I woke up with the noise from my alarm. When I woke up I was really lazy. I just wanted to go back to sleep. But I couldn't, because I then would be late for my first day of school. I got my clothes and took a quick bath. Then I went downstairs and got some pop tarts. Today Charlie was going to take me home. Great! Just what I needed. Now everyone is going to pay a lot of attention to me. When we arrived at school it was early. There were very few students, which was good. Charlie wished me good luck and I thanked him.

I decided to go look for the office. It took me about 10 minutes. Forks High School isn't that big. Thank god because if it was then I would get lost every day. When I entered to the office there was a lady. I told her my name and she gave me my schedule and my locker number and combination. I hadn't realized students were starting to arrive. Everyone stared at me. Ugh…this is annoying. I looked at my schedule my first class was English, room #12. I looked at the clock it was 7:20am. I only had 10 minutes to get there. I decided to start looking for it. While walking to my next class I tripped with my own feet and fell. Next thing I knew everyone is laughing at me. I got my stuff and ran to my class. That was sooo embarrassing. When I got there everyone was there already in their seats. I gave the paper the secretary had given me for all my teachers to sign. He assigned me a seat in front of the class. Great! That was the only thing I needed. But that wasn't all he made me introduce myself.

"Umm..Hi. My name is Isabella Swan, but you can call me Bella. I just moved back from Jacksonville. My dad is Charlie Swan, better known as the chief of police." When I was about to sit down someone asked a question.

"Why did you come back to Forks?" It was a blonde guy.

"'s complicated."

"I think we could handle it." God! Why was he being sooo nosy?

"Um...well my mom and stepdad died. So…"Tears started forming in my eyes. I still wasn't ready to talk about that.

"Mike! I don't think that's none of your business. Apologize to Bella and your staying for a week of detention!"

"I'm sorry Bella. If you want we can go out sometime."

"Mike that's it you are having three weeks of detention!"

"I'm so sorry Bella." Mr. Mason said.

"That's okay."

My next two classes went the same. They made me introduce myself. But fortunately no one asked me the same question mike did. Finally it was lunch time. I was starving. When I entered the cafeteria everyone looked at me. I started blushing. Ugh...why are they looking at me? Oh right because I'm NEW! I got my lunch and looked for an empty table. Great! All of them were full. I decided to go to the bathroom. There's the only place where I could be comfortable. I felt like no one wanted me here. I guess I should have told yes to Charlie about being home schooled. I then started crying. The bell rang. Uh oh. I had to hurry up or if not I was going to be late. My next class was biology. When I entered everyone stared at me…AGAIN! I gave Mr. Banner the paper. Luckily he didn't make me introduce myself. I was very thankful. He assigned me a seat next to a guy. He had bronze-colored hair. Uh oh. I know who he is. He is Edward Cullen! I went and sat next to him.

"Hi! I'm Edward Cullen and you are Bella, if I'm not wrong." Whoa…how did he know my name?

"Yes. How do you know my name?"

"Well everyone has been talking about you." Oh…that explains a lot.

Just then Mr. Banner started teaching the lesson. Edward got out a piece of paper and started writing. He then showed me the note.

[Bold is Bella/italic is Edward]

How is your day going? Did someone hurt you? Your eyes are swollen, from crying.

Mmm…not that good. I wrote ignoring the eyes part.

Why? If it's not personal.

Mmm…I don't know I just don't think I fit here. I think everyone hates me.

Why do you think that? Everyone doesn't hate you. Girls stare at you in a mean way because you are very beautiful, and their mad because all the boys are wishing you were dating them.

Uhh…thanx. I guess-

Then Mr. Banner came and took the note away from me.

"Is there something you want to share with the whole class Mr. Cullen and Miss Swan?" Then everyone started uuuing[the noise people make when they think your dating.], and I obviously started blushing.

"No." Edward answered.

"Then please stop sending notes in my class." Again the entire class started uuing. I swear I was the color of a tomato by know.

The class went really slow. I couldn't concentrate. First of all I hope Edward isn't in love with me. Because I already have Jake. Besides Edward kept on staring me the entire period. Finally the bell rang. I got my stuff and headed to my locker. Then I felt someone grab me by the arm.

"Bella can I walk with you to your locker."


When we both got to my locker I remembered I didn't know who was going to pick me up. Ugh…I really need to start saving money to buy my own car. I had been so focused on my thoughts I didn't heard Edward's question.

"So what do you think?"

"About what?"

"Would you like to go to the movies?...with me?"

"Oh…umm…I don't think that would be such a good I idea. Because I ha-" I was caught off by Jake.

"Bella!" he was in the parking lot. I waved hi and had a huge grin on my face. I looked at Edward and he had a confused face.

"Sorry Edward. I have to go. Bye."


I then started walking toward Jake. I just needed to steps to be with Jake when I tripped. Luckily Jake grabbed me by the waist.


"Your welcome belly boo."

I was about to give him a hug. But Jake decided to give me a kiss. I started blushing and then I gave him a hug.

"Jakey boo I missed you a lot! I'm so happy you're here."

Jake and I headed to his rabbit. I couldn't wait to get back home. When we were leaving I saw Edward staring at me and Jake. How come he was being so nice with me? He used to bug me a lot. But Jake interrupted my thoughts.

"Bella how was your first day?"


"That bad?"

"Yes. It was a horrible day. First a stupid kid named mike asked me why did I moved back to forks. You know I can't talk about that just yet. Then my first three teachers made me introduce myself. In lunch I had to eat in the bathroom. No one wants me in Forks. Well besides Charlie, you and La Push. The only person who was nice was Edward Cullen, which was really weird. "

"Uhh…I guess his trying to take you away from me."

"Jake don't get jealous. You know I only love you. Besides we didn't talk a lot."

We remained silent the rest of the way back home. When we were back home, Jake opened the door for me. I decided to prepare dinner for us and Charlie. I decided to make spaghetti. While eating I noticed Jake had a frustrated look in his face. I got up and sat on his lap.

"Jakey boo what's wrong? If it's about the Edward thing. Just forget about it. You don't have to worry. Want to know why?"

He just kept looking at the floor. I grabbed his chin and made him look at my eyes. When he finally did, I said "Because I love you with all my heart and soul. That's why. You are unique. No one can ever replace you. Ever." And with that I kissed him.