his monsters to life. Amongst his chosen monsters included the Dark Magician, Magician of Black Chaos, Valkyrion the Magna Warrior, Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast, and the Dark Magician Girl.

For Joey, the Puzzle's magic summoned Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Thousand Dragon, Jinzo, Axe Raider, Gilford the Lightning, and Summoned Skull to life.

Everyone other duelist stood back until Yugi turned towards Seto Kaiba.

"Kaiba! It would be best if you allow me to summon your monsters using my Millennium Puzzle!"

"Whatever, they're still holographic images just like all of these Digimon," Kaiba snorted as he reluctantly pulled out several cards.

"Thank you, Kaiba," Yugi smiled and let his puzzle's magic do all of the work.

The monsters summoned out of Kaiba's deck were three Blue-Eyes White Dragons, Vorse Raider, Lord of Dragons, and the Battle Ox.

"Now we have our own monster army!" Joey grinned and jumped around excitedly.

"Get over yourself, Wheeler," Kaiba remarked.

"Humph, shows how much you know!"

"If you two are done arguing, now would be the perfect time to attack! Go, monsters! Aid our comrades in the final battle!" Yami Yugi commanded.

Upon hearing Yugi's command, the monsters bumrushed into the battle to aid the other heroes against the Scarabmon.

Omegamon and Athenamon clobbered several of the Scarabmon flying towards their direction. The male Royal Knight fired a beam from his MetalGarurumon cannon and blew away some Scarabmon. Athenamon skewered away some Scarabmon with her sword. Mermaimon, Jaguarmon, and D'Arcmon jumped in to aid their queen fend off more Scarabmon.

"We're here to protect you, my queen!" Mermaimon exclaimed. "Don't worry! We can handle them!"

"We'll watch your back!" D'Arcmon reassured the Amazon Queen.

Jaguarmon jumped onto Athenamon's right shoulder and smiled. "Omegamon! Remember, you have to watch our queen's back since you'll be marrying her! If anything happens to her, you will pay with your life!"

"Thanks for the warning!" Omegamon called out as he stabbed a Scarabmon through its torso. "I'll be sure to keep that in mind!"

"You best do so!" Athenamon retorted. Besides, I plan to have our wedding after this!

Finally, the Dra-Warriors entered the battle, ready to intercept the Scarabmon from attacking the viewing audiences.

Kyodaidramon and Espirtdramon led the charge with their three comrades tagging along.

"Now, where is our leader Imperialdramon? He was supposed to be here!" Luzdramon wondered.

(End theme)

As soon as he said that, a massive blast blew through a stadium wall. The audiences turned and sighted Imperialdramon Fighter Mode walking into the arena. The heroes stopped fighting to watch the Dra-Warrior leader enter with his eyes set directly on Pharaohmon. Needless to say, the dark lord was displeased with this.

"Hello there, Pharaohmon," Imperialdramon Fighter Mode smashed his fists together. "Looks like you're in deep trouble!"

"No! I will never be defeated! I rightfully won this tournament! It's every one of you who are cheating me out of my right!" Pharaohmon roared out in insane anger.

"Unfortunately for you, your power has diminished greatly," the Digital Priestess spoke out, appearing not too far from Pharaohmon. "In the end, wit won over physical power. You have let the lust of power to consume you and look where it has gotten you."

The dark lord growled out of pure hatred for the Priestess and held his ground against her authority. He glared directly into her battle hardened eyes.

Cammy gripped the blade tightly and prepared to invoke it's fullest powers.

"Ha! But of course you need time to gather enough power to activate the sword! That's something I will not give you! I STILL HAVE POWER TO FINISH YOU, PRIESTESS!"

(Cue God of War OST – Minotaur Boss Battle)

As Pharaohmon charged out with his left fist extended out to attack, Susanoomon and Imperialdramon Fighter Mode interceded him. The dark lord's fist collided with Imperialdramon and sent him reeling back. This allowed the Unified Warrior of Peace to grab Pharaohmon by his right arm and toss him into an arena wall. Pharaohmon rebounded as his dragon's head expelled black fire, which held Susanoomon at bay.

Despite having lost a large portion of his power, Pharaohmon still had enough strength left to fight back powerhouses like Susanoomon and Imperialdramon.

Much to dismay, he witnessed his Scarabmon hordes being physically dissected, blown apart, and deleted by his enemies.

"No, my Scarabmon are easily getting decimated!" Pharaohmon fumed. "No matter, as long as I recover, my full demonic energy will return to me."

"I don't think so!" Seadramon called out as he flew across and slammed into Pharaohmon's face.

Witchmon cheered Seadramon from the audiences. "Go, Seadramon! Go! Make that Pharaohmon your bitch!"

"Argh! Insect!" Pharaohmon roared, channeling dark power into his fist.

"NOT SO FAST!" YoukaiInumon called out and stabbed his swords directly into Pharaohmon's waist. "That's payback for earlier and for everything you've put us through! And this one's for Anubimon!"

With that, YoukaiInumon shoved dark flames into Pharaohmon's body. The demonic priest howled painfully as the flames cooked the inside of his body. He stumbled forward as fire shot out of his eyes and mouth.

Sakuyamon, MegaGargomon, and ShadowMetalGarurumon unleashed their attacks simultaneously.

"Spirit Strike!"

"Gargo Missiles!"

"Tomahawk Missiles!"

Cyberdramon, Antiramon, Guardromon, and Felinismon followed up.

"Desolation Claw!"

"Bunny Blades!"

"Guardian Barrage!"

"Feline Lash!"

The next to attack was Beelzebumon.

"And this one's for me! Chaos Flare!"

Lillymon jumped right out of her seat and hollered out for Beelzebumon like a crazy fan girl. "YAY!"

Etemon looked directly at the flower maiden and backed away slowly. Then, much to his surprise, Floramon and Tapirmon joined him.

"Man, are you getting all of this, Tapirmon?" Floramon asked her colleague.

"You bet! I've got everything! This one's going to be a big seller!"

Tapirmon nodded enthusiastically.

"You two showed up just in time, too! This has turned into one big brawl and these fans love it! Shoot, I love it! Anything to see Pharaohmon get what he deserves!" Etemon exclaimed. "No way am I going to have to show loyalty to a jerk like him!"

"Heh, well, you just might get your wish," Floramon smiled and watched the heroes attacking Pharaohmon.

Reeling back from the Tamers' Digimon attacks, the dark lord was immediately bombarded by multiple blasts from the Duelists' monsters. Each of the summoned swordsmen monsters pierced and slashed into the demon's hide. Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl combined a large magical beam with their scepters and blasted Pharaohmon, forcing the behemoth to one knee.

"A'right! Let's hit him with our dragons' attacks!" Joey shouted.

"Go Red-Eyes and the three Blue-Eyes!" Yami Yugi declared. "Attack Pharaohmon with all of your force! DON'T HOLD BACK!"

Each dragon opened their mouth and expelled powerful blasts. The Red-Eyes Black Dragon's fiery blast impacted Pharaohmon's chest. The Blue-Eyes trio combined simultaneous blasts and blasted Pharaohmon head-on. He went down on his other knee.

