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Once the Shadow Tournament concluded, the Ishtars, Lyn, Max, and Sam were more than relieved a disaster was ultimately prevented. Lyn and her brothers stepped out to get fresh air. Ishizu walked out to join them.

"That was awesome, wasn't it, Max?!" Sam shouted enthusiastically.

Max nodded. "It sure was! That whole tournament was breath taking! I was getting really worried there, but man! Shining Mode and Susanoomon are total awesomeness!"

"Which one you like better, Max?"

"Um, that's hard to choose."

"Yeah, same here. Susanoomon's big and strong, but Shining Mode was a total game changer! But, hey, you know what? Yugi totally ruled that duel tournament!"

Max nodded. "Yeah, but I was kinda worried that Lance guy would get him."

"You kidding? I was totally pulling for Yugi. He beat Kaiba twice for goodness sake!"

Lyn sat down listening to her brothers exchange words about the tournament's outcome. She rolled her eyes hearing them argue who the better overall duelist was between Yugi and Kaiba.

"They're certainly taking all that well, Lyn," Ishizu said, sitting next to the blue-haired girl. "How about you?"

"Sure. I mean, the world's been saved again. Only not just Yugi and those friends of his. It took those kids with their Digimon and the Sailor Senshi. I mean, wow, what an all-star team-up right there," Lyn said, folding her arms over her knees. She turned over to Ishizu smiling. "On top of that, that group associated with that Yusuke Urameshi guy. I knew Tokyo would be a home of incredible heroes, but this just further proves it. And you know... I was just thinking..."

"About what, Lyn?"

"About where my brothers and I want to go next."


San Francisco/Apartment

Relieved with the outcome, Usagi felt like she had big weight lifted off her shoulders. She was proud to see her Senshi succeed without her; needless to say, she was prouder the others achieved their Eternal powers.

Luna hopped on the couch and cuddled next to Usagi.

"That was a close one, but I knew they'd pull through. They did well without us," Luna said, grinning proudly. "I told you they'd handle the situation with the amount of resources they have."

Nodding, Usagi smiled and turned the TV off. "You've totally convinced me, Luna. Just seeing them out there getting the job done, I can't complain."

"Now they've all had their Eternal powers unlocked," Mamoru interjected as he entered the room. He leaned over and handed her a glass of juice. "It's safe to assume they're all on equal footing with you, Usako."

Taking the juice, the girl genuinely smiled and nodded. "What can I say? They were awesome out there on the TV! But, most of all, looks like we got new allies! I'm really happy about that! Oh, I really want to get back home and meet our new friends!"

"I second that. And together they stopped Pharaohmon. Two worlds have been spared," he said, sitting next to his lover. He and Usagi tapped their glasses together. "Here's to our friends and new allies."

"Yeah!" Usagi cried out. "And here's to us meeting our new allies soon!"

The couple drank their glasses down, celebrating the heroes' big victory.

Luna sighed happily. Artemis, we did well training our Senshi. They've more than grown beyond ours and Queen Serenity's expectations. Now, they've managed to amass other groups of heroes to our side What's more they worked together and defeated Pharaohmon! But, the sister of Rei... she was certainly the catalyst that helped turn the tide on that monster. She is one of the new allies we certainly need to keep tabs with. Her Digital Priestess powers are incredible.

"Luna, what are you thinking?" Usagi curiously asked, playfully poking on Luna's back.

"That Rei's sister, Cammy, must be convinced to stay with her sister. She's someone we'll certainly need should another enemy like Pharaohmon ever appears."

"You're right, but from what I learned from Ami that might be hard considering who their father is," Mamoru said.

Usagi sighed. "Sisters like those two shouldn't be kept separated. After seeing those two embrace, I felt their bond." She reflected to seeing the Hino sisters hugging after Gallantmon Shining Mode had beheaded Pharaohmon. "Their bond reminded me so much of me and Chibi-Usa. It's so cruel to keep loving sisters apart."

"This is something only the Hinos can work out. We can only do so much, but let's hope thing turn out for the best," Luna advised. "But, I am certainly pulling for Cammy to remain with her older sister."

Usagi giggled. "Hard to believe our Rei has a younger sibling, but surprise, surprise. Right, Mamo-chan?"

"Yeah," Mamoru said, folding his arms over Usagi and kissing her lips.

"I can't wait for the full report Ami will give us when she returns," Luna said. "Once we return home, it's going to be one heck of a reunion."

"And I can't for it," Usagi said after kissing Mamoru. She briefly glanced over to a picture frame of herself and the Inners during their graduation day. "I love reunions. We'll be together again soon, girls."


Nexus Dimensions

"Sedna," the lady in white beckoned the Sailor-garbed girl, who was finished reading a book.

Sailor Sedna floated over to the lady in white's summit. She bent and bowed to her. "Yes? I'm here, milady."

"Now that the threat of Pharaohmon is over, I will be sending you to that dimension."

Surprised, Sedna raised her head as her heart raced. 'Is it really time now?' crossed her mind quickly.

"Since Sailor Pluto is currently occupied and can't finish your training for now, for the time being I will be sending you to him."

Sedna gasped. "You mean?"

The lady in white smiled vaguely but gently. "Yes, he will see to it your presence is kept in the dark until Pluto is ready to take you back in to complete your training. He's asked for some assistance dealing with some dimensional fabric tears between his realm and the Digital World. He'd like a helping hand. This should keep you busy."

Sedna was taken aback, but pleased. "I see. Then, I'm still taking baby steps before I can enter this dimension's Earth, right?"

"You're catching on, Sedna. You're not only wise beyond your years, but are understanding the concept of dimension travel and the importance of maintaining balance in said dimensions."

"Well, yes, we can't allow dimensions to fall apart. That's job as a dimension traveler. But, this dimension... I'm suddenly growing fondness for."

The lady in white opened the portal to the dimension. "It's time. Ready to go, Sedna?"

"Yes, milady," Sedna complied as she stood up picking up her trident. A gentle smile formed on her soft features. "Dimension YYGDM-01, here I come."


Chapter 36

Fall-Out From the Shadow Tournament! The Impending New Era Approaches!


Digital World/Sphinxmon Hotel/8:30 PM

Takato sat on a chair in a private hotel quarters with Takuya, Yugi, Himura, and Omegamon.

The Royal Knight looked himself directly into the mirror and sighed.

"It'll be ok, Omegamon. Just take a deep breath," Takuya patted Omegamon on his back. "It'll be over before you know it."

"Yes, this is your wedding, Omegamon," Yugi helped fix the bow tie around the Royal Knight's neck.

"Just don't get too nervous. This is yours and Athenamon's night. This is our celebration over beating Pharaohmon. Let's make the best of it we can!" Takato stated with a smile. "Ok, you ready, big guy?"

"I think so, Takato," Omegamon sighed. "But, this will be my last night of freedom. Once I'm married to Lady Athenamon, I am obligated to remain at the Amazon Kingdom. I can't leave without notification. If I break her heart, the Amazons will surely have me executed."

"Don't worry. I know you'll make Athenamon the happiest she's ever been," Himura reassured the slightly nervous Royal Knight.

"Now, we must be going off. Everyone's waiting," Yugi opened the door.

Nodding, Omegamon walked down towards the door with the four boys accompanying him. The wedding festivities were complete and all the guests were seated in a lobby. Amongst these guests were the Tamers, the Legendary Warriors, the Sailor Senshi, the Spirit Detectives, and the Duelists. However, Rika, Izumi, Jeri, and Jaarin were notably absent from the crowd.

"Wow, this is going to be so cool!" Kazu snickered. "Who knew Omegamon would have to get married to that foxy Athenamon?"

"Poor guy, he learned that once defeating an Amazon would lead to him getting married to the one he had beaten," Kenta nodded his head. "Man, poor Omegamon's gotta be taking this hard."

"I'm sure he'll do just fine," Renamon stated. "This is their night and we must respect that."

Inumon scoffed. "Yep, man Omegamon is so lucky!" He quickly had a devious thought. "You know Renamon..."

"Don't even think about it, mutt," Renamon cut him off before he can finish.

"But I didn't even get a chance to say what I wanted to say..."

"Yes and I know what you were going to imply. The answer is no."

DarkGabumon nudged Inumon on the arm and whispered in his ear. "Nice try there, mutt."

"Isn't this is great, Junpei? I've been to a wedding before," Tomoki said.

Junpei rubbed his growling stomach. "I just hope the cake is good. I haven't had anything good to eat since the tournament."

"Be lucky we even made it out of there in one piece, Junpei," Kouichi reminded him.

"No joke, Kouichi," Kouji replied. "Anyway, what's taking those guys so long? h

"Who knows but I'm getting anxious as it is," Vega stated.

"You just wish it was you and Ami up there, Vega," Dimitro snickered to himself.

"What...? Nah, we're not even close to committing to that yet."

"Sure, you are, Vega. You have that idea written all over your face," Sam teased him.

"Ah shut it, Sam."

Upon hearing the boys' conversation, Sailor Mercury couldn't help but giggle. The crush Vega had on her was unmistakably adorable to her.

"You know this would be the perfect time to sit next to him, Mercury," Sailor Venus winked. "C'mon now. I can tell you really like him more than just a friend."

"Oh, don't be silly, Venus. It's nothing like that at all," Mercury slightly blushed. "You have it all wrong."

"We can already tell, Mercury," Sailor Jupiter spoke up. "You like Vega. Don't be afraid to sit and talk with him. He likes being around you."

"I know. It's just that I don't have time to start any relationships right now."

"Excuses, Mercury," Sailor Mars remarked. "Besides, he's a good-looking guy. It's time to find that right guy for you."

"Yep, my love senses are tingling!" Venus said, rubbing her temples. "And I sense Vega's the guy for your future."


"Girls, the ceremony is set to begin," Sailor Pluto whispered, getting them to pipe down.

"This is going to be wonderful," Sailor Saturn smiled and waited in anticipation.

"Isn't this just beautiful, Uranus?" Sailor Neptune leaned her head against Uranus' left shoulder.

"Yes it is. Very beautiful."

"Ah, here comes Omegamon now!" Cammy pointed out towards the hallway.

As the ceremony music started, everyone turned around to watch Omegamon walking down the aisle first. Accompanying him were his groomsmen Takuya, Takato, Himura, and Yugi. The boys walked by side by side next to Omegamon. As best man, Takuya carried with him a ring box. Guilmon stood up on top of his chair and waved to his Tamer.

"Takato!" Guilmon called out. "Looking great up there!"

"You know Yugi looks so adorable wearing a tuxedo," Tea smiled, blushing. "What do y'all think?"

"Well, I'm the wrong guy to ask, Tea," Joey replied. "It's be awkward to call my friend adorable. Plus, I'd rock that suit better anyways. Right, Mai?"

Mai chuckled. "Well, Yugi does look cute. If that were you... I'd say you'd look much sharper than you are right now, Joseph."

"Thanks for your honesty, Mai."

"Hey, Seto, do you plan on ever getting married?" Mokuba asked his older brother. "It'd be nice if I had a sister-in-law."

"I'm afraid not, Mokuba. With my line of work, there's no time for me to commit to any marriage," the elder Kaiba adamantly replied.

"By the way, I can't help but notice that you're awake, Lance," Bakura nudged the teen's side. "Are you feeling any better?"

"I am now," Lance nodded. "I just feel horrible after everything you've told me. Please forgive me."

"Hey, you already said you're sorry, Lance," Tristan calmed him. "There was nothing you could've done to overcome Pharaohmon's spell. He controlled and used you for his own evil bidding."

"That's right and Yugi saved you by casting Pharaohmon's evil out of you," Bakura stated. "Now, you don't have anything to worry about that monster anymore. The nightmare is finally over."

"Thank god. I'm so glad," Lance sighed. "I'm even happy to know that every one of you were willing to forgive me for everything I ever did."

"I'll admit you have some mad dueling skills," Duke said. "I can tell you're no amateur at the game."

"Of course not, I've been playing Duel Monsters for quite a while."

Joey snickered. "Well, I'm even happier to get to know a duelist who managed to beat Kaiba."

"I heard that, Wheeler," Seto grumbled hearing Joey run his mouth. "If I remember correctly, you choked against Lance. And I at least gave a much better performance against him than you did."

"Well, just be glad Yugi didn't have to whoop you again!" Joey growled, getting up from his chair. He was immediately restrained by Tristan and Duke.

Tea angrily barked. "Not now, Joey! We're in a holy ceremony!"

Mai rolled her eyes. "Sheesh, pipe down. The bride is about to come out, Joey."

