I was in the airplane. I was going to a small town named forks. I was going to live with my dad, Charlie. I would have preferred to live with my mom. But I couldn't because she was...dead.


I was in my room doing homework. My mom, Renee, and my stepdad, Phil, went to eat dinner for their anniversary. Renee and Phil were celebrating two years of marriage. When I finished my homework I went downstairs to make some dinner for myself. While I was eating I was interrupted by a knock on the door. When I opened the door and there were two police officers.

"Excuse me miss…are you Isabella Swan?"

"Yes, why?"

"I'm sorry we have bad news. You're parents died in a car accident. We're really sorry."

As soon as I heard that I started crying uncontrollably.


I looked at the clock. I still had one more hour to get out of this plane. I took some books and my iPod with me, so I wouldn't be bored. But before I even noticed I had already fallen asleep.

"Excuse me miss?" someone said touching my shoulder.

"We are already here"

I looked around me and I was the last one.

"Oh…I'm sorry." I said getting up.

When I was in the airport it wasn't hard to find Charlie as I thought it would be. As weird as it may sound, he had a ton of balloons and a sign that said "Welcome Home Bells!" Charlie wasn't the type of dad that expressed his feelings a lot. I guess he's trying to make me feel better.

When I saw him I couldn't help but smile. I had missed him a lot in the last two years. When Renee remarried I decided to go live with her and Phil. Because I didn't like cold and rainy places like Forks. Renee, Phil and I used to live in Jacksonville, which was always sunny.

"Hi Bells!"

"Hi dad! I missed you a lot." I said giving him a big hug.

"Me too, bells. How are you? Are you tired?"

"Good and very happy. How about you? And no I'm not that tired. I just took a nap."

"It's great hearing that."

We went into Charlie's police cruiser. He was the chief of police of Forks. We were silent the whole way back home. He just told me he had a surprise for me. I wonder what it might be. As soon as I was about to fall asleep, I realized we were already home. Charlie helped me with my bags. When I got inside I turned the lights on. The next thing I knew was people screaming "Welcome Home Bella!"

Wow! I was totally shocked. "thanks." I said shyly.

Then everyone came and hugged me. I didn't remember any of them. They were form la push. They were Charlie's friends and their kids. The only people I remembered from Forks were Billy and Jacob Black. I looked for them but they were not here. I then heard someone knock on the door. It was Harry and Sue Clearwater with their kids and Billy. I said hi to all of them.

"Hi Bella. Wow..You have grown a lot these two years."

"Hi Billy. Oh and yea I did grew." I was a little bit disappointed Jacob was not here. He was my best childhood friend. Billy noticed my disappointment.

"I'm sorry Bella Jake couldn't come."

"Its ok"

I started walking toward the stairs. But I felt someone grabbing me from the waist. I got scared. When I turned around I saw it was Jacob. He was huge and very muscular. I couldn't help but smile. He was smiling back at me. I realized he still had his hands on my waist. I then started blushing. Everyone was laughing at me blushing which made me blush more.

"Hi Bella!"

"Hi Jacob!" I said giving him a hug. I really missed him. He was an awesome friend.

"Um...looks like someone missed me." He said teasingly.

"Well I did. But I at least don't lie." I said playing along with him. I got away from him and pretended to be hurt. I was heading towards the back door. Everyone started having their own conversations, so they didn't noticed my discussion with Jacob. When I was about to go outside, someone grabbed me by the arm.

"Bella what's wrong? Why are you mad at me?"

"Well u lied to me. I believed Billy when he said you were not coming. I thought you didn't want to see me." I said in a sad voice.

"Awww…bells that was part of the plan. I wanted to surprise you. And I'm sorry for making you believe that." He said giving me a bear hug.


"Oh sorry."

We spend the rest of the day talking about the last two years. He was a really nice with me. He was a really cute boy. Wow….did I just say that? Ugh Bella stop thinking like that. Everyone was starting to leave and Billy and Jacob were now about to leave.

"I'm sorry Bella I guess it's time for me to leave." He said sadly.

"Oh well if you want you can come tomorrow. Or you can come for me and we can hang out in La Push. Besides I still have a week before I enter school." I said smiling. After I said this he had a huge grin on his face.

"Yea s-sure I'll pick you up we can go to La Push." He stuttered. I laughed.

"Okay, I'll be waiting for you." He gave me another bear hug and a kiss on the cheek. I started blushing. From the corner of my eye I could see Charlie and Billy smiling at each other. I wonder what they were planning now.

"Bye bells."

"Bye Jake." He was surprised by the new nickname. But he smiled at me and waved bye. I waved back.

I told Charlie I was going to start unpacking my clothes and then I was going to take a shower and go to sleep. He told me to not get scared if he wasn't there by when I woke up, because he had to leave early for work. I told him it was ok. That night I had a hard time falling asleep. The only thing I kept on thinking was Jake.