The Spirit Detectives and the Sailor Senshi initiated their attack on the weakening demon priest.

Drawing out a spirit-imbued blade, Kuwabara bumrushed Pharaohmon and stabbed his torso. "Spirit Sword!"

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune stepped forward, combining their attacks on Pharaohmon.

"Space Turbulence!" Uranus unleashed a series of blasts down on the demon priest.

"Submarine Violin Tide!" Neptune forged a violin, unleashing a tide of energy that washed down on him

Pharaohmon took their attacks and stumbled back. The Spirit Sword sunk deeper through the demon's body and exploded from inside his body.

Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus followed it up with their own attacks.

"Venus Radiation Ray!"

"Jupiter Flower Hurricane!"

As Venus' attack blinded Pharaohmon, Jupiter's attack bombarded Pharaohmon hard. A barrage of flowers latched onto the demon, injecting poison into him and siphoning off his demonic energies.

Kurama jumped out next to attack. "Rose Whip!" The half-breed fox whipped Pharaohmon and inflicted slashes all over Pharaohmon's near steel-tough body armor. He shuddered and felt drops of blood seeping from the deep gashes.

Mizuno joined in, wiping out some Scarabmon with powerful water blasts. "Tidal Crash!"

Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn were the next to summon their effective attacks on Pharaohmon.

"Pluto Chronos Blast!"

"Saturn Shinigami Chaos!"

Pharaohmon howled in agonizing pain as their attacks slammed into him whilst tearing through his hide.

Sailor Mercury leaped up into mid-air and unleashed her deadliest attack. "Mercury Ice Spear Barrage!" The icicles were launched across and stabbed through the demon's body.

Pharaohmon watched in horror as more of his demonic armor was breaking apart.

Finally, Yusuke, Hiei and Sailor Mars would polish all of this off with their patented attacks.

Yusuke gathered spirit energy through his right fist and let loose an enormous spirit blast head on. "Shotgun!"

Hiei followed it up by flying across, channeling his dark fire energy into his sword and stabs it through Pharaohmon's upper chest. "Sword of the Darkness Flame!"

Following up on Hiei's attack, Sailor Mars leaped up into mid-air with her flaming sword. "Mars Flame Saber!" Rather than stabbing him, she threw it and hit Pharaohmon's skull.

Pharaohmon screamed out in horrifying anguish as the flaming sword started to incinerate his face. Both Mars' and Hiei's flames washed over the upper extremities of the behemoth.

After all of those attacks were implemented, Pharaohmon turned around to be pummeled by barrage of fists from Susanoomon.

Imperialdramon pointed his attached arm cannon and unleashed a massive blast directly for the demon. "Positron Laser!"

The blast caught Pharaohmon, sending flying back. More screams echoed out from out of the villain's mouth as his body was losing its massive form and his demonic aura was losing its power. The heroes watched on proudly as their efforts further damaged the demon lord.

Finally, Cammy readied her sword and filled it with immense mystic powers, enough to subdue Pharaohmon.

"It's time we send this demon into the dark abyss where he belongs!" Cammy declared. "Only this time, there will be no escape for you, Pharaohmon!"

"No... I will... I will not be... I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BY A CHILD!"

Cammy wasted no time, swinging her blade into an 'X' pattern. "Holy powers of the Digital World! Heed my call! Cast this demonic entity to the dark abyss where he belongs!" She raised her sword and swung it down, sending an immense white projectile of light. "Shinto Blade!"

After she unleashed her attack, Pharaohmon instinctively forged a demonic barrier to stop the attack.

"I didn't come all this way just to fall! NOT NOW!" Pharaohmon shouted at the Digital Priestess. "I will correct BelialMyotismon's failure!"

"It's your own fault for relying on others, Pharaohmon. You made that same mistake when I first sealed you in the first place!" Cammy exclaimed with authority. "You claim to be the most powerful demon in the Digital World, but yet you must rely on others to sully your needs! Now, you're nothing but a sniveling worm who cries when nothing ever goes his way! The truth hurts now doesn't it!"

"You will not deny me my destiny, Priestess! I WILL REIGN SUPREME!"

Cammy realized something and watched Pharaohmon's barrier holding back her blade's attack. He is slowly but surely regaining his composure! I knew everyone's combined attacks were not going to slow him down! I can't overcome Pharaohmon unless...!

(End theme)

Then, an idea quickly popped into Cammy's mind. She turned toward Takato and Gallantmon. The Priestess sensed a unique connection between the Tamer and the Digimon. The Eri side in her remembered about the Hazard's devastating power.

That's it. Eri, you're telling me according to Digital World scripture, the Hazard can never be purified by any form of light, except by the power of the awakened Priestess. Since I'm your successor, I can possibly purify Gallantmon's Hazard! She focused her sights intently on Takato and Gallantmon.

"What's Cammy doing?" Sailor Saturn wondered.

"No! Don't give it out!" Rika exclaimed.

"You've got him where you want!" Joey shouted out. "We're so close! Don't let out!"

What could she be thinking, Pharaoh? Yugi asked in his Yami's thoughts.

"I don't know, Yugi, but I hope she can be quick about it. If she doesn't destroy Pharaohmon now, the demon will simply recover his demonic energy! We can't afford to lose!"

"Damn! She is really giving it her all!" Susanoomon watched with astonishment.

Suddenly, within the speed of thought, Cammy forged a telepathic link to Gallantmon.

Gallantmon. Gallantmon of the Hazard, please respond. This is the Digital Priestess!

Digital Priestess, how can you read my mind? What's going on? I'm sensing a huge struggle...

Yes, we are all at combat. Pharaohmon had won the tournament but his body is now starting to weaken. It's a long story, but we must act quickly!

What am I supposed to do...?

You and I must perform a quick Biomergence. You made it possible when you and Takato Matsuda Biomerged to battle Beelzebumon. In fact, it was due to your evolution to Megidramon that awakened Pharaohmon's tomb.

So, it was all of my fault...?

But, we can correct that fault and destroy Pharaohmon together. Please, my power isn't enough and it will only be matter of time before the demon regains his strength! Please, let me share your power!

Anything, Priestess. You want to get rid of Pharaohmon just as badly as I do... You got it! Hang on, I'm coming!

Thank you, Gallantmon.

Upon receiving the Priestess' telepathic message, the broken down crimson knight got up from the ground and breathed heavily. He looked out directly towards the struggling Digital Priestess. His eyes meet directly with hers. He started walking, surprising Takato.

"Gallantmon...? What are you doing? You need to sit back and recover!"

"No, Takato... I need to help the Priestess. She's in trouble..."

"But, she seems to be doing just fine," Jeri pointed out.

"If you ask me, that Priestess is totally kicking butt!" Kazu shouted out.

"No. She's not going to last much longer and Pharaohmon's demonic energy is going to grow stronger if she wastes more time Besides, she asked me to help her!"

"What... y mean..."

"That's right, Takato. She directed a link to my head. She is asking for my help and she wants me to Biomerge with her..."