"Oh yeah.? Sorry, guys..." Joey sat down in his seat and sighed. "I just went and embarrassed myself again."

"Don't feel bad, Joey," Lance chuckled. "You have yourself some great and wonderful friends."

"Yeah, you're right, Lance. You're an ok guy after all."

"Thanks, I suppose."

(Cue Lohengrin's - Bridal Chorus)

Finally, once Omegamon and his groomsmen amassed near the altar, the bride and her bride maidens were preparing to come out. Once Athenamon stepped out, she came out wearing a beautiful white strapless wedding dress. She wore a small veil over her head and held beautiful multicolored flowers in her hand. Accompanying her were her bridesmaids Rika, Izumi, Jaarin, and Jeri. As Maid of Honor, Rika held a box similar to the one Takuya had.

Omegamon looked on nervously and eyed the beautiful presence of Athenamon. No longer was she garbed in her traditional Amazonian battle gear but a white gorgeous wedding down.

Every female in the audience marveled at the beautiful wedding gown Athenamon was wearing. Mermaimon, D'Arcmon, and Jaguarmon were impressed with the dress they had picked out on such short notice.

"Isn't she just gorgeous?" Sailor Venus was awestruck by Athenamon's dress. "I just wish my wedding gown is that pretty."

"Me, too," Mars and Jupiter sighed happily in unison.

"How cute," Sailor Neptune giggled. "They still are looking for their beloved ones. A girl's dream is filled with many beautiful possibilities."

Even Keiko and Botan were in awe by the Amazon Queen's wedding dress. Their faces softened with a slight blush covering their cheeks.

"Now that's a dress I'd want for my wedding," Keiko stated as she held Puu in her arms.

"Mine, too, if I were a living human," Botan concurred.

"I always keep hearing how my sister claims she never wants to get married, but she will. I know she'll find herself the right man," Kuwabara stated.

"Marriage? Just what's so special about such a frivolous ceremony?" Hiei scoffed. "I have no plans for such drivel."

Mizuno gently elbowed him. "Oh, Hiei, you say that now but you just never know."


"So, Yusuke, ever had thoughts about marriage?" Kurama asked the detective.

"Me...? Nah, way too early for me. I still haven't even enjoyed my full youth and I still got demon busting to do!" Yusuke said. "What about you?"

"Well, I'd want to finish school first."

"You know I should be getting a reward for what I pulled off at the tournament," Yusuke stated.

"Oh, you don't have to worry any longer, Yusuke," Koenma said to his lead Spirit Detective. "Once this wedding ceremony is over with, you guys will get your rewards."

Kuwabara asked curiously ".Who told you this, Koenma?"

"I was told by Omegamon and Athenamon themselves. They've already made some special rewards for all of us who helped take down Pharaohmon."

"That's wonderful to hear," Kurama nodded in reply. "Isn't it, Yusuke?"

"You bet your ass it is! Maybe they'll give me like a medal or something. I don't know, but I deserve a vacation after this!"

"Hi there, Yusuke," Yui's voice interjected.

The Spirit Detective looked ahead to find Yui waving out directly towards him with DarkGabumon by her side. Yusuke was surprised to see her again but didn't hesitate to wave back to Yui.

"Hey, Yusuke? Who is that?" Keiko asked the teen.

"Just a little girl I met while I was walking down the hallways in the arena. Her name is Yui and I just talked to her about staying strong for her sick brother."

"Oh really?" Keiko looked over towards Yui and waved to her. "She seems so sweet."

"So, that's Yui, Urameshi?" Kuwabara asked. "She sure is a little runt."

"Duh," Yusuke scoffed. "She's... what, eight or nine?"

"Oh, well, I thought she'd be a little older. You know like our age, Urameshi."

"Case in point, she isn't," Kurama replied. "I can already tell she'd affiliated with the Tamers."

"How can you be sure of that?" Mizuno asked the half breed.

"She carries the same device as the children with the Digimon. Also, her partner is that DarkGabumon."

"I see. Yes, I do see the device known as the D-Ark hanging by her side," Mizuno quickly noted.

Koenma hushed the group down. "Quiet everyone. The ceremony is set to begin."

(End theme)

As everyone in the room fell in silence, the wedding was underway. Athenamon and Omegamon stood side by side with their eyes turned directly to Sphinxmon, the hotel owner who now stood behind an altar.

"We are all gathered here today to witness the wedding ceremony of two Royal Knights of the Digital World, Royal Knight Omegamon and the Amazon Queen Athenamon, take place. If there's anyone with a reason for these two to not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace."

Athenamon glared directly at the crowd and searched for any objectors. Much to her relief, there weren't any. The ceremony would press forward. She calmly placed her hand around Omegamon's. A warm, affectionate smile crossed her delicate face. For an Amazon Queen, she has the most gorgeous face any female Digimon can ever hope to possess. The sapphire eyes really brought the rare exotic beauty out of her. Omegamon just couldn't hope to turn this down. He was marrying the same teenage brat whom he had saved many moons ago. Now that teenage brat had grown up to become a delicate albeit strong and gorgeous young woman.

"I suggest we make this short and sweet if you don't mind," Athenamon whispered to Sphinxmon. "There are still the awards to give out."

"Yes, Lady Athenamon," Sphinxmon nodded and cleared his throat. "Sir Omegamon, do you take Lady Athenamon whom you now hold by the hand to be your lawful wedded wife? Do you promise to love and cherish her in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better for worse, and forsaking all other, keep yourself only unto her, for so long as you both live?"

"...I... I..." Omegamon hesitated before he gave in. "I do."

"And do you, Lady Athenamon, take Sir Omegamon whom you now hold by the hand to be your lawful wedded husband? Do you promise to love and cherish him in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better for worse, and forsaking all other, keep yourself only unto him, for so long as you both live?"

"I do," Athenamon stated confidently.

"All right now. Do you mutually promise in the presence of our friends, guests and conquerors of Pharaohmon that you will at all times conduct yourselves to one another to become husband and wife?"

"We do," the couple said in unison.

Upon hearing this, the majority of the females in the audience were choking up with tears. Even Athenamon's Amazon sisters were starting to tear up in happiness for their beloved Queen. Sailor Venus was visibly bursting happy tears with the other Senshi patting her back.

Artemis sighed and hopped over to comfort the the Senshi of Love and Beauty.

"This is so beautiful," Sailor Saturn wiped a tear from her eye.

"Indeed and they are going to give one another their vows," Sailor Pluto said.

"Omegamon, you go guy," Inumon whimpered happily.

"Herodramon, I've never cried at weddings before," Ninjadramon wiped a tear from his eye.

"That's because we haven't attended one," Herodramon replied. "But this is truly a momentous occasion. This not only celebrates the wedding to two Royal Knights but the destruction of Pharaohmon. This is sure to be one to remember."

Flamedramon agreed. "For the history books, I say."

"Now Omegamon, you may begin your vows," Sphinxmon nodded to the Royal Knight.

"Yes," Omegamon replied with and turned toward Athenamon. "Lady Athenamon, we may have had our differences in the past. I know how you've always wanted my head on your mantle and hated my guts. You even went as far as to challenge me in the Shadow Tournament, which I came out victorious over you. Now, according to the Amazon code, I must marry the very Amazon I've defeated in combat. With all of my heart, I take you to be my wife. I will love you through the good and the bad, through the joy and sorrow. I will try to be understanding, and to trust in you completely. I will make you a part of me and in turn, become a part of you. Together we will face all of life's experiences and share one another's dreams and goals. We will be equal partners in an open, honest relationship throughout the years."

Looking over to Takuya, he beckoned him to open the box. The goggle head opened the box to reveal a golden ring. Omegamon picked up the ring and held it over Athenamon's hands.

"With this ring, I pledge my love and commitment."

Sphinxmon addressed the Amazon Queen. "Awww, now Lady Athenamon, you may begin yours."

Athenamon smiled and looked directly up into Omegamon's heavenly blue eyes. A warm smile crossed her face as she touched the ring.

"Omegamon, yes, indeed we've had a very complicated past. It was you who rescued me from being added to Pharaohmon's body count. It was you who brought me back to my Amazon Kingdom. I hated you for it and vowed to kill you in combat. That opportunity finally presented itself at the Shadow Tournament. When I heard you would be at the event, I took matters to my own hands and signed us for a match. I had promised to defeat you to restore the good name to my Amazon sisters. I underestimated you and thus my own arrogance was my own undoing. You were right. I was still the arrogant child who hasn't learned a thing about respect. Since my defeat by your hand, there was the Amazon code of the defeated Amazon having to marry the man whom she was defeated by. I am a woman of my word and I pledge myself to be your wedded bride, Omegamon. I... I no longer can bring myself to hate you anymore. I just can't. You're a good Royal Knight with a noble heart. Now it is my intention to be your beloved, to respect and support you, to be patient with you, to work together with you to achieve those things that are important to us, to accept you unconditionally, and to share life with you throughout the years."

Looking over to Rika, she asked for the box to be opened. The redhead didn't hesitate and opened it. She handed Athenamon the ring.

"With this ring, I pledge my love and commitment," Athenamon smiled.

The couple slid the rings into each other's fourth fingers.

Sphinxmon sighed happily and continued to finish his pronouncement. "Then, by the power vested upon me by the Great Sovereigns, witnessed by friends and heroes, I have the honor to pronounce you, husband and wife!"

Sphinxmon walked in between the couple and placed their hands onto one another. Athenamon took off the small veil over her face and smiled.

"You may now kiss the bride!"

The two exchanged radiant glares and they finally sealed their engagement with one passionate kiss. No longer were they rivals but a newly wed couple. Sphinxmon closed his book and waved out to everyone in attendance. They all stood up in unison and clapped heavily for the newly wedded couple.

"MY QUEEN! WE'RE SO PROUD OF YOU!" Mermaimon screamed happily.

"Our queen!" Jaguarmon hopped around on top of D'Arcmon's head.

"Well, as far as I'm concerned, I'm glad Omegamon didn't screw this up, but, I can't help but feel happy for Athenamon. She truly is happy," D'Arcmon no longer hesitated to smile. "Perhaps this is what she has always wanted all along. Perhaps Lady Garudamon wanted you to find true happiness."

"You go, Omegamon!" Kazu whistled out to the Royal Knight. "Woo! You're a player, man!"

"Man, I've never had to cry at weddings!" Kenta wiped a tear. "Oh well, ok... maybe one or two before."

Jeri smiled as she asked Jaarin, who stood on her right. "That was beautiful, wasn't it, Jaarin?"

"It sure was," Jaarin nodded. "I have to wonder who I'll end up becoming eternal partners with."

"Likewise, Jaarin," Izumi sighed happily. "Those two just look so cute together!"

"Athenamon truly looks happy," Rika smiled as she watched the wedded couple walk down the steps to be greeted by the crowd. "I just can't see myself married, to be honest. It's just not my thing."

"What are you talking about, Rika?" Takato asked the redhead. "I'm sure there's someone you'll end up with for the rest of your life?"

"We'll see. Though, I seriously doubt it."

"Don't be too hard on yourself, Rika," Yugi smiled warmly. "You don't even have to be married to find the one you love."

"That's right," Takuya nodded in agreement.

"Maybe..." Rika whispered to herself. "Like they say, never say never."

"Wow that was truly a beautiful moment!" Botan clapped. "I've never had to cry this hard before."

"I hope my wedding turns out like that," Keiko blushed warmly.

"Well, boys, I hope you took notes on how to work your weddings," Koenma commented.

"No, don't ever associate that with me filth," Hiei scoffed and turned away.

"Unfortunately, marriage doesn't seem to be one of my future priorities," Kurama responded.

"Me marrying a woman of my dreams?" Yusuke wondered. "I don't know... It's a possibility."

"Marriage? Yeah, it could happen," Kuwabara nodded.

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I best be heading off," Mizuno approached the Spirit Detective team. "The digital oceans are calling me back and I have to return to perform my duties."

"Oh, are you leaving so soon?" Botan asked sounding sad.

"Just a moment, everyone," Athenamon called out as she returned to the altar with several boxes. "I wish to give rewards out to the heroes who banded together to bring down the treacherous Pharaohmon today. Digimon Tamers, Legendary Warriors, Duelists, Sailor Senshi, and Spirit Detectives, thank you all for helping to rid us of that terrible demon. He can no longer present a terror to the Digital World. We and the Digimon Sovereigns are in your debt. A long standing conflict has been resolved. But this wouldn't have happened without the aid of several key players. The medals in these boxes will be presented to the selected few I feel should wear them with great honor. So, please, allow me to start off with the three responsible for the formation of Gallantmon Shining Mode, the slayer of Pharaohmon. Takato Matsuda, Guilmon, and the Digital Priestess, please come up and receive your medals of honor."