"Biomerge...? But...!"

Suddenly, Takato felt a hand on his right shoulder. He turned around to find Rika giving him an assuring nod.

"It's all right, Takato," Rika smiled. "Besides, if it's the only solution to defeat that maniac, then I'm all for it."

"So you think a union between the Priestess and Gallantmon will truly make a difference?"

"Sure I do, goggle head. Go for it, Gallantmon!"

"Thanks. I know I won't let you guys down!"

The Tamers watched their beloved Gallantmon limping forwards to where the power struggle was taking place. The demon lord's power was slowly but surely gaining an edge over Cammy's holy power.

Cammy felt herself being pushed back and struggled to regain her momentum.


"Hurry... Gallantmon...! Please!"


"I don't think so... Pharaohmon! It's over for you!" Gallantmon cried out and flew across near Cammy's side.

The Demon lord was taken aback by Gallantmon's abrupt intervention.

The Priestess pointed her sword to Gallantmon Crimson Mode, who leaned forward to touch the blade. Then, in an instant, the knight felt an enormous surge of holy energy entering his body. Pharaohmon gasped out as both Cammy and Gallantmon were both encased in white spheres of white light.

"Hey! What's going on here?!" Botan exclaimed.

"They're... Oh my! Their energies are merging together!" Koenma cried out.

"That light... It's so pretty and filled with hope," Keiko whispered while holding onto Puu.

"CAMMY!" Sailor Mars encouraged her. "You can do it!"

"So, they're going to merge together to form the final miracle. Yes, I can feel it. This will be the end for Pharaohmon!" Sailor Pluto smiled.

"Is that true, Inumon?!" Himura overheard Sailor Pluto.

"Yes, with the combined power of Gallantmon and the Digital Priestess, Pharaohmon's in trouble now!" YoukaiInumon exclaimed happily. "Pharaohmon, at last, you'll pay for your crimes! Anubimon will be avenged for sure!"

"Let's hope so, Inumon!" Yui watched the holy light growing.

"Yes! The nightmare is finally over," Omegamon watched in anticipation.

As the heroes watched with great anticipation, Pharaohmon's dark magic was overwhelmed. The two entities combined together into a massive white orb and pushed Pharaohmon back. The evil sorcerer gasped out in shock as his worst nightmare was coming true.

Inside the holy sphere, Cammy found herself surrounded by data codes. Her sword was no longer in her possession, but rather in Gallantmon's gripped hands. A comforting smile adorned the Priestess' face. Gallantmon let out a deep sigh of relief with the orb shielding them from any direct attack by Pharaohmon.

"Wow! So this is what Biomergence really feels like? I feel as if I'm protected. It's so warm and comforting..." Cammy smiled whilst inside a white data orb. The warmth of Gallantmon's data comforted her.

"Yeah, that's the same thing Takato would always tell me."

"Gallantmon, I'm glad you're still there. Now, you wield my sword. With our combined strength, we can emerge as a entity twice as powerful as before. Your Hazard will become purified by my sacred light and that alone will give you even more power."

The crimson knight was befuddled. "Really...? How do you know all this?"

"The will of Eri told me. The Digital Priestess is prophesied to prevent the Hazard from ever reawakening. With my holy power coursing through you, you will be purified into an angel of the heavens. You maybe a viral but you possess the heart of courage, nobility, and love. Love for your Tamer, your friends and Digimon allies. I am just like you, Gallantmon. I want to be able to be there to aid the Sailor Senshi and my sister."

"Is your sister amongst the Sailors?"

Cammy calmly answered. "Yes."

"I see. I can feel the kindness in your heart. You want to be there for everyone you care for and that's how I feel for my Tamer and his friends. Pharaohmon wants to take everything away and we cannot allow that to happen."

"Thank you, Gallantmon. Now, let us slay this demon!"

"You got it! Pharaohmon won't know what hit him!" Gallantmon declared. "Gallantmon! Mode Change!"

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST – One Vision)

With that, the two entities merged together. Cammy entered inside of Gallantmon and in the process transformed Gallantmon's outward appearance altogether. His base form mostly stayed the same sans his crimson armor converting to a heavenly pearl armor body. The Hazard emblem on his chest was gone and replaced by the Crest of Light. His hands turned from white into black. His limbs became enclosed inside bulkier white armor. Protruding from his back were three pairs of wings on each side. However, each wing opened up to reveal hook extensions at the top and seven feather-like blades protruding out of the wings. The blades spread out and gleamed a beautiful white aura of purifying light. His golden eyes scanned his newly rejuvenated body. His eyes then fell on the Priestess' sword in his right hand. Also attached to his back were two white lances.

He spread his arms apart and pushed out a massive column of white, holy light before calling out his official name. "Gallantmon Shining Mode!"

Cammy found herself inside Gallantmon Shining Mode and smiled radiantly. She could feel the combined strength of her Priestess powers and that of Gallantmon's. They unlocked a power greater than Crimson Mode.

"At long last. Now we are one and we are the instrument to Pharaohmon's destruction! Let's finish this!" Cammy cried out defiantly at the demon priest.

Gallantmon Shining Mode shouted. "I will carry out your will, Digital Priestess. This nightmare will end!"

As the light sphere shattered, a bright heavenly aura poured down all over the arena. Everyone present marveled upon the newly evolved Gallantmon. It looked as if an angel came down from the heavens to answer everyone's prayers. In fact, that was exactly what was happening.

Gallantmon SM raised the sword above his head, glaring down fiercely down at Pharaohmon.

Pharaohmon was at a complete loss for words as his eyes locked with Gallantmon SM's. He sensed the Priestess' immense power resonating within Gallantmon. Judging by the shocked expression on his face, he was literally scared out of his mind, which was an expression not seen on the demon's face. He was horrified.

Takato looked up in awe with a smile adorning his face. "Awesome."

"Are y'all seeing this?! This is perhaps the most beautiful scene I've ever laid my eyes on! Somehow, the Digital Priestess and Gallantmon merged to become a white shining knight!" Lillymon announced. "This whole arena is speechless! Just when I thought Crimson Mode was something, this tops it all!"

"If you fans are just tuning in, you are not going crazy because Gallantmon has merged with the Digital Priestess! I must say this is a miracle among miracles! We're getting glimpse of Gallantmon in his new... Shining Mode?" Floramon spoke out through her microphone. "We're also getting a glimpse of Pharaohmon's face. The expression tells it all. He is scared. He never would have expected this and it looks like this will be the final stand for the demon lord. I must comment: It's about freaking time!"

"That's incredible!" YoukaiInumon exclaimed.

"So pretty..." Yui gleamed. "What do you think, Himura?"

"Pharaohmon's done for now," Himura said, patting Yui's head.

"Well, I've gotta hand it him, goggle head," Rika said. "You and Gallantmon sure know how to surprise us."

"What's more? Gallantmon's biomerged with the Digital Priestess!" Henry said, looking up at Gallantmon SM.

MegaGargomon remarked. "He sure could light up all of Tokyo or even New York if he wanted to!"

"That is sweet!" Joey exclaimed. "Who can top that?!"

Pretending not to be impressed, Kaiba kept to himself. These geeks can be awestruck all they want right now. But, once Pharaohmon's out of the picture, I'm moving forward with integrating this realm with my Virtual World.

"I still can't believe that Priestess girl and Gallantmon combined to make that!" Tristan was baffled.

Duke added. "Yeah, no kidding, man."

"This is so pretty," Tea smiled radiantly. "Pharaohmon has to be scared now!"

"Indeed, and even he knows he can't win now," Yami Yugi stated. "He can gather all the strength he can muster, but it's not going to make a difference anymore. It will be over quicker than you know it."

"Nothing would make me happier than seeing that ugly freak go down," Mai remarked.

"Let's hope so, Yugi," Bakura muttered.

"Me, too, because I don't think I can take much more of the pressure!" Kazu quivered in anticipation. "I haven't sweated this much since running those ten laps around the school."

"That's because you were slacking off in gym class," Kenta scoffed.

"Hey, I heard that!"

"So, you think it'll be over, Seadramon?" Witchmon asked the sea dragon.

"Definitely. I have no doubt in my mind."

"Now that's kick ass!" Yusuke smiled. "Go for it, Shining Mode! Let this bastard have it!"

"He won't be able to overcome Gallantmon as he is now," Kurama assessed the two Digimon's powers. "This is all over as far as I'm concerned."

"He should just end it now!" Kuwabara stated.

"He will," Hiei muttered.

"Of course he will," Rolling her eyes, Mizuno addressed Hiei and Kuwabara. "With the power of the Digital Priestess within him, there's no way Pharaohmon can stand up to that!"

"I'll have to agree with you," Sailor Mars said as she and the other Senshi approached the Spirit Detectives. "We've seen what the Priestess can do on her own. She could've finished Pharaohmon, but realized her power may not be up to par with the previous Priestess yet. She required something to help her enhance her holy powers. And now combined, they'll be able to take down Pharaohmon."

"Yes and I can see it already. Just as I predicted," Sailor Pluto concurred.

Sailor Venus waved to the Detectives. "Hey, long time no see, guys! How have y'all been?!"

Yusuke sweatdropped. "Well, um... looking for you girls. We suddenly lost contact after Pharaohmon finally came out."

Kurama turned to the Senshi. "Seems all of you have had your powers upgraded. Well done."

Kuwabara approved the Senshi's Eternal forms. "Wherever y'all been, we're glad you came and brought that Priestess girl or whoever her name is!"

Mars interjected. "That would be my sister Cammy."

Mizuno gasped. "Your sister?"

"Go for it, Shiny White Gallantmon! Let that jerk ass have it!" Sailor Venus called out.

"I think you speak for all of us, Venus," Sailor Mercury sweatdropped awkwardly.

Then, with one unified cry, all of the heroes shouted out. "LET HIM HAVE IT!"

Gallantmon SM gripped the Priestess' holy sword and muttered an incantation. A white aura quickly washed over the Digimon, incinerating some Scarabmon that tried to attack him. The insects screeched loudly as they dissolved into dust.

Gallantmon SM glared down at Pharaohmon with cold, hardened eyes. The time to end the conflict was at hand.

The dark lord quickly broke out of his trance and opened up his wing flaps. He flew up to meet Gallantmon SM. There was no longer a smile on his face but a angry scowl.

"This can't be... NO! THIS CAN'T BE THE END OF ME!" Pharaohmon became livid. "MY LEGACY WON'T END HERE!"

"Pharaohmon, you brought this upon yourself. Alas, like any other arrogant fool, you became blinded by the dark power bestowed to you by Pharaohmon!" Gallantmon SM exclaimed, his voice a combined mix of his own and Cammy's. "All I need is one strike and it's over!"

"Bold words, Priestess, but I will once again prove to you that I can and will survive against all odds! I defeated you as Crimson Mode and overcame Susanoomon! Even with the Priestess integrated into your being, it won't make any difference! You're all talk!"

Gallantmon SM grew irked. "Enough. Let's end this."

"As you wish!" Pharaohmon exclaimed and erected the dragon's head out of his back. "Typhon's Fire!" The dragon expelled dark fire toward Gallantmon SM.

Anticipating the black fire heading for him, Gallantmon SM merely swung the blade and produced four wing-like constructs. Doubling as shields, the holy constructs nullified the flames completely.

Pharaohmon launched toward Gallantmon SM preparing to lock up for a close quarters clash. Only this time the victory would truly be declared.

Laughing evilly, Pharaohmon expanded his aura as he prepared to engulf Gallantmon SM with it. An evil grin formed on the villain's face as he prepared to close the darkness aura over Gallantmon SM.

Then, to his shock, Pharaohmon's eyes widened upon witnessing Gallantmon SM tearing through the darkness aura using just his sword. The white knight quickly swung his blade and tore up the darkness like wet tissue paper.

"NO! THIS CAN'T BE POSSIBLE!" Pharaohmon became livid.

Gallantmon SM retorted, growling. "This is pathetic! Face it, you're scared now!"

"But... It isn't possible... It..." Pharaohmon stuttered but then his face turned pale as he caught glimpse of a familiar symbol. "It can't be...!"

Materializing behind Gallantmon SM was the image of an angel priest with ten massive wings. This angelic presence had produced a penance-like stare with its blue eyes toward Pharaohmon.

The dark lord knew who this 'presence' belonged to and wanted nothing to do with him.

"It can't be... Granasmon...? No, I'm just seeing things... NO!" The dark priests roared, now more livid than before if he wasn't already. "You want to draw power from a Digi-God?! Two can play it that game! I'LL SIMPLY DRAW MORE POWER BESTOWED TO ME BY LORD VALMARMON!"

However, just as he was preparing amass more demonic power, an invisible force restrained and subdued Pharaohmon. He couldn't comprehend what just happened, but he had no time to guess Gallantmon SM's next move.

What is going on here?! What is the meaning of this?! Pharaohmon thought as he panicked and stopped dead cold as he heard a familiar, dark laughter echo in his mind. Lord Valmarmon?! Why are you stopping me! No! Please, allow me this chance to finish him off! I had these fools where I wanted them!

Unfortunately, Pharaohmon was not released and he struggled to break free of his spiritual restraint. His eyes widened and his face paled as an image of a demonic humanoid Digimon with a horned helmet and red eyes chortled evilly. Suddenly, Pharaohmon felt a stabbing force pierce through his chest and siphoned him of his extra reserves of his demon power.


As soon as they witnessed Pharaohmon preparing to meet his untimely fate, Demon simply turned away with disgust and beckoned his group.

"Come, Demon Corps, there's no reason for us to remain here."

"Why are we leaving so soon, Lord Demon?" MarineDevimon asked. "I haven't even gotten Lady Calmaramon a present yet!"

"Will you shut up about that slut?" LadyDevimon sighed. "Yes, we must leave. It's obvious Pharaohmon's fate will be sealed. Such a shame, but we can't associate ourselves with losers."