The audiences clapped heavily for them and cheered. Takato raced up the stairs with Guilmon following him.

"Go on, Cammy," Sailor Mars encouraged her sisters. "This is your shining moment."

Nodding, Cammy got up from her seat and headed up the stairs. She was greeted by Guilmon once again. She patted the crimson reptile and waved to Takato. Athenamon presented the three with golden medals. They had the emblem of courage carved upon them. The trio had the medals placed around their necks and each received handshakes by the Amazon Queen.

"Had it not been for these three, Gallantmon would've not reached his new mode and slain Pharaohmon. They deserve the Medals of Courage! Please, give them your highest honor and respect with a standing applause!"

With that, the audience in attendance clapped and cheered in unison.

"Thank you, Lady Athenamon," Cammy kindly shook the Amazon Queen's hands.

"No, thank you, Digital Priestess," Athenamon replied kindly. "If it wasn't for you, Gallantmon couldn't have defeated Pharaohmon. You saved us all once again with your miraculous presence."

"You're welcome!" Cammy widened her smile. "It was an honor, Miss Athenamon."

"You did save us all back there, Cammy. Thanks a lot!" Takato walked up behind Cammy, patting her back.

"Yeah and you've given me a power I thought I'd never get," Guilmon said. "Thanks, Cammy. You've become a new friend of ours!"

"Yeah, me, too, Guilmon," Cammy hugged the innocent reptile.

"Well, isn't that just adorable?" Sailor Venus giggled. "Huh, Mars?"

"Yeah, as long as she's happy," Sailor Mars nodded. "f you hadn't come along, we would be in serious trouble. Sailor Moon would be so proud of your heroic efforts, Cammy-chan.

"She's so cool," Yui said, looking toward Cammy. "If only I had powers like her."

"Why don't you introduce yourself to her, Yui?" DarkGabumon suggested. "I'm sure she's a nice little girl."

"Yeah, maybe I'll do just that."

"Finally, I'd like to give another medal of honor to one unlikely hero. He utilized a weapon using his spirit energy as a bomb to exploded in Pharaohmon," Athenamon continued on with the ceremony. "With this lucky technique, he was successfully able to allow each one of us to deliver one powerful unified assault on the treacherous demon lord! Allow me to give this award to our unlikely hero, Yusuke Urameshi!"

Upon hearing this, Yusuke's mouth dropped. This announcement came right out of the blue and caught the Spirit Detective completely off guard.

Koenma nudged the boy's shoulder and cleared his throat. "Um, now would be a perfect time to accept that award, Yusuke! Go get it!"

"Yeah! That's your award, Urameshi! Just think of it like an academy award!" Kuwabara slapped Yusuke on his back.

"Receiving this from Athenamon is truly an honor," Mizuno nodded.

"Yes, so I'd hurry before you test her patience," Kurama lightly pushed Yusuke out of the crowd.

Yusuke was pushed near the steps. He walked up and bowed his head to the Amazon Queen. Athenamon placed the medal of honor around Yusuke's neck and saluted the unlikely hero. Upon receiving the medal, Yusuke turned towards the crowd and gave a thumb up. Everyone cheered him.

"All right, Urameshi!" Kuwabara clapped. "Though, I hope it's me getting a medal next time."

"Well, if you manage to pull off a lucky shot like Yusuke, you just might," Kurama chuckled.

"Me using a lucky shot? Hah!"

"Just look at that fool up there," Hiei chuckled. "He's so full of himself."

"I think I see his head inflating," Botan openly teased.

"Knowing Yusuke, I wouldn't be surprised if it grew," Keiko rolled her eyes.

"Wish it were me," Mizuno sighed. "Oh well. I'm not an attention whore."

"Damn, I look so good with this medal!" Yusuke walked down the steps while showing off his medal. "Not even Koenma pays me for the crap I've been put through."

Koenma narrowed his eyes and grumbled. "Ahem, I heard that, Yusuke."

"Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the rest of the evening with our banquet! Please enjoy yourselves, get comfortable, partake on food, and socialize with those around you!" Omegamon proclaimed. "This is a celebration for us all!"

Before anyone could do anything or utter a word, the front doors pushed open to reveal an ominous yet familiar figure. The guests all turned around to see a dog-like winged shadow casted near them. Himura and Inumon were the most shocked out of everyone. It was as if they had seen a ghost. In fact, this was a ghost directly fresh out of the Underworld and reformatted back to life!

The figure everyone was glancing towards was Anubimon.

"So, why wasn't I invited to the party?" Anubimon snorted, smiling.

"ANUBIMION!" Himura and Inumon shouted in unison.

"Lord Anubimon! You're alive!" Seadramon gasped out in shock.

"Looks like that or it's simply his ghost to come back to haunt us all!" Witchmon joked.

"That wasn't very funny, Witchmon," Renamon scoffed. "It is the real him, but how is this possible?"

Before Anubimon had a chance to explain himself, Himura and Inumon were hugging the supposedly dead Underworld ruler.

"You two will never change," Anubimon laughed. "Why throw a party and not invite me?"

"But, I don't understand. How can you be alive, Anubimon?" Omegamon approached the supposedly dead lord.

Athenamon nodded. "Yes, we all saw you die before our very own eyes!"

"Ah, so you two are wedded after all. That's great," Anubimon approached the newly wedded couple. "Omegamon, you take good care of Lady Athenamon and be faithful towards her."

"Of course, my friend."

"But, you need to tell us why you're even here. We saw your data scatter!" Takato exclaimed.

"Ah, but I was never absorbed," Anubimon carefully pointed out. "You see my data scattered and returned to the Underworld. So, how am I able to stand here completely intact? It's all thanks to Granasmon's spirit. He managed to recover my data and restore my body. However, I asked him not restore my body until Pharaohmon was defeated."

"So, you took a gamble on the condition we would defeat Pharaohmon?" Takuya inquired.

"Gee, and you must have been really pulling for us to win then!" Terriermon scoffed irritably.

"Indeed, I knew Pharaohmon wouldn't go too far," nodded the Underworld lord. "Once Granasmon assured me that he would give Gallantmon Shining Mode the strength needed to defeat Pharaohmon, I knew my body would be restored. It was inevitable I'd return."

"Ah, now I get it," Henry stated. "Well, Anubimon, we're glad you're back and alive."

"Indeed! Welcome back, Lord Anubimon!" Seadramon bowed to Anubimon.

"Himura," Anubimon addressed the Tamer.

"Yes, Anubimon?"

"Thank you."

"Oh, for what, Lord Anubimon?"

"For helping bring down Pharaohmon. It was your teamwork that ensured that he would fall," Anubimon replied. "I'm proud of you, Inumon, and everyone in this room. Now, what do you say we continue with the festivities, everyone? C'mon, let's party!"

With that, everyone was in complete agreement with the Underworld lord and cheered in unison. Music was being played and chairs were pushed away to make room for a dance floor. The lights were immediately turned out with a disco ball descending from the ceiling.

(Cue Bee Gees – Saturday Night Fever – Night Fever)

Everyone in the room scattered about to occupy several spots.

The first to step on the dance floor was of course the newlywed couple. The audience clapped for the couple as they started to dance to the heavy beat music. The next to appear on the dance floor were Yugi and Tea followed by Takuya and Izumi.

"Yeah! Go, Tea!" Tristan and Joey called out. "Bust a move, Yugi!"

"Show us some of those fancy break dances you were going to show us, Takuya!" Junpei exclaimed. "Hold on, maybe I should go up there and do it!"

Just then, Joey felt a hand placed on his right shoulder. He turned and saw Mai smiling to him. Before he had a chance to say anything, she winked to him and grabbed his hand.

"Mai? What do you think you're...?"

"Dancing with you, dork!" Mai laughed as she led Joey to the dance floor. "I hope you know how to dance."

"Hah! I'm the Master of every dance technique there is to know! I'm the man!" Joey faked a laugh.

Tristan called out. "Sure, you are Joey!"

Duke shouted. "Don't lose a step, Joey!"

"Oh, I'll show you about losing a step, punks!" Joey mumbled and quickly started dancing with Mai.

Mai laughed. "Wow, not to bad there, Joseph!"

"Thanks, Mai! At least someone appreciates my dancing!"

Across the room, Himura was working up the nerve to ask Jeri to dance.

"You know, Jeri," Himura started. "You look very beautiful in your bridesmaid dress."

"Thank you," Jeri replied. "And may I say you look very handsome in your tux?"

"Uh... Gee... Thanks... Umm..." Himura stammered, working up the courage to ask her out.

"You wanna dance?"

"Umm... sure!" Himura was shocked by her forwardness.

Meanwhile, Takato conversed with Kazu and Kenta about Anubimon's return when Rika walked up behind him. She started to drag him by the shoulder to the dance floor.

"Hey! What!" Takato exclaimed. "Rika?!"

"Let's go, goggle head," Rika stated flatly. "I'm not going to be the only girl here without a dance partner."

"But... but..." Takato stuttered.

"Better go with her, Chumley!" Kazu called out. "You wouldn't want to incite the wrath of our Amazon, would ya?"

Takato let out an exasperated sigh as he and Rika started to dance with the others on the dance floor.

(Theme fades in background)

While the dancing was in session, members from each hero group socialized and introduced themselves.

Yui spotted Cammy sitting on a chair next to the table where the Sailor Senshi gathered. Cammy was fiddling with her medal and was having a conversation with her sister.

Yui walked up to Cammy sitting down and cleared her throat. "Um, hi there."

Turning around, Cammy smiled directly at Yui and replied. "Hi there."

"Wow, you're the Digital Priestess? It really is an honor to meet you."

"Oh, you don't need to call me that. You can just call me Cammy. My name is Cammy Sakura Hino. What's yours?"

"Yui Tsubasa, it's nice to meet you," Yui reached out for Cammy's hand.

The raven-haired girl shook Yui's extended hand. They shared a giggle for a moment. Yui pulled herself a chair and sat next to Cammy.

"So, your brother is Himura, then?"

"Yep, and my Digimon partner is DarkGabumon. I take it you know the Sailor Senshi?"

"Oh, yeah! The Sailor Senshi are good friends with my sister," Cammy said while covering up the fact that Sailor Mars was, in fact, really her sister.

Yui gleamed. "Wow, that's so awesome! I'll bet she knows who they really are?"

"Actually, she doesn't. I don't even know who they really are either."

"I see, but still, you were traveling with the Sailor Senshi! They're legendary heroes back home and saved our world several times! I even saw one of them battling some monsters back on home."

"Wow, really?" Cammy asked. "They're very cool to hang around with. They've protected me and promised my sister I'd come home safely."

"Sure seems like they'll live up to that promise. How old are you, Cammy?"

"I'm eight years old. You?"

"I'm nine years old, but don't we look the same age?"

"Yeah we do," Cammy smiled while fiddling with her medal.

"Can I have a look at your medal?"

"Um, sure," Cammy replied, taking off her medal and handing over to Yui.

"It's so nice," Yui observed the medal. "Oh and is Sakura your mother's maiden name?"

"Yeah, some of my friends call me Sakura because they think it's a pretty name."

"I think it's a really pretty and cute name, Cammy," Yui handed the medal back to the young Hino girl.

Cammy slightly blushed and giggled. "Um, thanks."

"Making a new friend there, Cammy-chan?" Sailor Mars turned over to her sister.

"Yeah, I am, Sailor Mars," Cammy said while being careful not to let slip her sister's name. "This is Yui Tsubasa, the sister of that Himura guy."

"It's nice to meet you, Yui. You sure have a group of interesting friends," Mars smiled and shook Yui's hand.

"My Digimon partner is DarkGabumon and Inumon is my brother's Digimon. We're in a group called..."

"The Digimon Tamers...?" Sailor Mars asked. "We already know your group name. You kids really have caught our attention lately."

Yui shook her head. "It's an honor to finally meet the Sailor Senshi in person. Maybe I can have an autograph?" She winked as she placed a napkin. "Now to find a pen."

Cammy and Sailor Mars shared a sisterly giggle. The other Senshi noticed the love shared by the two sisters. It was very heart warming and touching to see the two together after having been separated without knowledge of one another. This whole mess with the Hino sisters' father will be resolved back home, but for now would enjoy the rest of the evening's festivities.

"They're so happy together," Sailor Mercury smiled warmly. "Don't you think?"