"Yeah and he tried to steal away my cheeseburgers! I say screw Pharaohmon! We play by our own rules from this point forward!" SkullSatanmon declared.

MarineDevimon sighed. "Well, it's about time you said something intelligent. For once."

"LadyDevimon, are the bombs ready to detonate?" Demon looked towards LadyDevimon.

"I have, Lord Demon," the viral female bowed. "This place will go off in 15 minutes tops! But, I'm sure the first wave of explosions will occur within the next few minutes."

"Excellent and that's another reason we must be heading out of here and take refuge beyond the dark continent of the Digital World," Demon proclaimed. "Come, my loyal followers. The Demon Corps shall go on a sabbatical until we're ready to spring our next attack."

"Ooo and I love the sound of that, my lord!" SkullSatanmon laughed. "Until then, all the cheeseburgers I can eat!"

"WILL YOU SHUT UP ALREADY, IDIOT?!" MarineDevimon and LadyDevimon screamed at the buffoon.

The Demon Corps quickly departed not only abandoning Pharaohmon but leaving bombs set to blow up the whole arena.

15 minutes remained before total annihilation of the Phoenix Arena.

Also realizing that it was pointless to support Pharaohmon any longer, Piedmon simply scoffed at the sight and motioned over to Machinedramon.

"Come, Machinedramon. There's simply no point for us staying," the Dark Master leader stated promptly. "Besides, I've heard from my spies that LadyDevimon set this arena to blow in 15 minutes."

"Shall we relocate a new base? My scouts have located the perfect location." Machinedramon commented in a low, heartless manner.

"Perfect. Seadramon the traitor can perish with the rest of these fools," Piedmon said. "We can locate Puppetmon if he's still interested. My scouts have confirmed BelialMyotismon has gone missing. Oh well. There's no reason to support Pharaohmon now. Let this be your final curtain for we, the Dark Masters, do not associate ourselves with losers. Farewell, Pharaohmon!"

With that, the two Dark Masters exited the stadium.

Everyone else watched in awe as Gallantmon SM readied his blade and flew down at Pharaohmon. Pharaohmon raised his head and his eyes widened in disbelief.

Fear. That was one emotion etched across the demon's face and his black heart stopped beating. For all the torment and pain he has caused, Gallantmon SM would return it tenfold.

The heroes yelled in unison. "LET HIM HAVE IT!"

Gallantmon SM thrust his blade and pierced through Pharaohmon's skull. The demon lord wailed painfully as black digitized blood sprayed from his head. The blade pierced the demon's brain and unleashed an immense holy power that purified the dark powers still coursing in him.

Finally, Gallantmon SM removed the sword from Pharaohmon's skull and prepared for another strike. He gripped the sword and imbued holy power into the blade.

"GO TO HELL PHARAOHMON!" Gallantmon SM screamed, swinging the blade around. "FINAL JUDGMENT! BEHEADING!"

Before the villain could even blink, the blade cut clean through Pharaohmon's neck. Unable to say a word, Pharaohmon didn't have a chance to scream as his last words were just loud gurgling noises.

Everything now seemed to move at a rather slow dramatic fashion. The head of Pharaohmon slid right off his neck and fell to the ground. Then, the demon priest's headless body hit the ground hard, causing the area to shake.

The audiences were stunned in complete silence by this well-deserved fate to the terrifying demon lord.

Everything he had once had: power, allies, and confidence went up in smoke in just a few moments of time.

His allies had abandoned him, the spirit of Valmarmon took away nearly all of his demon power, and Gallantmon SM finished him quickly.

The decapitated body of Pharaohmon moved about a bit until it finally lost life. Black blood seeped from the headless body and soaked the ground.

The head stopped moving its mouth and the life in the demon's eyes faded.

Yes, at last, the terrifying legacy of Pharaohmon had ended just now. The demon lord's reign of terror at last ended.

(End theme)

Gallantmon SM let out a deep sigh of relief and descended. In a matter of seconds, the entire audience erupted in a deafening standing ovation. Everyone cheered at the sight of Pharaohmon's dead corpse and the victory by Gallantmon SM.

The Shadow Tournament had at last ended.

"It's... It's over... I can't believe this! Ladies and gentlemen! IT'S OVER!" Lillymon announced. "The Shadow Tournament has ended! Pharaohmon may have won the actual tournament but WE HAVE OUR REAL WINNER! GALLANTMON SHINING MODE IS OUR CHAMPION!"

"You heard my good colleague, Lillymon, folks! Bless you Digital Priestess! You answered our prayers and we are forever grateful!" Floramon exclaimed. "You've managed to come through for us all! It's a true miracle!"

"He did it... HE DID IT!" Takato exclaimed. "THEY DID IT!"

"Yes! The nightmare is finally over!" Yami Yugi smiled with relief across his face.

You said it! I couldn't agree more, Yami! Yugi telepathed with the Pharaoh.

"How about that?! Ding dong, the Pharaohmon's dead!" Kazu jumped up, pumping up his fist into the air.

"You said it, Kazu!" Guardromon celebrated with his partner. "HOORAY!"

"Well done, Gallantmon and Priestess. You managed to come through for us," nodded Omegamon. At long last, this nightmare is over!

Athenamon whispered as she gave a prayer to the late-Queen Garudamon. "That one was for you, my queen."

"My kind of finish!" Yusuke shouted out. "Hell yeah! That finally did that big bastard in!"

"Thanks, in part, to you," Kurama ironically said. "Even though you weren't actually thinking through, you managed to save all of us and gave everyone the chance to weaken Pharaohmon."

"Who would've thought Urameshi would pull off another trick out of his sleeve," Kuwabara said. "Might as well call you the Great Houdini instead."

"Hah! He probably doesn't even know himself!" Hiei chortled sardonically.

"Well, in any case, I'm just glad to know that it's all over," Mizuno said.

"WHOO HOO! Can I get a V-I-C-T-O-R-Y? That spells VICTORY!" Sailor Venus jumped around and pranced around.

"Well, I can't argue against this! We all helped make a difference!" Artemis smiled to the Senshi. "I'm proud of each and every one of you!"

"Now, finally we can all breathe a sigh of relief," Sailor Venus said. "Ah, yeah. Plus, wait until Usagi gets a look at our new Eternal forms. She's going to flip!"

"I'm just glad we managed to pull through this," Sailor Jupiter sat on the ground and wiped the sweat from her forehead.

"And so the wind of fate has sealed Pharaohmon for good," Sailor Neptune said with relief.

"Amen, Neptune," Sailor Uranus stepped beside her partner and nodded.

Sailor Mercury stated to the group. "It's wonderful that all of us worked together through this."

"Pluto, now can we all go home and celebrate," Sailor Saturn said.

"Yes, we will be celebrating our victory," Sailor Pluto nodded to Saturn. "Mars?"

As Pluto looked ahead, she saw Sailor Mars running up directly to where Gallantmon SM was descending. She also sighted Takato running up to meet Gallantmon SM.