Sailor Pluto openly concurred. "I agree. I can't believe their father would keep them separate for so long." The Time Guardian then sighed sadly. "It's not good for Cammy and this is great for her to get to know her sister better."

"No kidding. Rei's so lucky. I wish I had a kid sister or brother," Sailor Jupiter said.

"Me, too!" Sailor Venus smiled and leaned back against the chair. "Ooo, I'm pretty thirsty."

Sailor Venus got up from her chair and walked towards the table where the drinks were being served. She whistled to herself and poured herself a cup of sake without anyone looking. A devious grin crossed her face and it looked apparent she would actually get away with this, too.

"Heh, score another for Sailor V!"

However, she felt a tug on her right ear and this caused Sailor Venus to squeak out. The Senshi of Love immediately turned around to find herself face to face with none other than a crossed Sailor Mars. Her stern glare startled Venus.

"But, all I wanted was one shot!"

"Yeah, and then what? Two more? Three more shots? I don't think so, Venus," the Fire Senshi scoffed while dragging Venus back to their table. "You're not going to cause another scene today like at that village!"

Sailor Venus sighed, hanging her head. "Yes, mother..."

"Oh, Venus, you'll never change," Sailor Jupiter chuckled.

"Just when things change, they stay the same," Sailor Mercury stated.

"Yeah, now if only Sailor Moon were here now," Sailor Saturn spoke up. "She and Mars would be livening things up more."

"That just comes to show how much they really care for one another," Sailor Pluto stated. "In fact, it proves that they are the closest of friends."

"Looking forward to getting back home, Uranus?" Sailor Neptune turned, asking her lover.

"Yes, and it's off to a relaxing, cozy bed where I can sleep for a whole day," Sailor Uranus sighed happily, thinking about her bed. "Sleep like there's no tomorrow."

"I'll make sure to join you," Sailor Neptune whispered while taking a sip from a wine glass.

"You and your sister are so lucky to be even close to the Sailor Senshi. It must be cool to talk to them!" Yui got up from her chair and pat Cammy on her back. "So, I was wondering if I can be your friend?"

Cammy blinked twice. "Really? You'd be friends with me?"

"Sure, why not? Besides, you're the Digital Priestess and a friend to the Sailor Senshi!" Yui reminded Cammy. "Even if you were nobody, I'd still ask you to be my friend!"

"Sure, Yui. I'd love to be your friend," Cammy smiled as she hugged Yui. "We'll be the best of friends."

"We sure will, Cammy-chan."

"Awww, isn't that so cute?" Sailor Venus gleefully giggled. "Now if only we have a camera with us. I'd take a picture of you two."

"It's wonderful to see Cammy-chan finding herself a new friend," Artemis replied. "Right, Sailor Mars?"

The Senshi of Fire nodded her head in reply and watched her sister socializing with Yui. This brought a smile to her face as she came to realize that Cammy was already making new friends. Oh, Cammy-chan, I'm so proud of you. You're already making new friends when I've always had trouble when I was your age. How an asshole like my father would keep us apart I'll never know.

The Huskymon sisters worked the DJ and played some classic 70's disco, including classics like Staying Alive, Disco Inferno, and a few others. Yugi & Tea, Takato & Rika, Takuya & Izumi, Himura & Jeri, and Joey & Mai danced to their heart's content.

(Cue Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973) OST – Main Title)

"Disco? Sure why not?" Takato grinned as he started busting some flashy disco moves.

Rika rolled her eyes, chuckling. "Oh boy. Don't embarrass yourself."

"C'mon, Rika! Dance!" Izumi cried out, leaning over and slapping the girl's butt causing to stumble forward and fall into Takato's arms.

Takato not only caught her but danced with her.

"Nice moves, Takato, but you can't out dance us!" Takuya declared.

"Is that a challenge?!" Takato called out, to which Rika whispered to his ear.

"Let's kick their butts, goggle head. This means war."

With that, Takato and Rika took on Takuya and Izumi's dance challenge.

As Vega approached the Senshi's table, he asked Mercury to dance. Before she could say anything more, Venus poked her side, startling the blue-haired girl.

"Whoa!" Mercury chirped as she instinctively jumped out of her seat. "Venus?"

"I take that as a yes?" Vega grinned, taking Mercury to the dance floor. "Can you dance?"

"Sure," Mercury replied, dancing along with Vega.

"GO, MERCURY!" Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Cammy cheered her on.

(Theme fades in background)

During the dance, Joey spun Mai around as the latter sighted Cammy sitting with Sailor Mars and the others.

Isn't that Cammy? She's here? Mai thought, eyeing the child. That's good. She's safe with the Sailors. I guess they'll take her to her sister. Well, good for you, kiddo. She turned around with Joey as they bumped right into Mercury and Vega.

"Whoa, hey, sorry about that!" Joey apologized.

Vega nodded. "No problem, man."

Mercury and Mai quickly recognized each other.

"Oh, hey, it's you!" They both called out.

"Mercury, right? Just wanted to say glad the Cammy girl is ok."

"Yes, we'll be taking her to her sister soon," the blue-haired Senshi replied.

"Any word on the father?"

"We've heard nothing back."

"I see. Well, hopefully that older sister of Cammy's can straighten something out. She seems like someone who can probably set her old man straight."

Mercury shrugged. "We'll see, but thanks for your concern."

Nodding, Mai winked. "Anytime. Here, give this to Cammy if she and her sister need someone to help their case." She handed Mercury her number. "After all, I'm pretty familiar with Dietman Hino and his wife." She quickly wrote down her number on a napkin and handed it to Mercury.

Taking the napkin, Mercury smiled. "Oh, thank you. I'll make sure she gets it."

"Come on, Mercury," Vega said, taking Mercury back to their dance. "You know her?"


Meanwhile, the Spirit Detective amassed near a door ready to see Mizuno leave. The siren Digimon stopped and turned around to give them a bow.

"My new friends, it was an honor to fight with you. I'm sorry this had to come at such an unfortunate time," Mizuno humbly apologized. "However, the oceans beckon to me. I must return there."

"It was truly an honor to meet you, Mizuno," Botan bowed to her. "Let's see each other soon again."

"Well, you guys all have my e-mail address. Just hit me up with an e-mail and I'll be sure to reply back. I'll be waiting just in case you guys need some help and I'll be there," Mizuno said as she turned over to the short dark-haired demon. "Hiei, I'm sure you won't forget me either, right?"

Hiei immediately looked up and faced Mizuno. They didn't take their eyes off one another and there was silence between the two. The fire apparition was obviously still very peeved with Mizuno giving him a kiss on his lips and forcing him to get into the hot tub. Mizuno obviously didn't mind humbling him playfully.

A smile adorned her face as she approached Hiei and leaned over to kiss him on his lips. Hiei was hesitant and slightly stepped back. However, Mizuno leaned forward and planted a quick kiss on his lips. The fire apparition's eyes widened in shock while everyone else was surprised. To think that Mizuno was still walking even after kissing Hiei not once but twice.

(Cue Yu Yu Hakusho Unreleased Track: EP1 S1 – Spirit Detective Saga)

However, Hiei saw something that caught his eye. He sighted a blue sea serpent dragon spirit materializing over Mizuno. He was finally convinced she was more than he had expected.

She was a creature of the ocean.

"Mizuno..." Hiei whispered.

"You don't have to say anything, Hiei," Mizuno whispered as she telepathed with him. Yes, that sea dragon is my true form. I am Sirendramon. We shall meet again, Hiei.

"Well, it was nice meeting you, Mizuno, but don't hesitate to call us. We'll call you when we need you!" Yusuke said.

"Yes, it'll be wonderful to hear from you again, Mizuno," Kurama stated. "It was a wise idea to give us your e-mail." He, too, briefly had noticed the brief image of Mizuno's true form. Interesting development. So, that's her true self.

"Don't worry about a thing, Mizuno. I'll be sure to hit you an e-mail when there's trouble," Koenma reminded the sea dragon girl. "Now if you'll excuse me guys, I'll be heading over to where Anubimon is."

With that, Koenma headed off to where Anubimon was now sitting with Himura, who took a break from dancing with Jeri, and Inumon.

Keiko reached over and shook Mizuno's hand. "It was good to meet you, Mizuno. You take care, all right?" She smiled genuinely and generously held Mizuno's hand.

"Thank you, Keiko. You and Yusuke have a wonderful time together. You two are obviously the closest of friends."

"You think so...?"

"I know so," Mizuno smiled as she started walking out and waved her goodbyes. "Until we meet again, Spirit team. Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, Botan, Keiko, Puu, Koenma, and Hiei, you're all wonderful people and I hope we do meet again."

The Spirit Detectives watched Mizuno disappear off into the distance. It was sad to watch a new friend depart but they knew she had other obligations to fulfill. Out of everyone of the team, Hiei kept an eye on the far distance and watched Mizuno venture across the land with his Jagan eye.

"And what are you smiling about, Kuwabara?" Kurama asked the teen as they walked back inside. "Care to explain your reasoning?"

"Oh nothing," Kuwabara snickered. Yeah, now I can ask Mizuno to send me those pictures of her kissing Hiei. Man, that's just going to make my day!

Using his telepathic ability, Hiei had heard every though from Kuwabara's mind and instantly turned around. As his Jagan eye gleamed and turned red, Kuwabara instinctively backed off afraid.

"What, shrimp? Was it something I said?!" Kuwabara backed off.

"Should you ever procure those pictures, I will cut you into pieces. Understood?" Hiei hissed, making true to his threat.

"Ummm... Yeah, I get the message," he replied back nervously. Note to self: Hiei is a telepath.

Kurama could not help but ignore the two starting an argument.

(End theme)

However, he immediately stopped as a group of female fox Digimon gathered around him with giggly chuckles.

"Um, may I help you, ladies?"

"OOOO! THAT'S HIM! THAT'S THE LOVELY NEW PRETTY BOY IN TOWN!" One yellow furred fox Digimon screamed out like a fan girl.


"Ladies, please! Let's be civilized about this?" Kurama backed away, nervously laughing. "I know you have taken interest in me, but I..."

"Oh, don't be like that, Kurama-kun! We'll create a new fan club in honor of you!" Floramon stepped out of the crowd. "You're looking at the new president, Floramon! Your hostess with the mostess! I declare this day to be known as Kurama Day!"

"Please, let's be civil about this!" Kurama backed away and started taking off.

"Oh no, you don't, Kurama-kun! We're not going to leave until you've given us all an autograph!" Floramon called out while giving chase to him.

"GET BACK HERE YOU SEXY FOX!" The female foxes screamed out in pursuit of him.

Taking notice of this, Yusuke, Keiko, and Botan couldn't help but laugh.

The female fox Digimon, excluding Rika's Renamon, have already taken a keen interest in Kurama and his alter ego Yoko.

"Oh man, it sucks to be Kurama right now," Yusuke couldn't resist the urge to laugh.

"Come on, Yusuke. Let's go dance. There are still a few things we need to catch up on," Keiko insisted as she dragged Yusuke to the dance floor.

"Say, where did Koenma go?" Botan looked around in search for the child ruler. "Ah, yes! I remember! He went to sit with Anubimon! I need to look my best professional wise in front of this Underworld lord!" Fixing up her hair and putting on some glasses, Botan hummed a tune to herself as she walked over to where Koenma was sitting.

She looked over to find him speaking with Lord Anubimon.

The Underworld Digimon ruler looked up directly at Botan and kindly invited her. "Hello there. Your name is Botan, am I correct?"

"Yes, that would be me."

"Ah, Botan. Good for you to come. Please sit down with us," Koenma said. "Anubimon is quite the pleasant fellow. He's filling me in on everything about how he runs things down in his Underworld. I think its best we take notes on what he tells us."

"Yes, you're right!" the blue-haired female chimed in. "Tell us about your Digital Underworld, Anubimon."

"It's no different from your afterlife," Anubimon responded kindly while sipping a red wine glass. "I will tell you about my experiences during my long stint as Underworld ruler."

As Anubimon went on to tell them about his Underworld duties, Omegamon and Athenamon were preparing to make their leave. It looked as though they were preparing to leave the party. It wasn't even halfway through but they felt it was time for them to depart and prepare the start of their long honeymoon that awaits them.

"Well, everyone, I'm sorry to say this but you will just have to continue this party without myself and Lady Athenamon," Omegamon announced to everyone in attendance. "We will be taking off for our honeymoon."

"But, how long will you be gone my queen?" Mermaimon asked Athenamon. "Who will be left in charge while you are away?"