Both Mars and Takato glanced towards one another. Then they set their eyes on Gallantmon SM. In an instant flash, the white knight regressed from his majestic form and split up. Guilmon and Cammy both landed on the ground. lost his majestic form and became engulfed by a bright aura. Cammy fell to a knee whilst gripping the sword in her hand.

"Wow, that was a something else," Cammy blinked thrice and shook her head.



The duo were quickly embraced by their loved ones. Sailor Mars embraced Cammy while Takato did the same for Guilmon.

"Oh, Cammy! I'm so proud of you!"

"Guilmon! That was awesome!"

As they were being hugged, both Guilmon and Cammy exchanged friendly glances to each other. Cammy reached over and patted Guilmon's head.

"We made an awesome team," Cammy giggled.

"That we did, Priestess!" Guilmon nodded, smiling from ear to ear.

"That's so cute," Sailor Mars watched her sister petting Guilmon. "Hey, kid. You've got one awesome Digimon plus he's adorable." She genuinely smiled to Takato.

Takato chuckled while rubbing the back of his head. "Ah, well. Heh, that's Guilmon for ya."

Mars chuckled. "Oh I see."

Then, the other members of the Tamers, the Legendary Warriors, and the Duelists gathered around to praise Guilmon as well as Cammy. The Sailor Senshi and the Spirit Detectives watched them from the background. Each of them were satisfied and relieved to have escaped this whole ordeal alive. The Shadow Tournament had now officially come to a close, but the happy ending would not last long.


The first wave of explosions emanated in the background as sections of the ceiling started coming down. Debris and heavy stone pillars fell and rained all over the arena.

The audiences watched and were struck with fear. Just before they had a chance to celebrate the biggest victory, their party plans were cut short. The first wave of explosions were initiated.

Then, a digitized female voice blared out of the speakers. "Warning! Stadium detonation has been set for ten minutes! Warning! Stadium detonation has been set for ten minutes!"

The heroes heard the quick warning and naturally panicked. This wasn't the parting gift they had anticipated.

(Cue Final Fantasy VII OST – Opening – Bombing Mission)

Lillymon and her colleagues were panicking out of fear over this startling revelation.

"WHA- WHA- WHAT! Stadium detonation?!" Lillymon screamed. "OH NO! YOU GUYS! EVERYONE! GET OUT NOW!"

"Yes! Everyone take the escape route through the hole created by Gallantmon and Imperialdramon! Hurry!" Floramon warned everyone in the stadium. "Hurry! That goes for everyone in the top sections! Move!"

Then, as soon as she said that, Tapirmon grabbed Floramon by her arm and fled out with audience members jumping out to escape. Labramon was seen jumping and screaming out.

"WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!" Labramon panicked, jumping around frantically.

"Yeah! I'm out of this joint!" Socramon yelled out as he sprinted his way through and went past Labramon.

"Oh no! We have to get out of here, you guys!" Susanoomon beckoned everyone. "I can carry most of you along!"

"Same here. Anybody looking for a lift? You've come to the right Digimon," Imperialdramon crouched over and placed his hands down. "All board for anyone who wants a ride!"

"AH! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!"Neemon screamed until Bokomon bopped him on the head.

"Pipe down, nincompoop!" Bokomon berated his colleague. "We're all going to be just fine with Susanoomon hitching us a ride out of here!"

"You heard them, guys!" Izumi called out to her fellow Legendary Warriors. "Let's hitch a ride with Susanoomon!"

"Right! Come on everyone!" Junpei ran down with Tomoki and Kouichi following his lead.

"I'll stick here with the Tamers, guys. I need to see my brother and sister make it out safely," Jaarin told Vega, Sam and Dimitro.

"All right, but you get out here quickly, too. You hear?" Dimitro nodded and led his friends out.

"Mercury! I'll see you on the other side!" Vega waved out to the blue-haired Senshi.

Sailor Mercury called out to him. "I'll be there, Vega!"

"All right, guys! We don't have much time left! We'll hitch a ride with Imperialdramon!" Takato instructed the Tamers. "Our Digimon should be fine by running through the entrance Gallantmon and Imperialdramon made when they blew up the sides of the arena."

"Right!" Rika said. "Sakuyamon, you help carry YoukaiInumon out of here."

"Yes, and Inumon... I suspect you won't try anything funny?" Sakuyamon glared at YoukaiInumon.

"I cross my heart," YoukaiInumon waved his hands out and slightly begged off.

"Hell! I'm outta here!" Beelzebumon exclaimed as he took to the air.

As Jeri picked up Calumon, Felinismon scooped the girl into her arms.

"Everyone, let's make this hasty!" Kyodaidramon called to those who were still in the arena. "Dra-Warriors, lets lead these Digimon out to safety!"

"You got it!" the other Dra-Warriors shouted out in unison.

"While I'd love to stay and chat, but I wanna get outta here in one piece!" Joey panicked.

"Everyone, we will go hop aboard on Imperialdramon then," Yami Yugi addressed his friends, including the Kaibas. "Kaiba, Mokuba, come on!"

"Whatever, I just want to get out of this dump," Kaiba scoffed as he joined Yugi's group. "Let's go Mokuba!"

"Right behind you, big brother!"

"Yusuke!" Keiko called out with Puu in her arms.

The Spirit Detective team immediately spun around as Keiko, Botan, and Koenma approached them. Keiko threw herself onto Yusuke and happily cried for him.

"Oh, Yusuke! Now, we can finally get out of this place!" Keiko cried on him.

"Yes, but we have to get out of here if we want to see the next sunrise," Koenma reminded everyone.

"Five minutes until stadium detonation!"

"Let's get our asses into gear, guys!" Yusuke called out to his team. "Hey, that goes for you too, Sailor Senshi!"

"You heard him, girls! Let's get out butts in gear!" Sailor Venus exclaimed.

"Let's move!" Sailor Jupiter warned the other Senshi. "Cammy! Mars! Did you guys hear me?"

Sailor Mars quickly nodded and took her sister's hand. "Ready to leave this place, Cammy-chan?"

"Yeah, let's go, sister!" Cammy responded while gripping Mars' hand.

As the Tamers and the Duelists hitched a ride with Imperialdramon FM, the other Legendary Warrior children, sans Jaarin, were carried out by Susanoomon. The Dra-Warriors were led out by Kyodaidramon and Espirtdramon. The only groups that have yet to leave were the Sailor Senshi and the Spirit Detectives.

The audiences from the stands fled out in a hurry until there was no soul left in the stands.

As the Detectives and the Senshi fled through the nearest exit, Sailor Mars and Cammy tagged along behind them.

Suddenly, Cammy flew over a rock and tripped. Sailor Mars instinctively rushed back to her sister.


"I'll be fine! Ouch, my leg!" Cammy looked down and grasped her wounded right knee.

"I'll make it better as soon as we get out of here," the raven-haired Senshi smiled. "But, we have to get out of here now!"

(End theme)

Just as they were about to leave, a pair of crimson eyes appeared from out of the head of Pharaohmon. Then a pair of tentacles came shooting out and snatched the Hino sisters.



(Cue The Mummy OST – My Favorite Plague)

Cammy screamed and tried reaching out to grab Mars' hand. The tentacles pulled them away from each other. Then, the tentacles tightened their grip on the Hino sisters. The sisters heard a sinister chuckling coming from the severed head.

Emerging from out of Pharaohmon's severed head was the most revolting sight the girls had ever seen.

The creature looked like a mutated brain, about the size of a monster truck. Its eyes gleamed a demonic purple and his mouth was lined with razor sharp teeth. It had eight pairs of tentacles protruding on each side of the body. The skin of the brain creature was sickly moldy brown with black patches of sickly skin embroidering its body. This was obviously the brain of Pharaohmon, the life force that sustains the demon lord's life. He tightened his grip on both Sailor Mars and Cammy, yelling out in a gurgly snake-like voice.

"You're kidding?! PHARAOHMON HAS A LIVING BRAIN?!" Sailor Mars screamed. "CAMMY! THE SWORD!"

Cammy looked down as she sighted the weapon laying on the ground. "No! I don't have it! Sis, the place is coming down!" She watched the fire around the arena was getting bigger and the smoke getting thicker. She coughed.

Then, before long, Sailor Saturn returned as she flew down and sliced the tentacle holding Cammy first.

"Cammy!" Saturn shouted as she grabbed the younger Hino first. She quickly turned to Mars and readied her Glaive. "Mars!" However, before she could save the Miko Senshi, another tentacle batted Saturn down with Cammy.

"NO!" Mars cried out.

"SISTER!" Cammy called out to Mars. She rolled across and snatched her sword up. As she prepared to save Mars, Saturn pulled her aside. "Saturn?!"


Pharaohmon's brain reeled in Sailor Mars preparing to eat her whole.


"No, you won't!" Saturn defiant yelled as she charged forward.

"SISTER!" Cammy screamed, trying hard to invoke the blade's power. C'mon, Eri! I need your power again!

Sailor Mars closed her eyes, perishing Pharaohmon's taunts. Cammy, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I won't be able to live up to my promise. It was really good to finally meet you, sister. Sailor Senshi, you've been good to me. Sailor Moon, if only I had a scepter or a silver crystal like you. Everyone, I guess this is goodbye.

The Pharaohmon brain dragged her closer and widened its mouth.

(End theme)

The demon would finally have the last laugh after all. That is...


(Cue Mai-Hime OST – Mezame (0:48-4:30))

A sword slash ripped across and severed the tentacle that snared Sailor Mars. Saturn and Cammy both turned as they watched Hiei landing beside Sailor Mars, swiftly coming to the Miko's rescue. Opening her eyes, Mars looked up and to her shock saw Hiei holding his blood-soaked sword.

"Aren't you one of those Spirit Detectives?!" Sailor Saturn called out, pointing her Glaive to Hiei.

Even the Pharaohmon brain was shocked by this turn of events.

Sailor Mars looked directly up at Hiei and gasped. Hiei? Why did he come here and save me?!


"Who said I came here to save this girl and her friends?" Hiei scoffed. "I'm not some prince charming here to save the damsel in distress."

"Some attitude you have there, buddy," Mars quipped. "Not like I asked for your help either."

"Mars, I'll take Cammy out of here!" Saturn called out, pulling Cammy aside as they bolted out toward the exit. "C'mon, Cammy!"

"SIS!" Cammy cried out.

As Sailor Mars watched the two leave, Hiei turned his sword and pointed it to Pharaohmon's brain.

"How about I consume you first?!"

Just as the brain launched out its tentacles at Hiei, Sailor Mars interceded and produced fire arrow that she used to vaporize the tentacle.

Now Hiei was surprised by Mars's course of action.

"I could have taken him, woman!" Hiei growled.

"Consider this my way of saying thanks," Sailor Mars flicked her hair back and scoffed. She then set her sights on the demonic brain. "Pharaohmon! I'm through with this bullshit! I intend to finish you as you are now! For all the crap you've put me, my friends, and my sister through!"


Once Pharaohmon launched more tentacles out, Hiei and Mars proceeded to dismember and incinerate the tendrils.

Mars pointed a purified flame arrow directly for the demon brain's forehead.


"Prepare to be chastised, Pharaohmon!" The Miko Senshi declared. "PERISH FOR GOOD!" She released and shot the arrow. "Mars Flame Sniper!"

The fire arrow shot forward and punctured through the demonic brain. Pharaohmon screeched out in pain as the purified flames washed over him completely. Parts of his body started to explode and blew apart into pieces. Hiei quickly picked Sailor Mars and quickly bolted toward the exit.

"Thanks," Sailor Mars whispered.

"Don't take this the wrong way. I'm only doing this because that Priestess girl, your sister, reminds me of someone I know," the fire apparition replied.

"Oh... really?" Mars blinked twice. She then smiled. "I see." Thank god it's over.

Suddenly, a pair of long tentacles shot out of the flames and grabbed her by her right foot. Sailor Mars screamed out as she felt herself being tugged. Hiei stopped and turned to watch Pharaohmon's demonic brain attempting to lure in Sailor Mars desperately.

"No! Let go! LET ME GO!" Mars angrily demanded, struggling to break loose. "LET GO, YOU BASTARD!"


"Fifteen seconds until stadium detonation!"

No! There's no way we'll escape alive! Sailor Mars thought until an idea came to her mind. Wait! I've got it! Wasting no time, the Miko Senshi produced a fire ball.

Hiei wondered what she had planned. There were only ten seconds left remaining. The demon brain tugged harder and was close to completely snaring Mars into him. Then, much to the brain's dismay, Sailor Mars readied her Flame Saber and quickly substituted it in exchange for an arrow. She pulled on a fiery bow string with her eyes filled with raw fury and determination.

The demon brain gasped out as he saw the eyes of the young woman subtly turn red instead of their normal purple. He sensed a great power emerging from the female and watched as his tentacle was incinerated by her flames.

"BURN IN HELL!" Mars shouted as flames roared and danced around her. Her eyes briefly turned red. "SUPER MARS FLAME SNIPER!"

Then, with one release of the bow string, the sword turned into a massive arrow and pierced the demon brain's forehead.

Once she had released her final assault, Hiei quickly bolted toward the exit whilst carrying Sailor Mars.

Pharaohmon's demonic brain screamed out for the last time before the effects of Mars' attack caused him to explode into pieces of brain matter and blood splattering across.

He let out his final screams of agony. "NO! AUGHHH!"

One second remained.

The splattered eyes of Pharaohmon's brain watched the whole stadium explode in a bright flash of light.



The entire Phoenix Arena exploded. Everyone within the arena had managed to escape, including the arena staff, nurses, and the audiences. All of the heroes watched as the stadium was now nothing more than a giant pile of debris and a smoking crater lying at the center. The only one caught in the explosion was Pharaohmon and his demonic brain.

(End theme)

The Senshi worried for Sailor Mars as Cammy lowered her head in sadness. However, the mood quickly changed as Hiei appeared with Sailor Mars. He set the Miko Senshi down.