"I have declared that Jaguarmon be placed in charge until we return," Athenamon announced. "Oh and by the way, I am allowing Witchmon and Kuzuhamon permission to enter our Amazon Kingdom. Those two approached me earlier this evening and asked me if they could join us. With Pharaohmon gone, I have no reason to argue with them. Plus both are in deep need for some discipline."

"Witchmon and Kuzuhamon?!" Felinismon exclaimed. "With all due respect, but Kuzuhamon is one of the bad guys!"

"No way you can trust her," Lopmon added. "She's a mental case!"

"She's not too bad. Now that Pharaohmon's gone, she has nowhere to go and wants to change her ways," Athenamon stated. "She will do well in our kingdom as long as she stays out of trouble. Jaguarmon, I leave you responsible for everything while I'm gone."

Jaguarmon bowed to her queen. "Yes, my queen, I will not let you down!"

"Great, I just hope you don't screw everything up, Jaguarmon," D'Arcmon sighed.

"Hey, just watch me! I'll lead by good example!" Jaguarmon hissed at her.

"Omegamon, you and Lady Athenamon have yourselves a wonderful honey moon," Anubimon approached the wedded couple. "You've earned this vacation."

"You're right and I'm going to make the most out of it, my friend. It's good to have you back," Omegamon stated as he shook Anubimon's hand. "Are you ready, milady?"

"Yes, let's go," Athenamon nodded.

As the wedded couple stormed out of the hotel, everyone from the party gathered outside to watch them leave. Athenamon turned around and smelt her bouquet of flowers. The girls all gathered around and knew what was coming up. The Amazon Queen threw the bouquet of flowers across for either one of the girls to catch.

However, before any of them had a chance, a squid-like tentacle shot out of nowhere and grabbed the bouquet. This alarmed everyone immediately as they turned to find the culprit. Yes, it was none other than Marine Devimon!

(Cue Yu Yu Hakusho Unreleased Track #20)

He managed to sneak entry without anyone noticing.

"Ah, yes! Now, I know my time will come!" MarineDevimon proudly declared. "Yes, by catching this bouquet, I will end up marrying my Calmaramon! HAHAHA!"

Many glared directly at Marine Devimon with hardened and irked glares. Others were simply annoyed by his presence, especially Jaarin.

Jaarin picked up a nearby guitar and charged at MarineDevimon. Before the marine demon had a chance to react, Jaarin smashed the guitar over MarineDevimon's face and sends him flying out through a glass window.


Once the nuisance was taken out, Jaarin dusted her hands off and winked to Izumi.

"Now, remember, Izumi! If any boy tries to hit on you, just let him have it!"

"You got it, Jaarin!" the blonde gave a thumb up.

Inumon wiped his forehead. "Well, that takes care of him. Whew, and here I thought the rest of the trash was gone."


Before long Inumon's face paled as he turned around. He quickly found himself embraced by none other than Kuzuhamon!

The dark armored female giggled like a schoolgirl and held onto Inumon dearly with heart-shaped eyes.

"ACK! YOU AGAIN?!" Inumon gasped out from her tight embrace.

"Oh, my Inumon! Are you going to be leaving now?! Without saying goodbye to me first?! It's a good thing I managed to find you my Inumon!" Kuzuhamon screamed and squealed like a giddy child while squeezing Inumon like her personal plush.

Once Renamon caught wind of this, she angrily stormed towards Kuzuhamon and tried pulling her off of Inumon.

"Get off him, Kuzuhamon! What about that talk Inumon had with you last night?! Did you learn nothing?!"

"Of course, I am! If anything, I'm more than determined than ever to compete with you over him!" Kuzuhamon boasted. "Please, leave her Inumon! Renamon is no good for you! She disrespects you! I'll be your eternal love slave for as long as you desire!"

Inumon managed to choke out. "Please... ladies...! Get off and let me go!"

Before leaving, Omegamon waved to everyone in attendance and scooped Athenamon up in his arms. The heroes gathered together to wave their goodbye to the wedded couple. It was truly wonderful to end the festivities to witness these two rivals becoming an official wedded couple. This also marked the final chapter of the dark reign of Pharaohmon.

The Digital World and the Real World have been saved thanks in part to the five heroic teams of Planet Earth, not to mention the assist of the Digital World's defenders.

(End theme)


"So, that ends the adventure into the Digital World. In case you guys were wondering where we all go from here? Well, Guilmon and I were not too sure until we received word from the four Digimon Sovereigns. They congratulated each and every one of us for our heroic efforts. But, like all good things, our time in the Digital World was at an end. The Sovereigns provided portals for us to return home. I know this all sounds sudden, but with Pharaohmon gone, there's nothing left for us to do in the Digital World. Now, I can go back home and relax when this is all settled... well until school term starts. Ugh.

Oh yeah, how can I forget about Lance Canebrook? Well, everything turned out great in the end. We realized that he wasn't to blame for all of the recent trauma. As for all the souls taken by Pharaohmon, those souls were restored to those people. Lance was reunited with his parents as he found them with Yamaki.

Pharaohmon's threat has finally come to an end and it couldn't have come at a better time.

Well, before all else, let's take a look at how most of us are dealing with life after the tournament."


Earth/Shinjuku Family Cemetery/April 2, 2003/3:03 PM

Kouji and Kouichi met Yui and Himura at Shinjuku family cemetery. The Tsubasa siblings already visited their parents' graves. Now, the four were ready to visit Kotori's.

"Hey Himura, why aren't Inumon and DarkGabumon here?" Kouji asked, noticing the obvious absence of the aforementioned Digimon.

"They're at home resting, Himura answered. "They've been spent since the tournament."

"I can't blame them," Kouichi replied. "Me and my brother have been giving our Spirits a much needed break."

"Can we get to Kotori's grave now?" Yui asked. "Please?"

"Sure, c'mon, guys," he complied, leading them through the cemetery and introduced them Kotori's grave.

(Cue Yu Yu Hakusho Unreleased Track – Sad Song)

They each placed flowers near her tombstone and prayed for her together. After giving their prayers, the brothers mentioned to Yui about the insane dream realm Bakura and Duskmon trapped them in. They also mentioned Kotori being there with them.

Baffled, Yui became even more intrigued hearing about Kotori dressed as Han Solo.

"She dressed like Han Solo and you guys were in a Star Wars dream with Sonic characters?!" Yui was even more bewildered hearing this and she believed everything. "And she likes dressing like a boy then?"

"She sure does just like Rika," Himura chuckled modestly. "And she probably has more passion than Rika, too."

Kouji asked him curiously. "Really now? Do tell."

"Well, while we were in the dream world, Kotori mentioned to me that she was famously known as bully slayer at her school after she sent a bully to the hospital. She told me she had beaten him down senseless without any regret."

When Himura mentioned that, Yui, Kouji, and Kouichi sweatdropped.

Suddenly, they immediately heard a voice startle them.

"Yeah, and I still miss beating up those arrogant pricks!" Kotori called out, causing the four to turn around and face her.

They sighted Kotori in plain sight and sitting on her own tombstone. She was garbed in her casual attire. Though Yui didn't seem at all alarmed, the boys were flabbergasted to see her spirit interacting with them.

"What's up? You guys look like you've just seen a ghost," Kotori teased them.

"You guys can see her?" Yui gasped out in shock once she had come into realization. "I thought I was the only one here who can see spirits! You shouldn't be able to see them, Himura!"

"Wait, you can see spirits, Yui?" asked Kouichi as Kotori got up and she smiled at them.

"It's because of that dream world. It might wear off eventually if you let it but that evil ring from that white-haired creep is giving you the ability to see my spirit. Yeah, you thank that dream world for this special gift."

"You mean, we can see dead people?" asked Kouji, not sure whether to be ready for the answer.

"Not like that boy from movie The Sixth Sense. Oh and yeah, I have a message for you two from your grandmother. She wants you to go see her," Kotori addressed the brothers.

Once hearing this revelation, Kouichi smiled enthusiastically. Now he had a chance to see his grandmother again. Kouji wasn't so sure about this idea of seeing dead people, but Kouichi convinced him otherwise if it meant seeing their grandmother.

"Have you seen our parents, Kotori?" Yui asked Kotori directly.

"Sorry, Yui-chan, a spirit guide already took them to the Spirit World. Also, today, a spirit guide is planning to take them," Kotori announced right out of the blue.

"So, that means... This is going to be the last time we see each other?" Himura had hesitated to ask.

Kotori nodded sadly. "Yeah, but we have to continue with our own lives. Your parents would like you do that. Speaking of which, how's Seadramon doing?"

"He's happier now that he's joined the Dra-Warriors," Himura informed her about her Digimon partner current status. "As I promised, I will find your cousin and become his friend."

Then without warning, Kotori kissed Himura on the lips. Himura felt a sudden chill, but it no harm was done to him. It had a genuine feeling.

Kouichi and Kouji gasped in surprise as Yui just smiled fondly at the sight. It was an unexpected but yet a beautiful scene.

(End theme)

"I know you will be a good friend to him. Just don't mistake him for a girl like everybody else does. He hates when people do that," Kotori said until some familiar music played near them.

They quickly surveyed the cemetery to find the source of where the music was coming from. However, Kotori already caught wind of the music and recognized the theme from the 90's movie Ghost. "Hey! Knock it off! Who's the dumbass singing the Ghost song?!"

Everybody turned around and they sighted another ghost with a microphone and a guitar. It was a man who closely resembled Patrick Swayze, but was not the real deal.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist!" The wannabe ghost chuckled, backing off from Kotori's fury.

Everybody sweatdropped directly at the young ghost.

Suddenly, another voice chimed in, which had a gentle and cheery tone.

"Ready to go, Miss Ayami?"

The voice belonged to none other than Botan. She arrived fully garbed in her pink kimono and floating down near the group on her oar.

"Just a minute," Kotori tuned around. She removed her goggles from her head and placed them on Himura's hands.

Taken aback, the boy looked at the goggles as they solidified in his hands.

"It's a just a thing to remember me and all the proof you need of our friendship when you meet Phillipe."

Then, Kotori went towards to Botan and she hopped on her oar.

"Remember Himura, you're not a lone wolf anymore. Now, you belong to a pack with a full of wolves! Take care of your cute sister and make sure she grows up to be a badass like me!" Kotori smiled and waved to the group. "Later, guys!"

With that, Botan and Kotori immediately took off into the sky. Himura, Kouichi, Kouji, and Yui waved goodbye as they watched them vanish in thin air. They were off to the Spirit World in a flash.

Himura looked down at Kotori's goggles with a genuine smile. He could feel the things will be going better onward.


Himura looked up to the sky and grinned. "Thank you for everything, Kotori. I promise to live the rest of my life at its fullest. Until we meet again, my friend."


"Yo, this is Takuya Kanbara! How's it going, guys? Well, Pharaohmon finally bites the dust! To further celebrate our victory, I proposed we all go to McDonalds burgers! Though, looks like it's just me, Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki. Kouichi and Kouji went with Himura to see some friend's grave. Vega and Dimitro are off training in the mountains somewhere. Jaarin's home with her family and Sam's commuting with a cousin of his. Well, I can safely say that nothing's happened since the Shadow Tournament with us, Legendary Warriors. No threat has shown its ugly rear in either Digital World. The only thing we're not looking forward to is going back to school. What a total bummer."


Shibuya District/Local McDonalds/3:45 PM

Takuya, Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki were seated on a round table gorging down their burgers.

"Hey, Takuya, you know what I've just found from the magazine store earlier?" Junpei said as he pulled out a magazine.

However, as Izumi caught a glimpse of the cover, her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Junpei waved it out right in front of Takuya's face. The goggle head's cheeks blushed as he saw Izumi's recent pictorial from the scam fashion show.


The restaurant suddenly became silent after Izumi's sudden outburst. The girl slightly blushed out of embarrassment and sat down in her chair. Izumi quickly grabbed the magazine from Junpei and glared at the two boys darkly.

She asked, her voice darkening like a monster, which startled the two boys. "Did you two pervs look inside?"

Junpei and Takuya both gulped. "Um, no, we didn't."

"I hope you're right because I won't be showing you two any mercy if I find out you were peeping!" Izumi shot a piercing glare at them.

"Ok, we get it," Takuya sighed while sipping his orange soda.

"I'll never understand those guys," Tomoki shrugged and took a bite out of his hamburger.

"Well, fortunately for us, we got to live and were spared from Izumi's wrath. As I said, nothing much has happened. Bokomon and Neemon went back to report to Seraphimon. But, just in case there's trouble, they'll know to call us. No, we're not the Ghostbusters, but the Legendary Warriors! Ha, sorry I sometimes like to crack myself up. Ok, that was lame... never mind. Until then, take care guys!"


"Yugi Muto here and what can I say? We've all returned to our normal lives after the Shadow Tournament. The Kaibas went back to America briefly to work on their plans for Kaiba Theme Park and returned back not too long after that. Duke went back promoting Dungeon Dice Monsters. Shortly after, we watched Mai leave as she headed overseas. After that, we never heard another word from her. But, I have a hunch we will meet again. As for me, me, Tea, Tristan, Joey and Bakura are back in school for the new term. Though, lately, I am still weary of Bakura these days.

I managed to get a call from Lance the day after the tournament. As it turned out, his parents were found wandering out looking for him. The family have left for America to meet with Kaiba to negotiate some deal to release newly upgraded duel disks. I'm so happy Lance managed to reconcile with himself and his parents. We look forward to seeing him again and there are absolutely no hard feelings directed towards him. We all knew Pharaohmon used him as his mind control puppet.

But, there's never a dull moment for me and Yami. Not too long from now one day, Duel Monster suddenly starting running loose. If that wasn't enough, the Egyptian Gods end up getting stolen and we're engaged in a new conflict with Dartz and his Doom Organization, who utilize mystical powers called the Orichalcos. As it turns out, we're in for an emotionally charged conflict."


Domino City/Outside Domino Museum/3:40 PM

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! OST – The Impending)

Once they caught wind of the loud commotion outside the museum, Yami Yugi, Tea, Joey, and Tristan were alarmed as they saw numerous Duel Monsters running loose in Domino.

"It's like a horror show out here!" Joey freaked out.

"Did someone's duel disk go haywire?!" Tristan wondered.

Tea added. "It would take more than one bus of duel disks to project these monster holograms all over the city! There's gotta be more to it!"

"The only way is going straight to the source. So, let's pay a visit to Kaiba!" Joey suggested.

Yami Yugi nodded. "Right, good idea."

Once they stormed into the city, they were shocked as more Duel Monsters appeared in Domino. They raced down the street seeing the towns folk running and panicking from the monsters.

"This is insane! The whole town is freaking out!" Tea cried out.

"Except those two," Joey noticed two familiar faces ahead of them.

Suddenly, they stumbled upon Weevil Underwood and Rex Raptor, both of whom stared at the sky and looked like they were in a trance-like state.

"Isn't that Rex and Weevil?" Tea pointed out.

"Hey, in case you haven't noticed, but the city is under attack!" Tristan have them the heads-up.

Weevil and Rex's responses creeped them out.

"Ehehehe, the age of destruction is here," droned Weevil."

"Your souls will be offered to the great beast," mumbled Rex.

Befuddled, Yami Yugi asked. "Our souls?"

Tea became concerned as she observed. "They might be in a state of shock or something."

The duo laughed again lifelessly, further worrying Yugi and his friends.

"This is just too weird," Tristan observed.

"Yeah, but even this is too weird for these weirdos," Joey said. "Let's go."

"Good call."

The group left Rex and Weevil and headed off to KaibaCorp.

Upon arriving outside KaibaCorp, the crew watched as a crowd of news anchors and TV crew were being escorted out by Kaiba's suits.

"Whoa, it's a total circus over here!" Joey remarked.

"Guess, we're not gonna see Kaiba," Tea sighed.

It hasn't even been long since we beat Pharaohmon and now we got new problems ahead of us? Yugi telepathed with Yami. I don't like this, Yami.



"We've done extensive testing of our holographic simulation systems. Now, I can confirm without question that these sightings are unrelated to KaibaCorp. Our state of the art technology is working perfectly..."

Having watched Seto Kaiba give his conference statement regarding the Duel Monster global invasion, Lyn shot up from her chair. Max, Sam, and the Ishtars were greatly distressed after hearing the recent news reports.

"These aren't holograms, sister Ishizu," Marik eyed the images of Duel Monsters displayed all over global cities. "We all know that."

Odion added. "Yes, there were sightings of Duel Monsters running loose in Cairo."

"I'm certain Yugi Muto and his friends will get to the bottom of this," Ishizu said.

Clenching her fists, Lyn turned around looking determined than ever before.

"Sis?" Max looked up at her.

Sam inquired. "What's up, Lyn? Something got to ya?"

"Lyn?" Ishizu asked, facing the blue-haired girl. She noted the determined look on her face. "Have you finally decided?"

"These Duel Monster suddenly appearing. That's all the reason I need for me and my brothers to leave Egypt. Ishizu, we're leaving for Tokyo. Thanks for providing us a home and a place to train using my Ka." Lyn finally decided. She glanced over to her brothers and nodded. "We're leaving, you two. Time for us to move on to the next phase of our lives."


Kame Shop/6:00 PM

Later that evening, Yugi and his cohorts gathered to view the nightly news reporting sightings of Duel Monsters all over the world. This was followed up by a sudden break-in into the shop as Yugi and his friends saw Solomon laying on the floor crawling toward the door.

"Grandpa!" Yugi called out, running over to Solomon's side.

"What happened, Mr. Muto?" Joey asked worried.

"Yugi... they're gone," the old man told him.

"Who's gone, grandpa?"

"Your cards... your strongest cards..."

"The Gods Cards?!"

Joey frowned. "Who did this?! I'll find them!" He quickly raced out of the shop as his friends tailed after him.

"Joey, wait!" Yugi called out.

When Joey ran out, the first shocking image he witnessed as Obelisk the Tormentor materializing over Domino.


Then, three mysterious bikers appeared to confront Yugi and his friends. These three revealed to know all about Yugi and the other 'Yugi'.

"Yugi Muto. Or should I call you Pharaoh?" The head biker addressed the King of Games, shocking Yugi and the others by merely bringing up the mention of 'Pharaoh'.

(End theme)


"These three really would prove to be trouble. Raphael, Alister, and Valon are their names. They and Dartz now stop at nothing to take the souls of all the people of the world for this 'great beast'. We later learn about the three legendary dragons: Timaeus, Hermos, and Critias. Me, Kaiba, and Joey end up receiving these dragon cards to fight against the Orichalcos. If that wasn't enough, we, Joey especially, were heart broken to find out of our own ended up joining these guys. You want to know more? Well, that's another long story to tell. And believe me, it's one that greatly effects me and my friends.

The Wrath of Pharaohmon is behind us, but now was time for the Waking of the Dragons."


"All right, my turn! Yusuke Urameshi here to give you the heads up! It's already been a couple days since the tournament. Just when things were going smoothly, but as Spirit Detective I'll never get a break! I never expect things to get easy, but damn does life hate my freaking guts! One guy I thought we took down comes by for a visit. And I've been invited to join an event called the Dark Tournament. Sheesh, another tournament? Did Pharaohmon have a secret meeting with this guy before he kicked the bucket? Oh hell, Toguro, why couldn't you stay dead?"


Sarayashiki District/Construction Location/6:30 PM

Yusuke Urameshi stood at the center of a construction building. Standing on the opposite side of him was a giant of a man. This man's face seemed rather aged with a pair of shades covering his eyes and his hair similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger's from The Terminator. The man was fully dressed in a green coat, blue jeans, and black shoes. This was the Younger Toguro.

Toguro finally broke the silence with a deep, menacing yet calm voice. "You really thought you defeated me? Money had decided that fight long before you even entered that mansion" He smirked, seeing the look of fear on Yusuke's face. "But, don't be disappointed. You just might have a chance to fight me on fair terms and get not so easily crushed."

Yusuke could only scoff at this 'petty' threat and growl with annoyance. "Why don't you just get to the point?! I've got better things to do with my time than waste it with you!"

However, it was apparent that Yusuke was scared. It was visibly obvious with his arms shaking. Toguro sensed the aura of fear from the teen and smiled with amusement.

"So, you are afraid of me."

"What? More like amused if you ask me!"

"There's no one here to impress Yusuke," the demon stated as he removed his green coat, revealing his muscular upper body. "I can see your entire body is trembling. The ability to fear your enemies is one of your greatest strengths. It forces you to reach your potential. But you haven't been scared enough. You need some motivation, and that's why I came here to show you... MY TRUE POWER!"

With that, Toguro roared and released a thick dark demonic aura around his body. The Spirit Detective anxiously held his ground as his body rattled. He was already reminded of Pharaohmon's power-up, which obviously was still fresh on his mind.

"I only used 20 percent of my strength when I fought with you and your friend!" Toguro bellowed fiercely as the body muscles increased. "So, why don't I show you?!"

Once his body mass increased, Toguro quickly smashed through a concrete pillar with his right fist. The pillar was shattered into pieces from that one blow.

"There, that was 60 percent," Toguro said solemnly.

Then, Toguro wasn't finished. He jumped up and kicked through another pillar. Horrified, the Spirit Detective's mouth dropped while Toguro jumped around kicking down the other pillars. When all the pillars come down, the whole building started to collapse and fall apart. Yusuke wailed as he fell and became buried under debris.

In a matter of minutes, the building was nothing but a giant mountain of debris. A giant dust cloud kicked up blanketing the area.

Hours passed since then and there seemed to be nothing left from the pile of debris. Not life activity from either Yusuke or Toguro. However, there was a sudden movement and a hand popped out of the pile. The Spirit Detective pushed up a huge rock slab off his back. He couldn't believe he managed to survive that. He should have been dead. Once again, luck had saved Yusuke from another near-death experience.

However, he wasn't the only one who survived. He looked ahead and saw Toguro completely unscathed.

"Son of a bitch! He's alive?!" Yusuke exclaimed.

"Understand this is the last time I will save your life."

(Cue Yu Yu Hakusho Unreleased Track #23)

Once Yusuke backed away with a shocked glare, Toguro instantly vanished out of thin air. Yusuke was taken aback but not long before Toguro rematerialized behind him instantly.

"Two months from now, a martial arts competition will be taking place."

"Oh? A martial arts tournament...? Sounds like... fun... Yeah..." Yusuke stuttered with fear in his voice and sweat dripping over his face.

"It's called the Dark Martial Arts Tournament," Toguro continued on. "It's organized by greedy human crime lords and drawing on the most vile demons from the Makai World. Each criminal gathers a team of five fighters and the teams battle to the death. The humans enter for the gambling and the entertainment. Demons fight for blood and the chance to win the grand prize. You and Kuwabara are special guests in this tournament. If you refuse, I will immediately kill you and everyone close to you. If you want to survive these fights, get stronger."

With the firmly message delivered, Toguro methodically walked off and hopped down to the street. He landed on his feet without losing a step and started walking down the street.

Yusuke fell to his knees and trembled not just out of fear, but also out of anger. He had just recently come back from the Shadow Tournament and barely survived his fight with Pharaohmon.

Now, a day removed from that event, and he was just challenged to a subsequent tournament. This time Yusuke would be the main attraction against Makai's deadliest and most vile demons, including Toguro himself.

Beads of sweat dripped across his face as he felt butterflies in his stomach. There was no refusal to this challenge or that meant death to him and to those close to him.

Damn it! I just got back from the Shadow Tournament and that crap Pharaohmon put us through...! Stupid Yusuke...! You got so scared around him you couldn't even freakin' move! Yusuke thought. "Damn it, Yusuke! He's going to kick your stupid ass!"

(End theme)

Looking from a nearby railway, Kuwabara was trembling just as much as Yusuke was.

"What's going on here?!" Kuwabara said while trembling hard. "I thought we killed him!"

Elsewhere, Toguro had already walked past the construction zone and picked up his green coat. He walked down the street and paused, sensing two familiar demonic Ki. He looked up and sighted two familiar demons.

He spotted Kurama and Hiei on a building roof.

"I assume from your dismal faces that you've been invited to the competition as well," Toguro stated promptly. "On Urameshi's team, no doubt. Demons who side with humans will get no sympathy."

"You're wrong, Toguro. Sympathy has never been a part of those fights," Kurama retorted.

"Well, as you know the teams are made of five, so you'll have to recruit another fighter," Toguro finished as he put on his green coat back on and walked off. "For your sake, I hope you find someone useful."

Kurama watched Toguro depart into the city and directed a question to Hiei. "So? What's our chance?"

"Don't ask," was all Hiei could say as he walked off.


"Well, there you have it! The wonderful life of Yusuke Urameshi! Give me a freaking break! I just got back from the Shadow Tournament and now I'm forced to enter this competition? Needless to say, the next six months are going to be hell. I go back and train with Genkai again, but to my surprise when I get there the old fossil has three guests staying with her.