"MARS!" The Senshi called out as they gathered around her.

"SIS!" Cammy happily cried out as she embraced her older sister. "You had me scared!"

Mars smiled and hugged Cammy lovingly. "I had to make sure Pharaohmon was truly dead."

"Did you finish him?" Sailor Uranus asked.

"Sure did. I gave him the final blow and watched his brain perish before my own eyes." Mars explained. She then pivoted toward Hiei's direction and nodded.
"And you definitely helped me out, Hiei. Thanks."

Hiei said nothing and walked off to reconvene with the Spirit Detectives.

"Well, gee, someone call him Mr. Sunshine," Sailor Venus scoffed. "I mean really... what's with Hiei? How about a 'you're welcome'?"

"Venus! Enough!" Artemis scolded the blonde-haired Senshi.

"I know he means well," Sailor Mars said, eyeing Hiei closely. "After all, he did go out of his way to save me."

"This certainly seals another saga in our storied lives as Sailor Senshi, girls. Wait until we tell Usagi-chan about everything," Sailor Mercury addressed.

Sailor Saturn nodded. "It sure does, Mercury."

"I'm just glad this is all over," Sailor Jupiter sighed a relief. "Now we can all relax."

"Back to normal lives, right, Neptune?" Sailor Uranus smiled to Sailor Neptune.


"Sister, I'm so glad this is all over," Cammy embraced Sailor Mars.

"So am I, Cammy-chan. So am I..." Mars said. "And thanks again, Spirit Detectives."

Back at the Spirit Detective camp, they were relieved to have finally survived the final showdown with Pharaohmon. What surprised the group was the fact that Hiei rescued Sailor Mars, a human, which the demon detests on a daily basis.

"Wow, I never thought you had that in you, Hiei!" Yusuke teased the fire apparition.

"What drove you to rescue Sailor Mars? Besides the fact our groups have recently forged an alliance?" Kurama curiously inquired.

"No concern for any of you. It's simply because that little girl with her reminded me of somebody I know."

Ah, you mean Yukina, don't you? The red-haired fox half slyly thought.

"Who did that little girl remind you of, Hiei?" Kuwabara asked with curiosity.

"None of your concern."

"C'mon, you can tell me!"

"I am so glad that is all over with," Mizuno smiled as she watched the smoke cloud collecting from the fallen debris of the destroyed stadium.

"Whew and it's back to paper work I go," Koenma sighed, feeling unmotivated to go back to Spirit World.

"Don't worry, Koenma. At least we won't have to worry about another case for a while," Botan smiled to the ruler.

"For you sake, don't jinx me, Botan."

"Hey, Yusuke," Keiko approached him. "Ready to get back home?"

"Yeah, but I don't even know how to get out of this place first of all..."

"Oh don't worry about that you guys. The Sovereigns will make sure of that," Mizuno reassured the Spirit Detective group.

"Oh, well that's good news, Mizuno," Kuwabara sighed a relief. "But, who are these Sovereigns?"

"They are the four Digimon guardians who watch over the Digital World."

Yusuke stared off into the distance and watched the fallen ruins of the Phoenix Arena with a smile. This case was finally solved and the threat of Pharaohmon had at last come to an end. The Spirit Detective can now return home knowing that he survived against another powerful villain but is unaware of what the future holds in store for him.

The Duelists, the Tamers, and the Digi-Destined children viewed the ruined stadium. Their greatest enemy was finally put to rest. For Inumon, Anubimon was avenged. Himura and Yui were grateful to see the demon finally get what he deserved after all the torment he put them through. Takato was ecstatic to witness Guilmon's new Shining Mode thanks to Cammy's assistance.

"I'm so proud of you, children," Omegamon spoke up. "The Digital World is now saved. The threat of that vile creature has now been officially sealed. There is no coming back for him."

"And my Amazon sisters have been avenged," Athenamon nodded. "Omegamon. There's something I've been meaning to you just now."

"What is it?"


"Just go ahead and tell me."

"... I have decided that our marriage will take place tonight at the Sphinxmon Hotel! Everyone who has participated in the tournament and their friends are invited to join as guests!"

"WHAT?!" Omegamon exclaimed. "Tonight...?! Isn't this a little too sudden?"

"Not at all. We should get it over and done with. I'm not the patient type," Athenamon crossed her arms. "Well?"

Kazu snickered. "Oh, boy, poor you, Omegamon."

"Gee, I wonder why Omegamon doesn't look happy." Calumon tilted his head in confusion.

"Looks like you'll have to go through with this," Joey teased the Royal Knight.


"Come now! Don't be shy, Omegamon!" Athenamon grasped Omegamon's right arm. "It will be wonderful and I'm sure the hotel staff will provide us with a delightful ceremony!"

"This is going to be one wonderful wedding if you ask me," Jeri smiled. "Right, Himura?"

"Um... I'm sure it will be. After all, we are all invited guests, right?"

As everyone gathered around to discuss the matter on the wedding, Yami Yugi approached Takato, Guilmon, and Takuya. The leaders of the respective groups took one final glimpse of the ruined stadium. Watching from one corner was Bakura, who was still holding Lance.

Enjoy this victory while it lasts, Pharaoh! Lance may have failed to gain your puzzle, but it will be I that will succeed in taking your ultimate power. Mark my words. The evil spirit within Bakura planned for their next scheme.

"Yugi. Thanks for everything," Takato turned around and faced the King of Games. "We wouldn't have escaped with you planning ahead."

"No, we pulled through this together. It was all of us united and defeating Pharaohmon. Our team work was what conquered Pharaohmon. Takuya, you and Kouji really pulled through. Thanks to the spirit detonation that Yusuke had planted within Pharaohmon, the demon was weakened."

Takuya replied. "Hey, I was just relieved we managed to survive thanks to your puzzle's magic."

"Yeah and that gave me enough time to recover," Guilmon smiled warmly. "Takato, you couldn't imagine how comfortable and safe it was to bio-merge with the Priestess. We guided each other and knew what we had to do. We both shared the disgust for that monster and let him have it!"

"I've noticed you seem to have taken a liking for that little girl, Guilmon," Takato knelt beside his Digimon partner and pat his head.

"She's a sweet little girl, Takato. I could feel her heart and her love for her friends. We both wanted to make sure everyone of you were safe. It did feel great as Gallantmon Shining Mode!"

"I'm sure it was something even I couldn't comprehend. Nonetheless, thank you and the Priestess for coming through for us. We all now move on with our lives and press onward on what the future lies in store for us," Yami Yugi stated promptly. "Where would it lead us? There's no telling for sure, but allow us to partake in a celebration in this grand victory. Come, we've all been invited to the wedding of Omegamon and Athenamon."

"WHAT?! YOU'RE KIDDING?!" Takuya and Takato exclaimed in unison.

At long last, after a two-day trial, the Shadow Tournament has officially come to a close.



Omegamon: The final chapter is finally here! After such a long wait, the Wrath of Pharaohmon Redux has come to an end.

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Fall-Out From the Shadow Tournament! The Impending New Era Approaches!

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