These three people? Lyn, Max, and Sam Stromberg. They told me they recently left Egypt after the news spread about those Duel Monsters appearing all over the world. Seems they came here to master some Ka training that lets them summon Duel Monsters. So, we ended up training together. They've got some decent spirit power. Lyn's a tough girl. Her brothers got some impressive power, too, and they sure made short work of that annoying ass bat demon by summoning dragons... yeah, you heard me right. Freakin' dragons. Still cool to see.

My four partners on the five-man team will include Kuwabara, Hiei, Kurama, and the masked fighter. Who exactly is this masked fighter? If I were a narrator, I'd tell you to tune in and find out. But since I'm not, hell just tune in and find out anyway! Things get kicked into high gear in the Dark Tournament!"


"Hello, everyone. This is Rei Hino, or Sailor Mars when I go by my hero status. Not too long after leaving the Digital World, it was back to living out our boring lives.

Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, and Hotaru returned to their home. Every once and all they'd come see us to check up on any monster activity, which have been pretty low lately.

Ami stayed with us for a week, but immediately went back to America. She and Vega got to know each other better after a few dinner outings. If you ask me, it's about time Ami found herself the right guy for her...

What about Minako, Makoto, and myself?

Minako's out committing to idol try outs and just started coaching a volleyball team for a local college. But, we all know that volleyball gig is just to help her make money and prep her for acting classes. She's even trying out for a local TV idol show, similar to American Idol, I think. Needless to say, Minako's kept herself busy.

Makoto returned back to help tend with the restaurant she co-owns.

As for me, I'm still tending Hikawa Shrine with my grandfather and Yuuichirou. I introduced my sister to them and they were thrilled to finally see her. Surprisingly, I didn't receive a call from my 'wonderful' father... yeah, that was sarcasm there. I guess he doesn't realize his daughter was gone. Hah, well, he's about to receive a call from his beloved first daughter!"


Azabu-Juuban District/Hikawa Shrine/8:05 PM

Rei leaned back on her bed in her room. Suddenly, she turned her head and saw Cammy sitting down on the floor.

"Cammy, we're both pretty filthy, aren't we?" Rei wiped her face. "Yeah, we could both use some baths after sweeping around the shrine."

"I don't know. I kind of like being dirty," Cammy giggled.

"Gross," Rei turned her nose. "No, you need a bath!"

"Oh no I don't..."

"Well, I don't want us stinking up my room."

"Then, you take a bath without me. I'll be fine," Cammy folded her arms around her dirty shirt.

"You know you haven't taken off that shirt since you got here. You don't want to get stinky before you head back with Ami..."

"I don't want to go back."

Rei folded her arms and looked at her concerned. "Look, I'm not fond or our father, but he and your mom will be worried about you."

"Let them."

"What are hiding under that shirt? Please, tell me," she tried hard not to raise her voice. She walked over and unbuttoned Cammy's sister. "Let me see."

"No, you don't want to see...!"

Rei immediately caught glimpse of a truly grotesque and heart shattering sight. She discovered to her horror once she noticed red welt marks all over Cammy's back. It was becoming clear why Cammy insisted on not bathing unless it was alone and with no on barging in. It was also clear why she refused to change in front of everybody, including her sister.

"Rei! Oh no! It's not what you think!" Cammy tried her hardest to cover up. She backed up against a wall and cried.

"Oh my god..." Rei teared up as horrifying memories played out in her head. He's still doing this shit?! And to my sister?! "Cammy... How did you get those marks?"

"I... I..."

"How did you get them?"

Cammy couldn't bring herself to tell her sister the truth.

Rei crouched over looking at Cammy's eye level. She rubbed her sister's shoulders gently. "Cammy, please tell me. I need to know. Did father do this? Don't be afraid to tell me the truth. If he did this to you, I'll be sure to straighten this out."


Rei frowned. "I knew it."

"Father did this to me. He... He thinks I'm always getting in the way of his work. He wants me to keep a good self-image. If I don't, he beats me. And he comes home drunk after working too much! Even mother tried to stop him. She can't... I try my best to make a good impression and yet he still beats me! Sister, please help me!"

Upon hearing her sister spill out her feelings, Rei cursed under her breath. "That son of a bitch has gone too far."


Realizing what she had said, Rei pressed Cammy close to her and gently held the little girl like a mother would protect her child. She had undergone the same trauma Cammy was experiencing now. It was reliving a past Rei had wish she had completely wanted to forget. If anything, she wants Cammy to live a happier childhood and not deal with such heart breaking trauma. It was because of her father beating her and leaving her to pursue his political career that caused her to be bitter in the first place. Needless to say, Rei's relationship with her estranged father had been a broken one for years.

"Cammy, wait right here. I'm going to make a quick phone call," Rei mumbled, standing up and turning to walk out the room.

"Are you going to call that Mai lady? Maybe she can..."

"No, don't worry," Rei turned around, faking a smile as she calmed her sister down. "I don't want to bother Mai right now. Besides, this is our problem, Cammy."

"I understand."

Once she turned to leave the room, her smile turned into a cold glare. Her eyes started burning with fury.

She opened up a cupboard to find the list of phone numbers. Right at the center was the highlighted number of a Hiroaki Hino. Rei pulled called up and dialed the man's number. Gripping her phone tight, she was anxious to let her father have it for what she's about to say.

"Hello, front desk of the Dietman Hino, speaking. May I ask who I am speaking to?"

"This is his eldest daughter, Rei. I would like to speak to him."

"Ms. Hino? It's been a long-"

"Let me speak with my father, please."

"Yes, Ms. Hino. Please hold..."

The raven-haired girl sat down on the table with her phone in her right ear and fiddling with a pen next to her. There was soft music playing in the background through the waiting line, which needless to say did not calm the girl. She grabbed the pen and was summoning enough strength to break it.

(Cue Sailor Moon Sailor Stars OST - Determination)

Finally, a successful connection was made to Dietman Hino himself.

"Hello, Dietman Hino speaking..."

"Hello there, father," Rei responded calmly albeit her tone revealed venom.

"Rei? Is that you? It's been such a while since we've spoken..."

"I'm sure it has daddy. I'm not here to speak to you to reconcile old times. I'm calling you concerning my sister."

"Cammy? Wait, is she there with you...?! I've been searching for her for days. You mean to tell me actually is there with you?!"

"That's right. I'm surprised you haven't attempted to contact me."

"Oh, thank goodness. I'm glad she's safe with you and not kidnapped. I'll be sending a flight over to pick her up and drop her off back-"

"No, you can stop right there, dad. As far as I'm concerned, you no longer have any claim on that poor child."

"Of course, I do. She is my daughter..."

"And I'm your first daughter! Need I remind you that you left me behind to pursue your damn political career, dearest Dietman! You left me after physically abusing me and never helping mother through her illness! She claimed it was illness, but after many years, I just don't see it that way anymore. She died obviously of a broken heart because you left her! Sure, you did come to the funeral but after that, barely a word or mention from you!"

"Rei, I'm a very busy man. I hope you understand this..."

"No, even the busiest of parents would return every now and then to see their families, especially for the holidays. Soldiers from war come back to see their families for goodness sakes! We've only seen each other for my birthday and we stopped that on my last 18th birthday!"

"Where are you trying to get at? This is going nowhere."

"The bruises and the welts! I found them on Cammy's back when she was getting dressed. I was horrified when I saw that. You know what that reminded me of? Hmmm? Me, father! You physically beat me because you saw women completely inferior to your status! You beat me to make an example of your screwed up philosophy! I once trusted you and you broke the sacred family trust! I figured you would've seen the error of your ways and changed for the better. But, once I saw the welts on Cammy, I was proven wrong. I feel like such an idiot to believe an asshole like you will ever change."

Rei felt tears dripping across her face as she choked up. The first daughter finally let out her bottled up emotions having kept them in for so long. Dietman Hino, needless to say, was silent in shock.

"Rei... Please, try to..."

"Understand?! I've understood enough! I don't even want to know you anymore! First me, then Cammy, and I'll bet you beat Cammy's mother, Nina, do you? That's my stepmother, you know!"


"What's the matter, dad? Do you get a real turn-on hitting women? Yeah, it makes you a big man, doesn't it? You're so pathetic," Rei spat out ferociously. "It's no wonder I've never had any interest in dating guys, because I'm scared that any one of them will turn out just like you! It's a good thing, too, because I wouldn't want my child to undergo the same trauma that myself and Cammy have gone through. It's sad when a child has to deal with that. No, here's what I propose. Since I'm going to be 19 this month, I'm an adult and I have the right to gain custody of a child. Which means I want custody of Cammy since I feel she will be more comfortable leaving in a safer environment with me than you! And you know what? I bet Nina would agree with me."

The Dietman was nearly at a loss for words. He stammered, unable to get the right words out. "You can't... Even if you can take me to court, I will not let you gain custody of Cammy. She's my daughter..."

"Well, consider yourself childless as far as I'm concerned. I'm taking your ass to court and there's not a damn thing you can do to stop me!" Rei growled intensely and smashed the pen against the table. "Enough is enough, fa- No. As far as I'm concerned, I have no father! My mother is gone to a better place, but I've never had a father. You're simply just Dietman Hino. Now, you name the time and place where we can settle this. I'll be waiting here for you, Dietman. Cammy will be much safer with me and will not have to deal with a monster like you!"

"Rei, please reconsider this. You're going too far."

"Gone too far? No, I'm just getting started! Cammy will be with me and she's much happier to be at her beloved sister's side. My friends are in agreement with me. Won't they be disgusted to know how much a man the Dietman really is once I tell them about what you've done to Cammy? I know Usagi would be disgusted in you."

"No, don't do this!"

"Sorry, but there is no turning back, Dietman. Consider the court date set for sometime this month. I will see you there and you had better be ready for the evidence I'm going to present. I think Cammy and I will be all the proof the judge needs to hand me custody of my sister."

"To think my own daughter is taking me to court over such a petty reason. You are going too far with this..."

"Pitiful, you're in denial, Dietman. Well, here's a little reality check... I HAVEN'T EVEN JUST BEGUN!" Rei screamed out through the phone. "GOODBYE!"

Once she vented out her anger, Rei slammed the phone down on the table. She couldn't believe she had said all of that. First Pharaohmon and now this. All of that anger and frustration is building up inside her heart. She sat down on the chair, trembled violently, and poured her face against her hands. Tears came pouring down from her eyes.

"I can't believe I said all of that. I can't believe it..."

(End theme)

Then, without warning, Rei felt her heart stop beating for a second and sensed a sudden chill across her back. She lifted her face up and looked herself in the mirror. Her face was a mess with dirt and dried tears. Suddenly, she noticed an abnormal occurrence through the mirror. Her purple eyes changed and briefly turned red before turning back to their normal purple.

This had happened before in her nightmare when she faced that mysterious dark bird woman.

What was that?! My eyes just glowed and now... maybe it was just my imagination. No, I saw this happen to me in that nightmare BelialMyotismon presented me. That can't be real. It was all just an illusion. I'm seeing things... I'm letting the stress get to me. Ugh, did I really just challenge that man to court?


Rei spun around to find Cammy walking in the dining room. The child had a worried look on her face. Rei crawled over towards her beloved sister and hugged her. More tears poured down Rei's eyes as she pressed Cammy closer.

"Cammy, I promise I'll be the best guardian I can be."

"You already have. I know I can depend on you."

"Yes, and I want what's best for you. Understand?"

"Of course, I do."

"Good," Rei whispered and smiled. "Then, would you feel better living with me?"

"Are you kidding...? Of course I'd be much happier, Rei!"

The elder sister held the younger one close to her. Don't worry, Cammy. I will always protect you, no matter what. I vow to be watch over you at all costs, as Rei Hino and as Sailor Mars. I will do my best to protect you.

"From that day forth I lived up to my promise to Cammy-chan. I settled this with my father in court and showed them the evidence they required. Once I showed them the welts Cammy and I received, they were convinced that fa- Excuse me, Dietman Hino, would no longer have any custody over Cammy. Even his wife agreed to let Cammy stay with me. I vowed to give Cammy a suitable living environment. As soon as she settled in the shrine, we came closer than we've ever been. Though, I'll admit its pretty tough having a kid around. It's definitely hard work, but it's paying off. Cammy is happier than she's ever been. My friends have already grown to love her. In just a few months, she'll be attending a school I've helped enroll her in. These next few months will be great yet complicated. Just recently, I've been spotting Hiei coming near our shrine grounds. Why? I don't know. He only knows my Sailor Mars persona.

Well, it wouldn't be the last time me and the Senshi worked with the Spirit Detectives. We'll be teaming with them very soon. Guess I'll be putting up with Hiei again.

As for Cammy, she and Yui Tsubasa would become friends later in the year.

However, just when I thought everything would turn all right, some things haven't been looking too bright. Lately, I've been having these visions and my fire readings are showing me images. Rather disturbing ones. Could it be the next enemy? All I can say the next major threat will come from space. I don't know who they could be, but I got a bad feeling Pharaohmon will pale in comparison to them."


Somewhere out in deep space

A giant mothership slowly moved past a planetoid.

(Cue Sailor Moon Sailor Stars OST – Ultimate Evil)

Inside the ship, sat a dark and tall monstrous figure on what appeared to be a throne. It was silver decorated with gargoyle dragon heads on each side and a three-headed dragon statue sitting on top of the throne. The figure stood up wearing what appeared to be a long, black cloak. On his shoulders were large shoulder armor plates. His head was rather large with massive bull horns protruding from the sides of his head. His eyes glistened with a green flare. However, his appearance was completely concealed within the darkness of his throne room.

As a door opened, a soldier walked in and bowed to the seated figure.

"Lord Ghidorah, we're on our trek toward the simian's world called Earth. Rumor has it the Moon Queen's daughter and her court are currently residing there."

Curling his lips into a smile, the evil warlord grinned darkly.

Emerging from four curtains were four warriors, who the evil lord named his 'generals'.

"My four generals, while our trek will take much longer, the wait will be worth it once we slay the Moon Kingdom's remnants and take the Silver Crystal," the evil lord, named Ghidorah, reassured the four warriors. After sipping his goblet, he stood up from his chair. "With all the souls we've collected and worlds we've purged, Earth, being one of the most precious gems in the universe, will make a fitting place to settle the long blood feud between our kind and the Moon people. Then, after we've conquered the Moon Princess and her followers, the Rajita Empire will have truly become the greatest force in the universe!"

The 'Rajita' warlord's eyes burned and gleamed green. The four generals raised their fists and howled loudly to express their support for their leader.

(End theme)


Digital World/Near the Phoenix Arena ruins

Looking on from afar were three figures. Two of which were unknown but the third was a familiar face. They all held binoculars and sighted the ruins of the Phoenix Arena. The first to put down his binoculars was a cloaked figure. He removed his hood, revealing a face similar to Guilmon's but his skin was black. He was also slightly bigger than Takato's Digimon partner.

"Ah, so, Pharaohmon has fallen...?" the dark Guilmon grunted. "Humph, well, looks like we will just have to pick up the pieces then. Better yet, we'll one-up by finding Valmarmon's seven pieces and revive the Demon God! He's always feared Valmarmon."

The second hooded figure inquired. "But, BlackGuilmon, there is an obstacle. Where are the seven pieces? It will take us many digital cycles to find all seven. It's a near impossible task with the little resources we have." He disrobed his hood, revealing himself as a humanoid black dragon.

"Patience, Atolmdramon," the third cohort chimed in. It was a fully repaired General Scorpionus.

"Fortunately, we were able to salvage your pieces near the arena and rebuild you," BlackGuilmon said. "Thanks to my brilliant genius of course, but I don't like tooting my own horn. Or, maybe I do."

"It matters not. I feel much stronger than I've ever been. Those Senshi can enjoy their victory, but they will be unprepared for the coming of Valmarmon!" General Scorpionus declared.

"So, what now?" Atolmdramon asked.

"We search for allies. I know where Demon and his group have fled. We can meet with them there and organize an alliance," BlackGuilmon suggested. "It'll be a matter of time before we reach our goal. Atolmdramon, have patience. I promise that our goal will be complete."

"I hope so, for your sake, BlackGuilmon," Atolmdramon snorted in annoyance. "Pharaohmon is gone and I don't wish to be categorized with that failure."

"Well, we better move out soon. The Sovereigns will no doubt send troops to scout the vicinities here. I heard the Dra-Warriors themselves have volunteered to be their security officers," General Scorpionus stated. "If we're caught, our plans will never come to fruition and I doubt neither one of you will want to be thrown in the Dark Area."

"Good point," BlackGuilmon nodded. "Let's move!"

As the trio nodded in agreement, they mounted hovercraft bikes and took off into the far distance.

Watching the trio escape on their hover bikes, the hooded figure and the dark Sailor Senshi eyed the trio making their leave.

The dark Senshi smirked, chortling evilly and flinging her hair back. "Oh, look at how desperate they must be to bring back Valmarmon."

The hooded being added. "It will take them a while in anyway case. We have plenty of time until the chaos washes over all worlds. Pharaohmon has fallen. Just as we've predicted. Part one of our prophecy has been fulfilled."

"Good, all going according to what we've predicted. The second part is waiting to be told. Now, this I greatly anticipate."

"The reptilian invaders and the black phoenix are coming, my love."

"Yes, find the seven pieces all you want fools, you're only helping us set up the future! For even Valmarmon will not see us coming!" The dark Senshi declared. "Now to see how things will play and they will play out in our favor as they've always been since this gambit started!"

The mysterious 'chaotic' duo both vanished returning to where they came.


Digital Underworld

Following the Shadow Tournament, every lost soul was retrieved and returned to the Underworld. This included the data of WarDevidramon, Basiliskmon, Ryuukoutsuseimon, numerous Scarabmon, IceDevimon, an assortment of Pharaohmon's followers, and Pharaohmon himself.

Anubimon knew he had a job to fulfill. Once he arrived back in his office and opened his door, a large mountain pile of papers collapsedright on top of him! The Underworld lord struggled to free himself from the heavy piles and emerged out while trying to breath.

"ACK! Here I am revived and now I return back with all these papers! All right, maybe it wasn't such a good idea to leave the Underworld. No more vacations for me for a long time."

Just then, a Sailor-garbed girl knocked on his door. She cleared her throat getting his attention.

"Um, excuse me, Lord Anubimon?" The Sailor politely addressed him.

"Hum...? Oh hello! You must be the one the Lady in White sent! Please, come in!" Anubimon invited the Sailor girl in. He propped himself on a chair. "Sailor Sedna, right?"

"Yes, and I was just sent her by the Lady in White."

"Let's see here," Anubimon scanned her. "From what I heard before my untimely 'death', she told me you went to some alternate future involving some boy?"

"Yes, it went well. Though, he's still fighting off the Artificial threats in his time period. I've been encouraging him as of late."

"I see. According to the lady, you've done an admirable job keeping track of dimensions. I'd like you to tell me about these dimensions so I may classify them and store their information on file. Could that be too much for you, Miss Sedna?"

Sedna nodded. "It's not a problem. Since I'm here, when can I see them?"

"Them? Ah, you mean the Sailor Senshi?"


"Soon, my dear. You will meet them. Won't they be surprised to see you."

"That's putting it mildly" the girl giggled. "I can a little longer, Lord Anubimon. There's no rush."

"Ok, then. You can hang around here until the time is right for you to introduce yourself to them."

"Thank you, Lord Anubimon."

"Now, let's get to work!" Anubimon said enthusiastically as he started stamping paperwork.

Sedna sweatdropped. "Um, right!"


Okinawa Beach/6:30 PM

Takato Matsuda stood on a beach looking out toward the beautiful sunset. He made himself a fire out of logs while roasting marshmallows for himself and Guilmon.

"Yep and that's me, Takato Matsuda. I guess you can call me the main hero of this whole crazy adventure. Guilmon and I left for my cousin's home at Okinawa Beach. Call it a mini-vacation since we only have a few days left before school starts up again. The others are back home and taking it easy after a stressful event. From what I heard Kazu and Kenta are out looking for the latest Duel Monsters cards. No doubt they are upgrading up their decks before I kick their butts.

Felinismon moved in with Jeri and her family. She serves as a waitress under the human disguise known as 'Felicia'. Terriermon is still making wise-crack jokes again while Henry, Jaarin, Lopmon, and Suzie are trying to tolerate him. Good luck with that, buddy.

Impmon and Calumon are back to their usual antics in the city. Himura and Yui are doing much better than I hoped. Inumon and DarkGabumon are both resting from the tournament. Yamaki and his crew are rebuilding the damage at their headquarters. Ryo and Cyberdramon went back to the Digital World to help with some rebuilding process. As for Rika and Renamon, well..."

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST - Akogare)

"Hey, goggle head!" A familiar voice called out.

Takato whirled around and gaped. "R-Rika?! How... I mean, what I'm trying to say..."

She walked up to him as Takato instinctively closed his eyes.

To his surprise, she patted his head and smiled.


"Relax, let's just eat some marshmallows."

"But, how did you know we'd be here?"

"Renamon told me," Rika said as the yellow fox materialized next to her. "Having a relaxing time, goggle head?"

"Um, well, yeah. You could say that. What brings y'all here?"

"Oh, nothing, just bored and wanted to come along," Rika stared at the fireplace. "Besides, I needed to get away from town."

"I see. But, how did you travel here?"

"How else? We flew here as Sakuyamon," the ginger-haired girl plainly said.

Takato slapped his forehead. "Duh, think, Takato!"

"I'm so glad this whole mess with Pharaohmon is over. Now it's back to our boring lives," Rika said, picking up a rock and throwing it into the sea coast.

"Boring is not bad."

"It is if it's us going back to school."

Takato chuckled. "Touche. So, want a marshmallow."

"Maybe in a minute. Listen, Takato."

"What? No 'goggle head'?"

"You know it's only a pet name I always give you. No, I came here because I wanted to make sure you fulfilled your end of the bargain?"

"Um, what bargain? Am I missing something here?"

Rika annoyingly scoffed and grabbed a marshmallow from out of his bag. "I can't believe you've forgotten, goggle head! Dun, the promise you made! Remember?"

"Promise...? I don't seem to recall promise I made."

"Do I have to remind you? The duel? Our Digimon card game that was stopped because of the rain?"

"Oh yeah! Now I remember!" Takato quickly nodded his head. "Yeah! You and I were dueling..."

"Fast one, aren't ya?" Rika rolled her eyes. "It was stopped by the rain. I felt we should've picked off where we left off. So, what do you say, goggle head? Let's get this over with. I hope you brought your deck with you."

Takato smiled and reached down into his pockets. "You know I'm always prepared, Rika! Bring everything you've got to offer!"

The two best friends stood on opposite sides of the beach and faced each other off. Smiles crossed their faces and they pulled out their best Digimon cards. Guilmon and Renamon watched as their only viewing audience.

Takato chuckled. "Ready, Rika?"

Rika coolly smirked. "Ready for me to mop the floor with you, goggle head?"

"Bring it on!"


"And so that ends our story for now. Heroes became united and together we stopped Pharaohmon. Pharaohmon's wrath is a thing of the past and we all prepare for what the future is in store for all of us. One thing is for sure, we're in for a huge game changer that'll shape the rest of our lives. This is Takato Matsuda, logging out! Laters!"

(End theme)


The End



Takato: Hey, guys! Did you really think this was truly the end? Well, have we got news for you! We're not through yet by a long shot!

Rika: Seven and a half months have passed since the Shadow Tournament! We get a glimpse from everyone since the event.

Henry: Well, unfortunately, Yugi and his group won't be making an appearance for the next few episodes, but they'll be back. Don't fret duelist fans. You'll still get some Kaiba fix in the mean time.

Yusuke: It's already been a month or two since the Dark Tournament's end. You're looking at the Dark Tournament champ and... What the?! Yui, it's been a while, kid!

Yui: Yusuke! Kuwabara! We have to get my godmother to the hospital! She's giving birth to twins!

Yusuke & Kuwabara: WHAT?!

Rei: What are these visions I'm receiving? Are they signs of things to come?

Cammy: Wow, I get to be in the same class with Yui! But, who is this Aoshi boy?

Minako: If you guys thought my drunken self was hysterical, wait until you see me when I'm on a sugar rush! Looney Tunes galore!

Himura: Hello Phillipe, my name is Himura Tsubasa. I happen to know your cousin...

Phillipe: What? You know my cousin?

Kurama: Plus, we get a shadow glimpse of the new enemy.

Ghidorah: May our Lord and God, Leviathan, bring us victory. Moon Princess, your last remnants of your deluded Silver Millennium will be nothing more than history. The Rajita Era will finally see the day of light in this universe.

Inumon: With a new season comes new cast members, both good and evil! And with a new season comes a new title!

Takuya: The name of our second season is The Invasion of the Rajita, but the first episode's entitled...

The Beginning of a New Chapter! The Reintroduction of Earth's Heroes!

Guilmon: Don't miss out on the brand new, sequel series!


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